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Revenge is a dish best served up cold.
Revenge Against the Ex-Wife and Step-Daughter!

Chapter 1

As I felt the thick head of my cock pop into the virginal asshole of my ex-wife's eighteen year old daughter, eliciting a muted scream as her face was forced deeper into her mom's pussy, I paused to think about how I managed to get into this position. Literally.

It started several years ago. I was betrayed. The bitch...I'm sorry, my ex-wife, well, it was bad enough that she dumped me for someone younger. I guess I could have lived with that. And with her getting the house. And our savings. She had a shrewd lawyer and I was quite the pushover as my mental state was somewhat suspect. I just kept agreeing with pretty much whatever she asked for.

What pushed me over the edge was her turning her daughter against step-daughter. She filled her head with misinformation, lies really, and because she was a step-daughter, I couldn't do much about it. Oh, I tried, to no avail. I'd see her look at me with contempt, and look at her mom with nothing but love. Oh the lies that her mother must have told her. She turned everyone in her family against me, all of our mutual friends, etc. It was a real expert job of sabotage.

So, I began to plan my revenge. It started out slow because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. But then after watching television and reading some stories online, a solid plan began to form in my head. Something elaborate, but, doable. It would take some time, and money, but I had both, money thanks to getting lucky I suppose, and nothing better to do.

Two years later, I was ready. I had rented some warehouse space for not a lot of money, because no one wanted to rent in that section of the city. I paid cash, of course. Then I began remodeling the inside. I put a special platform bed in there, a portable heater, a couple of cabinets, and then custom-built some of the more interesting parts.

Now it was time to get the women. It really wasn't that difficult. Two tasers was all it took. I parked around back, got out, and waited for them to come home and open the garage door. It was late and dark. When the door opened, I waited for the car to pass and then I slipped in and off to the side, wearing my latex gloves. Soon both of them got out of the car and started for the door to the house. They didn't make it.

Tasered. Quickly hooded. Handcuffed behind the back with plastic tie strips. Tape over the mouth. Earplugs. Tossed into the back of the van. All in all, it took about ten minutes. Got in the van, took off my little disposable booties, put them and the gloves in a burn bag, and that was that.

Didn't want trouble from them for a while, so I used chloroform and put them out for a couple of hours. Amazing what you can get through the Internet these days. As I took them into my storage area, I felt my cock start to respond. I realized that I was going to exact some great revenge over the next few days...

I brought Julie in first, my ex. Guess I should describe her. As I pulled off the hood, her long reddish-blonde hair splayed around her head and down her back. I uncuffed her, and began undressing her. First her sweater, shirt, and bra, which did a decent job of hiding her 36 D-cups. They weren't all that firm after having three kids, but they sure looked good to me. It was a little cool inside the storage area, so her nipples started to harden. Next came her shoes, socks and jeans. Bikini panties were next. The bitch had shaved off her wonderful reddish-blonde bush right before she kicked me out of the house, and I saw that she still was shaving, much to my chagrin. I really liked her bush. Well, ya' can't have everything, I guess.

I finished cuffing her back up, putting on a very effective blindfold, ball gag, and earplugs. The cuffs weren't your ordinary cuffs. She was laid back on a platform bed, arms stretched out to the corners, tied securely. Her legs were spread with a bar between her ankles, and then they were secured by ropes at the head of the bed. She wouldn't be too uncomfortable, but, she'd know that her pussy would be wide open to the world.

Now to get Kerri. Sweet Kerri. She was very unconscious when I pulled her from the van and carried her inside. I removed that hood and her near-shoulder length light blonde hair, teased with streaks of magenta and green, settled about her face. I methodically removed her restraints, and then her clothing -- sweater, t-shirt, bra...oh my...a first look at her breasts. They were nothing short of magnificent I looked at her bra and saw that she was a 34dd. She always had large breasts for her age and was teased in school. I wanted to tell her "honey, don't worry, some day a man will be very happy to put his penis between them" but the chance never came up! After a minute of staring at her tits, well, okay, I didn't just stare, I reached down and felt them, felt them quite well, thank you very much...even pinched a nipple. Okay, twice.

I laid her down on the bed, and got down near her feet. Reaching up, I unbuckled her dress belt, and then her jeans, then pulling down the zipper. With both hands, I carefully, and slowly, wrestled the jeans down her thighs, over her knees, and down her calfs, pulling off her sneakers and socks at the same time, and then her jeans.

Now she was clad only in her black panties. I took a break, and secured her arms, blindfold, earplugs and gag. I was looking for a way to prolong this, but, I couldn't think of ... ah yes, the van. I secured her legs, not expecting her to waken just yet, but wanted to be prepared. Then I left, and moved the van several blocks away, and took my time walking back.

No one had stirred. I took off my clothes and then repositioned myself on the bed, between her legs. I reached out and gripped her thighs lightly, parting them a bit. Then I leaned forward until my face was a half-inch from her panty-covered mound.

I inhaled.

It was exactly the scent I expected from a teen pussy. I was in heaven.

I inhaled again, and again. Then I leaned forward and planted a light kiss. I decided that I had waited long enough for this. I slowly started to peel her panties down her body, and then stopped, my heart beginning to pound.

I saw wisps of hair.

Blonde pussy hair. Mother of God...she was in the minority and didn't shave her pubic hair!

Heaven...I'm in heaven...I thought to myself, but couldn't remember who sang the song to whom.

I continued peeling the panties down, exposing more light blonde pussy hair, and then her actual pussy. From the way her lips were tightly held together, I could only assume that no boy's cock had pierced her inner sanctum. At least not yet.

Throwing caution to the wind, I moved forward and began lightly licking her pussy lips, then licking her hair, then back to her tiny vaginal opening, pushing with my tongue.

I've never dined with the gods on Olympus, but I now knew what the nectar of the gods, ambrosia, must taste like.

I gently parted her lips with my fingers and found her clit with my tongue. I licked gently, lightly, then quickly back and forth with almost a butterfly-kiss like effect. I felt her stir!

I continued my oral assault, running my fingers through her sparse bush, then using my shoulders to spread her legs a bit further apart. This gave me deeper access, and I slid my tongue down and ticked at her asshole, so pink and clean-looking.

I feasted. I feasted on pussy and ass and felt her starting to stir more and more. I myself was leaking pre-cum. As her pussy began lubricating itself, more and more juice ended up on my tongue and lips and face. She must have been thinking she was having one helluva' wet dream.

I backed off. It was time to move to Phase II. I went and got some water and took my Viagra I knew I was going to need it tonight. I was going to fuck my step-daughter, deflower her completely.

And, she was going to beg me to do it.

Chapter 2

I went to a cabinet and retrieved two headphones and two special mp3 players that had an additional device wired into each of them. I had already pre-mixed the music along with a synthetic voice over with some special instructions. I could also pick and choose other voice overs from the additional device and the remote in my hand. I connected the headphones to the mp3 players, each with a name on them so I made sure to get them to the correct person, and then secured them on Keri and her mom. The headphones were custom-made, and had a strap to secure them in place.

Julie was a Nirvana freak, so I collected all of their tunes for her. The volume was set fairly loud, as a distraction. Same with Keri's, except she liked all sorts of freaky stuff. So freaky stuff I gathered.

I positioned Keri similarly to her mom, with a spreader between her ankles and secured to the ceiling so that I could have complete access to her.

Next I retrieved a couple of ammonia capsules, the same kind you see used to revive professional athletes after they've gone into a semi-conscious state. I broke one under Julie's nose, and one under Keri's nose. Then I started the tapes.

I watched them both struggle and try and work their way free. That wasn't going to happen. I buy and build quality, not something that some arm pulling or leg twitching will loosen.

A few minutes into their struggles, the music decreased somewhat and the instructions began, in a voice quite unlike my own.

"Keri. Listen carefully. You and your mom have been abducted. We are going to sell you to a rich Arab as his sex slave. You have a choice. If you fight us, we will kill your mom. We don't need her. We've only kept her alive because we want you to cooperate. If you cooperate and do what we say, she will live. Think about that for a while." Then the music went back to its previous loudness.

"Julie. Listen carefully. You and your daughter have been abducted. If you want to live, and want your daughter to live, you will listen carefully, and you will obey us. Failure to obey will result in punishment. You will be our sex slave for the next 72 hours. If you cooperate, we will let the two of you go when we are done. Right now your daughter is in another room by herself. She thinks we are ransoming the two of you to your parents. IF you do not cooperate, we will bring her in here and she will become the main attraction in our sex games. Think about that for a while."

As the both of them laid there, naked, I wondered what would be going through their minds. I had a lot of surprises here, but nothing that could read minds.

After 5 minutes the sound decreased again. This time they both heard the same message.

"We are going to release one hand. If you try to use it to escape, you will fail, and you KNOW what will happen. Once we release your hand, you will reach down and begin masturbating. Your job is to turn us on. If you fail, you know who will suffer. Begin now."

The rope that held the special cuffs in place loosened on their right arms. They could move them and reach a certain distance, but not far enough to try and get loose.

As expected, the ex-bitch Julie reached down and began touching herself, the slut. Okay, I guess given her circumstances she wasn't being slutty, but she was a bitch, and it was good to see her frigging herself. Keri was quite unsure of herself.

"NOW KERI," the voice boomed, "or we'll go cut your mom with a knife."

Almost immediately her hand swooped to her beautifully framed virgin pussy. As her fingers started rubbing she noticed the sticky wetness and rubbed her fingers together, as if trying to figure out why she was wet. She quickly went back and began rubbing her lips, putting a middle finger down her slit to her opening, just tucking the top of the tip of her finger in, making a quick circle, and then moving back up to her lips, to caress her clit. It was breathtaking.

I'd seen Julie rub her snatch before, so it wasn't quite as interesting, but nonetheless, it beat a sharp stick in the eye. I knew she'd be getting a message soon.

"Julie, you aren't trying hard enough. We want to see you cum. Do we need to go get you some INCENTIVE?"

She shook her head back and forth, indicating no, and began rubbing her pussy with more enthusiasm. Once or twice she grabbed a breast and brought it up to her mouth so she could lick at the nipple. Now that I liked, as evidenced by A-1 boner.

I let this go on for a bit, and watch Julie reach orgasm. I could tell it was real...her chest always flushed when she came. I could see her pussy pulsing.

I gave her an instruction to stop masturbating.

Keri was lagging behind, but that was okay. I'm sure she was pretty nervous. I pressed the remote and both of the ropes retracted back into place, securing their hands.

Leaning down, I began licking the fresh juices from Keri's pussy, and they tasted even better than before. She squirmed a bit but really couldn't do anything but lay there and take it. I pressed another button on the remote.

"Keri...if you cum from this pussy licking, we will give your mom some water to drink, so you better try and relax and let it happen, or ELSE!"

I began some serious pussy eating, from lashing her small clit back and forth with my tongue, to sweeping my tongue from her clit to her asshole, pausing to get it very wet, and then moving back to her clit for some gentle sucking. I took my index finger and pressed it against her asshole and wiggled the tip of it in. I distantly heard "MmmMMmmmmmmmmMmmmmMmmmmmmmm" and wasn't sure if she thought this was great, or wondered why a finger was invading her tiny, tight anus. I only went in to the first knuckle and then began rotating it a bit, left to right, right to left, all the while applying suction to her clit, along with my tongue flicking it back and forth.

It didn't take long. I was surprised at the strength of her orgasm. She got pretty wet, she strained against the ropes, her nipples stuck out about a half inch or so, and her asshole tightened on my finger. It was incredible. Especially the wet part, which I enjoyed licking up.

I did mention that the bed was custom-built by me, didn't I? It was quite large, almost twice the size of a king-sized bed. But it wasn't the size that made it special. It was all of the special features. I used one of them next.

" were very good. Your mom will get some water, but she hasn't had any food. She needs food. We will give her some if you obey. If you understand, nod your head."

Her head reluctantly nodded.

"Good. In a couple of minutes you will feel the bed move. Relax and go with it. The gag in your mouth will also be removed. Do NOT talk. Await further instructions."

And now, the other one.

"Julie, your gag is going to be removed. You will feel the bed shift. A cock will enter your mouth. You will suck it. If you bite it, your daughter's breasts will be sliced off. Nod your head if you understand."

A vigorous head nod.

"Good. You will swallow, and that cock will be replaced by another, and so on. You know what to do."

Pressing a couple of buttons, I watched a few things happen, one a personal favorite of mine. First, parts of the bed shifted, as if someone climbed up on it. Next, a device lowered from the ceiling, a large wheel-like apparatus that had a dozen fleshy cocks sticking out from it. There were different shapes and sizes, all made by me. Using a special formula of cyberskin and latex and a few other ingredients, I was able to come up with a substance that mimicked human flesh. The metal piece inside would provide warmth, again, simulating human temperature. And there was another surprise.

The ball gag was removed from her mouth. After pressing another button, and using a mini-track ball on the remote, I guided the first "cock" to her mouth. Bumping into her lips was an average-sized cock, six and a half inches long, and normal thickness. Balls, of course, were included, as well as pubic hair. The finishing touch? A couple of the ingredients made the fake cock smell human.

Julie opened her mouth and I put the device on auto-mode. It began moving back and forth, pushing deep enough into her mouth to fill it, then withdrawing until just the head was within her lips. Back and forth. The program was set to vary the rhythm throughout its cycle, and each cycle would last between four and six minutes.

I moved over to Julie, got on the bed, and slid my rock-hard cock into her pussy in one stoke, going balls deep. It felt great. As I stroked slowly back and forth a bit, I gave Keri some instructions.

"Keri, the gag is now being removed," and it was, "and you need to listen carefully. We know from your emails to your best friend that you never gave your ex-boyfriend a blow job. You are going to give a blow job now. If you try and bite, terrible things will happen to your mom. You know what to do. Suck, use your tongue, and then swallow the cum. Do a good job and your mom will be treated well."

I pulled my pussy-juice coated cock from her mom's snatch and stood over Keri's head, then rubbed the tip of my cock against her lips. Her natural reaction was to lick her lips and taste. A different taste for her, but one she'd taste again and again over the next few days.

