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till death do us part
Birds of a Feather, Chapter 17 (Till do us part)

Frank and Kathy are about to make it to the alter, then on to their honeymoon. The sexual family is growing with the acceptance Nancy, Cindy, Shawn, Beth and Paul. Everyone is happy about the twins.
******************************************************************************************This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve, on not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes.
Brad opened the pool house door and told us to follow him. We walked to the corner of the tent that had been set up for the creamery. Amanda was standing there with another man. Brad introduced him. “This is Reverend William Murphy; sorry you two have not had a chance to meet before now.”

The Reverend laughed, “With Maggie in charge, I’m sure we’ll be okay.”

Brad had Shawn and Paul follows him. Amanda said she would let us know when it was time for us to walk out. She told me when I reached the alter, to just look down at the floor and I would know where to stand.

I could hear the piano playing, then the playing stopped and another song started. Amanda reached over and lightly kissed me on the lips, then told us it our time.

I followed Reverend Murphy up the two steps to the stage. I glanced over to see the young man at the piano smiling at me. I thought I recognized him but I couldn’t remember where.

I looked down at the floor just in time to see a small piece of paper with my name on it. I smiled as I stepped on the paper.

I was standing next to the Reverend and could look out at the guest. I was surprised; there was only one short row of chairs. Mom was in the first chair, then Maggie, then there was an empty chair then another man, I assumed to be H B Lewis Sr. Most of the FAMILY was standing across the aisle and about a hundred to a hundred and fifty people standing behind them, on both sides of the aisle.

The young piano player started playing a different song and I saw Cindy and Shawn walking down the aisle toward me. Reverend Murphy leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Frank, you do know to turn and face me when Kathy comes on stage don’t you?” I nodded just as Cindy stepped on the stage, hugged me and stepped to the other side. Shawn stepped up; shook my hand, we hugged, and he stepped over behind me.

Next was Beth and Paul and they repeated the same as Cindy and Shawn. Another surprise, Amie was walking down the aisle, holding a small silk pillow with our rings on it. Her smile was so big I could see it the minute she started walking our way.

When she stepped on stage we kissed lightly on the lips, she put her cheek next to mine and whispered, “I love you Frank Howard.” “I love you too sweet lady,” I whispered. She stepped over by the edge of the stage just as the music stopped.

There was total silence for a couple of seconds then I heard the music I had been waiting to hear.

I, along with everyone else looked toward the back of the aisle. Then I saw her, arm and arm with Walter. My heart was beating faster and it was all I could do not to rush down the aisle and grabbing her up in my arms. Her medium blue dress was just right to show off her beautiful body without looking vulgar, I think it was the first time I had ever seen her in high hills but I promised myself it wouldn’t be the last

When they reached the stage, Walter took her hand and held it out to me. I took her hand as turned to face the Reverend. He asked us all to bow out heads. After the prayer, I think we were both surprised when Morgan stepped up by the piano and started singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” one of my all time favorites. We made it through our vows, then Morgan sang the song “Time In a Bottle” another favorite.

When I was told to kiss my bride, Kathy and I wrapped our arms around each other. When we kissed, it seemed as though our hearts and bodies just malted together. I had to be the happiest man on earth.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted into a cheek and applause as we walked off the stage. We stopped for a quick kiss for Mom and Maggie then walked on to the end of the aisle, where Hank and Patty was waiting with a golf cart. I heard Amie on the PA system telling everyone to move over to the other tents, there was a band, food and drinks wait for them while the Newly Weds were posing for some pictures.

Hank took us to the front door of the main house. As we followed him inside, he told us the young couple taking the pictures was Walter’s Grandson, D. J. and his wife Julia. It would be very private here and they would like to do some of the usual wedding pictures but they would also like to take a few FAMILY pictures if we didn’t mind.

D.J. and Julia were waiting and started posing us for pictures as soon as we entered the room. We did all the usual, pictures, removing the garter, crossed Champaign glasses, wedding band hands crossed, then several other shots of us together.

While all this was going on we were talking about Kathy and I being excepted into the FAMILY, the fun we had and looked forward to seeing more of the others members.

DJ told us his Mom, Marion, had told them about getting a good look at my cock while I was dressing in the pool house. Julia told us she had helped Kathy dress and it left her with her mouth watering for a taste of that fine looking pussy.

