I always hated my younger sister...why I don't know...she just grew up to be a real slut and maybe I was jealous that I couldn't fuck the ass off her.

But maybe in the real sence it was because you know how brothers are supposed to be there to protect their sisters and have guys respect them. Maybe that's why I hated her so much, because I wasn't able to do that. It's pretty hard to protect them and have guys have respect for her when every corner she goes around she's sucking and fucking some guy.

My sister Brooke is a hot small chick. Just fucking smoking. I always dreamt about eating her pussy and fucking the shit out of her since she hit puberty. And with everyday she just got sexier and sexier.

By the time she was sixteen she was a complete fucking knock out and still a virgine. She only stood (stands) 5'1" and she weighs 105 pounds. Like I said quite a small horny bitch. And she's got a sexy look to her. Her hair is brown to just past her shoulders. She has a small petite face, brown eyes, small button nose, and a thin set of sexy red lips with a perfect set of white straight teeth. Dark and smooth soft skinned. Goddamnit you wouldn't believe the set of tits on this bitch. I don't know sizes to well but they were just over a good handful. And then you move down to her skinny abbed stomach, just fucking gorgeous. Skinny bitchs don't have much of an ass, but when you take their clothes off it's pretty nice. Nice and perky and very still. When they bend over their beautiful asshole shines. It's always nice to grab a skinny little ass and fuck the shit out of it. Her pussy always looked nice and tight, and it was just gorgeous through her pant or anything that she wore, espeacially a bikini. She had short sexy skinny legs. Brooke was small, but I am telling you her body fit her well. The smaller they are the tighter they are.

Anyways to the point...I love to fuck and there is no two ways about it, and when I want to fuck and have someone to fuck I just fuck. I don't care where I am or whos around. And that's what brings this story into play.

My girlfriend Jody and I went home to visit my parents one evening and they ended up not there when we showed up without notice. We helped ourselves into the house and waited around for a bit, after an hour mom or dad still hadn't come home so I took Jody upstairs to my old room where I was going to fuck the shit out of her. She's a hot bitch too, a skinny sexy slutty looking blond. I love fucking her.

My room was right beside Brooke's. I didn't think that Brooke was home, because I figured she would have came to say, hi. Either way I wouldn't have cared. I got horny and I needed to get it out of my system. And that's what I did, I took Jody up there and we made sweet hardcore love. It was awesome and was satisfied after that. We waited a bit longer for my parents to come home after that, but still they never showed up so we took off back home.

A little while later I went back home for a visit late in the evening by myself. I was 21 and Brooke was sweet eighteen. I stayed up and chatted with my mom until about one in the morning and then she hit the sack. I told her I was going to spend the night in my old room.

I went upstairs and before I got to my room I seen that Brooke's bedroom door was left open with the lights on. Brooke wasn't there she had spent the Friday night at a friends house.

I wasn't really tired and was going to write in my journal before I went to bed anyways. And sometimes I could write for hours. But instead of doing that I went into Brooke's room to snoop around a bit. Just to see what I could find. I guess that you could say that I am pretty glad that I did.

I almost started to get an erection right away as I walked into her room. Just the esence of the hot bitch made my drive rise. I walked in and towards the bed. She had a worn thong on the bed. My erection became really full at that point. Her black and pink elasticed thong that she had worn sat right there inside out. On the pink elastic it had sexy written all over it in black letters. And that was the truth. I picked the thong up in my hand and raised to my face. I was so fucking hard from nothing yet. I could smell her delicious body odor off it whatever she wore and it drove me crazy. I put the pussy part of it to my lips and rubbed them and then to my nose. And I could smell her sweet pussy like it was right in my face. I stuck my tounge out and licked it.

I wanted to masturbate right there and then, but I thought I would wait a bit first. I kept her sexy thong in my hand and walked to her computer desk. I turned her computer on and loaded it up. I didn't know what I would find if anything, I was just curious. As I waited for the computer to load I unzipped my jeans and let my aching cock out. I was as hard as I could get and thought my dick would blow up.

