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We define our relationship.
I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand.

Chapter 4

"Hey Kaylee, hold the end of this so I can measure." I put the tape measure up and checked the numbers twice. "OK, I'm gonna need 31 and 3/4 inches cut off this one."

"You got it!" Kaylee took the 2x4 from my hands and walked over to the saw.

Kaylee is my niece. She is 16 years old, and beautiful as can be. She stands right at 5'2" inches tall. Has long blonde hair, green eyes, full pouty lips and just a few freckles splashed across her pert little nose. Her body is lean from all the running she does and she has very shapely, muscular legs with the most incredible backside that I have ever laid eyes on.

Why is her 39 year old uncle looking at her backside? Well for about three months now Kaylee and I have been together as a couple. It started rather innocently and progressed from there. It is completely consensual. I have never forced or coerced her into anything. We agreed that we would not have intercourse but that is really the only restriction.

I watched as Kaylee walked across the barn, put the board across the sawhorses and bent to pick up the power saw. She has been using power tools since she was in elementary school. I have taught her to use drills, saws, grinders and all types of dangerous things. Hey, I'm her uncle not her parent! She is actually very handy to have around. During the summer months she often accompanies me to job sites where she is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Last year a bunch of the guys pitched in and bought her a carpenters belt with bright pink leather bags. She is so proud of that tool-belt! She is great with wood and nail, she can do a little plumbing, has a good eye for hardwood floors, and even done some wiring with the electricians. The other guys treat her like a mascot but also work her pretty hard. She is a favorite whenever she walks on site. I watched her amazing ass in her little pink belt and cut off shorts as she bent down for the saw. Well DUH!

"HEY!" I yelled. "I think I'm an idiot!"

"Why?" She called back.

"It just occurred to me why all the guys like having you on the job sites so much."

She stood up straight and proud "Because I do a good job, and I'm a hard worker! Now get back to work and stop ogling me!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I laughed, and went back to hammering nails. In a minute Kaylee was there with the cut board. She climbed the step stool, put her end in place and expertly hammered in a nail securing it in place. Two more nails, and I said. "I think that pretty much does it. That's enough work for today. We'll wait till next weekend to paint." I walked over and grabbed her while she was still on the bottom step. She put her arms over my shoulders and I reached around her trim waist. "Now kiss me!"

Her lips met mine then parted, her tongue melting with mine as we pulled tighter together. My hands reached around and found her ass. I grabbed firmly with both hands and kneaded the firm flesh. I lifted her up and bent over to set her on solid ground. We parted and looked around at our finished job. We were standing in my newly remodeled hayloft. "Looks good!" She smiled. "It should make feeding the horses easier."

"How about heading into town?" I asked.

"Well," She hesitated a moment. "Can we talk for a minute?" I nodded yes and she continued on. "We have been together a few months now and I love it...but I don't really know what we are."

"I'm not sure what you mean." I said, feeling uneasy.

"Well...A lot of my friends have boyfriends, and they talk about them all the time." I started to speak but she held up her hand. "I know! Nobody can know about us, but I just wish that I knew."

"What do you--"

She talked over me. "What if you meet someone? What if she is pretty and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping a huge secret? You could go out and tell everyone about her and kiss her in public. Have her come to family dinners and not hide that you are in love. What about me?" She had worked herself up to tears about some woman that didn't even exist! Women will never cease to mystify me.

"Sweetheart I don't even know--" She interrupted me before I could even finish my thought.

"I know you think I'm being stupid!"

"No. It's just--"

"I probably am! But I couldn't even blame you if it happened. You deserve a real girlfriend."

"Kaylee I'm trying to--"

"Let's just forget it! Now I have ruined the rest of our day!"

She was standing next to the edge of the loft. I stepped to her, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed! Her eyes went huge and she pinwheeled her arms. "AAAAHHH!" she screamed as she went over the edge.

I stepped to the edge and looked over. 8 feet below lying in a huge pile of hay was my very upset looking niece. I couldn't help but laugh. I jumped down into the hay and laid out next to her. I pulled her to me and kissed her.

She pushed away and for a moment I thought I may get slapped. "Not cool!" She screamed "You almost made me Pee! I thought I was going to break my--"

"Time to stop whining!" I said forcefully. "I couldn't think of any other way to make you SHUT UP!" She was finally quiet, but if looks could kill???

