Eighteen year old Tom Dunkin and his English born seventeen year old girlfriend Rachael Watson continue their journey west to California; where Tom’s father holds a job for him at his construction company. Their journey takes them through Las Vegas, where an erotic adventure awaits them in a club named Temptations.
Chapter 5. Tom’s Wakeup Call

Rachael wakes from a much needed rest finding Tom still sound asleep. Feeling randy; as she would say in her sweet English slang. She pulls the covers away from her tall dark haired brown eyed lovers body, seeing the bulge of his half erect penis a playful smile appears anticipating the taste of his cockflesh. Pushing his underwear down just enough to expose his cock, she takes it between her lips.

While sucking her mans cock she gently fondles his nuts. He grows hard in her mouth, feeling his cock become hard between her lips starts small tingling sensations in her pussy. She moves her petite slender body over his chest aiming her exposed pussy and anus towards his face. Finally Tom wakes up, pleasured moans escape his lips instead of yawns. He smiles seeing the beautiful pink folds of her sex, and her pinkish tan anus. He moans feeling her soft lips and tongue stroking and sucking his manhood.

“Well good morning baby. Ahhh, I guess you’ve decided to have me for breakfast in bed this morning. Ahhh. Being as you’re having me for breakfast, I’ll have your sweet little pussy for my morning snack.”

He gives her cunt a kiss then begins licking and sucking her clit, breathing in its fresh musky scent while tasting her sweet juices dripping down his tongue. Still sucking her lover, Rachael begins humping his lips and tongue. She moans, he feels vibrations of her pleasured moaning on his cockflesh. Small orgasms roll down his cockshaft, and over his body. Fighting urges to cum too soon, he begins licking and sucking her sweet cunt, occasionally lapping his tongue over her anus. Feeling her body tremble as he licks her anus, he begins tonguing her tight little asshole. She speaks her approval, letting her lips caress the head of his cock.

“Yes Thomas…Lick my asshole…I love it when you do that….Mmm, ahhh yes.”

She goes back to work, sucking his stiff member with even more vigor than before. Licking it, kissing it, fondling his nut sack. Tom begins eating her like a hungry man, tongue fucking her pussy, drinking down every drop of her girl cum. Switching from her cunt, he licks her taint then tongues her anus. Rachael’s body trembles as an earth shattering climax rushes over her seventeen year old body. Almost overcome by the orgasm, she keeps working her lips tongue and fingers over her mans cock.

Tom feels hot sperm churning from his groin and gives up his battle of prolonging the pleasure she’s giving him. Thrusting his hips upwards he fucks Rachael’s mouth, he cums so hard his toes curl, but as he cums he keeps sucking her pussy causing her to cum once more. She moans rocking her sexually spent pussy over his mouth and tongue while drinking down every drop of his seed.

Finally gaining what strength she has left, Rachael lifts her body from Tom’s chest and lays next to him on the bed. Seeing the wet sheen of her juices on his lips and chin she gives him a kiss, they kiss passionately tasting each others cum. Breaking form the kiss Rachael speaks out of breath.

“Good morning Thomas. Are you awake now, or should I splash you with a bucket of water to get you moving.”

Tom chuckles, looking into her blue eyes. “Why yes thanks to you, I am now completely awake baby.”

She speaks in an overly excited voice. “Well then, get your ass out of bed because we’re in Las Vegas baby. We may be too young to gamble or drink, but Dammit we’ve been trapped in that bloody car of your’s way to long,” she takes his hand and gets out of bed. “Come on love, lets go find what adventures this town might have for us.”

Chapter 6. Temptations

It’s a beautiful evening as Tom walks down the Vegas strip holding his blond haired blue eyed English girlfriends hand. Both he and Rachael are in awe of the city’s numerous brightly lit casino’s, but they’re also a little bored with the place as well. As they walk passed a strip club appropriately named Temptations, Rachael reads a sign on the clubs billboard telling of tonight’s events.

