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more then I asked for in a date
I’m not the most gorgeous female around, at least a six on the one to ten scale; a cute baby face with brown eyes that held some green, lips thin and small, was all held up by a curvy body. My arms are thick but with some muscle, toned core and all resting on a set of thick thighs. A body that guys in complete shape don’t go for. When this guy, Jimmy, who was defiantly a high eight asked me to dinner I was taken aback. He had a well-toned body, and enough hair on him to grab ahold of as I imagine giving him a passionate kiss on those smooth lips, with big brown eyes you can stare into for miles.
We were set to go to a fancy restaurant. He wanted me to wear a skirt and white t shirt, so I chose to wear my black school girl skirt with black boy short panties, a think skin tight t with a white bra. I completed the outfit with three inch heels. When we get to the restaurant he jumps out of the car and opens my door to help me out. Wrapping his arm around my waist he leads me in the building. The heels were a good idea I realize as we walk away from the car. I, normally, would have been just tall enough to be face to face with his chest. Now, I’m able to see right into his eyes. Moving toward the host, he requests a table for two in the back. Walking through the restaurant I saw eyes staring at me. Understandable I guess. Here I am wearing tall heels, a skirt that barely is long enough to cover my large firm ass and a shirt so tight with the help of my flat stomach my d cup breasts popped out like ejected air bags. We get to the table sit across from each other. He sits in silence as he eats his food and I do the same. Bill comes and when the waiter leaves he tells me to go to the restroom, freshen up and to bring him back my panties. As I walk to the bathroom I’m unsure what to do. I was completely taken aback by what he said. I use the restroom and decide this guy is going to quick and I walk out to request he takes me home.
He is standing by the front door and opens it as I get closer. He grabs my ass as we head toward his car and I can tell he noticed I still had my panties on. I begin to tell him to stop but his hand covers my mouth before anything comes out. His eyes change from friendly to cold. He glares at me shakes his head and I understand he’s telling me not to talk. After I’m forced in the car he gets in and pulls away. I again try to talk and he grabs my short curly hair and pulls my head toward his cock. When his hand leaves my hair he begins to unbutton his pants. When I try to move away he brings it back. He pulls out his semi erect cock, I know what he wants me to do and no matter how much I try to pull away I just get a sore neck. At a stop light he closes my nose with this other hand. This causes me to open my mouth and he pushes his cock in my mouth. Continuing to drive, no idea where he’s taking me, he keeps my head down with his cock becoming harder as it stays in my mouth. After driving for about half hour we stop and he lets my head go.
I look outside of the car window and notice we are in a hiking trail parking lot with no other cars near us. I hear what I think was the trunk open and as he gets out of the car the passenger side door unlocks. I try to make my escape but I get slowed down because of my heels. He roughly grabs my arm and brings me back to the car, and while keeping ahold of me opens the trunk the rest of the way. He grabs one of the many pieces of rope which he uses to tie my wrists together. It took him awhile as I struggled but his strength was no comparison against mine. Wrist bound together, in a crisscross position, behind my back there was no way I was going to be able to run away from him successfully.
Moving what looked like a duffle bag off to the side he pushes me into the trunk head first leaving me to become bent at the waist with top half inside the trunk. He unzips the bag. I’m unsure of what he’s taking out, whatever it is he places it near my face. I feel him move behind me, his erection hitting my ass. Bending over my body, hands traveling across the side of my body from my thighs to my waist and ending at my neck which he wraps his hands around; he then is able to force my body and ass into his erection. After he dry humps me, he pulls me up toward his chest, moves his mouth to my left ear and gently nibbles on it. As he does this his hands roam downward, keeping his hands on my body the whole time. As his hands move to my chest, I hope that he will just continue down but he doesn’t. He keeps his hands there and squeezes both my breast. I can’t do anything. I’m so stunned by what’s going on that I don’t move a muscle no matter how much I scream at my body in my head. All of a sudden he pushes me back in the trunk. He takes the object from the trunk floor and with the help of the trunk light I can see it’s a black ball with two straps attached on both sides of the ball. Realizing it’s a gag I try to lift my body from the trunk but I just made it easier for him to force it in my mouth and strap it around my head keeping it in place. Unable to say or scream anything he pushes me back down once again, making sure my head faced away from the bag. Then the feeling of my shirt being lifted up and snipping sounds along with the cold metal feeling I realize he’s cutting off my shirt. I feel helpless as he continues up exposing my entire back to the night air and for his eyes to see. After the last snip at the sleeve the only thing covering my back is the strap to my bra which he quickly cuts off as well. This time he lifts me up, out of the trunk, by my hair. My shirt and bra fall off leaving nothing, completely exposing my upper body. He again grabs my chest and using his fingers he twists my nipples. That feeling along with the light kisses I received on my neck makes my body give him the control no matter what my brain said. Kisses become more aggressive as his hands move down my stomach to my skirt. He slowly unzips it as he continues to tease my body by kissing my soft creamy skin. In a split second my skirt is down along with my panties. My back still against his chest his hands explore my front. When he gets to my pussy he finds I’m clean shaven and his cock gets harder, pressing more on my ass. He never reaches the bottom toward my lips and goes straight to my ass where he promptly squeezes it with both hands.
