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Warning: Gay
Chuckling, Cason nuzzled the smooth shoulder in front of him with the raspy stubble on his face. He was already addicted to making the sub in his arms feel good. Damn, he wished he got more than a single scene. He could feel the tension he'd seen and felt in the man in his arms had melted away.

"You were deep in your sub-space," Cason said. He yawned, exhausted himself from the intense feelings. He found himself stroking over Vince's hip. "You want to stay?"

Vince nodded, rubbing his face on Cason's bicep that was curled under his head. "Yeah," he said softly.

Not ready to let him go, Cason smiled, happy that Vince wanted to be with him a little longer. His thumb stroked back and forth. "Stay still, I'll be right back."

He rummaged around in the closet and pulled out two pairs of lounge pants. Going into the bathroom, he grabbed a washcloth and put it in the sink, turning the water on so it would get hot. He peeled off his pants and underwear, balling them up and throwing them in the hamper in the corner.

He cleaned up and then pulled on his pajamas. Rinsing out the washcloth he got it wet again, then grabbed the blue pair of pants he'd taken out for Vince. The slim man was stretched out on his back when Cason went back into the bedroom. His eyes were closed and a small smile turned his lips up at the corners.

Relaxed and sated. Cason loved that look on a sub. He climbed up on the bed beside Vince and proceeded to clean him up, using the soft cloth to wipe up all the cum off his chest and stomach, then gently washed his cock and balls to remove the lube.

"I got these pants for you to put on." Cason handed the soft blue pajamas to Vince. "I'm going to go get some water."

When he came back from the kitchen, Vince was under the covers, his blond hair spread across Cason's favorite pillow. Crawling under the covers, he handed Vince the uncapped water. "Drink this. I don't want you getting dehydrated."

Vince drained the bottle, sighing when he finished. "Oh, that was good."

Cason sat down on the edge of the bed, taking the empty bottle and tossing it in the garbage. He shut off the light and snuggled into the bed. He lay next to Vince on his side. He was surprised when the smaller man rolled over and buried his nose in his neck. "Hmm, you smell good," Vince said.

"Thanks. How are you feeling?"

The smaller man insinuated one of his slim legs between Cason's and then went limp. "So good, like I'm almost weightless, but I'm tired."

It felt natural to wrap his arms around Vince and stroke his back. "I'm glad you feel good, you always should, when you come down from an intense scene." What they'd done hadn't been much, but he'd spent a long time teasing Vince and driving him crazy.

"Sleep." He was tired too, but Cason's mind was busy. He'd always taken care of his subs after a scene, but he'd never had one sleep over. There was always this sense of ending, a distinct finality when they were done that they were done. With Vince, he wasn't feeling that.

There was so much he wasn't sure of outside of his ability. He'd spent so many years knowing what he had to offer, and taking pleasure in helping the subs through the scenes they needed. He'd grown dissatisfied over the last year, restless in a way he'd never been before.

Maybe he shouldn't have focused solely on the subs touched by the spirits that needed help. Though, thinking hard, he couldn't pinpoint any other sub he'd met whose center was hidden from him, even if they were happily paired with a Dom. His sex life had never been stale, but planning the scene for Vince and watching the man's face and body for the clues he needed had felt amazing. Instead of trusting his ability to tell him what to do, Cason had been completely focused on Vince; that urge to make sure he was filling the sub's needs had made it so much more immediate and stimulating.

He didn't want to give it up. Snuggling up to the man curled into his arms, he sighed. Morning was soon enough to talk with Vince. As much as he hated the power being out of his hands, he couldn't do more than ask Vince if he wanted to play again. Whatever the captivating sub answered, would be what they did.

Cason could enjoy the night though. Closing his eyes, he nuzzled his cheek against Vince's soft hair and sighed, content to hold the other man until he woke up.

The only problem with that was that when he woke up, Vince wasn't in the bed. Pushing up on his elbow and running his hand across the bed, Cason felt warmth. The toilet flushed and he slumped back onto his pillow. Vince hadn't left yet.

The lean young man sauntered back into the bedroom naked as the day he was born, rubbing his stomach and yawning. He must have left the pajama pants in the bathroom hamper.

Fuck, he was gorgeous. Cason's hard-on throbbed; he wanted that body under him, over him... any way he could get it. "Want to get some breakfast?" he asked before he could stop himself when he saw the other man pull on his bright red underwear. Vince froze mid-stretch for his pants.

