Emily finds herself possessed by the Incubus.
I hope you enjoy this one. I soaked the front of my undershorts with pre-cum writing it. LOL


Emily looked at Justin and said, “Tell me it was all a dream.” Then noticing she was sitting on the bed in front of her cousin stark naked, she knew it wasn’t. Justin confirmed it by telling her that they caught it all on video, the whole 47 minutes of it, from the time she pulled of her top and jeans, until she announced that the entity departed after fucking her.

He said, “We listened to all the audio recordings, and there wasn’t a single class ‘B’ or ‘C’ EVP. That’s strange as hell, because we get dozens of them just hoping for a class ‘A’, but we caught three class ‘A’ voices around the time when you collapsed onto the bed just after you told us the entity was gone.” He grabbed the recorder he had with him and said, listen to these.” Justin played it for her. The first one said, “Thanks, Emily!” 10 seconds later, it said, “That was fun.” Another minute later, the same voice, “Let’s do it again!”

Emily who was shook up by the EVPs, jumped up and went into the bathroom to retrieve her underwear, she wanted to get dressed and get out of the place. As she was coming out, with her panties up in place, she was hooking her bra up as she walked back in the room. She asked, “So, were all the guys walking through here gathering up equipment?” Justin just nodded that yes, they all had been in the room.

She blushed, “Justin, I haven’t got a clue what came over me. You know me, I wouldn’t have stripped naked in front of a bunch of guys like that, what the hell happened to me?”

Justin shrugged his shoulders, it really did seem an unusual thing for Emily to do. She like to have fun, but this was well beyond anything she had ever done as far as he knew, he answered, “I dunno.” Then he told his cousin, “Get dressed Em, I’ve got copies of all the evidence from last night. We can go to your place and review it. I’ve already been over it with the team, a couple of times actually. I think you need to see it.”

Emily blushed cherry red, “Um, I’m almost afraid to watch. Did I really talk out everything that happened to me like some sports announcer?”

Justin looked sympathetically at his lovely cousin, “I’m afraid so.”

Emily just said, “Oh shit, I was afraid of that.” She tugged up her jeans and zipped them up. Then she reached down grabbed her tee-shirt and pulled it over her head. As she was putting her tennis shoes on, she said, “Can spooks do that, influence someone’s behavior like that?”

Justin said, “Yes, they can affect your mood, so we thing it pulled every bit of your adventurous streak trying to get you to become uninhibited. We think its goal was to get you naked so it could do what it did. I’m afraid that your, um, ah, reaction to what was happening to you, um, sexually, was 100% you though.”

Emily flushed again and said, “Yeah, probably was. Justin, I’ve never felt so aroused in my entire life. I’m still aroused, I had sexy dreams the rest of the night, dreams where I was having sexual intercourse over and over again. I almost never dream that.”

Dressed, Emily quickly led the way out as the two of them headed for Justin’s van. The other team members had already left with all the team equipment. Justin grabbed his case with his full spectrum video cam, and locked the door on the way out. As they climbed in the van and Justin started it up, Justin told her, “Aaron would like you to go with him when he reveals the results to our client. He thinks that since you experienced it, you can answer any questions she may have. He’s going to recommend that she stay out of the house until we get this stuff sorted out.”

Emily grimaced, “What am I going to tell her, that I was fucked by an incubus and it was the best sex I’ve ever had?” Then she giggled, “Or that I was overcome and gave my team the best porn show they ever saw?”

Justin smiled, “Wait until you see the tapes, Em. You may not think that’s so funny.”

Emily shook her head, “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.”

When they got to Emily’s house, thank goodness her parents weren’t around. They had gone upstate for the weekend to visit Emily and Justin’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Todd. So Emily let Justin and herself into the house with her key. She took him back to her bedroom where she encrypted a folder on her computer and then downloaded all the videos and audio recordings off of Justin’s flash drive.

The whole drive home she was nagged by an intense feeling of arousal, it just wouldn’t leave her. She was hoping it would have faded by now. She pulled open the first video labeled ‘EmProvokesInUnderwear’ where she announced that she was going to strip down to her bra and panties. Justin stood behind her as she watched. As she watched the events unfolding, Justin reached up and started to rub her shoulders, massaging them as the two watched Emily take her top and jeans off and get settled on the bed.

Emily though the massage felt wonderful, she was so tense, but it wasn’t doing anything for her aroused state, if anything it was making her hornier. She explained to Justin as they watched her take of outer clothes that she did that on her own volition. She really felt that it would draw out the predatory ghost. Being recorded in her undies didn’t really bother her at all, like she told herself the night before, her string bikini was a lot skimpier than her bra and panties, although the underwear was made of thinner material.

Then they played the next set of video files. This one was where she was going from the bedroom and back to the bathroom getting ready for the shower she decided to take. The light was on and she had a high definition view of her waltzing around in her underwear. She could see how the guys might get a little aroused watching her. But when she stripped off her underwear right in front of the camera with the light still on. She was speechless. The close up of her pussy and the rest of her body as she walked to the light switch made her feel ashamed.

Then the light went out and the camera followed her as she entered the shower. It was a little less embarrassing, she was just a naked chick taking a shower. No embarrassing close ups of her genitalia. That was until she reviewed the footage from Nick’s hand held recorder. He zoomed in on the various parts of her body and again she was highly embarrassed. She couldn’t believe she was sitting watching herself like all naked like that, with Justin standing right behind her watching it too.

Nick’s footage showed her ass being massaged by something not visible, instead of continuing to be embarrassed, Emily could feel herself becoming flush with ardor, remembering vividly what it was like to have the entity kneading her butt cheeks. As she watched, she noticed in an abstract way that Justin was massaging further down her back and sides. As he came up her sides with his hands, he brushed over the sides of her breasts and she felt her nipples get hard in response. Her brain said to call him on it, her growing passion told her just to go with it.

The next clip showed her toweling off, and then she moved back to the bedroom bringing the XCam back with her. She set the camera back so it could point up the bed. She was astounded that she set it so it would look right up between her legs. That’s when she started describing what the entity was doing to warm her up. She was fascinated and horrified at the same time. The view the camera was showing was right up between her legs, and she blushed as her screen self spread her legs apart so everyone could see all he secret places.

She hardly noticed that Justin had move his hands around under her arms and was rubbing her breasts through her tee-shirt. She felt herself starting to get wet inside her jeans and panties watching what was happening on the screen. She stood up to watch, temporarily pulling Justin’s hands away, but he moved them back around her and massaged her breasts as she watched herself being touched by the ghost.

She started to tremble, worked up by the video and by Justin’s hands on her breasts. Justin reached down and pulled up the hem of her tee-shirt, and as it went over her head she finally cognizant of what Justin was doing. She asked, “Justin, why did you take my top off?”

He answered like it was the most ordinary thing, “So I can feel your naked boobs.”

She knew something wasn’t right, but she shrugged her shoulders and went back to watching the video, she even reached back absentmindedly and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Justin’s hands came up immediately to take its place.

So, as the ghost sucked her nipples and caressed her skin on the video. Justin caressed her breasts. After a minute as the Emily on the screen continued to moan and tremble on the bed, Justin moved around to Emily’s front and took her nipples in his mouth. All Emily could think of was how horny she was, how aroused the video and Justin were making her.

Justin’s head was getting in the way of her viewing the screen so she turned her body at 45 degrees to the screen so Justin could do his thing and she could watch. As screen Emily gasped out that the ghost had put his fingers in her pubic hair, evidenced by it moving on its own in the video. Emily’s cousin reached down and unzipped her jeans. She was preoccupied with the video, she pulled them down and Justin worked them off her ankles. Then he reached up and pulled her panties down her legs. As she continued to watch herself on the screen, Justin stood back up and continued to suck her nipples and rub the other breast with his hand. His free hand dropped down between her legs, just as the ghost moved his fingers to feel Emily up.