Again my body is forced to the trunk, only this time he makes sure my knees aren’t bent making sure my ass is straight up in the air. A smack goes right on my ass, with the echo filling the air around us. I can feel the burn from each of his fingers and as the cool night air touches my hot skin I can feel myself getting wetter. My knees buckle which he doesn’t like, he tells me to stay still and not move. He slaps me again and again. He stops after a few minutes and keeps his hand on my burning skin for a minute or so as the echo subsides. The pain radiating down my thighs sending shoots of pleasure right to my core. He then grabs my hair and makes me stand to move toward the front of the car. Pushing me down to the sitting position my burning ass cools down on the cool body of the car. With more rope in his hands he wraps it around me putting pressure on my arms as they get squashed against my back. Wrapping it around my body, under and over my breasts, it gets tied in the back. Using a second piece of rope he folds it in half and lifting up the rope already around me he inserts the looped end first then pulling the rest of the rope through the loop and pulled it tight. Doing this forces the rope wrapped around me to squeeze my breasts together. Taking the second rope he puts one part in each hand and at the same time he goes underneath each breast, circles the base and ties everything together in the center of my chest. It puts tension on each of my breast making them look full and perky with an added deep red color. Standing back and looking at his rope work he looks pleased. He goes back into his bag and brings out what looks like a blanket. Leaving it folded he sets in on the ground between my legs. Grabbing my neck he stands me up and turns me around so he can sit on the car and I can kneel on the blanket. Springing out of his pants his cock moves in my direction. Keeping it out and in my face he unhooks the gag and sticks his hard on into my mouth. He doesn’t force it down my throat or make me bob at a quick pace; he just keeps a slow steady pace, enjoying every second.
For the first time sense we had been out in this deserted parking lot I hear a car pull in. The sound of small rocks being run over makes me worry about someone seeing us. I try to stand thinking he will hide me but he does nothing but keeps the same pace for his blow job. I see the car pull next to us and the car turn off following a door opening. Before the headlights turn off I see a well muscular gentleman in a t-shirt with shorts walking toward us. He walks up to my date and gives him a high five. Great, they know each other. I can feel this new guy starting at me, taking every inch of me in his sight. He moves behind me placing his knees on the sides of mine. His chest stretches up with the back of my head just reaching his neck. He keeps me in close resting his hands on my thighs. He moves them up tenderly using his fingers. Shivers fill my body, no matter how much I try to ignore his soft fingers caressing my skin. Still making my dates cock wet new guy continued to explore my body. Soft fingers move around my nipple giving me a pleasure feeling that flowed over every inch of my bound chest.
My body tenses with hopes that he didn’t notice the moan that came from my cock filled mouth. He knows, and makes sure I realize this. He continues to add soft pressure on my very sensitive nipples which brings a feeling of an orgasm swimming through my body. Wet kisses move around my neck and his hands travel down toward my wet throbbing pussy. Both hands pushed my bent legs outward leaving more of my hot wet sex exposed. Only touching the sides and lightly touching the lips he puts me out of my mind and lets my body do the work. He sticks each index finger into my very wet hole. A sharp bite on my neck and a quick thrust of his index and middle finger my mind goes blank. My body takes over and I have no way to saying no. My body starts to move with a mind of it's own. My hips rock back and forth trying to take more of his thick fingers into my pussy. Both men get more aggressive and an orgasm moves through my body.
