After Megan experiences 3 years of horror, she finds Brandon.
NOTE: Fair warning – you will have to read through a long stretch of story development getting to the sex. If you feel you need to get right to the meat of things, this story may not be for you. I almost labeled this one non-erotic.


Megan watched the entrance to the shelter carefully for over 3 hours, watching for signs of life, waiting to see if anyone returned, making sure it was safe to explore. She hadn’t stayed alive over the last 3 years by being impetuous. As her father always told her, slow and steady won the race.

While watching for inhabitants in the bunker, she let her mind wander back to when the lights and power just died; the lights went out, computers failed to work even on emergency backup power, and appliances had been destroyed as the power system overloaded and then crashed. When the family went out to start up the families SUV, it refused to start.

She still wasn’t sure what caused the power loss to happen, her father had said something about EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse, or something like that. Megan and her family, led by her father, left the City of Indianapolis where they had lived all her life. Her dad told the family that the cities would become death traps. But it was out on the road where her mom and dad met their demise.

Ever since the lights went out, every day had been a battle to survive. Over the years, Megan had stooped so low as to dine on rats, mice, woodworms, and a host of other less than desirable food items. The secret to rats and mice was to cook them well done to kill off the diseases they carried.

One of the best treats was when she discovered a log with carpenter ants. She thought they tasted like star burst fruit chews. The nest had been huge and she feasted on the larger than normal ants for days.

Early on, some her staples had been tree bark, cat tail roots, and earthworms. Unfortunately, over the first year, the cat tail roots had been picked over pretty badly.

Megan remembered back to the early days when someone might shoot you over a can of peas. Megan hated canned peas, she would starve before she ate them. She remembered coming across a stash of can goods out behind an old farm house and she chowed down on the beets, corn, green beans, and especially the canned hominy. In addition, the farm family had squirreled away cans of fruit: peaches, pears, cherry filling, and fruit cocktail. Megan ate everything but the canned peas over the course of three weeks.

She had been on the verge of starvation when she stumbled upon the freshly dug up earth. On a hunch, she dug down to see why someone had been digging in the middle of the brush. She fully expected to find a body, but found the food instead. That’s when Megan decided to look for caches where ever she traveled.

Initially, after the lights went off, people started dying off in droves as the city people’s supplies of food dwindled almost overnight. Her dad said something about stores having only 3 days’ worth of food and ‘stuff’ available due to a just in time delivery system. Only due to the looting, the food in the stores only lasted hours, not days. The majority of city dwellers that remained in their urban homes died off within the first 6 months.

Initially, people started to hunt, but soon, cows, chickens, pigs, horses, and finally wildlife were hunted to near extinction. The animals left learned to lay low or die. The only place where people and animals continued to thrive was low population areas like Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. High population states like California, Texas and New York were the first to die off. Los Angeles and New York City were particularly gruesome as the food ran out.

Rural inhabitants fared much better; until the roving bands of armed gangs started roaming the country sides, stripping away any food left, killing anybody or anything in their path. To protect themselves, people started to ban together, forming small fiefdoms, where the meanest, toughest, most ruthless people lorded over their surfs. Only then could the gangs be fought and driven away.


After sitting and watching for 6 hours give or take, her only way to tell time was the sun. Megan figured it was safe to make her move. She was going to go in and see if there was anything left inside of any use. She figured that it probably had already been overrun by a gang and plundered, but they normally left something behind that would be useful. After exploring the main bunker, she would stay in the area for a week or so looking for hidden hoards of food and supplies.

Megan left her 30/30 and her heavy backpack in the brush a good 100 yards from the concrete entrance to the hidden shelter. The rifle had saved her ass a number of occasions and she actually used it to shoot a deer the previous fall. Their population was starting to recover after the great hunt. One of the things she thanked heaven for was her dad teaching her how to shoot.

Megan stealthily approached the entrance to the shelter. This one had been one of the best she had seen. She only discovered its entrance by almost falling into it. That would have been a deadly mistake if the den would have been inhabited. Usually, if the survivors were still alive, they came out shooting if invaded by an unknown person or persons.

The bunker was well concealed and located in a place with access to the basics: A food growing area; a creek for water; and a large forest for firewood. This part of Southern Missouri had been loaded with survivalist types, who liked to keep their survival rations and equipment in hidden caches out and away from their shelters. Judging by the air vents she had scoped out while waiting to see if someone was still was still occupying it, she knew that this underground shelter must be huge.

There was evidence of a garden from the previous growing season. It was March and just about time for it to be planted again, given the southern Missouri growing season. Megan had drifted into the area because it seemed to be relatively free of fiefdoms and gangs. It was kind of like a large Sherwood Forest. But, mostly, it was the food caches that kept her in the area.

The cold season really sucked, without an accumulation of food one could easily starve. Fortunately, during the last fall, she hazarded upon a huge cache about 30 miles north of her current location. After moving the supplies a good 5 miles away from the discovery point, in a direction she picked at random, she built a shelter to winter over in. She still had half the contents of the cache squirreled away, available to fall back on if her summer foraging didn’t fare so well.

Megan had ghosted up to the entrance and stopped again so she could cautiously listen for sounds of other living entities. What she heard was absolutely nothing. The absence of noise had her spooked. Normally, the woods chittered away both day and night. Quiet was a sign that something was in the area, something that scared the native fauna into silence. The only sound she could hear was a gentle breeze in the branches of the trees that were just starting to bud out with their spring leaves.

Megan attributed the silence to her presence. She thought she had been as quiet as a mole in its hole, but she knew that even a snap of a twig could shut down the normal cacophony that was standard inside a forest. She couldn’t remember breaking a single branch, but she had been concentrating on the shelter, it might have gone unnoticed as she concentrated on the target.

Megan quietly slipped down the cement stairs, going lower and lower underground. One of the more unusual aspects of this particular shelter was it was built in an area that deep enough soil to bury it completely at ground level. This area of the Ozarks was notorious for having bed rock within a foot or two of the surface and most survival shelters were built at least halfway out of the ground, looking more like mounds.

The girl noticed that the door to the shelter looked to be used recently, the hinges weren’t rusted up like many of the bolt holes she explored in the past. This made her really nervous. The garden, the hinges, the clear pathway leading from the entrance all told her that this place had been occupied within the last year. The dead silence was the only indicator telling her that the shelter was unoccupied.