I loved my eight and a half inch dick and so did all the girls that had a piece of it. I always wanted to be bigger, but after seeing some guys in the showers with little peters I felt pretty good walking around with mine. I wanted to be bigger, but really could care less, because it wasn't going to get any better. So I was happy with my over eight inch thick dick.

So as the computer loaded I rubbed my cock with Brooke's used underwear where her pussy would have sat when she wore them and rubbed that sweet smell all over my cock. Finally windows popped up on the computer and I went directly to my documents to see what she had while the internet found a connection so I could see what sites she had been into lately. But I forgot all about the internet when I found 'my pictures' in her documents and the first one that I opened up was of her posing nude in some room that I had never seen before.

"Oh my god," I said to myself in shock and excitement.

Aww fuck...I wanted to find her a rape the shit out of her. She was just staniding there beside a bed and posing for the camera with a real serious drop dead sexy look. Her one hand on her hip and the other above her cunt. 'Fucking fuck...' I thought to myself as I stared at her naked body. Her breasts were so big and evenly sexy. Her brown hard nipples sticking out and her clean shaved pussy sitting there waiting to get fucked.

I still thought that she may have been a virgine up until that point when I seen the picture of her in a males room naked. After staring at the picure I moved on to the next on on the list of ninety-eight pictures. The next picture she was sitting at the edge of the bed with her feet on the edge and legs spread showing all of her pussy in a beautiful picture shot. And her breasts sitting there ever so perfectly and her smiling innocently and sexy. Her pussy was wonderful and it made me drewl wishing I could lick it everywhere. It sat there just beautifully and tight. It was opened slightly sitting there and she was wet at her whole as she got hornier and hornier with every shot. There were a few more pictures of her like this in this scene sitting posing naked and solo and then I hit another one and she had a cock in her mouth. And fuck did she look good like that. From there on I knew that she wasn't a virgine anymore as I masurbated while looking at all her photos of her posing and fucking eight guys. I came in her little thong twice reviewing her hot porn slut pictures.

I shut the computer down after I was done and went to her dirty laundry basket. I shoved her thong into my pocket to get rid of it seens it was full of my spirm and didn't want any suspisions. I went through her dirty basket and I could pick and chose she had a lot of dirty clothes and lots of underwear. When I looked in her drawer she still had plenty, so I decided to take two more dirty pair. One to smell and lick while I wacked my hard cock over her again and another for the future, so that when she made me horny I could always have a sniff of the sweet sexy sister pussy. There was no way she was going to notice three pair of underwear missing. So I picked the sexiest best smelling two pairs I could find and stuck one in my pocket and brought the other pair to her bed where I dropped down and was ready to jerk off thinking about all those guys that I had just seen that she fucked and wish the images were of me she was fucking.

I pictured licking her soaking wet pussy like a mad man and then fucking the shit out of her tight pussy just like I had seen in the photos. And then eating out that small pink ass of hers just like I had seen it was so real that it felt like I was actually doing it. And then I fucked her deep and hard stretching her while she screamed. And I knew that she would just love my cock knowing it was bigger than any of those guys I had seen in the pictures.

Finally I thought I was done and felt exhausted from all my thoughts and masturbating, I was ready for bed and that was where I was headed when I got off the bed. But when I got off at the opposite side that I got on I seen a red note book under the bed and when I took a close look at it it was written on the cover, 'Brooke's Diary'.

"So we do share some of the same interest after all," I told myself picking up the notebook. "We both love to fuck and we both write our thoughts, feelings and expieriences on paper. I know how I write and I can only hope you write the same," I thought as I opened her journal and flipped to an intersting page.

June 3, 2004


Oh my God, I can't believe it...I am no longer a virgine...I don't regret it and I love the fact that I'm not anymore. I waited so long. Longer than most people my age by now they're really big sluts most of them. And now I will be soon. I hate that fact though...but I can't help it now that I've done it I don't want to stop...but I don't want to be a slut...Oh my god...
The only thing is I did it with my brother's best friend Lee. I told him never to tell Finn, because he will be really pissed of probably. But I don't care I hate my brother anyways.
I actually got drunk enough so that I could tell him to fuck me. He didn't know that I was drunk untill after we did it and I told him. He was a little mad at that fact, but he was still really good to me.
I really want to have sex again, but I don't think it will be with Lee, because he just did it because he was really horny and I'm hot. I think that he feels bad...I don't know why...if it is because of Finn well, that is just stupid, because he is such an asshole and I wouldn't doubt that Finn would do it to him. Anyways I gotta go.