Emily was reliving it all, it was like the whole thing was happening all over again, but she was only vaguely aware that it was really her cousin Justin doing everything. She moaned and bit her lower lip as Justin ran his fingers through her wet lips so he could smear her copious juices over her clitoris. In seconds, watching the screen and succumbing to Justin’s fingers, Emily started to cum. She felt everything intently, she felt her vaginal opening convulse as it radiated out causing her whole body to quake and shake. Her legs refused to hold her up, and she thought, ‘Oh, it’s nice of Justin to hold me up’ while she came.

Justin moved her to the bed, where Emily continued to watch. As her orgasm began to pass, her screen self announced that the entity was moving up between her legs, she spread her legs on screen as well as in real life. Justin took the opportunity to kiss up her thighs, heading for her incredible pussy lips. He was just as confused as Emily why he was all of a sudden intent on making love to the girl, but he felt compelled to continue, and right at the moment she was spreading her legs in welcome for him to partake of her prodigious juices. Justin started kissing her lips just like they were the ones on her face. As he did, he lapped up the wonderful nectar from the orgasm she just had. He could here Emily on the screen yelling out that the entity was eating her pussy as Justin parted her lips with his tongue. He had just enough awareness to know he was actually between Emily’s legs giving her cunnilingus.

So as the ghost sucked on Emily’s pussy in the video, Justin sucked, licked and kissed Emily’s pussy from top to bottom. He especially loved sticking his tongue up inside her, and sucking on her nice full labia. Finally, as Emily writhed around on the bed, moaning and whimpering, he moved up on her clitoris. As he did, he slipped a couple fingers up insider her pussy and started to finger fuck her as he sucked and licked her love button. Emily started to rock her hips up into his face.

It seemed when Emily started to cum on the screen, it sent her over the top with Justin. In the back of her mind she was fully aware that Justin, her cousin, was eating her pussy in real life, but she was so incredibly aroused she just didn’t care. She felt her pussy convulse around Justin’s fingers as he massaged her ‘G’ spot, wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her for the second time in just minutes.

Emily felt Justin start to climb up between her legs, knowing what was coming she spread her legs. Her cousin was going to fuck her and she didn’t seem to be ambivalent about it. All she cared about was getting a hard cock up inside her tummy. Justin hovered over her as he rubbed his hard penis between her lips, wetting himself. Then he put the head of his cock inside her vaginal opening and pushed.

Justin was overcome with lust. He was driven to fuck his sweet beautiful cousin. As he positioned himself, he pushed and slid right inside her. She was so incredibly hot and wet, she offered no resistance as his cock penetrated deep inside her. She was so incredibly snug around his cock and felt ever so soft and silky. Justin was more cognizant that he was fucking a girl for the first time in his life, and he wasn’t even sure how he got there.

Emily bit her lower lip as Justin began to ride her. All she knew was Justin had his cock deep inside her filling her full. He pumped away, drawing the flange of his cock head up and down through her love canal and it was scratching the itch she had been experiencing all morning. She only occasionally glanced at the video now, real life had finally captivated her attention. She knew that her screen self was getting fucked just like this and somewhere alarm bells were going off, telling her that JUSTIN IS FUCKING YOU! YOU COUSIN! HELLO! She just didn’t care. All she cared about was the wonderful feeling inside her as he continued to piston in and out of her. Then her body exploded yet again. Her pussy clamped around Justin’s cock spasmodically as her body began to quake again, flooding her love canal with an excess of her fluids. Her legs snapped shut as the incredible feeling washed over her yet again.

As she came down, Emily wrapped her legs up and around his hips, putting her feet on his naked bottom, pushing him deep inside her with each of his thrusts.

Justin wanted to change positions. He was enjoying fucking her missionary style, but he wanted to watch the action. So he whispered, “Get up on your hands and knees Em.”

As Justin pulled out of her, she immediately felt the need to feel him back inside her. So she quickly got up as he requested and felt him immediately stick his hard cock back inside her hot wet pussy. She had literally soaked herself and him while cumming, so as he pushed into her and pulled out, they made an erotic slurping sound as they fucked.

Justin had jacked off in the bathroom where they investigated the night before. Watching what the ghost had done to Em had made him so fucking horny he couldn’t concentrate on shit. So he felt a need to relieve himself.

So as he fucked her that morning, his body wasn’t in any hurry to cum.

He was fascinated that he would look down and watch his cock go in and out of Emily’s pussy. As it pulled out it glistened with her wetness. Then he decided to start pulling all the way out of her and so he could penetrate her all over again. He did this over and over again, driving himself and his sex partner wild while doing it. Emily gasped out, “Oh my hell, that feels SO fucking good! Keep doing that Justin!”

The video stopped, but the couple didn’t. Justin could feel his passion growing and Emily began to cum again. She collapsed onto the bed as her orgasm washed over her yet again and Justin rode her down. She had her legs spread wide, and he just shoved his cock back inside her vagina through her butt cheeks. It felt so fucking erotic that in seconds he felt the pressure build between his legs and then his cock exploded.

Emily gasped out, “I can feel you, Justin! I feel you’re cock pulsing inside me. Wow! Just like last night!” She couldn’t figure out how she missed feeling that with the other two guys she had ‘done it’ with.

By now, Emily was totally mindful that Justin had given her foreplay, ate her pussy, and was now fucking her. Matter of fact, he had just ejaculated deep inside her vagina filling her with his cream. Emily was resigned to the fact that whatever happened last night, happened again to her all over again with Justin, whatever it was, it confused her and with a cloudy mind, it got her to accept Justin as a lover. Fucking with Justin was something she would have never done otherwise. At that moment she was feeling a huge relief from the arousal she had been plagued with all morning. Like last night she felt like falling into a deep sleep.

Only this time, she wasn’t going to give the ghost bastard the upper hand. As Justin pulled out of her, instead of going to sleep, she rolled over and sat up. She grabbed Justin’s hips and pulled him towards her on his knees, then she bent over and took the head of his shrinking cock into her mouth. Now she felt like she was in control. The ghost or incubus or whatever it was that followed her home was out of the picture. Making her own choice she started to give Justin a blowjob.

She sucked him all the way in, sucking off their comingled juices. Justin gasped out in surprise as Emily took him in her mouth. He wasn’t sure how he ended up fucking her in the first place, but to get a blowjob? He wasn’t going to turn that down for anything.

Emily sucked on him until he started to get hard again. As soon as he was sticking out like a limb on a tree, she spit him out and started to lick the outside of his shaft. She had only performed fellatio once before to her current boyfriend and did so grudgingly. She thought sucking a guy’s cock was demeaning, but Justin had already ate her pussy without reservation, so she felt like it was more of a return favor. Not only was that, doing it to Justin turning out to be very enjoyable.

She kissed all the way down Justin’s 7 inch cock and then sucked on his testicles. Then she kissed back up and started licking his little slit with the tip of her tongue. Justin just stood up on his knees, enjoying everything she did to him. Soon, she had him back inside her mouth again fucking him with her mouth. She took about 4 inches of his cock with each stroke and she tease him with her tongue the whole time.

She felt Justin getting pretty steamed up, and knew if she kept going that he would cum in her mouth, so she pulled off a second and asked, “Do you want to cum in my mouth, or would you like to fuck me some more?”