Megan pushed and the door easily swung open. She thanked her luck stars that it was well lubricated and didn’t squeak, announcing her like a herald in a royal court. The dark haired girl was all about stealth; she credited silence and obscurity as keeping her alive since losing her family.

Megan took a silent deep breath and stepped quickly and quietly into the interior of the bunker. She was surprised by the ambient light inside, it was just enough where she could make out the form of the bolt holes contents. To her amazement, there was a lot of stuff within several steps from where she was standing. She took another step forward so she could start to explore the underground space, and to see if she what treasures she could uncover. Maybe there might even be a bow saw!

Just as she was going to take yet another step forward, she heard a loud click in her right ear, and about jumped out of her skin when a man’s voice said, “FREEZE! You move an inch and I’m going to paint the wall with your brains!” As careful as Megan had been, she hadn’t been careful enough.


She glanced to the right without turning her head more than an inch or two, she could barely make out the silhouette of a man in her peripheral vision. Indeed, it looked like he was holding a handgun to her head. The man asked, demanded, her name, “Who are you!”

Megan squeaked out, “I’m Megan Riordan.” She heard the man relax hearing her young voice. That might be the last mistake the man made. Megan had a large hunting knife she knew how to use, and she had a Judge; a large 44 colt revolver that she had used more than once to protect herself. With the Judge, unless the enemy had a dense thick barrier to hide behind, the powerful 44 caliber bullet would penetrate what they hid behind, easily killing them. People had been amazed that such a slender young woman could fire such a monster.

The man switched on a light, she marveled that he had electricity to run the small lighting system. She was initially blinded by the quick change in lighting, but since it wasn’t that bright she quickly recovered.

The man commanded her to turn towards him slowly with her hands outstretched. She was told if she made any threatening move, she would be shot. Megan grimaced, this guy was careful. She expected him to have moved in to frisk her, which she would have stuck him with her knife or pulled out the Judge and shot him. No such luck.

She finally got a good look at the man. He looked to be in his mid-30s, and he had clean auburn curly hair, a bushy beard, and seemed to be well fed. What surprised her the most was him being clean; the man actually smelled of soap!

Megan considered herself lucky, really. Having been caught dead to rights like she had, there should have been a greater than even chance that the man would have shot first and asked questions of her corpse. The fact she was still alive attested to the luck she had over the last 3 years.

The man asked, “How old are you, Megan Riordan?”

Megan shrugged, “I’m 18.”

The man shook his head in disbelief, “You don’t look much older than 15 or 16.”

Megan grinned, trying to woo the man into her confidence. She responded, “Well, I would show you my driver’s license if I had one. They stopped issuing them about the time I was getting old enough to have one.”

The man looked at her svelte frame and her greasy stringy hair. He simple said, “You stink.”

She grinned and responded, “You don’t. Where the hell did you find soap?”

He smiled, “I was smart enough to stock up a nice hoard of it before the shit hit the fan. I’ve got all sorts of things that make life reasonably enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t have a warehouse full of toilet paper somewhere.”

“Oh my goodness,” Megan exclaimed, “wouldn’t that be nice!”

The man’s face changed, suddenly he was all business again. “Okay, I want you to slowly strip off your clothes. Keep your hands and fingers visible. Don’t make any sudden moves and you just might stay alive over the next 5 minutes.”

Alarm bells went off in Megan’s head. She stilled remembered vividly being raped by the stranger in Illinois. The man who shot and killed her two brothers. It had been about 3 or 4 months after her parents were gunned down. The man who raped her over two years earlier had ordered her to strip off her clothes, just like the man inside the shelter was doing now.


When rapist demanded she remover her things, her two brothers charged the evil man to protect Megan from whatever the man holding the pistol had in mind. First he put a round through Eric’s chest, and then he turned and put another through Michael’s forehead. Megan almost went insane in the months following, after watching her brothers be slaughtered up close. It was bad enough watching her mom and dad get gunned down, but they had been 50 yards away, while she and her brothers watch from concealment.

The man grinned maliciously at Megan after shooting both of her brothers dead, he demanded, “Off with your clothes or you’ll be joining your companions!”

She endured it the humiliation of the man’s cock up inside her body; that was until she was able to quietly slip her knife from her discarded clothing. She had been pretending to enjoy the man’s unwelcome attention, lulling him into complacency. So when she slipped the shiny steel knife blade between the man’s ribs and up into his heart, it came as a complete surprise. She was bathed in blood before she could get the heavy man off of her, and his still hard penis out of her vagina. How a dead man could stay hard was beyond her understanding.


Ending the flashback, Megan figured this man was going to try and rape her too. She figured if he did, it wouldn’t be the first time, and probably not the last. She had already been raped twice before. She managed to kill both her attackers, either during the act like the first time, or after the attacker went to sleep, like the second. As careful as the man in the bunker was being, he probably was going to succeed with rape number 3. She figured as long as he left her alive after taking his pleasure on her, she would come out a winner. She smiled to herself, at least this rapist isn’t bad looking.

Megan knew that she only had seconds to start complying with is commands or she would die. The man didn’t look like he was too keen on having her dilly dally around. She reached up and unbuttoned her farmer’s coat, one of those brown thick jackets that was impervious to the wind. She held it out and asked, “Okay, where do you want me to put it.”

He nodded to an area off to her left. He told her to toss it out of reach. Megan frowned, there went her knife. She had it inside a sheath she sewed to the inside liner of the coat. She bent down slowly and started to untie her boots. She looked up at the man watching her and said, “Do you mind if I sit down so I can pull these off.”

The man, who was watching her like a hawk, said, “As long as you move slow and keep your hands in view.” So the girl sat down and slowly pulled her boots off. She debated on trying to pull out the shank she had hidden inside the liner of her boot, but she decided that he would we watching for such a move and he would shoot her. So she tossed first one and then the other boot over with her jacket.

She stood back up, and she started to unbutton her flannel shirt. She took her time, making sure she didn’t spook the gunman. As she unbuttoned the garment, she was thinking about ways to get to the Judge she had tucked in a belt holster just over the upper part of her butt crack. She quickly concluded that the man was holding what appeared to be a 1911 colt 45 semi-automatic pistol. He could get off at least 3 rounds before she had the Judge out of its holster.

She finally resigned herself that she wasn’t going to be able to counter attack. Her last line of defense, her hope of staying alive, was that he would find her lithe teenage body desirable, and that he would keep her around as a sex toy.

