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Life of a High School Guy - Takes a turn for torture? OH JESUS FKIN H CHRIST
"Jessica! I'm sorry! Please, I have to explain to you! She forced herself on me-"

"I don't want to hear it Aaron!"

Here is the girl of my dreams, me at her doorstep, apologizing and trying to explain to her how in the hell she saw me fucking the lead bitch of our school after this girl of my dreams and I have been going out for a while.

"Jessica... Please... I can't do this without you!"

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you fucked Ariel! I fucking hate that bitch!"

"I do too! That's why I ended up fucking her! She brought me there to fuck me and I resisted, but then she changed her mind so I forced myself on her... You know, the blood from my brain went to my dick and..."

"Seriously Aaron? You have the shittiest excuses."

"Jess... I said I'd do anything for you... And I'll prove it."

"What? What are you going to do, huh? What can you do to fix this?"

"Anything. I'd jump in front of a bus. I'll even die for you." At this point I pulled out my switchblade and held it to my throat. "I'm serious, Jessica."

Her eyes widened in fear, and she immediately grabbed the knife from my hand and threw it away. "Don't do anything stupid Aaron! Ok fine, I'll forgive you this once... But only if you really prove you'd do anything for me."

"Yeah, fine."

"Get inside."

I followed the sniffling Jessica in her house and closed the door behind me. I looked wistfully at the couch where she put on the best show for me and then let me fuck her tits for the first time... Just thinking of it got my dick rock hard.

"No, bad boy, you fucked me over and you're fucking no one else."

Jessica giggled at that despite her mood. "Oh, he'll be fucking a lot..."

She turned around and suddenly I felt like I was hit by a truck.

I woke up after some time to find me tied naked on her bed by my arms and legs. I struggled for a bit, then realized this was the room I took Jessica's virginity on the same day she blew me for the first time. My dick once again became rock hard, and then I felt something whip my cock hard with a slap. I winced. Jessica stepped forward with some rope bundled up in her hand, and she whipped my cock again. I winced, as my dickhead burned and stung. But I held on, clenching my teeth. She then whipped my balls, hard. I cried out and struggled on the ties, but then she held out a frying pan.

"Don't make me hit you again with this. You won't like it."

I stopped struggling and just held on, not saying anything.

She continued whipping me with the coil of rope bundled in her hand, whether it was my thighs, stomach, chest, arms, dick, and of course, balls. I winced at each whip but held on.

She then left for a few seconds and returned with a needle. I panicked; she knew I was afraid of needles.

"Struggle and this goes into your ballsack. Next one goes in your dickhole."

I was still alarmed, but she then took her fingers and, extremely dry, shoved it under my ass and then stuck her index finger in my asshole. I cried out again at the unexpected pain, and then she forced another finger in my ass. I swear to God, this was the worst hell I'd ever had. Soon she inserted three, four fingers, and then her thumb, spreading my anus. I seriously couldn't take this; I was flailing for all I was worth. Then came the needle point against my ballsack. This was too much.

"You said anything, and this is real punishment. I'm going to pierce this through your ballsack, and you're not going to cry out."

She slowly traced the needle around my ballsack and I swear I was whimpering like a dog. Then she reeled the needle back and, about to pierce my scrotum, she stopped right before it made contact with my skin. I flinched and flailed a little but held my ground biting my tongue. She smiled.

"Good. I think your punishment is over, and you dirtied my bed. Go clean up, I wish to never do that again."

She took her needle and pierced the rope ties around my limbs, then used it to somehow cut the rope ties. I got up once I was free and fled to her bathroom, turning on the shower and jumping in washing my... everything. The pain soon lessened after a while, and then came in the bathroom a crying Jessica, nude. My dick stood at full attention.

"I hope to never do that again. But you proved yourself. Never leave me again, ok?"

"I promise, Jessica. As fucked up as that was, I'm glad I could prove to you my loyalty. And I would never lie to you and I never did."

"At least that bitch got hers coming."

