A teenage girl name Jessica goes babysitting her next door neighbors teenage daughter and one problem leads to a lot more
There a lot of girl on girl action, and if you don't like this, then you might want to go somewhere else because this is not the story for you.

Chapter 1

“The Jefferson's our on the phone they want you to babysit their sixteen year old daughter”. My mom hands me her cellphone I talk to Mrs. Jefferson for a couple of minutes. After the call ended I go take a shower then change into some nice cloths. Then I walk next door to Jefferson house that I walk up to their door and ring After the call ended I go take a shower then change into some nice cloths. Then I walk next door to Jefferson house that I walk up to their door and ring the doorbell Mrs. Jefferson open the door.
“Jessica” she says “hi Mrs. Jefferson” “why don't you come in”. I enter “lets sit in the den, I need to talk you about something before my husband and I head off”. when Mya came downstairs “bye sweetie, bye Jessica” both of her parents says as they walk out the front door. I follow her to the den we sit down “my daughter not the easy teenager to babysit, she also have a medical condition dealing in her boobs where she can produce breast milk early, so make her use the breast milk pump once every two hours if you have to”. “Well I should be going,bye Mya and bye Jessica".
“So your my babysitter” May says I face her I stare at her “listen here Jessica, I'm not using the breasts pump tonight” “you mom said you have to”. “I never use that stuff anymore, a breast pump hurt you know” Mya says as she head upstairs I go in the den and watch TV. I check the shelf of DVD'S when I saw one that said “Milk of the day” I play it to see Mya on the screen and she was naked, she was playing with herself and making milk squirt out her tits”. “Turn that off” Mya says as Jessica pulls it out the DVD player put it in the DVD case. Mya try to grab the DVD case, but Jessica sticks it in her purse. “Listen here little girl, your going to do what ever I say for the rest of the night or your parents will love to have a copies of this”. “Fine” “now I'm ordering pizza” she hands me the house phone I call Pizza Hut. Once the pizza get to Mya house Yuri pays for the pizzas then they both eat.
“May I please go up to my bedroom” “sure, but I'll be checking on you” Jessica says as she turn the TV on. Mya goes up to her bedroom when Jessica field asleep to hear moaning sounds coming from upstairs when she awaken. Jessica goes upstairs she peek in Mya door to see Mya playing with herself. “I told if I ever...
“you never said anything about me fingering myself” Mya moans I try to look away, but something about Mya playing with her pussy made mine wet.
“I know you love this” Mya says as she hop off her bed she walks over to Jessica she pull her over to her bed. “Listen here I need to you to suck my tits they hurt”. “Just use your pump” “I can't and I won't, so just do something to get the milk out and can't not involve me in pain”. “Fine, but for the record I never had breast milk before” “it's sweet an a little tart” Mya says as she sits on her bed she cross her legs. Jessica lays her head on Mya lap as Mya takes her bra off she lean forward Jessica lick the left one first then suck it. That when breast milk flow down her throat. It tasted a little tart and mostly sweet that when I felt Mya boobs getting hard. Mya remove her tit from Jessica mouth
So how does it taste ?
“It taste very sweet”.
“Wait you still owe me, I told you, do what I say”
“Now you suck my tits”.
“I don't suck tits I like boys”
“I know an I like girls”.
Your A lesbian ?
Mya lays down as I takes my shirt off then I leans forward Mya sucks each one when she started to get horny. Once Mya was done she play with herself “you got a nice pussy”. “I never notice that, why thank you” “you welcome” I sits next to Mya “for the record please don't tell your parents” “I won't, tell them”.
“So what now babysitter”
I can't stop starring at your sexy body, how old are you again ?
“I'm sixteen”.
How old are you ?
“I'm sixteen, why you ask”
“Youu look so cute”.
That when I lean in and kiss Mya, then Mya pushes me where I falls back onto the bed. Mya lays on top of me an kisses me and grab hold of my C cup boobs she squeeze my nipple I moans when we hear the front door. Mya hops off her bed she check her security camera on her computer to see her parents entering the house. “My parents are home” I quickly put her shirt on then head downstairs to see Mya parents. “I was just coming from the bathroom, what a nice bathroom”. “Why thank you” Mrs. Jefferson says as I walk over to them “well I'll be upstairs changing, why don’t you pay her David” Mrs. Jefferson says as she heads upstairs. Mr. Jefferson pulls his wallet he pulls fifty bucks otu and hands it to me. “Why thank you Mr. Jefferson” I say as he show me to his front door I leave I walk across the yard to my house when I get a text from Mrs. Jefferson saying she wanted me to baby sit next Friday. I smile as i enter my house.
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