I couldn't believe what I had just read. My sister and my best friend. But it turned me on a bit and I kept reading her spaced out journals. She only wrote every once and awhile. I was already getting horny all over again and my penis was filling with blood.

July 23, 2004

Well, it's been over a month since the first time that I got laid and...I think that I am slowly becoming a slut...I don't want people to think of me like that though. But I can't help it. I discovered how much I really like to suck dick. I love the way it feels in my mouth. It makes me so horny.
How many guys have I laid? How many dicks have I sucked? I am kind of ashamed to even write it, but I get turned on thinking about it.
Well, I have banged four guys now. Terry, Johnny, Frank and of course Lee my first. But I've found myself sucking a lot of dick...maybe too much. I sucked all of them guys and then I sucked ten other dicks so far. So that is fourteen all together. I know it is wrong maybe, and bad. But I feel so hot when I do it and all the guys love it. They tell me that I am the best they have ever had. And I know that I can really suck a dick. I love to do it so much. They come so fast and they get so hard when I do it, oh my god I am a slut.....

Un-fucking believable....I thought as I read on and on over the next month when she wrote more frequently as her numbers grew and she was happy about it. Four guys she slept with then eight, ten, a two month period. She had sucked over thirty dicks. This sister of mine was a true sex addict and she was loving it more and more. And I was love picturing her getting fucked by them all and only dreaming I could fuck her.
Her journal went on and on and it became that all she wrote about was sex. And then she started taking pictres with guys and posing.
By the time I hit her entries of June 2005 a year since she had lost her virginity she had been with 32 guys and sucked over a hundred cocks. I was absolutely shocked and never had a clue that she was ever that bad. She sucked of the young teachers, Boys at school in the bathrooms, guys at parties, every corner she went around she was sucking a dick.
But what I read next completely blew my mind....

July 8, 2005

Oh my fucking God...I can't believe what I just seen. Finn was here with his girlfriend Jody and I was sleeping in my room and mom and dad were gone. And I woke up to Finn and Jody coming up the stairs talking.

"Oh I am so fucking horny baby," Finn said to Jody as they reached the top of the stairs.
"Mmmm, me to, do you want me to suck your dick?" She asked him all hot and horny.
"Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck you so hard with it you'll flood the room with cum after I fuck that beautiful face of yours," Finn said and then they went into the room and I couldn't hear anymore...

I was getting horny listening to them and when they went into the room I touched myself knowing that they were fucking and sucking and it made me so horny thinking about it and I was jealous and wished that I could be having sex too.

All I could think about was how I wanted a big hard dick in my mouth when I touched myself and I could only imagine what they were feeling in the moment. Then I wanted more. I knew that Jody had Finn's dick in her mouth by now and I wanted to watch it, pretend it was me doing something, and I would avoid the thoughts of it being my brother.

So that's what I did. I creeped out of my bed quietly with my baby blue joggers on and my black tank top that had sexy written on it and walked to my door way. I listened from the door way and I could hear them slightly. I knew that they were at Finn's bed which is a distance from the door way and on an angle that they wouldn't have any sight thoughts of looking at the door while they were doing it in his old big bedroom. So I walked out of my room and down the hall a bit to his doorway. I stood at the edge and listened to them. The door was open a crack and I knew that I would be able to watch them if I wanted to, but I was a bit scared incase one of them did see me and scared that Finn would freak out on me if he caught me.

So I just put my back against the wall beside his doorway and listened to them and touched myself. It was so hot and sexy as I listened.

"Oh Finn I love your big hard dick," Jody said and then I could tell that she went back down on his cock by the way she moaned, "Mmm."

I just pictured her stroking and sucking his dick the way I would and then Finn would say, "Oh fuck yeah, I love the way you suck that, I am going to fuck you so hard."