After my breathing slows down the new guy pulls out a collar from his shorts pocket and wraps it around my neck. It’s dark in color and made of thick leather with a metal ring attached to it. My date puts the gag back in my mouth and grabs a leach out of the bag and hooks it onto the ring. Closing up his car and locking it tight he begins to lead me and new guy toward the woods. I have difficulty walking on the dirt with my heels but I manage to never trip all the way through until the men are satisfied and stop. The stopping point had a bench that sat underneath a large thick tree. They lay me down on the bench which held all but my legs. The new guy stands naked, right above my face and grabs my legs forcing them up, leaving me completely exposed to Jimmy. Only needing one arm to hold my legs up new guy uses his other hand take the gag off and to position his aroused member to my mouth. Slight taste of his salty pre cum slides on my tongue as he keeps moving down until he reaches my throat, I try to pleasure him in my uncomfortable state with his balls hitting my nose each time he moves his member further inside my mouth.
While I pleasure him with my mouth, Jimmy teases my body, wanting to hear me scream to be fucked. Slight touching and kisses near my pussy makes my body tremble. His fingers inch inside my body, enjoying every second he is taking. Using only the tip of this tongue on my clit my body twitches and I can feel another orgasm building. Moaning in pleasure I have a harder time breathing and I can no longer take it and beg as best as I can with the large dick in my mouth. He gets the picture and using two fingers he fucks me with such vigor I can’t help but scream in satisfaction. He throws me over the edge by flicking his tongue on my clit, shaking from the intense orgasm that flows through my body from my head to my toes. It takes me awhile to finally calm down. I am finally able to breath normally again and the shaking finally subsides. Jimmy now positions himself to slide his hard pulsating cock inside me. It enters with ease. Forcing his member into my tight wet pussy he slowly pushes forward until the tip of the head is barely in and, with no time for me to prepare, he slams all the way in. He pulls out again, and after preparing he doesn’t slam all the way in. Instead he pumps hard and fast. After a few pumps he again gets into the position and this time slams. He throws my body in a loop that I never know what he is going to do.
After a few moment of him pleasuring himself he removes it completely and switches places with the new guy. New guy doesn’t do anything fancy as he fucks me, and Jimmy makes me clean his dick off with my tongue. I can taste my juices mixed with his salty cum as i clean ever inch of his cock. While I do so his hands move around my breasts and tease them. Nipple pulling and twisting, light slaps and grabbing as much as he can with this hands as another orgasm builds. Body tensing up new guy pushes harder and faster so he can feel my pussy tighten around every inch of his cock as the pleasure in my body builds. In no time I shake with pleasure and I feel both dicks get harder. Hearing the grunts from both men sperm fills my pussy and my mouth. They both keep them inside me until they are finished. Jimmy closes my mouth close as soon as this dick leaves and tells me to swallow every last drop. Satisfied, they each take scissors and cut off the rope from my naked body. After all but the rope around my wrists fells to the dirt floor they each took a breast and softly massaged them until they became normal color again.
Helping me back to the cars I'm placed once again into Jimmy’s. Jimmy and new guy say their goodbyes and get into their own cars. Jimmy starts up the car and looks into my eye as he buckles me up. Fingers flowing through my hair he takes a strong hold and surprises me by giving me a soft light kiss on the lips. He pulls away from the yet again vacant parking lot and heads toward his place. Throughout the car trip I'm thankful that it's so dark out that I'm unable to be seen from the outside. When we arrive at his apartment I try to ask for something to cover up in before he leaves the car, but he ignores me. Shutting his side he moves toward mind and leads me out. I keep a watchful eye hoping that the complex will remain deserted. Only a few steps away he unlocks the door into his small townhouse.
Inside I step into the living room that looked unlike what I expected. Fully furnished with coffee table, bookshelf and the typical television thais place looked like a page in a home magazine. Grabbling my arm softly he leads me to the stairs to my left. He walks behind, the feeling of his eyes on m ass, and then tells me to turn right. I end up in his bedroom with a large bed in the center of the room. He sets me on the right side and takes off my shoes, never leaving my eyes. Last one off he seductively stares into my eyes as his lips almost reach mine. I realize I long for his kisses and when he doesn't move the whole way I move to him. We kiss and he leads me to lie on the bed. We make out with tongues exploring the others mouth. He maneuvers me to the center of the bed making sure to touch as much of me as he could I so desperately want to grab his hair while making sure he never lets go. A few minutes later he tells me it's time to sleep, we will have more fun in the morning. Sexually frustrated I lay down beside him. I somehow manage to fall asleep, arms still tied and anticipating without the morning will bring.

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