“Oh look Thomas, they’re having an amateur girl contest tonight. I bet I could win, I’ve done strip tease shows for you, and you really seem to like the way I dance. And look the sign says eighteen year olds are allowed.”

He looks her over in a quick admiring glance, her shoulder length spiked platinum blond hair, her blue eyes, her slender shapely petite body, her small firm breast. Thoughts of seeing her strutting her stuff in front of other men on stage, swinging her body around a stripper pole turns him on.

He has always enjoyed showing her off in public. She’s a friendly girl, some say she’s a flirt; not in a vulgar obnoxious way, she doesn’t try to be, she just is. This might anger some teenage boys, but it turns Tom on. Her mix of old world English elegance and modern sexy charm, its something his men friends, their girl friends, and her girlfriends love about her.

“Yes I see that,” said Tom. “The bad thing is, I can get in. But babe, you’re only seventeen, you cant get in or dance for another three months.”

As they stand in front of the club talking, a teenage girl with long black hair and hazel brown eyes steps next to them. “Hi guys,” she says, getting their attention. Both Tom and Rachael look the pretty black haired girl over, she’s either a young looking stripper, or maybe one of Sin City’s call girls. She’s wearing an expensive looking gold colored silk blouse, below that there’s a very short black miniskirt. She looks Rachael over, eyeing her admiringly.

“If you wanna enter the contest, I can get you in,” she flashes an alluring smile. “Sweetie, you’re young cute and sexy, just what the owner of Temptations likes.”

Tom notices Rachael looking the young raven haired girl over, he knows she’s bisexual because of secrets she’s told him during after sex pillow talk. And apparently she seems a little turned on at the sight of this pretty girl. He hears Rachael’s voice tremble. “But I’m too bloody young,” she says.

Rachael’s English accent evokes the raven haired girls interest.

“Hey you’re like English or something…Well don’t worry about being too young, because when Bobby hears you talk he’ll forget about the rules. You’re sexy as hell and young looking, he likes young looking girls, and the customers do too. Besides that he’s already spotted you, he sent me over to get you.”

The girl turns and waves to a middle-aged man with dark hair mixed with streaks of grey, he’s standing beside the clubs bouncer who’s checking ID’s at the door. Bobby yells out. “Bring her and her boyfriend inside.”

As they come closer the bouncer tells Bobby. “She’s cute as hell boss, but maybe just a little too young looking.”

Bobby flashes a devious smile. “Don’t worry about it John, just keep checking ID’s. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for any vice cops that might show up, ok. If you spot one, call me on my walkie-talkie I’ll be wearing my earpiece tonight,” he pats the tall tattooed man on the arm. “You know what to look for Johnny, I hired you because you’ve got a knack for sniffing out cops.”

“Don’t worry boss,” says John. “I’ve got your back.”

Tom heard what the tall musclebound tattooed man said as he Rachael and the raven haired girl step by him into the club. The bouncer never asks for his or Rachael’s ID, he feels kind of special concerning the VIP treatment he’s receiving, but also a bit unnerved by the club owners sudden interest in his attractive young girlfriend.

As Bobby leads them towards his office, located behind the door at the back of the club hip-hop music plays out over the clubs sound system. It’s a dimly lit room, lit with a mix of black lights and white track lighting. He’s never been to a strip club before, he glances out over the room seeing women of all shapes, sizes, ages and hair colors, and of course breast sizes.

There’re about twenty or so male patrons, some are sitting around the pole dance stage. They’re all in a trance, watching a strawberry blond swing her semi nude topless body around one of two chrome poles. The girl is attractive, Tom finds himself completely mesmerized at the sight of this young teenage dancer. He stops following Bobby and the girls and stands watching the girl with firm double C breast. She lays on her back on the stage teasing a man sitting nearby, pulling the crotch piece of her black lace thong to the side showing off her clean shaven snatch. The man slips a twenty under the crotch piece.

