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Ashley's family go on vacation to celebrate the wild summer they had been enjoying.
My name is Ashley just before the end of the summer my mother, father, brother, and I went for a family vacation. The night before our family vacation my brother Ryan and I had a night filled with oral sex. Ever since my mother found out that I was getting curious about sex at the beginning of the summer, she has been encouraging me to experiment with Ryan. Ryan and I have passed the experimentation phase, but we are still learning and teaching each other. Given our parents reactions when spying on us they seemed to be as happy with the arrangement as Ryan and me. The night started with him going down on me. I came so many times I became too sensitive so we switched places. I swallowed at least three loads of cum before he became too tired for a fourth. All the while anytime we got tired and slowed down we could hear our parents down stairs also having sex. This started us going again. It was a long and passionate night, but eventually I collapsed on my bed and Ryan headed to his room to crash. Our parents had gone quiet a short time before we did. We didn't know where we were going for the vacation, but we did know our mom had mentioned getting an early start. Luckily we had retired to my bedroom very early and were able to get in a few hours of sleep before it was time to get up the next day.

Dad had let us know that we would be in the car a while so I decided to go with cute and sexy, but comfortable. I had on a pleated wrap around skirt. It was long enough to not flash everyone, but loose enough that if we happened to get an opportunity for a quickie it could be pushed out of the way without taking it off. For my top I went with a snug shirt that was low cut enough to get stares, but not so low to go from cute to slut. I headed down stairs where Ryan was loading the car. It looked like he might have planned to torture me too. He was wearing a tight athletic shirt that did a great job of showing off his chest and arms. He had jean shorts just loose enough that I could probably slide my hand in his waistband.

Once the car was loaded Ryan and I sat in back with our parents in the front and my dad driving. The first hour or two in the car was ok, a little flirting between Ryan and I, but that was pretty much it. We couldn't do too much with our parents up front. The radio was on low for background noise so we could talk in softer voices without being heard up front, but if we wanted to have a conversation with our parents we didn't have to shout. The few stops we made along the way one of our parents was always around so as much as I wanted to touch Ryan I didn't dare do it. I knew my mom would be ok with it at home, but I didn't know how she would feel about it in public where we could be seen and caught. Things didn't really get interesting until the last stop before we left the interstate. My dad came out of gas station convenience store with a foam cooler. When he got to the car he looked over everything and said he didn’t plan the packing very well. The back of the car was full of our luggage so there wasn't any place to put the cooler. He suggested I sit on Ryan's lap and we could set the cooler in the back seat. He said we could stay off the interstate at this point and take it easy since I wouldn't be able to have a seat belt. Ryan and I agreed and we piled back into the car.

The roads weren't as well maintained as the interstate so there were a lot more bumps and rough parts. It didn't take long before I felt Ryan get hard under me. I decided to torture him a little by grinding on him a little more than necessary drawing a few soft groans from him as we travelled. Every once in a while our route would take us off the paved roads onto a dirt road. They were my favorite. They say don't be in such a rush to reach your destination that you forget to enjoy the trip, and I was definitely enjoying the ride.

Eventually Ryan couldn't take it anymore. He whispered into my ear and asked me to help him take my panties off. He must have seen the look of panic in my eyes as I looked back at him over my shoulder because then he whispered not to worry that my skirt was perfect for hiding anything we did. Just then we hit a small pot hole and he ground into me. The fear melted away into excitement of getting away with it while our parents were right there. Ryan and I were behind dad so we mostly just had to be careful mom didn't see. I felt Ryan hook his thumb around the waist band of my panties with his right hand. He hid his hand under my skirt. The back of my skirt had slowly worked its way out from under me so I was sitting directly on Ryan's shorts with just my panties between us. It was harder for me to hide my hand under my skirt so I took the left side slipping my thumb under my waistband where my body hid me from mom's view. On the next bump I lifted up slightly and we both pushed my panties down so they were just under the edge of my skirt. Then we hit another dirt road and we easily hid the movement of quickly sliding them out under my skirt, past my knees and down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and pushed them slightly under my dad's seat. Then if we made another stop they would be out of view if anyone happened to look in the back.

The denim of his shorts wasn't exactly soft, but it wasn't uncomfortable either. With his left hand he reached under my skirt and around me. I spread my legs a little to allow him access and he began sliding his finger up and down the length of my pussy. He gently slid the tip of his middle finger in me and explored till he found my clit. Then he made small circles the way he had watched me do it when I masturbated. It felt good and was extremely exciting with the risk. He whispered in my ear again and asked me to lean forward and ask dad how close we were getting. I sighed in discontent as he pulled his hand from under my skirt. I started leaning forward and I could swear I heard the soft metallic sound of a zipper. I grinned at the brassiness of Ryan and asked my dad if we were getting close, he said it would probably still be a little over an hour on back roads. I slid back onto Ryan's lap and he casually held the back of my skirt so it didn't get trapped beneath me. I felt the skin of his hard cock slid between my ass and lay ridged against my pussy. It was heaven. We tried maneuvering a bit to line him up with me, but it was very difficult since he wasn't small. Even with the bumps it was very hard to be subtle. We had almost given up when we finally came to another dirt road.

I'm sure if anyone had been paying attention my final bounce was a little high to be believed, but our parents seemed to be talking up front and not paying much attention. He finally slid into me. I was extremely wet from fooling around to this point and judging by the smear of pre-cum across my backside between the two of us there was plenty of lubrication for him to stretch me open and slide in. As he slid in I closed my eyes and lifted my chin breathing out deeply with relief at finally having him inside me. I realized where I was and quickly dropped my chin back down and opened my eyes to see if anyone noticed. I thought I caught a glimpse of my dad's gaze in the rearview mirror, but I wasn't sure. We were still on the dirt road and the vibrations traveled up the car into Ryan's cock and into me. It felt really good, but eventually we ran out of dirt road and returned to pavement. We moved as much as we could without drawing attention. It was difficult to not lose myself and just start riding him, but I kept control of myself. I silently thanked my cheer coach for all the workouts that left my legs strong and able to support me for long periods without getting tired.

Ryan and I had been having sex in the backseat for probably ten or fifteen minutes. It was slow, deep, and felt really good. Then Ryan spoke up and I froze. "Hey dad," my eyes shot to the rearview mirror, "could you put down the sun visor so we can get a good view of what mom is doing?"

I could only see my dad's eyes in the mirror, I first read surprise, then the way his eyes scrunched I was guessing he started grinning. He glanced over at mom drawing my attention to her. I couldn't hear what she said, but looked like she said "sure." Her sun visor was down, her eyes were just out of view but I could see her mouth which twitched up into a smirk. I was getting even more confused and feeling Ryan's cock in me was definitely having an effect on my cognitive speed. That's when I noticed moms arm intertwined with dad's on the arm rest. Looking closer I could see her arm wrapped behind dad's, but it didn't cross back up onto the arm rest, instead it looked like it went into dad's seat. Her arm was also moving very slightly, but rhythmically. That's when my brain finally started catching up. I thought my mom might have been giving my dad a hand job in the front seat. I looked back to her visor and the mirror and the fact that dad did not having his visor down also clued me in that the sun was in the wrong place for her visor to be any use. Looking back at the rearview mirror and my dad, I shouldn't have been able to see his eyes, maybe one of them, but mostly the side of his head. Our parents had been watching us from the front seat since dad suggested I sit on Ryan's lap.