I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed my cock between her virgin lips, feeling it pass over her tongue, and continuing until I reached the back of her mouth, and the entrance of her throat. My balls, oh so full of cum, rested against her nose and cheeks. I felt her start to gag a bit, so I pulled back. I knew I wasn't going to last very long. As I sunk my cock back into her mouth, an amazing thing happened. I felt her tongue run along my cock, and felt her lips tighten, and she sucked! She was sucking my cock! I quickly stroked back and forth, trying to hold back, but honestly, with a teenage virgin sucking her first cock, mine, I figured I had a minute left.

I used the remote again, and the "surprise" started with Keri's mom. Over the past two years I masturbated twice daily, and kept the semen frozen. Yesterday I removed a half-quart of each, defrosted them, and then mixed them together. I stored them in the "wheel", which had a heating element. Right now...the semen drink was a warm, ninety-nine degrees.

The cock in Julie's mouth sped up, and then a shot of my cum rocketed into her mouth, followed by another, and another. The average guy shoots about a teaspoon. I fed her 6 times that amount, or two tablespoons. I watched her swallow, and swallow again, as my cock was teased by Keri's hot mouth. That was it...I took hold of her head and rammed my cock in and out, in and out as thick ropes of my cum shot out and filled her mouth. I felt her swallowing as I continued to cum, and shudder and drain my load into her, my balls smacking against her nose and face, knowing she was inhaling my scent.

Inhaling my scent as she swallowed the first load of cum, my cum, in her life.

Chapter 3

I needed a bit of a break.

One of the great military axioms is why build one bomber when you can build two for twice the cost. I applied that to the "wheel", my rotating cock device that was now placing the second cock in my ex-wife's mouth. It was longer than the first, about eight and a half inches, but thinner. It was designed by me to make her gag when it was pushed deep into her mouth. She never really could deep throat my cock, so I was sure she was going to struggle and gag and so forth over this one. But I digress. I built a second wheel, and used my remote to bring this one into play with Keri.

Since I planned on spending more time with Keri than her mother, I deployed the "wheel" with Plan B. Plan A had Julie's wheel supply a cock about every four to six minutes. Plan B was designed with Keri in mind. I mean, really, what teenage boy who was getting his cock sucked by a teenage girl with a knockout body was going to last six minutes in her mouth? So I adjusted the time period from four to six minutes to two to four minutes. Seemed more reasonable to me.

"Keri, you did a good job. Your mom will be well fed." I couldn't help but snicker at that comment, as I looked over at her mom struggling as the cock nearly bottomed out in her mouth, causing her to gag, while awaiting her meal of my warm cum.

"You will now continue to obey by giving more blow jobs. Make sure you do a good job."

Remote in hand, I watched the first "cock" approach her mouth, with the bed shifting somewhat, simulating someone moving up onto the bed. I noticed a little dribble of cum that had leaked out of her mouth and was slowly moving to her chin. With her hands restrained, she couldn't wipe it.

The cocks for Keri were generally smaller, although some were pretty thick. A five-inch cock of normal thickness was up first, and pushed against her lips, startling her. She recovered quickly and opened her mouth, accepting the second cock in her life into her mouth.

I concentrated my gaze on Keri. It was exciting watching this cock move in an out of her mouth, considering within the past few minutes I had emptied my balls there. I noticed her mom's body was shaking and spasming; the eight and a half inch cock was buried balls deep in her mouth and was spewing forth the two tablespoons of cum from my reservoir. Yep...she still couldn't deep throat! It was fun to watch her suffer a bit. I moved to that side of the bed and reached down and pinched both her nipples hard, adding to her discomfort.

Then I heard a moan from Keri and realized that I was missing her first cumshot from the wheel. She too was getting the huge load, about six times a normal load. I'm not sure how it tasted, but, from what I read online in some forum, the freezing of all my loads from two years wouldn't spoil. I added a little cocaine to her mix too. Not too much, but enough that would energize her.

Over the next forty-five minutes I sat back and watched Keri suck over a dozen cocks. That was about a cup and a half of my cum. Yep, I was hard again. I also noticed that her pussy was leaking. Now that surprised me. And pleased me. Time for a meal!

I really liked eating her pussy. The juice that leaked from her honestly tasted really good. As pussies go, it was quite pretty and innocent looking. With her lips mostly pushed together and only a tiny opening showing, I could only imagine, for now, how it was going to feel wrapped around my cock.

I guess it was the combination of my pussy eating ability and the cocaine, but she was definitely responding. And maybe she really liked sucking cock too. Whatever it was, her thighs would quiver and she would move her torso a bit...she couldn't go too far because of the restraints, but, she was into it. I tried to stick my tongue deep inside, but couldn't do it. Tight.

I brought her to one orgasm, and then got her most of the way to a second before I stopped. I heard her moan a second or two after I removed my tongue from her pussy, so I guess she wanted to cum again. Greedy girl!

I got up and worked the remote a bit, bringing down a single-armed device that looked similar to a light in a dentist's office, except instead of having a light, this had a single cock. It was about nine inches long and reasonably thick. I moved it over to my ex-wife's pussy, lined it up, and started to enter her with it. I saw her legs tense a bit, but between all the cocksucking and cum drinking she'd been doing, her pussy was well lubricated. She moaned some and tried shifting her hips a bit to accommodate the large cock. It must have worked because as I started the back and forth thrusting, I could see she was trying to adjust to the rhythm. I figured this would keep her busy for a bit. I dialed back the cum spewing to a reasonable single tablespoon as I didn't want either of them getting sick.

My cock was hard. Keri's pussy was primed. There really was no reason to wait. I gazed a bit at it, her small, virginal pussy surrounded by blonde ringlets of hair, just waiting to be deflowered. Well, maybe not, but that's what was up next.

Using the remote, I adjusted the bed some so that her ass was right at the edge of the bed. I then moved close to her, and pressed the head of my cock to her pussy, and started to rub it about to get it wet. Keri felt what was going on and tried to move away, shifting her hips a bit. I stepped back.

I waited about ninety seconds, and then played this message.

"Keri, you have made us quite angry. We had to punish your mom. Listen..."

What she heard was some screaming, maybe five to six seconds of it.

"That was your mom. We took some pliers and squeezed hard on her nipples. Next time, we will cut one of them off! Don't you dare try and pull away. In fact, you need to beg. Beg us to fuck you. Beg us to take your cherry, or else your mom gets cut!"

The cock was pulled out of her mouth.

"Do it," she said meekly. "Please, do me."

Through the headphones: "Not good enough, Keri. We will have to hurt your mom now by..."

"FUCK ME!" she said in a cocaine-induced stupor. "Please fuck me, put your dick in me, I want you to. Take my cherry, please..." she started blubbering somewhat, but continued, "really fuck me hard, I want your dick, I want it in me, I'm begging you please..."

That's all I needed to hear. I re-positioned my cock, and the cock in her mouth. As I pushed the instant cum relay on the remote, sending a warm cum cocktail into her mouth, I gripped her thighs, which were pointed up towards the ceiling and held their by the restraints and rope, and snapped my hips forward, sinking half of my thick cock into her pussy, busting her cherry.

She was amazingly tight and wet and warm and wonderful. Pulling her tightly against me, I rammed harder, sending the rest of my cock into her pussy until my balls were resting against her asshole. I could hear her screaming a bit around the cock (I had purposely chosen a thicker one to help muffle the screams), but knew that the best thing for her was for me to start stroking back and forth. The coke was starting to play games with her body because after several back and forth strokes, going from dick-tip to buried balls deep, the screaming stopped and I could feel her trying to move her hips a bit. Yep...she was getting her first, proverbial, taste of cock and she loved it!

God, she was so fucking tight, but because she was so wet it felt like I was fucking a lubricated vise. I kept up a good, solid pace, knowing that because she was so tight, and because my cock was reasonably thick, it was brushing ever so slightly against her clit. It didn't take but a few minutes and I saw her nipples get hard, and the muscles in her legs were flexing, and yes, my step-daughter was cumming around my cock! I thought she was tight before, God, now her pussy was clenching and unclenching around my was too much. I continued stroking hard, and with one hand I reached down to rub her clit directly, and the other found a nipple and squeezed it. I could feel her muscles reacting again, and I let go of her nipple for a second to reach and press the instant cum relay again on the remote and then grabbed her thigh to get more leverage and pound my cock into her pussy harder and faster. She again came violently around my cock and I now pushed on her hard, really putting my weight into it, and could feel myself sink deeper into her pussy, the head of my cock pressing up against and then into her cervix. She spasmed all over, her legs and arms shaking in orgasm and pleasure, and I shot load after load of my hot cum right into her womb.

Chapter 4

Julie and Keri were sleeping. They had sucked, or, more aptly, been mouth-fucked for a couple of hours, and swallowed just over a quart of cum each. Keri's had been laced with some cocaine, but just a little. I slept too, but at least I wasn't all tied up. But I was awake now and quite interested in moving to the next phase.

I moved over to the very adjustable bed and swapped hand restraints for Keri. I had removed the spreader bar that held her legs wide apart last night after she finished fellating my multi-cocked wheel. I knew it would let her sleep better and allow her muscles to relax. Next I swapped her leg restraints, but instead of attaching them to the ropes from the ceiling, I attached them to those at the base of the bed. This made it reasonably easy for me to turn her over on her stomach. She awoke for a minute, but settled back down. Or, at least she didn't try to move around or talk. I didn't bother inserting a gag because with the headphones on, her mom couldn't hear her if she called out. Same with Julie; no gag and relaxed legs. See...I wasn't such a bad kidnapper after all.

I had cleaned up Keri's pussy last night too. Her mom's too. A few shots of warm water in the cooze and a couple of towels. With the bed's surface being vinyl, there was no mess. Well, Keri's pussy was somewhat of a mess after the pounding from her deflowering, but other than that, she was fine. Well, except for being kidnapped and forced, in her mind, to suck several dozen cocks to completion. But, I digress.

Using the remote, I cause a vinyl piece very similar to the bed, but of course much smaller, to descend from the ceiling. It was somewhat rounded to fit over Keri's lower back. At the same time, the part of the sectional bed that was beneath her stomach lifted up. The two pieces met and formed a nice sandwich around her, with a small section between her legs, supporting her mound. She was now in a modified doggy style position except that her arms were angled out in front of her, connected to the ropes from the ceiling. Her wonderful breasts did not currently have any support, and hung down. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but she would soon get some support for her head. A couple of more commands into the remote and a slight humming sound could be heard. It was coming from between Keri's legs. I had activated some vibrations that conveniently were pressed up against her pussy and clit. Soothing...not violent.

Next I went to the cabinet and retrieved what looked like modified suction cups. Actually, they were my own invention. I modeled them after something I saw online once. The cups attached to around the nipple area with some sticky tape to temporarily hold them in place. Then held a few of those really small, flat batteries for power. When turned on, they apply a small suction, which both keeps them attached, and draws the nipple flesh into the cup, just like what a mouth could do. The coup de grace was the flap of cyberskin that was attached to the center, which when the unit was on would move up and down and side to side, stimulating the nipple. By applying some lubricant, which I was now doing, it would stay moist, like a tongue. The effect was quite arousing. Two were simply that much better. I applied both to Kerri, turned them on, and let her settle in to some nipple and clitoris stimulation.

Moving to her mom, I re-attached the spreader bar to her ankles and hoisted her legs into the air. I then applied two of the nipple cups to her breasts and turned them on. Using the remote, I had it lift her from the bed and then I guided her closer to Keri. A few minor adjustments and she was perfectly aligned.

"Keri. It is time to begin again. Yesterday you did well. We have today and tomorrow, and if you do as well, your mom will be released unharmed. We know you want that. We are going to release your arms so that you will be able to put them on the bed. This will also bring your head down. You will feel your face make contact with something. It is another girl's pussy. You are going to eat her pussy, Keri. This is part of your training. You need to eat her and make her cum, Keri. If she doesn't cum, bad things will happen to your mom today. You may use your mouth and hands. You will keep eating her until we tell you to stop. If you try and pull off your blindfold, we will stab your mother in both of her eyes."

And now, the second part of this show, I thought to myself.

"Julie. A woman will soon start to eat your pussy. The object of this game is not to orgasm. If she makes you cum before we tell you that you can cum, we're going to bring Keri out here and make her suck all of the same cocks that you sucked yesterday, understand?"

Julie nodded her head vigorously.

This should be fun, I thought to myself.

I released Keri's hands from the restraints completely. She couldn't escape of course, and I didn't think she'd mess with her blindfold. Her face came into contact with her mom's pussy. That first contact was precious.

Keri didn't seem to have much in the way of experience, but she sure made up for it with enthusiasm. I don't know if it was the incessant nipple stimulation, the warm, vibrating feeling between her legs, or simply the threat, but she was licking pussy like it was going out of style! She'd lick her mom's pussy lips, up one side, down the other, then push her face up against the opening and I'm guessing she was sticking her tongue inside. Then she moved up to the clit and began licking that and sucking it, then more action with the pussy lips. I started to hear some soft moans coming from Julie's lips. I had thought about having her suck more cocks, but then chose against it. I didn't want her to focus on anything but her getting eaten and the treatment her nipples were getting.

I did move behind a wonderful sight. Her small ass was propped up for all to see. I could see her tiny asshole, and her small opening below it, just a small tuft of pussy hair showing. I took my finger and moved it to her was moist! Good deal! All of the stimulation was getting to her. I went to a cabinet and retrieved a thin fleshy dildo and slowly pushed it into Keri, pulled it out, and then back in and out a couple of times. Then I removed it completely and moved around to Julie, and put it to her lips. She pulled back for a second, then must have thought about what she just did, because she moved her head forward and opened her mouth and devoured the dildo, complete with her daughter's pussy sap all over it.

I repeated this process a few times, just to stir things up. Julie was trying her darndest not to orgasm, and she was succeeding, so far. Time to raise the stress level a bit.

