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Mom's coworker, and her son...
I've told you few words about my mom's best friend, her coworker, already. She babysitted me when I was little, if my mom had to work, and nowadays, we have a lot of fun together.

I'm a grown up, so it's legal, and I just love these experienced ladies, and moms especially. They just aren't like those girls my age, that get a cock in their mouth and don't know what to do with it, and they don't like to swallow, they don't like anything. These sweethearts will do whatever it takes to please you, whenever you want to.

Her name is Barbra. She's a 36 years old, an all- natural blondie, a bit skinnier than my mum, and with all the glitches and advantages every middle aged woman has - a bit of cellulite here, a lovely twat there, few wrinkles on the face, which you quickly forget, as her soft, red lips give you the best kisses you'll ever get.

I really love her cunt, too. It's kinda similar to my mom's, and since I'm not fucking my mom, I get a similar experience with Barbra. And as my mum, Barbra's cunt gave birth already, too. And that's just why I'm telling you all this...

Barbra had her only son, Michael, when she was 18. She had a pretty rough life then, and she was quite a slut always. She still doesn't know who is the father of her son.

At age 21, a friend told her about Matt, and she joined the crew. She's working here since then.

Michael is blonde, very skinny young guy, that just turned 18 recently. My mom babysitted him sometimes, like his mom babysitted me, so we know each other since ever, and during puberty, we became quite close friends.

We both always knew, what our moms are doing for living, but we never discussed it too much. Also, we both had to hide it from curious high school friends and other people, so that maybe got us even closer together, too.

About sexuality, I was always tempted to talk to him about how I get turned on by seeing my mum all sore, or when Matt spanked her butt infront of me or fondled her tits.

For him, I just saw few times, that he was checking my mum out a bit, when she was in her bikini on vacations, for example. But nothing much more.

I also knew, that his mum isn't so open with him about her sex life and doesn't show him so much. My mom always talked to me openly, she told me a lot of details, and I was used to see her in her hot underwear and even naked sometimes.

There were no secrets between us, while Michael's mum was always much more discreet with him.

So I never felt enough secure to talk these things with him, I didn't know how he would react, as he was always ''the shy one'', too.

Well, nowadays, after all I've seen about my mum, the clients that I visited with her, so they were able to fulfill their fantasies and fuck a mother infront of her son, and after all those girls, driving them around...

I feel enough secure now and I already planned, that I'll tell him everything, including that I'm fucking his mum, too.

But, the faith was quicker.

It was a saturday. Me and Michael went to a party. It was a great party, we had a lot of fun, and well, Michael had a lot of alcohol, too. He almost passed out already, and I decided to drive him home.

He lives alone with his mum, too. I knocked, and Barbra came out.

''Oh, Josh, thank you so much. Thank god he has friends like you.'', she said while we were helping him get into his bed.

I was looking her fine, MILF ass as she bent over him to undress him down to his underpants. She was all sleepy, without makeup or lipstick, with messy hair and overall, pretty fucked up. That turned me on quickly, and I decided to take some care of his mommy, too.

''OK, he's sleeping alre-.'', she didn't had the time to finish the sentence, I just grabbed her hand and pulled her out of his room, and started french kissing her on the hallway.

''Aah... Wow... Oh, don't-... You never get tired of this, don't you ?'', she smiled during and after kissing. ''But wouldn't you wait till tomorrow ? I was with 2 businessmen all day, and they didn't had much mercy for me.. I'm still all sore and worn out.''

''Mmmmm... Just as I like you, mommy !'', and I started kissing her neck, that always convinced her, ''Besides, mmm... You know that some young meat is always healthy for ladies like you.. It'll help you recover !''

We smiled our way to her bedroom, where we stripped naked and I started to lick her sore pussy out. I knew it'll be more comfortable if I lube her a bit, first.

''Did anyone came in you ?''

''Yes, they did, but I showered well... Don't worry, honey.''

''Oh, so you don't want me to stop anymore, huh ? Interesting...'', I grinned, she smiled, and I used the chance to penetrate her cunt with my three fingers, and massage her G spot, which in her case, wasn't hard to find and by now, I know all her body and all that she likes very good.

I licked her clit, and tried to massage her g spot at the same time, to get some additional juices from her. It wasn't easy since she spent all day fucking already, but I know moms are capable of doing wonders.

It didn't took her long to lube my fingers nicely with her juices, then I looked up and pushed my fingers deep into her mouth, for her to suck off every drop of her pussy juice off my fingers.