She thought to herself, ‘Hey, as long as he keeps me fed, I wouldn’t mind putting out. He’s not a bad looking guy, I mean, look at those shoulders!’ She hadn’t had consensual sex since she wintered over, the winter before last, with the teenager she met named Jason. Jason headed off north once the weather turned warm and she thought the picking would be better in the south. So the two of them parted ways.

With her shirt off, Megan started to unbutton her thick denim jeans. They weren’t the skinny jeans from her blissful early high school days. These were oversized and totally utilitarian. They protected her from injury as well as keeping her warm. The only thing she could think of better would have been stout leather pants. Megan pulled the jeans and her long john bottoms down her slender legs. She had been careful and was able to conceal the Judge from the man’s view.

The man screwed up his face and said, “Whew, if anything, that makes you stink more! Don’t you ever bathe?”

Megan scowled at her captor, “Well, it’s not like I was expecting company. What the hell do you expect? I don’t have a house with running hot water or anything!”

The man grinned and said, “Hey, the creek works just great. Try it sometime!”

Megan looked up at the hunk of a man with her large wide blue eyes and asked, “So, is that how you stay nice and clean. Soap and a cold ass creek? Haven’t you heard of hyperthermia? We’re just barely coming out of winter. I would rather stink and stay warm than be clean and die from exposure.”

Then she decided that she wasn’t going to be shot in the next few minutes as long as she behaved herself, she asked, “What’s your name anyway?”

The man smiled and said, “Brandon. Brandon Selfridge.”

Pulling her insulated underwear top over her head, she exposed the small Fairborn stiletto she had strapped to her side. It was her last line of defense during a rape. She could endure a rape as long as she had an opportunity to rid herself of the assailant in the process. The knife was in a sheath that was sewn to her bra upside down, making it easy for her to reach under her shirt, pull it out, and for her to stick into her attacker. She had to give Brandon credit, he was really smart having her disrobe. It rendered her harmless.

Brandon told her, “Don’t move! Put your hands over your head!” When she complied, he reached over and pulled the Fairborn out of its sheath.

Finally, Megan was standing in front of the man in nothing but her bra and panties. The garments were relative clean in stark contrast to the rest of Megan’s clothes, and her body. Megan hated to be wearing dirty underwear. She had a couple of bras and over a half dozen pairs of panties in her backpack. She kept them washed regularly so she could change them daily.

She just stood in front of the man in her undies. He shook his head, “Everything! Take them off?”

Megan protested, “What am I going to hide in my underwear?” Then she taunted Brandon and asked, “So, what are you going to do once I’m naked, you a pervert?”

Brandon chuckled, “Well, I thought after I check all your clothing for weapons, I would accompany you down to the creek so you could take a bath. There isn’t any way I’m going to have you staying around here with you smelling like a wild boar.”

Megan was taken back, the man was suggesting that he was going to let her stay. She might even consider not killing him when the opportunity arose. She would have to play it by ear, maybe she accidently stumbled into a good thing here.

Megan reached between her boobs and undid her bra. She chose a front loader so she could hide an icepick inside the strap in the back. So much for her last ditch defenses. She had no secret weapons inside her panties; she was going to have to come up with something. As her breast support pulled away, she blushed as the man gazed at her pink areole and nipples. Not that she was all that modest, being in survival mode kind of makes modesty take a rear seat to staying alive. But, it was the way the man was looking at her boobs, made her embarrassed.

It wasn’t like he was slathering lustfully over her, it looked like he was just assessing her, seeing if he deemed her scrawny 5’-6” frame worthy of his attention. It wasn’t that he was looking at her like she was a sex object, she was afraid he would see her intimate parts and not find them desirable. Then she decided after a moment that she was just fucked up in the head.

She reached down to her hips and quickly tugged down her panties. Exposing that last of her secrets. After kicking them off her ankles, she stood up with her brown ‘V’ of pubic hair the only thing keeping him from seeing her twinkie. Megan felt a sense of relief when she finally saw a hint of lust in the man’s eyes and in his demeanor. He must have seen SOMETHING he liked.

The man smiled, displaying his beautiful teeth. Brandon obviously had stored away tooth brushes and tooth paste in his hoard. Megan groaned, ‘Oh what would it be like to be able to brush her teeth!’

She smiled up at the man and asked, “Do you like?” She actually turned her body slowly so the man could see her entire naked form. She felt both relieved that he wasn’t rushing to rape her, and that he seemed to appreciate her body. She was still a girl and being such, her looks were important to her.

He answered her question, “Well, now I can see 18. You do have a nice set of hips. Meaning that you won’t die in child birth the first time you get pregnant.”

Megan jumped at the mention of child birth and pregnancy? She gasped, “You’re not planning on keeping me around just so you can breed are you!”

The man waved his free hand, the one without the gun. He shook his head vehemently and assured her, “No! Not at all! How uncivilized do you think I am?”

Megan frowned, “Well, all I’ve run across over the last few years are very uncivilized men. They wouldn’t hesitate to attempt to jump my bones, whether I was willing to cooperate or not.” Brandon watched Megan shudder as she spoke of cooperation.

Brandon looked shocked for the first time, “Gosh! No way Megan. If anything happens between us, it will be with your full consent, cooperation and participation. All I was trying to say was so many of the slender model types we’ve been breeding over the last 50 or 60 years are going to die during childbirth, provided they survived the economic collapse from when the EMP hit. Their hips aren’t designed to deliver babies and ‘C’ sections aren’t an option anymore.” Then he smiled diffidently, “You have hips that can handle a baby. I wasn’t implying anything else, okay?”

So Megan, stood in front of the man, naked and vulnerable. She liked the naked now that she knew he liked her body, but she hated the vulnerable part. She was still marveling that she was still alive. By now, most men having her in this situation would have stuck their big ass cocks up inside her pussy, so they could fill her with their sperm; then they would have killed her when they were done. This Brandon was an odd bird, she was lucky to have stumbled upon his lair. She decided that unless he changed his initial stripes, she was going to let this one live.

Brandon backed up and reached in a drawer in a dresser behind him. He pulled out, of all things, a pair of handcuffs. Megan began to think along the lines of rape again as the taller, heavier, man pulled her over to a pipe running up the wall and as he handcuffed her to it.

