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A young woman's desire to be a sex slave and her burning desire to experience pussy whipping and the ogasm she thinks it will bring
Pussy Whipping Deanna
When it comes to sexual fantasy's one of my favorites was to be spanked or to have my pussy whipped! Especially on this most sinful part of my anatomy! Having my breasts bare bottom or pussy whipped was my favorite, and I could take an incredible amount of abuse between my legs, and it did not take long for my boyfriend to figure this out! Him, later to be my husband loved to whip me and I loved having him do this, as it always heighten the sex act that followed, either when he went down on me, or would give me a good big dicked hard fucking! My husband told me, then using a mirror to show me how my bashful camel toe slit would, after some harsh pussy whipping start to slowly give up my pink pussy lips that would emerge from in between my pussy folds as they would really swell, this along with my clitoris that would also swell even more, like a large cherry tomato! I was fascinated at this so erotic sight, but even more so by the incredible burning sensation that it would inspire in my genitals!

I had an incredible imagination especially when it came to sex, and would willingly do what ever my husband asked! After we were married he started sending me over to his friends as a sex plaything, but mostly he would send me to men that not only liked to give me a good fucking but also ones that loved to spank and suck me off or whip me! I was a woman that not only enjoyed sex, but one that really loved having my pussy whipped, kind of a pain slut I guess? Especially by strange men when naked and bound. I even loved it when other women did this to me! A good bare pussy whipping is what really gets me going, as my thoughts are so naughty I certainly deserve it! Apparently my husband is not the only one that likes to do this to a woman with kinky submissive tendency's like me!
Our erotic outings would usually start out with a good meal and a few drinks then telling me he needs to take me somewhere so I can get a good pussy whipping!.. .He would shave me bare and take great pains to make sure that every bit of pubic hair especially around my clit was all gone! I had a larger clit and cunt lips than most women that were usually hidden, but were very easy to stimulate! The other thing he liked to do and was a real turn on for me? Was to be taken to strangers naked bound blindfolded and given to them for the evening like a love slave, and in some cases left with them for the weekend or longer! By the time we would get there I would be so sexed up and turned on I would have willingly agreed to do almost anything with anyone just to get some sexual relief!

I was always an oversexed young woman throughout my teen years had nasty and perverted sexual fantasy's even as a young girl! This led to masturbation starting at a very early age and continued through out my entire adult sex life! I had at one time asked my husband not long after we were married when I was really horny and wanting to see just how much abuse I could take on my pussy! Had told him to tie me down with my legs wide open and really go after my pussy with his belt! He did as I asked, then with me withering in sexual bliss and abuse after some harsh whipping quit doing it! I was right in the middle an really turned on almost ready to cum and had not asked him to stop and was quite disappointed that he did stop whipping me?

Apparently some rather nasty red welts had started to appear and he was concerned that he might really hurt me? But sometime after this and along with my persistence he had not forgotten my desire to see just how much abusive pussy whipping I could actually take, and something that I had asked for! So, he had enlisted the help of and older black woman named Amanda! Her and her husband had actually owned several young white women in an willing underground white slave owners group! This group catered to women like me who had fantasy's about and wanted to be sex slaves to Black couples! This was another of my sexual fantasy's ! And both that my husband would make happen?