''Here you go, mmmm... Good girl !''
She smiled, and she knew what's next. Her best asset, blowjobs. She does it like no other girl I know.

Since I drank something, too, I still wasn't completely hard, but she did it like always. She took my semi hard, small cock in her mouth, and did wonders in there with her tongue, while she massaged my balls and even anal hole as loving and gentle as only a caring mother can do.

I got rock hard, and she knew if she kept going a bit longer, that I'll cum in her mouth already.

She backed away, and I kissed her then turned her into a doggystyle position.

I started fucking her, faster, faster and faster into her lovely, experienced, worn out but still sensitive cunt. Fucking her ass crossed my mind, but a look at her sore, red anal hole convinced me, that it would be damn painful for her. Besides, she doesn't have a son who would massage her and put cooling cream onto her sore holes after she comes home.

So I rather throbbed her head to the bed, so she had her pussy and ass high in the air. That helped me to rub against her G spot with my cock.

She started breathing heavily, her neck and cheeks went red, and it didn't take long as I noticed her vagina pressing against my cock - and release. And again.

I know this mum like no other woman, so I really tried to catch the rhytm... Wow, maybe we could orgasm together !

''Don't stop !!!''

''Ooooh yeah !!''

She started to orgasm, and I catched the rhytm - as her vagina walls squeezed my cock, I pushed in her with full force, so she almost fell on the side. And again. And again.. CUM .

''Woooooww...AAaaaaa....h'', I enjoyed as she was getting speechless.

I came in her carefully, without too much mess. I left her pussy, and she just rolled over. I left her take a breath few times, and then I climbed on her and put my cock in her mouth, so she could clean up the rest.

After that, I just layed down next to her, kissed her passionately, and started carressing her exhausted, sweaty MILF body, with a million dollar smile on her face.

I was proud of myself - fuck, I'm a 20 year-old young male, and I managed to drive a 36 years old mom with a hell of a lot of experience to the heaven and back.

We always layed like this, in car or anywhere else if it was possible. She loved to see me admiring her body, she was very flattered by that, and I was happy to give her this kind of compliment. And besides... She couldn't keep her sweet, caring hands and eyes off me, neither, no matter how much she tried - you can't imagine what does a smell of fresh sweat on a young male, that just gave her a beautiful ''present'', can take a mind of an caring and loving mommy.

We slowly got to our senses, and climbed off the bed, and went down the hallway. Completely naked, still giggling and teasing each other quietly, so that we wouldn't woke up her son... Well, if we would atleast tried to be quiet when we were orgasming, too...

We entered the bathroom, to clean up a bit, when her son opened the door - we didn't locked ourselves.

''Oh !-- Oh come on, fuck ! '', he was quite surprised ofcourse.

''Oh my god, sorry honey, it isn't how it -..''

''No, no it's okay, just... Yeah.''

''No, please, sweetheart...''

''Mum, it's okay, I'm okay with it. Don't worry.''

She came back in, and was very, very worried how this would affect her relationship with her son. They didn't argued much and they got along quite well till now, she didn't wanted to waste that.

I calmed her down, ''Barbra, don't worry. He's my best friend, I'll talk to him tomorrow, and then I'll tell you what next. OK, baby ?''

We dressed, she kissed me goodbye, and we went.

I called Michael, Barbra's son, few times the day after the incident. He obviously didn't wanted to pick up the phone. I thought, because of how good he accepted what his mom was doing, that deep in himself he actually was entertained by what he saw yesterday.

But just when I started thinking, that maybe he really was angry about me fucking his mum, he called me back.

''Hey Josh... What's up ?''

''Mike, I'm sorry. Well.. Please, let's talk about it. Let's go on a drink, shall we ?''

''It's OK, Josh... But yeah, if you want to.''

Michael is a very shy guy. He's still a virgin, but, I know his hormones are raging. I saw him checking out my mum whenever he could for some time already, and that gave me an idea. But, in order to make this right, I knew I'd had to tell him all first, before I'll hear anything from him... It was a bit of a lottery.

We met in a cafe.

''Michael, let's get to the point. I have to tell you, that by what happened yesterday, and as you probably understand, many times before, I never wanted to make you angry or humiliate you with that.''. He got quite embarrased, so I quickly continued,

''Look, you and me. We're one of a kind. How many sons have young, good looking moms like us ? Plenty. How many of them accept that almost everyone wants to get in their moms' panties, or even accept and support what our moms do for living ? One in a million.''. I got his attention.