Seeing that he alarmed the smaller young woman, he said, “Relax, I’m just keeping you contained while I search your clothing.” Megan relaxed, it wasn’t going to be rape again.

Brandon slowly, carefully, searched through everything she had been wearing. He found the Judge, he hunting knife, the boot shank, the stiletto and even the icepick in her bra. She had to admire the man was good. He took the weapons and unlocked a large free standing gun safe and she sucked in a breath as he opened it.

Inside the safe was a half dozen pistols, both semi-automatic and revolvers. He had two or three hunting rifles and another 6 or 7 assault style rifles. He saw her interest as she stood naked, handcuffed to the pipe. He smiled at her, “I have two M-16’s, an AR-15 – M4, and two AR-10 – M4 7.62 NATO -- a .308 caliber if you don’t speak military. Finally, these last two are fully automatic AK-47s. I spent $200.00 a year for the permit to own automatic weapons before the Iranian’s and North Korea decided to attack us with EMP. I’m a certified gunsmith and gun dealer, not that it matter’s any more.

The nude girl looked impressed. She asked, “So, that’s what you did before? You were a gun dealer?”

Brandon shook his head no, “No, not at all, I was in the Air Force. I worked in intelligence. That’s how I knew all this crap was coming. We had run away government spending, an impending oil crisis, food shortages, unsustainable world population, and rogue nations with nukes. I considered it a recipe for disaster.

I used the knowledge to my advantage so I could get prepared for the worst, and the worst happened. So far, other than my wife was killed, I’ve faired pretty well.” At the mention of his wife, Megan could see the pain in the man’s eyes. He added, “She was pregnant at the time.”

Megan lifted her hands to indicate the cuffs on her wrists, she asked, “Okay, you’ve found my weapon’s stash, what now?” Brandon smiled as he put her weapons in the safe and closed it back up again.

Brandon smiled tenderly at the girl for the first time, he said, “Well, we need to delouse you, and then get you a bath so I can stand to be around you. Then we are going to take your clothing, all your clothing, and we are going to boil them to kill the last of the critters crawling all over your body.

“So, why don’t we get you out of those cuffs and you can show me where you’re backpack is. When we retrieve it, you indicate where it is and I’ll get it.” Seeing her suspicion he added, “You don’t have anything I need, okay? So don’t worry about me stealing from you. I just have to make sure you aren’t going to stick me with something or shoot me with another firearm you might have tucked away.”

Megan gave the man the first genuine smile she had smiled since she left the boy she wintered with. She was beginning to like this Brandon, she offered, “I promise you that I won’t try to kill you, okay? Not as long as you don’t trying to take things that aren’t yours.” Her body was implied in the act of theft.

Brandon smiled, “Okay, I’m glad to hear that, and when I think I can trust you not to slit my throat in the middle of the night, I’ll start letting you sleep without being in the handcuffs. I’m sorry, I’m not very trusting, not since Elizabeth got shot. I fed that son-of-a-bitch to the coyotes, by the way.” He continued the conversation in his head ‘I still regret trusting the bastard, I regret it down deep in my soul. My Lizzie would still be here if I would have just shot the man.’

The wooly man came over and unlocked the cuffs. He smiled and said, “Please stay in front of me, and go over and grab your clothes. Since I don’t want a case of body lice, you get to handle all your clothing until we get them and you treated.”

So still naked, Megan and the man exited the shelter. After retrieving her 30/30 and her backpack, they returned to the shelter so Brandon could lock up her rifle. Then Brandon and the girl walked a good quarter mile until they came upon a hidden glen. Inside the small clearing the man had built a small camp site. It had crude wooden benches and a large fire pit. It had a large metal bar supported over the fire area with a huge black caldron suspended over the dead fire.

Brandon explained that he spent most of the spring, summer and fall, outside at the campsite. He figured it was further protection of his bunker.

It was still a bit cool out, but Megan was used to it being much colder. The only indication that she was a bit cold was that she was a mass of goose bumps. As long as she kept moving she was fine. She was actually enjoying the feel of her body being aired out. She had to admit to herself, being all bundled up for the winter made her really stink. Brandon had not been wrong.

Brandon reached in his pack and brought out a red box with the word ‘Seven’ on it.

Megan, seeing it, asked, “What is that?”

Brandon smiled at the young woman and said, “it’s insecticide. I use it on the garden. But, I’m going to spare some to treat you. It’s supposed to be relatively harmless to humans, but kills bugs. Hopefully, if I do this right, I’m going to kill off the lice infestation and I think both of us are going to be happier for it.”

The man disappeared into the brush and came back into the clearing with two buckets. He handed one to Megan and said, “Let’s head for the creek.”

To Megan’s amazement, Brandon reached into his pack and came out with a large bar of soap. The implication was that after he poisoned the bugs on her body, he was going to let her take a bath. Just the thought of being to wash herself with soap again brought tears to her eyes. She squeaked out, “Really, you’re going to let me use it?”

Brandon chuckled, “You are really assuming a lot!” Then he grinned affectionately at the slender girl and said, “Yes, I’m going to let you use it.” Then he teased, “That way I can stand you when we are in a confined space together.” Megan giggled.

So the naked girl, the man, two buckets, a bar of soap, and a box of insecticide headed for the creek, which was about 200 yards away. Brandon explained on the way to the small river that he built the camp site well away from his shelter and back up and away from the creek. Stragglers routinely followed along the waterway, and rarely ventured off into the menacing woods surrounding it.

At the creek, Brandon commanded Megan to close her eyes and stop breathing. He dusted her greasy long hair with the powder, and then made sure she was dusted from top to bottom. He made sure she had large amounts of the dust in the hair under her armpits and her wide thick triangle of pubic hair, the most likely place to have lice. Megan blushed when he instructed her to spread her legs so he could dust her on her underside. She actually felt herself becoming aroused, knowing the man was studying her pussy.

She looked like she was turned loose naked in a bakery by the time he was done dusting her down. He had her leave the powdered poison on her body for about 15 minutes before he handed her the bar of soap and pointed out a deep pocket of water in the creek. He smiled at the girl and instructed, “Have fun! By now the bugs should be dead, and now you can wash off your winter’s grime.” Then he added concerned, “I hope the poison doesn’t kill the fish.”

