My wife was just cuckqueaned by her friend and now she's going to punish her with my help
Before reading this, I would like to say that this is the second part to my other story “Fulfilling My Wife’s Cuckquean Fantasy” I recommend you read this first before reading this one. There are a couple of references that you will not get if you don’t read the first one and you’ll also have a better appreciation for the characters, or at least that’s how I’m like when I read.

Warning story contains concepts of: Anal, Ass to Mouth, Asslicking (on a girl), Anal Felching, and Femdom (girl on girl). Again, like the first story, if you don’t dig these things, then please do not read.

If you still choose to read this before the first part, I’ll just summarize the first one for you, so you don’t get confused. It goes a little something like this: My wife (Jenny) and I (Jack) come home from a wonderful anniversary dinner. Her friend (Lexi) knocks on our door crying about a break up. I go upstairs and find Lexi trying to seduce me and Jenny tied to a chair naked. It turned out that Jenny secretly started developing fantasies of me fucking other girls in front of her. She had me and Lexi fulfill that fantasy as something special for me and her for our 5th Anniversary. After we were done, Jenny tells Lexi that she won’t get away with fucking her husband, me. She swats Lexi’s ass and says she’s going to “punish” her now with my help and that’s where this story comes in. Enjoy.

Lexi looks at me, then Jenny “Punish? What are you talking about Jenny? You asked me to fuck your husband for you and now you’re ‘punishing’ me for it?!”

Jenny explains to her “Sorry Lexi, another fantasy I started developing was being a Dominatrix, but Jack here is a dom so it wouldn’t really work. So I wanted to try it on you. I’m sorry if I hurt your ass, I got carried away. I know you like it rough and you can be a dom or a sub. I just want to reverse roles a little.”

“Well, you should have talk to me about it first.”

Jenny has a look of shame on her face, Lexi was right. Jenny did act a little too impulsive…… but I have to admit, that was really hot seeing her spank Lexi like that. I couldn’t believe Jenny was trying to be a complete dominatrix. I’m the one who’s the dom in our relationship and she’s happily the sub. But here she is, dominating her friend. I would have never guessed Jenny had this side to her. But then again, I never would have guessed that she fantasized about watching me fuck other girls in front of her. I was so in shock that I actually didn’t even notice my dick was hard again.

Lexi breaks the silence “Well, you’re lucky you gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had and you’re one of my good friends, so I’ll play along and be your slave tonight. And besides, I’ve never seen this side of you before; it’s kind of exciting me. I wanna see where this goes.” ;)

I couldn’t believe it. Lexi was up for this. I say “Baby, I've never seen you THIS dominant before, if you really wanted to be the dom, you should have talked to me about this.” There was one time where she was the dom and that was when I was eating her pussy and ass out for over 2 hours, but again, that’s another story.

“I enjoyed being the dom that one day but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as when you have me submit to you for some reason. I honestly enjoyed what I did to Lexi just now more than what I did to you. I just can’t help but be submissive to you honey.” She smiles at me and I smile back.

We see Lexi rubbing her sore ass and Jenny is concerned about the damage “I’m so sorry Lexi, I didn’t know I spanked you that hard, I’m so sorry, I just never took control like that before, it’s just so new and exciting…. Lexi?”

We were both a little worried that Jenny may have overdid it. Lexi turns her head to Jenny and says “It’s okay, I mean after all, I did fuck your husband and degrade you didn’t I? I’d say I deserved that punishment, wouldn’t you say Jenny?”

Jenny sees that Lexi’s agreed to this and then, SMACK! I notice Jenny didn’t hit too hard this time. “Ow! Jenny, please stop! You’re hitting too hard!” Lexi said in a submissive tone.

“Oh sorry Lexi, I can stop the spanking.”

“Oh no honey, please continue, I’m role playing as your slave that has no say in whether or not if you spank her.”

“Oh okay Lexi, but if the pain or anything else is too much, let me know okay?”