Justin was delighted with the choice, but quickly declared his preference. He said, “Oh hell! Let’s fuck some more. Your pussy is like a milking machine Em!”

Emily giggled and had Justin sit down with his legs out and she climbed into his lap facing him. She grabbed his hard cock by reaching from behind and slipped him back inside her hole and then she impaled herself on him. She was fucking her dorky cousin, again, only this time it was completely her choice. Cousin or not, she was enjoying the interlude. For over a full minute she just sat on him, feeling his cock fill her up, completing her. That is what she loved most about fucking. Justin had already proven himself a better lover than the other boys she fucked over the previous year, much better. Of course neither of them, nor Justin could fuck her remotely as well as the ghost did, they couldn’t put the raw energy into it the act that was available to the incubus.

Finally, Emily started to rock on Justin’s cock. She rocked her hips forwards and back, gyrating them at the same time. Instead of lifting up and down on him, she was just grinding into him. In doing so, she was crunching her clitoris into his pelvic bone and that was driving her up a tree. A stuffed vagina with clitoral simulation was a perfect recipe for another stellar climax which was just minutes in coming -- when she came, she came hard. Justin held her against his chest as she writhed out of control. Justin was pretty sure there wasn’t anything as erotic as watching a girl have an orgasm.

After getting Emily to cum, Justin moved back and pulled Emily towards the edge of the bed. Emily’s bed was a large four poster that was way up off the floor, and he found that if he spread his legs a little, he could continue to fuck his beautiful cousin standing up. Justin held her legs up inside his elbows and sank his hard cock back between her fluffy lips and up inside her body. He glanced down so he could watch his cock go in and out of her vagina as he kept fucking her for a good 10 to 12 minutes, letting him build to another climax of his own. For the second time, he filled Emily’s inner sanctum with his hot semen. He just hoped to hell she was taking the pill.

Emily felt him throb inside her again and she was already at the brink herself. She joined him in having an orgasm. She squeezed his flanks with her thighs and wriggled in total pleasure on the bed. She thought to herself, ‘What ever this incubus thing was, it sure knew how to show a girl a good time.’ Again, she would never have thought of fucking Justin, ever, and look what she would have missed out on. Maybe she went into it in a fog, but she was coming out of it during a bright sunny day. Her parents wouldn’t be back until late the next day, she was hoping like hell that Justin could say over.


Emily discovered, that even with all the fucking that she and Justin did, that within an hour or two, the persistent arousal came back full force. It made her hornier than hell and soaked her panties with her secretions. Over the next 24 hours, she had Justin eat her pussy 4 more times, and let him fuck her another 3 times. It’s a wonder he had anything left. She even had him fuck her with a large carrot she found in the refrigerator. That was one cold fucking root!

By Sunday afternoon they both had to dress. By the time her parents got home, her panties were soaked again; she even was making a wet spot over her vaginal opening in her jeans. She was totally embarrassed the way she wiggled around on the couch, not even able to enjoy the movie she watched with her mom and dad. If she thought she could have talked him into it, she would have fucked her dad just to relieve her aroused state. She wished she could sneak Justin back in the house to go at it again.

After going to bed, she did get some relief. The Incubus came on her again and gave her pretty much a repeat on what it did to her in the house they investigated. Like before, she fell into a deep slumber after it finished with her. Again, she wondered what it was filling her with when it ejaculated. Unlike during the investigation, this time a fluid did leak out of her vagina proving that it physically spurted something inside her. Based on how much that dripped out, it must have been a lot! Her bed was starting to smell like a French whorehouse.

On Monday, she woke up and had a couple hour reprieve from the passion she had been feeling, only by noon, it was back again. It was beginning to be too much for her. She was afraid it kept up, it would affect her heath. The two days before with Justin, she hardly ate anything, she was so intent on relieving the ardor. She had to do something and soon.

She started making phone calls to every ghost hunter she knew, until someone put her in touch with a demonologist who was a professor of mythology at the University. She called the man’s office and got a voice recording asking her to leave a message. An hour later she got a call back. When the man identified himself as Professor Clancy and asked what he could do for her, she asked, “Professor, what do you know about incubus?”

The professor seemed to sound much more attentive as he ask, “A bit, why do you ask?”

She said, “I think I’m being haunted by one?”

The man said, “Oh Wow! Are you sure?”

She blushed and the statement pissed her off for some reason, she replied, “I’ve been fucked by a ghost twice and I am hornier than hell all the time. I even let my cousin fuck me over and over for 24 hours trying to get relief. I’m sure, gawd dammit!”

The man noting her frustration said, “Oh shit, I think you may be right. Can you meet me at the Arts and Humanities building in say an hour? I teach in the Department of Religious Studies.”

She blurted out, “YES! If you think you can help.”

He responded, “Yes, I can help, but you may not like it.”

She asked, “What could be worse than being haunted by and fucked by an incubus?”

He said, “Getting rid of him. I’ll see you in an hour.”


Emily found the Arts and Humanities building and climbed to the third floor where she was to meet with Professor Clancy. She found the man standing out in the hallway waiting for her. He was tall, she guessed around 6’-2” and he had dark wavy hair. His face was angular, almost stern, but his eyes and smile belayed the supposed terseness. Emily walked up and asked, “Professor Clancy?”

The man offered his hand and said, “Call me Dennis. You are Miss Haughton, I presume.”

Emily grimaced, “Um, yeah, I’m sorry Professor, um, Dennis. I don’t seem to be able to think straight. Like I told you on the phone, I’m in a constant state of arousal.” Emily was too concerned about what was happening to her to be embarrassed about admitting to being horny. What she needed was answers.

Dennis invited her into his office, which was a nice large room off the hall the overlooked the University commons. He offered Emily a seat and asked, “Can you tell me in detail what’s been going on?”

Emily blushed and said, “I can do better, I can show you.” She broke out her 128 GB flash drive and gave it to the professor and instructed on which files to open. After watching what transpired during the Ghost Hunt with extreme interest he announced, “Well, I would definitely say that you have the Incubus haunting you. No doubt about it.” Then he added, “It was trying to prey on the home owner you mentioned, but you essentially invited it to prey on you instead.”

Emily raised an eyebrow, “Invited?”

The Professor smiled sadly and said, “Yes, that’s what you ghost hunters do, by inviting spirits to come to you to interact, you are inviting them to attach their presence to you and to affect you emotionally. Most spirits are so weak, you hardly notice them, but you invited one of the most powerful spirits around to feed on you.”

“Feed?” asked Emily, “You mean this thing is feeding on me?”

Dennis looked at her and said, “Yes, feed. He lives off of sexual tension and energy generated from making love. Not only is he feeding off of you, but he is also feeding off the witnesses to him taking you of which now I’m one. I can already feel the effects of his attachment. He won’t allow a witness to think of anything else but what happened to you, the erotic nature of the act. Not only are you kept constantly aroused, but so are the witnesses, he keeps them preoccupied thinking about your sexual encounter, over and over again.

“Most victims of the Incubus are alone when he makes his advances, his seduction and rape. You think that you are a willing participant, but you are no more in control than say someone who is given a drug during a date rape. The unwitnessed attack can’t be sustained because there is insufficient energies. He can keep coming after his target, but his objective can cut him off at any time because he doesn’t have a power base to force his way.

“He uses the witnesses’ sexual energy caused by him playing the scene of his conquest over and over again in their minds, causing them to be aroused. This gives him the energy and power necessary to feed on you, don’t ask me how it works specifically because I don’t know. Unfortunately, by watching these video’s I have become a witness too. You might be feeling an increase in your arousal state.”

Emily gulped and said, “Um, yeah, I does seem to be a little stronger, if that’s possible. I am so freaking horny all the time I can’t concentrate on anything.”

