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After a long hiatus, continuing the saga of Charlie and his life renewed
To any fans of this series, I apologize for my longtime hiatus. I had a lot of issues to work out, one of them being that I decided to stop hiding my hobby of erotic fucktion from my wife. The result was amazing. She was totally into it. The discovery of my work came right in time with her sexual Renaissance that is her 30's. And holy shit, we are just doing our best to act out everything in my stories and it is such a turn on for her. So thank you for tolerating all my drama!

I've collapsed all the previous volumes into one posted story, and will do an update every so often here.

I've also opened up a Tumblr account at where I am posting this and other work that might come up, as well as reviews of the best "fucktion" I could find on this and other sites.

Have fun and I look forward to any feedback!

February 27, 1995

Dear Friend,

First off, things have been awesome the past few days. I mean, obviously. Dom and I are at the very beginning of our new relationship, and all the perks that come with it.

Puppy dog eyes.

Incessant hand-holding.

Quick secret grabs.

Blow jobs in the janitor’s closet.

Well, I’m still working on that last one, but you get the drift.

But an interesting development has come about in the past few days:

Liz and Greg sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

It only took two days for them to officially hook up. Which blew my fucking mind. This, coming from the girl who was afraid to have a boyfriend, to have any shows of affection at school, lest the news gets back to her pious family.

But they met on a Wednesday. By Friday, they’re cuddling with each other at lunch, just as much as Dom and I are. It was their way of announcing their union to the world.

And I have to admit, I was jealous. Even though I was sitting there with the lovely Dominique, so very happy, I wished on some level that I could be the one sitting there, cuddling with Liz.

Then comes today. The Monday after the weekend. And they are full on making out with other. Like, sloppily. Shit, Dom and I don’t even do that.

“I think that room where Charlie raped Amanda is open. You know, if you need it,” JB quipped to break the weird tension. By adding more weird tension. I glared at her and she just stuck her tongue out at me with her eyes. Dom just squeezed my hand and smiled, looking into my eyes as if to tell me to not let JB’s comment bother me.

But it wasn’t even JB’s comment. It’s just that, I’m sorry – I wanted Liz so bad. So very bad. And she wouldn’t have me.
I held such a fire for this girl the first time around. My first love from afar in high school was Niki Lorrie. And she’s been pretty MIA in my life this time around, but I still look at her. And wonder. But that was mostly lust. Then there was Amanda. I lusted after her so hard in middle school and high school. And I was able to live that one out. And that was definitely founded on pure lust.

But Liz was that one that I wondered about. I mean, REALLY wonder about. We always had a lot in common it seemed, and I learned via Facebook that she grew up to be this San Francisco hipster type. Never got married as far as I could see. She travelled the world. Was a highfalutin trendsetting advertising something or other. Like a female Don Draper. And I always thought it would have been fun to be at her side as her life took that journey.

I just couldn’t think about that, though. I couldn’t. I was with Dominique now.

And Dom and I? Well, we were having fun.

She was at my house pretty much constantly. Every day after school, she would be over until 9 p.m. She introduced me to her mom, and apparently I made quite an impression, as she signed off on her almost permanent visit.

And my mother finally wised up. She saw I was in a happy, functional relationship. Not like with Amanda. Who she didn’t really like in the first place.

So she let me close my bedroom door.

And. It. Was. On.

Dom and I pretty much would fuck for three hours straight every night. We would come home, the house would be empty so we’d suck each other off then let go a quick fuck, and time it for my parents to get off work around 5 p.m. We’d eat, then retire back to my room and let the marathon begin.

I am not going to lie and tell some tales about her cumming one on top of another, and me cumming endlessly and getting it hard again just seconds later. But I’d finish 2 or 3 times in a three hour period. It was more about just fucking. Being together. Sweating with each other.

And her soaking me with her squirting. Which I was surprised to find out wasn’t always an ejaculation. She was such a serial squirter, she would sometimes spray out a stream like I would let out with my pre-cum.

By the time the weekend got here, we began squirting our stuff on EACH OTHER. She loved seeing how much I cum. It turned her on so much. And she loved being hosed down by my seed.

And I wanted her to squirt on me. To aim and fire across the bed and splash it on my chest.

So yes, it only took us about a week into our relationship that we were both kinky as fuck and were into weirdly squirting on each other.

For about three hours Sunday, we hung out in my room, I sat on one side and she sat on the other, and we just rubbed ourselves. Making ourselves cum as many times as we could. Just so we could spray on each other.

She brought her sister’s big black cock with her for this exhibition. She would alternate between rubbing right near clit, poking at it intermittently, and then grabbing the big black cock and just jamming it as far into her as she could fit it. Which, as she had demonstrated with me, she didn’t really have a problem doing so.

It was during this display that I saw her squirting acumen. I swear to God, she came like every two minutes, spraying a stream, one on top of another, for three hours. Sometimes it was little squirts. But others, it was streaks that she would aim in air in front of me, falling on me like a fountain. And when I’d lick up her juices from wherever it landed, it just turned her on even more.

She must have drank like a gallon of water during this, because she got dehydrated really quick. But she just kept squirting. And squirting.

And I tried my best to respond in kind. Seeing this display obviously made me cum a bunch in my own right, and was able to cum eight times in three hours, averaging eight or so ropes of cum with each load. Not fucking bad. But I was practically cumming dust by the time the seventh one came around.