“Here, here, we’re here for the pictures. Let’s not get side tracked. Frank and Kath, at our weddings we all had what we have come to call, The FAMILY Photos. We would love to take some of you two now. Ours are a little way out but we can do as much or as little as you like or none at all“ Hank said..

Kathy asked Pattie about the posed they did. “Me sucking his cock, him eating my pussy, sucking my tits, you know, things like that.”

Kathy looked over at me; I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Okay, we’ll do the pictures but all of you are going to join us. You tell us the action you want and we’ll tell you the action we want” Kathy said with that evil little smile.

“WWwwooooo, this is really getting good, just tell me what you want me to do” Julia said as she squeezed her own tits

Julia moved a bar stool over near us. DJ was changing the lens on his camera, “First we want a hot kiss where we can see the tongues in a profile. Kathy, you with Franks cock in your mouth then your pussy, one from the front and the other from the back. Frank, I want one of you licking her pussy and one sucking her tits. Don’t pull your clothes off, just work around them.

“Kathy, what do you have in mind for us to do” Hank asked, knowing how kinky Kathy could be.

“I’ll tell you as we go along. Just be ready and I know you’ll enjoy it.”

I asked Kathy to come over and set on the stool. Just before she sit down, I reached down and started pulling her dress up. Pattie and Julia quickly moved to her side and Pattie asked, how high do you want it?”

“I want the bear ass one the seat.” Up come the dress and Kathy sit down, I moved one foot to the middle rung and hooked the hill of her shoe over it, showing off her hot pussy framed by the garter belt.

We both opened our mouths and started pushing our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. DJ and Julie both were clicking away at different angles. Julie kept saying over and over, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

When we broke the kiss, I started to move away but Kathy took my arm and stopped me.

She made a show of pushing two fingers in her hot, wet pussy. She pulled her fingers out, put one in her mouth and sucked it. Then rubbed the other finger over her lips.

She didn’t speak a word; she just motioned for Hank, then looked at me and pointed to each side of her mouth.

As Hank and I moved up and pushed our tongues into Kathy’s mouth, DJ and Julia were taking pictures from all directions, including some very close-up pictures.

As soon as Hank and I moved back, Kathy repeated the fingers in her pussy, then to her mouth and lips. Julia anticipating Kathy’s next request, she handed her camera to Hank.

Kathy motioned to Pattie, she stepped up, and they started their little tongue display. Pattie moved back, as Julie was moving in place, Kathy lifted the front of Julie’s dress and pushed two fingers into her pussy. When she pulled them out, she put both of them in her mouth, making a show of licking and sucking them clean.

Julie put her hands behind her back, leaned forward and started swapping tongues with Kathy. Without breaking the kiss with Julie, Kathy motioned for Pattie to move back in and the three hot women were licking and sucking each other’s tongues.

DJ give a little nervous laugh, “You hot bitches are gonna make me cum with all this shit.”

When the women separated Kathy asked DJ, What’s next big tent man?” Everyone turned and looked at DJ, not at this face but at his crotch. It was easy to see his raging hard had the front of his pants pushed to the max.

We all laughed, even DJ, though he was a little red faced at the time. DJ suggested, since Kathy was already setting on the stool then we could try the cock in the pussy shots.

Kathy set thinking for a second then she mover her foot from the front rung to the side. Then she slipped as close to edge of the stool as she possible could.. She was a little unsteady as she attempted to move her other foot up and hook her shoe hill on the rung on the other side.

I moved up in front of her and placed my hands on her waist while Pattie moved around behind her, wrapping her arms around Kathy and pulling her back a little until Kathy’s back was resting against Pattie’s tits.

Kathy pulled the hem of her dress up a little higher as Pattie started unbuttoning the front of Kathy’s dress, almost down to the waist. Kathy reached up and unhooked the front clasp of her bra, pulling it back, allowing the girls to pop out, erect nipples and all.

Pattie started to move away, now that Kathy had her balance. Kathy told her, “No Pattie, don’t leave. I want my FAMILY included in our private pictures.

I asked DJ what he wanted first. He laughed, “Ya’ll have my head so fucked up, I’m not sure any more but I think I would like to start with a close up of her delicious looking pussy.”