I couldn't help it anymore I wanted to watch. So I peeked my head over and I seen them and I couldn't believe how hot they looked doing that. And when Jody came off of his cock and gave me full sight of it, I couldn't believe my eyes. He is so huge. His dick was so fat and hard. It is a lot bigger than any guy I've had yet. He has to be at least eight inchs. I sucked off one guy at a party that had about the same length as Finn, but it did not compare at all as he was really thin and Finn had it all, a beautiful thickness and a great length. He was so hot, I couldn't believe all the thouhts I was having. I wanted to be in there sucking on that dick. It made me so horny and I was so wet.

Jody sat on the edge of the bed in only her underwear and Finn stood infront of her as she sucked on his beautiful cock. She kept one hand on his dick and used it to stroke as she licked and sucked his dick all over and licked his big bag. Jody was good and Finn kept telling her how much he loved it. I knew that I could do as good as her and I felt like competing against her and then I could hear my brother say that I could suck dick better. Aw I just wanted to suck it so bad I can't explain it. It's like he's not my brother when I think of that monster dick of his and how he uses it. All the hate I have for him has went away now. To me he's not my brother now...he's my sex dream.

I know that it is sick and wrong and there must be something wrong with me...and theres no way it could happen, because I think that Finn hates me more than I hate him...and he would think I was sick too, but I just I don't know....watching them fuck was amazing.

Jody continued to suck his bulging cock and she got to where she made his whole cock dissapear. I know I could do it too, I have done it before, not to a cock quite as big as his, but I know I could because I would love sucking it so much.

I just wanted to be her so bad.

Finn then grabbed her face and with both hands and fucked her little face. Ramming his cock down her throat like there was no tomorrow. When he stopped he pushed her back on the bed and got over top of her and put his beautiful man hood between her big tits and she squeezed it in and he started fucking her hot tits. Jody was loving it. She had her back pushed up and squeezed her tits while he fucked them and she was moaning as if he were fucking her wet little pussy deep and hard.

He slowed down and she lifted her head so that she could put it his cock in her mouth each time that it thrusted toward her mouth through her breasts. "Mmmm.....Mmmmm," she moaned each time his cock went into her throat.

When He stopped he got down and sucked on her hard nipples and fingered her pussy at the same time.

He made his way down on her and reached her underwear. He kissed her from the outside of them for a few seconds and then he took them off her.

Jody was so into it and she was getting fucked like it was her birthday. I was so jealous, because this was ordinary for her and she probably got fucked like it was her birthday every day.

Finn licked her pussy up and down between her lips and when he got a hold of her clit he sucked it in his mouth and tounged it really fast as he finger fucked her. She was going into orgasm and she had her head up looking down at him while he was making her come. She spread the top of her pussy for him so he could reach her clit nice and easy and then he would slow down and licked it in circular motions and changing directions and then lick it up and down and finger fucked her pretty little pussy at the same time and he was driving her absolutely wild. She could have come by now, but he was holding off and building her up for a bigger climax.

"Oh Finn, baby...Oh it feel so good, oh oh oh oh oh," she started as he sped up again and really started to fuck her. "Oh Oh Oh Oh, ooohhhhh yeah," she continued.

Finn got up on the bed beside her with his fingers still inserted into her and sucked on her tits while he fucked her deep with his fingers and then she started to come.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh god im coming, im cuming," she said as she started to tremble and sheke.

"Oh yeah baby come all over my fingers and you can lick them," he said.
"AWWW......ooohhh finnn.....mmmmmm," and she came all over his fingers as she gushed it out and poured. He slowed down and slowly stopped.

She held her breast and opened her eyes as he released his fingers from her and she moaned, "Mmmmm....Oh fuck Finn."

"DId you like that ride?" He asked her.
"Yeah," she answered with a big smile and he fed her his two fingers with her juice all over it.
"MMMM..." she sucked.

"It's my turn, get on your knees and stick your pretty little ass out," Finn told her and got behind her as she got into position.

She got on her knees and laid her head and upper chest down on the bed so she could relax and she was still somewhat exhausted from her climax. I had such a clear view of her pussy and it was beautiful. So smooth and wet, she has a perfect bun. I stared at it for a second until finn blocked it and I thought about how good it would feel to be her and have his big dick deep inside her.