She stepped in the shower and I held her in my arms, the water cascading down our bodies. I took some soap in my hands and started on my favorite part of her body: her tits. I soaped up those glamorous globes and paid extra attention to her nipples. I then soaped up her front and moved down to her shaved pussy. I soaped up her pussy lips and paid attention to her clit, then soaped up her ass and gave it a light spanking. She moaned, flushed, and almost melted into my grip on her ass. My cock rock hard, she took it in her hand and began to soap it up, slowly jacking me off. I forgave her for everything she did to me and wanted to show her; I leaned in for a deep kiss and she reciprocated her forgiveness, tears streaming down her face and mixing with the shower water. She broke off the kiss, smiled as we looked into each others' eyes, and then we continued washing each others' backs and other various parts.

She knelt down and kissed my dick. "I'm sorry little guy... well at least you're nice and big now." She then kissed my balls. "Sorry I almost pierced you little suckers. I hope I won't have to again." She then took each of my balls into her mouth individually, and then licked up my shaft to the dickhead and swirled her tongue around it, all while staring me in the eye. She bobbed her head up and down using whatever soap she had on her hands to jack me off while lubed. I reached down and grabbed a tit per hand and began to squeeze, then pulled on her nipples and pinched them to my heart's content. She moaned on my cock and took me all the way in her throat, her hand moving to my balls while she began to finger herself. I looked down and saw she shoved three fingers in her pussy, her thumb and pinkie hanging out as she assaulted her own pussy while bobbing her head on my cock. My dick began to swell at that sight, and she took all of me in her throat once more as I moaned and came hard. Each spurt of cum flooded down her throat, and she was immediately swallowing each spurt like a drain. When I finished, she licked to the tip of my cock and brought her lips together at the tip with a kiss. She smiled at me and stood up as I knelt down. I used my tongue to lick her pussy lips, then reaching in with my fingers I spread her lips and licked up and down her slit. She moaned and once again melted against the wall, grabbing onto my head with one hand and playing with her tits with the other. I began to slowly tongue fuck her while wiggling my tongue, making her moan and grind her hips on my face. I moved my tongue up to her clit and also began to finger her with two fingers, going faster and harder until she cried out and flooded my face with her honey. I lapped up what I could and let the shower water cascade down and wash the rest away. I then stood, my rock hard dick once again ready, and she jumped into my waiting warms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back as I held her by the ass. I lowered her on my cock until I was in all the way, and we both moaned in unison. She smiled at me lovingly and then brought her head in for a kiss. As we made out, I slowly bounced her ass on my cock up and down and she moved with me. Our tongues began wrestling as her tits bounced up and down, her rock-hard nipples brushing against my chest. She was now bouncing up and down my full length and leaned back, breaking our kiss, to moan loudly.

"Oh yeah Aaron, fill me up, flood me with your cum! I love it when you cum so much your spurts fill me up so much that it begins to flood out! Come on, cum inside me!"

I was bouncing her for all she was worth on my cock, then I fell hard onto my knees. Sure it hurt, but it was worth it. In this position she was bouncing on my full length, her legs still wrapped around me, and her tits in my face. I began to suck on her nipples, alternating them and swirling the rock-hard beady nipples in my mouth with my tongue. This caused her to cry out and her pussy began to clench and milk my cock like its life depended on it. My cock swelled out of its normal proportion, and she moaned "Oh yeah this is gonna be a big one isn't it!" I nodded, my mouth full of tit, and then I came harder than ever before with her. Each spurt felt like a rocket just launched into the air as she cried out, the warm flood splashing against her depths. I continued her bouncing on my cock slightly even though I was buried hilt-deep. I continued to come for what seemed like hours, causing her to cum a third time as I felt my cum leak onto me and her cum mixed with it. When we were finally done, I released her tits from my mouth and slowly pulled her off my cock. I saw our cum run out of her pussy along my dick and get washed away with the shower water, and then when my dick popped out a large amount of my cum and her cum flooded out like a waterfall. She moaned at the release, and then collapsed on top of me, exhausted. I reached up weakly and barely shut off the water before passing out with her in her shower, my face cushioned by her tits. It was one of the best times I've ever slept, but imagine when I woke up!
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