He stood up slowly, turning to look at Cason. "Really?"

Sitting up, Cason nodded. "Yes. I liked talking with you before. Your roommate and my best friend are together. We're both in the lifestyle and we're going to be around each other. I thought... we could be friends."

"Just friends or friends with benefits? I mean," Vince looked down, "last night, you didn't even fuck me."

Cason stood up from the bed, the sheet slithering down his body to pool at the floor. Vince's eyes locked on to the erection jutting in front of him. "I do want you, Vince." There was no hiding how much, and he didn't want to hide it anyway. "The scene last night was for you, because you needed to know that being a sub doesn't mean pain, or not getting what you need even though I was in charge. You were too sunk into your sub-space to notice, but I came too. You're fucking hot, you have to know that. Watching you do something that scared you, because I said we were going to do it, did it for me.

"I get off on being able to push sub's boundaries by making them do things I want them to do. Things I know make them nervous. You didn't need to get hurt, that's not your kink. You got off on doing what I told you to do." Cason smirked. "There's a lot I still want to do to you."

Vince's cock responded to the command in Cason's voice. His lips were parted and his eyes dilated, leaving just a small ring around the blown pupil. "Yes." He stepped forward and shuddered as Cason reached out and pulled him close. "I've never felt like I did last night, all zoned out like that. But...?"

There was no but that Cason would allow to stop them. "What?" His hands crept down to the red underwear, slipping under them to squeeze Vince's ass.

"You never do more than one scene with a sub." Vince searched his face, his hands landing on Cason's shoulders as he held on tight, digging his fingers in. "Do you want to sign a contract?"

That wasn't where Cason wanted to go at all. Especially with Vince's past experiences, but he did want the other man to know he was wanted. "That's a bit more formal that I was thinking. I don't want to own you or tie you down. I want to play with you, for as long as you want to play with me, at least until you are sure of what you need. I don't do relationships," Cason didn't say it was because no one seemed to want one with him; he had some pride, and he didn't want to scare Vince off, "actually, I don't usually do more than a single scene with a sub."

Vince searched his face. "Why me?"

Once again Cason wished he could tell Vince exactly why he fascinated him so much. He didn't want the young man to think he was crazy, or scare him off, so he just shook his head. "I don't know. You're different. I want to get to know you better. Playing with you was fun. If we can do that too, so that you learn what you need and how to protect yourself when you play with someone else, I'll be happy."

A pink flush spread across Vince's cheeks. "Page told you about that guy, didn't he?"

Cason nodded. "He did. That wasn't smart, and as bad as it sounded things went, you were lucky. If we do this... no Craigslist, no other Doms. Not until you know what you really need and who can give it to you."

"Is that an order?" Vince's cock was weeping against Cason's hip.

Cason pushed Vince's underwear down to his thighs and palmed his ass, pulling them together so their erections ground together, just enough precum between them to turn the rub into a slick glide. "Yes."

Licking his lips, Vince nodded. "Okay," he said. "Okay."

Cason lifted one hand and brought it down hard on one rounded cheek. His hand stung and Vince yelped. "Sir! Okay, sir."

With a firm grip on Vince's ass, not avoiding the spot that was probably stinging, Cason pushed his cock forward and ground against Vince. "You want this, you remember my rules." He pulled the smaller man against him, guiding their thrusts slow and steady, pausing to grind their cocks together. "No playing with other people. Remember your manners when we play."

Vince nodded several times, panting.

"And you talk to me. Communicate."

"Yes, sir!"

His own need ratcheting higher, Cason slid one hand between them and grabbed Vince's slender prick and his. He used a firm grip, giving them something to thrust into.

"Close," Vince panted.

Not quite there, Cason shook his head. "Not yet. Wait... wait."

A whine started in Vince's throat, but he didn't come. Cason drew it out as long as he could, enjoying the build, the sweat darkening Vince's blond hair, the way the sub's mouth was open wide as he struggled to drag in the air he needed.

Vince began to shake. Unable to hold on to the edge any longer, Cason let go. "Now!" he grunted.

The hot cum spilled over his hand as they both came hard. Cason's toes curled against the bedroom rug under his feet. The smell of their spunk and the squelching slick sounds made him even hotter as he stroked them both hard to draw out every last burst until it was too much sensation and he had to stop.