"Now listen to me! Who was the last girl I went out with?"

She looked upset still but said, "I guess that red head slut."

"Molly was not a slut!" I said defensively.

"Sorry, but she did dress like a whore." A little smile started to appear.

I chuckled. "OK I have to give you that one. That was over 9 months ago! That means before I ever even kissed you it had been at least six months since I had been with anyone. Now... Who do I spend all of my weekends with?"

She looked a little brighter. "Me."

"Right answer! I haven't even LOOKED at a woman since you. Why would I? I think you are gorgeous!"

This definitely widened the smile. "Thank you."

"Now I'm just a stupid old guy..."

"You're not old!" She cried out.

I continued. "I didn't think it made any difference to you. I guess I forgot what things were important in high school. I should have done this before now." Even though I felt a bit silly, I sat up and took both of her hands. I looked directly in her eyes. "Kaylee. Would you be my girlfriend?"

Her face lit up in a huge smile. "Yes! Of course! And I promise to be the best girlfriend you ever had!"

"You already are!" I answered. She practically tackled me into the hay, playfully kissing me all over, then a longer more passionate kiss. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed away. She looked at me with a less than innocent smile.

"Lay back." She ordered me. She scooted down the hay and undid my tool belt. Next came the button on my jeans and down came the zipper. She smiled up at me as she pulled out my dick, gave it a little kiss and put it in her mouth.

This was something that Kaylee did exceedingly well. Her first attempt at oral sex had been, well, less than great. She had gone home, got a bunch of bananas and obsessively read every "how to" site that she could find. She told me later on that it took about 3 dozen bananas till she finally had the confidence to try again, of course there was also "If I ever see another banana I think I might puke!" A few weeks later my sister made us a desert of banana pudding. Kaylee almost gagged. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to choke. "I thought you loved bananas? Last month I couldn't keep enough in the house!" I almost fell out of my chair! Tears were rolling down my bright red face I was laughing so hard! My sister looked confused. Kaylee made up a story on the spot about finding rotten bananas in my pantry and throwing up. Her mother just rolled her eyes. "You two and your inside jokes! I never get half the things you say!"

Kaylee's hand was wrapped around the base of my shaft, while her lips and tongue were teasing the head. She cupped my balls gently with her one hand while rhythmically squeezing with the other. Her mouth would come down on me and her tongue wet the shaft and then she would apply pressure with her lips and go back up ending with a sharp kiss right on the tip. The whole time looking up at me with those bright green eyes. After she had the tip lubricated, she let go with her hand and slowly took my whole length into her mouth. Never breaking eye contact with me. She kept me there for a minute while applying suction and then rotated her mouth back and forth slowly working back up. "OH God that feels so good!" I moaned out in total bliss.

She took me in her hand again and stroked a bit while she smiled at me. She kissed the head again and in a very sexy voice said, "I'm glad you like it!" She then took me all the way in and began driving me totally crazy.
I have no idea how she taught herself this, but when she had me all the way in she started to hum. I don't mean like humming a song, it was more like a cat's purr, way back in her throat. Deep and gravely. It caused the inside of her throat to vibrate like crazy! I could feel the vibrations all over my body. This and the continuous movement of her tongue and lips made for one incredible blow job.

Kaylee started to move her mouth up my length, paying special attention to the head with her tongue. Then fully engulf me again. All the while keeping up her steady hum, like a vibrator against me. Again and again she did this. It was so incredible watching my beautiful niece bobbing her head up and down on my dick. As her pace sped up so did my breathing. "Oh Sweetheart I'm going to cum."

Usually at this point she would use her hand on me and I would cum on her face or chest. She was uncomfortable with trying to take it in her mouth. Kaylee however didn't slow her movements. She went all the way down again and I knew it was too late to stop. "Oh Kaylee! Oh! OH!! OH God!"

She pulled back up and used her tongue on the sensitive part under the head then took me all the way in again. It took everything I had not to thrust my hips and possibly hurt her. The effort of trying to hold back made everything feel that much more intense! I let loose load after load of cum into my young nieces mouth and she never missed a stroke. Her head was still rising and falling and now she was making an "MMMMMMM!" sound. My whole body was shaking. I fell flat on my back and moaned out loud.

