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A thriple bday treat from 3 of my friends
So it was the night before my bday and I was hosting a dinner party at my place for few of my friends[15 friends]. I was single at that point officially, but I was
secretly having an relationship with my friend kevin. Our relationship was kind of complicated. But none of our other friends knew, as kevin had a gf. And there was these other 2 friends Nick and Paul who were also coming for dinner that night. I used to have occasional affairs with them individually. All my affairs were secret and no one knew of it until a few days earlier. All 3 knew abt my secret affairs with each other now and they also knew that Kevin owned me. I will save the rest for another story.

So abt Kevin, he was my secret bf. He was cute and smart, and we liked each other.He has a gf and she got a new job and moved . This gave kevin and me a lot of time to spend together having a secret relationship.relationship. About Nick and paul, Nick was a totally tall hot poster boy and paul was the handsome and the rich one. Both of them had a gf's wjo were also coming home for dinner. And abt me I was 5 ft 6 inch , 114lbs and 34-25-34.

So the story begins :

I was almost done cooking , I was cleaning up and setting up the place as the bell rang . I was still in my grey lounge shorts and black vest top as I opened the door. And there was everybody , before anyone said a word... I said" this is not my dinnerware I just finished up " . And they was laughing giggling and I was hugging the girls and the guys , welcoming them to my place. I was saying "sorry... I know I smell , just give me a few min ... I will clean up ". So as I was welcoming everyone when I was hugging Nick and he whispered in my ears " U look hot". I smiled and I was going on welcoming everybody.

So the guys got some beers and we were talking and we opened beers up and as everyone settling,Kevins phone rang. And it was his gf, and everybody were making fun of him and shouting ... Kevin said "I really hope either of ur gfs decides to move out" and laughed. I said "Kevin u can take the patio upstairs , that should give u some privacy" . Kevin nodded and went upstairs as everyone was making fun of him . So as people were settling down I finished my beer and said "Guys..will be back in five... I'm just gonna take a quick shower and get changed " and took my leave from the crowd.

I went upstairs and the hallway leads straight to the patio where Kevin was standing . On the left was my bedroom, I stared into Kevin eyes as he smiled . Now that he noticed I walked straight into my bedroom and left the door open. Kevin [still on phone with his gf] walked out of the patio and looked down as he saw everyone busy with their beer and having fun. He walked in as I was picking out dress from my closet. I noticed him , smiled and continued picking up the dress as he came close to me . Looking at each other and breath away from each other he said on the phone ... " Hey sweetheart, I have to go now ... the party is getting started. I will have to call u back ... love u ... bye " and he hung up.

And he came put his hands around my waist and kissed me in my cheek. I said " what are u doing .. there are people downstairs... we might get caught". He smiled and said "u worry too much". I said " No I am being realistic what if someone comes up" . He said " dont worry they wont...its taken care of" and he went on to kissing me. I was like "what do u mean?". He was kissing me and said " u smell good". I was like "come on ... I am all sweaty and reek of food" . He said " yes and I again say ... I like the way u smell... " and paused and looked into me and I blushed as he said "dirty... u smell dirty". I blushed as we smooched. He definitely knew how to turn me on.

His hands were slowly moving grabbing either sides of my waist. As I was kissing I was slowly forgetting where I was. He said "We should be quick" and he grabbed my vest tee.I smiled and raised my hand as he pulled my tee off. He looked down at my breasts and went right on to squeeze them , slowly sucking and licking my nipples. I bent back enjoying the moment, the rush in my body was amazing. we have had sex a lot of times but nothing was this good because of the situation I was in. Slowly he pushed me a little back as he went down smooching. He wasted no time as he quickly pulled my short down. He saw my pussy and smiled as I stepped out of my short. He said "I was thinking u made my things easier when I found that u weren't wearing a bra... But no panties either... U were prepared weren't u?". I blushed and said " No I was in my home wear ... I wasn't expecting all these to happen now". He said "now?. So u were planning it to happen , but just not before dinner I presume". I smiled as grabbed his pants and started unbuckling them . As I was I said "u wanna talk or u wanna fuck me?". We both smiled as I zipped open his jean and placed my hands into his boxers and took his cock out. I was stroking it, he pushed me into my bed. and wasted no time. He spread my legs and gently put his cock in my pussy... slowly starting to fuck me.I started biting my lips as he started to pound my pussy .I closed my eyes as Kevin started fucking me . I wasn't able to moan because of the fear that someone might hear me. Though scared, I was enjoying every moment of it.