The thought process seemed to take forever, but only seconds had passed. My dad reached up and lowered his sun visor. I saw my mom's hand come into view sliding up and down the length of my dad's cock. As her hand came to the top her thumb and index finger came together rubbing the tip of my dad's head. The strokes were long and smooth. Then Ryan called back up to the front that it was perfect. My dad let go of the mirror and returned it to the arm rest. Ryan put his hands on my hips, lifted me, and thrust back up into me. I automatically ground down trying to get more of him inside me with a grown of pleasure. Then I let out a deep breath realizing that I'd been holding it since Ryan called out.

I began lifting myself higher before grinding down onto Ryan. I started letting sounds escape my throat as I stared at my mom's hand working my dad's cock. It was unreal. With all pretenses gone mom shifted in her seat so she could watch Ryan and I in the back without the mirror and sped up her stroking.

After several minutes Ryan said, "This is so fucking hot, I've got my dick deep in my sister while watching my mom give my dad and hand job."

My mom responded, "You're telling me. I'm about to have an orgasm and I haven't even been touched yet."

"Well don't let us stop you," said Ryan. My mom looked into my eyes with a devious smile. She used her free hand to unfasten her seat belt and her pants. She slid her hand down the front and let out a deep breath briefly closing her eyes.

I came. Hard. It was even better than the pool. My legs completely gave out, luckily Ryan had no trouble supporting me and continuing his slow deep thrusts into me. Both he and my dad were grunting and I loved the sound. Dad had turned off the radio so the grunts, deep breathing, sounds of mom's stroking and fingers with Ryan sinking into me were all incredible music to me.

My dad said, "Oh god yeah, honey I'm going to cum really soon." Mom stretched across the arm rest. We couldn't see her take dad into her mouth, but we could see her head bobbing up and down on him. Dad's eyes roamed between the road, us in the backseat, and his lap. Considering everything going on he did a really good job keeping us on the road, though it helped that we had the road to ourselves. It wasn't long before the deep grunts started with slow heavy breathing. It was clear he was cumming in mom's mouth. He seemed to go off for a significant amount of time and we could hear mom slurping and swallowing even in the back. When she finally sat up she made an "mmm" sound and licked her lips. This set me off again for my second orgasm. Hearing my moans and my grinding brought her attention back to Ryan and me. She lay back against the passenger door. We could see her hand moving quickly as she masturbated.

She commented on how hot Ryan and I looked. I got my legs back under me and with Ryan keeping a firm grip at my waist we were able to pick up speed. With my left hand I grabbed the back of dad's seat for balance. With my right hand I took my right breast in my hand under my shirt.

Mom let out the hottest moan as she climaxed. She trembled and grabbed at the back of her seat as she rode out her orgasm. I felt another on the way, but I could feel Ryan's cock swelling inside me as he finally lost control. I felt jet after jet of hot cum shooting up inside me filling me completely. I was so close, I let go of the back of the seat to lift the front of my skirt. I let go of my breast and moved my hand down to my pussy. I sat fully down on Ryan's cock grinding into him while I stimulated my clit with my fingers. My third orgasm hit me and I closed my eyes riding out wave after wave of heat, pleasure, and shaking as tingling spread through my body. I collapsed back onto Ryan, his cock and cum still filling me.

My world was still spinning as I heard dad in the front say that we were almost there and needed to make ourselves presentable. He suggested we turn the cooler sideways so I could buckle into the middle seat. At that I gave him a "seriously" look in the rearview mirror. Yep, set up again. Not that I minded though.

I leaned forward and stretch for my panties under the front seat. I slid them on my legs, avoiding raising myself until I had to allowing Ryan’s cock to slide out of me. I put my panties the rest of the way on quickly trying to capture as much of Ryan's cum in my panties as possible. Ryan had only let down his zipper to let his cock out so I wanted to avoid too much running out of me onto his shorts if possible, and I also enjoyed wearing clothes covered in his cum, so win-win. I was mostly successful. I didn't think anyone would notice the small bit left on the front of Ryan's shorts. I pulled down my skirt and straighten out my shirt. While I slid off Ryan's lap Ryan got himself back into his shorts and fastened them. My mom got her pants fastened, then leaned back over the console to help my dad back into his pants. She commented that he was getting hard again and hated having to put him away. From my new vantage point I could see that she couldn't help but give the head of his cock a lick before fastening him back up.

We all got situated a few miles before we entered a little town. We stopped for gas and at a small building where dad picked up the key to a cabin my parents rented for the vacation. We all got out and stretched our legs a bit. Dad said the cabin was just ten minutes outside town. By the time we piled back into the car for the last stretch it had aired out a little, but there was no denying the smell of sex in the air. I was worried that it would be awkward when we all got back together, but everything seemed quite normal. We made small talk about plans for the week, a few laughs. It also felt like no one was trying to avoid talking about what had happened. Dad had even cracked a joke about the smell of sex in the car that everyone got a good laugh over.

We pulled up in front of a modest story and a half cabin. It was situated on a small lake out back. We started unloading the car and taking a look around. There was a loft area overlooking the living space on the main floor with two king sized beds and a decent sized bathroom with a roomy multi-head shower. There were stairs running up one wall to the loft. Opposite the wall with the stairs was a kitchen area and small island. Under the loft sat a dining table and two rooms. One turned out to be a pantry, the other a large full bathroom. There was a TV but by the way it was situated compared to the seating in the living area, you could tell it got little use by anyone staying there. To the back of the cabin was a set of French doors that led to a large deck complete with lounge chair style sitting area and a grill. There was a small beach leading into the water. Mom said it is a private beach. There were two other cabins on the lake. Bends in the shoreline kept the other cabins out of sight unless you were a good distance out on the water.

I got a chance to ask mom about the sleeping arrangements. She just said that the car was a good test to see how everyone would feel about being openly sexual around each other and everyone seemed quite comfortable with it. So if she and dad felt like having sex, they would. She also said if Ryan and I felt the same way, we were certainly welcome to as well. Knowing mom's interest in watching I was sure she was hoping we felt like it often.

As I carried things upstairs I always had Dad or Ryan following me up with something. I suspected they were following me up to catch glimpses of my still damp panties. I confirmed this by walking to the edge of the balcony several times to ask questions over the rail to one or the other downstairs. The rails were far enough apart to give a good view and by the tightening of their pants I was getting the reaction I was looking for and enjoyed the attention. I was also enjoying watching them carry the heavy items from the car as their arms tightened and you could see their muscles working. Although it wasn't very hot Ryan took off his shirt as he unloaded the car, probably his version of standing at the edge of the balcony in a skirt. I also spotted Ryan and dad checking out mom's ass as she moved about the cabin. I saw why mom wasn't upset by dad's interest in me as Ryan's interest in mom excited me.

It didn't take very long to unpack the car. We were finishing up with mom and dad upstairs getting things put away and I had just finished organizing the island that separated the kitchen from the living space. My back was to the living space when Ryan pressed up behind me and whispered in my ear that he wanted me so bad right then. I whispered back, "so take me." He lifted my skirt and took ahold of my panties pulling them down. He went to his knees with them and I stepped one leg out of them spreading my legs. He gave my pussy a lick to be sure I was wet enough, which wasn't a problem. I'm sure he tasted the two of us from earlier and seemed to enjoy it as he stuck his tongue deep inside me several more times before standing. As he stood I heard the metallic sound of his zipper once again along with a large movement that was him unfastening the button as well. I felt his hot cock press against my ass as I leaned back forward pushing back into him. I braised my hands on the counter and smiled with a big grin at what I knew was coming next.