"Fuck." Vince leaned into him and Cason held him tight. Cason just laughed.


They showered together but each washed themselves. Cason loved the smell of his shampoo and soap on Vince's skin, though. They woodsy scent smelled even better on Vince than it did on him, when he was unable to resist and pulled the younger man into his arms for a quick kiss.

"Diner food okay? I know this great fifties nostalgic place a few miles away. They have horrible coffee, not that you drink it, but their omelets are delicious."

"Sounds good to me. Want to take my car?"

Riding in that gorgeous vehicle? "Hell, yeah."

Cason locked up behind Vince and then followed him out to his car. Vince opened his door and then closed it behind him. The car smelled of leather and a bit like axle grease.

"This is a really sweet ride. I can't believe you restored this."

Vince ran his hand along the dashboard. "Yeah. Definitely a labor of love. It makes me feel good, you know? And I can focus when I'm working on cars. The basic stuff is okay, but I like doing the classic restoration the most. I've been talking with my boss, he owns the Pearson Auto Shops, and he's been talking about starting a custom shop in the empty storefront next door and letting me be a partner."

Cason raised his eyebrow. "Really? That sounds like a great opportunity."

"Yeah, it is, but I have to finish school first." Vince grimaced. "It's been a lot of fucking work, but I'm almost there. I've been taking part time classes for business management. It's only an Associate's degree, but with that and my experience, I'm golden."

"When do you graduate?"

"Next month."

"Cool. That's the diner there." Cason pointed to the small red building on their right. The restaurant had black and white tiled floors and tons of chrome accents. There was a juke box playing oldies in one corner of the dining room area.

They took a booth with bright red benches that matched the paint job. "Wow," Vince said, looking around. "This place is pretty great. I love the nostalgia vibe."

"Yeah, I like it. They make an awesome Santa Fe omelet. They have these big biscuits instead of toast I always get too. I never need to eat lunch when I've had breakfast here."

They ordered, both of them getting juice. Once their food came, they focused on eating. "You're right, these biscuits are great."

"So, is your family going to come visit and celebrate your graduation?"

Vince shook his head, still chewing his last bite of biscuit.

"Why not?" Cason couldn't believe Vince's family wouldn't come celebrate his hard work. "You don't have to tell me, if it's a bad subject." Maybe Vince had a falling out with his family. A lot of gay men did.

Swallowing, Vince wiped his mouth with his napkin. "No, it's fine," he said. "My family's great. My parents are okay with me being gay. It was a little tense at first, my dad didn't really understand. He's sorta old school and I didn't fit his idea of a gay guy. Nothing like the horror stories you hear though. My younger brothers are only a few years younger than me, so they were young teens when I came out."

He shrugged. "They didn't care. They were going to come up but my little brother's graduation is the same weekend. Besides, airfare is expensive."

He took a drink of his orange juice. "What about you? I know you do the wood working, and you're friends with Brandon, and you have a day job."

"Well, I'm a counselor over at the college. I help kids pick career paths, advise them when they are having issues with their courses, professors, roommates... stuff like that." Cason cut another bite of his omelet, enjoying the bite of the peppers and onions along with the smooth eggs. He reached for the Tabasco and put a bit more on the last few bites.

"My family is really close. They live in the city too. We're Greek, so I have a big family with lots of cousins and stuff, though I'm literally the only boy and an only child. We all know everything about everyone, there's no privacy. I am surprised my parents didn't tell me I was gay before I told them."

Vince laughed. "Really?"

"Yeah. My dad married outside the community though, so my mom and my grandma are Southerners, born and bred for generations back to the Civil War. I learned home cooking from Grandma, she made fried chicken that was to die for and the biscuit recipe I finally cajoled out of her is even better than the diner's."

"So if your family knows everything, do they know about," Vince waved his hand between them, "this sort of thing?"

"That I'm a Dom?" Cason asked. Vince nodded. "Yeah. It's not the subject of dinner conversation, but I'm not ashamed of what I do in my life, or my bedroom."

Vince leaned back in his seat. "That's really cool."

Cason shrugged. "No one can make me feel bad about my desires unless I let them. I know what I like, and as long as my partner is enjoying himself too, it's all good. Kink comes in all flavors."

A slow smile crawled across Vince's face. "You are definitely to my taste."