Her ass was really hot and she had it spread out, for some reason I know that Finn is an ass man. He grabbed her sexy juicy cheeke of her ass and stuck his tongue inbetween her cheeks and licked her pretty little ass up and down. He spit in it and then slowly entered a finger in and she gasped and moaned.

"I love this tight ass of yours baby," Finn said as he fingered it slow.
"Oh I want you to fuck it," she told him.
"Oh I will baby, don't worry."

Finn got up on his knees and grabbed a hold of his meat and slowly directed it to her watering pussy. He rubbed it between her lips a couple of times and then slowly pushed half of it into her and started going back and forth thrusting. He grabbed her ass and fucked her pussy looking down at her ass. He was fucking her hard and deep now and watched as he banged against her ass. Jody moaned loud as he fucked her and kept saying, "Oh yeah....fuck my pussy," and I couldn't blame her at all.

Just as she was about to come again Finn stopped and released his incredably hard dick from her and spit in her ass rubbing it in with his cock.

"Are you ready to get fucked in this beautiful ass?" Finn asked spitting again and rubbing her hole harder.
"Oh yes, fuck my ass Finn, oh fuck it hard."

Finn stood up on his feet on the bed and aimed his cock right for her asshole and slowly entered it into her.

"Oh fuck my ass," she said.

Finn worked his way into her deeper and deeper as she cried for him.

"No matter how much I fuck this ass it always stays nice and tight for me," Finn said as her as relaxed and he fucked her hard and deep and she cried out loud and heavy.

"Oh fuck.....fuck fuck fuck....mmm...oh yeah fuck my ass," she cried and begged as he banged her hard while she looked back and up at him in aw.

"Oh fuck baby, oh I'm going to come," Finn moaned hard as he continued to fuck fast and deep.
"Oh come in me baby, oh come in me."
"You like that, eh."
"Oh yes."
"Oh it's coming," he said.
"Ooooohhhhhh yeah I'm coming too, oh I'm coming," she cried and thats where they went crazy.

Finn fucked and moaned so loud and she screamed and started to shake all over again as he shot his load deep inside her ass. And they weren't the only ones I laid back on the wall and fucked my clit in my imagination by getting fucked by my brother the way he had just fucked Jody and I came everywhere inside of my underwear.

After I came and I went back to my room and laid in bed. Finn and Jody stayed in the room for about twenty minutes. Then they each took a turn and went into the bathroom to clean up and then soon they left and I was all alone thinking about my amazing brother.

I fell asleep and had the best dream of getting fucked by him at his place when Jody was at work...but when I woke up I was dissapointed to find that it was only a dream....

Oh God what is wrong with me......?

I couldn't believe it....the hot fucking bitch wanted to fuck me......So I read on to her last entry.....

August 4, 2005

I haven't wrote lately, because....Well, all I can think about is my brother, but he don't feel like my brother. It's like being in grade one and having your first crush....but it's so different, because I just want to fuck him so bad. I want him to tell me that I am a great fuck like he tells Jody. I want him to tell me that I am better.

Believe it or not I have only sucked three dicks since then. And All I could think about while doing it is Finns beautiful dick. They guys came so fast because I went so wild on them pretending it was his big dick deep in my throat.

So because of him I have slowed down on having sex and find myself more often than enough in my bedroom masturbating over him.....

Oh God....I just wish that we could fuck so I wouldn't feel like this and I would know that I am not the only crazy one and and we could be happy together fucking one another.

I should just seduce him, I mean I am a girl and I know that I am hot enough that I could get him going....I'll do anything just to grab a hold of him and fuck him like he has never been fucked and it would be by his young hot fucking sister.

I have to go.....

That was the last page that she wrote. Now I had something to write the fucking bitch in her journal............

August 10, 2005

Hey know that you're a fucking bitch and you always will be...but after reading your fantasies of me I can't help but to want you to be my little fucking bitch..........That's right you want my fucking cock you're going to get it. I'll fuck you so fucking deep and hard you'll scream your life out.

All you have to do is come and get it, you know Jody's shift so we don't have to worry...I can't wait to shove my cock down your throat and fuck your sweet little ass.

I'll be waiting for you baby.............