The dancer looks up finding Tom watching, she smiles and winks flexing her finger in a come hither manner. His fixated trance is suddenly broken by Rachael tugging on his arm. “Hey,” she says giggling. “You’re here with me, remember. Now come on baby. Don’t worry, you’ll have time to look at the other girls later.”

After they all enter Bobby’s office, he speaks the dark haired girls name.

“Brandy, can you please close the door. I’d like to talk with these two without having to yell over the music.”

Brandy closes the door, and the room becomes almost quiet; with exception of a high output base beat coming from the hip-hop music playing in the club. Bobby leans against his desk, offering to shake Tom’s hand.

“Hi I’m Bob Elkridge, you can call me Bobby, all my friends call me Bobby.” Tom shakes his hand. “Nice to meet you sir, my names Tom Dunkin.”

Bobby chuckles satirically. “Please Tom, don’t ever call me sir. I was in the army, once but I was an enlisted man, not a fucking officer,” Bobby quickly directs all of his attention to Rachael. “And what’s your name beautiful,” he says this letting his brown eyes roam over Rachael’s body, it’s something he’s done for years every time he meets with a new dancer. His roaming eyes are a bit freighting to Rachael, but just the same she finds something soothing in his smile. She stammers.

“I’m…My name is….Oh bloody hell, I’m being such a fool. My name is Rachael Watson.”

Bobby shakes her hand, his warm grip seems to quell her fears.

“Where are you from Rachael…Is that an English accent I’m hearing.” said Bobby, still holding her hand. “Oh now don’t be frightened honey. Just ask any girl who work for me, they’ll tell you. I’m more of a gentlemen then I appear to be…..Aren’t I Brandy. Ha, yeah just ask my girl Brandy here, she’ll tell you how I really am.”

Brandy stands behind Rachael, massaging her shoulders.

“He’s right Rachael, he looks kinda mean, but he’s actually a really nice dude once you get to know him.” Brandy changes the subject. “Well anyway Rachael, you’re not here to meet my boss. You’re here for the amateur dance contest aren’t you. Go ahead Bobby tell her how it all works, and most of all tell her about the cash prizes.”

“Okay yeah you’re right Brandy…Ha, you know how I get when I’m in the presence of a pretty girl. But yes, the contest consist of two different strip club specialties. The first is the well known stage dance, you can pick your own music if you’d like. And the second is something which might be a little more intimidating, you’ll have to do lap dance for me. I’ll be judging every girl in the contest for their lap dance techniques. And the patrons will judge each girl for their stage and pole dance performances.”

“Now tell me sweetheart,” says Bobby. “Have you ever danced nude before. Shit for that mater, can you dance. I mean you know, this is a dance contest right.”

His question brings out Rachael’s competitive side.

“Hell yes, I can dance. My mum didn’t send me to ballet school for two long years for nothing. And yes I’ve danced nude before, but it was only for Thomas, I’ve never danced nude in front of strangers before.” She looks Bobby in the eye. “Brandy said there are cash prizes, well how much cash will I be carrying out of your establishment by the time I’ve shaken my arse for all to see.”

“Ok, being as you’ve asked. First prize is a grand, second is $500, and third is $100. As you can see no mater what happens, a girl will walk out of my establishment, as you call it with some cold hard cash in her pocket. Tom speaks up with one concern, remembering the strawberry blond he saw dancing in nothing more then thong panties, stiletto heeled pumps, and basically nothing else but a smile.

“Rachael, you don’t have anything sexy to wear. I watched you dress back at the hotel, and although I think you look sexy as hell in your pink cotton panties and matching bra. I don’t think what you’re wearing is what I’d call stripper attire.”

Brandy cuts in. “Now don’t let that stop you girl,” she takes Rachael’s hand. “Come with me to the dressing room, I have a few things that’ll knock your mans eyes right out of his face.”

Chapter 7. Coming Of Age, Vegas Style

After Brandy led his girl from the office, Bobby offers Tom a shot of whisky noticing he seems nervous. “Here take a shot of this, it’ll calm your nerves.”