Lexi smiles “Of course Jenny”

Jenny says “Good” then grabs Lexi and pushes her to the bed. Lexi falls to the bed and her upper body is now lying on the bed and her ass is in presentation for Jenny. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! “Aaah!!!!!” screams Lexi. God that’s fucking hot. I was extremely turned on to see my wife dominate another woman like that. While these girls are role playing as a mistress and slave girl, I’m sitting here on the bed with my dick in my hand and NO, I’m not kidding this time.

Lexi moans “Oh yes, please Jenny! Please spank my ass! I’m such a bad girl! I need to be punished!”

Jenny grabs Lexi by the hair and pulls her up and tells her “That’s Mistress Jenny to you bi…”

“It’s okay Jenny, you can be more rough with me and call me a bitch, slut or cunt.”

Just like Jenny to hold back and be considerate, she’s too nice. Jenny then spanks her harder. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! “What did I tell you to call me slave?!”

“AHHH!!!!” screams Lexi. I see Lexi’s eyes start to water, I think Jenny may have struck too hard. “Mistress Jenny! Mistress Jenny!”

Jenny didn’t notice the tears forming “That’s right bitch! It’s Mistress Jenny!”

I lean forward and see that Jenny spanked Lexi HARD. I see red hand prints on Lexi’s ass. I think Lexi may have a bit of regret telling Jenny to be more rough. She has a look of fear, excitement and uncertainty all in one on her face. Lexi begs submissively “Please Jen…. Mistress Jenny, please don’t punish my ass anymore.”

Jenny was really getting into it “Well….. your punishment isn’t over yet slave.” Immediately, Lexi turns over sitting up so her ass isn’t exposed. She has a frightened look on her face. Her reaction was so cute.

“Don’t worry slave, I have a different punishment for you now. You are going to put that tongue to good use.” Jenny turns around and bends over, sexily exposing her pussy and ass.

Lexi says “Yes Mistress!” and immediately moves in to eat my wife’s pussy. As Lexi starts to lick Jenny’s pussy, Jenny stops her “Uh, what the fuck are you doing?! A pathetic slave like you doesn’t deserve to eat my beautiful pussy.”

Jenny spreads her ass with both hands and exposes her beautiful tight little pink asshole. “Trash like you only deserves to eat my dirty asshole.”

“Yes Mistress Jenny, I’m so low, I don’t deserve your beautiful pussy” Lexi moves her tongue up, licking Jenny’s asshole. Jenny compliments Lexi’s skill “That’s a good slave. Keep eating my dirty asshole!” and then she looks over to me and asks “Honey, can you do me a favor?”

I smile at her “Sure baby, anything for you.”

She smiles back “I need you to get something for me, but I want to whisper it to you.”


I move towards her, she whispers in my ear “I want you to get the blindfold, handcuffs, butt plug, anal beads, strap on, lube and gag on the floor. But I want you to blindfold her first so she doesn’t see anything.” Yeah, we’re a pretty kinky couple, but I’m sure you’re not surprised at this point. Also, for the record, the strap on is used for me to double pen Jenny every now and then. No, she’s doesn’t fuck my ass. I’m not into pegging.

So I tell her “okay” and kiss her. I head to the drawer where we keep everything and pull out only the blindfold, then I walk to Lexi and put it on her. Lexi just continues fucking Jenny’s asshole with her tongue.

“Mmm, yes! Very good slave. Yeah, eat my asshole you dirty bitch! How does it taste?"

"Oh it tastes so good Mistress, I haven't had a woman's asshole that tasted this good."

"Get your tongue nice and deep in my ass you fucking dirty bitch!” Lexi just keeps going at it in response, alternating between licking around Jenny’s asshole and forcing her tongue up into Jenny’s ass as deep as it can go. I can’t take it anymore, I have to join in. I put everything on the bed, except the gag and handcuff, and then I stand in front of Jenny and kiss her. She kisses me back and I put my tongue in her mouth so she can get some tongue on ‘both ends’ so to speak. I then cuff Jenny’s hands behind her back and gag her. She loves being bound; she IS the sub in our relationship after all.

