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A single dad realizes there is temptation right in front of him
Today was an ok day. I got my 12 year old daughter, Sarah, up for school, made her breakfast then got myself ready for my day. Thank goodness I worked from home 2 days a week because getting ready only required me to start up my computer and sit down. There was no set time as long as I got the work done nobody cared if it took 8 hours or 8 minutes. Working in marketing had that advantage, I was head of the advertising department in a major baking company and as long as I kept putting out marketing that brought forth business my life would continue to stay golden. That all changed in just a few short though.
I started the week of summer; I thought it would be just like any summer. Instead of getting my daughter up for school I got her up day camp, I made her breakfast and drove her to the local high school and watched her walk in. I went home to start my day only to get a call around noon to come pick my daughter up because of an apparent lice outbreak.
“Hey Rugrat. How was your first day?” I said to her as she crawled into my Jeep
“It sucked. We had just gotten into group and then the older kids noticed Becky kept scratching her head. The teacher took her to her nurse and when they came back they said she had lice and we all had to go home to get checked.” She talked some more on the way home and when we pulled up to the house she jumped out and waited for me to open the door.
“Not so fast. I just stopped home to get some cash then we are going to the hair salon to get you checked just in case. I don’t need your bugs on me”
“I don’t have bugs daddy. But that’s cool can I get my hair cut a bit, it’s too long this summer and soooo hot”
“Sure Rugrat. That’s fine” We climbed back in and 2 hours later we were back at home with no lice and shorter hair.
“I love it dad. It’s not too short but my neck feels much cooler”
She was now sporting a short cut just about her shoulders instead of her long ponytail that is too her butt. It complimented her gray eyes and high cheek bone. Everything complimented her at 12 she had just started to develop and was figuring out how to work her new growing body. She hadn’t started her period yet but she started getting little buds enough for me to start considering buying her a training bra. She had long legs and I guess loved showing them off since she was determined to wear shorts that were JUST long enough that I didn’t complain too much; that day though she wore a blue skirt and a plain white tank top and some simple white sandals.
“Ok I have some work to do for a few hours so go play or something. We can get take out for dinner later?” I threw over my shoulder while I walked up the steps to my library.

Hours passed and before I knew it Sarah was at my door telling me she was hungry and when was dinner. I quickly ordered a large pizza and wings and told her to answer the door when the delivery got there and take the money out of my wallet while I finished up work. Thirty minutes later I heard to door bell and went down stairs only to see something so surprising. I expected the food to be on the coffee table but instead I saw the pizza guy flirting with my daughter and her drinking it up. I had thought of Sarah as a little girl so it surprised me to see somebody treating her as otherwise… in fact it angered me. I walked up behind her and glared at the pizza guy, grabbing the pizza from him and shutting the door.
“That was rude dad” Sarah said grabbing the wings from the top of the box and helping me in
“No that was rude of him to flirt with a little girl”
“I’m not little, I’m 12 not 3” She yelled and stormed off
I just looked at her in disbelief as she walked to her room and soon after I heard her door slam. I guess she was older; she was getting a figure and was very responsible. She got all A’s on her report card and never gave me any troubles. I was actually kind of wrong so I sucked it up and walked up to say sorry. Then I got the second shock of my life as I walked to see her only in her underwear.
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to say sorry” as I backed out. I hadn’t moved quickly enough it was clear I needed to seriously visit the training bra. She had little buds but they were obviously going to be a good size. And her stomach, wow, it still had a little baby fat on it but for the most part it was perfect. Then her legs, tanned and smooth only to led to what looked like heaven. Her little pussy was covered by her flowered bikini underwear. I didn’t notice until I walked back to the living room that my dick was hard but it was like steel. I totally ignored it as Sarah walked downstairs and sat beside me.
“I’m sorry I yelled but really dad I’m not a grown up but I’m not a baby. I wasn’t interested in him and didn’t even know he was flirting, but eventually I will get a boyfriend and you can’t go crazy” She was so mature sometimes and yet still innocent not knowing he was flirting.
“You’re right honey. I will try to do better. Let eat pizza and watch a movie.” I popped in Harry Potter and she sat on the floor to get a better view of her favorite movie. Still in her skirt I couldn’t help but look up her skirt. There wasn’t much to look at within the first half the movie but she eventually got for another slice of pizza and as she laid back down her skirt rose just below her butt and I could almost see her wondering globes. I tried not the look but they were so round and touchable. I felt my dick get hard and I tried to get it to stop and for the next 45 minutes all I thought about was her ass. Eventually the credits came on and Sarah got up.
“Good night dad. See you tomorrow” I leaned forward so she could kiss my cheek and she put her had only an inch away from my dick as she leaned over me a bit. I almost died. That night I stayed up thinking about Sarah and wondering if things would ever be normal again.

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2014-03-18 22:32:29
good starter chapter...sets basis of story.... would be interesting to go back and forth between dads POV and daughters POV thru situations as they progress(combine both into each chapter though!!) Good job!! ;0)

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2014-03-18 16:40:52
WAY TO SHORT, and wrong tags used. There was no sex at all so why use "incest" and "older male/female" tags which imply sex is involved? And you didn't you tag as "non-erotic" to show this was not a sex story. Over all this story was very boring and pointless and that is due to no real effort put into any kind of characters or even a plot. (Puppetmaster)


2014-03-18 06:47:19
one minute of reading does not make a chapter, flesh your story out a lot more to at least try to make an interesting story

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