He pours Tom two fingers, and two for himself.

“Here buddy, drink this down.” Tom has never been a whisky drinker, although he has taken a swig with friends during cold Michigan winter ice fishing trips. But tonight when he and Rachael stepped from their room, he never expected to wind up in a strip club waiting to watch the love of his life dance in the nude, or at least partially nude for a bunch of strangers. Feeling the need he downs the strait Jack Daniels in one gulp, and immediately starts coughing. Bobby pats him on the back.

“Easy now boy, take a deep breath,” said the older man. Tom sits up he’s lite headed, but his nerves seem calmer. “That was your first whisky wasn’t it buddy. Here have another, but this time just sip it slow.”

“Actually sir…I mean Bobby, that wasn’t my first. I’ve drank it before, but I’ve never been partial to it.” Tom slurs as he speaks. “But tonight Bob…Tonight, I will need a second shot of this stuff,” he holds his tumbler out. “Pour me one more please.”

After taking a sip letting the warm liquor settle, Tom looks Bobby in the eye.

“Now tell me Bobby, why are you letting Rachael enter your contest. You know as well as I do that she’s only seventeen.”

Bobby replies nonchalantly. “Because my young friend, I’ve hired more than a few underage girls. My patrons love young teenage girls…Yes there are older girls here too, but Tom I see you’re a little older than Rachael is, so I think you know the beauty of younger ladies as well as I do. Now tell me if I’m wrong. When you make love to Rachael, as you fuck that girl you feel her youthful energy don’t you?”

Maybe it’s the whisky talking, but Bobby’s theory does hit home with the way Tom feels when he makes love to Rachael. Raising his glass Tom slurs a toast.

“Hell yeah Bobby….You are so fucking right. Here’s to younger women!!”

After downing their drinks Bobby leads Tom out to the clubs main room, finding two seats near the stage they both sit down. Once seated the clubs DJ announces tonight’s first contestant.

“All Right, All Right, All Right. I want every one in Temptations to welcome our first contestant. This hot eighteen year old has come all the way from England to enter our amateur contest. Please Welcome Rachael to the stage!!”

Tom’s eyes open wide, seeing Rachael stepping on stage. She’s wearing a white see-through pushup bra. The only thing covering her pussy, is a matching lace thong. Below that, she’s wearing black fishnet stockings, and black Patten leather stiletto pumps. His whisky high almost disappears, being replaced by pure desire for his girl. He has always known she was beautiful, but tonight her beauty is a mix of unbridled sexuality and elegance all wrapped together in one hot eye popping package.

Bruno Mars’s ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ starts playing over the clubs sound system. She picked the song, it’s she and Tom’s favorite song, they’ve made love to it numerous times over the years. The disc Jockey mixes the sexy love song to a heavy base dance beat. As Tom has seen her do a few times before, she begins moving with a sexy grace and elegance of which only a well schooled ballet dancer can do.

Hearing the lyrics “Your Sex Takes me to paradise” she spends away from a dance pole, spinning quickly but gracefully away removing her bra as she spins towards Tom, everyone including Tom applaud the appearance of her small firm breast; describing her breast as small might be wrong, because she’s not at all flat chested, her breast are firm and round, Tom calls them mouthfuls.

Teasing Tom, she kneels down, wraps the bra around the back of his head then pulls his face to her tits. Using her hands she grasps her fingers into his long brown hair then rubs his face all over her bare tits. The music changes to a faster beat, and she moves away. A man holds out a twenty, asking her to show her pussy. Tom watches thinking she’s too shy, but to his amazement she exposes her clean shaven cunt to the stranger.

Surprising him even more, she lets the man shove the twenty inside the crotch of her panties. This starts a sort of feeding frenzy, now every male patron, and a few female patrons hold out denominations of one’s, fives, tens and twenty‘s. All wanting to place them close to her sex, once again she lets each patron stuff bills inside her panties, some go under her crotch piece. When there is no more room, she pulls her waistband out letting them stuff more bills there.