Amanda along with her husband and mine unknown to me had several long detailed conversation about my sexual fantasy's those of getting my pussy whipped and being a sex slave to black men and women something that really appealed to me and this couple! I had many sinful fantasy's as a young girl and had aggressively masturbated to the thought of these so perverted fantasy's but had never experienced being a slave! Amanda and her husband had an old two story house in one of the worst sections of the black neighborhood, drug dealers pimps and prostitution prevailed on around and near their place! It was the perfect setting for many of my dark perverted sexual fantasy's. I loved the thought of being naked and taken to such a creepy old house a place that had an old scary basement that would put fear in most any white woman, but was in fact a most incredible well appointed home built dungeon down there!
They had made deals with several gang members and pimps to steer clear of their place and not trash it in exchange for being called upon to hard fuck many of these young white female sex slaves! Ones like me and most were more than happy to lend their hard black dicks when needed! I did not know it at the time as they would, along with this black couple be the ones that would really use me in the most harsh form of rape, one that would occur numerous times in between the brutal pussy whipping I was about to receive!
At the time I was a horny 23 year old and was a bit more naive for a young woman of my sexual experience than I had imagined? I was what one would call a full figured soft over ripe slutty young woman! I had dark brown Hair cut short, 36” DD tits that were also full soft and over ripe, the kind of big nipples that really pooch out! You know the ones that are difficult to hide in all but the most sturdy of bra's! They are the kind of nipples that many other women want. My waist was only 22” but it was my bottom where I had over indulged myself as I loved to eat, and most all of these things went directly to my bottom! I was not a fat assed woman yet, but was well on my way! My husband loved me like this as the extra 7 # to 10 # pounds of fat that went directly to my bottom left me with a pair of full over hanging ass cheeks! This had made me look more like a sweet, big ass over ripe peachy bobble bimbo doll that just begged for some sexual pervert to take a bite out me!
But my real asset not that my bottom or tits weren’t, was my pubic mound camel toe slit hidden pink labia lips and of course my clitoris! Now this is what my husband and most men liked almost instantly about me! It along with my pale white skin had left me almost anemic looking, and would really contrast with the dark skinned black men and women that were going to use and abuse me! It was also part of my sinful fantasy to be whipped and made to have sex with numerous nasty black men or couples!
My husband had parked our car some distance away and had taken me on the bus wearing nothing under my old coat except my red 5” high heels! He had taken me to numerous places like this before but never on public transit? It was always for kinky sex, and he would usually blindfold me by using small sections of tissue folded over and duct taped barely covering my eyes. Then would slip on an old pair of dark glasses and few would give us a second look. He had also fastened a thick heavy metal slave shackle around my neck and had snapped a big brass lock on to it and did the same with double shackles that held my wrists, tightly behind my back. These shackles of course were quite obvious and ones that Amanda had given him just for me, and were some that had actually been used on real black slaves during the civil war!

The last bus stop was several blocks from Amanda's house, and on the bus ride over I needed to go pee, not bad mind you but certainly the urge was there as I had drank a little more than I should have earlier. She had originally set it up with several of the gangs so that my husband could walk me from this stop to their house naked without to much hassle from the normal gang members! If this would have happened with out their help my husband would have been beaten, and I would have been gang raped well over a dozen times in the first block alone! To be a naked white woman and led along like a sex slave in this all black neighborhood during broad daylight, a place where numerous unsavory black men and women would see me was one of my most delicious sexual fantasy's ! But fantasy was one thing and the reality of it now that it was happening was quite another?

With me blindfolded and unable to see, plus my husband giving little hints as to where he was taking me along with what was going to happen he made the comment that only Amanda had the key to my brass locks, this had me so wet and horny I could have easily fucked an entire group of black gang bangers, or so I thought! I could hear others talking on the bus and then in the street as my husband helped me down the steps of the bus and onto the sidewalk, the sound of the engine and the smell of diesel fumes drifting around from the bus had made me well aware of my most helpless submissive plight! Just as I was starting to resign myself to this once in a lifetime erotic and humiliating sinful experience my husband did two things one he unbuttoned my coat and removed it and two, really surprised me by removing the blindfold something he almost never did, as Amanda and one of the most ugliest and frightening older looking black gangers I have ever seen walked up to greet us!
My husband then gave me to Amanda, to my surprise do to prior arrangements he had made with her, had gotten back on the bus as it pulled away! OMG! This was my fantasy, but I had thought my husband would take care of me or at least be around to make sure nothing bad happened to me like he had done in the past? But there I was now totally naked wearing only red 5” hi heels with my hands shackled helplessly and tightly behind my back, and this dominating black woman and black gang banger in charge of what ever they were going to do to me?

He had attached a rusty old chain that was very heavy as a leash to the neck shackle, that was locked tight around my neck! Amanda had been concerned that some of the black gang members might not do as they were told and had come assist! Unknown to me at the time this was so my husband could just leave me with them naked and exposed in broad daylight for my bare assed humiliating trek to her house!
Standing at the bus stop with quite a number of black street people who were curious as to what was going to happen ? The big black mean looking man was fondling my breasts and had raised one up and pushed it out so Amanda could mark me as a slave! I knew this was part of being one, but she handed him a black wide tipped permanent magic marker and told him to write the number # 22 on my white naked breast in big bold numbers! With my attention on this, as it was one of my fantasy's to have a slave number written on my naked body, like at a slave auction? Amanda had removed her leather belt and had stuck her hand up into my almost dripping pussy, then had smeared my wetness all over the end of the leather belt! She had told me to raise my wrists up as the heavy chain fastened to the front of my neck shackle easily helped me lean forward. Then she gave me one helluva sadistic stinging whack on my bare bottom! I screamed out so loud that this had brought the attention of almost every one that was in earshot of my totally unexpected screaming wail! With tears of pain flooding my eyes I had tried to extend my wrists and fingers down to rub and sooth my burning buttock, but could barely do so as Amanda now on her knees with the black marker wrote the number # 22 in even bigger and bolder numbers on my red and stinging bare bottom!

