A story that actually happened.
When I got in to college, I decided to enter the school's football team. I went to where the coach was, and he told me to be at the football field at four O' clock.

At 4 o'clock, I went to the field, and saw the coach: tall... blond... muscular... handsome... a very nice sight. Then I started to look around, and I saw all of the team members, and they were all very well built. I had a fairly thin but toned body, and my big round ass is what girls say they like best, but the team members had all big round muscles. There were all types of guys from blond to black, tall and short, handsome and not too handsome, but all of them were very muscular. And since they were all training shirtless, I could see their muscles move and sweat.

Then coach approached me and told me to stay at the bench and check the team to see if it was what I expected. So I stayed there until the team finished their workout.

When they finished, the coach ordered them to go to the lockers and wait there for him. While they were all getting back to the locker room, coach aproached me and sat next to me. He then put his big hand on my thigh and asked me if I would like to get in -- to what I answered an immediate yes! So he stood up and told me to get in the lockerroom with the rest of the team. When I got in the lockerroom, I saw all of the guys naked, resting, sitting down, or standing talking about something I couldn't hear well. The coach said:

- "Hey guys, let me present you to Michael, he wants to be one of the team members like you"

A team member: "Well Michael, we have to welcome you and you have to pass some tests before you get in"

-"Ok guys, I'd do anything to workout with you, I'd really like to make it to the team"

Coach:" Michael, are you sure you would do anything to get in?"

-"Of course, I will do anything to get in, I suppose I will have to pass some `welcome' tests, that I'm willing to try if they are necessary"

Coach: "Ok Mike, lets get you to the massage bench, this is the `obedience test', every guy goes through it, and it is not to tough, but it's necesary to see how much you'd like to make it to the team. Take all your clothes off and lay down on the massage bench over there by the guys."

So I sripped naked and layed down facing the celing, and I was ordered by the coach to put my arms over my head, when I did, some guys started to tie my hands and feet to the bench. I started to panic, and then coach ordered all the guys to gather around the bench and the coach was standing by my feet, I could see his body completely naked. He was indeed very muscular, he had some body fat that made him even sexier than I thought. He had a huge wide muscular chest with the exact amount of fat to make them look bigger and giggly.

He then ordered the team to start the welcome routine, so they all strarted to jerk off. They were all naked standing around the bench. They were touching their muscular chests, their hard abs, some were feeling their big round asses, but they all kept jerking off in front of me. I could see the coach jerk off and touch his body, rubbing and pinching his nipples. By that time, I had a huge hardon, and I was going crazy because my hands were tied and I couldn't satisfy myself. I was really horny and my precum was flowing and running down on my hard shaft. My cock was throbbing... pulsating... so I started to beg for someone to untie me so that I could get some relief.

Coach: "No Mike, that is part of your welcome test, you have to obey silently and do as I say, remember, I am the coach, you only obey".

-Yes... Coach...

Coach: "Shhhh, quiet! I said you have to obey silently!!"

Then, some guys started to get some of my abundant precum to rub it on their chests and nipples. Their nipples were hard, I was wishing that one of them leaned and let me suck one of their hard tits, their nipples looked so suckable, so hard and sexy.

Then I heard the guys starting to breath harder and faster, I was so horny I couldn't resist any more, but I remembered coach said not to complain and obey, so I was waiting fr the coach's next instruction... but he was only jerking off in front of me. His large, thick, veiny dick was dripping precum.

I started to feel precum droping on my forehead, my chin, my arms, my legs, that was only making me even more horny I has very desperate! I started to breath faster, and the guys started to breath heavier and stronger.

Coach: " Ok guys, get ready to blast your protein on Mike's body, he really want's it bad, and we are going to give him what he wants. Understood guys!"

Then, as they breathed stronger, some of the guys starded grunting, screaming... some laughed, some yelled. Some started to touch me, but no one touched my dick! I was hoping that one of them did, but no one did, and the sight of their sweaty muscular bodies and there cocks about to explode was making me hotter than ever. Then, their climax took place.

The guys started to cum, all over me. Their cum hit my face, my neck, my chest, my legs, my cock and my balls. My body was entirely covered with their cum. I felt all 30 guys cum over me, their squirts felt hot and hard against my body. When finaly all of them finished, they started to kiss each other making me hotter and hotter. When only the coach was left in front of me, I remembered I hadn't seen him cum, so I wondered why he waited so much, but I also remembered I was ordered to be quiet.

Coach: "Ok Mike, now it my turn to cum over your nice toned body. Mikey, there is no space left on your body for my load, so lets see you open your mouth, you have to cathc it all and eat it, understood Mike!"

He moaned and grunted deep and laud. Then I saw his cock shoot his big load aiming direclty to my face, so I moved my head in order to cathc it all. I caught the first one! Right in my mouth. The second squirt hit my forehead, and runned down to my eyes so I couldn't see the next squirt to catch it. I just opened my mouth wide, but not all of them got in. But they all hit my face, so I tryied to get it in my mouth helping myself with my tongue.