"Keri. You need to try HARDER! Use your fingers. Stimulate her pussy, her ass or both. Do something! You are running out of time!"

Keri quickly brought her hands into play, first getting her fingers wet with Julie's pussy juice and her own saliva, and then using her fingers to rub Julie's clit while she stuck her tongue inside of Julie.

I saw the reaction this caused from Julie...she moaned and was trying to shift her body away from the assault. She wasn't going to last much longer.

"Julie, you better NOT cum! If you cum we're going to gang bang your daughter until her pussy is broken!"

I took a small, cock-shaped pacifier and stuck it in Julie's mouth, giving her something else to concentrate on for a bit.

" aren't trying hard enough. Maybe it is time I get all those guys you sucked off last night to go gang bang your mother. Is that what you want? Try HARDER!"

I had now raised the stress level by several orders of magnitude.

Keri moved her mouth down and began licking her mom's asshole while taking her middle finger and sticking it deep into her pussy, reaching up and I guess trying to find her G-spot. Julie was thrashing her legs; I was sure glad I built the restraining system extra strong! Keri then moved her face away from Julie ass and proceeded to stick her thumb up her mom's asshole, burying it as deep as she could. She added a second finger inside her mom's pussy and began to rhythmically pummel her back and forth. I knew what was coming next. Keri moved her mouth to her mom's clit and sucked it inside, and I could only imagine the tongue lashing she was giving it.

I saw Julie go stiff, her muscles tightened, her body then slightly quivering.

" may now CUM!"

She spit out the mini-cock pacifier and let out a series of cries, all orgasmic in nature, while flooding her daughter's hand and face with pussy juice.

"Keri, you succeeded. Again. We will now move on to the next phase. I want you to continue eating the pussy in front of you. Your hands will be restrained again."

I restrained both of her hands, very securely, right to the bed. Couldn't have her hands free for this next action. Next I got the wheel into action, bringing it into play with Julie. Soon she was sucking on cocks again, another half-quart of my cum just waiting for her.

As Keri continued eating out her mother, I was lubing up my cock. I stepped behind her. I gave her the benefit of me lubing my cock, but, I wasn't going to start her out with my fingers, or toys. She'd had stimulation eating some pussy, the vibrations against her clit, and the nipple suction.

I moved my cockhead to her tiny, virgin asshole. It looked like it would be an impossible fit. She would hurt, there was no doubt about that in my mind. But it would happen. There was no way for her to move, and no way that I was going to stop.

My step-daughter was going to find out what it felt like to get fucked in the ass for the first time, all the while eating her mom's pussy.

I pushed forward, watching the crinkles of her anus stretch outward.

Chapter 5

"No, no, no, no, no, please don't do that to me!" she voiced loudly. "Please, not in my ass, PLEASE!"

With the hand that wasn't lubed, I manipulated the remote.

"SHUT UP! One more word and your mom gets gang-raped!"

She quieted down but seemed a bit hysterical.

"You may cry, you may grunt or make whatever sounds you want, but, no words. Get back to eating that pussy. You have five minutes to make it cum with just your tongue, or ELSE!"

She was whimpering, trying to lick the clit in front of her, knowing a terrible thing was going to happen to her. I'm sure the nipple suction devices were distracting her, along with the soothing buzz at her clit.

Tired of waiting, my cock oh so rock hard, I leaned forward and started putting more and more pressure onto her asshole. I wasn't sure that despite my persistence, I was going to get inside her ass. Even all lubed up. She was fighting it, I knew that much. Guess I needed an edge.

I took the remote, reversed it, pressed it up against her thigh, and pressed the remote again. Four things happened.

First, a short but sharp needle shot out and entered her thigh. Second, she let out a cry and jerked her head up. Third, since she was no longer concentrating on keeping her anal muscle tight, she relaxed.

Fourth, my cock, thick and lubricated, popped into her virgin asshole, the head sinking in fully, followed by me pressing forward, inch by inch, into her delightfully tight ass.

Oh, she was screaming! I'm pretty sure taking my thick cock in her tight, virgin asshole was the most painful thing she'd ever experienced. But, I figured...she needed some pain and humiliation. I wanted to go deeper, but I was running up against some resistance again, so I reversed gears and pulled back until just the head was inside of her. Her asshole looked incredibly stretched around my cock. I grabbed the lube and squirted some more on my cock...not to make it easier on Keri, but so that I wouldn't get asshole burn from trying to fuck her.

I pushed in again and she screamed some more, though it didn't appear quite as loud. Her face was back between her mom's legs, licking her mom's pussy. The lube had some desensitizing lotion built into it, which was helping me maintain the load in my balls. I don't think it was helping Keri's ass too much though. That's what I call a win-win.

The extra lube helped, as I pushed forward, holding onto her luscious body for leverage. It took a bit of work, but I did manage to sink balls deep into her violated ass. I can't tell you how sweet a feeling it was, my balls pressed up against her pussy lips, knowing I was the first guy to fuck her mouth, her pussy, and now her asshole.

I began a deep fucking of her ass. I'd pull out slowly until just the head started to appear, watching her ass lining clinging to my cock until the last possible second, and then I'd thrust in fast, deep and hard. I liked it when she would cry out. Then I'd pull back again, nice and slow, and then WHAM...another balls deep thrust into her ass.

I heard her whimpering yet still doing a credible job eating out her mother, who looked like a major cum slut. Oh, I must have forgot to mention that I had her on a different program this morning. Yep. Every other cock she sucked would pull out and shoot the load on her face, and since we're talking monster loads her, 3-6x the amount a normal guy would shoot, it didn't take long until she was quite the mess.

Keri's ass had loosened up a bit, not much, but enough that as I fucked her I could get into a nice rhythm. On the in-swing, my balls would bounce against her slightly swollen, blonde peach-fuzz covered pussy lips which were definitely getting wetter as the ass fucking went on. Thought I would try something a little different now. On the out-swing, I let my cock pull out of her asshole, for the fun of it, and then popped it back inside. I'm sure that hurt 'cause she let out a howl. Gave me some inspiration to do it now and again as I continued my ex-step-daughter's ass rape.

I saw that she was sucking voraciously on her mom's clit, trying to make her cum. I'll bet her tongue was washing over the clit, back and forth, doing whatever she could to make her pop. Be pretty funny if I took off her blindfold right about now! need to spoil the fun.

Cum slut Julie did indeed cum, right as a nice big load was shooting on her face. I could feel my balls starting to rumble; guess it was getting near time for me to shoot.

"Good job, Keri" she heard, "now when we finish fucking you and then cumming in your ass, we'll have a special treat for you."

I picked up the pace, driving my cock deep, then pulling back quick, then ramming it into her ass again. Keri's body was betraying her! I could hear her voice, she was trying to be quiet but couldn't quite pull it off.

"God...oh god...oh god, oh I'm gonna' cum, godddddddddddddddddddd."

I'm human. I heard my ex-step-daughter tell me that she's cumming from my cock being in her ass, and then I felt her asshole clenching and unclenching around my cock. Like I said, I'm human. I shot my load deep in her ass, pumping like a wild man.

I had just fucked my ex-wife's daughter in the ass while making her eat out her mom, and I had made the girl cum around my asshole-virgin-stealing cock.

Life was fucking good.

But, I wasn't one to welch on promises. Nosiree, not me. I had promised Keri a special treat for the great job she did licking her mom's bald snatch, and I was going to deliver.

Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a small buttplug. I knew a small one would be sufficient even after just deflowering her ass. As I pull my cock out of her ass, I quickly inserted the buttplug. No need to waste all that great cum when someone in the room would want to eat it. Well, maybe not want, but would do so nonetheless.

Getting off the bed, I took the remote and started working its magic. I removed the restraint that held Keri in place while I was ass fucking her, and removed the clit buzzing section too. Next I turned up the volume on the music a bit to make sure that no sounds could be heard by either of them, unless it was from me. Then I moved the cock wheel up and away from Julie. Then I lifted Keri up into the air a bit, and moved her partially over the top of her mom. As I was moving her, she was hearing a message.

" for your treat. The woman whose pussy you were eating was giving a lot of guys blowjobs this morning. However, a lot of the cum escaped her mouth. Your job is to clean her up. We want you to lick up all the cum on her body. We will release your hands a bit so that you can use them to gather the cum. All of it must go in your mouth."

I removed the nipple cups from all four of the breasts, and then finished lowering Keri. She was now laying on top of her mom's naked, cum-covered body.

She began to lick.

Chapter 6

There was a lot of my cum for Keri to lick off her mom's body. Knowing it would take a little while, I figured I should get cleaned up a bit. So, I moved to the section of the bed near Julie's head. My cock was still semi-hard, and it was covered in a mixture of lube, cum, and Keri's ass. Seemed like a nice breakfast for the bitch. Ahem, I mean my darling ex-wife.

I stepped forward and pressed my gooey cock against her lips. She didn't even have to be told. She opened her mouth and I put my cock inside.

I'm sure it wasn't a great taste, but I didn't really care. She used her tongue and her lips and she licked and sucked like the cum slut she was. I wasn't looking to cum, just wanted a tongue bath. Then I pulled out and turned around, and put my ass down to her face. At first she just sat there. Guess ass-eating wasn't her forte. I don't like to take no for an answer. So I sat down further, which put pressure on neck.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You decide."

I kept up the pressure until I felt her tongue snake between my ass cheeks and start licking my asshole. I eased up a bit and she pushed her face closer so she could tongue fuck my ass better. I looked over my shoulder and saw that her daughter was making good progress licking up the cum from her mom's body. The way she was licking and swallowing the cum made me wonder if there wasn't an aftermarket for this product. I'd have to give that some thought; who was I to stand in the way of progress.

It was time to move on now, so I reluctantly moved away from my ex-wife asshole tonguing, glancing again at Keri. I had almost forgot something. I got the remote and again lift Keri up, this time slowly turning her 180 degrees. I brought her back down and set her so that her face was at her mom's pussy...and that meant that her pussy was now straddling her mom's face. Nothing like a little mother/daughter 69 to brighten up the day. I reached down and removed the buttplug from Keri's near virginal ass. I wanted the flow of my cum to dribble from her asshole and down onto her mom's face and into her mouth. I figured since Keri got an early breakfast eating the cum off of her mom, we shouldn't leave her mom out.

While they were enjoying their 69, or not, I went over to the two claw-footed bathtubs in the room and turned on the hot water for both. Then I watched the two women. Julie sure liked eating pussy. Well hell, she was eating Keri's sweet meat, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I could see that it wasn't gonna' take Keri long to have another orgasm.

I knew I had forgotten something. I went to the far corner of the room where I had a desk set up along with several computer screens. I completely forgot that I had been taping the whole session, and I wanted to see the quality. I had spent a fair amount of money on a dozen cameras, and mounted them at strategic locations throughout the place. Some were more wide angle, others were telephoto. It would have been better if someone were directing the show, but, hey, I could only do so much. I figured I would have plenty of time to edit things in the future.

I scanned back through some of the footage. Sinking my cock balls deep in Keri; check. Ass rape; check. Julie getting covered in cum; check. Yeah, looked like the footage was going to be a-ok.

A soft cry caught my attention. Keri was getting licked to orgasm by her mom. She was breathing harder and not concentrating on eating her mom's pussy, but I guess I could understand that, especially seeing how much her mom was into it. She was straining to get her tongue into Keri's ass. Well, I knew how well it felt to get ass-licked by that tongue, so I could understand Keri's orgasm.

Feeling a little left out, I walked back over to them and positioned myself near Julie's mouth. Well, truth be told, that wasn't my target. Taking my cock in hand, I put it up against Keri's now quite wet pussy lips and thrust forward. Settling my hands on her hips, I gained the leverage needed to get inside of her still tight pussy. It's a cliche, but her pussy fit my cock like a glove. A warm, wet, moving glove. Her mother was concentrating on her clit. I was more interested in riding my cock deeper into her hole. I suspect there was some discomfort there for her on some level, having only been deflowered last night, but the discomfort must have been overpowered by the raw lust she was feeling from her orgasm a minute ago, and now traveling towards her second.

As I thrust in, not with the goal of pumping another load between her legs but simply feeling her pussy massage my cock, I got an added thrill. Her mom had paused with the clit licking to reach up with her mouth to lick at my balls! Maybe she wasn't totally useless after all.

After a few more thrusts I pulled out, moved around the bed, and took hold of Keri's head in my hands, guiding her mouth to my cock. She opened it and I pushed inside, letting her lick her own pussy juice off of my head and shaft. I took hold of her ears, gaining the leverage that was always part of my game plan, and kept pushing my cock deeper into her mouth until I felt the opening to her throat. Guess she felt it to, because she made some gagging noise. I wasn't paying attention to that. I pushed forward a little more, feeling the head of my cock pop into her throat opening, and feeling her lips press up against my pubic hair. What a sexy look, with me holding her prone while her throat did all the work, reflexively swallowing again and again, which helped her none but gave the head of my cock a great fleshy massage.

I reluctantly pulled back a couple of inches, to give her some air, and then played another message for her.

" need to breathe through your nose, not your mouth. The cock in your mouth is going deep again. Concentrate on breathing through your nose. Your mom is counting on you getting this right."

I gave her a few seconds to think about this, and then I moved forward again, feeling the opening to her throat touch against the end of my cock. Again using her ears for leverage, I pushed forward into her throat. She started to gag again, which was normal, but this time I heard her trying to breathe through her nose. Sounded a bit like she was hyperventilating, but I didn't care that much. What I cared about was the feeling of her tongue along my shaft, and that she was swallowing again and again. If you've never felt a woman's throat collapse around your cockhead again and again, it's a sensation that you need to experience!

I held her head in place, me buried balls deep into her mouth, for about thirty or so seconds. She was still struggling for air, and being a good trooper, I backed off again, letting her breath normally. Instead of going balls deep again, I opted to simply fuck her mouth. Seeing her pretty face wrapped around my thick cock was a Kodak moment. I liked the tongue action she gave as I sawed in and out of her mouth. I decided to go off my game plan a bit.

