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My first time with a man was amaizing
Ever since i could remember i have liked guys. When i was in preschool i used to look at the other guys when they peed. Well as i got older i started peeking through stalls to get my fill of looking at dicks by peeking through stalls. Then i started going to the gym to see guys naked. When i was about 9 i started fingering myself then i moved up to my moms vibrator then her dildo. Well that was all fine and dandy for now but it was not enough. So when me and my family moved i started to get more freedome and alone time. So i started going to chatrooms. I used to masterbate over the phoen with the guys view their webcams and let them view mine. But jerking off and using my dildo was just not enough anymore. Well one August day when i was 16 stumbled accross a men for boys chatroom and thought i would check it out. Cause see the thing is i was also only attracted to older men. Well this one guy imed me and said he lived only one city away from me. Well we started chatting and getting to know each other. Well he finally asked what i had been hoping for and that was for a hook up. Well I said sure to the hole thing and we set a date. I remember being so scared as I was getting ready to go down and meet him at the park just below my house. I told my mom I was going to the skate park and headed down.

When i got there I saw him immediatly. He was so cute. He was 29 tall and handsom. I walked up to his car and said that I was Josh. He asked if i wanted to go and get a room and without hesitation i said yes. I climed into his car and buckled up. He had a big 7.5 inch dick that made my mouth water just looking at it through his shorts. He got the room and we went to it. I remember going in and sitting down on the bed and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and the next think i knew there was a nice hard throbbing cock in front of my face. Well i started to suck that nice big cock and tried to deep throat it as best as i could. he then layed me down on the bed and we started to make out and to my surprise my hands went straight for his cock. all seven inches of his man hood stood their throbbing waiting and urning for me to suck it. i had never sucked cock before but he had told be i did it like a natural. i sucked him for a good long while till he was nice and hard. he then pulled down my pants and then sucked me off. My six inches of man hood were urning for a good suck and it was just like i had herd, only a man knows what a man likes. i just as i got really hard he laid me on the bed. i began to tremble when he started kissing back up and put my legs on his shoulders. He told me he woudl be gentle as he started to finger me and lube me up at the same time. The feeling was so great that i had an orgasm with out cumming. He then rubbed his dick head around the hole of my ass and started to gently slide it in. I let out a great moan and he started to fuck me. Harder and harder he went thrusting into me. It was the greatest feeling i had ever felt in my entire life. it was so much better than when i used to fuck myself. He continued to fuck the shit out of me moaning and telling me how tight i was till finally he came in my ass. we layed back on the bed and i began to jerk off while we made out till i came. then he put his cock in my face and made me clean my ass juices and his cum off of it. he then started to kiss down my body again and began to rim me sticking his tongue in deep. this was another great feeling i was not prepared for but had be longing for without knowing it.

It was then that i noticed he was hard again and i knew i was going to enjoy this one. he layed me over the bed and began to fuck me doggy style with great fury. harder then before and with mroe pleasure for me. he fucked me long and hard. i moaned as he continued to thrust into me every time harder and harder. i felt his balls stap against my ass. he reached around and jerked me off while he fucked me. i was in heaven . i had orgasm after orgasm with out cumming till in unison we both exploded. we layed their on the bed for a while cuddleing till i decided to take a shower and clean off. as i was showering i herd the door open and again i saw that georgious cock standing their harder than hell waiting for my ass. he then hoped in with me and began to suck me off. it felt so great my balls were so tight from comming so much but again i let out a great big load and he swallowed it, well all but the lil bit that he shared with me as we made out tasting it. he then bent me over and fucked me long and good in the ass again. it felt so hot in the shower as he fucked me. i moaned and moaned until i had another orgasm. it was then that i would taste something that i would ache for the rest of my life. he told me to get on my knees and jerked off and exploded all of his love juice into my mouth. i welcomed it graciously and took it all in. it tasted so good. well after that we finished our shower and got dressed and parted ways. but it would not be the last time him and i woudl share soemthing special again. we meet up from time to time for the occasional fuck and if their is no time for that then just the occasional suck in his car, and when i cant have him then i just go hunting for the one thing i cant get enough of.....cock!

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2014-03-09 23:44:50
I got my first cock when I was 16 my brothers friend who was 20 taught me how to suck cock before he fucked me.

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2013-10-26 16:02:33
gms2R8 Im grateful for the article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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2012-08-12 03:28:23
Oh man I cummmed everywhere

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2012-08-12 03:28:22
Oh man I cummmed everywhere

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2012-01-20 17:15:48
I was 16 when my brothers friend show me the joys of sucking cock and being fucked he was 22 and had a 9 inchs of cock. I loved the feel of cock
inside me.

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