I guess we're both a fucking bitch........

Come on get it..........................

I couldn't believe what was about to happen and I knew that she would be at my place in no time. I left the journal under her covers along with the first pair of underwear that I spewed all over.

I went home early that morning instead of staying there.

And I woke up the next afternoon to a hard knocking at the door........I didn't think that she would be there that soon.

I went down the stairs in my boxers and opened up the door. It was Brooke, but she didn't look the way I expected her to look.

"Why did you snoop around my room like that," she asked angrily.

I just stood there and looked at her not saying anything and she looked at me all mad.

She was dressed sexy as usual. She had a pair of tight blue jeans on and a tight red shirt showing her beautiful bust. Her sexy little face and her eyes peircing at me.

"Fuck it I told myself."

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the house fast. I shut the door and locked it.

"What are you doing?" she asked.
"I'm going to fuck you like you want," I said and grabbed her face pulling her towards me and kissing her. She was so fucking hot and the thought that she wanted my cock drove me nuts. And if she was going to act like she didn't want it now, I didn't care she was going to get it anyways.

She tried to pull herself away and not kiss me.

"I can't," she said and sat down on the lazy boy beside her.
"Why have you changed your mind?" I asked.
"Because I started to get some help and..."
"Fuck the help Brooke, you know what you want to do," I said and pulled my hard cock out of the hole in my boxers and stroked it in front of her.
I cut her off again walking in front of her with my cock in her face, "Suck my dick sis, you know you want to, show me how good you are."
She looked up at me and smiled taking a hold of my dick and as soon as she did it started to throb in extreme excitement.

Her hands were small and soft and very fucking slutty which ment she knew how to stroke a cock. She stroked it with complete joy and said with a slutty little smile on her face, "But we're sister and brother."
"Fuck it our bloods hot," I answered and smiled as her tongue move closer to my cock with that slutty look and smile on her face looking at me.

It seemed like it took forever for her wet tongue to touch my penis, but when it did I felt like a hero. It was better than that first feeling of putting your dick in a wet pussy. It was like losing my viginity all over again, but with much more experience and with a much hotter babe. And it was wrong and bad which made it a hundred times more exciting than having an ordinary bitch sitting in front of me.

And fuck did she know what she was doing. The first spot she touched was underneath my head making my cock throb as she teased me with that killing look on her face as she licked it and then licking all around my head with sweet bitter enjoyment and then sliding back down kissing m sensitive spot. God she was driving me fucking crazy, I have never been so hard in my life.

She then held my cock in the center of her hand and stroked lightly with those amazing sluttly hands of hers and went down to the bottom of my cock and looked up at me with those sexy eyes as she stuck her wet tongue out as far as she could and licked all the way up my shaft.

"Oh Finn I love your cock," she said stroking it right in front of her face and staring at it and then licking it again. "I've dreamt of it for so long."
"Do to me what you do in your dreams baby."
She hadn't put it in her mouth and I was dying to fuck her face. She licked up it again and then said, "Oh we're so bad."

She just loved holding my hard dick in her hand and stoking it while she looked at it with all the lust and sluttyness that was in her. And then finally she licked up it again and closed her eyes when she got to the top and put my penis in her mouth. She stoked it and sucked it in her mouth going further and further as she lubed it up. I knew how great she was going to be at this already. When she sucked it it felt so soft and tight and all in pleasure. She wasn't clumbsy with a big cock at all and she knew how to get you to want more and I knew why now how guys came so fast in her mouth. She was a natural pro.

She was going slow taking it in inch by inch and then she came back taking it out of her mouth and licking my aching balls.

"Do you like it so far?" She asked with a huge smile.
"Aww yeah, show me what you can do with it."

Without hesitation she put it back in her mouth and went for the deep throat and within seconds my cock was burried deep down into her throat. And she came up and down on it sliding it all the way down each time until her mouth was touching my skin. Then she stopped after a bit to breath and looked up at me smiling and stroking my drenched cock with her spit all over it. Her hand slid up and down it so perfect and the way she fondled the head of my cock was amazing.

"I can't wait for you to fuck me," she said and again sucked my cock taking everything that she could.