No doubt you've seen the throat microphones that are used in military ops. I had one in place, and it was synced with the remote. All I had to do was talk and the remote would scramble my voice to the same one Keri and her mom had heard last night and today, through their headphones. This gave me the option to go freestyle a bit.

"Keri...we're releasing your hands now." The ropes slacked. "Use one hand to reach back to your pussy and get your fingers very wet. Use the other hand to gently rub the balls that are in front of you."

She complied. Honestly, it felt really nice having her hands rubbing the boys.

"Take one of your wet fingers, put it between the guy's legs, find his asshole, and gently push your finger inside of it. Then move it in and out."

I was curious to see how she would handle this. Now keep in my that her mom was still back behind her, tongue fucking her pussy, licking her clit and arousing her in other ways. And my cock was still sawing back and forth in her mouth. And her one hand was giving me a nice ball massage. She had a lot going on.

I felt it rather than saw it, because her head bobbing on my cock blocked by view, but I felt her wet finger move to my ass and tentatively feel around for the opening. When she found it, she slowly pushed her finger in.

If possible, my cock hardened a bit. She hadn't moved the now started to move out, and, yes, back inside again.

I could feel my balls starting to churn. This wasn't part of the game plan, but if ever there was a time for an audible, this was it.

"Now add a second finger, gently, and then move the two of them in and out."

It only took a second or two and then I felt another finger enter my ass, and then both of them were moving in and out, in and out.

You have to see this from my perspective. I was standing in front of my teenaged step-daughter who had my cock in her mouth, swabbing it again and again with her hot, pink tongue, rubbing my cum-filled balls with one hand, and pushing two, pussy-juice lubed fingers of her other hand in and out of my asshole, all the while getting her own pussy and ass licked and sucked by her mother.

That image, which I could both see and feel, was enough for me. I knew the cum-train would be roaring into this station very soon, so I put the remote down and once again took a hold of Keri's ears. Back and forth, back and forth, with her tongue licking my cock shaft the whole time and her mouth now applying a vacuum-like suction. I guess she liked finger-fucking my asshole, because she was moving the fingers faster and even deeper now. Oh, I so wanted to rip off the blindfold and let her see it was me getting ready to feed her a hot load of MY cum for Secondsies* but that was just passing fancy.

Instead I popped the head of my cock into her throat one more time and felt her make a moaning sound as she tried to breath through her nose. I'm not sure how she did it, but as her throat was reflexively swallowing and teasing my cockhead again and again, she managed to stick yet the tip of a third, wet finger inside my asshole, causing me to grunt loudly while jamming my cock forward that little extra bit so that her face was pressed up against me. The cum rocketed out of the end of my cock as I realized from the moaning she was making that she too was orgasming, from her mom's expert incestuous pussy licking. Keri didn't get a taste of my salty cum this time, though. With my cockhead lodged into her throat opening, all of the cum shot out directly into her throat, on its way to her stomach. Spurt after spurt shot out, her fingers doing a dance in my ass that drained my balls of all the hot, sticky cum that was stored there.

I couldn't take it any longer so I pulled back, my cock receding from her throat, and then out of her mouth, feeling her fingers exit my ass. I was worn out.

My teenage step-daughter had deepthroated my cock and sucked me off like a pro! She'll certainly have some interesting stories to post on her Facebook page now, I thought.

It was only then that the sounds of a small waterfall reached my ears.

Fuck!! I forgot about the water filling the bathtubs!!

*LOTR reference

Chapter 7

The good news is that I had drains in the floor, so the water overflowing had a place to go. The bad news is that I just ran out of hot water, so I'd have to wait a bit for my shower. Actually, I was going to have to wait anyway.

Pressing on the remote, I began lifting Keri up into the air. I kept her suspended several feet above her naked mother.

"Julie, don't move. Instructions to follow."

"Keri, you are going to be moved to a bathtub filled with warm water. You will be provided with soap and a sponge. There are rules. You may not get the headset wet. You may not touch your head. Do not touch your blindfold. If you remove your blindfold, we will have to execute your mother immediately."

The lift system moved Keri over and then I guided her carefully into the tub. The wrist and ankle restraints were released. I walked over to her and took her arm and handed her soap and the sponge.

I gave Julie the same instructions, and then handed her the same cleansing products. I needed to keep a close eye on them as I got the special LED flashlight from the cabinet. If one of them removed the blindfold, I needed to immediately hit them in the eyes with this special light. The equivalent of a few million lumens would temporarily blind someone for a few minutes. That'd be enough for me to react. Oh...did I mention that I was wearing a mask now too, obtained from the cabinet? Gotta' be careful.

I looked up at the clock and saw that I still had some time before today's special activities. I watched the women bathe for a while. I knew my cock and balls needed a little while to recharge, and that was fine. I had ways to keep them busy.

Movement at the tubs caught my attention. Keri stood up. She was taking the sponge and running it over her body, over her great tits, her stomach, wow, she took special time rubbing the sponge over her pussy and then her ass. She was getting all soapy. I needed in on this. I activated the mic.

"Keri. Don't move. I'm going to rinse you with a hose."

She obeyed. I got the hose and set it on a gentle spray. It had a separate water heater for a different purpose, so the water was warm. I sprayed her luscious body, rinsing the soapy bubbles from her hot body.

"Keri. Don't move. Don't touch. Just stand there in the tub."

I put the hose down, leaned forward, and fastened my mouth to one of her pink nipples. I pressed her tits together, and then moved my head back and forth, sucking first one nipple, then the other, then the first again. I went back and forth for a couple of minutes.

I love sucking on nipples.

Then I backed off.

"Keri. Turn slightly to the right. There...stop. Now, put your legs together. Now, keeping your legs straight up and down, bend forward at your waist. Put your hands in front of you and grip the edge of the tub. Then don't move."

I moved behind her and knelt.

I was still in awe. With her bent over this way, and me in this position, I had the best seat in the house.

Her pussy lips were loosened up just a little bit. Not much, mind you. But enough to see the a little of the coral pink inside of them, and just the hint of her clit. Her light blonde pussy hair surrounded the lips in little ringlets, not very visible from a distance, but from a foot away, it was a perfect frame. Her asshole, despite having been savaged by my thick cock earlier, was looking back to normal, maybe a tiny bit redder than its earlier pink.

I moved my face in and stuck my tongue out, and started with those tender lips. I licked up and down for a bit, then, grabbing hold of her legs for support, I pushed harder against her, trying to push my tongue inside those sweet lips. I made some progress.

Then I licked her rosebud, depositing plenty of saliva there. Moving back to her pussy, I moved a hand from her legs to between her cheeks and introduced my thumb to her anus. She moved slightly, but then steadied herself. I pressed forward with my thumb, slowly, and continued to lick, watching the progress and my thumb slid inexorably into her asshole.

I didn't want this to turn into a long, drawn out process, so I ate her out for just a couple more minutes, knowing that either the clit licking or asshole fingering, or both, was stimulating her. Her legs were shifting, but I didn't want her to cum, not yet.

I backed off and told her and her mother to get out of the tub and stand nearby while they were dried off. Using an industrial strength hair dryer, I finished that job, then moved them over to a small kitchen type table and sat them down. Using restraints attached to the chair, movement on their part was now not an option.

The little kitchen wasn't gourmet, but I did rustle up some scrambled eggs and toast. I figured they would be hungry and wouldn't be too concerned with my culinary talents.

I was right. I removed one hand restraint each, provided a fork, gave them the customary verbal warnings, and let them eat. I ate too, and when finished, I restrained them once more. Time for my shower. I also went to the bathroom and then realized that they probably needed to go too. One at a time I moved them to the toilet and gave them as much time as was needed. I'm sure it was a bit humiliating for them, but after all that had gone on, maybe not so much. I used the hose with some directed spray on them to make sure their bottoms were squeaky clean, and then dried them quickly with a hand towel.

I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get a hustle on to meet someone. I left the two of them there, restrained again on the bed, not near each other, and told them it was break time, to relax and nap. Wasn't I just damn thoughtful!

I locked up and left, walked a few blocks to my van, and drove off to my meeting. Took 45 minutes to get there, and then had to wait 10 minutes for the other guy to show up in his van. We talked for just a few minutes, and I gave him the $500.

He got into the van and we drove back.

I stopped at the warehouse, unlocked it, checked on the girls, and with everything okay, I brought him in. Then I locked up again, moved the van away, and walked back.

Julie would be first. I gave her some instructions and made some switches with her restraints.

Using the lift system, I moved her up in the air, but flipping her over, and then made adjustments to that section of the bed. I then lowered her back down, and by positioning her carefully, she was put onto her hands and knees. A few more commands on the remote and the same brace that held Keri in place when I took her ass cherry now held her mom securely. I released the restraints that lifted her and used ones connected to the bed so that she wouldn't be able to move her legs or arms one bit, other than lowering her face to the bed. I attached a couple of those nipple suction cups and she was ready.

Just from thinking about all of this my cock was hard. I went to the cabinet, got a ball gag, and attached it to her. Then as I called over the guy, I played a message for her.

"Julie. You have a special task now. You've been bathed, well-fed, allowed to relieve yourself, and given nap time. Now it is time to perform. We have a special treat for you. Soon you'll feel his cock. He's well-endowed, Julie. He has the biggest cock here and he's going to fuck you silly with it. Ah, he's ready."

The guy went by the name Jinx. No clue. He was African-American, and well-endowed was an understatement. He'd been casually stroking himself to hardness. He was now at his full 11 inches. Freakish.

Thankfully the ball gag was a good one, because as Jinx's long, thick cock penetrated my ex-wife's shaved pussy, I could see that she was trying to scream.

Chapter 8

If you've never seen a huge man with a huge cock fuck a woman who hugely doesn't want to get fucked by said huge man and said huge man's huge cock, you haven't lived.

Well, she was fighting like a crazy woman, I'll say that. As far as I knew, unless she'd found some hung stud in the past few years, this was by far the largest cock that she'd ever taken on. The guy was incredibly strong, but even with his strength, he was having a tough time getting more than half of his 11-inch cock inside of her. I'm sure part of the problem was his cock's girth. I thought I had a thick cock. Christ on a crutch, this guy's cock dwarfed mine! But I wasn't jealous. It just was a lot of fun watching him stroke into her. I'm sure she was fighting him, squeezing with any muscles she could find.

I didn't want poor Jinx to get discouraged.

I could have simply threatened her. But instead I wanted some hands-on action. So I walked over to her, leaned down, and smacked her across the tit about as hard as I could.

Two things happened. Her head jerked up while her body recoiled, only a little because she didn't have much movement. The second was, for a second or two, she lost all muscle control.

Jinx noticed.

His pent up desire scored big-time as his cock slid deep, deep into her pussy, stretching it painfully.

Now from my considerable experience in fucking that pussy, I knew how deep it was, because at times I was able to bang up against her cervix, in certain positions.

I was absolutely sure that Jinx's near foot-long cock not only banged up against her cervix, but he was in it! In it, then popping out of it, then popping back into it again.

Julie had no strength to fight this invasion. I'm pretty sure she was in a state of shock. Her body was shaking. Maybe she was having a seizure. I didn't care that much. I was having too much fun watching this guy fuck the living shit out of her.

I went to the cabinet and got something for Keri, then walked over to her.

"Keri. You've been a good girl. You will get a reward. The thing pressing at your mouth now is some chocolate. Godiva. You've earned it. And because you did so well, we're giving your mom a treat right now too."

Yes, I was smiling.

"Julie? You don't seem to be enjoying this. You don't like getting fucked by the biggest cock on the planet? Hmmmm...that's too bad. We thought you were going to cooperate. Well, you need to be punished..."

I'm not sure she really understood. Her head was now down on the floor, and her fingers were gripping the bed. I think she was just trying to endure the thick cocking that she was getting. Jinx was drooling on her back, making a bit of a mess. It just added to the scene.

He started to moan a bit; he was getting ready to cum. He told me earlier that he was going to go balls deep when he came, right into her womb.

I stood next to Keri, stroking her hair and head as she devoured the chocolate, all the while I watched her mom shudder as Jinx filled and then overfilled her defiled pussy with his cum.

When he finished, Jinx backed down off of her and then went over and sat down in a recliner. I know he had taken some Viagra earlier, so he'd be back for more later.

"Keri, time for some work."

Keri was lifted into the air and I manipulated her, aligning her behind her mother.

"Keri, eat the pussy in front of you. Make sure you lick up all the cum, even the cum that landed on the bed."

She eagerly began licking her mom's well-used hole, sticking her face right up against Julie's pussy, working her tongue all around. She obviously liked being rewarded with chocolate for doing a good job, and figured that if she was going to have to do naughty things anyway, she might as well make the best of it.

Time for Julie's punishment.

"Julie, you shouldn't have fought the guy fucking you. We feel you need to be taught a lesson. We told Keri that you had done something very bad, and that we were going to have to kill you. Of course, she got very upset and begged us not to kill you, that she'd do anything to save you. We told her that you refused to have lesbian sex with another woman. She said that she'd take your place. Julie? Your daughter Keri is licking your cum-filled pussy right now."

I could only imagine the bizarre thoughts going through her head right now. Was she thinking which was worse...her own daughter was licking her pussy, or, her daughter was eating fresh cum?

Keri had paused her pussy eating to bend down further and lick up the large quantity of cum that had gushed out of her mom's pussy and was on the vinyl bed. She was doing a nice job. I'm really thinking that she might wanna' add cum to milkshakes in the future, 'cause she certainly seemed to enjoy the taste.

Time to raise the mental pressure just a little bit. I went to the cabinet and removed a dildo, then walked to Keri.

"Keri, here's a dildo," as I put it into her hand, "I'd like for you to put it in the woman's ass. She's been bad, so, no lubrication for her, and, I'd like for you to be a little bit rough with her."

Took her a couple of seconds, but she found the spot and soon had the 8" dildo ramming into her mom's asshole. Had to give her credit, she was rogering her pretty, well, vigorously in the ass. Good for her!