I hadn’t really looked before but with Kathy’s legs spread out and her dress pulled up, her pussy was gapped open just a little, and slightly exposing her inner labia and her close trimmed pubic hair glistened with her sweet woman juice. As I looked on, my mouth watered and eatable, came to mind.

DJ took several shots from different angles before Kathy reached down with her left hand, using two fingers, pulled her lips further apart.

DJ got several quick shots of this before Kathy moved her right hand down and pushed two fingers knuckle deep into her pussy.

I heard DJ let out a low throaty moan but kept snapping the pictures. At the same time I heard Julia inhale deeply. As I turned and looked in her direction, I saw Hank standing behind her with his arms around her, groping both breasts. Julie had the front of her dress pulled up and at least two fingers pushing through her slightly trimmed, blond pubic hair and fucking hard in and out of her pussy.

DJ stood and turned to me and was about to tell me what position her wanted me in next when he noticed what Julia and Hank were doing.

“Sorry Frank, when she gets really turned-on she has no manners, what so ever” DJ laughed.

I assured him it was fine with us. He pulled me over closer to Kathy and told me her wanted me to drop my pants down and just place the head of my cock up next to Kathy’s pussy.

I did as he told me and he snapped off a few shots of that pose at different angled. Then he told me to push the beautiful head of my cock just inside Kathy’s pussy.

Once again, I did as I was told. I could hear the sound of Julie’s fingers banging her soaking wet pussy. Kathy used her fingers again to open the lips of her pussy. I stood a little to one side and pushed my cock into her just far enough for my throbbing to head to disappear.

While DJ was busy taking the pictures, I looked up to see Kathy and Pattie cheek to cheek, looking down to where we were joined cock to pussy.

Both women raised their heads and smiled at me. I leaned in and as I kissed Kathy our tongues met. She used her free hand under my chin to break the kiss and turn my face toward Pattie. Our lips and tongues met and I could tell from our heave breathing, all three of us were very turned on.

DJ spoke to me but I was so carried away with everything that was going, it did register that he was talking to me. Then I felt a hand wrap around the shaft of my cock.

I looked down to see DJ’s hold tightly onto my shaft, “A little deeper, push your cock in just a little deeper and then go all the way in and repeat the kissing with Aunt Kathy and Aunt Patty.”

I pushed my cock a couple inches deeper into Kathy’s pussy. DJ was continuing to move around getting shots at different angles. Then he squeezed the right cheek of my ass and pushed, “All in Uncle Frank, don’t forget the kissing.”

I placed my hands on Kathy’s hips and pushed my cock ball deep into my darling wife’s pussy. I kissed Kathy as I had before. I leaned over to kiss Pattie, as our lips met she pushed her middle finger into the side of my mouth. I detected the wonderful taste of Pattie’s pussy. We both licked and sucked the finger before we broke the kiss.

“Sorry to break this up but we have people waiting and we sill have things to do here” DJ said as he was changing something on his camera.

I kissed Kathy lightly on the lips as I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her warm, wet pussy. As I stepped back I heard Julia ask, “Aunt Kathy, would allow me to clean that ups for you?” I looked back to see Julia staring straight at my hard, wet cock.

“Of course you can Julia, you know we share our goodies with the FAMILY.”

Hank released her tits but she never pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She moved over in front of me, dropped to her knees, opened her mouth and sucked my wet cock into her mouth. She attempted to take it down her throat but started gagging. She back off and placed her other hand around my shaft. She licked around the head and up and down my shaft until she had licked up every drop of Kathy’s pussy juice.

She was still fingering her pussy. Hank walked up behind her, reached down and pinched her very erect nipples. She leaned back against Hank’s leg. She started a low moan that grew louder as she finger fucked her pussy harder and faster. She was almost screaming when she pushed her fingers in and held them as her orgasm swept over her.

“Okay Honey, we need to move on with the pictures” DJ said as he took Julia by the arm and helped her to her feet.

DJ told Kathy to set where she was and told me to kneel between her legs. When I was in place he told me to start by just touching my tongue to Kathy’s pussy. He told us he would be taking different angles as I slowly licked deeper into her pussy until my tongue was completely buried in her.