It was almost dusk and the cool evening air caressed my naked body that had left my burning ass cheek with incredible stimulating goose bumps, as I was walked along. Amanda had substituted the belt for a nasty little whip, that I would find out could be used both to sting and stimulating, and that would be used to insure my full attention and cooperation! The 5” hi heels were very difficult for me to walk in as they were used mostly for show, and I was normally a real klutz! But when usually blindfolded for some reason my sense of balance seemed to be much better and I was more sure footed, that would normally allow me to easily walk along most short distances with almost complete balance!
But now with it removed and me able to see my sense of balance was lacking leaving me precarious and quite unsteady on these incredibly hi,.. heels! A woman's legs thighs and bottom become so shapely when wearing hi heels but the muscles in mine and especially my oversize ripe buttocks made me look even more obscene as they forced me to walk with my toes pointed in! It was just a subconscious way for me to somehow try to protect my pussy, and was something that I had done as a young girl and a habit that many young girls have?

Amanda had told me to do what ever this big black gang banger said no matter what, and I knew from the way she said it to do so, as Amanda assured me that I would be severely punished if I did not do exactly what I was told when naked as a slave on a leash!
This big nasty looking man had little concern for me or my feelings and was like Amanda determined to give me the most abusive embarrassing and humiliating naked public experience I could imagine, and boy did I ever have one sexually perverted imagination! The heavy chain and shackle made it very difficult to keep my head up, and Amanda used the stinging little whip along with continual commands to stand up straight! At first I did fairly well but as I was led along for a distance it became more and more difficult to hold my head up? The big black banger sensed my difficulty and started pulling me along at an even brisker pace! This made me stumble along and almost fall, Amanda saved me from falling several times, but by using the whip in my privates that made me really jump up straight!

OMG! As I tried to keep my balance my tits would roll back and forth across my chest so obscenely and my big soft hanging ass cheeks would slightly bounce and jiggle as a number of poor black men an women that lived in this run down place watched with knowing delightful gleeful, that were all smiles! These smiles were about me, treated as a naked helpless white female sex slave! The fact that I now had to pee really bad left me uncertain and I did not want to just do, it! ... So as I was having a difficult time holding it I had started to plead, first to my black keeper who was quite amused and had little concern for me or my need to relieve myself! I had turned to Amanda and begged her to let me pee? I thought at first Amanda took pity on me and finally after walking some distance she had my black keeper stop, but her real goal was just to humiliate me in the most embarrassing way! A crowd of people had gathered around to watch what would become such a sinful and pathetic site! Then she said to spread my legs and kneel down as best I could and that I had her permission to pee and relieve myself! But added not to get any on my red hi heels, or I will wish I hadn’t?

The humiliation of being naked and on a leash was bad enough, but to do my business with so many awful looking black strangers watching my pussy was so horribly humiliating and embarrassing, that it left my little pee hole bashful and unable to let the pee that needed so badly only moments ago get out, and would not easily flow! Amanda was having fun at my expense and was encouraging me to let it go as I tried and tried with all my might! But with so many others laughing smiling pointing and making crude remarks had made it very difficult! Finally when I was about to explode the first of several tinkles started with a few drips followed by more and more until I was peeing like a racehorse ! The forceful yellow pee of course had splashed all over the dry ground and had, even with my ankles wide apart and my bare shaven pubes sinfully exposed still covered my shiny red hi heels with a muddy coating of dirt and pee!

Amanda loved the fact that I had been unable to stop this from happening and that she now had a reason punish me it front of all these people? I did not care as when one really needs to go and finally gets to do so, had left me with that wonderful feeling of relief! She then had the gang banger bend me over on my knees and hold my face in the dirt only inches from the muddy pee as he put his dirty boot on my neck! Then Amanda had removed my red heels leaving me barefoot with my bare glistening pubic mound now up and even more sinfully exposed was working it over even harsher with the nasty stinging whip! Whap! Whap Whap! This had brought a mixture of pain and incredible stimulation that was what I craved! To my surprise as the banger drug me around Amanda was now wearing my red heels and had stuck one under my nose and told me to lick off the muddy pee off, followed by the other .OMG! This was so nasty and humiliating, then I was jerked up to my feet by the chain and led through the next block of this neighborhood, the place had gang slogans and colorful graffiti painted all over the walls and fences, the sight of it was so heady and exactly what I had fantasized about seeing and happening to me.