Megan was overjoyed to be having her first bath of the New Year, and to actually have a bar of ivory soap to do it with. She didn’t even mind Brandon sitting on the shore watching her wash. She scrubbed her body from top to bottom, luxuriating in the soapy bubbles coating her body. She stayed out of the water, only dipping to get wet or to rinse. Being March, the water was pretty cold yet. She especially loved being able to scrub her armpits and her pussy. The two smelliest parts causing her odor problems. When she went to scrub between her legs, she felt herself blush and told Brandon to turn around until she was done.

To her delight, the man actually did avert his eyes as she scrubbed her genitalia. This was the first time he seemed to trust her. She could easily have picked up a rock and thrown it at his head, but at this point, she had no plans of harming the charming guy. He was a one in a thousand, and she wasn’t going to do anything that would spoil his growing trust in her. She was beginning to like the idea of becoming the survivalist’s partner, being able to sleep through the night without being startled away by every little sound.

She giggled as she finished scrubbing her anus. Having her ass clean for the first time all winter was a delight in itself. She called to Brandon, “Thanks for looking away. I’m all done underneath.” Then she giggled and said, “Um, why don’t you come join me?”

The man smiled and responded, “Ah, you temptress, you siren of old. Nah, I think I’ll wait, I would hate to have gone through all these precautions, just for you to bean me on the head with a rock and drown me.”

Megan huffed, “Brandon, I’m not going to hurt you!”

He smiled at her, “Well, let me be the judge of that for a while. Once burned, you avoid the fire.”

Megan’s smile turned serious, and then her face gave him a tender look, she asked, “That’s how it happened, wasn’t it? You trusted someone and they killed your wife.”

Brandon felt himself tearing up, he just nodded his head, confirming to the girl that she had guessed right. Finally, finding his voice he said, “Yes, I thought I had found a trustworthy partner, the man was friendly as could be and seemed to want to chip in doing everything.

“What actually happened was he waited to the first opportunity to ambush us, and that’s when he shot Lizzie. The moron should have shot me first, I was able to dodge behind a rock where I was able to empty a clip of 40 caliber bullets into his ass. Like I said, I left him to be eaten by the coyotes. I buried Lizzie just to the south of the bunker. The asshole didn’t kill her outright, she died of sepsis over the course of a week. She suffered! My poor Elizabeth suffered right to the end.”

The man broke down sobbing. Megan waded out of the creek and up to Brandon and pulled him into an embrace. The man sobbed into her naked shoulder for a good 10 minutes and Megan just stood there, naked, holding the man in her arms trying to give him all the comfort she was capable of.

After a bit, Brandon got control of his emotions. Megan released him and he continued, “So, Megan, if you find me to be a bit distrustful, please understand why. I want to trust you Megan, I really do. I think under all that tough veneer, there is really a sweet girl beneath.”

Megan huffed and thought to herself, ‘Sweet girl my ass, he doesn’t have a clue. The things I’ve been through, the things I’ve had to eat, the cold winter nights I thought I was going to freeze to death. Sweet? No fucking way! I don’t have the luxury of being sweet. I’m no longer the naïve 15 year old girl that got thrown into this hideous new world. She’s gone for good, replaced by me. She was gone when mom and dad were shot dead on the road; they were just minding their own business.’

Then Megan recanted a bit on her sour thoughts, ‘Now loving, that might be a different story. If this man proves out to be the sweetheart he appears to be, I could find myself falling in love with him. I’m just going to have to wait and see how it all plays out. I think we are both bent, but not broken. Life’s challenges make us stronger.’

The man actually grabbed Megan’s hand as the two of them filled a bucket each and headed back to the campsite. Megan air dried on the walk back. She was beginning to feel cold without her clothing.

Once back at the fire pit, Brandon notice that Megan was shivering. He took off his thick flannel shirt and draped it over her naked shoulders. Then he gathered tender, kindling, and firewood so he could start the fire. With a deft confidence he soon had his tinder burning using his flint and steel he had in his pocket. He made sure that he had really dry wood so there would be little smoke. He didn’t want to attract any undesirables. Of course Megan had been the first person he had encountered all winter. Maybe the human population had died down to a sustainable level and people weren’t wandering and roaming any longer looking for food and shelter.

Soon he had a raging fire going under the pot. Megan and he made another trip to the creek to get one more bucket each of creek water. Then they sat back, sitting next to each other on one of the crude homemade benches, wait for the water to boil so they could feed it Megan’s lice infected clothing. By evening, the girl was dressed again in a clean bra and panties, and in some of her lighter outer clothing. Her heavier items had to dry yet. Megan nearly regretted having to put her clothes back on, she was enjoying the freedom of being naked, having Brandon around to both appreciate her body and to protect her from anyone or anything that may have taken advantage of her being vulnerable that way.

That evening, Brandon led her back to the shelter. Once down inside, he bolted the door shut, to keep all but the most persistent invaders. The evening was proving to be quite cold, and Brandon only had one sleeping bag on a queen sized bed. A bed he shared with Elizabeth when she was alive. He had buried his wife inside her own sleeping bag.

Megan and Brandon hadn’t dealt with her wool blankets yet, they would need to be treated before the girl could start using them without re-infecting herself. Brandon offered, “Well, I can unzip my sleeping bag and we can share it as a top cover. If you’re willing to trust me.”

Megan willingly climbed into the man’s bed. Brandon had stripped down to his briefs and tee-shirt to sleep, he seemed to have also lost his modesty living in this new era of survival. Megan stripped off her outer clothing and in just her bra and panties, she scooted in and up against the man she had just met that morning. As she began to drift off, Brandon whispered to her, “Mmm, you smell nice.”

Megan giggled, “That’s a vast improvement over, ‘you stink’.”

She already felt like she could trust him. While sleeping together, if he decided to make a move on her, she had already decided that she was going to give herself to him. Willingly.

Megan woke up in the middle of the night. Brandon had his arm wrapped around her, his hand down over her diaphragm. His body and arm felt so warm, so inviting, so titillating. He was snoring lightly and he was fast asleep. Megan felt so warm and safe, she started to cry silently. How long had it been since she felt this safe? She eventually drifted back off to sleep.


In the morning she woke up to find herself alone in the bed. She could smell sausage or bacon, she wasn’t sure which. It had been years since she had smelled something so wonderful. She opened her eyes and looked across the room to see Brandon cooking over a small brazier. An exhaust fan was running, pulling the smoke out of the room.