Some men cop subtle feels of her soft skin, and even her pussy as this goes on. This unnerves Rachael, but acting professional as Brandy coached her to do back in the dressing room, she twists away dancing to the beat of her favorite song. Finally her dance comes to an end, she takes a graceful ballet bow then walks away. Hearing the crowds applauds Rachael smiles, knowing she’s done well. Walking inside the dressing room she feels money rubbing against her pussy. Pulling a wad of cash out she laughs seeing her girl cum has soaked into her tips.

“All Right,” says Brandy, giving her an affectionate hug. “You did great for your first time. Now just pull yourself together for the lap dance contest coming up in a few minutes, don’t worry you’ll be giving your lap dance to Bobby. I’ve known him for a year now, he’s cool.” Brandy giggles. “When you rub your pussy and ass over his lap, don’t freak out when ya feel his dick poking at you from under his pants. It just means he wants to fuck you that’s all.”

Rachael makes herself clear. “But I’ve got news for him Brandy…He’s not going to fuck me. I came here with Thomas, he’s the only one I’ll be fucking tonight.”

Brandy hugs her, adding a kiss to her lips. The kiss turns Rachael on, she hasn’t kissed a girl since she lived in England. She had girlfriends in the states, but none of them were into girls like she is. Like a freight train rolling out of control, both girls kiss with lustful passion. Brandy fondles Rachael’s bare breast, she does the same to Brandy reaching under the slightly older girls golden silk blouse.

Brandy urges her to sit in a chair located in front of a lighted makeup mirror. Rachael leans back watching the girl kiss her way down her exposed breast, then finally to her sopping wet cunt. Brandy looks up speaking in a panting voice.

“I’ve wanted to go down on you since we met out on the street.”

She pulls the crotch piece of Rachael’s panties aside then begins devouring the younger girls snatch like a hungry woman. Feeling the older girls experienced tongue, fingers and lips kissing her clit, fingering her pussy at the same time. Rachael begins rocking her hips, forcing her cunt harder into Brandy’s lips and tongue. Brandy looks up fingering Rachael furiously, speaking seductively.

“You’ll let me fuck you, huh. Yeah you sexy little slut, you like the way I fuck you, don’t you baby.”

Rachael cant believe this is happening, she’s enjoying every second of it, but also feels a little shameful knowing Tom’s right outside waiting for her in the club. Barley eighteen year old Brandy’s an experienced bisexual girl, she‘s seduced a few young girls like Rachael. At least she thinks she’s seducing this young girl, thinking she has her right where she wants her she keeps fingering sucking and licking the younger girls now dripping wet snatch.

Rachael grabs handfuls of Brandy’s jet black hair, and shoves the somewhat older girls face hard into her dripping sex. “Eat me, you fucking slut…Oh yes, fucking eat me,” screams Rachael, grinding Brandy’s face into her wet pussy. Coming down from her orgasm Rachael lifts Brandy’s face from her crotch, looking into Brandy’s hazel eyes she tells the wet lipped girl. “Now it’s my turn, sexy girl.”

Seeing the lust in Rachael’s blue eyes, Brandy pulls the young blond from her chair quickly taking a seat where she once sat. Wasting no time Rachael yanks the older girls black bikini panties off ruining the thin waistband in her haste to get at her cunt. Not caring about her ripped panties, using both hands Brandy shoves Rachael’s face to her crotch gasping breathlessly. “Eat me baby…Eat me.”

Without hesitation Rachael begins doing just that, sucking the dark haired girls clit she shoves two fingers deep inside at the same time. Brandy rocks her hips humping Rachael’s tongue and fingers. The older girls pants. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you baby. Mmm, you do know what you’re doing. Ahhhh. Fuck yes eat me, oh fuck yes, eat me.”