Dennis frowned and said, “And that’s the danger, sexual arousal can be equated to stress. It affects your appetite, your ability to think, and most importantly your critical bodily functions. Like extreme stress, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and damage to other organs in the body.

“This is why the legends report that ongoing encounters with the Incubus leads to deteriorating health and death. This doesn’t occur with an unwitnessed ‘haunting’ unless the victim willingly continues to have a union with the spirit. Unfortunately, the witnessed victims are more at the entities mercy, which the Incubus is merciless.”

“Normally, a witness will be a husband or a family member. Even with a single witness, the Incubus can be made so much stronger. How many people witnessed what occurred on these video clips?”

Emily turned pale from what the professor was telling her. She felt faint along with highly aroused. She replied, “Four, there was my investigative team which is four guys and myself. We have another girl, but she’s out for the summer.”

The professor grimaced, “Well, now you have 5, now that I’ve viewed the videos. Whatever you do, don’t post these videos on line, or anywhere else they can be viewed. We have it contained right now, but if it gets out and viewed by more people, it will be like an uncontrolled epidemic and your doom will be sealed.”

Emily was startled, “Doom? Sealed? What are you talking about?”

Dennis replied somberly, “The witnesses are key to banishing the Incubus. All the witnesses must participate in a rite to rid you of its claim on you and if the witness list gets out of control you will not be able to get rid of it. You will be increasingly aroused until the stress of it kills you.” Right now we have it managed, but if posted you will be beyond saving.”

Emily fainted.

Gradually, the world came seeping back into her consciousness as she returned from a black void she disappeared into. Emily was on the floor of the professor’s office and he was wiping her face with a moist cloth. The professor smiled down at her and said, “Ah, you’re back. How are you feeling?”

She shook her head to clear it and said, “I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.” Then she remembered what caused her to faint, and almost threw up. She asked, “This thing, it can really kill me?”

The professor nodded his head slowly, “Yes, indeed, that’s why we need to do the banishment ceremony as soon as possible. I want you to call your team and tell them to gather together all the copies of these videos and then I want you to get them all here so we can go over what has to happen to banish your spirit.”

Fortunately for Emily, she was able to get ahold of the whole team. She asked each and every one of them to bring their copies of the evidence with them. They all understood something horrific was going on, each of them admitted that what happened during the investigation kept playing over and over again in their minds. They all promised to come straight to the professor’s office so they could figure out what the next step to rid themselves of the haunting would be.


Once the team was assembled, the professor asked, “Did you bring all the copies of the evidence?” Aaron, Parker, Nick and Justin all answered that they did? Dennis looked like he visibly relaxed and said, “Good! Think of these videos like the ones that were in the movie ‘The Ring’. Without them under control, they will kill Emily and drive all of us witnesses insane.”

Aaron spoke out and asked, “Us?”

The Professor answered, “Yes, us. I viewed the videos, so I’m now a witness too.”

Parker asked, “Okay, why don’t you start from the top and fill us in, what does being a witness have to do with this haunting. What is it we are dealing with?” Dennis began telling them everything he discussed already with Emily up to that point.

Aaron asked, “Okay, you keep saying ‘the Incubus’, why?”

Dennis said, “Because, there is only one Incubus. It’s not a classification, it’s an entity. The Incubus is an ‘elemental’ spirit. He’s fae.”

Emily asked, “Elemental, fae, what are those?”

Dennis added, “Fae, or faerie folk are what we call fairies.”

Emily giggled, “So the Incubus is like Tinkerbelle?”

Dennis grimaced, “Not hardly! Unlike the modern description of fairies, faerie folk are not benevolent; at best they are ambivalent towards humans. They have no compunction in doing mischief or harm to a human, who according to legend stole their land which is modern Ireland. As they were driven out in ancient times, the fae retreated to their new land which is located in a different dimension.

“It is said that the crossing of lay lines is where portals exist between the so called afterlife, and other dimensions like the fae world. Fae folk are anything from sprites, your Tinkerbelle like spirits, all way to fully developed humanoid magical beings like elves and the faery queens and their minions. There is a full gambit of creatures in between. Most are considered to be mythical, but like with our not so friendly Incubus, some seem to have basis in fact.

“Elementals are qualified as fae spiritual beings that are made up of the 4 basic elements of alchemy: earth, water, air, and fire, ghosts are made of ether. Earth elementals are called Gnomes, water spirits are Undine, air or wind spirits are classified as Sylph, and the spirits of fire are Salamander. The demons of Judeo-Christian mythology are said to be Salamanders. Our Incubus, he would be classified as a Sylph, being a spirit of the Air even though mythology sometimes classifies him and his womanly counterpart, the Succubus as demon’s. I don’t believe they are demons but both are Sylph.

“Most people consider all such beings as mythical or ‘fairy tales’. Only as you and the ancient Gaelic peoples discovered, they are all too real.

Justin asked, “Okay, we are dealing with a fae, or an elemental, right?”

Dennis answered, “Yes, I believe so.”

Nick spoke up for the first time, “So, if we are dealing with a Sylph, a powerful one if what you said is to be believed, how do we get rid of the thing?”

The Professor remained silent for a few seconds gathering his thoughts, then he answered, “When Emily asked what was worse than being haunted by an Incubus, I told her that getting rid of it was. What I’m going to tell you will probably confirm what I said. Although it’s not really true, what needs to happen is distasteful, but since the Incubus would eventually kill her, it’s hardly as bad.

Dennis brought out an old book from the 19th century which he marked. He said, “Here read this.”

The group gathered around the book and read:

“When Sean O’Leary comes to feed
From every witness there must be seed
If old Sean it is you wish to foil
The seed of all must fall on fertile soil”

Parker chuckled, “Not exactly ‘A’ classwork work in poetry.”

Dennis said, “It’s not the artistic merit we’re looking at here, but the content. This is the secret to banishing the Incubus, driving him away and freeing ourselves and Emily from the Incubus. Sean O’Leary is used in several old text to indicate the Incubus.

Justin asked, “What’s it mean?”

The Professor said, “It means that during a secret Wiccan ceremony, known only to a handful of Wiccan priests and priestesses, each of us will be required to copulate with Emily, giving her our seed.”

Emily gasped out incredulously, “YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING!”

Dennis frowned, “No Emily, I’m afraid not. This poem goes back centuries; this is just the most modern version in English. It’s pretty specific on what must happen. What I didn’t tell you is if you read the poem again, that the seed must be planted in fertile ground. It means that if you are on birth control, you’re going to need to stop. For this ceremony to be effective, it will need to happen when you are ovulating.”

Justin stammered out, “How do you know all of this?”

Dennis smiled wryly, “Because I’m a wiccan priest.” Then he added for emphasis, “I have been trained in the ritual.”

So Emily asked, “So the only way to save my life, is to let everybody here fuck me?”

The Professor answered, “Yes, after a preparatory ceremony to protect us from the wrath of the Sylph. We will all be required, one at a time, to have intercourse with you, Emily, making sure we deposit our seed inside your fertile womb. Without every witness, the rite will fail. So I ask you all, you haven’t shown this evidence to anyone else?”

Aaron blushed, “Well, only one other person. Garett Tankersley. I wanted his opinion on what he thought the entity was. He agrees that it is an Incubus, or I guess THE Incubus.”

Dennis looked alarmed, “You didn’t give him copies of the videos did you?”

Aaron shook his head no, “No, I just showed them, no copies.”

Dennis and the rest of the investigators all breathed a sigh of relief. Dennis told the group, “Well, this Garrett Tankersley is going to have to be included in the ceremony too.”