I stick my dick in her pussy and she gasps in a muffled voice “Oh fuck!” She’s warm, soft and extremely wet from the assworship Lexi’s giving her, making it easy for me to slip in. Her pussy is spasming from my dick.

In a muffled voice, Jenny says “Oh honey, my pussy’s been so lonely when I watched you fuck Lexi.”

I grab her beautiful D cups and squeeze them. She moans and has a complete look of bliss on her face. I pinch her nipples, then suck on them. Her pussy’s really leaking cum now. I talk dirty to her, she loves that. “You like being fucked while you’re bound and helpless, don’t you?” She moans in response. “You love having your girlfriend’s tongue in your ass while I fuck you because you’re a dirty anally perverted bitch! Right?!”

Her eyes widen, I guess she didn’t expect me to say that. She turns really red and looks to the ground trying to hide her embarrassment. God damn it Jenny! You are just too cute. I pinch her nipples REALLY hard “Answer me!” She lets out a muffled scream of pleasure. I remove the gag and ask her “My baby likes having another woman tongue fuck her asshole while I fuck her pussy, doesn’t she?”

She gets even redder and looks at me shyly “ye….ye… yes……” then looks away from me. “Yes? Yes what?!” I pinch her nipples again, but not as hard. “Oh! Yes! Fuck yes! I love having you fuck me with Lexi’s tongue in my ass. I love having my ass licked!!! God honey, you’re gonna make me cum….”

I interrupt her sentence by fucking her harder. “Ah! Oh fuck! Oh Jack! Jack! Jack! Honey, I’M CUMMING!!!” I pinch her nipples HARD, she loves it when I do that before she cums. Jenny’s pussy spasms around my dick.

Jenny’s panting really fast. I hold her by giving her a hug and reaching back so we can hold hands while she’s cumming. After she’s finished from her orgasm, I remove the cuffs and whisper to Jenny “So what’s next?”

“I can’t tell you to [pant] do everything, you choose, [pant] she’s not only MY slave.” I smile and kiss Jenny sweetly. I pull out of her sweet warm pussy and go to choose what to use on Lexi. I pick up the anal beads and put lube on it and Jenny see it. She then pulls her ass away from Lexi. Wow, talk about dedicated, Lexi still kept her tongue in Jenny’s ass, even after she came. Or maybe she just loves rimming Jenny.

“You did good slave, tell me, did you like your punishment?”

Lexis replies “Oh yes Mistress, your ass is so beautiful with its pink tightness and it tastes so wonderfully delicious.”

“Good, now as a reward…..” I then shove the anal beads in Lexi’s ass. “Ah! Oh my God! Are those anal beads?!” Bingo, she got.

“Oh! Thank you Mistress for pleasuring my ass.” Jenny takes off the blindfold and Lexi notices it’s me working the beads in and out of her ass. “Oh, sorry Jack, I’m thanking the wrong person.”

SMACK! It was a hard slap to the ass “Is that anyway to refer to your ‘Master’, slave? And how dare you refer to me as ‘the wrong person’.”

Lexis immediately says “I’m so sorry Mistress, I’m so sorry Master, please forgive me.”

“And just how are you going to apologize? Huh?”

I grab Lexi by the hair and say “I know a way” and force her head to go down and take my dick in her mouth. She sucks on it a little and then starts to deepthroat me. As she deepthroats me, I start fucking her ass with the anal beads. Her pussy is soaking wet. The warmth and wetness of Lexi’s mouth felt so amazing when she was sucking my dick again.

Jenny mocks her “Can't you do anything right? Let me show you how it’s done.” She pulls Lexi off and deepthroats me in one go.

“Oh God baby!!! Fuck!”

Jenny then starts gagging on my dick, making the stimulation all the more better. Jenny starts drooling from the excessive effort she’s putting into it. Her eyes are watering and it was a whole lot better than Lexi’s blowjob to be honest. It felt even better when she started fondling my balls too. Jenny’s mouth just felt too good and in seconds I yell “Oh fuck baby! I’ll cum if you keep going.”