I felt his cock slide the length of my pussy spreading my wetness the length of his cock as he felt his way to my opening. Then he eased his hard cock into my pussy once again stretching me to take his whole cock into me. He started slow sliding his cock in and out of me. I did not try to keep quite as I moaned with each thrust. His left hand gripped my hip as his right arm circle around my right side. He used his middle finger to trace circles around my rapidly swelling clit. It felt amazing. I don't know if he got it from porn or he was asking mom or dad, but he always seemed to find something new to add to take me to new heights. We continued for a few minutes before an orgasm took me. I cried out pushing myself hard onto his cock, I took my right hand and put it over his increasing the pressure on my clit. I kept my legs this time and as I came down I started to clearly hear mom and dad having sex upstairs.

I gently pulled Ryan's hand away from my pussy and returned to bracing myself against the counter. I started rocking back and forth speeding up the pace of each thrust pushing back so each thrust was quick and hard. I tried to tighten myself around Ryan's cock each time he withdrew. It didn't take long before Ryan started to swell inside me. I quickly dropped to my knees turning around. I took him into my hands and began stroking him as I sucked his head into my mouth. Off to the right behind Ryan I saw mom at the rail of the balcony naked from the waist down. Dad was behind her with his pants at his ankles slamming into her. They both had their gazes locked onto us as they grunted and strained in pleasure. I was going to swallow Ryan's load, but since we had an audience I decided to give them more of a show. I continued stroking Ryan's cock and sat back on my heels. I tilted my head back lifting my chin. I looked past Ryan at our parents on the balcony. When my gaze fell back on Ryan he had a look of understanding on his face followed quickly by a pure pleasure. He came harder than I expected and the first jet of cum covered my forehead. The second landed on my nose just below my eyes. I got my eyes closed just as the first one hit. I loved the warm feeling as Ryan's cum splashed across my face. I kept my eyes closed but opened my mouth. The rest of his cum hit my neck running down to my chest. My shirt was cut low so some of it ran between my breasts while some was soaked up by my shirt and bra beneath it. I opened my left eye smiling up at Ryan.

Again the feeling of warm cum covering my upper body had me very close to another orgasm. Ryan immediately started telling me how hot I looked with cum all over me. I grinned closing my eyes and reached under my skirt. I pressed my hand against my breast feeling my hard nipple through my shirt and bra resulting in more cum being soaked up by my shirt. I stuck two fingers into my pussy and used my thumb to rub my clit. I quickly brought myself to climax already being at the edge. I kept my eyes closed picturing Ryan in my mind watching me as I rode out wave after wave letting it wash over me. I slowly opened my eyes, luckily the cum on my face had not gotten in my eyes. Ryan was standing in front of me, his cock as hard as ever. He was telling me how amazing I was. I didn't see mom or dad on the balcony anymore, but I could still hear them going at it upstairs. I leaned forward taking Ryan into my mouth. I slurped and sucked him quickly bobbing my head he moaned deeply adding his own small thrusts. Before I knew it his cock was in my throat. My body was so relaxed I didn't even think about it. My gag reflex never kicked in, so I just kept going until he finally started cumming. I swallowed it all, sucking every drop I could get. It was extremely hot, though I missed tasting his cum as I felt it in my throat heading for my belly.

Ryan grabbed a towel from the island behind me as I used a finger to wipe some of his cum from my face. I hungrily sucked on my finger as Ryan gently started to clean my face I took over, but left my chest coverd while I recovered my panties. I slipped them on though they were starting to get uncomfortable as they had mostly dried. I suggested that I run and change before it was time to start dinner while I pulled back my shoulders pushing out my cum covered chest. Ryan said I had better or seeing that cum all over my shirt and chest would keep him hard for the rest of the night. I gave him a smile and turn to go upstairs when mom and dad started down. Mom slipped her arm in mine as she walked by stopping me and asked if I would help her in the kitchen while Ryan helped dad with the grill. I shrugged at Ryan and headed back into the kitchen.

While mom and I worked in the kitchen we chatted. She expressed pleasure at the way things had already started to go. I had to agree with her. I told her I was finally able to take Ryan all the way into my mouth and deep throat him. She congratulated me and suggested I continue to practice to get used to ignoring my gag reflex. She seemed to hint that I should keep in mind that cocks came in all different sizes so trying to deep throat a different cock would help test my ability as I got more comfortable with it. I asked if it was ok if I ran up to change since I had cum all over me. She said after hearing what Ryan had said about it as they came down I should wait till later to change. Besides looking like I do now I'd probably have the whole table hard, and wet she added with a blush. "You two are amazing to watch. I came so many times watching I just couldn't stand anymore. We had to move to the bed." I told her that I knew the feeling. I did end up running upstairs at one point before dinner to clean up my pussy and change panties. Looking at myself in the mirror I understood what mom meant. Ryan's cum on me did look really good. I couldn't help but use a finger to take another taste before heading back downstairs.

We all sat down to dinner and had a nice meal. We just relaxed and talked while we ate. Ryan and I sat on one side of the table while mom and dad sat on the other. I took several opportunities to brush Ryan's crotch during dinner. I didn't go so far as to give him a hand job or anything, but I did stroke him once or twice through his pants. He seemed to enjoy it. Though mom and dad were more subtle than me I could see that they were doing the same kinds of things throughout dinner. It felt good trying to be sly and get away with it even though no one minded one way or the other. There was just some excitement built by trying to get away with it without being noticed.

The rest of the evening went much the same way. The four of us hung out talking, while we slyly touched and excited each other. I watched my parents closely for ways they touched each other in intimate ways that would go unnoticed by anyone not looking for it. They were very good. At one point I believe dad actually got mom off and I wouldn't have noticed except for her closing her eyes for several seconds and getting flush. We were all sitting at the table again and were playing cards. It was Ryan's turn to deal and I hadn't even noticed dad's hand under the table till she reacted. Even when he pulled his hand back up from the table he was drawing attention to his other hand as he picked up his cards. I had always known my parents loved each other, but didn't see the little ways they constantly connected. A touch here, a gesture there, it wasn't all sexual, but it was all part of a deep connection they had. Ryan and I love each other, and were definitely passionate, but we didn't have a deep connection like that. I was sure that was one of the things they had hoped we would learn about needing as Ryan and I grew and learned from each other. I hoped someday I would experience it with the person I married, but for now I was perfectly happy with sexual bliss.

Eventually the day had to end and we all headed upstairs for bed. I decided to wear a t-shirt; it was long enough that my panties just barely peeked out below it. Mom was similarly dressed with dad in boxers and Ryan in athletic shorts. We said our goodnights and crawled into bed. There was a security light out behind the cabin that let in enough light to see once your eyes adjusted, but wasn't so bright to make it hard to sleep. I slept on my side facing mom and dad's bed while Ryan spooned with me. I guess I was pretty tired from the day’s activities because the next thing I knew I was waking up from a dream. In the dream I was re-living the ride up. As I neared consciousness the images in my head started to fade, but the sounds remained.

I continued to lie still while I opened my eyes. I continued to hear soft moans and the wet sounds of sex. Light was shining off the bare skin of my mother in the bed across from me. She was slowly grinding on my father riding him and letting out soft moans. Her hands ran from my dad's chest to her thighs and up her body. She cupped her breasts gently squeezing them, her hard nipples standing out. I felt my bed gently rocking. I didn't feel Ryan against me anymore so I laid back looking over my shoulder to where he should be. Our covers were almost completely off of him and only barely covering me. He had his shirt on his belly and his shorts down at his knees. He was slowly stroking himself. We locked eyes, but I was guessing he had been looking over me at our parents. He was stroking himself in long slow strokes, either to prolong the enjoyment or to try and avoid shaking the bed too much. It was probably a little of both. I must have been even more tired than I thought for him to be able to undress without me consciously noticing.