Suddenly I heard the door open, I quickly opened my eyes and my heart skipped a beat. It was Nick, Kevins cock was still in my pussy as we were looking at him. I was relieved for a moment that it was just Nick , but I was feeling embarrassed being caught like tht. I said "shit, and I covered my face". Nick said "look at her.. She is shy... come on I have seen u naked and I have fucked u a couple of times... what makes u shy now". I grabbed t pillow and threw it at Nick and closed my face with my hands again . Kevin said " Hey come on ... dont make fun of her". And Nick said " Just messing up". And Kevin asked Nick " whats up?". Nick said " They r looking for u , u better come down soon... we cant cover for u more". Thats when it struck me ... thts what Kevin meant when he said "its taken care of" earlier. Kevin said " okay let me buy us some more time..." he pulled his cock out andd smooched me. Kevin got up and as he was buckling his pants, he looked at Nick and said " would u like to take over". I was stunned, its not like I didnt wanna or havent fucked Nick. But this was something different.
Nick said "ofcourse" as he took his tee off and unbuckled quickly.I didnt say a word but I just lied there. As Kevin stepped out , he said " keep her busy until I come back for her". As I saw t door close , Nick was completely naked. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bed and smooched me.

[Kevin goes down and Nicks gf asked ... "where is Nick?... He came up to get u ". Kevin said " Yes , and did his biggest mistake as he getting pounded by my gf for trying to break us up". Everyone laughed and Paul said... "Dont worry , if u bf doesnt come back in 10 min ... I will go rescue him from the clutches of the witch for u". Nicks gf replied "The offer is so flattering but I have a bf" for which Paul responded "You wont have one if I dont go save him".The argument continued as they were having a laugh].

Nick was smooching me as I was still stunned. He broke and asked "what?. I dont turn on u on anymore?" . I was speechless as I was looking at him . I said "no not that" and pushed me to the wall. I was saying "this isnt right.... u have a gf downstairs and if we get caught ... " . As I was saying Nick went down and started sucking my pussy. I was still trying to talk him out of it , but I started stammering once he started eating my pussy . He slowly grabbed one of my legs and put it over his shoulders as his started licking my pussy over with his tongue. I was going nuts, moving my hands all around the wall.I slowly started breathing heavy and my hands grabbed his hairs as he was licking sucking and eating my pussy out.A few min later he stopped as he came up and looked into my eyes and asked ..." u were saying something were u ... ". I nodded my head as to a no and quickly went on to smooch him. As we broke ... I smiled. He raised my legs and slowly put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me. I was starting to feel so horny that I wasnt thinking anymore. I got into the moment as he started fucking my pussy fast... He raised both my legs over and I was feeling so puny in his arms. He lifted me like a feather and started pounding me hard against the wall. I was starting to moan and bite my lips as he fucked me.

Slowly I saw the door open again, this time I didnt care and neither did Nick he was going on fucking me as Paul walked in. He smiled at me as I was looking into him and breathing heavy . Slowly Nick dropped me off as Paul was undressing himself. Nick kissed me and said "Sorry babe... Will come back for u again... have to go before people start suspecting things". I smiled . As Nick picked his boxers and started dressing up... Paul wasted no time as he was already naked with his pants and boxers off. Paul walked towards me and smooched me and asked ... " would u like to go for another round". I looked into both of them and thought for a moment on what was happening. I was a slut but I was enjoying tht feeling. I didnt think too much ... I looked at Paul and said "Are u going to waste ur time talking or are u gonna fuck me " . Both smiled as Paul threw me back in the bed. Paul walked around the bed and turned me around as I was laying with my breasts down on my bed. I leaned on both my elbows and lifted my face up as I saw Nick opening the door to leave. Paul got above me , placed both his hands on either sides and grabbed my ass. I looked up to him and smiled and put pressure on my elbows and raised my ass a little bit up so tht he can fuck my pussy from behind. Nick walked to me and smooched me and said "have fun" and waived off as he left closing the door.

I asked Paul ... "So who's plan was it ?". Paul smiled and said "Do wanna talk or do u wanna b fucked". I said " the latter ... but I dont mind talking while being fucked". Paul smiled and put his cock in my pussy from behind. As he said " So u wanna talk dirty now... ". He slowly started fucking me from behind. All tht was running in my mind was I have become a slut. But as I was thinking abt it , I wasnt feeling bad but I was smiling. Paul was ramming my pussy hard as I started to grab the edge of the beg and moan harder.