Jenny works even harder, gagging and deepthroating even more. “I’m cumming baby!” She stops and lets me shoot my load in her mouth. As I cum, Jenny’s stimulating the bottom of my head with her tongue. She looks me in the eyes as I cum in her mouth. The warmth in her mouth, licking of her tongue and the passionate look she gives me with her blue eyes makes me feel like I died and went to heaven. When I was finished, Jenny licked around the tip of my dick and sucked whatever was still inside of my head. She then opened her mouth to show and show me and Lexi how much cum was in her mouth and then she closed and swallowed.

“You see, pathetic trash like you could never please a man as good as me.”

“Thank you for showing me Mistress Jenny, I’m sorry I couldn’t do a better job Master. Please punish me for not doing a good job.”

I then say “Pleasure your Mistress some more then” and before Jenny could say anything, I quickly grabbed her legs and put them to her tits. Her ass is now pointing to the ceiling so her pussy and asshole are up in the air exposed and her head and shoulders are on the bed. I get to eating Jenny’s sweet pussy and Lexi starts eating her ass again. “[gasp] Oh Yes! That’s it, fuck me with your tongues!”

Fuck this was making me hard again. Then I felt Jenny’s mouth on my dick. I see Lexi already deep in Jenny’s rectum just wiggling away. Jenny’s soaking wet and I lick up whatever of her cum I could. I stick two fingers in her pussy and she moans “Oh yes! That feels so fucking good honey!”

I keep fingering her and licking her clit for several minutes and then Jenny tells me “Oh yes! If you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum!” I finger her faster and am stimulating her G-spot. I feel the buildup of cum about to be released.

“Oh Jack!!!” was all Jenny could say before I pull my fingers out and she squirted in the air like a fountain. I see her asshole relaxing and clenching around Lexi’s tongue. Her cum gets all over the bed, the floor, and the three of us.

Jenny then commands Lexi, “Clean us up!”

“Yes Mistress”

Lexi starts licking Jenny’s cum off of her first, then me. Jenny then says “Alright slave, get down on your hands and knees and lick my cum off the floor.”

She wanted to protest but I think Lexi really was afraid of Jenny when it came to punishment. She obeyed and started licking what was on the floor, then she started slurping it. SMACK! “Did I say you could cheat and slurp it?”

“No Mistress, I’m sorry.”

Jenny then blindfolds her again and puts on the strap on. She removes the anal beads and lubes Lexi’s ass some more.

Lexi just responds with “Oh”

Jenny then spreads Lexi’s ass and presses the head of the strap on against her asshole. “Oh Master, please fuck my ass!” Jenny then takes off the blindfold and Lexi sees her wearing the strap on.

“Guess again bitch!”

Jenny shoves the strap on right into Lexi’s ass. “Oh fuck! Oh Mistress that feels so fucking good.”

I feel a bit left out again, so I lube up the butt plug and come up from behind Jenny and push it against her asshole. Good thing that strap on purposely has openings for ‘easy access’. “Jack!!! So naughty, trying to put it in your poor wife's little butt without warning.” I feel her asshole relaxing.

I say to Jenny “And what do you think you just did to Lexi a couple of seconds ago?” Jenny smiles and says “Good point” and it goes in and Jenny gasps in response. Luckily, it’s a small butt plug and Lexi did some stretching from the asslicking, or else I would have to take some time to stretch her out first. I then aim my dick to her pussy and tease her with my head. I then put the tip in and then pull it out.

“Oh honey, please don’t tease me.” At this point, I would keep teasing but I just didn’t feel like it anymore, I wanted to just start fucking her. So I slide my dick in Jenny’s pussy and then start playing with her tits again. Her pussy felt like it was trying to cling to my dick.

“Looks like someone misses my dick.”