My mom picked up that I was awake. "Sorry...emm...Ashley, we...ah...were trying...mmm...not to" I responded back not to worry; it was a nice way to wake up. I looked back to Ryan and asked about his shirt. He explained that he didn't want to cum on me without my consent. I thought that was nice of him, but told him that I didn't mind. As long as he was ok with telling me about it in the morning as I sucked him off I didn't mind him cumming on me whether I was awake or asleep. Now that he had my permission he tossed his shirt off to the floor. I turned back to watch mom as she picked up the pace and volume now that we were all wake. I lifted my tshirt enough to slip my hand into my panties. I was already very wet. I slid a finger into my pussy at the same tempo mom was sliding up and down on dad. I felt Ryan shift behind me. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my panty clad ass as he also stroked himself faster. Kicking the covers the rest of the way off of me I didn't make any attempt to hide what I was doing from mom or dad. I even added my own soft moans to moms. I pulled my finger from my pussy and took hold of the bottom of my t-shirt. In one quick motion pushing myself off the bed a little I pulled my shirt off over my head. I returned my right hand back into my panties and cupped my breast with my left. Still on my side I felt Ryan's cock against my ass once again after he backed off when I pulled my shirt off.

Dad was watching and her bouncing breasts as he slid in and out of her. Mom was watching Ryan and I. I'm not sure how long they had been at it while I slept, but it didn't seem to take long before I felt Ryan start to explode on my back and ass. Mom came down hard on dad's cock moving one hand from a breast to her clit. Before Ryan had finished pumping his load onto me she cried out in orgasm. I took my hand from my breast and reached behind me to run a finger in the cum on my lower back. I brought it to my mouth and sucked my finger clean. I heard dad grown and start thrusting his hips up into mom. She cooed in delight.

Ryan pressed up against my back smearing us both in his cum. He slid his right arm under me pulling me tight to his chest he cupped my left breast. His left hand slid over my hips and into the front of my panties. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy as Ryan replaced them with his. He had definitely been paying attention when we masturbated together. He used his thumb to rub my clit as his fingers entered me just the way I like. With his right hand he alternated gently squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. I writhed against him as he fingered me.

Mom had turned around on dad and had gotten into a sixty-nine position. I could hear dad lapping at her as her head bobbed up and down on him. It took a few minutes for my orgasm to hit me. Ryan didn't seem to mind and as I ground my ass against his cock riding my orgasm I could feel him getting hard again. He slid both hands to the waist of my panties. I lifted myself as best I could to help him slip them off of me. They soon joined his shirt on the floor. I rolled over to my back and pulled Ryan on top of me. I reached down and guided his cock into me wrapping my legs around him. He started with deep thrusts into me.

After a second orgasm Ryan shifted. He took my legs from his waist and while still inside me closed them in front of him. He then gently laid them to the side with my toes facing mom and dad. This turned my lower body slightly, but I still lay on my back. As he thrust into me he was stimulating my g-spot. Mom and dad shift so they were both lying on their sides watching us. Dad reached around mom and was fingering her much like Ryan had done to me, while mom reached between them stroking his cock. My third orgasm came more slowly than the second, but was even stronger. His cock pressed up against the front wall of my pussy as he slid in and out exciting my g-spot and building to a mind blowing orgasm. It took everything I had left not to crash right then. Mom began trembling in orgasm then she quickly turned nudging dad to his back. She slid down and using her hand and mouth was able to quickly finish him off swallowing his cum.

Ryan pulled out of me and climbed on top of me straddling my stomach as I rolled to my back under him. I took a hold of his cock and began quickly stroking him. I slowed as his load of cum began to cover my naked breasts. I rubbed the head of his cock across my nipples spreading his cum around before leaning in and stretching my neck to suck him clean. He slid down my taking each of my nipples in his mouth sucking them clean as well. He slid off me to his side of the bed. I used my fingers to scoop up as much cum as I could from my breasts cleaning my fingers in my mouth. There was still some left as I reached down and pulled the covers back over Ryan and me. He snuggled against me pressing our naked bodies against each other. I smiled across at mom and whispered goodnight before falling back into a deep sleep.

Unsurprisingly the next morning I was not the first to wake. Ryan was still pressed against me, but our parents were already awake. I gently slid out of bed trying not to wake Ryan. He told me good morning as I stood letting me know I had failed. I bent down giving him a deep kiss before saying good morning back. I swayed my hips as I walked naked to the bathroom giving him a good look at my backside. I took a quick shower and had finished drying off as Ryan came into the bathroom. I gave his backside a pat as I walked out giving him the room.

It had been a few days since I had worked out with one of my normal routines, but I figured I was getting plenty of exercise. Going through my yoga routine would be a good idea to stay loose and limber. I dressed in a pair of thong panties, a pair of yoga pants, and a sports bra. The day looked so nice outside I opted to head out to the deck. I grabbed a small glass of orange juice and said good morning to my parents before heading out. I did notice a bulge in dad's shorts as I moved about the kitchen so I leaned on the island a few extra minutes talking to mom before I went out. I did my full run through which took me about forty-five minutes. During that time the sun was reflecting off the glass, so I couldn't see in, but I hoped I was giving dad a good show while I worked out.

When I came back in dad was sitting in the love seat facing the deck out back. Mom was going down on him and by the way he was grunting I was guessing he was cumming. His shorts were at his ankles and mom's lace panties were on the floor close by. The seat next to dad looked damp as did the back of mom's skirt. As they finished I could hear grunting from upstairs as well. Mom stood and turned to face me. She had cum on her blouse and skirt. She looked at me with a look of heat and desire, I had seen it often enough on Ryan to recognize it. I commented that it was good to see them getting into things this early. Dad agreed and mom said it was easy with such great stimulation. She suggested I go up and see if Ryan wanted anything in particular for breakfast since it sounded like he was awake and they needed a moment to catch their breath.

I headed upstairs to find Ryan sitting at the edge of the bed facing the window overlooking the deck. He was wiping cum from his cock with my panties from last night. They were drenched in cum. I smiled asking if he liked what he saw. He commented that he owes the inventors of yoga, yoga pants, and sports bras so much. He said that he had cum three times watching me and seeing me standing in front of him was getting him hard for a fourth. I told him to be careful or he would give me a big head. He let the opportunity for a sex joke pass and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He let me know I said great with a little bounce to set my chest swaying. I moved to the stairs stopping short I bent over to untie and retie my shoes. I heard him say "good god." I looked back between my legs as he wrapped the cum covered panties around his cock again. I happily headed down stairs with a little skip in my step. I let mom know what Ryan wanted for breakfast and that he would be a few more minutes before he came down.

While she fixed breakfast she explained what happened while I was doing my yoga. Dad had gotten excited seeing me walk around in my outfit. As I started working out he pulled down his shorts and started masturbating while watching. Seeing it she came over to join in by giving him a blow job. After he came she sat down beside him on the love seat. Watching me she also became very excited mom pulled off her panties that were already soaking wet. She lifted her skirt and began fingering herself as she watched. It didn't take her long to bring herself off. Upon seeing his wife masturbate while watching his daughter, dad quickly got hard again. Mom kept fingering herself while she reached over and gave dad a hand job. When he was ready to cum she had him lean toward her and she jerked him off on her blouse and skirt. He then dropped to his knees eating her out while she watched me outside. After another orgasm she switched places so he could watch me as she went down on him. I came in just as he was finishing.