Brandy’s juices drip down Rachael’s chin, she enjoys every drop of the sexy American girls salty sweet cum. The scent of Brandy cunt, and taste of her clear cum drives Rachael to please the girl more. The girls is so wet, she’s able to insert four fingers deep inside. Now finger fucking Brandy with almost all of her hand inside the girls wet snatch, Rachael begins sucking and licking her clit. This drives the girl to a raging climax.

Brandy cums so hard she almost falls from the chair, feeling exhausted she pushes Rachael’s face from her tingling wet cunt. “Whew. Damn girl, you did me good,” said Brandy gasping for breath, clutching Rachael’s face in her hands looking into the girls bright blue eyes.

Out in the club a strawberry blond who calls herself Starlet propositions Tom for a lap dance, she’s the one he watched earlier.

“Hey good look’n, howbout you and I step out’a here for a private lap dance.” says Starlet before sneaking a kiss on his cheek.

Tom’s cock grows hard underneath the teenage girls ass.

“Um uh…No sorry babe, I cant do that…I’m here with my girl Rachael, she’s in the amateur contest. Um maybe you’ve met her back in that room over there.”

Starlet won’t get off his lap, she keeps rubbing her firm ass over his cock. Feeling he’s growing hard, she teases him.

“Giggle. You are such a bad boy, you’re getting hard under the ass of another girl. Giggle. You’re a bad..bad boy Thomas.”

Finally he’s saved from Starlet’s seduction by Bobby, although it took the club owner a while to cut in. Truth be known, the man has been letting Starlet tease him. Not just for the fun of it, he wants to find out how dedicated he is to Rachael. Seeing how strong the boy is, he decides his test is over.

“Come on now Starlet. As you can see, the mans in love with his girl, maybe you should go find another guy babe.”

Starlet’s a stubborn girl she won’t give up that easily. “Oh Back off Bobby, I’m working here. It wasn’t too long ago this evening that I caught this guy checking me out, so that makes him fair game.”

As Starlet sits on Tom’s lap discussing what fair game is in a strip club Rachael steps from the dressing room, now wearing a red see-through pushup bra, with matching T back panties, white stockings and red high heel pumps on her feet. Seeing the redhead sitting on Tom’s lap, she almost explodes in anger, but her wet freshly licked pussy reminds her, she’s just enjoyed a good tongue lashing from Brandy back in the dressing room. Feeling like one of the girls, she takes a seat next to him introducing herself. “Hi I’m Rachael, his girlfriend. Are you enjoying his lap dear girl.”

Starlet throws her head back laughing. “Hell yeah baby, and from what I’m feeling of his junk growing hard under my ass, he’s enjoying me too.”

Instead of using violence to get her point across she shows the girl her passion for Tom, forcing a long passionate kiss over her mans lips. Her show of affection makes his cock even harder, breaking from the kiss she whispers in his ear.

“Go ahead Thomas, have fun with her. It’s about time for me to give Bobby his lap dance for the contest, so it’s only fair that I let you play with this lass. But just remember, who your real girl is, ok love.”

Tom’s about to speak, but he’s interrupted by the clubs disc jockey.

“Ladies and gents, it’s time for round two of Temptations amateur night. Now can I get Rachael to step up on stage, so we can start our the lap dance section of the contest.”

Rachael Kisses Tom. “Wish me luck,” she says. “I’m kind of nervous Thomas, I’ve never done this with anyone but you.”

“You can do this baby," said Tom. "Now go up there and give my friend Bobby a lap dance he‘ll never forget.”

“Cop a feel of his junk,” said Starlet. “Bobby loves it when you do that. You’ll win the contest for sure, if you do that.”

Rachael’s nerves are on edge as she steps on stage. Bobby smiles reassuringly, he’s sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage. He likes her petite young looking body, her shoulder length spiked hair, her ocean blue eyes and her blemishless fair white skin. She looks hot in Brandy’s red see-through bra, matching panties, white knee high stockings with lace around the tops, and the red stiletto heeled pumps. His cock grows hard, way before the girl has even touched him.