Jenny starts moving again in response so she can get fucked by me and fuck Lexi in the ass at the same time. Lexi’s pretty much done licking up the cum and is just enjoying the ass fucking while playing with her clit.

Jenny is just having the time of her life fucking her friend in the ass while getting fucked by me with a butt plug in her ass. She pulls out of Lexi’s ass and says “Clean this cock bitch!” Lexi gets to her knees and puts the strap on in her mouth. Jenny continues moving, fucking my dick and Lexi’s mouth.

As we continue to fuck for what seemed like hours. Jenny tells me “Oh God honey, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“That’s because my perverted wife is getting turned on by seeing another woman do ass to mouth.”

Jenny gets defensive “Uh, no! I just feel so good and….”

I pinch her nipples because I know she’s lying. “Stop lying to me baby! You love anal! Just admit it!”

She doesn’t respond. She's still not too comfortable admitting she does. I talk dirty to her again by whispering to her “Look baby, I know you love the sight of Lexi taking it up the ass, but I know that what REALLY turns you on the most is when you have my tongue in YOUR ass or when I stick my dick in your TIGHT, DIRTY, ASSHOLE.” As I finish that sentence, I tug on the butt plug in her ass.

“Fuck honey! I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna….”

I pinch her nipples hard again. “Oh fuck! Jack!!! Honey, I’M CUMMING!!!” Jenny’s pussy is just spasming all over my dick. She puts her hands on mine, which are squeezing her tits, and then turns her head to kiss me. After a few seconds, Jenny comes back from her orgasm.

“Mistress, please fuck me some more.”

Jenny then says “If you want more, then ride my ‘cock’ on the bed” She then lays on the bed and Lexi climbs on top and aims the strap on to the entrance of her pussy.

SMACK! “No! Slaves only deserve to be fucked in the ass!” Lexi looks disappointed.

“But Mistress……” SMACK! The spank was a little bit harder this time.

“How dare you answer back your Mistress!” Lexi looks scared “I’m sorry Mistress. Please fuck my ass. I only deserved to be fucked in such a dirty place.” Lexi lowers her ass down and the strap on goes back in.

"Oh Mistress, it feels so good in my ass." Lexi’s riding Jenny and is stroking her clit. I push Lexi back and she lands on Jenny’s chest. I shove my dick in Lexi’s pussy.

“Oh fuck! Yes, yes, yes!!!! I always wanted to be double penned.”

Jenny grabs Lexi’s tits and says “Now what do you say?”

Lexi gasps “Thank you Mistress, thank you Master for fucking my ass and pussy at the same time. Oh fuck, I’m already gonna cum from this!” I feel Lexi spasm all over my dick. She’s digging her nails into my back and is screaming in pleasure. It was actually starting to hurt so I took my mind off it by fucking her faster.

“Oh Mistress! Master! I’M CUMMING!!!” Wow that was quick, I guess she really never tried double penetration before.

“Did I say you could cum?!” Jenny pinches Lexi’s nipples HARD.

“Oh God! I’m sorry Mistress. I didn’t mean to disobey you.”

Jenny then asks me “Honey, can you lift her off me?” I tell her okay and I lift Lexi. Jenny then pulls the strap on out of Lexi’s ass and gets up. She removes the strap on.

“Okay honey, you can lay her down.”

I’m fucking Lexi in the missionary position. Then Jenny mounts Lexi’s face “Show me how sorry you are slave. I’ll only allow you to lick my pussy this once since I’m really enjoying this butt plug.”

“Thank you for allowing me to eat your beautiful pussy Mistress.”

Lexi starts licking Jenny’s pussy. Jenny moans “Oh! That’s it slave, please your Mistress’s pussy.” I continue to fuck Lexi as she continues to eat Jenny’s pussy. Jenny and I smile at each other and then I lean forward. Jenny does the same and we both ‘complete the triangle’ by kissing each other passionately.

Jenny looks me in the eyes with those beautiful blue eyes of hers “I love you <3”

“I love you more” I shoot back.