"Julie, that's Keri who is fucking you in the ass with that dildo. From what we can see, and we can see everything, she's doing a nice job. But more importantly, we need to make a decision. We can either tie Keri down and let that guy with the huge cock fuck her, or, you can work with us and obey. Now, she's probably a virgin. Do you really want your daughter's cherry to be taken by some huge guy who might tear her pussy apart?"

She shook her head wildly.

"Good. Will you agree to do anything, and that means ANYTHING, that we tell you to do?"

This time she paused for just a second, and then resignedly nodded her head in the affirmative.

As I watched Julie nodding her head, her lips still wrapped around the ball gag, I looked beyond, to the corner where Jinx was resting peacefully, and wondered what her lips might look like wrapped around his large cock.

Chapter 9

I could see that Julie was resigned to whatever humiliation was planned for her as she gently rubbed Jinx's balls with one hand, while holding part of his massive, 11-inch cock with the other, her tongue flicking out to lick the large head. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Julie had been told that it was her own teenage daughter, Keri, who had been performing the act of cunnilingus on her, licking up the large volume of cum from her recently huge cock-raped pussy. Keri didn't know it was her mom, rather, she was engaging in lesbian acts to save her mother's life. After eating her mom's pussy and licking up the cum, she fucked the woman with a dildo in her ass.

Julie was given the choice of obeying all further commands, or, having her sweet daughter lose her cherry (or so she thought, since I had taken her cherry the previous day) to the monster cock.

In retrospect, I suppose it wasn't really a choice. No mom would want to subject her daughter to that, regardless of whether the guy's cock was a respectable six inches, or in this case, a freakish eleven inches. So Julie had agreed to do whatever we asked. Now was the time to test her resolve.

Although it might seem that I was softening on Keri, giving her chocolate, praising her, rubbing her head, that simply wasn't true.

Fact: I made her suck my cock, coated with her mom's pussy juice, until I exploded in her never-sucked-a-cock-before-mouth, forcing her to swallow all of my cum.

Fact: I made her beg me to take her cherry, and then I robbed her of her virginity, fucking her deep until I deposited my 100 million little baby makers directly inside her womb.

Fact: While forcing her to lick her mom's pussy, I raped her virgin asshole, taking that cherry from her too, then felt her orgasm around my cock as I deposited my load into her now totally deflowered

No, I wasn't taking it easy on the bitch daughter. She'd get hers in due time.

Julie was now laying on her back on a special reclining chair that I built. It was made of the same material as the bed, just shaped differently, and much narrower than a regular bed. I had taken a 8 inch vibrator and coated it with a thin layer of lubricant. The lubricant was a mixture of a store bought vaginal lubricant combined with a mild irritant. The vibrator, which was remote controlled of course, was now inside of Julie's well-fucked pussy, on a low setting, and held in place because her legs were pressed together and then restrained that way. In a short time, the irritant would react with her pussy lining, and would cause a mild, well, irritation, which could easily be mistaken for arousal.

In a nutshell, I was going to arouse my ex-wife whether she wanted it or not. I had also given her a biscuit to eat, with butter and jelly and cocaine, and gave her a triple shot of Devil's Springs vodka, which is 160 proof or 80% alcohol, in a mixture of orange and grapefruit juice. Figured it would be fun to mess with her system a bit.

While her legs were held in check, Julie's arm were free. There was a leather strap around her torso to keep her secure, and balanced. She was now reclined so that her head was lower than her feet. A little head rush was always a good thing.

After waiting about fifteen minutes for the coke and alcohol to settle in, it was showtime.

"Julie. Our big-cocked friend is in need of a blowjob. Being the excellent fellatrice that you are, we expect nothing less than spectacular. We've aligned you so that you'll be able to let your throat give his cock your full attention."

Judging by her random arm movements and general blase attitude, it seemed like everything was working just fine.

Jinx walked over and positioned himself over top of her. From the way both of them were positioned, his nose was just a scant inch from Julie's pussy. From the way he was sniffing, he had her scent, evidenced by his very stiff cock.

"Julie, start sucking his cock, NOW!"

She moved her hands and found his body, then under him and found both his large balls and his cock. She slowly stroked him, and started to fondle his balls. Jinx, finding himself in an awkward 69 position, stuck his tongue out and licked at the top of Julie's pussy.

"Don't tease our friend, Julie. Get on with it. Or maybe you'd like your daughter to come back out here and lose her cherry to him?"

She may have been out of it a bit, but she understood enough. Tilting her head, she stuck her tongue out and flicked it back and forth across the tip of his cock. She began stroking the cock and rubbing his balls.

Opening her mouth, she let the first few inches of cock into her mouth.

Keri, who had been sitting quietly on the main bed, was given some new instructions and I walked over to her.

"Keri. Get on your hands and knees."

She obeyed, and I got behind her, pushing on her back so that her ass was up in the air, and her face on the bed. I pressed my cockhead first to her asshole, and heard her whimper a bit and whisper "no", but then continued moving it down and pressed it against her pussy, pushing inward. She winced a bit as my cockhead popped inside. She still was nowhere used to taking cock inside her pussy, but that didn't deter me. As I watched her mom struggle to take half of Jinx's thick cock inside of her mouth, I pushed the rest of my cock inside of Keri's tight pussy.

Jinx didn't thrust. This was probably good for Julie, because her lips were stretched pretty tight around his thick cock, and half of him was in her mouth, the other half being stroked by her hands.

Thankfully, the headsets stopped Julie and Keri from hearing any sounds, otherwise, this whole event would have been much more difficult.

I spoke to Julie again.

"Take your hands off of his cock. He's going to start thrusting now. Breath through your nose. If you move your hands up and touch him, or any way impede him from fucking your mouth and throat, we will go get your daughter, bring her out here and then we will fist fuck her and destroy her little pussy."

Julie immediately dropped her hands from the cock. Jinx knew what to do as he started moving forward.

As I continued to pull out of and then thrust into Keri's tight blonde pussy, I watched as more and more of the guy's cock move into my wife's overfull mouth. Then it happened. Jinx's cockhead moved past my wife's mouth and slid into her throat. I could tell because there was no where else for it to go, and, because her body started to spasm.

"Julie, breath through your nose. Breath through your nose."

I wanted this to work. So did Jinx because he wasn't stopping fucking my ex-wife's mouth. I could see Julie was frantic because her arms were moving and she desperately wanted to grab hold of the dog and pull his cock out of her throat.

"Breath, Julie, breath through your nose or we will fist fuck little Keri."

And it happened...she started breathing through her nose and some air must have gotten through, because she wasn't struggling as much.

As I watched, Jinx pushed his entire 11 inch cock into her mouth, with at least 4 or more inches sliding into her throat, making it bulge outward.

"Keri, reach back with your hand and rub your clit. Rub it and make yourself cum."

I pushed a thumb into her impossibly tight ass and she cried out a bit but then settled down, rubbing her clit to help outset the pain.

And as I stroked in and out of her pretty pussy, I watched as my wife continued to deep throat the guy, taking his huge cock into her gullet again and again. She didn't even have to try and blow him. He was mouthfucking her, plain and simple. Using the remote I sent impulses to the vibrator in her pussy, causing it to oscillate and buzz much more vigorously. She jerked at this, causing her mouth to sink right into his pubes, and giving the man reason to start spraying his semen deep inside of her.

It was crazy, with her pussy almost being on fire, the drugs in her system, the huge cock spewing thick jets of hot cum in her mouth and throat, and me slamming my cock in Keri's pussy, releasing my own multiple blasts of cum while fucking her tiny asshole with my thumb. Jinx pulled out and continued to release cum all over her face and body as he disengaged.

So crazy that I almost didn't hear the police sirens outside.

Chapter 10

It's kind of awkward trying to mount a defense when the police catch you balls deep in your teen step-daughter's pussy with your cum leaking out and attaching itself to her light blonde, curly pussy hair. Doesn't help when her mother, your ex-wife, is restrained and has a large black man standing over her, the guy's huge cock dripping cum, the same cum that is on her face and tits, the same cum that she just recently was forced to swallow following her mouth rape.

Didn't have any place to run, so, I absent-mindedly continued to diddle the girl's asshole with my thumb, waiting for the doors to crash inward.

When a couple of minutes went by and nothing happened, I got curious. I could still hear the sirens, so, I walked over to the door, unlocked it, and opened it a crack.

A building a block and a half down the road was on fire, so the scene was comprised of several police cars, a couple of ambulances, and the rest being fire trucks. I couldn't see flames, but could see some billowing smoke. Judging by the actions of the cops, and the speed of the fireman, it didn't look like anything too serious. Thankfully!

I closed the door and locked it, and turned my attention back to Julie and Keri. Jinx had gone over and laid down out of the way, and was sleeping.

I knew the girls were tired and needed some rest, but before that I wanted a little more action. I took Keri and walked her around to where her mother was laid out. I made a couple of adjustments with the thin bed, raising Julie's head. I also released Julie legs. Then I positioned Keri in a 69 pose so that she could sit down on her mom's face. I didn't even have to tell Julie to start licking. She just began. How cooperative of her, feasting on her daughter's just-fucked pussy, and eating up my cum.

I took Keri's hand and led it to her mom's pussy, finding the vibrator still inside. Keri was picking up on things too, now, as she started pulling it out and then pushing it in. The lubricant and irritant must still have been quite active because Julie's hips were rotating within each inward thrust.

For myself I straddled Julie's prone body and brought my slimy cock up to Keri's mouth. She starting licking it, tasting the mixture of her own pussy juice and my cum on it. It really didn't take too much of that to get me hard. That, plus the little sounds she would make. I guess Julie was giving her clit a nice licking. As I regained my erection, I pushed into Keri's mouth, feeling her lips slide down my shaft. I began to develop a nice rhythm, sawing in and out of her mouth. Just wanted to get myself fully hard for the next task at hand.

When I'd had enough head (is that even possible?), I pulled Keri's mouth off of my cock and stepped away. Reaching under the narrow table, I took the wide leather strap that was there and put it over Keri's lower back, and tightened it so that she wouldn't be able to move much. Then using the remote I lifted the bed up higher, forcing Keri to stand up, bent over at the waist. From under the bed I shackled Keri's ankles to the floor, and then wrapped what looked like knee pads around her knees. Except they weren't knee pads. They were braces that locked the knee in place so it couldn't bend.

I moved over to Julie's head, which was buried between her teen daughter's thighs, licking away at her pussy.

"Julie. The girl whose pussy you've been eating needs to be punished. We will fuck her in the ass. We want you to help. Your hands are free, so, we want you to punish her too. When we tell you, pinch her nipples hard. Twist them. Bite at her legs, her pussy lips, her clit. Make her suffer, but not until you are told to start."

I took my cock, which wasn't as hard as it needed to be, and pushed it into Keri's still tight, but now wet, pussy. She groaned a bit as I sunk deeper inside of her, but continued her assault on her mom's pussy with the vibrator.

When I pulled out, my cock was well-coated with Keri's teen pussy juice. I moved it up higher, to the crinkle of her asshole. That was my target. That was why she was standing, and why I made it so her knees could not bend.

I pushed and felt the resistance, but knowing I had already taken her anal cherry inspired me on. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust forward hard, breaking through her sphincter muscle and sinking my slimy cock into the soft flesh of her ass.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" she screamed, trying to move but finding it impossible, the pain of this anal entry searing her brain.

You see, the anal canal is much tighter when the legs are kept straight and the knees are forbidden from bending. Basically, it makes anal sex much more painful than it needs to be. But, that's how I wanted it for Keri. I wanted her to suffer.

"Now Julie!"

I saw Julie's hands reach out and then go under Keri's body, finding her large yet youthful breasts. She must have found the nipples and pinched them because as I was struggling to sink deeper in Keri's ass, I heard her yell out again and she eased up on her ass muscles, allowing me to sink another two inches of cock inside of her.

"You pinched me you fucking bitch!" screamed Keri. She then began thrashing around and made more loud noises.

"Owwwww...fuck....stop biting me you fucking cunt!" Julie must have started biting her around the pussy region, which was good for me because although Keri's thrashing around was limited, it did take her mind off keeping me out of her ass, so I was able to slide balls deep into that tight hole.

Keri apparently decided to fight back. She grabbed her mom's legs and pulled them back, then in one movement, pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and then jammed it right into her ass.

"Fuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" yelled Julie, her voice muffled somewhat by Keri's thighs and my balls. She reached up with her hands and grabbed her daughter's ass cheeks and
then spread them as wide apart as they could go, opening up Keri to me.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I rocketed my hips forward and pushed hard, sinking my cock deeper into Keri's ass than I ever had before. She let out another howl and cry and worked that vibrator in and out of her mom's ass like she was in a race.

As they nipped and bit at each other, I could feel the narrow bed shake and shudder, making my teen ass fuck all the better.

"Keri, put your arms behind your back."

She complied and I took hold of her wrists, pulling her arms back towards me, lifting the front part of her off of her mom. This gave me additional leverage to fuck her in the ass...harder. Which I did. Between my thick cock, and her mom holding her ass cheeks apart, and biting at her pussy lips and clit, and her being forced to take it in the ass standing up and not being able to bend her knees, and now having her arms pulled backwards, she was crying, and then grunting with each deep, inward thrust.

I used my strength to really pummel that teen bitch's asshole, feeling it stretch again and again around my hard cock. I saw Keri's mom reach up and find her tits again, but this time she grabbed hold of the nipples and squeezed and didn't let go for a few seconds. Keri cried out, which was music to my ears, and caused my balls to start to tingle. I knew I'd be cumming into her's stretched out asshole pretty soon.

Then her mom did something unexpected. She let go of her nipples and grabbed her throat and started squeezing.

Keri immediately tried to fight back, tried to loosen her hands, but she was much weaker than me. I held on tight and just continued to pound my cock into her ass, feeling my orgasm getting ready to explode.

I felt Keri's body start to twitch unnaturally, so I did the only sensible thing I could think of...I shot wad after wad of my hot cum into her ass, while Julie continued to choke the life out of her own daughter.