It didn’t take long before I had the full length of my tongue inside her and my lips sucking on her pussy. DJ tapped me on the shoulder and I pulled out and moved back.

Julia had picked up her camera and was helping DJ take pictures again.

Kathy motioned for Hank to move in to take my place. Like me, it wasn’t long before he had his tongue buried in Kathy’s pussy.

This time Julia tapped Hank on the shoulder. When he moved back Kathy pointed to DJ. I was a little surprised when he blushed a little but he moved right in and wasted no time aggressively proceeded to lick his way into Kathy’s pussy.

Julia was busy, moving around snapping the pictures constantly repeating, “Yeah baby, suck that hot pussy”.

I picked up DJ’s camera and started helping capture this short period of time of him licking away at my wife’s hot pussy.

DJ knew when to stop, as soon as he had his face buried in Kathy’s pussy, he moaned softly but pulled his face away and stood up. He was wet with Kathy’s woman juice from his nose to his chin. Julie wasted no time in licking him clean.

Kathy motioned for Pattie to go next. Hank moved over behind Kathy to help keep her balance on the stool, while Pattie moved in and proceeded to follow DJ original instructions.

As soon as Patty moved away Julia followed. DJ had to be quick with the camera because Julia didn’t waist any time licking her way in slowly, about two quick licks and she had her face buried in Kathy’s pussy.

“Oh baby, you’re a keeper, DJ, you keep this young lady around, I would like to have her visit this hole again” Kathy said as she leaned back against Hank and use both of her hands to pull Julie’s face tighter to her pussy.

You could see DJ glowing with pride as he tapped Julie on the shoulder, “Baby, you have to stop now but Kathy said you could have more another day.”

Next was cock sucking time. I set on the stool with my paints around my ankles, knees spread wide apart, my cock standing tall and oozing a little pre-cum.

In order to save time Kathy suggested we keep things moving by her going first, then her and Pattie, Patty alone, Julia join Patty, then Julia alone, DJ join Julia, DJ lone, Hank join DJ, Hank alone and we could end with Kathy and I sharing the men.

Pattie said she liked everything except stopping with Kathy and I sucking the guys. She wanted to know why she and Julia couldn’t get the same treatment.

We all laughed and Kathy and I both agreed. I was hoping I could keep from cumming before I finished the photo session ended.

Kathy showed no mercy. She dropped to her knees, took her cock in her hand and slowly licked around the head. DJ was doing close-up’s and Kathy looked directly into his camera as she puckered up and spit a large wad of spit on my cock , then used her hand to slowly spread over my shaft. Then she very slowly slid her lips down my shaft until I felt my cock head push into her throat.

When she pulled back, Pattie was there to join her. They placed their lips on either side of my cock and licked and sucked their way down to the base of my cock. Then they slowly made their back up.

Kathy moved aside and Pattie took my cock in her mouth, moving very slow making sure DJ and Julie had ample to get the close-ups and full length shots they wanted. Patty didn’t stop until her lips were pushing against my pubic hair. As she slowly pulled back, It was all I could do to keep her from pulling my cum out with her.

Julia joined her and they repeated the lip and tongue action. When Julia took over she paid a little more attention to my cock head and using her spit to make it wetter. She started sliding her mouth down my shaft and as soon as it reached the back of her throat, she started gagging again. She quickly pulled back a little then slowed down, licking the bottom of my shaft and her mouth softly sucked until my cock popped out of her mouth.

When DJ joined her they repeated the same lip and tongue action as the others, then DJ took over. He started by lifting my cock, leaning down, licked my scrotum from the bottom up. Then he sucked one of my balls into his mouth. He sucked on it softly, then licked back up my scrotum and up the bottom of my shaft. Once he reached the head he slipped my cock head into mouth. He held his lips locked around the head for a short time, allowing Julie and Hank the time to get several camera shots. Then he started slowly moving down my shaft, his tongue flipping from side to side. I felt my cock hit the back of his throat, then continue on down into his throat. He held it there for just a second as he licked his tongue out around the base. I had to push him back to keep from shooting my load down his throat.

“It’s a little embarrassing to know your husband gives better head than you do” Julia said as DJ let my cock slip out of his mouth.