I had not done yoga in front of anyone for a few years since I stopped taking formal classes. I just always did my stretching and yoga in my room. Dad commented on my flexibility, mom responded for me saying that between the yoga and cheerleading she wasn't surprised. She asked if I would mind teaching her some yoga. I agreed and told her I would and that we could practice on the patio out back. Dad seemed to like that idea quite a bit. Another few minutes went by and Ryan came down stairs. Mom had set out large glasses of orange juice for each of us. We ate and talked about what we were going to do today. Ryan was already thinking about a nap. I thought I might get some sun and go for a swim. Mom reminded everyone to keep well hydrated, between our fun and the sun we didn't want anyone passing out. I headed upstairs and changed into my bikini.

Mom and dad were already outside by the time I came out. Dad decided to swim out with me while mom took in some sun. It was fun hanging out with dad, so far this summer he had mostly hung out with Ryan. I similarly had been hanging out with mom. We stopped now and again to tread water and talk. I decided to see if dad was as open about conversations about sex. I asked him about growing up and sharing his learning experiences with his sister. He talked about how it all started and that his parents knew it was going on. He seemed very comfortable talking about it with me just as mom had been. He said his parents didn't encourage it, but they didn't stop it either. When it all started, they took his sister to get on the pill and carried on as if nothing had changed.

They were always very open and willing to answer any questions. Dad remembers hearing them have sex whenever his sister and him were together, but that was the extent of it. I asked if he or his sister had ever seen his parents having sex. His sister had seen them once, but he never did. He said it seemed like they always waited till he and his sister were occupied themselves before they started in. The time his sister had seen them, they didn't realize anyone else was home. She kept quiet and didn't believe they ever found out that she spied on them. I asked if he or his sister ever regretted having sex. He said neither of them had any regrets and their relationship remains strong to this day, although they stopped having sex when they became serious with other people.

We were starting to get near shore again. I'm not sure what caused me to ask, but I wanted to know if he ever wished his parents had ever gotten involved with his sister and him. I was embarrassed about asking even with all the open conversation we'd been having and if the question had passed through my brain rather than just going straight to my mouth I would not have asked. It took him a while to answer, I didn't know if it was because he hadn't thought of it before, he wasn't sure he wanted me to know, or he was just trying to figure out how to say it. Eventually he said that he had wished they had gotten involved. Both his sister and he were very inexperienced and he couldn't help but think that learning some things from someone more experienced would have helped them with their learning process. Porn wasn't very accessible to them so they had to feel their way through. They both enjoyed the discovery, but there were things that they still had to learn the hard way about relationships and life around a physical relationship that might have been easier with guidance. I thought it was a great answer and gave me some things to think about with Ryan.

Ryan and mom were wading in about waist deep as dad and I swam up. We all just hung out, had a few splash fights, and some good laughs. The splashing and playing eventually lead to some wrestling. I got on Ryan's shoulders and mom got on dads. Mom and I tried to knock each other over while dad and Ryan tried to trip each other up. Ryan and I lost more than we won, but it was a lot of fun. Eventually wearing a bikini to play caught up with me. Mom got in a good push while Ryan was off balance and I went flying. When I came up my top had come loose and I had fallen out of it. I apologized and got myself fixed up. Mom said I certainly didn't have to apologize to this crowd. From that point on it was more like a game of capture the flag than wrestling. We still tried to knock each other down, but we tried to do it while taking the other persons top too. I still lost a few rounds, but I was better at this than just wrestling. Even though mom and I were basically feeling each other up, it didn't feel weird at all. It was actually quite exciting and by the hard nipples and hard cocks it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves.

After a while mom headed inside to get everyone some drinks. Dad went with her to help her carry them. As soon as they were out of sight I grabbed the front of Ryan's trunks and slid my hand in past his waistband. He likewise slid is hand into my bottoms and started sliding his finger in and out of me. I took his cock in my hand quickly sliding up and down the length rubbing his head in my palm on each up stroke. I leaned into his shoulder as I stroked his cock. We were both so turned on it wasn't long before we were cumming like crazy. It felt odd as Ryan's cum sprayed against my arm. I felt the hot jet that quickly went away as the water cooled and washed his cum away. It felt like a bit of a waste, but it's hard to think ahead when in such an excited state. We withdrew our hands and held each other basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. It was several more minutes before dad and mom returned. Mom was flush and both sported large grins as they brought out the cold drinks. Apparently Ryan and I did not have to hurry so much after all. We joined them on the deck.

We spent most of the day outside in the water or walking the property just relaxing and getting to know the place. As evening approached Ryan offered to drive into town to get us a pizza giving everyone a break from cooking. I thought I'd go with him so I got a quick rinse in the shower and put on a skirt and button up blouse. I decided on blue satin bra and panties.

After pulling out of the driveway and onto the road, Ryan slid his hand over the console onto my knee. He rubbed little circles slowly moving his hand up my leg quickly reaching the bottom of my skirt. I smiled over at him and asked if he thought he could drive ok with distraction. He was sure he could so I let him continue. His hand felt warm on my skin as it run up my inner thigh pushing my skirt ever higher. He continued to caress my thigh till he reached my panties. He made an appreciative noise as he quickly glanced at them before returning his gaze to the road. So far he was doing really well driving while distracted. He traced the leg of my panties up to the waistband. I had to lift myself sliding the waist of my skirt up a little to allow his hand to gently slide past to top of my panties and into my waistband. I could tell it was an awkward angle for him, but he was making the best of it as his fingers traced the lips of my pussy.

I was really enjoying the attention and wanted his fingers inside me. I lifted myself again raising the back of my skirt so I was not setting on it and I slid my panties down and off over my shoes. I set them beside me on the seat and adjusted the back of my seat back some, took the shoulder of my seat belt and put it behind me so I still had the lap part on, but the shoulder piece wasn't in the way. Ryan took advantage of the easier access sliding two fingers on either side of my clit before they glided into my very wet pussy. He kept a steady rhythm sliding his fingers in and out of me. I unbuttoned several buttons of my blouse and started massaging my breast through my bra. The soft satin felt great rubbing against my hard nipple. I was really getting into it grinding against his hands and letting sounds and moans escape my throat. I had completely lost focus on Ryan's driving, but since he only glanced at me now and again writhing in my seat I guessed he was doing ok. I instructed Ryan to pull his fingers out of me and use the tips of his fingers quickly moving them over my clit. As he did so I took hold of my breasts in either hand, arched my back, closed my eyes, and tilted my head back into the head rest with my mouth open. No sound came from my throat for several seconds as the feelings all over my body overwhelmed me. After When I was finally able to make noise again it was mostly moans and grunting with occasional oh's and yes's. Ryan switched back and forth between sliding his fingers inside of me and tracing quick circles over and around my clit. Each time brought me closer to orgasm, but I hadn't quite reached it yet.

"You are so fucking hot," commented Ryan before taking his fingers from my clit to his mouth. I looked over at him, the crotch of his jeans straining. I watched as he sucked on his fingers before returning them to my clit. That sent me over the edge and I rocked and shook in my seat as my orgasm rushed through me. His fingers slowed on my clit but did not stop. I rode wave after wave as my body tingled and trembled with pleasure. I reached for his wrist lifting his hand to my face taking his fingers into my mouth tasting myself on him. He quickly looked over at me groaning taking quick glances at the road. I released his hand and expressed my gratefulness at his give me such a great orgasm. He of course responded with "any time".