Emily scowled at Aaron, “Thanks a lot turkey! Now I have to be fucked by a total stranger!”

Aaron looking remorseful said, “I’m sorry Em, I didn’t know.”

Parker asked, “Okay, when is this going to happen. I need to get these thoughts out of my head. I can’t concentrate on anything, and school starts next week.”

“Try living with a constant state of arousal, Parker.” Said Emily, “Not only can’t I concentrate, but I want to fuck anybody I can get into my bed. Just ask Justin.” Then she immediately thought to herself, ‘Oh shit, I can’t believe I just said that!’

Aaron said, “We are all having issues with this. The sooner the better.” Then he turned to the girl and asked, “Emily, when will you be fertile next?”

Emily blushed and reluctantly replied, “Well, I had my period a week ago and I’m usually ovulating about 3 weeks into my cycle -- so in about 2 weeks.” Then she added, “If I stop taking the pill right now, it should give me enough time to start ovulating again normally.” Then she added, “I can’t believe I’m sitting here discussing my period and being fertile with a bunch of guys -- guys that will be hell bent on making me pregnant!” Then she turned to Dennis, “If I get pregnant, can I have an abortion afterwards?”

Dennis shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, it might affect the effectiveness of the rite, and it might not.”

Aaron asked, “What about the videos, can they start this up all over again?”

Dennis resolutely said, “No, once the rite is over and the Incubus is banished back to the fae realm, the evidence will have no more power to spread its affect. I suggest that you destroy all but one copy of the video and audio clips you have. I suggest that Emily hold the only copies in safe keeping, since she’s the most to lose by this whole thing.”

Emily asked, “So when I go off the pill, can this Incubus make me pregnant?”

The Professor answered, “Well, yes and no. It might make you pregnant, but only when you are ovulating normally. The magic of the rite will make it simply not exist. The pregnancy from an Incubus is magical as well as physical, so the magic of the rite can reverse a pregnancy from the spirit if it happens, as long as the rite happens within a few days of becoming pregnant from the incubus. It defies logic, but it’s true. If you get pregnant from one of us during the rite, it will be a normal conception and pregnancy though.

“If a pregnancy from the incubus was to continue, you would give birth to a baby that would be fae born. It would most likely be an Elf or some other high order fae. The high order fae breed with humans routinely, so they have fresh bloodlines. In the case of the Incubus, I think it would breed a new sylph, or a human with fae powers.”

Emily shook her head in disbelief, “There is no such thing as magic.”

Aaron chuckled, “Supposedly, there is no such thing as an incubus either. I think our preconceived notions are being tossed out the window.”

Emily conceded, “You have a point there. Well since I don’t want to deliver the next Merlin into the world, I suggest we do this ritual.” She looked plaintively at Professor Clancy, “There isn’t any other way? You’re not making this all up so you can get in my pants, right?”

Dennis looked on the poor girl with sympathy, “No and No. I’m sorry Emily, this is the only way I know how to save your life.”


The ritual was set up for two weeks from the end of the little conference where everything was spelled out to the team. As directed, each of the team members delete all the files except Emily, and any thought of posting the results of the investigation on their web site was scraped, at least until the rite was completed and the Incubus was banished.

The team, under the direction of Professor Clancy rented a warehouse space for the event, Dennis told them they were going to need some room where there wasn’t anything but the necessities needed to complete the ceremony. So it was just a matter of waiting for Emily to ovulate.

Emily was too aroused to fret much about what was coming up. She was so caught up in her sexual stimulation, that the idea of being fucked by 6 guys, 4 she knew well, 1 she knew a bit, and one total stranger, was appealing to her more and more, it was simply lewd but appealing given her current state.

She got a tip from the Professor. It seemed as long as she was clothed, the Incubus couldn’t perform acts on her and so during the rest of the week she wore her clothing 24/7. She even wore underwear in the shower, the entity could stroke her skin where it was exposed, but the clothing she wore was a barrier for it to act out sexually. As long as her breasts and pussy were covered, the Incubus couldn’t access those parts.

This did nothing for the arousal, and she was so worked up all the time, she really couldn’t concentrate on anything. Her parents had become really worried about her, she seemed so distracted all the time. She told them she was just worried about starting her classes at the University.

What was the most annoying was her pussy was wet all the time; her vagina seemed to pump out a constant flow of secretions as though she was anticipating cunnilingus or intercourse. Her panties were always soaked, and her jeans had a perpetual wet spot making it look like she leaked urine. Her mom even asked her if she thought she had a urinary tract infection. The sooner they did the banishment the better as far as the girl was concerned, even if she ended up pregnant.

The following Monday she had to start attending her classes and the overwhelming arousal was keeping her from concentrating. Thankfully to first day was going over syllabuses. So she literally made a deal with the devil. Once she got home that evening she started her digital recorder and then she called out into the room, “Okay, listen to me O’Leary, I’ll make you a deal. I let you have your way with me in the morning, but instead of putting me to sleep, you allow me to concentrate for my classes without you keeping me aroused, deal?”

She played back the recording and as she expected she got a class ‘A’ EVP. A single word was spoken loud and clear in a low man’s voice, “Deal!”

So the next morning, Emily set her alarm clock for 4:30 in the morning so the elemental would have time to fuck her, for her to get a shower and for her to get to school. She reluctantly removed her top and jeans. What she normally did anyway for a shower, but this time she unclasped her bra and pulled off her panties. She giggled, because for the first time in a week, she was going to be able to put on clean dry underwear after her shower and actually stay dry between her legs for at least half the day.

She was still totally aroused, so when the Incubus came on her, she was more than ready for what it would do. It went through its normal routine, it started by kissing her neck and ears. As it kissed her, its hands went to her naked butt and it massaged her cheeks. It seemed to be able to do that even with her lying down.

Already aroused, Emily started to feel her passion start to peak as the Incubus played with her ass. As with the first time, she found the feeling to be very erotic. Soon, the entity was down on her breasts, now massaging one of her titties while he sucked on one hard nipple at a time. She felt shivers of delight radiate out from her vagina as she came closer and closer to cumming. If anything, her deal with the devil was at least extremely pleasurable on her part. The only thing she was worried about was that it had been a week now since she had stopped taking her birth control. She worried if this thing came inside her that it might get her pregnant. She didn’t think she had ovulated yet, but who knew what would happen with her quitting the pill cold turkey.

The Incubus’ gently stroked her thighs, moving his hands ever closer to her dripping pussy. She knew in just minutes, that he would stroke her lips and then buzz her clitoris so it could watch her cum. She was sure it loved to see her have an orgasm. Finely, it’s vibrator like finger reached her tender flesh and started to manipulate her as it continued to suck her nipples. She wasn’t sure how it did it, but it was able to insert a couple fingers inside her and rub her clitoris while sucking her nipples. A real person would have to go through some real contortions to do that.

As expected, her ardor grew rapidly and since she had been aroused all night, she went off like fireworks. Her vagina started to spasmodically convulse, and the rest of her body followed suite. She writhed on the mattress, moaning loudly and occasionally making little squeaks as pure delight wash over her. She was thrilled to be cumming, every time she did, it would take her arousal down a notch.

As her first orgasm of the morning subsided, the entity moved between her legs which she spread in welcome knowing that she was about to be eaten. Its invisible lips started kissing her all over her cleft. The feeling of it started driving her passion back up immediately. If nothing, the entity was predictable. It stuck its long tongue inside her hole and fucked her with it. It felt like someone had stuck and eel up inside Emily’s vagina. It was long and wiggled like a fish, that alone send her wriggling and writhing as her second climax struck her suddenly. She hated the Incubus with all he heart, but she sure loved to have it make love to her. An orgasm was an orgasm and this thing made her cum like no human was capable of.