I slipped of the stool and pulled my pants up. Hank mover over, dropped his pants and sat on the stool. Kathy and I moved in and Kathy held his cock shaft as we wrapped our lips around each side. We looked back at DJ and Julia, posing for the camera as they snapped away. We slid our lips down Hank’s shaft, causing him to moan softly.

We moved our lips back up his shaft, leaving it coated with our spit as we went. I moved back as Kathy took Hank’s cock deep in her mouth, pulled about half way back out, then took his cock all the way down into her throat. Hank threw his head back and let a loud groaned. I knew he was struggling hard not to cum.

As soon as his cock popped out of Kathy’s mouth, I took it in my mouth and slid down his shaft until I felt the head hit the back of my mouth. I knew I had to get everything lined up just right to be able to get his cock down my throat. I open wide, started breathing through my nose and relaxed as much as I could. Slowly but surely I eased his head down into my throat. I felt the urge to gag a couple of times but I suppressed it. Once again I heard Hank groan again as I slowly pulled my mouth off his cock..

Hank slid off the stool and DJ handed him the camera, dropped his pants and sat on the stool. Kathy repeated the same moves on him. Like Hank, he was struggling hard not to cum.

When I pulled my mouth off his cock he started to step off the stool. “Just set where you are DJ, we have some more work to do” Pattie said as she had me move aside and motioned for Julia to follow her. They both moved over next to Kathy. Patty told Julia to open her mouth. She stared at Pattie for a second the did as she was told. Pattie put two of her fingers in Julia’s mouth and pushed in until there was a slight gag. Kathy told Julia to relax and breath through her nose. She followed Kathy’s instructions and Pattie pushed in a little more. Julia gagged a little but managed to hold on as Patty pushed her fingers as far as she could down Julia’s throat.

Kathy and Pattie both coated DJ’s cock with their spit. Pattie turned to Julia and told her, “Okay honey, we’re gonna do this thing. Just relax, we’ll be right her with you” Pattie told her as she put her hand behind Julia’s head and pulled her forward. As DJ’s cock slipped into her mouth Kathy told her, “Open wide, relax and breath through your nose. Don’t worry Julia, you’re gonna be able to do this” Julia had most of DJ’s cock in her mouth when she gag a little and tensed up a little. Both women encouraged her to relax. Julia took several deep breaths through her nose then pushed forward again. This time she didn’t stop until her lips were pushing into his pubic hair. Kathy told her, “Just hold it there for a second, relax as much as you can, then just start swallowing.

I could see as she started to swallow, knowing this was causing her throat muscles to massage the head of DJ cock. Suddenly he started moaning, “SUCK IT BABY SUCKKkkk, AAAHHHH, YYYEEESSSS.”

Julia gag several times as DJ pumped his hot cum down her throat and into her belly. She managed to stay with it until she had drained the last drop of cum from his young cock.

After she let her cock slip out of her mouth, she turned to Pattie, leaned over and give her a passionate kiss on the lips. As soon as they separated Julia turned to Kathy and repeated the same with her. “Thank you both for your help. I’ve wanted to do that for so long and it was such a turn-on, my pussy is dripping wet.

Pattie and Kathy looked at each other and smiled. “New plan, get the cameras ready. DJ get your ass off the stool, Julia, pull your dress up, get you hot pussy on the stool, hook your hills on the rungs on each side and hold on for a great ride”

Kathy went first and as soon as Julia was in place on the stool Kathy buried face in Julia’s pussy. Pattie quickly unbuttoned Julia’s top, pulled her bra down, setting her B-cup size tits free. Pattie started sucking one nipple while she pinched and pulled on the other.

While DJ and Hank were clicking away with the cameras, I moved to the other side of Julia, took her face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue deep into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth a few times. Then I felt her push her hips forward, sucked my tongue in hard and bit down slightly.

Julia relaxed a little, trying to catch her breath. We broke out kiss and I turned to look at Kathy as she stood up. Her mouth and chin was soaked with Julia’s cum juice. I couldn’t resist, I placed my hand behind her head and pulled her face close enough to mine that I could lick the juice off her chin and lips.