Kaylee's mouth came to a stop just at the head. She kept giving little moaning sounds as she sucked and licked the tip clean. She gave one more little kiss and came up to lay next to me and put her arms around me. She was smiling widely and looked extremely proud of herself. "HHHHMMMM Baby." she purred into my ear. "That was fun! Did you like the end?"

"Oh my God Kaylee!." I was gasping for breath. "That was incredible! You have never let me do that before."

"THAT... Was something just for my boyfriend!" She gave me a huge kiss, then went back to smiling. "I finally did it!" she cried proudly. "I was so scared to try but I swallowed all of it!"

She was so exited about it I had to laugh. "Yes you did! And I'm worried you might have to take me to the hospital because of it!" With her arms around my waist she laid her head on my chest. We both just laid there together enjoying the closeness.

After a few minutes, when my breathing slowed and I decided I wasn't having a major heart attack after all, I said. "It's been a long time since I had a girlfriend. Is a romantic restaurant and a movie still an acceptable Saturday night date?"

She sat up looking so cute with her bright smile and hay all through her messed up hair. "It will be my first date with my first boyfriend!" She was so excited about the idea that she started dragging me down the hay stack. I almost fell on my face.

"Ummm Sweetheart!?! I kind of have to pull up my pants here!" I was laughing and almost as exited as she was. Maybe having a girlfriend wasn't so silly after all.

She gave me an impatient look, as if it was MY fault my pants were down around my knees. "Hurry up! I have to get ready!" She gave me a quick kiss and a giggle. "I'd hate to keep my boyfriend waiting!"

We walked to the house hand in hand. Right before we got to the porch Kaylee said, "I love you Uncle Benny."

I squeezed her hand once and said "I love you too!"

She stopped walking. "No. I mean... I miss you when you aren't around, and I want to see you all the time. I don't just mean the touching and stuff, though, I really do like that! It's just you. Oh!... I don't know how to say it." She started to get flustered.

"Kaylee... You are the first thing I think of in the morning. The last when I go to sleep. When something good happens, I can't wait to tell you about it, and when I've had a terrible day it is your arms I want around me for comfort. I don't care if every single person on earth wants to tell me it's wrong to feel this." I took her chin and stared into her eyes. "I know what you meant, and I repeat, I Love You Too."

She threw her arms around me and kissed me. "Can I just say what you said?" She hugged me tight and I straightened up walking to the steps with her hanging from my neck like a monkey. Kissing me all over my face. "OK, Just give me an hour to get ready! I want to wear a dress."

She almost never wore dresses, I felt honored. "A dress huh? Take all the time you want." I set her down with a kiss and she ran up the stairs.

I went to the fridge for a cold drink then headed up stairs for a shower of my own. As I undressed, I had a better idea. I grabbed my towel off the door and headed down the hall.

I opened the bathroom door to the sound of running water and Kaylee singing some current pop song. I could tell she didn't know I was there. Putting my towel on the counter, I opened the shower door. "Uncle Benny!!!" She screamed.

"Oh! Sorry! Is this not the right shower?" I asked innocently. "Well since I'm here, do you want to share?"

Her long blonde hair was wet and pulled over her shoulder to wash. Her perky breasts and golden bush were beaded with the same water that was now spraying down her back. "You really keep scaring the Pee out of me you know!" She laughed then reached out her hand. "Well if you are coming in then Get In Here!"

I stepped into the hot water and pulled her in tight. She stood on her toes to reach up and kiss me passionately. When the kiss broke she said, "Well this is a first. Now what?"

"Hey! I just thought you might need some help." I reached over to the shelf and grabbed her shower scrubby, and put a bit of body wash on it. I kneeled down if front of her and started lathering her up.

First her right leg, lifting up and getting her foot, then working my way up front and back. I used the pouf in one hand and spread the foam while massaging with the other. Her skin was like satin. I turned when I got to her upper thigh, moving out to the hip. Then her left leg got the same. I loved being this close and seeing every inch of her in detail. I stood up and got a little more soap and started at her waist. We were facing each other so I pulled her to me, using the scrubby on her lower back. She was moaning softly as she said, "Oh this feels absolutely delicious!"

I soaped and caressed all the way up. When her back was scrubbed, I turned her away from me, and pulled her in close again. I applied more soap and started at her waist. My erection was now pressing into her lower back, as my hands were rubbing her stomach. I ran my soapy hands up her sides and ribs, avoiding her breasts. I took one arm and put it up around my neck and slowly lathered it up and down, then her other arm. I washed her shoulders and neck, rubbing and caressing.