The day before, she learned that Brandon had an array of solar panels in a clearing west of the shelter he used to charge a bank of batteries back in the warehouse section of the bunker. He figured that he had about four more years of life in the set of 8 marine batteries, before he exchanged them for the backups he had stored away. After that, he wouldn’t be able to store electricity, he would have to use it direct, and only when it was being generated.

Megan sat up, heedless of the fact she was only in her bra and panties. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and was finally awake enough to re-familiarize herself with her low light surroundings. She asked, “Is that bacon?”

Brandon turned around and gave her a beautiful smile, he said, “Yes, it’s one of my last cans, but I thought you might enjoy a treat. I have some freeze dried eggs, and some dehydrated hash browns too. I wanted to celebrate our new friendship.”

Megan was taken back. He had gone from words like distrustful, and give me time, to using the word friend. She wondered what she did to have moved up his trust scale. She was already feeling much more comfortable with him than anyone she met over the last 3 years. Brandon was turning out to be the sweetheart she suspected of him being the day before. She was feeling genuine affection for the wooly man.

She had just slept the entire night with the man, in just her bra and panties and he didn’t make one wrong move; even with him holding her. She had ambivalent feelings about him not making an advance. First, she felt like he respected her by not taking advantage of the situation, but she also felt slightly spurned by him not taking the opportunity when it was there. She had known the man just a little under 24 hours and she was already thinking about sleeping with him, in a carnal way, not for the purpose of rest. That got her asking herself, ‘what the hell is wrong with you girl! You don’t survive by letting a man inside your panties when you really don’t even know him!’ And then, she made herself aroused by just thinking about what it might be like to let him do just that.

After the most wonderful breakfast she had since she was 15 years old, Megan pushed away from the small table, filled to the gills. She was surprised at how much she couldn’t eat. She was used to such meager rations that she just wasn’t able to pack away the bounty he had prepared for her.

Brandon smiled at her through his beard and said, “Don’t worry. We can heat it back up for lunch.”

The two of them spent the morning down by the creek, at the garden, which was located about halfway between the bunker and the campsite. They turned the soil over in the garden with a couple of shovels. Brandon had told Megan that it was time to plant the cool weather crops; they needed to plant turnips, lettuce, peas, spinach, and potatoes. In April, they would plant carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, and Onions. Then the second week in May, they would plant corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and okra.

Megan asked him, “So, how do you keep the food going bad, after you grow it?”

Brandon smiled, “Well, we will dehydrate a lot of things. We’ll can others. Things like winter squash, we’ll just store on an open shelf.”

Megan seemed surprised, “Can? You mean like in bottles?”

Brandon grinned at her. “Yes, like in bottles. I have a hot bath canner, and a pressure cooker. So I able to can just about anything I want. I even have some bottled venison from last fall. I canned what I wasn’t able to smoke.”

Megan followed the conversation to her to the deer she killed the previous year. “The deer, they’re coming back. I was sure that when people started to starve, that they would have killed off all the deer.”

Brandon nodded that he agreed. “Yes, I agree, I was astonished too, but thank goodness for areas of thick brush and low population of people. It allowed our four legged friends to survive.” Then he grinned, “Megan, it’s even better than that, I saw a razor back hog out in my wanderings last month. I want to hunt down one of the beasts when I get a chance.”

The two people continued to chat through the morning as they worked away at turning the soil. Eventually, the topic turned to how did he know that Megan was sneaking into his shelter. She said, “I was really careful not to make any noise and I waited for hours watching, waiting. Yet, you were right at the door ready to put a gun to my head.” Then she turned crimson, and she added, “You know I would have tried to kill you at your first slip up, don’t you.”

Brandon grinned at her, “You were just about 10 second from decorating my wall with your pretty little head too. Tough times call for tough measures. There was just something about you that made me not pull the trigger. I would have worried about cleaning the wall after I put you out for the coyote’s.” Then he chuckled and added, “By the way, wait unit you try my coyote stew.”

Megan smiled and said, “It has to be hands down better than roasted rat!” Then she turned bright red again admitting that she had eaten such a thing. Instead of laughing at her, Brandon reached out and pulled her into a great big bear hug. Megan snuggled in against him wondering how she was so fortunate to find such a man.

Brandon answered her question. “I have the trails wired. Trip wires that ring small bells back here in the shelter. I used up tons of fishing line, but it was worth it. You don’t know how many times it has saved me.”

Megan was happy to hear it wasn’t a failure of her sneaking skills. But then she realized it was a failure on her part to pay attention, which could be just as deadly. She was just happy fate smiled on her for once and deposited her into the wait arms of Brandon and not someone who was just looking for a sex slave.


That afternoon, they treated her blankets with seven, to kill the lice. Once they were pretty sure that the blankets had been freed of their unwanted visitors, Brandon and Megan took the blankets down to the creek to wash them out. The reason they didn’t boil them like they had done with her clothes, was that being wool, the blankets would have shrank in the hot water. The last thing they wanted to do was turn wool blankets into wool towels.

Over the next few days, the two of them had finished digging up the garden, turning the soil over and loosening it up. Next they took the rake to the area where they were going to plant. Once the clods had been raked out, Brandon added some compost from a large pile over by the creek. He added it to where the rows would be planted; they didn’t have a large amount of compost, so they needed us it sparingly, where it counted, where they would plant.

Each night Megan would go to bed simply exhausted. She was happy they had the cool weather crops planted, they would have a week or two before it would be time for the next planting. They could rest, at least she hoped.

Early the next morning she found herself in the arms of a sleeping Brandon again. Megan just laid next to him with her pantie clad bottom spooned up against his curled up legs. His arm was over her body and his hand was down on her breasts. Instead of erotic, his hand on her boobs felt like it belonged there. Then she smiled, it wouldn’t take much at all for it to go from nice, too NICE! It was time for her to repay the man for all the kindness he had shown her. Just killing the lice was enough for her to give him her all. She didn’t realize how aggravating the bugs were until they were gone.

Megan slowly extracted herself from Brandon’s sleeping embrace. Luck would have it that he rolled over onto his back and continued to sleep. Since it was warm inside the shelter, it must have been nearly 70 degrees -- absolutely balmy after the winter she just endured, she slowly pulled back the sleeping bag off of both of them.