This time Bobby picked the music she’ll dance to, it’s AC/DC’s, You shook me all night long. It’s an old rock song, much older than Rachael is, but her boyfriend loves classic rock and she does too. Hearing Angus Young’s heavy metal guitar licks, the drum beat, and Bon Scott’s screaming raspy vocals. Rachael’s heart races as she straddles Bobby’s lap, this isn’t caused by what she’s about to do, because she’s now confident. It’s the lyrics of the song, they excite her to the point of sexual arousal.

Hearing Bon Scott scream out. “She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean. She was the best damn woman that I ever seen.” Rachael sits over the much older mans lap, rocking her hips in a sexual way. She’s slightly short, only 5’1, so with her legs straddling Bobby’s lap her almost exposed pussy grinds over a growing bulge poking up through the thin cotton material of his dress pants.

Reaching back she unsnaps her bra, letting it drop away she shoves Bobby’s face in between her cleavage. He takes advantage of this, sucking on one of her pert little hard pink nipples. Feeling his lips sucking her nipple, she quickly pulls away. But not too far away, now she teases the man by shaking her breast to the quick beat of the music.

Seeing Bobby leering at her breast she does a quick change up, turning her entire body around. Now with her back to Bobby, she begins doing a reverse cowgirl style dance. She finds teasing Bobby, and occasionally grinding her T-Back panty covered pussy over his growing erection is a real turn on for her, she feels wetness of her girl cum saturating the crotch of her panties.

With her back turned to Bobby, she looks over the crowd spotting Tom. He is actually watching her performance, but he’s not alone. He’s cocking his head to the side watching her as Starlet gives him an energetic lap dance of her own. Fighting jealousy, Rachael flashes a smile at Tom and winks.

Feeling a little devilish, she drops to the floor. Now with her hands on the floor, her legs straight out in a slight V shaped angle she begins twerking her ass, giving Bobby a nice hot show. Hearing the AC/DC songs about to end, she quickly turns around, drops to her knees then does exactly what Starlet said to do; which is coping a feel of the man’s now completely stiff cock. Acting as if she’s going down on him, she lays her hand over his dick, placing her face close to his hard manhood she looks up smiling provocatively.

When the music ends the crowd breaks out with applauds and cheers. Other girls who’ve entered the contest, stand about the room fearing Rachael just might’ve won top prize. Bobby smiles down at her, his smile unnerves her. She stands and walks away, fearing she might’ve tried just a little too hard to win.

Walking from the stage she takes Tom’s hand motioning for him to follow her to the dressing room. inside she hugs him tight asking. “Did I go too far Thomas.”

“No, I don’t think you went too far. I watched you up there, and I thought you were fantastic. You were hot baby. Watching you do that, really turned me on.”

She was hiding her face against his chest in shame, lifting her head up her frown turns to a wide smile, now knowing he’s not angry with her, and he approves of what she’s done. “Are you really feeling randy.” she says, slipping a hand to his crotch as she asked the question. “Giggle. Ohhh, you are feeling randy love.” Looking into his eyes, she slowly drops to her knees.

On her knees she unbuckles his belt, unsnaps his jeans then yanks his pants and underwear down in one swift motion. Wasting no time, she shoves his hard cock inside her mouth. Tom stand speechless watching his blond haired blue eyed girl service him; not only in a public place, but in a strippers dressing room at that. She has only done this once before; it was a couple years back, on the first day they met at their old high school back in Michigan. Back then she sucked him off in an empty classroom. Now here she is sucking his hard cock in a strip club dressing room. His voice trembles.

“Rachael baby, ahhh. You never cease to amaze me.”

As she sucks him off, Brandy and Starlet step in startling the young teen lovers. Starlet cant help but comment.

“Well looky here Brandy.” said Starlet. “It appears our amateur isn’t an amateur when it comes to public BJ’s.”

Brandy speaks up quelling laughter, looking at Rachael. Who’s now kneeling on the floor, looking up at both girls with a shamed fearful look in her eyes. “Do you need any help Rachael,” she said playfully.