Looking at the clock on the dash we should have been to town by now. Ryan had taking a few detours to make the trip take a bit longer. Seeing we were still in the midst of one of his detours. I release my seat belt and leaned over the console. "Think you could handle driving while getting a blow job?" I asked. He simply responded by vigorously nodding his head and lifting his right arm out of my way. I laid across the console, it wasn't very comfortable, but after the orgasm he gave me I figured I could stand a bit of discomfort to give Ryan some relief. I unfastened and unzipped his jeans. His cock sprang free of his jockey shorts and I wrapped my hand around him. I told him if he had trouble driving to pull over and I'd finish him off if I was too distracting. He agreed and I lowered my lips to him. The tip of his cock was already wet with pre-cum as he slid into my mouth. Figuring we didn't have a lot of time I got right to work sucking and quickly bobbing my head in his lap. I was turned slightly on my left side on the console and I felt Ryan's right hand cup my breast as I sucked and slurped up and down his cock. He was so aroused that within a few miles he started grunting and spraying his cum into my mouth. I did not deep throat him as I wanted to taste his cum as it coated my mouth and throat while I swallowed. After cleaning him up with my tongue I leaned up and kissed him deeply. It was probably dangerous as I'm sure it was hard to see the road, but I was in the heat of the moment.

After our kiss I put him back in his pants fastening them. I used my panties to wipe up as much of the wetness from my seat as I could before putting them back on. I kept my skirt pulled up from under me so as not to get it wet and put my seatbelt back on. Then Ryan called and ordered the pizza, he was very cleaver waiting to order so that it didn't get cold as we got hotter. The rest of the trip we enjoyed flirty conversation. We picked up the pizza and returned home with no one in town the wiser to our trip in.

As we all sat down to eat, Ryan apologized for it taking so long. Mom just said they figured we stopped for quickie while we were out and not to worry. Dad and she were able to find ways to pass the time. I decided to take a hot shower after dinner to relax. I used the down stairs shower which was almost as large as the one upstairs. About halfway through my shower Ryan knocked and came in. He wanted to take a shower as well and thought we could save some water if he just joined me. As he took off his close and I opened the clear shower door for him I pointed out that he left the bathroom door open. He said mom suggested it so the steam didn't build up to much, but that wasn't fooling anyone. We both knew she just wanted to watch.

Ryan started by soaping up and washing my back. He slowly moved his hands around me till he was "washing" my breasts. I leaned back into him as his hands slid all over my upper body. I felt him hard pressing against my backside. He pulled me back some so the warm water was flowing down over my breasts and slid his hands down to start fingering me in the cascade of water. It felt really nice. I reached behind me to take his cock into my hand, but we were too close together so I just ran my hands up and down the sides of his hips grinding my backside against his cock. His left hand pulled my left leg up while his right continued to stroke my clit. He set my left leg up on a ledge inside the shower. The shower floor was all some kind of non-slip surface. After setting my leg on the ledge he used his left hand to guide his cock to my pussy. I bent forward through the stream of warm water so it was now spraying onto my back giving Ryan an easier angle to enter me.

I loved the feeling of being stretched around his cock. He set a slow pace, even with non-slip surface it would not be much fun to fall and ruin the moment. He couldn't pull out his full length because his arm was still reaching around me to finger my clit. I slid my hand over his taking over so he could grab my hips with both hands to fully stroke in and out of me. I had two or three orgasms in that position before Ryan started grunting and swelling. Ryan stepped back and I turned around we both moved away from the water as I dropped to my knees so it was spraying my lower back. This time Ryan continued stroking himself angling his cock towards my chest. I leaned back some running my hands over my upper body and chest trying to encourage him to spray his cum all over my chest. I looked towards the bathroom door and saw our parents. They had pulled two chairs away from the table and sitting watching us through the door. Dad's hand was a blue blur as he stroked himself. Mom was similarly sliding two fingers inside herself while she used her other hand to rub her clit. I turned back to Ryan dropping one hand to play with my own clit enjoying having an audience. I came as Ryan's cum began coving my breasts. The feeling of warm cum shooting onto my nipples as warm water ran down my back was great. My knees didn't love the hard shower floor, but the feeling and look of pleasure on Ryan's face was well worth the small amount of discomfort which went completely away during my orgasm.

I turned slightly towards to door as I used a finger to collect some of Ryan’s cum from my chest. I looked mom right in the eye as I sucked the finger clean. Her eyes closed and she arched her back crying out in orgasm. Dad's hand finally slowed down as he also came using mom's blue lace panties to catch his cum. Ryan helped me to my feet watching as dad handed mom her cum soaked panties. She put them back on before they straightened their clothes and pushed the chairs back under the table. I stood carefully to keep my back to the water, wanting to enjoy Ryan's cum on my chest a little while longer before it got washed off. Ryan stepped under the water flow as I rubbed his cum into my chest. I took up the soap and washed Ryan's back before stepping under the water myself and finishing my shower.

At bed time there was a lot less shyness. I wore a long t-shirt again without the panties. My ass could clearly be seen from the back and when I lifted my arms my pussy was visible too. Ryan and dad both went with just loose athletic shorts. We were all in the living area getting water and making small talk before heading upstairs when mom came down for bed. She was wearing red lace lingerie. I'm not into women, but even I thought she looked dead sexy. You could see just enough skin to get excited, but there was a sense of teasing with what skin you didn't see. Her curves were perfect. I decided right then that we were going to have to make another shopping trip when we got home so she could help me find something amazing like that for me. Ryan and dad were as frozen in place as I was, apparently this was new and dad hadn't seen it yet either. Given the new tightness of their loose athletic shorts I think both guys wildly approved. Mom broke the spell commenting on how great it was spending time with her family. We quickly finished up downstairs and headed up for bed.

Once in bed Ryan waited for our eyes to adjust to the light coming from the window before leaning over to kiss me. His hands roamed my body as mine roamed his. He rolled on top of me before sliding down my body taking our covers with him. As he lowered himself down between my legs I leaned up enough to remove my t-shirt. I lay back down as Ryan's tongue began running up and down my pussy. He pressed it flat against my lips spreading the sensation over my entire pussy. As he lapped at me his tongue started to become more ridged and slide into me with each pass. I arched my back moaning as the sensation traveled up my body. I took my breasts in my hands gently pulling on my nipples. I looked over as our parents bed started to shake. Dad was on top of mom with her legs wrapped around his waist. He was trusting into her as they alternated between kissing and watching as I writhed under Ryan's tongue.

Ryan's tongue continued sliding in and out of me while I pushed my hips into him. Up to this point he had been ignoring my clit. That all changed as he sucked it into his lips and sucked and licked in an assault that had my back arched off the mattress. I had to let go of my nipples and grab on the sheets below me as an orgasm ripped through my body. All of my muscles locked as the giant wave cascaded over me. I relaxed my back and came back flat on the bed. Ryan continued to lick and suck my pussy and moments later a second orgasm exploded through me. I could barely catch my breath pulling Ryan back up to me. I could hear my parents next to us, but I was completely focused on Ryan and the afterglow of my orgasms.

I wrapped my legs around him and with his help turned us over on his back. I told Ryan I thought he got better at eating me out every time he did it. He laughed and said that practice makes perfect. I sat up and took his cock in my hand making a few long full strokes. I then guided him into my pussy. I sometimes liked to let Ryan lead the way, but others like now I wanted to lead. This position gave me great control; Ryan also reacted well to seeing me bounce up and down on his cock. We often looked into each other’s eyes as we had sex, it gave us a way to judge the other persons reactions as we learned what felt good for each other. When I rode him like this he still looked in my eyes, but he also watched my chest a lot as it bounced and I played with my nipples. By rolling my hips in different directions I could control the angle and what parts of my pussy were stimulated. I normally shifted around grinding down on Ryan as it felt great, but he also seemed to like the passion and visual stimulation responding in kind.