Chapter 11

The funeral service was nice, I suppose. The minister said some nice things about Keri, and left out the part about her being found with over a half-quart of cum in her stomach.

I mused at that fantasy as I let go of her arms, watching her pull her mom's arms from her throat so that she could breathe in some fresh air.

Needing a cleaning, first I pulled my cock out of her ass, and then I moved around in front of Keri, took her by the ears and guided her mouth over my cock.

Picking up the remote I issued a few quick commands.

"Julie, behave. Lick up the cum from that pussy and ass."

"Keri, clean the cock in your mouth. Use your tongue and get it very clean."

The two women, both pretty exhausted, did their duty. Keri's teenage tongue felt great licking all over my cock. I'm sure it didn't taste great, having just come from the depths of her tight, little ass, but she didn't seem to mind. Maybe part of it was getting her asshole licked by her mom. Ah, another of life's great mysteries.

When I felt as if my cock was clean enough, I pulled out of Keri's mouth, and realized I was pretty tired too, even though it was only mid-day. Well, before I could rest I had chores to do.

I took the girls, one by one, over to the toilet and let them do their business. Then I moved them near a wall and used the warm water hose to hose them down. I inserted a rubber syringe-like device into Keri's pussy and squirted half of the contents inside of her, then inserted it into her ass and did the same. Then I used another hose to shoot out warm sudsy water to clean both of them off. Another quick hose down with clean warm water, then a couple of towels to get them dry, and they were ready for some sleep.

I positioned them on the bed, away from each other, and fastened their arms and legs. After adjusting the volume on their headsets downward, I let them have some nap time.

I showered and dried off, drove Jinx back to his vehicle, drove back and then opted to take a nap myself.

I woke about three hours later, feeling quite refreshed and a bit hungry. In the refrigerator I pulled out some sandwiches. I consumed a couple of them myself, looked at the sleeping females, and chuckled. I went to the cabinet and found what I was looking for, and brought it over to the counter. I took the vial, opened the sandwich, and liberally spread the odorless, tasteless compound throughout the sandwich.

When I woke the girls, they both nodded when asked if they were hungry. They were thirsty too. I still had plenty of my stored cum, but, I supplied bottled water. Untainted even.

When snack time was over (and yes, I made sure that the right person got the right sandwich), I secured Julie in a doggie position, brought down the wheel with the cocks that Keri had fellated, and set them up for Julie to suck. Then I positioned the other wheel behind Julie and got them started in her pussy. I set both to ejaculate in the 5-7 minute range, figuring that would keep her busy.

My attention was on Keri.

I sat Keri on the bed, away from Julie, and told her that we were going to talk. She would hear my voice through the headset, of course, distorted so she couldn't identify me.

"Keri. Do you have any questions for us at this point?"

She sat with her legs crossed, trying to hide her pussy, while putting her arms across her breasts.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Don't take this as someone is angry with you. You see, a very wealthy man in the Middle East chose you from among a hundred other girl's pictures. He has paid $5 million for you. He thought you were very pretty. He especially liked your breasts. Yesterday we sent him some nude pictures of you. He very much likes your blonde pussy hair. So don't take it too personally. What other questions do you have?"

"The, um, stuff you are doing to me. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it hurts a lot. Why?"

"That's how it is with sex. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not so good. Sometimes you will fly to the clouds, and sometimes you will feel the depths of hell. In fact, it's now time for you to experience something new. We will continue the questions in a minute."

I took Keri's hands and put them into restraints. Then I put a spreader bar between her ankles, and attached the foot restraints to the overhead wires. Then I raised that section of the bed up to waist height.

"This is going to be a new experience for you, Keri."

I bent down and started licking her pussy. I don't think I could ever get tired of doing that. Always sweet, pulpy, and absofuckinlutely beautiful. I continued for about thirty seconds, trying to get the opening wet.

"Well, not the pussy eating...that's obviously not a new experience for you, though no doubt one that you enjoy."

I saw her blush.

I lay down on top of her, my cock lined up with her pussy, on top of her lips, the head of it nestled in her wispy pussy fur. I kissed her full on the lips, slipping my tongue inside and finding hers. Somewhat surprisingly she kissed back, moving her tongue against mine. After a half-minute or so I pulled my face back.

I got off of her, went to the cabinet and got two of the nipple suction cups, but not the same type as before. These were, well, upgraded. A couple extra of those coin-sized batteries generated additional suction, able to pull nipple and breast flesh within the cone. The tongues were upgraded too, faster and with more dexterity and pressure. I attached one to each of her tits and turned them on. She gasped.

"Ohhhhhh...those things, whatever they are, they drive me crazy...even more so now...the feeling is incredible...mmmmmmmmmmm...."

What Keri didn't know was that I had laced her sandwich with Edistoa-3, which is a tactile response drug developed in South America. It has the interesting property of increasing all tactile awareness. If you have this drug in your system and are tickled, it feels like you are being tickled by 10 people at the same time. If you get stung by a bee, it feels like a nail has been driven into you. It's used by doctors for people who have lost sensation in the legs, etc. Keri had not lost any sensation, so, every feeling would be super-sized.

I lined up my cock with her pussy, and moved the head around a bit, getting it wet with my saliva and her pussy juice.

Then I aimed and pushed.

"Owwww, hey, that hurts!"

Sorry, almost forgot to tell you about the douche that I gave Keri before putting her to sleep. I didn't just squirt water inside of her. No, it was a mixture of alum and some other stuff. One of the interesting properties of alum is that it makes tissue, well, shrink.

What I had done was given Keri a second chance at being a virgin. Forget her hymen, which only covered a small area with a thin piece of skin. Now her entire pussy canal was tightened up like a 90-year old spinster, except that it was the pussy of an 18 year old hottie. Just ultra tight, and, let's not forget about her heightened senses.

Grabbing her legs for leverage, I jammed my cock forward, sinking another inch inside of her inhumanly tight pussy. Keri felt as if someone was forcing a baseball bat inside of her. She screamed at the top of her lungs, not understanding why this cock hurt more than when she lost her cherry the night before.

"Keri...we want to ask you some questions. First..." as I thrust forward again, struggling to tear her pussy open another half-inch, listening to her cry out in pain, "if we could make the pain stop, would you agree to do ANYTHING we say?"

In between some cries of pain she answered my question.

"Not anything...but...oh god it hurts..."

When I heard the "not anything" I leaned forward, my hands on the bed, and then lifted myself up in the air. My feet were off the ground, and only three points of me were touching solid surfaces. My two hands, of course, and, my cock, which now had the total weight of my body focused on just the tip of it. Something had to give.

It was Keri's pussy.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed as my cock ripped another few inches into her pussy, spreading apart the alum-coated inner walls in an indelicate manner.

Truly, it felt great to me because her body was trying to lubricate itself, and the nipple massagers were helping, so there was moisture, but her pussy flesh was just incredibly tight and didn't want some big-cocked intruder forcing its way inside. Combine that with the Edistoa-3 which was magnifying the feelings for her.

"Ok ok ok please stop, make the pain stop, I'll do anything, I will, I'll suck your cock mister, I'll do it really well, please just stop."

"What if we want to fuck you in the ass?"

"Yes, yes, you can do it in my ass, please, just stopppppppppppp," I had forced my way another half-inch into her tightened pussy, "don't hurt my pussy, please."

So I stopped fucking her, and got Keri to promise to let me fuck her in the ass and she promised that she wouldn't complain or ask me to stop. She was very, very grateful.

I smiled as I thought "how tight is tight?" and mused about the alum that I had shot into her ass earlier.

Chapter 12

As I contemplated the exquisite pleasure I would get in sinking my lust-hardened cock into my 18-year-old step-daughter's alum-tightened ass, I heard a sharp knock on the door. Glancing at my watch, I smiled as I realized that another part of my plan was ready to take shape.

Several years ago my step-daughter Keri had a boyfriend named Aaron. He was somewhat arrogant, thinking because he was smart and good-looking that he had the world at his fingertips. He had an on-again, off-again relationship with Keri for about half a year. Guess he got tired of waiting for her to give up some pussy, so he moved on. From breaking into Keri's email account, I know that she had jacked him off, and that he'd played with her breasts often, but that was pretty much it. And while he said all the right things to me on the surface, in the emails he said I was just a typical asshole grown-up. Well, today was Aaron's lucky and unlucky day.

I'd maintained loose contact with him over the past few years, stopping by the grocery store where he worked once in a while. I knew that he and Keri never spoke and had that "I hate you" thing going. A week ago, I told him that I had a surprise for him, once that would be a dream come true. Sent him a text a few days ago with the time and location.

I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and went to the door, and opened it.

"Aaron, come on in."

The scene he walked into must have seemed surreal even to him. The first thing he would see would be Keri's mom, Julie, naked and in a doggie position. One wheel of cocks was positioned in front of her, with a 7-inch flesh-like dildo pushing in and out of her mouth at a nice, slow rate. Behind her was another cock-covered wheel, with an 8-inch black flesh-like dildo thrusting in and out of her cum-leaking pussy.

"Holy shit!" he said. "What's going ..." He stopped when his eyes fell upon Keri. She was laying on her back, naked, spread-eagle by a bar between her ankles, her blonde pussy wide open for his feasting eyes. He also would see the special nipple suction devices attached to both of her tits. I saw his hand unconsciously rub against his crotch as he saw that she was restrained, blindfolded, and had earphones on.

"Aaron, it's simple. Don't ask questions. You want a little revenge against Keri for teasing you, have at it. Unless, of course, you don't find her hot?"

"I'm on it!" he said, moving towards her while excitedly taking off his shirt, sneakers, socks and shorts in that order. He looked towards me, pointing to his cock, average-sized I noted, and Keri's mouth. I nodded.

Aaron straddled her body, his legs around her shoulders and then grasped her head with his hands, bring her mouth up into contact with the head of his cock, which had already started leaking precum. Keri, thinking that this was some relief from having me tear open her alum-coated pussy which had caused her all sorts of agony, eagerly opened her mouth and took in the head.

Aaron groaned his approval, watching her pretty mouth oval around his cock as he slipped a few more inches into her mouth. Feeling Keri's tongue running along the bottom length of it, started fucking her mouth, in and out, in and out, his eyes glued to her face. In the short time that Keri had been sucking cocks, she had learned fast, and that much was obvious by the moans of pleasure coming from Aaron.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was glistening with her saliva. Aaron repositioned himself, still straddling her body, but now facing down it. Stroking his cock a little bit, he lowered himself so that his balls touched Keri's lips. She again opened her mouth, sucking first one ball inside, washing it with her tongue, releasing it, and then repeating the nutsack cleaning with the other ball. Aaron pulled his balls from her mouth, then moved forward slightly, and then settled down again. This time Keri's tongue reached out and all she could find was Aaron's asshole. She began licking it back and forth rapidly. His groans increased until he couldn't stand the licking anymore, and once again sunk his cock back into her mouth.

Using the remote, I released both of Keri hands and gave her a verbal command.

Aaron watched as her hand went down to her pussy, where her middle finger rubbed along the lips, bathing the finger in her creamy juice. As he stroked his cock in an out of her mouth, he felt one of Keri's hands gently take hold of his balls and began to wetly massage them. He knew that he wasn't going to last too much longer.

When he next saw Keri hand disappear behind him, and then felt her start feeling around his ass until one of her wet fingers found his asshole, he was shocked that she was so bold. As her finger pushed against his asshole, and then slipped inside, she squeezed his balls a little harder, and he lost it. Pushing deeper into her mouth, Aaron felt his hot cum shoot out into the back of Keri's mouth, rope after rope of it as she continued to slide her finger back and forth in his ass. Five, six, seven thrusts later, his balls were drained of cum for the moment, and he pulled out of her mouth and stepped away.

He looked my way and I just smiled and then indicated with my hand gesture that he still had her mother to play with. His eyebrows shot up as in "Really? I can do her too?" and I again nodded.

He slowly walked over to her as I used the remote to remove the wheel that was supplying cocks to her pussy. He watched as Julie continued to suck on a cock, and with a simple command from the remote, my warm semen, stored in the wheel, filled her mouth and spilled out the side. I noticed that his cock twitched at that and was coming back to life. He moved behind her to look at her pussy, grinned in my direction, and then slide in behind his ex-girlfriend's mom and pushed his cock into her pussy.

You may be wondering why I was being so generous to Aaron. Rest assured, I had my plans for him.

He was certainly giving my ex-wife a banging. I'm guessing he was just warming up, figuring he was going to really go to town on Keri's pussy. But, I guessed wrong. After just a couple of minutes he stopped, eased back, then readjusted his cock's aim and put it into Keri's mom's ass!

Yep, poked it right into her asshole without so much as a "how do you do, ma'am". Julie was plenty surprised too, as it drove her deep on the cock in her mouth, causing her to gag. Again he grabbed her by the hips and began fucking her ass hard. That boy could pump, and he was making it count, going balls deep each time, then pulling back out until only his tip was still inside.

Just as he was getting ready to shoot a load in Julie's ass, I zapped him with the Taser. Of course with his cock in her ass it gave her a jolt too, but nothing like the one that he took. He went down with a thud, his cock popping out of her ass like a cork.

When Aaron came to a little later, he found himself on his back, on the bed, spread-eagled, and restrained with a ball gag secured to his mouth. No blindfold, though. I wanted him to see everything. And I fitted him with some of the special headphones so I could communicate with him if I so desired.

Keri had been repositioned with her face near his crotch. Her hands were free, but once again was on her knees with her ass in the air, and a brace across her back, preventing most movement. Her legs were together, so, I could make out the slit of her pussy, and her light blonde-pussy hair, but that was it. Oh, and I could see her asshole too, of course. I really didn't need to tighten her ass up this way, by keeping her legs closed, what with the alum that I had shot into her ass an hour or so ago, but I did it anyway.