Only then did I start on her chest. The hot water and my soapy massage had her so relaxed that I was part way holding her petite body up. I moved my hands under her arms rather than over to help support her. I used the soapy mesh to go around and around one breast and then followed with my hand as I circled the other. Firmly I massaged while lightly pinching and toying with her nipple. Then I followed up on the other side. The whole time Kaylee kept up a steady stream of soft moaning and her back was rubbing slightly back and forth on my erection.

I abruptly stopped. "Well I think that gets you clean!" I said happily. "I guess my job is done."

Kaylee whined like a puppy, "Wait!" She turned back towards me. "You can't just leave me like this."

"Well I have no idea how to wash your hair so looks like you are on your own" I teased.

"You didn't wash ALL of me! There are still a couple of places!" She cried out.

"Hmmm. Maybe for a kiss." She put her hands around my neck and kissed me with such force I nearly fell over. I moved the scrubby down her back and soaped up her perfect ass. I dropped the pouf and used both hands to rub the soap across her backside. My right hand moved between her cheeks and ran up and down her soapy crack, my middle finger pressing against her tight little butt-hole just a bit. I circled around not quite entering.

Her intake of breath nearly pulled the breath out of me. Then a low moan into my mouth. Her whole body gave a small shiver. She didn't pull away. If anything her buttocks pressed more firmly against my hand. Interesting! I made a note to remember that.

After a few more moments I pulled away, turned her backside to me again and put a bit more soap into my hand. I reached around from behind and started to soap her muffin. When I built up a hand full of suds, I moved downward. The second my hand went further down she started to moan loudly. I ran my hand all the way down past her opening then back up letting my finger spread her lips a bit. I leaned down and took her earlobe into my mouth and bit gently, as I once again rubbed down and back up. From the reaction I was getting I didn't think this was going to take long.

On the third trip my hand stopped and I let my soapy finger enter her. "OH! Just like that Baby!" With my finger inside of her I pulled up and towards me with my hand, using my palm to rub against her button. Her crotch ground against my hand as I kept pulling her back against my body. I started to move my finger in and out of the tight confines of my nieces vagina. "Oh Baby Oh Yes! Oh Oh Oh Oh! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!"

Had I not been ready I think we both would have ended up on the tile floor. Her knees buckled as her whole body shook. I was holding her entire weight as her toes just skipped on the tile. I was holding her up with just my left arm and my right hand still buried between her legs. She kept moaning "Oh Yes! Oh YES!" Her legs clamped down on my hand but I couldn't let go lest she slip from my grasp and fall. I stopped trying to tease and just held on.

Finally her feet were back under her and I could remove my hand, my arms still supporting a trembling girl. "OH MY GOD!!" She panted. "That was unreal!"

"I hope you enjoyed it. I thought you were going to break both our necks." I was a little out of breath myself.

Kaylee turned and kissed me. "No way! I am totally safe in your arms!" The way she was looking up at me filled me with pride. This beautiful, smart, sexy, young girl trusted me wholeheartedly. It's a good feeling.

"I wasn't kidding, I really don't know how to wash your hair." I kissed her again and stepped back. "Why don't you finish up and we'll have our date."

"Oh! I almost forgot our date! Get out!"

Just like that I was pushed out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and as I was drying myself off her soapy head popped out of the shower door. Eyes closed against suds and with a big grin she said. "By the way...Best shower EVER! We should share showers all the time! You know, to conserve water." She blew a kiss my direction. "I love you!" Then was gone.

"Love you too" I said to the now closed shower door.


We had an amazing dinner and saw a movie we both really enjoyed. On the way home Kaylee was smiling brightly in the passenger seat, looking just as cute as can be.

"So...I have my first real boyfriend!" I was always pleased to see her so happy.

"Yep! I guess you do." I replied.

"And he really loves me."

"That is without question Sweetheart!"

"And I really love him." She said with conviction.

"That means the world to me." I smiled over at her.

"Uncle Benny...I want you to make love to me." She said this as a statement of fact. No embarrassment, no shyness, just the facts. "Tonight."

I almost ran the truck right off the road.

What have I gotten myself into?

To be continued:

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