This time I grabbed each side of her face with my hand's and moved her head back and forth on my cock and I fucked that sexy sister face of mine like I had never before. And she loved every second of it. Just relaxing all the muscles in her mouth so I could pound her hard. I looked down at my only sister and thats when it truly hit me that I was fucking the shit out of my own blood, my sister. It dorove me fucking wild and she was so awesome at accepting me fucking her like this that I decided to come in her mouth after I asked. She was so perfect and I knew she could handle it.

"Do you want me to shoot my load down your mouth, sis?" I asked as I slowed down a bit to get her answer.

She just looked up with me with the little nod that she was able to make and I knew she wanted all of my cum in her mouth.

"Aww fuck yeah, you're so hot, I have the hottest sister in the whole world," I said as I banged her pretty little face harder and harder and then it happened and it was the best blow job I had ever received. "Oh fuck yeah," I shouted out as I started to come in her mouth squirt after squirt as she sucked it all back with joy.

finally I slowed down and let her have control of my cock while I felt like passing out. She breathed heavy as she rubbed my a cock with my come hanging on her lips mixed with her spit.

"Aww that was great," she said and laughed and then licked my cock again.
"Oh my god, you're fucking amazing sis. You can suck my dick anytime that you want."
"Mmm...Am I better than Jody?" She asked with that slutty smile again.

I knew how bad she wanted me to be proud of her from reading her journals and I didn't have to lie. She did exactly what I wanted.

"You're better than all the girls I fucked put together sis," I said pulling her up off the chair so I could start undressing that killer body of hers and I could see that naked beautiful thing in front of my own eyes and give it everything that I had.
"You like calling me sis don't you," she smiled.
"I just like the fact of fucking my hot sister," I said and smiled back as I lifted her shirt off and her gorgeous sexy teen tits sat in her bra flawless.
"You've wanted to fuck me for awhile haven't you?" she asked as I started undoing her pants.
"Oh fuck yeah, forever."

I took her pants and bra off and all that was left on her was her little black thong. I turned her around where her back leaned on my chest and she rested on it with her eyes closed and her hands grasping my legs as I grabbed her hanging sexy brests in my hands playing with her hard nipples and kissing her shoulders. She was rubbing her pussy and moaing. And then she grabbed one of my hands and moved it to her pussy. I put my hand down her thong and put my finger in between her wet lips. There was no lubing her up she was already wet as she could be and her underwear were cold on my hand from all her juices on it. My finger slipped in between her lips and her clit was already hard and just waiting to get fucked. I slowly put a finger into her wet pussy hole and she gasped lightly with excitment. I teased her only entering a little bit of it and then releasing it and then back in slowly. I did this about three times and then finally put two full fingers in her and moving around in her wet pussy as she moaned and held her self. I finger fucked her for a minute or two and then came out resting my finger tip on her waiting clit and started to move it around lightly in circular motions one way and then the other and then up and down rubbing it fast and somewhat lightly but hard and fucked her like this as she leaned on my chest harder and harder and moaned, "Ohhhhhh," over and over gettting louder and louder as I fucked my sisters clit in the middle of my living room and I knew she was going to come soon. And she started to shake and moan even louder and finally she came...

"Ahhhhh....oh my god," she gasped as she came and she soaked all over the place and it ran down her thighs and went all over my hand as I rubbed her all over and got as much as I could on my fingers.

I grabbed her chin with my other hand and kissed her like crazy and we exchanged tongues.
"Did you ever taste yourself, baby?" I asked.
She opened her eyes in aw. "Only when I've thought about you," she confessed.

I took my hands from her wet pussy and put two fingers in her mouth and she closed her eyes sucking them hard and then I fed her the other two fingers.

"Come on sweet sis," I said moving away and grabbing one of her ass cheeks in one hand. "Lets go upstairs so I can fuck you to death."

We went upstairs and she fell onto my be. I got in between the her and we kissed for a bit while I slid my hands up and down her amazing body. Just the touch of her skin and my cock touching her wet pussy made my drive rise to the top again. I wanted to tit fuck her beautiful breasts. So I got on top of her and she took hold of her breasts and squeezed them together after I dropped my cock in between them. I moved back and forth fucking them hard as she canted her self up and stared at her brothers cock pounding her tits. And then she went back down and lifted her head up so I could feed her my hot prcik at the same time.