This along with the nasty stinging whip directed mostly up and in between my exposed and unprotected naked thighs had left my slit dripping! The results had my clit an pink little cunt lips red swollen and hanging down with perverted sexual anticipation the likes of which I had never known or experienced before!
Off in the distance I could hear a police siren that seemed to be getting closer! OMG! I could just see myself naked in chains with my goodies censored on the 10:00 o'clock news? Neither Amanda or this black banger made any attempt what so ever to stop or cover me up? Apparently Amanda had told my husband that the police steered clear of this part of town and would not intervene in anything that went on short of some one being murdered! My heart was pounding as the sirens came closer, and then..... went right on by without even slowing down! Sill trembling holding my breath and stumbling along with my tits and big ass cheeks jiggling,..and from the excitement of it all had brought me to a fucking sexual fever pitch!
The man leading me finally came to Amanda's house, it was almost dark now! The place was every thing I had imagined and I would not have changed a thing, it was old and run down and fearful looking? The steps creaked as I was practically dragged up them and on to the porch. Amanda made no effort what so ever to stop her nasty stinging whipping of my genitals that were almost raw and my tits and bare bottom still jiggled obscenely as she whipped me up the last few steps! The light above the door made my naked body look so white and exposed, this allowed several curious black neighbors of hers to watch me naked and helplessness from a distance?

Amanda loved to fuck with and intimidate young white women like me and their desire to become sex slaves to black people, a kind of reverse as to what happened to young black women back in the day and during the time of real slavery!
The Gang banger had turned loose and let the heavy chain drop, and hang on its own, this pulled my chin down even more and made it very difficult for me to hold my head up! As he left, Amanda, and apparently for my benefit told him to be back tomorrow afternoon and to bring the rest of the bangers with him,... well over a dozen she asked, he said yes? And that they would all get a chance to really use me? I was then lead down the hall to a small room where Amanda's husband JR had every thing ready it was like a photo booth as he explained the procedure and that I was to be photographed and registered as a modern day slave slut! OMG! I liked the idea of being marked as a slave, and heard about such things but never thought it would ever happen to me? It was just part of Amanda's way for her and my husband to make me feel like I was really going to be a slave, or was it? The thought really left me wondering and unsure?

Then the reality started to sink in as I began to think, .. my mind went crazy with wild thoughts that my husband had actually sold me to this black couple? JR asked me if I was willing and ready to be their slave, I meekly said yes. Then he said to sign several legal looking documents where indicated that already appeared to be notarized, with Amanda watching he pushed me back against the wall and facing forward a camera flashed, and again as he turned my profile in front of an official looking white lined back board on the wall much like when a police mug shot was taken? This was followed by using a smaller digital camera, and had taken close ups of my face my breasts, my bottom and of course several really close ups of my dripping pussy!
The mug shots were instant and I saw one of me, that had a slave number of 185122 next to my face apparently this would be my official registered slave number that would be permanently assigned to me and I would be registered on this site for all to see! I could also be bought and sold to anyone with the right amount of cash money! My husband had threatened to sell me as a slave on numerous occasions, but I thought he had only been joking, now I was not so sure? JR Amanda's husband commented, welcome “Slave Cunt Deanna” to our dungeon I know you will enjoy your stay,.. the way he said it seemed to imply that I would be in this dungeon for much longer than just the weekend?...

With me still wondering? I was taken over to a darken stairwell at the end of the hall by Amanda, who had placed a big 3” ring gag in my mouth that kept it open so far it hurt and held my red lips and mouth wide open, then buckled it rather tightly behind my head. To add to my plight she told me to stick my tongue out, I was so naively stupid to comply and did so without even thinking! As she with a big sadistic smile had clamped one of those small alligator clamps, you know the kind that have sharp little teeth,.. onto the tip of my tongue that instantly bit in, making me screech and slobber in pain! To add to this , it had a big lead weight attached to it, ! After which I was carefully helped down the dark stairs with my tongue pulled out and swelling and me with spittle drooling out around the ring gag. OMG! The stairs creaked as each step I took descending into this black hole of a place where I would be so...sinfully used and abused! This old basement dungeon unknown to me also had an entrance outside in the dark back alley that had a similar stairwell and access to the basement. This allowed other of Amanda’s perverted friends that had a key to come and go as they pleased and use any of the naked and bound slave women like me without using the front door?