For my third and fourth cum loads, though, I was able to do something amazing. I was twisting my cock with both hands, pushing it away from body for proper torque, and when I came, my geyser shot into the sky. Twelve solid shots that landed on her belly and produced a fresh cum from her as well. But somehow, instead of stopping as I came, I kept on going. Just as an experiment.

It hurt so bad as I kept jacking through the end of my cumshots. But once the orgasmic pain subsided, I remained hard. Rock hard in fact. Just 30 seconds later, I was amazed as I began fully cumming. Again. About 10 more shots, even more powerful than my last cum because of the absolutely mind-boggling level of ecstasy. I didn’t even know it was possible.

It was such a fun time, but I’d be lying if I said that, even though I was staring at Dominique and her beautiful body the whole time, my mind didn’t wander a little.

Your friend,

April 19, 1995

Dear Friend,

I apologize for the crazy delay between entries. But if there’s one thing I have noticed from having been married for nearly 50 years, it’s that sometimes love is pretty uneventful. And by extension, life is pretty uneventful.

And that is kind of the case of the last month and a half – but not in a bad way at all.

In fact, this is likely one of the most perfect months in my entire life. Well, either of my lives.

First, the obvious: Dom and I. Our relationship has been solid and secure. We are admittedly so in love with each other! I know it sounds cheesy. But we are just so happy. All the time. And we sneak off as much as possible, and we make love some days and fuck on others (yes, there is a difference!)

Our experiences in the bedroom have become varied as my lifetime of marriage and the sexual experimentation that comes with it have met with teenage hormones and a girl who turns into a fucking minx in the bedroom. It is just amazing to be giving her this sexual education that she is turning around almost immediately on me and using to pleasure me. She’s just a fucking prodigy.

Take the evolution of her blow jobs. My God, what began as a girl who was feeling very accomplished after managing to get three inches of me in her mouth and to the opening of her throat as amazingly progressed.

I showed her a few tricks. How to pay attention to the balls properly. To suck it while swirling the cockhead with your tongue. How to read my cock and know when the time is right to just go repeatedly with the up-down motion to bring on that cumshot.

And now --- holy fucking shit. There’s not a night that goes by that I’m not tearing holes in my sheets from gripping them so hard because her fucking blowjobs are just changing my soul.

Ever the multi-tasker, she has this technique where she strokes my cock in a twisting motion with one hand, covering a wide expanse of about 8 inches with every stroke, while playing with my balls with the other, staying very soft – all while hitting it really hard with her talented mouth, which does some crazy trick that feels like I’m getting sucked, tongue-bathed, and twisted with her tongue during a pretty valiant deep throat motion (she has since managed to get me into her throat, at least some).

The response in me is just fucking epic. It makes me vibrate. Literally. I fucking vibrate. That’s how I know I’m getting close because all the sensations make me vibrate for a solid three to five minutes before I actually blow my top.

And when I do cum, she finally forgives herself when I cum buckets and she can’t manage to swallow all of it, simply because of the sheer force. But she knows I like it sloppy, and she manages to let a saliva/cum bath overflow out onto my crotch while also retaining enough so she could show me the mouthful of my swimmers before she takes it down her gullet.

I’ve even begun to get turned on by kissing her after I’ve cum in her mouth. I know it’s weird, but I’m getting used to the taste (It’s weird, but it has a sour and fresh taste all at the same time. Kind of like Vietnamese food, but not at all like Vietnamese food!). And when I kiss her after I’ve cum in her mouth, she gets so turned on.

And at the same time, she’s become quite intoxicated with her own flavor. I will use all manner of dildos, tongues, fingers, sister’s black cock, to elicit a mind-blowing orgasm out of her, using my base technique of licking cursive letters into her twat, writing her my Lord Byron love treatises with my tongue, and sticking things up her pussy for effect (and to produce that squirt). I’ve learned how to gauge that a squirt is coming, seeing her breathing combined with the way her pussy pulses outward, which is unlike anything I’ve seen before and must be exclusive to serial squirters. And when it does happen, when I manage to make that G-spot get nice and hard, boom goes the dynamite and I’m in for a fucking shower. I just love it. And she’ll kiss me afterward, lick the parts of my body where her juices lie. In my mind, she’s giving me this display out of appreciation for my mastery. But I know it’s probably more likely that she, like me, is just a horny little bitch.

While the fucking is legendary, I have been pretty distracted by baseball, as well. I completely forgot that in 1995, our school almost won the state championship! And even though I’m on the JV squad now, we’re 14-0 so far and ranked #4 in the state! I’m doing okay I guess – I’m playing first base and hitting .280, which is actually a crappy average playing with an aluminum bat. But I have 6 home runs through 13 JV games, which is the most on the team. And they’re talking that if I could improve my contact hitting, I might go on some trips with the Varsity squad soon.

So overall, being on the baseball squad and fucking Dominique every single day is just mind-bogglingly satisfying, fun, and just perfect.

Which brings me to my real question: Why NOW do I need to find out that my future wife is AROUND!?

I just found out that next week, the middle school All-City Band will be playing a tour of all the high schools in the area, meaning that she is coming to our school to play a concert.

So I’m going to see her. I’m going to see my love.

Warm regards,

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