Then the coach came near to me face and with his hard cock begun to take his cum from my face and putting his cock in my mouth so that I could taste it. I was sucking like a hungry newborn until my face was completely clear and I could see again.

Then coach started to rub his big hands all over my chest and abs. He massaged my legs and the guys hot cum on my body was making that massage the hottest massage I had ever had. The smell of the guys cum was making me go insane! I was hoping that coach fed that cum to me, but he had something else in mind. He started liking my body and eating some of the cum the guys had just unloaded on my horny body. He stoped licking my body and he loosened my legs a bit so that I could move them. I was still all dreanched in the guys milk. He continued to spread their cum all over my body and then opened my legs and sat near my ass. Finally, I felt his hand grabing my cum soaked cock and he massaged it very slowly, I felt I was about to cum, when he stopped, and told me to take a deep breath... I thought he was going to suck it, but no... I felt a huge cock go violently in my asshole.

Coach: "Ok Mike, now take this coach meat! What do u feel Mike! Tell me how much you are enjoying my thick cock in your ass."

I was so horny it didn't ever hurt me a bit. His cock was all wet with the guys cum, so it was very well lubricated. The feeling was intense. He left his big cock in my ass with out moving it, and ordered me to tell him what I wanted, and that if I asked for the right thing, I could make it to the team.

-"Oh coach, fuck my ass! I love your thick cock in me, make a man out of me! Please, I want you yo enjoy my ass! Enjoy it in any way you want to."

Coach: "All right Mike, if that is what you want, I'l give it to you."

The sight of that huge muscle man pounding my ass, the smell of my cum covered body, and the guys kissing and fucking each other was making me beg like a bitch to get fucked.

I could see the coach's tits bounce while he was fucking me, it was makeng my cock want to explode.

His cock touching my prostate was taking me to the limits.

-"Fuck me harder Coach! Fuck this ass! My ass is made for you Coach!"

Coach: "Tell me how much you want it Michael!"

-"Oh Coach, I want it in me for ever, please don't take it out, fuck me Coach, Fuck me"

I was begging and begging for more, when I was totaly out of control, I started to blast my load high over my dick! It was erupting with a force I had never experienced. Coach was still fucking my ass, pounding hard and fast. I shoot 7 or 8 large thick spurts, and I could see Coach catching my flying cum in his mouth.

When I stopped cumming, I was still having an orgasm. I felt Coach fucking my ass even harder. His balls slapped against my ass and I felt them sticky with the cum that covered my skin.

He started to moan loudly and I knew he was gonna cum again.

-Cum in my ass Coach. Make me YOUR man! Make me your stud bitch! Cum in me Coach, make this ass yours!

Coach: "Here it comes boy, here it comes... Arrrgggggggghhhhhh! Take it! Take it all! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH AAAAAHHHHH AAAHHHHH.... Here it is Michael, take it all in! Use your boy pussy to milk my cock! Aaaahhhh! AAAAHHHHHH!"

-"Yes Coach, fill my ass with your cum please! Take my ass! Take it! Fill it up!"


He unloaded about 10 squirts that were filling my ass so much, I felt it run out of my asshole.

Then, he took his thick cock out, and told the guys to finish my test.

The guys gathered around me again, and took turns fucking me. My asshole was al wet and lubricated with the coaches load. Wile one of the guys was fucking my ass, another was face fucking me. I was so turned on I started to milk them like a pro. Others were licking cum from my body. And others took turns sucking my cock.

The all took turns fucking my ass and my face. They all unloaded again, but this time, their cum was unloaded in my ass and in my mouth. I drank it all as much as I could, I didn't want to waste a drop. I also came two more times.

I was all covered with milk. I had milk in and out of my body. The guys were all sweating and telling me what a great ass I had. Telling me what a great fuck I was. Until the last guy got all worn out and I thought I couldn't take another dick in my sore and pleasured ass, Coach fucked me again, draining his last load in my ass.

Coach: "Well men, lets give Michael a big applause. He has passed the welcome test with an A".

They untied me and they all hugged me and welcomed me with a wet kiss.

After every football practice I was the teams bitch. Every guy in the team wanted to fuck me, and when ever the coach wasn't fucking me, some of the guys were.

The best thing of all was that with all the hard workout and all the protein I was geting from eating cum, I got the biggest muscles of the team. My muscles have to thank all that cum... and so do the guys on the football team.

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2013-03-14 12:41:12
Harvard does have medical and many other programs not just law. Survival train tells you spem has protin. Hope ur a big come if ut hungery.

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2012-12-08 02:26:01
harvard doesnt even have a med program... it`s a law school
pfft poser

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2008-06-20 21:13:37
i bet that guy never joined the airforce. if he jumped out of a plane. he would whistle all the way down ::)


2008-03-07 04:34:48
i can't belive this is true, but it was a relly fantastic story, move please. 9/10


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