Keri knew that she was going to get ass-fucked. Anything, she said, anything to stop the pain in her pussy. She was subjected to alum in her pussy too, and it made her tight as the tightest virgin, so she begged to have it stop, offering up her ass as a replacement. She didn't know, of course, that her ass was going to be even tighter, and thus, more painful.

"Keri," I said, speaking to her through the earphones, "the man in front of you was supposed to be guarding your Mom. Instead, we found him naked with her. We're angry with him. When you feel pain as you take this cock into your ass, feel free to distribute some of that pain to the man who forced your mom to blow him. Use your hands, mouth, teeth, and the objects near your hands to inflict pain."

I saw her grit her teeth when she heard the part about her mom being forced to fellate.

After putting some lubricant on my cock so that I would avoid getting burned, I put the head up to Keri's tiny asshole and rubbed it around. I looked up and saw that having Keri face that close to his cock was causing Aaron to get hard. Keri couldn't see, of course, but she felt around and found it, and it looked like she squeezed pretty hard 'cause Aaron jolted like he'd been hit with current.

At that moment I pressed forward with my cock, my efforts concentrated on just getting my head inside her asshole. From the pressure I was putting on it, and the resistance I was getting, I could see that this was going to a challenge. I felt Keri's ass muscles automatically tighten.

"Keri, you said you wanted us to fuck your ass instead of your pussy, but here you are, tightening your muscles. Do you want us back in your pussy?"

"No mister, please, not my pussy. I'll try to re..."

At that moment when she started to say "relax" I pushed with a sharp thrust and my head popped in. God, was she TIGHT!!

She screamed, of course, the alum doing its job, and in her pain she slapped Aaron square on the balls, causing him to lurch. He was totally restrained so he could do nothing but endure it.

I kept up the pressure, sinking quarter-inch by quarter-inch into Keri's tortured ass. It was absolutely the tightest orifice that I had ever put my cock into. I paused for a second to catch my breath and to see what Keri was now doing, as Aaron was screaming himself, albeit into the ball gag, his eyes wide open with pain.

Keri had grabbed one of the dildos that had been put on the bed and was shoving it up Aaron's ass. Guess he'd never taken an eight-inch by two-inch cock into his ass before, because he was sure throwing a fit. Not sure why he was having such a time with it, there was some lube put on it! Then again, maybe it wasn't just the assfucking that he was getting that was the problem. Might have been Keri nipping at his balls and cock with her teeth. I could see that she was leaving little red marks.

This was kinda' fun, so, I thought I was step up the pace. Grabbing hold of Keri's hips to get some leverage, I pushed with all my might and tore through at least three inches of her ass with my cock.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she screamed as the pain of this alum-tightened anal entry was almost too much to bear. I thought she might pass out, but, she didn't. What she did do was jam the other half of the dildo into Aaron's ass, burying it. I could see tears forming in his eyes as Keri withdrew the large rubber cock and then jammed it in again, out and then in again, over and over.

I had only a couple of inches left, so I pushed onward into the deep recesses of Keri's ass until my balls ended up against her pussy lips. It literally felt like someone had a tight handgrip on my cock.

I saw Keri grab hold of Aaron's cock and bend it towards her face.

"STOP!" I commanded. I didn't want her biting his cock off!

"Keri, you must now deliver pain, and pleasure, together. Suck the cock in front of you, but, cause pain too in his ass."

I withdrew an inch or so from her ass, and then pushed forward. Withdrew two inches, then again bottomed out in her ass. I could tell from her slight movements and twitches that each withdrawal and thrust was still causing her major discomfort.

But, ever the trooper, she did wrap her lips around Aaron's cock and start sucking it, taking a few inches in her mouth, in and out. At the same time, though, she continued to ravage his ass with the big dildo.

After a couple of minutes I was withdrawing over half my cock and then sending it back into Keri's ass. It seemed like the pain was wearing off. And as I watched her suck Aaron's cock, I noticed his facial had changed from pain to pleasure. Even with the large cock in his what I suspected to be virginal ass, he was loving the blowjob!

I wasn't sure what to do, until I saw Jinx get up and wander back over. His cock was hard again, and he was making his way towards my ex-wife. I smiled.

"Aaron," I said, and his eyes popped open at hearing my voice, "look over to the right. See that black guy with the large cock?"

Aaron looked over and his eyes got big at seeing Jinx's eleven-inch cock. He looked back at me, caught my eye, and nodded.

"If you cum in Keri's mouth, I'm going to have that guy fuck you in the ass with his cock, and you will bleed, son, trust me on that. Do NOT cum in Keri's mouth!"

I switched channels.

"Keri, you must now get the guy to cum in your mouth. If you don't, two things will happen. First, the guy will leave and go find your Mom and fuck her in the ass. Second, the guy fucking you in the ass will stop and will instead fuck your pussy. Remember how much that hurt?"

The game, again, was afoot!

It's amazing what people will do when confronted with a terrible situation. Aaron, well, he really didn't have much say other than to try and no think about his ex-girlfriend sucking voraciously on his cock. He looked over and saw that Jinx had buried all eleven inches of his dark black, thick cock in Keri's mom and was rocking her world.

Keri, well, she was sucking cock like it was gonna' save her life. She was going up and down on it with her mouth and one hand rubbing Aaron's balls and the other was stroking his cock in rhythm to her lips. Up and down, saliva coming out of the side of her mouth...Keri was really working him over. She'd pull his cock out of her mouth for a minute so that she could lick and suck on his balls, then back to his cock, sucking hard just on the head, her tongue rubbing hard on that spot just under the head. Then she'd dive down on it, trying to swallow the whole thing, gagging, doing anything to avoid having this bastard anally rape her mom.

For me, I was happy to watch the show and fuck Keri's sweet, tight ass. I knew I'd be dumping another load in there soon. Sooner than soon! I felt the cum again shoot out of me and into my step-daughter's ass...thought I was gonna' pass out. God...cumming in her ass was so great.

I pulled out and saw that Jinx was looking over this way. I motioned him over.

Aaron's head was thrashing back and forth. He needed some help.

"Aaron, I guess you do want eleven inches of cock up your ass, huh?"

It was fun tweaking the boy. I mean, he had no chance. At some point, his body would betray him and he'd blow his load in his ex-girlfriend's mouth.

I told Jinx to have at her.

Keri, even with the little experience she had in sucking cock, thought that the guy was going to cum soon. She knew that she could now really concentrate since the guy fucking her ass had shot his cum and was done.

When she felt something at her ass again, she resigned herself into thinking that the guy just wanted a few more strokes, which shouldn't be too bad. But something felt different. Bigger.

Jinx, his cock all wet with cum and pussy juice from Julie's pussy, was pushed right up against Keri's asshole. Taking hold of her by the hips, he pushed forward. Being very strong helped, that, plus the pussy lube, plus my cum, plus Keri's ass being lubed and recently fucked...well, it helped some, but the bottom line was that it was the hardness of his cock, and his strength.

When his cockhead popped into Keri's ass, she had just taken Aaron's cock out of her mouth to go back to his balls. Instead, her head shot up as far as it could go, her mouth opened in a silent scream. Then she fainted.

This gave Aaron a much-needed break as he was very close to shooting in her mouth.

Jinx didn't let Keri's fainting bother him. He readjusted his grip and started to push again. First one inch, then another...and Keri was awake again...

"Ohhhh gawddddddd.....please mister, please stop.....please you are killing me, please mister, please my assssssssss oh godddd don't push deeper please oh god oh god oh please stop fucking my ass, oh god oh fuck...."

She babbled as Jinx pushed all eleven inches of his thick cock into her ass. I couldn't believe my eyes, but, he was balls deep in Keri's near virginal ass!

Then he started to fuck her.

I knew I needed to gain control again.

"KERI!" I shouted. "Keri, you need to make that cock in front of you cum soon or your mom's ass is gonna' get fucked and fucked hard!"

Despite the unholy terror of all cocks that was fucking her in the ass, Keri managed to get some wits about her and started sucking the cock in front of her. She thrust her mouth up and down on Aaron's cock, gagging herself while trying to bring him off.

Jinx was giving her ass a workout. As he pulled back, I could see part of her ass gripping his cock, and then as he fucked inward, it would reverse and roll back in with his big meat stick.

While this was going on, I went over to Julie and repositioned her, got the cock out of her mouth, and then got ready. I knew it wouldn't be long.

Keri was giving the dildo in Aaron's ass little nudges, and stroking his cock and sucking for all she was worth. I could see it in his eyes...he was a goner.

As I saw it start, I lifted Julie's blindfold and removed her headphones.

In front of her, she saw her daughter on all fours, getting fucked from behind by a large black man, and she saw her daughter's ex-boyfriend shooting his load of cum into Keri's mouth, and onto her face. Then she heard her daughter's voice.

"Look, look, I made him cum, he shot in my mouth! I made him cum!!! Oh Godddddddd...whoever is fucking my ass, would you please hurry up and cum!"

And with that, Julie fainted.

Chapter 13 - Final Chapter

It took me several hours to clear a few things up. First, after Jinx deposited a large load of cum in Keri's tight little ass, I paid him a bonus and had a cab pick him up. Aaron, well, he was thrilled to see Jinx go, possibly even more thrilled than when he blew his load in Keri's mouth. I told him that if he talked about what happened here, Jinx would pay him a visit and would bury all 11 inches of his thick black cock in his ass. Never seen a boy quite that afraid. He left quickly.

So Julie had seen her little girl sucking Aaron off and getting fucked in the ass by supercocked Jinx. Guess hearing her daughter say "Look, look, I made him cum, he shot in my mouth! I made him cum!!! Oh Godddddddd...whoever is fucking my ass, would you please hurry up and cum!" pushed her over the edge, causing her to faint. Just made my job of moving and binding her again all that easier. I was moving into my final phase.

Keri I put into the shower again, and got her all cleaned up, then after some warm soup, it was off to sleep for her. She'd need the rest. As for Julie, well, I left her blindfold off, so she watched everything now. I could see the malice in her eyes. I didn't care. In fact, I welcomed it. As my cock hardened, I saw her look at me with disgust. Didn't really phase me. I just made a few adjustments to her position, then dry fucked her in the ass for a few minutes. I didn't cum...I was saving myself for later.

I did opt to punish her a bit for being the ultimate cunt of the world. I took a couple of firecrackers and taped them to her nipples. Her eyes got pretty big when I went for the lighter. She was shaking and trying to loosen the tape. Not too smart of her...I mean, so what if she did? I'd just re-tape them. When I lit them, one right after the other, I watched her. She didn't know that I had doctored these firecrackers a bit. Yep. Took the fuse, cut into it length-wise a bit, and remove the gunpowder. Then I twisted and tightened the fuses. What this did was extend the life of the fuse from just a few seconds to about 20 seconds. After 5 seconds of terror, then 10 seconds, she started to relax, thinking they were either duds, or that I was just fooling her, that they weren't real firecrackers.

At the end, when they went off, I thought she was gonna' bite the ball gag that I had inserted in half! After having a firecracker go off in my hand when I was a kid, I know that when these exploded, she felt a sharp smack of pain, but nothing too terrible. After a few minutes she get feeling back in the ends of her tits again.

I got one more and wedged it into her ass, and told her that if she could expel it before it went off, that I wouldn't try it again. I lit it and stood back, watching her wiggle and try and push the little fucker out. Unfortunately for her, I didn't mess with the fuse on this one, so, after just a couple of seconds, it went off. Also unfortunately for her, having a firecracker go off in your ass is much more devastating than out in the open (like attached to a nipple) because the force of the explosion is compressed.

She thrashed around as the pain in her ass was worse than getting fucked by Jinx. I knew she'd bleed some, but, she wouldn't be damaged for life, unlike me. She had ruined my life; I was just getting her back some.

I went and showered and then laid down and rested. I set my phone to wake me in two hours, but, I actually awoke before the alarm. I felt good, but hungry. I ate, mostly carbs, because I knew I was going to need the energy. I took a double dose of Viagra, and prepared to get on with the final phase.

Julie was awake, but could not see, could not talk, nor hear. I awakened Keri. She was naked, of course, and her hot little body still turned me on after all these yea...well...days. I used my remote and spoke to Keri in the voice that she had been hearing all weekend.

"Keri. This is your final test. If you pass this final test, you will be flown out of the country, but, you will be well-taken care of, never hurt, and you'll live like a princess. A well-fucked princess, but a princess none the less. And, your Mom will be set free. Not only that, but, one million dollars will be deposited into her bank account. She will still miss you, of course, but, you will at least know that she will never hurt for money. Now...if you fail the test. Well, the rich Arab has zero tolerance for failure. If you fail, he'll have your Mom executed in front of you, and then your friends, and finally you. So, for everyone's sake, don't fail."

I let this sink in a for a couple of minutes.

"You probably are wondering what the test is this time. It's not actually that difficult. You're going to have sex with one more guy, a cousin of the rich Arab. He is the one who will test you. You are to become his lover. You are to make him believe that he's the best lover in the world, that you WANT him, that you NEED him. It must appear to be real, and not acting. In a sense, while in bed with him, you must become the world's greatest slut. Think about have 10 minutes to prepare yourself. Do not, of course, touch your blindfold or headset."

I went over to Julie and removed her blindfold, and removed her headset, so she could hear and see, but not talk back.

"I told your daughter that she was going to get paid for her next performance, that she'd either get $50 or $500 from the guy who was going to fuck her, and that the amount would be determined by how good she was in bed. So, now you get to see whether she plans on just laying back and getting fucked, or whether she'll be more active than that."

Malice, malice I tell you, there was malice in those eyes!

"You don't have to watch if you don't want to," I told her, going over and picking up something and bringing it towards her, "however, if you don't watch...if I catch you looking away at any time, when I'm done fucking your daughter, I'm going to set this M-80 down on her clit and set it off. As you know, the resulting explosion will most likely ruin her clit forever, so she'll never experience sexual pleasure again. Your choice."

I find threats against one's family to be quite effective.