Once down in the dark basement Dungeon the soft orange electronic flickering of indirect lighting had made the place look like that of lit torches in an old med evil dungeon? This light allowed me to see just enough of the place to leave me trembling in fear? I was taken to one of several special rooms that had big steel cage like doors. And was walked over to the middle of the room, then made to first kneel down, and bend forward placing my neck onto a short steel post, one that was sticking up a foot or so off the floor ? After which the shackle around my neck was quickly fastened to it with two large bolts!

Amanda had removed my wrists from the double shackles and told me to stretch my arms out to each side in a sort of kneeling spread eagle position. They were so stiff I could hardly move them, but her nasty whip encouraged me by putting several candy stripes on my bare bottom, than made me quickly able to stick them out!
She was down next to me and with my arms out as far as I could possibly hold them she pulled them just a little farther and expertly placed my wrists in heavy metal shackles and locked them with big brass locks similar to the one that was on the shackle around my neck! They were also bolted securely to the floor leaving my arms and neck held tight. She worked my knees apart just enough that my ass was sticking up in the air and pulled my ankles even farther apart this had pulled my pubic muscles enough to open an expose my dripping wet pussy to the cool damp air of the musty dungeon! Then she shackled first my knees followed by my ankles to the rough uneven wooden floor, this had left me totally helpless stark ass naked and so fucking vulnerable I was unable to move at all.
My firm young breasts were now hanging straight down and had left my nipples only inches above the floor? This along with my legs that were spread wide had left my bottom pussy slit pink cunt lips clitoris exposed and sticking up so invitingly perverse leaving them totally accessible to anyone or anything!. With my juices seeping glistening and dripping had made a small puddle on the floor in the dull light of the dungeon, I must of looked a wretched site?... Amanda again took the small nasty whip and proceeded to briskly whip my exposed and unprotected pubic mound more severely than ever, directing most of the hurtful stinging blows to this most sensitive apex while occasionally fingering my slit and twisting my more than swollen cherry tomato sized blood red rose bud of a clit, and did so quite harshly in between the stinging strokes of the whip!.....

With me wondering slightly whimpering, and on the edge of a most sadistic orgasm, one I had longed for in my humiliating and so over stimulated genitals, that I could hardly stand it! This along with the sounds and my reaction to this special tortured whipping abuse, had only been muffled slightly by the ring gag, but still echoed enough in an eery way through the dungeon that started sending chills of fear up and down my naked spine!

I was starting to panic now and through the ring gag tried pleading for Amanda to release me and that I had changed my mind although it was half a hearted plea as my real feelings were mixed, but my words with my tongue painfully clamped and sticking out with the heavy weight, only left me slobbering through the ring gag and my words quite distorted? I am sure Amanda could hear and understand the sounds of what were my hopeless pleadings, ones that would become loud vocal, and last into the night! But they would be of no avail as no one would hear me much less understand what I was trying to say, come to my rescue, or help me in any way, and this was something I already knew! Amanda kept mocking me as she asked what,... what was that dear?
You need to speak clearly slave slut Deanna as I cannot understand a word you are saying? Again mocking me as my tongue so painfully clamped had distorted most all of my pathetic pleas for help to little more than slobbering drooling gibberish! As a parting shot she had taken a small bottle of liquid and squirted it out onto her fingers? Then had removed my red hi heels and had smeared the stuff with an erotic touch all over the bottom of my feet especially my instep, then along my ankles and up the inside of both my thighs stopping just short of my dripping pussy! .....She had also rubbed it all over my breasts taking great care to rub it into the very tips of my nipples”I found out later that it was sexual secretions testosterone and mucus from several small wild female animals”the kind that attracted males for sex! The intent at first was not obvious, but one I would find out later that evening to be not only sexually stimulating but more sadistic and frightening than I could have ever imagined in my most wildest dreams?
Not done with just this, I helplessly wondered? She had taken a tube of special orange cream and first knelt down, then rubbed it into and up and down the inside of my bare wide open slit, mixing it with female wetness taking great care and much delight to really rub it all over and needing into my now swollen and over sensitive large nub of a clitoris! The first of this attention on my genitals had with little effort brought me to an incredible mind blowing orgasm,... My pubic mound love tunnel and pussy muscles shuddered tightened and released again and again in a most wonderful soothing way! But just as I was ready to get off again she snapped my clit really hard with her thumb and fore finger like knocking a pesky bee off of a flower, and stopped! OMG! She did it again as I was close and ready taking the edge of another orgasm quickly away! That in spite of my dreaded concern left me trying through the ring gag to tell her to pleaseeee,.... get me off! The orange cream was even more sinister, and again I would find out later that evening how it worked and several weeks after this just exactly what the stuff actually was? ( It was a well proven stimulant for women, but it was laced with stinger venom from some of the meanest hornets known to man)?
Then the lights were turned off and I heard the big steel door close behind me with a clank, it was the only sound I had to go by. After which I was just left there nude and manacled to the floor, to wonder? I was really scared and fearful now, as to what I might have gotten myself into? …But I was also so horny and stimulated and the orange stuff at first was so soothing and left me with a very relaxed feeling, however that slowly changed into a sexual burning the likes of which I could never have imagined? All was quiet as the warm sinful feeling Amanda had inflected on my love triangle slowly gave way to a feeling and need for attention, but I was unable to do anything to pleasure myself and just laid there shackled helplessly hoping that someone or something would touch me in the place that needed the most attention!......

