lust and horny
" Hello?" Heather called out as she stepped into the open garage. All she can see were three Harleys. Three all in different colors and gorgeous. Big, shiny, clean and ready to ride. Just looking at them sent a chill up her spine.
" Be right there." A muffled voice spoke out. Heather turns in the general direction of my voice, I stood up, turned around and she is dumb struck. I'm wearing a close fitting black t-shirt and jeans. I walked toward her, wiping my hands on a towel. " Hi Heather, what are you doing here?"

Her thoughts immediately turns naughty and she blushed. " I'm here for my riding lessons. John." She stammered. She feels like an adolescent and complete idiot. I didn't make things any easier when I flashed her my grin.
" Well,I did not know you were interested in motorcycles." I said. I said, my voice husky. " Tell me all you know about riding a motorcycle." " Absolutely nothing." She replied. " Well, the first thing we'll do then is take a ride so you can get used to the power of a Harley. Which one would you like to ride?" I swept my arm to encompass my collection of bikes. She again had naughty thoughts but was able to suppress them for the moment and keep from blushing.

" That one." She said, pointing at the black one. I've always been partial to black bikes. I nodded, handing her a helmet, grabbed one for myself, walked toward the bike of her choice and proceeding to roll it out of the garage to the driveway. She follows me, putting on her helmet. I close the garage door then swing my leg over and sat on the bike. I put her foot pegs down and put on my helmet. She placed her hands on my shoulders, a foot on the peg, swung up and over and settled down behind me. It has been years since she has been on a bike and she is feeling exhilarated and free as we drove off. I headed toward the freeway then turned onto a little known side street.

It headed up into the hills and is very curvy. Her hands had been resting loosely at my waist but I increased my speed which made her arms reach around to hold me tighter. It was pure instinct and unnecessary - the bike had a 'sissy' bar but it feels nice so she continues to hug me tight around my waist.

Holding me closer allows her to inhale my scent. I smell so good and my neck is very inviting. She brushes the back of my neck lightly with her nose. I lean back just a little and that is all the invitation she needs. Heather places her lips on my neck and left them there. She feels me shiver and smiles. She slid her lips to a new spot but this time she actually kisses my neck again and again, from left to right and back, over and over. She put her hands on my shoulders and begin to rub, lightly at first then harder as I arch into her hands. She runs her hands down my arms and back up, over my shoulders and up my neck as far as my helmet allows.

Heather brought her hands down my back, rubbing hard until she reached the top of my jeans. She reaches around my waist resting her hands on my chest. My hand came up, entwining our fingers, lifting her hand to my mouth and kissing the inside of her palm. I lazily circle her palm with my tongue, the circles growing larger than smaller. I take the fleshy part of her palm right below her thumb between my teeth, licking and sucking. The first touch of my tongue to her palm sent a shot of desire to her pussy. Heather is wet and aching. The vibrations from the bike only add to her desire. She drops her other hand, intending to rest it on my thigh only but it lands partially on my hard, straining cock.

Holding her palm with my teeth, I reach down placing her hand completely on my cock, pressing hard. I reach around the back of her slamming her tight up against me, dropping my hand under her ass and holding her there. She wants to feel my bare cock, feel the silky skin, wrap her hand around it.
" What the hell!" She said to herself. She unsnaps the top of my jeans and unzips them as far as she can. To her utter amazement and pleasant surprise, my cock springs loose. I'm going commando!! The touch and feel of my cock is delicious. She circles the tip with her fingers, then wraps her hand around me and begins to stroke me up and down, soft and slow at first then harder and faster.

I'm breathing heavily and pushing into her hand. She suddenly feels my pre-cum and wanting to lick it off and take all of me in her mouth. Her wet pussy is throbbing with desire for me..She wants me so bad. I release her ass, bringing my hand around placing it over hers stopping her movements. She knew then that I was on the verge of cumming and didn't want to while still riding.

