Continuation of the series Who Me A Wizard
A Wizard I Am II

Roli came running out of the ship with a sheet of paper in her hand. She smiled and handed it to me.

It began Oh great wizard, Hmmm I liked that...This is a map of Loblolly viewed from the Avian way.

I thought a minute “Avian Way.” Wait a damned minute Avian means bird....Where is Harper when you need her. I continued the only way to traverse Loblolly is via the Avian way.

“Princess, Slinky, Hows about the two of you fly to the Avian way and see if there is an easy way up there.” As they flew off, a white Owl and a red mini dragon, I went back to reading. “Although the ground level is very beautiful it is filled of nine predatory creatures larger than a Volkswagen. There are thirty eight smaller ones including 7 poisonous snakes.

I realized it was a magic parchment when the next words was.. Lumper, “Duck...Now.” We did and a larger furry creature leaped over us. It looked like a large dog with a twisted lions head. When it lit and turned toward us … I cast a spell of burning and pulled my sixshooter and began firing both which backed the Lumper against a tree . Linda and Roli shared a spell which sent out a net of glue that enshrouded the Lumper and attached it to the tree.

I looked at the paper it said go up quickly. I looked at another large tree the trunk was 15 meters in diameter and 100 meters to the first limbs. As I looked up I could see steps spiraling around the tree coming closer and closer. When the stairway touched the ground Princess Aden stepped off and said “Care to join me?”

Once we were all on the stairs. Princess Aden Pulled a handle I had not noticed and the stairs began to move like a spiral escalator except the whole thing was rising . If the person on the bottom rung stepped up to the next rung the previous rung would disappear.

We passed the lowest branches and continued about 30 meters higher till we were at a landing. There we found Slinky in her human form sitting on a lunch counter stool enjoying a sandwich and a Malt. Built into the tree was a Soda Fountain fresh out of the 50's and 60's earth. The Soda Jerk was a creature resembling an earth squirrel about 4 foot tall.

Don't know why but we could understand him even though it was obvious he was speaking his own language. We all indulged and gorged ourselves on the ice cream. But finally we agreed it was time to move on..

Across the landing was the Avian going to all directions, North, South East and West . I stood their contemplating that very thing, which to choose. When the paper began to vibrate. I looked down at it and North East was highlighted I looked back at the road and another branch had appeared and it was going North East. So that is the way we traveled.. The paper even informed there were dangers on the road as well. Not only were there hungry creatures but bandits as well . It said to be aware of anyone we met unless they were in Female human form. It seems that evil could not manifest its self in that form.

We traveled down the Avian Way till we came to a tree that had a glow shining from it. As we neared we saw that it was an Inn. We need a place to rest but had no money, the paper began to rattle again . I looked at it and it said reach in your left pocket. I reached in my left pocket an found it was full of coins. I looked at the figure on the coin and I had to laugh...the figure was ME.

Oh well the desk clerk accepted the coinage and led us to our room. It was a large room big enough for all of us. There was no beds but just soft furry mats made from a creature like the one we met on the ground. We cleaned up and did our business in a modern wash closet and we all turned in. Barf and I had the same problem at least three hands gripping our cocks. Bets led with her pussy and sank on to my cock pushing all the hands away. Slinky not wanting to wait slid her pussy on my mouth I didn't
last long nor did Bets or Slinky. When they finished they suddenly lifted into the air and floated to the foot of the mat. Where they gently alit and they were slid under the covers.

Linda put down her wand and said I have been waiting for over three years Stand back ladies he is all mine now. She moved down to me and placed a chaste kiss on my lips, well that is how it started. Then the kiss turned to a fiery passionate kiss. I ran my hands over her small well put together body . Ending with both hands on her glorious ass. I was wondering how I had held out all this time. I stroked the globes of her ass then moved back up to caress her firm small as oranges titty flesh. Her nipples were as hard as steel. I rolled her on to her back.

I moved down and took one of her nipples in my mouth while still stroking the other one. With the unbusy hand I began to slide down her belly to her navel then to her sparse bush. I ran my fingers thru her bush and into her tiny slit. I moved my finger to her hole and began to enter with my finger. Thats when I discovered she really had waited over three years... She was still a virgin. I kissed my way down to her Navel an laved it real well with my tongue. I licked thru her hair and slid my tongue over her outer lips sucking each one into my mouth I slurped till I felt her tense up.

Then I slid my tongue around her clit and sucked. She slapped her hands to the either side of my head and pulled my face as close as she could get it. Orgasm number one. I Slipped my tongue in her hole as far as it would reach. I slipped a finger in and began rubbing her clit bingo number two. Her little body was on fire and she was sweating so profusely she was hard to hold on too. I moved back up her bady and managed to start the head of cock in to her pussy. She screamed and not meaning to she threw me across the room before she could withdraw her magic.

That is when we noticed we had an audience... every one was watching us. I smiled at her and I said lets try this differently. I lay on my back and before Linda could reach me Roli rand her mouth down and off my cock, I told her to mount me and that she was in control. Princess Aden guided her and spread her pussy lips till the head was at the entrance.

Do it as much as you can . By this time she was getting advice from all the girls. But I don't think she could hear them. Then with a pop the head was gone and she stopped. Her face drew up and she pressed downward and with a scream she sunk a little lower.