While I was busy licking Kathy, Pattie took her place between Julia’s. She slipped two fingers into Julia’s hot, wet pussy then locked her mouth onto Julia’s clit, causing her to inhale quickly then let out a long, low moan. This time I moved the her tits and Kathy moved behind her. Julia tilted her head back as she and Kathy, showing off for the cameras, opened their mouths wide and started a very visible tongue battle.

It wasn’t long before Julie was moaning again. Her moans became louder until it ended in a scream as she was overwhelmed by a massive orgasm. She fell back against Kathy trying hard to catch her breath.

DJ looked at his watch then started putting his cameras back in their case, “We’re doing good, Grand Mama Maggie told me we could have forty-five minutes to do all we wanted to do here. We have about fifteen minutes to clean up an get back to the big tent.”

DJ was well prepared, he had a small tote bag with toothbrushes, toothpaste, men and women’s cologne and even a comb and brush for everyone to freshen up.

We all loaded in the golf cart and headed back to our reception

Hank pulled up by the band stand, Walter and Maggie was waiting there waiting for us. There was another round of applause as we walked on stage. The band was all set up and there was a small table at the corner of the stage with our wedding cake, a bottle of champagne and two glasses on it.

Hank and the older man I had assumed was his Dad come on stage and Maggie motioned for us to join them at the microphone.

Walter held his hands in the air and the crowd quieted down. Walter told the guest that this was our day but he wanted to borrow just a few minutes to bring everyone up-to-date on a few things. For those who didn’t know him, he introduced H B Lewis, Sr. and one of his son’s H B, Jr. or as we know him, Hank. He quickly explained that he and H B had been working on this project for about ten years. Now it was all coming together and we would all see a lot of changes, not only in our company but also in our town. He thanked them, telling them they were the backbone, not only in the company but the community as a whole. He told them the changes would be good for everyone and wouldn’t take away jobs but make the present jobs even butter but would also create new jobs. Once again he thanked them again.

Maggie then stepped up and told everyone we were going to have the cake cutting, sharing of the champagne then the throwing of the garter and bridle bouquet. There was plates of weeding cake on all the tables and be band will start just after that.

The table was moves up by the mike and DJ and Julia was there with the cameras.

While they were setting everything up I looked out at the our guest. There right I front of the stage I saw Amie. There was a young man standing next to her. I knew I had seen him before but couldn’t remember where. Morgan was standing next to him and they were holding hands. Old Gus was next to Morgan and he was holding hands with the lady next to him. Gus was smiling up at us. I tapped Kathy on the arm and pointed to them. Kathy waved and all five waved back at her.

We went through the cake cutting and champagne toast then one of the band members brought a chair out for Kathy to set in while I raised her dress enough to remove the garter. All the men lined up by the stage and I flipped it up in the air, there was a scramble, then old Gus popped out of the crowd, holding the garter. A big cheer went up from the crowd.

As the women gathered, I saw Morgan but I didn‘t see Amie in the group. Kathy stepped up, turned her back to the group and through the bouquet over her shoulder. It looked like it was going to land near the back of the group when I was Morgan jump up and caught the flowers in midair and there was another cheer.

Everyone left the stage except the band. As Kathy and I reached the bottom of the steps Morgan was there with her friend. She smiled, give us both a kiss on the cheek then introduced the young man, “Uncle Frank, Aunt Kathy this is Allen, my fiancé. You saw him at the store the last you come by and he was playing the piano for your wedding,” I’m sure she could see our confused look as we congratulated them and as we hugged she whispered, “I‘ll tell you everything later but we have to go right now.”

Gus and his lady was standing right behind Morgan and Allen went on stage. “Hello Greta, we so pleased to see you could make it.” Gus emphasized “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Howard. and thank you Kathy. I don’t think I would ever have had the nerve to ask her to come with me. I did ask her to go out tomorrow evening, we’re just going to the Burger Hut but that is a lot better than setting home alone.”

We hugged them both and I told them, “I think I speak for both of us when is tell you, we wish you both the best. Being alone can be a killer and spending time with someone you like is a wonderful thing.”