I couldn't take it anymore and I just had to stick my dick in her pussy. I wanted to know exactly what my sister felt like. I knew she was going to be tight, and I knew she was going to love it.

I got off her and back down into our original position and grabbed a hold of my dick and rubbed it up and down her lips wetting up for an easy access. I stopped at her clit and fucked her with it for a minute with the head of my cock and she was already going wild. Then I lowered it down to her hole and slowly started to enter my penis into my sisters pussy. She opened her mouth and crunched her lips with a gasp as it slowly went into her tight little whole.

"Oh fuck yeah, Finn," she said as I started to fuck her slow with the first quarter or so of my penis.

She held her breast and looked at me moaing as I thrusted a little bit deeper each time.

"Fuck me Finn."

She said that and I fucked her a little harder and faster.

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me," she got louder.

Her pussy was really wet and her muscles had released enough and I knew that she was ready for a good brotherly love pounding.

The first stoke I took putting my whole penis deep inside her she gasped and screamed loud.

"Oh god yes fuck me!"

I fucked her hard and fast and pushed as hard as I could and she just screamed louder and louder as we rocked my bed back and forth moving it across the room.

"Yes, yes yes, oh Finn," she cried out over and over as I fucked.
"Oh you're so fucking awesome," I said pounding her as hard as I could. She was gushing come all over my cock and it got slippier and slippier.

"Fuck I love you," she said looking into my eyes, "I fucking love your cock. Oh yes, fuck me ohhhhh."

"I love you too baby," I said looking down at my cock in her wet pussy. I knew I was going to come and knew this would kill all of our enery so I asked her as I pounded her, "Do you want me to fuck your pretty little ass baby."

"Oh yes fuck my ass, oh please," she answered in between my thrust.

I stopped and turned her around quick on her knees and spit in her pink little butt a few times and licked it all over and then stood up pointing my cock towards her ass and slowly entered it in.

"Oh my god," she said and looked back as I took it out and put it back it and went as far as I could just pounding her pretty little ass.

"Oh fuck!" She yelled.

"Oh you like that?" I asked fucking her hard.

"Oh yeah," she cried out in paind and pleasure at the same time.

"Ohhhh," I grunted as I knew it was coming.

"Oh Finn fuck my ass baby, I love you oh yes fuck me," she said as she was begging to come with me.

I gave it to her for a few more seconds and then I knew I was going to come and took it out and she turned around fast with her mouth open as I dropped to my knees and she was ready for me to come in her mouth and all over her as she rubbed her wet pussy and came at the same time and moaned with me, "OOOHHHH!"

My come squirted out as her body vibrated and I shot some into her mouth and then the rest all over her.

After I dropped down beside her exhausted and breathing heavy.

Brooke grabbed my cock and smiled at me, "Thank you," she said and then licked my cock.

"Oh fuck Brooke I never thought this day would come," I said.

She got on top of me and kissed me. "Thank you," she kept saying.

We laid in my bed for awhile that was now on the other side of the room and talked a little bit. She said that after she wathced Jody and I do it she kind of wanted me to fuck them both at the same time.

Jody was a wild girl and I didn't know what was to come...but I knew no matter what that I would keep fucking my sister. And she asked me to promise to always let her suck and fuck my cock whenever she wanted. I gave my promise to her and I knew that we would be seeing a lot more of each other.

My sister and I no longer hated one another and it didn't even really feel like we were sister and brother now, but we knew that we were and I think it made our drives that much more crazy.

After we rested a bit we went down stairs so she could collect her clothing and she could be on her way.

I stood at the stairway and watched her dress. She was really a stunng fucking bitch. She got dressed and went to the door. I continued to watch her as she smiled reaching the door.

Before she walked out she looked back at me with that same ol' smile and said, "I'll be back."

"I'll be waiting," I answered.

She closed the door and left. I fell on the couch and couldn't believe what had just took place. I couldn't wait for the next time. And I fell asleep thinking about it and how maybe I could get Jody involved.


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hot sister fucking me hot


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