Roli leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Linda shook her head yes. Roli began her count down one, two, Linda's face was showing the strain, Three. Linda forced downward and Roli put her hands on Linda's shoulders and pressed downward. Linda screamed and slid all the way on to me.

She was extremely tight and I wondered if she had tore the hide off me. She had fallen forward and her head was on my shoulder. I felt her shuddering over and over and realized she was still climaxing. The time stretched into minutes. I was starting to wonder if she was alright when I felt a tiny movement. Her hips seemed to be waking up. An inch up and a half inch sideways then back down then repeat.

Gradually she began to move faster and when she would bottom out she would grind her butt into me as if she was trying to draw me deeper. I was beginning to match her movements I again slipped a finger toward her clit and it was still extremely sensitive and soon as I touched it she began to have small spasms. I began to speed up trying to stay with her. She began to scream and howl, that is the best description I could give

I was trying to hold on to her hips then I slammed upward and she slammed downward . I had a release that came from my toes. She continued to scream and through her body backwards almost pulling out except for her pussy muscles which was hanging on. Our clash of juices soaked the mat and sheets and each other.

Everyone was clapping, They seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. We made it twice more and no one got any sleep. It was necessary to stay another night, and get clean bedding, so we could get some sleep. Before we went to sleep Linda raised up and said to Bark “You're next.” Barf is an inch longer that me in his Werewolf form. He licked his lips

We learned at the Inn that as long as we were on the Avian Way we could not be attacked by anything. The major problem was every 200 or so kilometers the Avian descended to the ground for about the same distance. There also was the cities, at the end and at the new beginning across the troubled earth.

The next week we reached Thunder Bird Town. The instant we entered the town it began to rain and there were loud claps of thunder and clashes of Lightening. We made a quick night of it and booked a room in the largest Inn. We gathered around a table in the eating room and was served large bowls of stew. I was afraid to ask what was in it. In the midst of our meal we were joined by to broad shouldered bearded Dwarfs who seemed to be attracted to Lulu and Bets. They introduced themselves as Rock & Silt the younger sons of Crack Rock Breaker King of Gravel Down rock Town. This introduction was made in a booming voice that shook the entire Inn. In the midst of the intro Silt leaned down to me and said beware of the patrons at the next table.

I looked over and they were a disheveled, unsavory and disreputable mismatched bunch of creatures. They were looking at us and I swear their mouths were literally drooling.

Then with out being asked Rock and Silt Joined us at our table by sliding in beside Lulu and Bets who were tittering like a couple of school girls. This also put Silt next to me and while he seemed to be flirting with Lulu he was imparting info to me. They had been directed by a storm cloud to act as our guides. And was told we would be rewarded. We are young and single I am 203 and Rock is my twin. We have just come of age to start a courting.

Looking at Lulu and Bets these two are quite comely. But back to other things. We thing that group are out to rob and rape and they have been watching you since you entered. I said we would have to watch for them tomorrow. When we headed for our room Lulu and Bets opted to join the twins for the night.

The next morning after breakfast Rock and Silt met us with a creature that had been cross bred for the purpose of aiding travelers. It was about four feet tall and called a Lader. To ride you straddled its neck. Its back was flat with skin covered plates to form a fence like area to hold provisions or cargo. Also a second person could ride on its back. They had four of them. The males rode astraddle and the females rode in their backs. I guess the best way to describe the Animal was to think of an Ox pulling a wagon. With the cart being part of the Ox.

I looked around but the group that had been at the other table had already left. I was right behind The twins and each of they had a huge axe strapped to their back and each carried a war hammer laying across the Lader's back. The road we followed was lined by smaller trees filled with vines and other brush and all sorts of bad animals. While on the Avian Way we could make 30 kilometers a day but on the ground the average was less than half that.

Only because of Aden's Owl and Slinky scouting for us we were usually prepared for animal atacks. But we were not prepared when Aden flew into a net, As soon as the net pulled her down she morphed and was captured.

When it was past time for Princess Aden 's return I was hesitant about sending Slinky. When a , I hesitate to call the filthy creature a man. But never the less a man he was, Stepped on to the road.

“We have your Owl Lady and if you want her back you will put all your goods on the ground in front of you.”

I looked at him and looked around, “I Think not how do I know there are any more of you. And even if there how do I know you have her.”

Before us more of them began to appear, I counted eleven then two more stepped out each holding one of Aden's arms. That makes thirteen I chuckled that's a bad news number if I ever saw one.

“Why do you laugh we have the girl.”

“Oh I was just thinking how easy this was going to be.” I cast a spell on the two that held Aden's arms, causing her arms to send electric current into their hands which they yanked back. I yelled “Owl...High!” Aden morphed and flew high.

The dwarfs began swinging there hammers and Barf crashed into three of them and ripped them apart. Linda was casting her fire globes . And I smilingly stood back and watched until needed and then I pulled my pistol and picked off the stragglers.

Rock and Silt laughed “ how silly of me to warn you of danger... we didn't know you were a bunch of wizards.”

Linda says, “ Only two wizards and their familiars.....The rest just what is required.”
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