Releasing a stream of moans, mom seemed to really enjoy the show as well bringing her to orgasm. Dad had apparently cum a short time ago and they had switched to watching us while they masturbated. Dad was stroking his rapidly hardening cock while mom fingered her clit. Mom was mostly on her back with dad on his side. After watching mom orgasm dad was fully hard again. Rather than going straight back to sex he slid down and started eating mom. She had a second orgasm almost immediately and took her breast in her hands. She turned from watching dad to see us again. I saw her teeth flash as she saw they had attracted as much attention from us as we had from them.

I felt a warm jet as Ryan began cumming deep inside of me. He was watching mom get eaten out by dad while he cummed and I found it very hot that he was enjoying their presence as much as I was. I continued riding Ryan until he was too soft to continue in that position. I slid down taking him in my mouth and enjoying the taste of both of us on him. I could feel some of his cum running out of me as I cleaned him up and started working on getting him hard for round two. We were both watching mom and dad at this point.

Dad had started sliding his cock into her again. She had put her legs over his shoulders. He raised her backside off the bed a little and slid a pillow under her as he trusted deep inside her. I continued sucking Ryan as we watch dad drop his hips slightly. They continued like that for several thrusts while tension started to build in mom’s moans. He continued pounding each thrust deep. Mom really seemed to be enjoying it, either she was having not stop orgasms or it just really felt good.

Ryan was hard again as I bobbed my head up and down on him. He looked down at me as I looked up at him. He smiled with a little nod in mom and dad's direction. I took Ryan's cock out of my mouth sliding my hand up and down its length. Smiling I nodded to Ryan to indicate that I would like to try the position. We switched positions with me lying and Ryan on his knees. We started the same way our parents did and I could immediately tell that if anything mom was under selling the position. It felt amazing. In this position Ryan had easy access to finger my clit while his cock repeatedly slid over my g-spot.

I watched dad as he began grunting and slowly thrusting into mom. She was shaking and it was clear they were both having orgasms. Following them dad collapsed on the bed next to mom. They both were breathing heavy and looked thoroughly wiped out and satisfied. I heard dad make a comment about using us as an energizer bunny commercial. They continued watching us as they lay on their bed naked slowly running their hands over each other.

Ryan continued pounding into me over and over. I must have had three orgasms before I finally had to pull Ryan up onto me. I was getting to sensitive for the really good pounding he was giving me. I pulled him up onto me so he was straddling me. It took him a second before he saw where I was leading him, but if the smile that appeared on his face showed he was willing to follow. He laid his hard cock between my breasts. I squeezed them together as he started trusting his hips in quick short motions. I licked the head of his cock on every other thrust or so. He was well oiled up from our combined lubrications and slid easily in and out of the crevasse between my breasts. I loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding over my body, but I was really looking forward to what would come next. Looking over at my parents they looked like they were too. They were both leaning towards us watching intently and masturbating furiously. Guess they found a second wind.

I watched Ryan’s hard body as his muscles rippled and tensed changing direction and thrusting forward and back. I felt my own excitement building as Ryan got closer and closer to orgasm. I felt like I was walking the edge of a cliff, just barely holding on when Ryan's first deep grunt was followed quickly by a jet of cum spraying my neck and chin. I went over the cliff trebling as I again felt the heat rushing through my body as I exploded. Ryan kept cumming covering my neck and chest before taking his cock from between my breasts and stroking the last bits of his cum onto each of my nipples.

Ryan went back over to his side of the bed and as he released me I arched my back using both hands to rub his cum into my chest. I looked over hearing dad then mom enjoy orgasms of their own. Dad pumped his fist up and down his cock as his cum arched over to mom hitting her side and stomach. That set off her orgasm as she fingered herself. All four of us lay in our beds drained and very happy about it. Not wishing to get out of bed to retrieve the blankets which had all pretty much been pushed to the floor, Ryan spooned against me rolling me to my side facing mom. Dad and mom similarly situated themselves. Mom and I were facing each other and smiling. She mouthed "wow" to me and I returned with "I know, right." I drifted off to sleep with Ryan's body head on my back and the heat from his cum on my chest.

I woke up feeling a warm spray across my check and lips. Tasting the now familiar slightly salty taste, I smiled, kept my eyes closed and opened my mouth. I was rewarded with several more jets of cum on my face and in my mouth. I felt a hard cock enter my mouth which I sucked and licked clean. I used my hand to wipe away the closest streak from my eye before looking up at Ryan standing by our bed. He started to apologize and said I just looked so hot laying there covered in the previous night’s cum. I stopped him and said that I was serious that he could cum on me any time and it was definitely not a bad way to wake up. I told him the only problem was now I was all hot and bothered and in need of release myself. He practically dove into bed going to work with is tongue eating me out. Between dreams reliving the night before, the cum shower, and being eaten out it wasn't long before I was grinding myself on him in orgasm.

I took a long hot shower before getting dressed and heading downstairs. I purposely left a small smear of cum just below my hairline on my face to see if anyone would notice. I headed downstairs in a tank top and tight shorts. Mom had just finished making breakfast and the guys were bringing it to the table. I headed into the kitchen area to get myself a glass of juice. Mom stopped me as she passed by heading to the table. She said to hang on I had a little something. She then used her finger to wipe the small amount of cum from my face. Then to my surprise she sucked her finger into her mouth and said, "Mmm, well that's a good breakfast too." I started to get very wet; Ryan and dad had seen the exchange as well. Dad looked a little confused, but Ryan looked about ready to bust out of his shorts.

Other than the smirk on mom's face when I returned to the table everyone dug in and we had a nice normal breakfast together. Following clean up after breakfast we were all sitting in the living area chatting. Mom asked what we thought of the position we tried out last night. That opened the floor for all four of us to talk openly about sex. I had talked to each of our parents about sex individually, but never together and with Ryan. It was nice to have open and honest talk. We talked about positions and tips for enhancing pleasure in yourself and your partner, the conversation pretty much steered around to each topic naturally and Ryan and I came back with several things to try. Even dad and mom took a few things from the conversation to try for them.

There wasn't as much sexual charge in the air as there had been the first two days. It was still there, but was much lower intensity. The day seemed to be more about making sure everyone was comfortable with where everything that had gone to this point and if it should continue. We all were very happy with the arrangements so far and decided that we really wanted to continue with our sexual experiences. We talked about the future. Dad really wanted to nail down the point that the physical relationship was great and could continue as long as we wanted, but that we needed to still see other people. That was the hardest thing for him and his sister to learn when they were in our situation. That the physical connection was great, but combined with an emotional connection would be even better. Ryan was going off to college next year. Even though he was going to a nearby university and living at home, he still needed to go to college parties and date, just as I needed to go to dances and meet people during my senior year of high school. Dad and his sister found that because they had a sexual release outlet they were able to really get to know people rather than just try to find a date that would sleep with them. Dad places a lot of credit on that for finding such a perfect match in mom. Mom agreed coming from the other side. Their relationship wasn't defined by sex so they had a foundation enhanced by passion, rather than a foundation of passion that was hot and cold at times making the relationship unstable.