We rode for a while, my hand covering her hand covering my hard cock. She is a bit shocked at what she has done. She has never before been so free and forward. She shrugges to herself, contributing her actions to the thrill and intensity of the ride. We had been steadily climbing into the hills when I suddenly shift, slowed and turned off the main road onto a side street that headed down into a small valley. It was obvious that the street is seldom used and our destination would more than likely be deserted. I pull off and stop under a huge tree with full branches, sweeping almost to the ground. I put the kick stand down, pull my helmet off and got off the bike, I turn to Heather and begin to fumble with the straps on her helmet. She pushes my hands away, got the straps undone and drew the helmet off.

I grab it from her sling it on the sissy bar, took her leg, swing it around and while sitting on the bike, pulling her toward me, slamming my crotch into hers and attack her mouth. We kiss hard and long and it is wonderful. Her arms are around me and her hands are on her ass. She wraps her legs around my waist to get closer, my hard cock pushing up against her pussy, our tongues dancing and fighting. Without removing my mouth from hers, I pick her up off the bike and carry her farther under the tree. We sink to the grass covered ground. We stretch out with me on top of her continuing our intense kissing. I suddenly ease the pressure on her lips and capture her head and hair in my hands.

My mouth left hers only to land on her forehead which I softly and sweetly kissed. " You are something else, you know that?" I said as I lift myself a bit to look into her eyes. Heather knows she blushes again and wants to reply but before she can, I said, " I am in no way complaining. I'm so aroused, Heather, you arouse me 24/7." She smiles pulls my face down to hers. She lightly kisses my mouth, tracing my lips with her tongue, taking my bottom lip between hers and nibbling.

Taking her with me, I roll over on my back, kissing her on the tip of her nose then eases her off me to settle her on the ground. Reaching down, I remove her shoes and socks, then her jeans and her shirt. She is left wearing only her bra and panties. I take my shoes and socks off, stood up and stripped my jeans off and my shirt. I'm left wearing nothing and it is a beautiful sight to Heather. I straddled her waist, my cock pushing against her sternum as I lean down and lick first one then the other nipple through her bra. The licking turns into mouthing then nibbling, I slowly brought the straps down her arms and tugging until her breasts pop free.

I turn her bra around and unsnapped it, sending it flying somewhere. I brought my face to her breasts and proceeded to lavish delicious attention on them. She arches closer to me and held my head in her hands. My head moves down, slowly, kissing her as I went. I reach the band of her panties, I dip under with my tongue licking her clean shaved pubic area. I keep moving and as my mouth reaches her panty covered pussy, I stop, placing my whole face in and nuzzling. She pushes against me wanting more I lean away from her and with both hands, slip her panties down and off. I stretch out flat and start nuzzling her toes, kissing the top of her feet, moving up her body, kissing and licking as I went.

I reach her pussy and with gentle fingers, opening her up blowing on her pussy then on her clit. I take her clit between my lips licking then lightly sucking, over and over, Heather is writhing against me, clutching my shoulders, wanting my cock inside her. I continue licking and sucking her clit then put one then two fingers inside and out. She is moaning with pleasure and just about to cum when suddenly my face and fingers are gone and I slammed my monster cock deep inside her. Harder, deeper, faster...She explodes with a long groan. I kiss her deep, keeping in rhythm with my cock plunging in and out of her.

I lift my mouth from hers, buried my face in her neck and came with a long shudder and moan. I lift her onto the back of my bike and then climb on in front of her and fired up the engine. Heather didn't know where we were going or what she is getting herself into. Heather never knows what to expect, things happen very quickly and decisively. There she is on the back of a motorcycle, her head buried into my leather clad back. Going up a steep unpaved trail that runs through thick tall trees. The vibration of the bike and bouncing on the dirt road is rubbing her swollen clit and she knows her juices have certainly seeped through her jeans. She held on tightly around my waist to keep from falling off.

Her hand came in contact with a large hard roll that went up to the top of my thigh under my jeans. Her arms would not reach around my waist and she hooks her left hand into my belt. It finally dawns on her what it is that she was touching and holding on too. I shifted my weight and the log in her hand grew larger. She feels it throbbing with my heartbeat as blood fills my erection. The way she is sitting on the bike has caused her jeans to ride up half way up her butt. Her hormones, anticipation and curiosity has gotten her to this point then suddenly she realizes that she is in way over her head. She feels the throbbing of my cock through the denim of my jeans and the enormity of what she does to me and what happens to her. She has no doubt that I'm going to fuck her. Our bike takes a hard right and climbs up a steep bank she pushes her head tight against my back. .