I positioned Julie so that she had ringside seats. Then I reached for Keri, and brought my face down between her legs. God, her pussy was so pretty. Her outer lips were spread apart just a little bit now, revealing her inner lips, which looked like a small flower. Her sparse, blonde pussy hair just added to the image of a 100% Prime pussy as graded by the USDC (United States Department of Cunnilinguists). I began eating her, licking lightly up and down her lips to start, and I heard her moan softly. I quickly looked at Julie, and saw that her eyes had moved to Keri's face.

I continued my oral assault on her teen pussy, now licking between the lips a bit, pausing to push my tongue a bit inside, then back to licking the lips, consciously staying away from her clit. I took a finger and brought it up to her opening and pushed inside, going about halfway down my finger. She stiffened slightly, not in pain or anything bad...just more stimulation. Her legs spread open wider, her back arched a bit, and her moaning became a bit more frequent, and with increased volume.

Julie knew how good I could eat pussy. I thought I would remind her. I had preprogrammed a message to be heard through a speaker in the chair that she was bound to a few minutes into this.

"Julie...remember how you would cream for me years ago? How my tongue would drive you wild? Well, now you get to see your daughter get licked by me. After all, shouldn't she be allowed to get a great pussy eating too?"

I worked my finger all the way into her pussy, and then started moving it in and out, slowly, while now moving my tongue to her clit. I began licking at it very lightly, almost in a teasing way. I looked up and could see Keri's head moving back and forth as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. Her hands reached down and took hold of my hair and head, gripping me, holding me in place as I licked.

I introduced a second finger to her tight pussy, gradually working it in as deep as the first. Making an oval with my lips, I suctioned her clit into my mouth, my tongue now flicking back and forth across it with increasing speed. I turned my fingers slightly, and reached for her G-spot, curling my fingers in the classic "come here" motion, causing her to arch her back and push her pussy against my face. Keri was getting quite wet now. Her moans were constant, her hips moving in small circles. She would cum soon.

With my pinky aimed just right, I introduced Keri to The Shocker, my index and middle fingers sliding again into her wet pussy, while my pinky pushed into her asshole.

"Ohhh Goddddddddddd!!!!" she moaned, her fingers now pinching and twisting her own nipples as her pussy released more wetness. My tongue continued its maddening dance across her clit while I sucked harder now, my fingers moving freely inside her front and back doors.

A look up at Julie confirmed that she was both outraged, and turned on.

A minute later I disengaged from Keri and lay back, catching my breath and licking my pussy-juice laden fingers. Colonel Sanders had it totally wrong. Pussy was finger-licking good, not chicken.

A few minutes later Keri stirred. Not being able to see was somewhat of a disadvantage for her, but, it kind of turned me on. She felt around for me and found a leg, which got her moving in the right direction. I was curious what she had in mind. As she moved up next to me, her hand kept touching me, finding different parts of my body as she moved closer. She touched my face, gently, my mouth, and then zeroed in with her mouth to mine, kissing me.

Now THAT was unexpected! Her tongue entered my mouth, seeking out mine, darting here and there, touching and retreating. I could feel her breasts against my chest, her nipples still very hard. This was getting ME hard!

She moved her mouth off of mine and moved towards my ears, kissing my cheek, then I could feel her breath near my ear. She whispered to me.

"I loved the taste of my pussy on your lips and tongue..."

She licked the inside of my ear with the tip of her tongue, then lightly bit my earlobe and she continued moving her face to my neck. Her hands were feeling my chest, squeezing a nipple, toying with my chest hair.

I jumped a bit as I felt her teeth clamp down on my neck, sucking, knowing that was going to leave a mark, and loving it, as I glanced over and saw her mother watching us. She continued sucking at my neck, her tongue licking, her teeth maintaining their grip. It was maddening. I squirmed my body against hers, feeling my hardened cock rubbing against her wet pussy hair.

She broke away at last, then moved her mouth quickly to one of my nipples, sucking it inside her mouth while she slide a little further down my body. My back arched involuntarily at the thrill of her mouth once again sucking my flesh.

She released the nipple and spared the second one her ravenous mouth as she again slid further down my body, one of her nipples moving over my cock. Further, further down she moved. I could feel her breath against my cock and balls now.

She took her breasts and squeezed them together around my cock, sliding up and down a bit. It felt nice, but it looked even better.

"God, I want your cock in my mouth," she said, "but first I want something else." She ran her tongue down the length of my cock, from tip to balls, then licked my nut sack for a moment.

Then she surprised me by stopping, and taking my leg and trying to turn me over. I followed her lead, puzzled a bit, and then she encouraged me to get on my hands and knees. I complied.

I felt Keri reach under and gently take my balls into her hands, squeezing them lightly, rubbing them a bit, while at the same time planting little kisses on my ass. One of her hands reached further up and wrapped itself around my cock, getting tugging at it. Again, more kisses, closer to my crack.

Oh my. I now knew where this was going. I was never much of a salad eater, but this turn of events might change my mind!

Very delicately at first, I felt the tip of her tongue touch my asshole. Again. And again. Then she began licking it. My 18 year old step-daughter was licking my asshole and jacking me off while her mother watched. Sweet!

Her tongue stiffened and pushed, trying to enter my ass. Her hand movements became bolder. I had a real concern that I was gonna' blow my load in her small hands. But, alas not...her hand movements slackened, her tongue stopped probing, licked a few more times, and then I felt her shift and slide under me.

"Please, fuck my little mouth with your big cock."

I felt her mouth suck in half my cock and her hand gripped the rest, pulling me towards her face. I started moving my hips, slowly at first, feeding her another inch or two of cockmeat. No way I was gonna' last long in this position, my cock stuffing the kid's face. I tried thinking of weird stuff, anything but the great blowjob that I was getting. Unfortunately, my thoughts landed on a waterfall, and then I imagined it was me cumming, not water. Oh shit!

Keri must have realized I was getting ready to cum because she started sucking harder, her tongue working back and forth, while her one hand tugged hard at the base of my cock. Her other hand slipped back behind me, and using the saliva that she left behind, she pushed her thumb right into my ass.

That immediately drove me over the edge, with thick ropes of cum shooting into her mouth again, again, again...I felt like I was totally draining my balls in her mouth. When I stopped shooting and heaving, I moved off of her and lay on my back, really trying to catch my breath. Keri got up to where I could see her, and opened her mouth. She had saved all of my cum, and I could see it. She closed her mouth, said "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....." and then I could see her swallowing the big load.

I looked over at her Mom. A tear rolled down her cheek. I gave her the finger.

I pulled Keri into a 69 position, with her on top, so that she could help me get hard again. Her pussy was still quite wet, and it tasted absofuckinglutely great. As squeaky clean as she was, I licked at her asshole a bit, causing her to wiggle her hips in enjoyment. Within a relatively short period of time she got my cock's attention, and, well, he was now at attention. She moved around on me and straddled my cock, slowly sinking down on it.

She was still quite tight, having been a virgin just a couple of days ago. I reached up and took hold of her tits, moving them together and then pinching the nipples. She shivered and rose up and down on my cock, her tight pussy lips grabbing my cock as it exited, and then welcoming it back inside of her and she settled down on it again.

She moved again a bit, and pulled her feet under her, so that she could rise up and down and the only part of her touching me was her pussy, sucking in my cock, and then reluctantly letting it go, then back in, and then letting it go. I let this go on for a few minutes, and watched her work herself into an orgasm. Feeling her moving fast up and down as her orgasm took hold was a pleasant sight.

Sensing that she needed a break from work, I sat up and, still keeping myself into her, laid her on her back, pushing her legs back up against her chest. She was flexible enough that I was able to take hold of her ankles and push them onto the bed flat, on both sides of her head. As you can imagine, that left her pussy well-exposed and open to me.

I raised up on my feet, in a modified push-up position, my feet touching the platform bed, my hands holding onto her ankles...and then only other part of my body holding up my weight was my cock.

Which was as deep within her as humanly possible.

My pubic hair was meshed right up against her blonde ringlets.

My cock was totally buried balls deep inside her. It's said that you really cannot get the head of your cock inside a woman's womb, that it just wouldn't fit, blah blah.

Well, I'm telling you that the head of my cock was somewhere, and it was fucking tight, tighter than any pussy I've ever been in, so I'm not sure what was going on, but wherever it was, it was wet and tight and felt a-fucking-great!

Oh, forgot to mention Keri. She felt it too.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god......oh my god you're deep, oh don't move, wait, please, ohmygod......."

She just kept on repeating and making whimpering sounds; it wasn't that she wasn't hurting, but it seemed like a very good hurt.

I had to withdraw, halfway, but then let myself sink back deep. It was the best fuck I had ever experienced. It felt like I was sliding into a suction device, except that it was alive.

Keri struggled to get her hands free, but I wouldn't let go. I reached down with my mouth and kissed her, french kiss, and then went for her throat.

"Oh god yessssssssssssss........"

I sucked at her neck, my teeth sinking into flesh, my give her a permanent hickey. I sucked and sucked and sucked at her neck, all the while pulling my cock back, and then sinking it into her...her...her K-spot. That's what I was going to think of it as, her Keri-spot. It had to be her womb, and I was gonna' populate it with about a hundred million sperm in a couple of minutes.

I felt her pussy convulse around me, grabbing at my cock, milking it, wanting those baby makers to release.

But, I held back. I sank ball deep again while she was cumming, to help extend her orgasm, but I held back shooting inside of her. As she was basking in her post-orgasmic bliss, I pulled back on my cock again and it came out of her.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo....please baby, please put your cock back inside of me, I need it........"

I did.

Her asshole.

I know that she wasn't expecting it, but, she was in the right position, with her legs pinned back behind her ears, and, my cock was completely wet with her slick pussy juice.

As my cock head popped into her asshole, she squeaked and her mouth shot open. I covered it with mine and began kissing her, all the while feeding her my thick cock, one-half inch at a time. My tongue danced with hers, my cock relentless in its pursuit of the depths of her ass. Her mouth broke away from mine.

"Oh god, yes, fuck my ass! Ram your big cock into me! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Her mother looked defeated. How could her little girl have turned into such a slut in such a short time period?

I fucked her ass. I gave her my all. I let go of her ankles and grabbed her shoulders and used them for leverage, thrusting harder and harder, my cock going balls deep on each thrust. I felt her nails scraping across my back, then saw one hand go between us, reaching for my clit. She began rubbing it furiously, wanting to cum one more time...this time...while being ass-fucked.

I'd had enough. Cum shot out of my cock deep into her ass, lubricating her even more so that my thrusts went just that much faster. Keri came at the end, my cock in her ass and her clit rubbing enough stimulation for her to squeeze out one last orgasm.


I'm finishing the last of this story from my laptop on a beach in Maui. It's not far from where I live, and the view is spectacular. I've been living here for the past couple of years.

What's that? You want to know what happened? How I got to Maui?

Well, okay.

After thoroughly fucking Keri, I was, well, fucked out. (Some may think me fucked up, but that's for another discussion.) It was time to end it for the two of them.

I re-bound Keri and blindfolded her Mom and put her headset on, but not before telling her that Keri was absolutely the best fuck that I'd ever had. I got dressed and did a number of other chores around the place.

Then I went and refilled the bathtubs with warm water. I poured a chemical in both of them, and then dropped in some other stuff. (I'd tell ya' what, but that would ruin the surprise.)

Then I raised Keri and then her Mom into the air, and suspended each of them above the tubs. I got a step ladder and put it in-between them, climbed it, and then removed the headsets, blindfolds, and gags.

Keri looked at me with shock.

"Yes Keri, it was me. I was the one to whom you gave your first blowjob, and whose cum you swallowed. Yes, it was me that busted your cherry, fucking your pussy for the very first time. And, yep, your first assfuck, that was me too. You have an unbelievable ass, Keri. You'l make some guy very happy. Oh, and thank you for licking my asshole...that was very nice of you!"

I climbed down the ladder, ignoring their threats and hatred.

"Ladies." I had to wait for half a minute before they both shut up so I could continue.

"Ladies, may I direct your attention to the tubs beneath you. They are filled with acid. That's what's causing that smell."

I pressed a button on my remote and both winches started lowering them, very slowly.

"It'll take about 10 minutes for each of you to reach the acid. Once you do, the flesh will be stripped from your bones. I'm told it is a very painful way to die. Goodbye, my loves."

And with that, I walked out the door.


What? You again? You want to know the details? Oh. My. God.

All right.

My affairs were all in order. I guess at the beginning I didn't mention that a few of my investments paid off. Oh, I wasn't a billionaire, but, I had money put away, to say the least.

I left and went to the airport. My flight left within the hour. I didn't fly under my name, of course. No, no, no, it was a private flight, not one of those nasty commercial flights. After refueling on the West Coast, we landed in Maui. The amount of money I paid for that flight ensured me, along with my fake ID, that nothing about all of that would be remembered. want to know about Keri and Julie.

Well, truth be told, it was dry ice that I put in the water which made it look like a witches brew. The other chemical gave it the bad smell. When the two women hit the water, after being hysterical for the ten minute ride down, nothing happened other than panic. In the bathtub they found a knife that would cut the cables, so that's how they freed themselves. Ten minutes later, as they were hugging and consoling themselves, a final message played.

"Ladies. Let this be a lesson to you both. Don't ever fuck with me again. Don't call the police. Don't try and find me. Just walk away and be happy, very happy that you are both alive. I'm sure you'll have plenty to think about, like how you both liked eating each other's pussies, etc. Now, in 5 minutes, a small bomb is going to go off inside of this room. You do NOT want to be here. Get out now. Don't think, just throw on the clothes that I left for you and GET OUT NOW!"

True to my word, I left an incendiary device that gutted the place and a couple of other storage areas before the fire department could put it out. They said it was a very hot fire, and it burned up everything. I didn't feel the need to leave evidence.


Me? I like writing, especially sitting here on the beach in paradise. I guess I'm going to have to think about getting some content for my next series: Revenge Against the Ex-Wife and Step-Daughter, THE SEQUEL! Note: this entire story and subsequent chapters are completely fictional in nature. Any resemblance to real people is simply coincidental.

I wonder what the Ex and step-daughter are up to these days....


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