“Yeah, says the person who’s fucking another woman while he says that to his wife.”

Damn, she got me. We both laugh at her comment and look into each other’s eyes lovingly and kiss again. I feel Lexi’s pussy getting more wet because it was getting more slippery. She probably came. It was to the point where it was leaking onto the bed sheets.

“Baby, I think this slave is really getting off to eating you out. She’s even more wet.” It’s probably due to an orgasm but I just wanted to tell Jenny that to turn her on. Jenny just grinds her pussy into Lexi’s face even more in response.

I keep fucking Lexi while I make out with Jenny and play with her tits. Then Jenny moaned “Fuck yeah! You love eating my pussy don’t you?!”

“Yes Mistress, I love your sweet pussy and I love it when you force me to take it in the ass.”

That did it for Jenny, she just yells “Oh honey, I’m gonna cum!” She then turns her attention to Lexi “Open your mouth slave!” Lexi opens her mouth and Jenny raises herself up. Jenny is starting to finger herself.

“You better drink all of my cum or you’ll be punished for it.”

“Yes Mistress!”

Jenny tells me “Honey, suck and pinch my nipples!” I lean forward and say “Gladly” as I put one nipple in my mouth while pinching the other.

“Oh fuck! I’M CUMMING HONEY! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!”

Jenny’s squirting cum into Lexi’s mouth and she does her best to catch everything, but some of it spills on the bed. Jenny’s just shooting torrents of cum so intensely that it’s not only in Lexi’s mouth, it’s all over her face and a bit on her neck and chest.

Jenny gets off to see her cum in Lexi’s mouth. It is overflowing with Jenny’s cum. Lexi purposely kept it open to show us, then she closed her mouth to swallow but more of it spilled out before she closed her mouth. I then warn Jenny “Fuck baby, that’s so fucking hot, now I’M gonna cum.”

“No honey! Not in this pathetic slave, this bitch got my cum all over our bed!”

She then lays on her back next to Lexi, lifts her legs, and spreads her pussy “Please honey, cum inside here.” I pull out of Lexi and put my dick inside Jenny. “Oh yeah honey, I love having you inside me.”

I warn Jenny “Baby, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Cum a lot inside me! I’m gonna force this bitch to eat it out of my pussy as punishment, you hear that slave!”

“Yes Mistress! I deserve to be punished for spilling your cum.”

Before I cum, I pull out of Jenny and say “I have a better idea” I pull out the butt plug and replace it with my well lubed dick. The moment it goes in, she clenches her asshole around my dick to make sure to make it as smooth and tight as possible for me.

“Oh honey, I haven’t had you in my ass all night.”

Her ass felt so soft and warm. I could tell she cleaned it; I didn’t feel anything inside. The soft warm sensation of her rectum and the clenching of her asshole were too much to bear anymore.

“Oh yes! Fuck yeah honey! Fuck my ass!”

I only lasted for a few more seconds, then I yelled “I’M CUMMING BABY!!!!” and start pouring cum inside Jenny’s ass. I could feel that I came a lot for every squirt of cum. It felt like I was filling Jenny’s rectum to the brim.

“Mmmm, honey you’re cumming so much! That’s good, more to force this bitch to eat!”

As I finish cumming, I pull out and Jenny clenches her asshole so none of my cum leaks out. “Alright slave, get off the bed and on your knees.”

“Yes Mistress”

Lexi follows her command. Jenny then lifts her legs and puts her knees to her boobs and spreads her ass. Lexi then puts her tongue inside Jenny’s asshole and I see my cum all spilling into Lexi’s mouth. Jenny pushes all of my cum out of her ass and into Lexi’s mouth. Damn, I didn’t know I came THAT much. Lexi’s mouth is full of my cum, but before she swallows, she turns to me and opens her mouth to show me how much cum is in there. It’s ALOT of cum. Then she swallows and goes back to cleaning the rest out of Jenny’s ass. Jenny closes her eyes and just enjoys the sensation. By the time it was all gone, Lexi was still eating out Jenny's ass. It was to the point where she wasn’t even cleaning or eating my cum anymore, she was just trying to go in as deep as she can into Jenny’s ass. She then looks at me and stops, then turns to me to clean me off. Once she was finished, I went on the bed to lay with Jenny but then Lexi went back to eating Jenny’s ass again.