Finally, it curled its fingers up onto her ‘G’ spot as it bore down on her clitoris, both sucking and twirling its long tongue around her love button. In another minute, she launched into orgasm number 3. He continued to eat her pussy until she had her 4th and 5th climax. Finally, he pulled her body down to the edge of the bed and took her with it standing between her legs, the same way Justin had fucked her the week before.

What always amazed and delighted Emily was how long and thick the Incubus’ cock was. It stuffed her and filled her to capacity; the fullness of having him inside her was breathtaking. It seemed to have the largest flange on the head of it shaft, so it really stimulated her vagina walls as it fucked in and out of her. Again, like the first time, it started to pull completely out of her vagina, just so it could re-penetrate her. She loved when it or anyone else, e.g. Justin, did this. It seemed to light the nerve endings in her opening on fire. Within a few minutes of starting this treatment, she came for the 6th time.

When she was done quaking, she felt him grab her hand and tugged her up and off the bed. She felt led to the shower and she deduced that it wanted her to start the water flowing and for her to step inside. After she had the warm water pouring over her, she felt the Incubus tug at her leg, trying to get her to put a foot up on the edge of the tub. After she moved her leg up, then she felt the air man drive his cock back inside her as she stood there. He was fucking her standing up.

Nobody had ever done this with her before, and as its cock pulled out several inches on each stroke, it raked over her clitoris. Before long, orgasm number 7 started. She actually felt the entities body against hers as it held her up, she was totally incapable of standing on her own while the shivering delight poured though her body yet again.

Once she was able to stand again, the Incubus finished up. For the next 4 or 5 minutes, she felt its body slipping and sliding against her front, as her nipples rubbed against what felt like a hairy chest. She continued to bask in the delight of having its cock sliding in and out of her vagina. Finally, she felt the entity begin to pulse inside her. She felt a surge of warmth splash against her cervix as it held itself inside her as it ejaculated. After a full minute of him holding himself up inside her, filling her vagina and making her feel so wonderfully full, it pulled out.

Instead of leaving like it normally did, she could feel it kissing her mouth with what only be consider to be tender little kisses of affection. The thing might be killing her, but it seemed to like her. As she finished showering, the Incubus continued to run its finger inside her inner lips of her pussy giving her an enjoyable tingling sensation without driving her to orgasm. As she stepped out of the shower she felt the entity withdraw. Instead of feeling the deep fatigue that normal washed over her, she felt totally refreshed.

She quickly dressed and headed to the car her parents bought her so she could drive to the University. She felt so alert and arousal free through all of her morning classes. It wasn’t until her afternoon class, PE, that she felt the arousal start to return, but instead of being unwelcome, she actually drove herself to a mild orgasm riding a stationary bicycle.


For a solid week, she let the elemental fuck her in exchange for being left alone during her school hours. The tradeoff was that she was hornier than ever in the afternoon. So she found herself letting the Incubus fuck her in the evening after going to bed so it would cause her to sleep deeply through the night. Before dropping off to sleep, she would slip on a pair of pajamas to keep the entity from waking her up in the middle of the night for more.

She was totally alert during class, but she had put up with a really sore pussy after a day or two. All the fucking was awesome, but it really made the muscles she didn’t even know she had really sore. It was a small price to pay to make sure she got off on the right foot in college.

The following Tuesday was the day. After her morning classes, the group of investigators, the professor, and Mr. Garett Tankersley gathered at a warehouse on the north end of town in the industrial section. Once inside, they bolted the door so they wouldn’t be surprised by someone sneaking in while the ritual was going on. Since the ritual was part of an ongoing investigation, Aaron suggested that they set up a circle of their video cameras to create a recording of the proceedings. Dennis suggest they be set back far enough they didn’t interfere with what he needed to do.

Before starting the ritual, the Professor had them all strip naked. Then he cleansed their bodies with sage smoke and spring water, then he marked them with a set of Celtic symbols on each of their chests. He didn’t worry at all about Emily’s modesty or personal intimate space as he marked symbols right across the top of her breasts.

Emily could tell the Incubus was agitated; it was making her more aroused than ever. Something she actually welcomed, since she was going to have to fuck 6 men, one right after the other. She hoped this would work -- the whole idea of completely losing her dignity and it not working was almost too much to ponder.

With everyone standing in a circle, holding hands, all but the professor. Dennis drew a large pentagram around the group. In the middle was a small twin sized foam rubber mattress that the final deed would be accomplished on. With the large pentagram in place, the Professor lit a candle on each point of the 5 sided star. He chanted a bunch of stuff nobody understood, they assumed it was in the celtic language. After getting the candles lit, he explained that they represented the 5 elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and the Ether which was what the fae world was comprised of supposedly.

Then for protection, he drew a circle around the pentagram in salt. He brought several Morton Salt cartons with him to do the deed. Then he joined the circle and gave them some words to chant, so it would drive the Incubus outside of the circle; the salt would prevent him from reentering. As they chanted, they began to hear a low howl of rage, as the incubus figured out what they were doing. Nobody ever accused the fae being of being smart, just very good at making women cum.

With the Incubus outside the circle of salt, The Professor, a Wiccan priest, said a blessing over each individual in the circle, and then he read the poem of Sean O’Leary aloud. This made the Incubus madder than ever.

Finally, he stopped in front of Emily and smiled sympathetically and said, “I know there isn’t any easy way for this to happen. Is there anyone you want to start with?”

Emily gasped, “Oh man, this is really happening isn’t it. I’m so not ready for this!”

She was breathing hard. When the Incubus was shoved out of the circle her arousal, her constant companion for weeks just collapsed. She was no longer horny and what was to happen was going to be without the crutch of the Incubus.

She had fucked Justin before because the incubus made him desirable to her and had her heavily aroused before he even started, but later on in the same love making session, she had fucked him just for fun, with her in control.

She thought that now she was going to be starting cold with people she wasn’t interested in having carnal relationship with. She found the idea simply ghastly!

She finally got her breathing under control; she was a bit dizzy from hyperventilating. She chose the only one of the men to have been insider her already and the only person she cared for more than being just her friend, Justin. She really loved her dork of a cousin and when he made love to her before, he was actually pretty awesome. At this point it didn’t matter that he was related to her, she wanted to start with someone she could bond with.

She squeaked out, “Um, let me start with Justin.”

Justin seemed shocked that his cousin would pick him. He knew she thought he was a complete nerd, so having her select him to warm her up and fuck her first came as a complete surprise. Justin felt so sorry for his pretty cousin, he wouldn’t have wish what had to happen on any girl, let alone Emily. But, he was intent on saving her life and the teams’ sanity. He asked Emily, “How do you want to start this?”

She giggled not feeling particularly funny and said, “Well, it would be nice in a private room without spectators, but since I don’t see one, why don’t you start by kissing me.”

So Justin moved up on the naked girl, his cock giving away his intense interest in what was about to happen. He poked Emily in the belly with his hardness as he pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her. Fortunately, for the girl, they were soon kissing passionately and her natural ardor was beginning to grow sans Incubus.

Emily tried to block out that there were 5 other men watching her and Justin. She pictured in her mind that it was just her and her cousin -- that helped her become aroused naturally. She broke the kiss momentarily to announce to the rest of the ‘witnesses’ that they should take her one right after the other when Justin was finished. She asked, “Could you guys get yourself ready. Be ready to get off after you stick it in me; it will make it easier for me. Let’s do wham bam thank you ma’am and get this over with.” They all mumbled that they would try.