The lead singer for the band announced they were about to start playing and the first dance was for the newly wed’s. It was a special song from Morgan Muller and Allen North. The song was written by Morgan and her sister Amie, the name of the song is “Our Hearts Together”

By the end of the first few lines, we both had tears running down our cheeks. The song was about two people who had lived most of their lives with half a heart, looking in all the wrong places for the other half. Then one day it just happened, the two halves met to become one whole heart for ever and ever. It was beautiful and we knew it was about us,

When our song was over, couples started filling the dance floor and the firs couple to cut in on us was Al and Helga. I asked Helga why Amie wasn’t in the group to catch the bouquet. She looked me straight in the eyes, “Frank, you know why she wasn’t out there. You do know that she is in love with you both.”

I guess I was a little red faced and I hung my head down. Helga put her hand under my chin and lifted until our eyes met again. “Please don’t feel bad about this, there may be a time when she finds that special someone. For now the loves of her life are you and Kathy. She is happy with that, the only thing Al and I would ask is remember how she feels and try not to hurt her.”

“Kathy and I have talked about this I can tell you, we both love her. Yes, she is a great sex partner but it is a lot more than that and I can assure she’ll be a big part of our lives”

Just before the song ended one of the men I worked with and his wife broke in on Helga and Al. When the song ended and the next one started Morgan and Allen was on the floor and has ask Kathy and I to dance.

Morgan laid her head on my shoulder and whispered, “Just listen and I‘ll bring you up to date on things.. If you have questions, you can ask later. The lady you see with Mom and Aunt Nancy is Allen‘s Mom, Sandra. Her husband left her when Allen was four years old. She has worked for Dad for the past eight years and Allen has been working with us either part or full time for six years. I had a crush on him from day one but for some reason he always kept his distance. Mom and Sandra talked a lot at work and Sandra said some things that make her think she and Allen were having sex. Long story, short. We found out it was true and after quite a bit of talking between Mom and Sandy and Allen and I we started dating. I’ve stayed the weekend with them and they have been with us. Allen asked if we were married, things would continue the way they were with our families. So here we are, we’re getting married in about two months Allen is telling Kathy the same thing I‘m telling you right now. Dad has talked with everyone else and Allen and Sandra are going to be excepted in the family if you and Kathy agree when Maggie asks you in just a few minutes.”
“ Damn Morgan, that was a lot of catching up but I guess the only thing I really need to remember is to tell Maggie, we agree”

When the song ended I held onto Morgan’s hand, took Kathy by the other hand and the four of us walked over to where the three women stood

We gave Mom a kiss then Helga introduced Sandra. Kathy hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the lips, which brought a smile to Sandra’s face. When I hugged her I flicked my tongue out and lightly licked the edge of her ear. She giggled a little and thanked me.

Maggie and Walter come over and asked if the could have the next dance. Maggie started talking as soon as we started dancing. She first told me about the request for Sandra and Allen to become members of the FAMILY. Then she told me her kids, Dale Sarah and Tim along with some of the other FAMILY members had ask if Kathy and I would agree to a special sendoff on our honeymoon.

I asked what they had in mind. She told me that Mom and several of the others was going to stay the night with them. After the regular guest left we would have about an hour before the helicopter would take us to their place in the mountains. The FAMILY wanted us to spend that time with them. Nothing heavy, they know it is your wedding night We may prime the pump, so to speak but nothing heavy, just get naked and play around a little.

When the dance was over I called Kathy over to the side and asked what she want to do. She told me to give her about five minutes and she could tell me.

She walked back to the edge of the dance floor and I was her talking with Cindy and Beth.

When she come back, she told me Cindy and Beth had worked things out about the kids. The pilot was there with the big chopper and the kids were going for a ride the first hour and asked if they could go with the pilot to take us to the cottage, that would be about two hours there and back. Cindy said that would give them time to do a little more playing. She told me she was all for the playing around but I needed to know that she intended to have my cum at least once in her mouth and once in her pussy before ten O’clock tomorrow.

We went back to the big tent and spent time talking with our other guests. Mom cone over and stood with us and we interdicted her to our fellow employee’s and their families.

Once, when there was just the three of us there, I told them about my idea of Mom changing her last name to match ours and her adopting both of us. At first, they though I was joking. When they realized I was serious we talked about it and they both told me to have Tim and Dan see what they could do.


2015-02-27 23:16:09
Awesome story but was wondering is chapter 12 and 18 missing


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another great story, a little long in the picture taking section

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