''And a lot of people appreciate this. Our moms' coworkers, boss, all the people who know our story... And even the clients. I shook hands with dozens of men, just after they used my mom like a fuck toy, and they didn't laugh at me - they said it must be great to have a son like you.''

''So.. I guess you're much more involved than me... How..''

''Well, yes. And that brings much benefits. Well payed job as a driver. Getting laid with almost every girl there, because I know them for quite some time, and they trust me as I always helped them, and I'm their coworker's son. But, none of that would be possible, if I didn't had such an open relationship with my mum. She always told me everything. Not the details, I've never got to see anything, as long as she understood that I have my fetishes, and we talked about it, well from then on, I get to see a lot more. My mum's quite a show off, yeah.''

''Wait... What fetishes ?''

''Well, lately... I've been starting to do some escorts with mom. At day like a normal family, at the hotel or in a car... Many people want to realize their fantasies, and we just help them. They want to fuck a mother infront of her adult son, for instance. With that, sometimes they want cooperation of son, so I tie my mum up sometimes for them and things like that, or I drive, stop that he fucks her, and I drive them back. Or sometimes, they want to humiliate me with fucking her. So, me and my mum are both slaves, and I lube her holes and things like that, for him to use.''

''Wow... Oh my fucking god !''

''That's only possible because I have a fetish about my mum. Not about fucking her. Though, I love her smell, taste and everything, but I would never fuck her myself - that's just the point, I just enjoy to let others to take care of her. I love to watch her getting fucked, kissed. Swallowing loads of semen down her lovely throat, and sucking all sizes of cocks with her experienced, soft mouth. And after all, I know how much fun sometimes our moms have doing all this. And why they shouldn't ? It's better this way, they'll get used as much as possible, and satisfy as many younger, MILF hungry men.''

''... So, that's why you thought I'd be entertained by the fact that you're fucking my mum, too.. ?''

''Exactly ! And i'm deeply sorry if I was wrong... But, Michael. Don't say you never wondered what does this mommy, that can drive even the most experienced men crazy looks like naked ? Don't say you never wondered, what she done with that sweet lips, before she kissed you good night ? If you'd found her dildo, don't say you wouldn't lick it up to taste your mommy's cunt juice ? Then again... I saw you how entertaining it was few weeks ago, when you saw that my mum got her pussy pierced, through her panties..''

'' Fuck it, you're right !'', he broke and started smiling. Finally !

''Not that I bother, I have almost same fantasies as you, and I always wanted to start this discussion, but I was too afraid of what will you think. Like you, probably, till now...''

''Great ! That's the response I was counting on. Thank you very much, Michael. Now, here's the plan. I'll talk to your mum later. I'm driving her to work tomorrow, so when she comes home after that, you don't have to discuss anything. Just tell her she's pretty, ask if she's exhausted, if she would fancy a massage... And give it to her. Then discuss what she did, with who she's been. Like I do with my mum. And hopely, in few days or weeks, you'll both become very natural about it and much more relaxed with each other. There will be nothing more to hide now !''

''Yeah, I hope this works, man...''

''It'll work, trust me. After all, I know your mommy quite well, don't I ?''

We burst out in laugh.

''Now, one more thing. Don't ever think your mum is any different or much nastier than other girls or anything... Look, you see that woman, walking there ? She's been on a lunch break, and there's a good chance she just cheated her husband in a car somewhere. And that mum walking with her son there ? She must be in her late thirties like our moms. Do you think she never in her entire life kissed her son or someone else minutes after she sucked on a cock and swallowed a load of cum ? Well, it's all the same, they're all dirty behind the closed doors, and ladies in public. Our moms aren't nastier, they just maybe tried everything with more men. That's all.''

In the next days, I've talked to Barbra and it was succesful. Michael is now enjoying all the details, and they already got natural, Michael helps her choose underwear, they like to play and discuss details. I was just massaging my mom one evening after she's been double teamed by two black bussiness men.

''Mmmm, they didn't show you much mercy, did they ? Red asscheeks from spanking, sore ass and pussy, ruined neck from kissing and biting, and even red hips.. Great.''

''Yeah... But I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just enjoy more and more if they treat me like shit. I feel like I would lack self respect, but then when I step into the public, dressed well and everything, I found out it's not self respect... I don't know...''

''Don't worry, mum. All that matter is, that you enjoy it. And I just decided that I'll contribute something to it, also !''