That sent a shot of lust to Cason's cock. He groaned. "I'm so not a teenager anymore."

Vince burst out laughing. "Okay," he said slowly. "I have no idea what you mean by that."

Cason set his fork down, completely full, and wishing he did have the libido of a teenager. Vince was hot, but when he laughed... he was fucking gorgeous. "You make me want to go right back home to play some more but I need a bit more time than that."

Vince ducked his head a little, his cheeks pink. The mix of outgoing and shy turned Cason on. Ideas of things he could do to Vince next time rolled through his mind. Without his ability to guide him, Cason intended to plan out every aspect of their scenes together meticulously.

"I'd love to go back to your place but I have to do laundry today and study."

Disappointment rolled through Cason but he had his own things to get done before he had to go back to work. Brandon's order wasn't the only one he had. As much as he wanted to spend all his time with Vince, he had to be realistic.

Coming on too strong could spook Vince. He'd had his life taken over by his last boyfriend; Cason didn't want him to worry that he would do that to him too. They were not dating; they were friends. Getting attached would be bad for Cason when Vince moved on; he had to protect himself too.

He paid for breakfast. They stepped outside and ran for the car. It was pouring down rain and they were both soaked by the time they were inside.

"Damn." Cason wiped at his face. "I hope we're not damaging your seats."

Vince reached into the backseat and grabbed a towel. "Here. The seats will be fine, they're protected 'cause; it rains too damn much not to have them sealed."

They had to let the car run for a few minutes to de-fog the windows. "Do you have your phone?" Cason asked. "I need your number."

"Yeah." Vince pulled it out and they exchanged numbers. Cason leaned close to Vince when he stopped in front of Cason's house, his thumb rubbing against Vince's cheek. "Thank you," Vince said when he looked up into Cason's eyes. "I... I had a really good time."

Cason smiled. "Me too. I'm really glad you agreed to spend more time with me." He leaned forward the last few inches and finally took those lips with his own. Cason kept it simple, rubbing his lips side to side just a little to taste every inch, flicking lightly with the tip of his tongue.

Vince let him explore. Cason nipped him a little before he pulled back. Damn, just kissed was almost as good a look on the blond man as the blissed out expression he got post orgasm.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?"

Vince licked his lip and Cason almost kissed him again. Almost. He put his hand on the door handle.



Vince was a texter. Cason kept his phone on vibrate during office hours, but during breaks between appointments he'd text back and forth with the younger man. They talked about the newest junker motorcycle Vince had picked up, what Cason was cooking for dinner, their tastes in music, movies, and books among a ton of other things.

It was probably one of the strangest ways Cason had ever gotten to know a friend or a submissive. But it fit the young man who only seemed to sit still and focus when he was in the middle of a scene.

"What are you grinning about?" Tiffany asked. She was sitting on the couch he kept in the corner of his office while they ate their lunches. Her swollen ankles were propped up on the coffee table.

"Oh." Cason dropped his phone in his lap and picked up his chopsticks. "Not much. Just made plans to have dinner with a new friend tomorrow night."

Balancing her take out box on her rounded stomach, Tiffany gave him a look. "A friend... or a boyfriend?" She gave him a lecherous leer.

"Oh, Gods. Don't do that. That's too weird from a hugely pregnant woman." Cason ducked when she threw her fortune cookie at him. "Ha! Missed me."

"I want my cookie, give it back." Wanting to avoid the chopsticks that would inevitably sail his way if he didn't, Cason got up and grabbed the cookie off the floor. He tossed it on the couch next to Tiffany and then sat back down.

"Right now we're just friends. Sort of. It's a little complicated."

Tiffany laughed. "Okay. Enough said. Hey, I wanted to tell you my mother-in-law saw that gorgeous inlay work you did on the head of the crib and wants to order some tables from you."

Cason perked up. He loved doing inlay, though it was meticulous work that demanded a lot of time and attention. "Really? That's great! Thanks."

"Thank you for the gorgeous crib. Everyone at my shower loved it. My mother-in-law is the pickiest woman ever but she thought the shading you used was beautiful, so I gave her your card." Tiffany closed up the take out box and stuck it in the bag next to her. She opened her cookie wrapper, then took out the tiny scrap of paper sticking out of one edge. "Confucius says..." she squinted at the writing, "you will get your greatest dream today." Snorting, she rubbed her belly. "Yeah, right."

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