[Meanwhile downstairs,as nicks walks down... Pauls gf asked "Let me guess , ur off the hook and he is in now".. Nick said "yup ... poor Paul". They turned they asked Kevin "How did u survive?". Kevin replied " I have my ways" and gave an evil grin. As the conversation continued for a few min , Kevin said "I think Pauls has got enough... let me go and get him". Nick said " U might wanna knock on the doors of Mellisa too ..."and smiled. Kevin nodded as he walked upstairs]

I was so badly fucked that I wasnt able to even keep my ass up for Paul. I was falling down as Paul was holding my ass up. As the door opened , I looked up as Kevin walked in and said "Ur gf is missing u Paul, I will take care of mine from here". Paul smiled as he pulled off and said "I will come back for u later" .So Kevin picked my head up and smooched me and said "so u r done are u still up for more?". I smiled and said "No but u still are... arent u? ". I got off the bed and said "I would like to thank my secret bf for the secret gift that he has given me". And Kevin asked "So I am ur bf now?" and I replied "to quote u just said to Paul that his gf is looking for him and u will take care of urs". He smiled and said " u know u r a little slut" We smooched and Kevin continued "But yes ...u are my little slut though". I blushed and said "if you say so". As I started unbuckling his pants , I said "I would like to now return the favor" and got his cock out , smiled and went to my knees. I went down to my knees and took his cock in my hand . I looked up , as I was staring into his eyes I started to slowly lick his cock like a Popsicle... smiling. Slowly I took it in my mouth sucking it and stroking it up and down.My tongue was covering as long as I could take in my mouth . When my mouth was out I was making sure that my hands were keeping his cock busy. Kevin said "OMG ... keep going" , I watched and smiled and kept going on as he asked . Kevin quickly grabbed my head to make sure that I didnot stop it as long as he wanted it to. Kevin was even pushing my head in so tht I would go deep than I was covering. Suddenly kevin stopped and pulled me out , and said "Oh my god ur fucking amazing... now I really wanna fuck ur brains out" and he pulled me up and pushed me into the bed.

I was done but I wanted kevin badly in me too. As he was going to I said "look into my eyes when you fuck me". Kevin smiled and pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs and got inbetwen them. We were staring into each others eyes as Kevin picked his cock and slowly slid it into my pussy as I screamed in pain. He quickly smooched me. Even though we were smooching... I wasnt able to stop moaning, I felt both his hands in my waist moving to my back and grabbing them for leverage as he started pushing his cock in and out of my pussy.One of my hands was grabbing the edge of the bed as my other hand moved over his shoulders grabbing them.I still couldnt get enough as I moved both my legs over his waist grabbing them so that he doesnt stop. My body was shivering ... I broke the kiss... still moaning ... as my head fell back to catch some air. Kevin wasnt stopping, he didnt even take his eyes of me. I looked straight back into his eyes.. moaning... as my hands were moving all over his body ... his arms , his chest ... just wandering in the pleasure with no reason. I went back to smooching him again in pieces as I was trying to catch breath between every second. The moaning started to grow louder as I started biting my lips. I looked down to see my pussy getting fucked and I looked up and smiled into kevins eyes and said " ya ... fuck me pls ". and I kept repeating it on and on as kevins cock was moving in and out of my pussy. Me moving all around and the staring into eyes turned kevin on so bad . We both were getting vigorous as I put both my hands behind on the bed .. lifted my body up and started pushing my pussy into his cock as he was doing it the other way. Kevin started fucking me fast and hard now one of his hands was on my breasts and the other on my waist. Slowly I was getting hard to hold and kevins hands started getting further down to hold me . At one point he wasnt able to hold me either as he moved both his hands to my ass grabbing them and started fucking me even more vigorously. I was screaming in pleasure as we started looking into each others eyes again. Kevin said "you are mine". As I was moaning I nodded. Kevin continued "You are all mine". I smiled as I even finding it hard to catch breath even. My body was moving in all directions as I was going "OMG ... OMG ... OMG " and so was Kevin. Kevin reached the pinacle and so did I . Kevin quickly pulled his cock out and cummed all over my clit.
I was laying down as I watching kevin cum.

I smiled and kevin pulled me up and we smooched . As we broke the kiss kevin said "happy bday". I smiled and said "thanks, let me clean u up " and I stated licking his cock. Kevin was looking at me and he said "u need more cleaning than me... lets clean u up" and he carried me to the shower. And he said "I bought u a dress , I ve kept it on ur closet . Will wait for you downstairs."...and we smooched. I stepped out of a quick shower and got into a bra and a panty and stepped out. Kevin got me a midi tank dress , and there was a note on top of it. "Would like to see u in this dress, as much as I would like to see you without it". I smiled and put the dress on knowing that the day wasnt yet over for me but just starting.

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Damn,, you are my kind of dirty slut!!: I took my new GF back home..... My brother kept smiling at her,,,, she kept looking at his cock,,, later after a few drinks I asked if she would like some cock....I said both our coxks,, She said FUCK yes!!! ..well let's just say she did my brother and myself the first two nights,,,, then his two best friends the last Three nights... We fucked that cock loving slut Good!!!! Now she is telling me that she faked it and wants only me....hahaha... I find another cock loving slut that won't fall in love with me...... Let me watch my whore suck & fuck......that's what I love.... Then go to bed and shut the fuck up!!!

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The plot's okay, but the wordplay is sloppy, you have to proofread this...without jacking off or else it sounds choppy

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I started to read this story but stopped when I saw the poor grammar.

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