“Yeah, lets give the girl a hand,” said Starlet. “Or should I say, lets give the guy or mouths, and help the girl out.”

With that said, Starlet drops to her knees beside Rachael, and Brandy drops to her knees, leaving Rachael between her and Starlet. Without asking permission of Rachael or Tom; who are both completely speechless at the moment. Starlet takes Tom’s cock in her mouth. Brandy forces Rachael’s hand to her lovers testicles, saying.

“Well don’t just stand there girl, do something girl.”

Feeling more at ease Rachael smiles and giggles fondling his nuts. Brandy leans in kissing licking and sucking his balls. Rachael begins doing the same. Tom looks down feeling like a king, watching each girl service his hard tool. Each one doing a specific job just to please him. Starlet stops sucking him, and kisses Rachael on the cheek getting her attention, wanting her to take over the blow job she started.

While Rachael takes his cock in her mouth, Starlet begins kissing and licking his shaft. Brandy does the same at her end of the three girl blow job. Tom moans and gasps.“I don’t fucking believe this,” he says rocking his hips in a fucking motion.

Starlet replies with a chuckle “Believe it baby.”

With Brandy on the left sucking and kissing his cock shaft, and Rachael in the middle, doing one of her finest blow jobs, and sweet Starlet on right sucking licking and kissing his cock shaft, and Rachael’s cheek from time to time. Brandy keeps kissing Rachael’s cheek too. It’s suddenly more than Tom can handle, he feels hot fresh semen beginning to churn in his groin.

His voice trembles warning the girls. “I’m going to…Cum.”

Each girl keeps doing their jobs, licking sucking and fondling his cock and balls. Rachael keeps sucking his tool, Tom grunts as he cums, filling her mouth with jets of hot seed. Starlet pushes Rachael’s mouth from his cock, taking her turn at pleasuring the young mans still hard cock. Brandy forces her lips over Rachael’s cleaning the slightly younger girls lips with her tongue and lips. Coming to back to her senses Brandy tells them why she came to the dressing room.

“Rachael, get yourself cleaned up. The other contestants are about done with their lap dances. When they’re done, the DJ and Bobby will announce the winners of the contest. Now hurry up, you can put that sundress on you came in with if you want. And as a gift from me, go ahead and keep the panties and bra’s I loaned you…Because I know you’ve probably stained my panties with you juices by now.”

Chapter 7. Cashing Out.

Both Tom and Rachael walk away from Temptation’s with pleased smiles on their young faces, he looks into her eyes.

“It‘s too bad you didn’t win first prize, but at least you won second. Now what are you going to buy with the five hundred bucks you won.”

“I’m not sure as of yet love, and don’t forget those men and woman stuffed about two hundred dollars in my panties after that first dance too ya know. Putting it bluntly, I walked out of there with a shit load of cash.” She chuckles thinking of tonight’s behind the scenes events. “You and I did wind up having a grand adventure in this town after all, didn’t we Thomas.”

She giggles, thinking of Brandy and Starlet.

“What’s so funny,” said Tom, looking into her eyes.

“I was just thinking of Brandy and Starlet, they’re quite lovely aren’t they. Did I mention Brandy and I had little lesbian go of it, when she and I were alone in the dressing room before my lap dance with Bobby.”

“You what…You mean like you had sex with each other. Well like I always say. Rachael baby, you never cease to amaze me.”

Holding Tom’s hand Rachael stops him from walking.

“Kiss me,” she says, looking up at her tall dark haired lover. Pulling her close he kisses her passionately. He’s a bit taller but she doesn’t mind being on her tip toes when they kiss, it makes her feel as if she’s standing on a cloud, where no one else can disturb their moment. Breaking from the kiss she takes his hand, pulling him off balance.

“Hey slow down Rachael, what’s the hurry.” he says.

“Come on lets get to our room. It’s late, we need to get back and make love before check out time.”

THE END of part 2

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