I had been laying there for sometime in the dark, and heard what I thought was an unusual noise, was it just my imagination? Or was it something else.? As I laid there naked and helpless , something started licking first one and then the other of my bare hanging nipples with a raspy little tongue? The sensation was incredible but what happened next was even more wild and crazy as I felt something furry brush the inside of my calf !

Then another of what felt again like a tiny raspy tongue start to lick my toes and the bottom of my feet! OMG! What was doing this?....Apparently it was not only some sort of animal, there were two of them! A rodent? Oh my fucking gawd! What could it be, a sewer rat? I was now so terrified, at the thought, and was trying to lay there there and be as still as possible and not move a muscle in hopes that the things might go away, and leave me alone? But whatever they were,... had no intention of going away! To some the bare feet are a most sensitive and erotic way to stimulate one, and for me it really was virgin territory, that no one had ever done anything like this to me, much less some sort of furry critter? The thing had me shuddering with sensations I had never felt before by having ones feet stimulated like this as the it licked away?

With my heart pounding and me holding my breath, I was doing poorly at trying not to move, then to my horror it started licking farther and farther up the inside of my leg and on to my bare skinned naked inner creamy white thigh as the other was apparently laying on its back enjoying himself and doing a very good job of suckling one of my tasty nipples! OMG! This little mammal or whatever it was had been drawn by the smell and now the taste of the stuff along with my mixed cum juices, that was left seeping down both of inner thighs, and was leaking down my slit and dripping off the tip of my swollen clitoris on the floor directly below and into a small puddle!....

The feeling and desire for some meaningful attention was incredible, I was torn between not moving a muscle something that was almost impossible to do, or trying to arch my little muff out and up just enough so that this little gremlin could actually help me orgasm!... This thing was now standing on its hind legs and getting closer and closer to my clit!, as it licked away. I could feel its little paws with their tiny claws barely dig in to my tender flesh of my inner thigh! Then It had paused and released its grip for a moment as it descended? It had been attracted to the puddle of my wetness that was getting bigger from constant dripping, and now taking its time to lap up my tasty sexual secretions!.... Up until It quit I had fearful sadistic visions of sharp little teeth biting into my ripe and over swollen clitoris!... The pause was maddening, as I tried to do my best and not move at all, holding my bare pubic muscles as tight as I possibly could! My clit and hood that normally covered it had been stimulated to the point it was back entirely out of the way, and the fleshy membrane with my clt at the very end was hanging down so inviting as my wet secretions continued to seeped down and drip into the puddle!
Then to my horror this little rodent finally with most of the puddle gone and looking for more had raised back up on its hind legs going directly to the source, and placed its paws around my clit as the tiny claws again poked into the soft stimulated over ripe flesh and started to,....... “lick” , clit! OMFG! I experienced the most unbelievable trembling orgasm, one that brought out a long terrified bloodcurdling wail,.. as I screamed my head off, and at the same time had passed out with the thought of this thing actually biting my clit like an over ripe swollen fleshy cherry tomato!.. The result of this almost unexplainable and very forceful orgasm along with the shrill noise had frightened and sent both of the little critters scurrying, back to where ever it came from!... When I finally woke up latter, the thought at first was only of, some wild perverted and sadistic dream. But slowly I started to realize that my previously unfulfilled sexual desire to be orgasmed had been satisfied well beyond anything I had ever imagined!.. And now there was an even bigger pool of female body fluid on the floor!..

Continued in chapter 2
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