As the sun sank in the sky that sexual tension began taking hold again. We had talked about sex and relationships all day and it was turning into desires for physical passion. Like the days before it started with a look here or a touch there till I really just wanted to cram my hand down the front of Ryan's shorts and go to town, so to speak, on him. Just before we left for dinner mom suggested I go with a dress or skirt like her, that was if we got a little over excited it was easier to hide any dampness that might betray us to the folks around us.

Mom decided to drive this time so dad could relax and enjoy the scenery. We hadn't even gotten all the way out of the driveway before my head was in Ryan's lap bobbing up and down on his hard cock. Looking back at us from the front dad commented that it was the scenery he was hoping for. He offered to give mom some attention like she did for him on the trip down, but she declined saying that she didn't think she could focus on the road as well as he did. Instead she reached over and unzipped his fly. He took the hint and unfastened his pants letting his cock spring free. It was difficult, but if I turned as much as possible while still going down on Ryan I could just see mom's hand sliding up and down dad's shaft. I was very glad from mom's suggestion as I was already damp and that made it even worse. Dad had retrieved the small bottle of lubricant mom kept in her bag. The car was filled with the sounds of squelching and slurping as mom and I worked the guys into sexy, groaning, moaning ecstasy.

Dad and Ryan were both commenting on how good they felt. Dad mentioned that he was going to cum very soon. Mom didn't slow her stroking, but said she couldn't take off her panties since she was driving. She had angled the rearview mirror down into the backseat to watch me give Ryan a blowjob. She looked at me in the mirror and asked if they could use my panties. I froze for half a second before releasing Ryan from my mouth and responding back that it was ok. Ryan and dad started stroking themselves very quickly as they watched me slid off my damp panties and put them in mom's outstretch hand.

I leaned back over taking Ryan back into my mouth. We both watched as mom wrapped my panties around dad's cock and started stroking him again. It didn't take many strokes before dad started shooting his cum into my panties wrapped around his cock. As he started shooting I felt and tasted the first jets of Ryan's cum splash against the back of my throat. I sucked him clean swallowing all he had to give me, which was a lot. I sat back up and Ryan refastened his pants. Mom asked from the front if I wanted my panties back. I thought back to the first sight of dad's cum splashing onto mom's face; about last night, his cum arching onto mom's body; and all the times in between I was able to watch it happen. I realized probably not for the first time, how much I really wanted my father’s cum on my skin. I probably took too long to answer, and I tried to act as if I wasn't excited, but I'm sure it was clear how much I wanted them back. Everyone still played along while I said something about not wanting to flash people in the restaurant. Mom handed them back and I slowly slid them up my legs trying to keep my legs as dry as I could. I felt like I was on the edge of that same cliff from last night, right on the edge of orgasm, but barely holding back.

Ryan leaned over to me. He said how hot that was. Then he reached under my skirt and barely brushed my pussy through the cum soaked material. I instantly crested the cliff crying out in a massive orgasm. As I was coming down I heard dad say he was surprised even with having just cum that seeing that hadn't made him cum again. Mom said to tell her about it as she took deep breaths trying to edge away from her own cliff. She didn't want to go over and take us and the car with her, but it was a near thing.

All through dinner there were glances and smiles at each other. I think we were all at the edge of tearing our cloths off and having sex right there in front of everyone. We tried to take our time eating and strolled back to the car making small talk. It was all I could do to keep myself from racing to the car and taking Ryan there in the backseat. Dad drove home this time and mom asked me to sit behind him. As soon as we hit the road and were away from the towns street lights mom lifted her skirt up and had her hand in her panties fingering like mad. She was looking back at me as I did the same, dad's cum glistening with my own excitement. To my surprise and delight Ryan leaned over and started eating me out. He didn't seem to mind that dad's cum was covering my pussy. That had mom going wild in the front seat as she had either two or three orgasms in a row or one really long one. I similarly had multiple orgasms before we were pulling into the driveway at the cabin.

As soon as we walked through the front door clothes went flying. Ryan and I were kissing and taking each other’s cloths off as we backed to the first piece of furniture we stumbled on. I was pushing Ryan back as he found the couch and sat down. I immediately straddled him taking him deep inside using the couch like a trampoline to bounce up and down the length of his cock. Mom and dad ended up crashing into a chair by the couch with mom bending over it and dad taking her from behind. It was intense and incredible. Mom and dad changed positions with her in the chair and him standing in front of her thrusting his hips as she took his cock into her throat. I pulled Ryan's face to my chest where he took each breast in turn sucking and brushing his teeth against my nipples. His hands were kneading my backside helping to lift and pull me back down onto his cock. Dad crashed onto the couch beside us as they changed positions again mom straddling him much as I was Ryan. Her smooth leg brushed against mine sending shocks like electricity up my body.

I looked over at her heat in my eyes; she returned the look with equal heat. I was overcome with the desire to pull her mouth to mine and kiss her, but I held back. Running my gaze down her body and over my father, I pulled Ryan's face from my chest and kissed him deeply as I continued sliding up and down on his cock. I pushed Ryan back to my chest looking over and smiling at my mom. She returned the smile as I leaned back to give her a better view of Ryan sucking on my breasts. She was watching as dad's moaning grunts deepened and he began slow deep thrusts as he filled mom with his cum. She threw back her head clasped her hands behind his neck to keep from falling and arched her back clearly enjoying the sensation of being filled. I watched as beads of sweat ran over her chest and down her body. For the first time in my life I felt lust for another woman. Equally as arousing to me dad's chest and arms were flexing as he pumped into her. His gaze locked on her erotic form upon his cock.

He looked over at us with heat and lust still in his eyes. He lifted mom lowering them both easily to the ground. He went down on her as she gasped with hands on the back of his head pulling him down tighter onto her pussy. Ryan lifted us and laid me down on the couch where our parents had just been. He remained upright with one of my legs on the floor the other he lifted to his shoulder. He watched both me and mom on the floor beside me grinding and moaning as we were being pleasured. Ryan was very close and pulled his cock out of me quickly sliding his hand up and down the length. His hips pushed forward as his cum shot clear up to my neck. He sprayed my neck chest and stomach before he stopped stroking. I took his hand and pulled him to me taking him in my mouth to suck and lick him clean for the third time today. As I release him from my mouth mom was just coming down from an orgasm. The three of us laid there for a minute while Ryan started looking for clothes.

We all soon joined Ryan gathering up our clothes. We all carried them upstairs naked to dress for bed, except for my panties. I decided to wear them even if it was only till I got upstairs. I enjoyed the thought of having both Ryan and dad's cum cover my body. With regret I jumped in the shower before putting on a lace bra and panty set. It wouldn't be very comfortable to sleep in, but I guessed correctly that I wouldn't be in it long. Ryan and I again had sex trying out some of the positions we talked about that day. It wasn't for as long as the night before, but it was still very satisfying and I went right to sleep in Ryan's arms again.

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Love the stories .next part should be daughter asking mom about getting pregnant by brother or daddy .
I'm willing to chat yaho my at annawb

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2014-07-28 00:55:24
Absolutely filled with misspelled and/or misused words. In just the first couple of paragraphs you wrote "This intern(sic)..." should have been "in turn". Then "...our parents had gone quite(sic) a short time..." should be "quiet". Then came "...he might have planned to torcher(sic) me..." should have been "torture". Then you wrote "...I was defiantly(sic) enjoying the ride." should have been "definitely"'.
At this point I gave up reading this extremely poorly-written garbage.
Lear to proof-read and correct your multitude of errors BEFORE you inflict them on the public. You should be embarrassed to put such a display of your lack of education on public display.

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you need to keep this going, mom and son, dad and daughter, and even bring in the aunt. you are a very good story teller thanks

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