She just stared at the man’s body for a while, enjoying his muscularity. He had eaten only what he needed over the last 3 years, and not one calorie more. He looked fit, not emaciated. Megan was afraid to look in a mirror. She was afraid of what she might find. She had been on starvation rations so often, she was sure she was just skin and bones. But, if that was true, she was sure that Brandon wouldn’t have checked her out the way he did. Maybe she looked better than she feared.

Megan gently pulled Brandon’s dingy briefs down his hips as far as she could without him lifting his butt. It was enough for her to free his manhood. She just sat there looking at it for a minute, she had never done what she was about to do before. Hell, she had been a virgin when the lights went out. The first time she got raped took care of that little issue. She wasn’t sure what hurt more, getting her cherry broken or the rough way the man had taken her. She was lucky that he didn’t tear her and cause her to bleed.

Instead of letting the memory of it interfere with the here and now, Megan shook her head and bent down to give Brandon his reward for being such a doll. She wanted him to wake up and discover her little gift to him.

Megan moved her mouth down and took his limp cock inside her mouth. She sucked him in all the way down to the root. She sucked lightly as she ran her tongue all around the softness of his flaccid penis. She had a pretty good idea of what to do, several of her friends before the lights went out had bragged about how they sucked on their boyfriends. They had been very graphic in describing what they did.

Brandon began to stir, as Megan continued to suck on his dick. She was intent on getting him hard, and to her satisfaction, he began to stir as he also began to awaken. Before long, he was hard, long, and thick. Brandon moaned out, “Oh hell! That feels so good!” Megan was relieved knowing that he wasn’t going to turn down her gift.

Once he was hard, Megan spit his cock out of her mouth and she took it in her hand as she began kissing it all over. She kissed his hard shaft from top to bottom, and then she sucked his testicles into her mouth as she sucked on one and then the other. She didn’t know if he was going to like it, but she figured he might. When he moaned even louder as she sucked on his scrotum, she was sure that it was well received.

Megan tugged on his briefs, and Brandon lifted his butt allowing her to pull them down. She worked them down beyond his knees, where he took over, as he worked them down his calves and off his ankles. Megan kissed back up his shaft until she came to the soft little area on the underside of his cock, just under the mushroom shaped flange that differentiated his cock head.

Megan teased the tender triangle with her tongue as she gently stroked his shaft with her hand. Then she worked the little slit on the end of his shaft with her tongue. Finally, seeing Brandon responding so well to her treatment of his cock, she took him back inside her mouth again. She sucked just his mushroom shaped head for a bit, twirling her tongue all around it, causing Brandon to moan and gasp in delight. She was delighted that she seemed to be giving the man the pleasure she intended.

Megan began to take more and more of his shaft inside her mouth. She began to fuck him with her lips, and to her astonishment, she found herself enjoying given Brandon head. She could feel him tensing up, coming closer to cumming, so she doubled her effort. She was going to take his climax inside her mouth; she was going to give him the ultimate gift of swallowing.

She didn’t have long to wait. She felt Brandon tense up, she felt him trembling in his thighs, and then she felt him squeeze his butt cheeks together. Brandon announced, “I’m going to cum, Megan!” The sweet guy was warning her so she could pull her mouth off him.

Seconds later, she felt him begin to throb inside her mouth. Then she felt as his cock forcefully spurt a glob of his goo against the back of her throat. She swallowed, as the second pulse caused him to shoot another glob of cum to spurt against the roof of her mouth. As she attempted to swallow, he shot several more spurts of his semen inside her mouth. Then she could feel him twitch over and over again yet, but nothing else was coming out of the end of his cock.

She licked him clean and swallowed down the residual cum in her mouth. She sat up and asked, “So, did you like that?”

Brandon blushed and smiled at her shyly, “Oh my goodness, that was fantastic Megan!” Then he added with concern, “You didn’t have to do that you know. I am perfectly happy having you around here as a companion.”

Megan smiled at the gentleman and said, “No, I had to do that. It’s my thanks for what you’ve done for me. I really appreciate everything, but most of all the friendship you’ve offered me.” Then she grinned wickedly, “Not only that, if you think we’re done, you have another thing coming.”

Climbing up next the Brandon, Megan snugged up against him. She giggled and said, “Let’s get naked.”

Brandon smiled at her tenderly and said, “Well, I’m well over halfway their already.” He pulled his tee-shirt up over his head and said, “There, you’re turn.”

Megan sat up and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her breasts slowly, giving Brandon a show. Then she took her time and teased him, as she pulled off her panties. Once naked, she settled back into the bed with the man and snugged up against his naked skin. She was happy to see that he wasn’t all that wooly on the rest of his body.

Brandon looked the young girl in the eyes, liking what he saw there. Within the sparkles in her eyes, he saw playfulness, he perceived a spark of happiness, contentment, and what caused him enormous joy, he saw a spark of love there. He gently moved his face forward and kissed the lovely slender girl on the lips.

He pulled back so he could look into her eyes again to gauge her reaction. Brandon was falling for this beautiful waif, she had spunk, she was tough, but under all the rough veneer he found a vulnerable scared girl. He had no doubt that she had killed to survive, but he was equally sure she didn’t enjoy it. Brandon had no doubt that there was a lovable, tender, girl just waiting for the right guy to fall in love with. He hoped that over time, that he was that guy.

After Brandon kissed her, Megan wanted more. She was given her own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste the night before and she spent over 15 minutes brushing her teeth. She was pretty sure when she went to bed the night before, that she was going to give this man everything she had, the only thing she really had of value, herself. She was just glad she was going to do so with a clean mouth.

Unfortunately, it took until the morning for her to ratchet up her courage to take him in her mouth. Up until the act itself, she always considered giving a man a blowjob as yucky.

Megan moved her face to Brandon’s, almost demanding more kisses. Soon, the couple were holding each other tightly and kissing hungrily. Megan had been raped, she had fucked willingly with her teen beau over that winter, but she had never in her memory just took the time to kiss passionately. She was amazed that just kissing could cause her to get wet between her legs.

Brandon kissed the girl for a long while, then he decided he wanted to return the girls favor. He had always enjoyed giving Elizabeth oral sex, and she always enjoyed the many orgasms she had from being eaten. Brandon had to admit to himself, as pretty as his wife had been, she didn’t hold a candle to this beautiful teen goddess he was currently holding and making love to.

