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This is my first story, so please feel free to leave any advice about how to improve future ones :)
I hadn't known Faye that long, but we had become good friends over the past few months. We were both interested in drama, and we both took part in the school production. I wouldn't call myself popular, but I had quite a few friends and I did well in lessons. I was 5 foot 5 and around 80kg at 15, but I didn't do much sport as my only interest was drama. The most I had ever gone with anyone was kissing, so I was quite inexperienced.

Faye, on the other hand, was stunning. At 5 foot 7, she was slim and toned after years of sport, as she played netball. She barely needed any makeup as her skin was golden and smooth. She had long, slender legs and an arse to die for, not to mention her full, large tits. Looking back, I think they were a 32 B or C.

I was rehearsing a monologue in one of the private upstairs rooms in the theatre when I heard someone climbing the ladder up. Confused as to who it could be (this was at lunch time and barely anyone came to the theatre then except me). I looked down, and it was Faye climbing up.

'Oh, hi Faye' I said.

'Hi Olly, what are you doing up here?' she said as she reached the top rung.

'Oh, I'm just revising for my monologue, what about you?'

'Drama coursework. It's so boring!'

'I know!'

She turned to go to the other room upstairs, but spun and said,

'Can you help me Olly? Pleeease?'

I sighed and agreed to help her. After all, how bad could it be, sitting alone with one of the hottest girls in school?

We walked into the room i was previously working in, and she sat down on one of the empty chairs. I walked over and leaned over her shoulder to have a look at what she had wrote. After a while she lookes up and said,

'It's quite hot in here. Do you mind if I take my jumper off?'

'Not at all, go ahead' I replied.

She slowly lifted her jumper over her head, and I was rewarded with a nice view of her bra and tits.

I continued to help her until she said,

'This is boring. Want to do something else?'

'Like what?'

'Well, I see somebody is getting bored of work' she said, pointing at my crotch.

After getting that lovely view of Faye before, I had developed a tent in my pants, and I was clearly erect. I didn't know what to say.

'I'm sorry Faye, it's just that when you-'

'I know, I shouldn't have taken my jumper off. Would you like me to do something about that then?'

I was in shock at what Faye had said. She slowly sauntered over to my chair and kneeled down, and in one swift movement she had pulled my trousers and boxers down.

'Mmm, now that is one big meat stick'

I didn't consider myself big at 6.5 inches, but I suppose this must have been Faye's first cock.

'This is a bit unfair, I'm exposed and you aren't!' I said.

In reply to this, Faye took her top off. She slipped out of her skirt as well, leaving her in her bra and panties. She then proceeded to grab my dick in her hand and start pumping.

'Oh my god Faye, that feels so good!' I cried.

She slowly slid her hand up my dick, and circled the head before rubbing her hand down the length of it again. She then bent over and put my cock into her mouth. It felt like heaven. I nearly came then and there. Her soft, silky mouth and full lips engulfed my whole dick while her tongue circled my swollen head. While she was doing this I fumbled at her bra and unclipped it, letting her gorgeous tits hang free. They hardly sagged, and seemed to defy gravity. I started to knead the soft flesh in my hand, while paying particular attention to her nipples.They were soft but firm at the same time.

After a while, I felt my load boil up from inside my balls, so I shouted,

'I'm coming!'

To my surprise, this didn't deter Faye, in fact she tried even harder. I felt the cum rise up my cock and squirt out of my head and into Faye's throat. She then proceeded to swallow every last drop and showing me her empty mouth.

'Fuck Faye, that was amazing!' I managed to say.

I crawled over to her and slowly pulled her panties down, exposing her shaved, moist pussy to me. I immediately attacked it with my tongue, paying special attention to her clit. She was soaked, and she squirmed every time I ran my tongue over her pussy. I continued to circle around her hole, and after a while I felt her hand push against the back of my head.

'Oh yeah, right there, yeah that makes me so horny! Faye cried. This led to me lapping at her clit even faster with a renewed vigour.

Sometime after a few minutes of me doing this, i felt her body convulse ad her hips bucked wildly. She started to have (i would learn later) one of the best orgasms of her life. It lasted for a full minute until she began to come down from her immense high. We both collapsed, exhausted from our immense orgasms. She kissed the top of my cock before proceeding to get dressed, but not after sating that we must do that again. I completely agreed with her, and after giving her my phone number (she didn't have it before) we parted ways and went back to our classes.

Needless to say, I was happy to help Faye with her 'coursework' in the future!

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2014-03-20 01:36:23
Great, boy I sure wish that I would have had a girl like her to help me grow up!

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