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this is just a short story i wrote. Working on another one soon.
Harold lived in a 6 suite apartment building in southern Arizona. Most of the people who lived their were single women and one elderly couple who rarely come out of the apartment. Harold lived with his mother for 7 years ever since his dad walked out on them. At 14 years old, he was the only single male in the building. The other residents were a stripper, the landlord and a pregnant woman. The last apt. was used as a makeshift storeroom for the pool. The landlord’s name was Michelle. She was in her late 30’s and was very pleasant to have around. She was also had a habit for throwing a parties almost every week. The stripper, Kelsey, was smoking hot. She kept in wonderful shape and was very social with the other residents. She would tease Harold when they were in the pool by always wearing bikini’s that were way to small. She had also had a rivalry with her neighbor, Lesley who was now 5 months pregnant.

It was in April when Michelle put the eviction notice on Kelsey’s door. She was now 3 months over due on her rent and nobody has seen or heard from her. After 60 days, Michelle made one more effort to contact Kelsey, even going to the club she worked at. When all that failed, she declared the apartment abandoned. On day 65, Michelle opened up the apartment and took an inventory of the Kelsey’s belongings. She then called a tenants meeting to discuses what to do with Kelsey’s belongings. During the meeting, Harold was sitting next to Lesley on a small sofa that made them lean against each other. He couldn’t stop looking at her as she wore only a small tank-top that showed the large bulge that was her stomach and could make out her nipples through her top. The meeting lasted only about a hour, but for Harold, it lasted forever. The decision was to have a yard sale and hope to recoup some of the money lost.

By early July, the complex had its yard sale. Many of the items were bought by the residents and poor Harold had to carry all the heavy stuff in and out of the apartments. The only part he enjoyed was when he was asked to carry a coffee table into Lesley’s apt. She was now wearing a light, loose fitting cloths from a low cut shirt and sweatpants cutoffs. Lesley was 27 years old and had light reddish hair with brown eyes and a wonderful tan. She was always in shape and before her pregnancy he would see her working out in the common area and in the pool. She was always friendly towards him and they always sat together at Michelle’s parties. He watched her as her body changed from the pregnancy and got excited seeing her at the pool in her swimsuit. Her stomach was getting bigger as was her breast. She would almost advertise her body to everyone saying that she looked sexy and that is what made Kelsey jealous. Now at 8 months, she was still looking sexy and Harold couldn’t keep her out of his mind. He was in love and he wanted to have her!

By late afternoon, it was 112 degrees and most of the items were sold. Harold had just finished moving her coffee table and was a sweaty mess. She was also sweaty but not as bad. Harold’s mother had to leave to go to work the night shift and he would have the apartment to himself. As he pulled out the dolly from under the table and looked up to see Lesley bending down with a wet towel wiping off the top of it. He had a clear line of sight strait down into her shirt. The low hanging shirt allowed him to see her plump, milk filled breast. The motion of her wiping the table made her breast shake which in turn got Harold more excited. He moved his head down just as she started to raise up. She giggled after he rose up not realizing he had a major hard on. Lesley walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She took his hand and lead him to the bathroom.

Harold’s heart was pounding. Lesley turned on the shower and told him to undress. He barely got his shirt off when he froze at the sight of her standing in front of him wearing only her thong. Her breast were magnificently well shaped. The small bulges by her nipples were full of milk and her stomach was nice and rounded. Lesley smiled and began to undress Harold and soon he was naked with a massive hard cock standing in attention. She pulled down her thong and reveled her smoothly shaved cilt. She pulled Harold into the shower and let the water wash over them. They wrapped their arms around each other and she laid her head on his shoulder. He slowly moved his hands up and down her back and then moved his left hand lower till it was laying on her right cheek. Lesley leaned up and kissed him on the lips with her tongue entering his mouth. He then moved his right hand to her front and gently placed it on her left breast. Lesley moved her hand down to his cock and squeezed it with some strength. Harold was taken by surprise and squeezed both her ass and breast. A small trickle of milk shot out from her nipple as she let out a small moan. Harold lowered his head down to her breast and put her left nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it. Lesley bent backwards slightly as the sensation of the sucking made her moan. His hand left hand then moved farther down to between her legs and lightly rubbed her lower lips. He could feel the warm liquid leaking from her cilt dribbling down her leg.
Lesley’s body was feeling hot from Harold’s actions and her knees began to weaken. Harold’s sucking intensified as the taste of the warm milk drove him into a sucking frenzy. Lesley’s hand was still on his dick and began to stroke it as his fingers now entered her pussy and he began to explore her insides. On the verge of organism, Lesley took a large step back and released his cock. Harold was confused by this and became concerned he might have did something to the baby. Lesley turned around and turned off the water. She took his hand again and lead him from the bathroom to the bedroom. Still dripping with water, she laid down on her back and spread her legs wide. Harold didn’t need to be told what to do, he immediately walked over to the edge of the bed and climbed on to it and was now sitting between her legs. He lowered his head and placed his mouth over her cilt and sent his tongue into her. Lesley took a large deep breath as his tongue vibrated in her. Her fluids began to stream out more heavier than before and she started to moan loader. After a few minutes, she had her orgasm and her body relaxed. Harold lifted his head and saw her smile at him. He placed his hands on either side of her stomach and he started to give light kisses on it, showing he did care for the baby. His mouth made its way up to her chest where he kissed both nipples and then continued his way up to her neck and then her lips. He was obliviously trying an attempt to be romantic with her. She smiled and kissed him deeply. Their eyes met and she guided Harold to the head of the bed, placing him in a sitting position with his back to the wall. He leaned back and Lesley mounted him. His dick slowly entered her pussy and let out a small cry as it went deep into her. By now the water had dried and they were starting to sweat from their close contact. With her belly rubbing against his chest, she began to slowly rock back and forth as he fondled her breast. Quickly her rocking increased and soon her breast were bouncing with some intensity. Harold began to thrust into her and she leaned forward with her head bouncing in rhythm with her body. Milk began to drip from her nipples and their bodies sweating from the sexual interaction. Lesley’s moans grew loader and closer together as Harold could feel his dick getting ready to release it’s semen. He wrapped his arms around her and with one heavy thrust, shot his seed deep into her body. Lesley felt the release and let out a deep cry of sexual ecstasy. She collapsed in to his arms and gasped for air. Harold released Lesley and leaned back against the wall. Lesley leaned forward and took his head between her breast. With sweat dripping from them, Harold took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked away. He drained the milk in only a few minutes and removed his mouth from her nipple. They embraced for several minutes and then slide down and laid on the bed and feel asleep.


2014-04-15 19:54:43
you should make a part two of this.

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