Brandon broke the kiss, and started kissing Megan around the neck and ears. Enjoying the clean smell of soap on the girl’s skin. He kissed her up under her chin, and then down her neck and onto her shoulders. He felt an immediate need to have one of her lovely pink nipples in his mouth. Soon, he found himself massaging one of her breasts with his free hand and suckling on her hard nipple with his mouth.

Megan didn’t know how erotic having her neck and ears kissed could be. She felt herself tremble as he planted one wet kiss on her after another. When he moved onto her breasts. She felt a pressure begin to build inside her vagina. Her entire pussy was coated with her copious juices as she anticipated the love making to come. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was, and Brandon hadn’t even touched her pussy yet.

As he kissed her breasts, Megan gasped out loud as Brandon’s hand found its way onto her naked ass. He massaged first one cheek and then the other as he made love to her titties. Nobody had ever taken their time like this before. Certainly not the two rapists, and not the boy she shacked up with waiting for spring. Having someone actually make love to her was a completely new experience.

Brandon reluctantly moved down from her titties, only with another delightful objective in mind. He planted wet kisses on her ribs, over her diaphragm, and then her belly. He took his time to ream her belly button with his tongue, before continuing down her body.

Megan was so inexperienced that she had no idea what Brandon’s intensions were. She just enjoyed his kisses where he planted them and the fell of his beard tickly her skin. Her body was responding as her ardor grew. She couldn’t believe how much pent up energy was inside the walls of her vagina from him just kissing her and caressing her body. His hand inside her thighs was making it grow even more.

When Brandon kissed her dark triangle of pubic hair, she finally figured out that she might be receiving something really special. Her friends in high school had hinted at it, but she never experienced or didn’t really even know much about it. Was Brandon really going to put his mouth on her pussy?

Her question was answered in less than a minute. Brandon moved between her legs. Megan spread her thighs apart, opening up her vagina like a flower, welcoming the man to help himself to her secret places. Megan gasped out from the sparks of delight that radiated out from inside her tummy as Brandon started to kiss her lips, her pussy lips. She felt his beard gently work its way around her inner thigh as his mouth pleasured her love box. She had never experienced such an intense feeling before. It was simply incredible. She gasped out, “Oh my gawd! Oh shit! That feels so amazing!”

Brandon’s muffled voice responded as he continued to kiss her between her legs, “I’m glad you like it.”

Megan began to wriggle on the bed as Brandon teased her with his mouth and tongue. When she felt him run his tongue up between her lips, she moaned loudly, uncontrollably, with pure joy. Nothing in her life had prepared her for such an incredible feeling. Then as Brandon began sucking her labia as he move up towards her love button, he slipped a couple of his fingers inside her vagina. Her thighs began to spasm uncontrollably as he began to fuck her with his fingers, and as he sucked and licked her clitoris. And then it happened!

It felt like something exploded inside her vagina. She felt it start to spasmodically contract around Brandon’s fingers, and then ripples of pure delight poured through her body. She felt her thighs clamp down around Brandon’s head, as he continued to suck and lick her button. She began to writhe out of control on his bed, having the most amazing orgasm she had ever experienced.

She knew what an orgasm was. She discovered it while masturbating back when she was 13. She would experience a release of sexual energy as it would cause her vagina to clamp down and her body to tense up as her climax would wash quickly through her body. After 10 to 15 seconds, she would melt back and enjoy the afterglow of the sudden intenseness.

But what she was experiencing now, with Brandon between her legs, was oh so much better. Exponentially stronger. She just surrendered to it and let it do to her body what it would.

Brandon wasn’t done; no, not at all. He continued to tease her with his tongue and then he reached his fingers up behind her pubic bone and began to massage her ‘G’ spot, up inside her vagina. Megan was astounded as her body ignited once again, pouring waves of pleasure through her body again, causing her to tremble and shake out of control. She felt it pour up through her abdomen and into her neck and arms, she also felt it radiate down though her thighs. She had never known such pleasure.

After Brandon had caused her to have three or four orgasms of epic proportions, he moved up her body, planting wet kisses on her body along the way. Once he was on top of her, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her pussy. She pulled her legs up and out, inviting him to sink his hardness deep inside her body. He kissed her on the lips, and she could feel the wetness on his face from him being down between her legs, she could taste her own tangy juices on his lips. She kissed him back hungrily as she felt him position the tip of his hard shaft inside her vaginal opening and then he pushed it up inside her.

She never noticed before how nice a cock felt as it stretched her, as her vagina formed itself around his shape. Once he was all the way inside her, she marveled at the feeling of fullness, completeness. She never noticed the wonderful feeling when she fucked Jason just over a year ago. Nor did the rapists make her feel anything like this. She could have just laid back and let Brandon hold himself inside her, feeling him complete her.

Brandon began to pull out, just to push himself back inside her. It felt incredible. She could feel the mushroom shaped flange of his cock as it slid against the walls up inside her, firing off nerve endings, sending wave after wave of pleasure signals to her brain. It was simply delightful.

Soon, almost on their own, Megan’s hips began tilting up every time Brandon would drive his cock back inside her, angling her pussy so he sank as deeply into her tummy as she could get him. She could feel every square millimeter of his long thick cock as it slid in and out of her inner recesses.

After a while, Megan felt the pressure grow again, and then she felt another orgasm wash over her like a rising tide. It grew slowly, one wave after another until it grew to a crescendo, and then it slowly ebbed and rolled out the same way it came. It wasn’t as sharp as the orgasm caused by Brandon licking her pussy, but it was just as strong and oh so much sweeter.

Then she felt it. She felt Brandon start to throb inside her. He gasped out loud and tensed up. Similar to when she had him inside her mouth. She was amazed that she could feel him cum deep inside her vagina. He held himself firmly up against her pussy as he pulsed over and over again, filling her tummy with his semen.

Finally he relaxed and slumped down on top of her, spent from their spectacular fucking. Megan had never felt so incredibly loved in all her life. She didn’t understand the difference between fucking and making love. Now she knew.

She whispered to the man with tears in her eyes, “Thank you, Brandon. Thank you so much! That was so unbelievable, I didn’t know it could be like that.”

Brandon mumbled, “Umm, uh, that was so nice. I think I love you, Megan.”

Megan giggled, she blushed, and then she responded, “Um, I think I just might love you too, Brandon.”

Brandon rolled off her, pulled her tightly up against his warm body, and the two of them drifted off to sleep again.

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