“That’s enough slave! You did well.”

Lexi gets up and says “Thank you for the treat Mistress, your ass tastes amazing as always and thank YOU Master, your cum was very thick and delicious.”

The role play is over. I cuddle up with Jenny, she kisses me and Lexi is leaving the room to clean up and change. “That was wonderful baby. What did I do to deserve someone as amazing as you?”

Jenny just smiles at me “You massage me, take care of me when I’m sick, help me out with anything and everything, you cook and clean with me instead of sitting around, you make me cum multiple times before you even cum once, I could keep going on with this list. I think the real question is: What did I do to deserve someone as amazing as YOU?”

I smile and am happy to hear that. I hug her and squeeze her, then kiss her while holding her tight. I then say “I don’t know what I’ll ever do without you.”

She shoots back “I could say the same.”

We close our eyes and kiss. “I hope you enjoyed my present to you. You don’t have to share me with another man; I have no interest in that. I love you and all I need is you…… and your cock and cum :)”

I smile at her “Oh baby, thank you, thank you so much!” we kiss again.

“Hey you guys, I’m gonna get going. That was fun.”

We both say to her “Okay goodnight Lexi, we had fun too.” Lexi giggles “Actually it’s more like good morning, its already around 5:30 in the morning.” Damn! We were having sex for about 6 to 7 hours?!

Lexi then asks “Before I go, I was wondering Jenny……” Jenny has a curious look on her face.

“What is it honey?” Lexi looks a little embarrassed “Well…. I, uh….. I… I was wondering if we could do this again.”

What?! No way! Am I dreaming?! I see Jenny looking to the side trying think of how to answer Lexi.

"Please Jenny, the three of us, not just me and Jack. I promise I won't steal him away from you. This is just for fun. Nothing romantic." Jenny is still pondering on what to answer her with.

Lexi gets on her knees and puts her hands in a praying position. She then gives Jenny a 'puppy dog eyed' look and begs in a submissive tone "Please Mistress Jenny. You can fuck my ass and force me to lick your beautiful tight pink asshole a thousand times if you want."

Jenny then looks at Lexi and smiles. She rolls her eyes and says “Ooooh Aaaalright.”

I got hard the moment she said that and Lexi smiles and says “Yay! Thanks Jenny! I promise to never steal Jack away and to let you swallow the last load next time. I hogged it all to myself.”

Jenny smiles at Lexi “Oh don’t worry, you're not the only one that's excited." She lifts her leg to expose my hard on. The three of us burst out laughing.

Jenny then continues, "Besides, I really enjoyed this night, both the cuckquean fantasy and dominatrix fantasy. Also, as for the cum, don't worry, I still have a lot here with me.” She moves her hand towards my dick, I move so she can grab it. She doesn’t go for my dick, instead, she sticks two fingers in her ass and pulls them out with my cum all over them.

“See, not to worry” Then she sticks them in her mouth. Wow, that was hotter than what I was expecting. Lexi laughs “Haha, okay you two, see you later. Sleep tight, I’m gonna do the same. Thanks again Jenny.” We both say “Okay Lexi, goodnight, thanks again.” She leaves and I turn my attention to Jenny.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Yeah, I love you and only you and you're feelings are mutual. Besides, I REALLY enjoyed watching you fuck Lexi while I was bound and helpless. Then having me dominate her after just made everything all the more better."

I smile, we kiss, and I tell her "I don't deserve you."

Jenny puts her pointer finger to my lips and says "Oh shush honey." She turns around and I then spoon with her and we both drift off to sleep together. Since then, our marriage is still strong and our sex life is even better and it already was.

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