I skid to a stop in front of a rustic cabin. I got off the Harley picking her up in my arms and carrying her up the steps, across the porch and into the cabin. I put her down in the middle of the room and she stood and watched as I took a coffee table and kicked it away across the room. She stood in front of a cold large rock enfaced fireplace. There is a couch, a table with four chairs and a kitchen area. There is a doorway leading to another room and an open stairway going up to a loft. The floor is covered with a thick well-worn shag style carpeting. Heather is handed a glass. I stood in front of her looking at her like a wolf about to devour a lame wounded deer. She took a deep long drink and feels the burning sensation of the whiskey going down her throat. She feels a burning sensation between her thighs and knows her nipples are hard and evident though the cashmere sweeter.

She took another long drink emptying the glass. I took it out of her hand sitting it on the table, before taking her in my arms kissing her deeply. She wraps her arms around my neck opening her mouth to me as I feel her up and begin to rub her ass with my hands. Heather found herself getting more aroused by my vulgar comments of how hot, horny and ready she is for what she was about to get. I pull her sweater up and off of her head and then took her breasts in my hands and roughly manhandled them. I squeezed the soft cushions and pinched and twisted her nipples sending intense sensual sparks flying through her. I begin to suck on one of her nipples she found herself having an orgasm.

I push her down on the carpeting onto her hands and knees. I went behind her spreading her knees far apart. I begin to first kiss her ass then took my tongue and start to lick her pussy from behind. Her juices covering her cunt and the insides of her thighs and I lick her like a dog trying to get every morsel of cream from a bowl. She hears herself moaning and knows that she has had a number of orgasms as my tongue slips between her folds and laps deep into her vagina.

I rolled her over on her back. Her thighs fell apart. The inside of her thighs are coated with her juices leaking out of her cunt. Her eyes can not leave the sight of my huge phallix between my legs. Heather begs and pleads for me to fuck her as I draw closer and closer. I told her to hush and relax as I bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and begin to suck. I inch closer and she feels the huge head of my cock come into contact with her opening and begin to nuzzle between the swollen lips of her cunt. Heather knows that because of my size I had developed some techniques over the years to prepare her so not to split her in two when I bred her. My beard stubble feels rough on her tits as I chewed on the tender sensitive flesh. I inch further up her body and begin to kiss her neck and nibble on her ears. As I did my cock slides a few inches into her cunt and she cries out in pain.

I told her again to hush and then begin to kiss her mouth smothering her screams as I slid deeper and deeper into her belly. It seems to take forever. The pain is excruciating and yet exquisite. She finds her screams ending and her begging begins. This is what she had been searching for all morning, and what she never wants to end. At last she feels my pubic bone come in contact with hers and my huge hairy balls nuzzle into the wet crack of her ass.

I stayed like that for five minutes letting her grow use to and adjusting to my size while I kiss her lips and suck on her tongue. When I pull back out she thought that I was taking her insides with me. All she knows is that over the next minutes her whimpers become moans, which then become screams of pleasure as I begin a steady fucking and humping of her ass. Heather tries to wrap her long legs around me, finding it to be difficult and she simply arches her back and lets me take my pleasure from her. Heather lost count of how many times she came as I ravaged her for what seems like hours. She tries to count them, to maintain her sanity, but lost track of the number of times Heather came after about a dozen with each one building on the previous level and becoming more irrepressible. When my rhythm changed and I begin to thrust deeper into her, she totally lost control and begins screaming insanely with pleasure and as my sperm floods her womb she mercifully at last fainted.

It is dark when she awoke, she does not know how much time had passed. She is in a bed covered with a heavy blanket. Heather reaches out and feels my hairy naked back next to her. I rolled over. She hears me grunt. I raised myself over her wedging my legs between her knees. Heather feels my huge cock begin to slide back into her body and she hears herself screaming in pleasure as I went deeper and deeper into her.... And then she is where she always wants to be.
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