She went back to kissing Justin. By the time he broke the kiss and started to kiss her around the ears, on her neck, and under her chin, Emily was feeling her familiar arousal. She knew that at least fucking with Justin would be okay, if not delightful. As she felt her passion grow, the idea of being watched was starting to add to her desire instead of detract. Maybe she had an exhibitionist streak she wasn’t aware of. But then again, thinking back to getting naked during the ghost investigation that started this all, she had gotten pretty aroused stripping in front of her male friends. She wondered how much of it was her and how much was the Incubus. She was beginning to think it was more her than she ever admitted before.

As Justin kissed her neck and shoulders, they caressed each other’s naked skin. Emily loved how nice and soft Justin’s naked skin felt. She loved the feel of her hard nipples pressed into his chest. Emily smiled, knowing that at least with Justin, that this was going to be much easier than she thought.

Justin bent over and took a hard nipple in his mouth and he began to suckle as his hands reached around her back and started to massage the cheeks of her bum. She had learned to really like having her butt played with from all the attention the Incubus had given her there. She wasn’t going to miss the Incubus, but she would definitely miss his love making.

Justin took a considerable amount of time sucking on one nipple and then the other. As he switched, he could place ample wet kisses all over her naked globes. He felt sorry for his cousin, but he was really getting into making love to her. He thought back to the superb blowjob she gave him a couple weeks before and it made him even harder as he anticipated the culmination of their loving.

With one nipple in his mouth, and another hand on her opposite breast with his final hand working her butt cheeks, Justin suggested, “Why don’t we lay down, Em” So the couple moved to the middle of the circle of men and Emily laid down on her back as Justin joined her. He started stroking her inner thighs with his hand as he started to kiss down her body. He figured that a good pussy licking would hopefully get her in the mood for the gang bang that was to come. Not only that, he discovered that he loved to eat her pussy, her juices were delicious and her musky smell was a pure delight.

He planted wet warm kisses all down her firm lithe abdomen and he soon found himself kissing through her pubic hair. If nothing else, watching Justin move down to give Emily oral sex as totally turning on every guy waiting his turn.

As Justin’s mouth moved down over her pussy, she felt him kissing her lips all over, taking her liberal labia into his mouth as he gently sucked on her. He pulled her lips into his mouth and then teased them with his tongue, gleaning off the impressive flow of juices her vagina was producing. She was feeling her climax build as she started to moan out as her pleasure as it became more and more overwhelming. She whimpered, and sighed out loud. She moaned and chirped as Justin continued to tease her in all her tender spots.

When he moved up on her love button she was teetering on the brink, as his mouth formed itself around her upper lips and he began to suck and tease her clitoris with his tongue, he did something that sent Emily over the top. He wetted his index finger inside her vaginal opening and then pushed his wet digit into her anus. Emily yelped in surprise and delight at Justin’s surprise move, quickly her vagina clamped down hard and began to convulse. Waves of pleasure went pouring out through her body and she began her first orgasm that would occur during the rite. Justin dropped down to lap up her nectar as she came. He loved the fruity taste it took on after she had an orgasm.

He moved back up to her clitoris and inserted two ‘clean’ fingers inside her vagina and started massaging her ‘G’ spot as he licked her bud. He was quickly able to bring her to a climax again. Man, he sure liked to watch her cum! Almost as much, he like cleaning her up afterwards.

She gave him a pair of thigh earmuffs as he continued to tease her love button as she continued to cum. The sounds of her pleasure echo throughout the empty warehouse. Emily didn’t see any reason to hold anything back, if she felt like yelling out as she trembled, shook and quaked, it was her right!

One orgasm rolled into another and Emily began panting hard as she continued to writhe on the makeshift bed. What Justin was doing between her legs was incredible, and she just let herself fly away with her climax. The world narrowed to just one single, long orgasm.

Finally, Justin knew it was time for him to consummate his involvement in ridding all them of the effects of the Incubus. He moved up between her legs and whispered a question to her, “Is missionary okay?” She looked up into his eyes, still trembling and said, “No, sit, let me climb in your lap.”

So Justin sat down on the mattress and Emily got up and straddled him. She felt behind her and pulled Justin’s extreme hardness into her opening, and the she slowly lowered herself onto him. She was so ready to have his cock inside her, she wanted that fullness that only a man could provide. To have a hard cock with it super soft outer shell stretch her completely. For a half a minute, Emily just sat on him. Then remembering she was there to receive seed, not the take all day fucking Justin, she began to lift herself with her knees and drop back down on him repeatedly as she moved her mouth to his so they could resume kissing.

His shaft moving inside her, her nipples sliding up and down against his chest, their bellies pressed together, and the kissing was so incredibly intimate, Emily started to tear up. This was as tender as love making could get, and she was enjoying it with her super special cousin. Justin would never be just her cousin ever again, he was her lover.

Then Emily felt herself having the most sensual orgasm she ever experienced. It washed up on her like a rising flood, slowly moving in to make her tremble and shake in its intense pleasure, and then it slowly ebbed away. All her many previous orgasms had been sharp, overwhelming, intense, but this one was a true delight in that it seemed to go so well with the intimacy of the moment.

As her orgasm ebbed away and she began to bounce up and down on his hard cock again, she felt Justin getting his reward for the lovely way he made love to her. She felt him pulse repeatedly deep inside her vagina, filling her with his hot semen that bathed her cervix. All too soon it was over. She sat there for a minute, just basking in the afterglow of their act.

Finally, Emily pulled herself off of Justin and he scooted away. Emily got up on her hands and knees and closed her eyes. Steeling herself, she announced to the waiting queue, “Next.”

Aaron moved up and said, “I’ll go next. He moved up behind Emily and got on his knees. He had been fondling himself watching Justin make love to the gorgeous 18 year old. He was hard and ready to perform. As he rubbed himself in her drenched pussy, he whispered to her, “Gawd, I’m so sorry about this Em, I’ve wanted this in that worst way, but not like this!”

Emily turned and looked back over her shoulder and said, “It’s alright Aaron, I understand. Maybe we can give it a whorl after this whole sordid mess is over, but for now, just do it and get it over with, okay?”

Aaron positioned his hard cock in her opening and found it easy to push all the way inside her vagina. He couldn’t help himself, he gasped as her soft tight pussy enveloped his shaft. He just held himself there for bit, enjoying the light pressure she exerted on him.

Emily liked Aaron, so having him inside herself wasn’t a real stretch. She had considered going out with him on several occasions and was sure if she had, it might have ended in sex. He was a really nice looking guy and just the right height. As he held himself inside her initially she allowed herself to just relax and enjoy the feeling of his hardness stretching her out.

Then he grabbed her naked hips and started to slowly work himself in and out of her. Remembering that she expressed a preference for pulling out all the way so he could penetrate her over and over again, he pulled out completely about every 7 or 8 strokes so he could do just that. He knew it might take him a bit longer to get off, but he wanted Emily to at least get some enjoyment from it.

Aaron was taking a lot longer than she anticipated and his ‘playing around’ made her even more aroused that she suspected. Aaron reached around her leg as he worked himself inside her vagina, and he started to rub her swollen clit. Emily was royally astonished when she started to cum again, this time with Aaron inside her. It was another one of the ebb and flow orgasms and she let herself go to really enjoy it. It took Aaron about 5 minutes to get off inside her, even though he had played with his cock as he watched. She hoped that they all didn’t take as long. She felt Aaron pulse against the inside of her vagina as he started to pump his seed into her. Another potential load of sperm that might get her pregnant.