She was laying on her back, and I climbed on her in my underpants. She tried to evade, but I just grabbed her head, pushed her against the bed and allowed myself enough room to bite on her neck, so she had one more red, slutty mark there.

''Oh come on, Josh ! Well... I won't be able to go to work tomorrow either way. I would have to escort a bussinesman on a important dinner.''

''Great. By the way, mum, you're made to be used by black studs !''

''Why is that, my dear son ?''

''Look at you, your body scent goes very well with black men's scent and sweat, because you smell damn arousing to me, when you lie here underneath me after being well fucked by black men.''

We burst out in laugh, and ater few minutes, I've started talking about Michael.

''Mum, would you do me a favor ?'' I've told her everything what happened before with Michael and Barbra, ofcourse, ''I think it's time that you fulfill Michael's desires...''

''Oh, god.. Now I know what Barbra was talking about, when she said she babysitted you in the past, and now she's fucking you.''

We laughed, and arranged a shopping trip next day, with Michael and Barbra.

We went to buy some underwear and other clothes for moms, and we were already on our way. I was driving, Barbra intentionally sat next to me, and my mom in the back with Michael.

There, we helped moms pick underwear and clothes, made few jokes, you know, boys will be boys.

On the way back, the fun started. I stopped in a secluded area somewhere near a forest, and it was dark already.

Michael soon realized what was going on, but didn't said a word. I smoked a cigarette, caressing Barbra's thighs in the meanwhile. I knew that I have to start fucking his mom infront of him, too, for him to get used to it. Now, we could achieve two things at once, because he could fuck my mum, too.

I dropped the cigarette, and said, ''Well, fuck it. Michael, what are you waiting for ? Grab her, and fuck her brains out. I'm surely doing the same with your mum here...''

Barbra gave me that unsecure look, but I quickly pushed her down to my cock. My mum started to caress Michael and undress him, and he luckily started to respond.

We had a hell of a fuck.

Barbra already got me hard and was on my lap, doing her magic, and we both looked back now. My mom just got Michael's cock hard, too. He has a rather small cock, when soft, and that's the type of cock my mom loves to play with in her mouth. She's a pro.

She now adjusted his cock in her cunt... And the big moment came. Michael did his first, sensual thrusts into a pussy - and it was my mom's pussy. Mum stopped, kissed his surprised mouth, and almost whispered, softly, ''Michael.. You're not a virgin anymore.... You're a real man now !''

After that, we were all smiling, and it didn't went on too long, before me, Barbra, and Michael came. My mom isn't, though, because Michael ofcourse wasn't as experienced. Anyways, moms did a spectacular show, either. They didn't swallowed our loads just yet.

They rather smiled to each other, and started kissing and exchanging our cum. It was a big pleasure, looking at their faces, dripping from our cum.

They finally swallowed our mix, and we gave each other high-five. Then, my mum placed herself on her back, and we instructed Michael how to finger and lick her out. He learned quickly, and she came, too.

Next few weeks were pure enjoyment. We fucked each other's mum like we would be fucking each other's wives, just that we enjoyed looking.

It was a fantastic feeling. When I was fucking his mum, he would bring towels, and clean all up, and vice versa. Even when not fucking, we would ussually kiss and caress each other's mums for fun, and joke about them.

Till now, I only experienced other men, fucking my mum infront of me. Well, now I realized what a great feeling it is, because now I was fucking his mum infront of him, too. Just the approvement of the son does all the magic, it's hot because of that.

For example, Michael comes home and his mum is sucking on my cock, and they can be relaxed, she says ''Honey, dinner is in the kitchen.'', and he responds ''Thanks, mom, I love you.''

And then he joins us and we all watch TV. His mum just swallowed my cum, and I now she's pressed against me with her back, inches away from her son, in her underwear, and I have my hand in her panties, fingering her twat slowly all the time.

Michael ofcourse, couldn't get enough of my mum, either, and he got to know more and more of her coworkers, boss got to know him and was very pleased, that he now has another guy like me here.

In time, he began to trust Michael completely, and gave him a job here, like he did to me. Now, we were both enjoying the good life our moms' hardworking bodies gave us, we liked having our moms fucked infront of us, and we loved the other girls.

This is the good life. We became true sons of escorts.

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well a good story but needs more 4rm u any time soon

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thank you very much, i was actually very unsure about this one.. well, fucking his mom would be interesting, but that was kinda a part of my catch.. being crazy about others fucking your mom, and not fucking her yourself despite you find her hot :)

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