Aaron pulled out and whispered, “Thank you, Em. That was great!”

Nick was next, Emily decided she want to lay down for her next cock. She had Nick lay behind her in a spooning position, so he could take her from behind. She felt Nick slip his hard cock up inside her, he slipped right in aided by the cum of the two guys that proceeded him in fucked her. She though Nick’s cock felt wonderful. Em liked Nick, not as much as Aaron, but he was a good guy none the less.

Nick like Aaron loved the feeling of her silky smooth pussy tightly snugging around his cock. With her legs together as she laid on her side, she was even tighter, but he had nothing to compare it too, he didn’t know the extra tightness was due to position as much as anything. Nick started to work himself in and out of Em, as he did, he reached over her body and massaged her breasts as he fucked her. He loved the feel of her hard nipples and her soft globes. But what he like the best, is with as he penetrated Emily from behind, he was no longer a virgin. Emily was a guy’s dream for a first partner. He just wished he could have made love to her like Justin had.

With the extra stimulus and with Emily rubbing her own clitoris, she came again. This time a bit sharper than the last. Her pussy clamped down on Nick’s cock as her passion burst forth like a sky rocket. She quaked on his cock and it caused Nick to explode himself.

Nick felt it build quickly in his bottom, and then burst out through his hard shaft. He had been keeping himself at a high level of arousal watching and waiting his turn. So it actually only took a few minutes for him to climax, adding his seed to the mix. Wondering if Em got pregnant, would it be his sperm that won the battle to fertilize her egg.

When he pulled out, it was Parker who came to her next. Parker was such a sweet guy. Always telling jokes trying to get her to smile. He was always flirting with her too, so she rolled over on her back so Parker could have her on top. She let him feel like she enjoyed having him inside her. In a way she did. She felt him slide in and she spread her legs wide in welcome. Parker made an apology to her too, wishing what he was going to do was under other circumstances. She couldn’t help herself and she smiled up at the slender young man and said, “Have fun, Parker.”

With the little bit of encouragement, Parker scooted up between her legs and found her vaginal opening and easily pushed inside her. She was dripping with cum, bother her own and from the other three guys. She felt tight, but extremely lubricated. Parker laid down draping himself over her body with his head down next to hers. He could feel the warmth of her body all down his torso, and she whispered to him as he fucked her, “Mmm, Parker, that feels really good. You make me feel all full and tingly.” In a bit she started to rock her hips up to meet his thrusts and she held him with her arms. She heard him panting in her ear as he worked inside her. She felt it building again, Parker’s intimacy was filling her with delight. She wrapped her legs up around his hips and started to pull him in with her feet on his butt. She was actually enjoying being fucked by the guy. He naivety seemed so sweet. The sound of Parker getting closer and closer to his climax was fueling Emily’s passion and to her surprise they came together.

She let Parker lay on her for a while after he was finished, he whispered in her ear, “Man, Emily, I’m sorry this had to happen, but from my prospective that was great!”

Emily giggled quietly and said, “Well, don’t tell the others, but I liked it too.” Parker was grinning from ear to ear as he climbed off her.

The next in line was Dennis, the Professor. The guy was really hot looking for a 30 something year old. Emily decided she wasn’t going to have too big of a problem with taking him in her body. She hardly knew the man, but what she did know of him, she liked. She decided she would straddle him, instead of letting him fuck her, she would fuck him. So she had him lay on the mattress on his back. Once in place, she moved over his cock and pulled him into her hole and impaled herself on him. His cock was the closest one to the Incubus’ 10 inches in the group. Dennis was long and thick and stretched her out sending shivers of delight through her body as her vagina stretched around him.

She leaned forwards on her hands and started to slide up and down on him, feeling his hard thick cock glide in and out of her. Breathily, she asked, “Hey, Professor, um, having a, ah, nice day?” Hell! His cock felt wonderful. She stared into his handsome face, gazing into his blue eyes as she rocked away. He came fast, it only took a minute or two, but Emily was enjoying him inside her so much, even though she felt him pulse against her walls, she continued to fuck him long after he was done ejaculating inside her.

Finally, a good three minutes after he came in her, she giggled loudly and said, “OH FUCK, HERE I GO AGAIN!” She fell over on-top of the professor and began to quake and tremble as she moaned and gasped. The professor totally enjoyed the feeling of Emily having her orgasm while lying on top of him.

She was down to the stranger. A guy who was about Justin’s size and pretty ordinary looking. She decided to ride him the same way she fucked the Professor.

The man laid out on the mattress that had a dozen wet spots on it already from dripping cum, both men’s and Emily’s. So far the gang bang had not turned out like she expected. She actually had came with every one of them so far, discovering nice things about each one of them while fucking. If anything with Garett Tankersley, it was the fact that he was a totally stranger. She found out the idea of fucking a guy she didn’t know whatsoever was turning her on.

The man had an average cock, about 6 inches. Emily wondered how they decided average, each guy she had inside her that afternoon was at least as big as Garrett. She straddled the man and again grabbed yet another hard cock and pulled it into her vagina and then she promptly sat down on him.

Being the last cock she was going to feel in her long interesting sexual encounter with the men, she just sat on him for a bit, enjoying a cock up inside her just for the shear sake of it being there. She felt aroused in a natural way, the Incubus was pacing outside the circle of salt and was now howling in agony. She didn’t know what the rite was doing to it, but it didn’t sound nice. As soon as this stranger came inside her, it would be gone.

As she leaned forward and started to hump his cock, she gasped out, “Hi, I’m Emily, um, Emily Haughton.”

In an equally breathy voice, the stranger introduced himself, “I’m, uh, Garrett, um, Garett Tankersley. Glad to, um, meet you.”

Emily giggled and asked, “Um, uh, have you been, ah, oh shit, um, have you been, oh golly wow! Um been ghost hunting long?”

Tankersley smiled up at the slim young woman riding his cock and said, “Yeah, about 6 years, and I, um, agree with the, um, oh shit thing. I don’t know you, um, ungh, but you feel fantastic!” Then he let out a loud groan and arched his hips up into Emily and she felt him explode inside her! As his cock started to throb, she heard the Incubus shriek loudly and the scream just seemed to fade away.

Emily kept fucking the stranger until she was able to cum one last time. She giggled as she fell down on the stranger’s chest, she had a perfect score. She had cum with every one of her guys. The best thing though was, there was no more Incubus.


Several days later, Emily was in bed with Justin, they just finished with yet another round of wonderful fucking when Emily’s cell phone rang.

She looked at the screen which announced that it was Aaron calling her. She rolled over on her back feeling the cooling on her pussy from Justin and her cum evaporating. She pushed the button to answer the call.

Aaron asked her if she would go with him that evening to reveal their evidence to the woman who had been haunted by the incubus. Emily told him she would.

That evening sitting at the woman’s kitchen table, Aaron and Emily laid out all the evidence of the initial investigation. The woman seemed to be agitated with everything happening to Emily on the screen.

Then they explained everything that happened after the investigation, how the entity possessed them all. Emily felt a need to show the woman the video from the ritual that banished the Incubus back to fae land.

The woman complained about all the ‘pornography’ they were showing her and told them to turn it off. Emily exploded in anger, “It was your fucking haunting that ended up making my life a living hell! Gawd dammit, you are going to sit right there and watch every fucking minute of this video! You are going to watch what I had to go through to free your sorry ass from the Incubus. If you don’t I shove this mother fucking computer up your pretty little ass!”

The woman watched as commanded.

Walking away from the house, Emily told Aaron, “I feel so much better now. Would you like to take me to dinner?”


Three weeks later, the indicator on the kit Emily bought turned blue.
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