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William goes through the worst thing an engaged man could ever go though, as Danielle passes away in the hospital during a treatment that would have helped her body fight cancer more effectively.
Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow.

AUTHORS NOTE: While the characters of "William" and "Danielle" do seem to the same as my other series "Adventures of a Railfan Chapter 1- Danielle," I want to make it clear that these two characters in this series are most definitely not the same from my other series. I only borrowed the names from "Adventures of a Railfan" because I could not think of any other good names on a whim, like I usually do when I introduce a new character. While I do admit that the events that happen to the Danielle in this series are based on the real person, this is only to further character development, to bring everyone closer together and build up their personalities in an area where I think they are currently lacking. As I mentioned in the first chapter of the series, all the characters in "Finding Love Along the Tracks" are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person or people.

Now, on with the story!

It was October, the fall colors were at their peak colors, and the weather was usually now in the high 60's. Brenda and Jack where very happy together. She was now 4 months along, and the bump in her belly was now very noticeable. She never did experience morning sickness, which she thought was unusual for a pregnant woman. Jack was doing everything in his power to make sure she was as comfortable as she possible could be, and also made sure that she was satisfied sexually as well, considering that she was constantly horny. They ended up having sex every morning and night to the point where he would spend every night with her. It was about two weeks after he proposed to her that John's parents decided to just let him move in. This made Brenda very happy because she was at the point in their relationship where she could not sleep at all when he was not there with her. She had become very emotional as well, and even the slightest romance movie that she watched made her well up with tears. Jack could not stand the sight of his fiancee in tear's, so the both decided that it would be a good idea that she not watch anything other than comedies.

The day after John proposed to Kelsy, her parents decided that it would be best for her to move in with him as well, so that the two of them could be there for the baby when it was born. His parents had no objection, and they were delighted to help her move her stuff in. Gary made sure that she had everything the she needed. Even though his grandson was still another 6 months away, he started to prepare for his arrival by buying him toy's and even started to get back into a hobby that he had not enjoyed since before John was born, working with wood and hand carving furniture. He managed to get all the supplies needed and started to carve an intricate crib for him within days of finding out that he would be a grandpa. Kelsy was surprised when she went into the garage one day, looking for John, and to see his dad working on the crib, which at the time was only about half way done. She was brought to the point of tears of joy when she it.

April also made sure she was comfortable and helped her get into a parenting and birthing class that John was going to attend with her. She also made sure that she had the proper nutrition to support herself and the baby. Kelsy never thought in her wildest imagination that her future in-law's would go out of their way to make sure that she had everything she would need plus some for when she gave birth to her son.

They had decided on a name for the baby, and they were going to name him Alex John Walker. His mom thought it was a great name, and his father wished that they would name him "Gary John" after the two of them. Kelsy rolled her eyes when he made this comment. He tried to bribe them buy offering to buy them a house but it did not work, as they had their hearts set on Alex John. Gary seemed disappointed, but he grew to accept the name they had their heart set on the name they picked out. April felt a little sorry for him, so as a gag gift, she bought him a toy doll and made a shirt for it that said "Hi, I am Gary John!" He laughed when he saw the gift on sitting on their bed, and April thought it was hilarious.

It was the 11th of October when they decided to have everyone over for a small cook out. Their friends would be there, and while they all still hung out together, it was usually at his place, since Kelsy would get sick from the diesel exhaust of the passing trains. She was disappointed that she could not enjoy the hobby with John, so to make up for the lost train watching time, he bought her a couple of movies. He ended up ordering "Across the Heartland" and "Countdown to Merger" from the railroad video producer Pentrex. They were about the last two weeks of the Santa Fe Railway before its merger with Burlington Northern on September 22, 1995 that created today's BNSF Railway. She was thrilled with the programs, and she ended up ordering a few more programs from them to help pass the time. They were all about the Santa Fe, but her favorite ones where still the ones that John had bought for her.

On the day of the cook out, John had gone to the store with Kelsy to grab some steaks and other supplies.

"I think we should have New York Strips, babe." Kelsy told him.

"Yeah, I guess we should! Let me call the bank so I can take out a loan to buy the!" He replied

Kelsy smirked and gave a little laugh at his smart ass remark.

"Anything will be fine, baby, but can we please pick up some Ice Cream? I am craving some Dulce De Leche."

"Dulce De What?" He asked, He had never heard of this flavor.

"Dulce De Leche, its a Mexican flavor." She responded

"If we can find some, I will get you some."

"Thanks baby, Alex thanks you as well as he is the one craving it." Kelsy said with a smile.

"Are you sure its not just you that is craving it, sweetie?" He responded

"Nope, its the two of us." She commented as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

What happened next would change everyone's life forever. John's phone rang as they were making they're way to the Ice Cream section of the grocery store. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was William.

"Hey dude, whats up?" He asked

"Nothing is good right now, Danielle is in the hospital, and it is not looking good. Not good at all." William said in a depressed mood.

"What!? How bad is it?"

"Well, we the doctors thought they could help get rid of the cancer faster by giving her a bone marrow transplant. She was doing great until last night. She was at the point in her treat men when her body has no defense against any kind of infections or illness's. They think that she has contracted pneumonia."

Kelsy could tell from John's face that something was very wrong with William.

"Are you sure? Will she make it?" He asked

Kelsy gasped, as soon as he said this, she knew something was very wrong with Danielle. The two of them had become really good friends and they even went shopping together as their men watched trains. Danielle was so excited about Kelsy's baby and the upcoming wedding as she was going to be one of Kelsy's bridesmaids.

"We are not sure, the doctors right now are giving her a 5% chance to survive. I know in my heart we are going to loose her." He responded.

"Listen, Kelsy and I are at the grocery store, we will finish here and get over there ASAP, what hospital are you at?" He asked, he had a very concerned look on his face.

"We are at Barnes-Jewish in the Siteman Cancer Center, 6th floor, room 612. Please hurry, she might not last too much longer."

"Right, we will be there as soon as we can." He said. "Hang in there, William, we are with you. See you in a bit."

He hung up the phone and looked at Kelsy.

"Whats wrong with Danielle, is she okay, what did you mean by 'will she make it?'" She asked, with a very worried face.

"The doctors were giving her a bone marrow transplant to help her body get rid of the cancer faster, and they think she has contracted pneumonia. Her body has no self defense against any infections or illness's right now, Kelsy. They have given her a 5% chance to survive. We need to get your ice cream, take this stuff back to the house, and get up to the hospital ASAP." He told her.

Kelsy had a tear running down her cheek as he told her this. She started to have a gut feeling that she as going to loose one of here really good friends, and she was heart broken. She sucked it up as best she could and grabbed the Ice Cream from the freezer before they went to the checkout.

They were back at the house in less then 10 minutes. He told his parents and Brenda that they were going to the hospital, as Williams Fiancee was more than likely on her death bed. They were very shocked and saddened by the news and they told him to tell William that they are in their prayers.

They left the house again in less than 5 Minutes and he drove 15 miles over the speed limit to get to the hospital. They did not say a word the entire trip, they birth had Danielle on their minds. She was their good friend, one of Kelsy's bridesmaids, and they both knew that she meant the world to William. Kelsy started to worry about how William will take it when she does pass away.

They got to hospital about 25 minutes later and managed to find a close parking spot in the parking garage. They didn't care if anyone saw them run, however, they managed to restrain themselves as they kept up a brisk pace to Danielle's room.

When they got there, the Chaplin was coming out of the room. They knew right away that he had given Danielle her final rights. Upon seeing him come out of the room, she almost made started bawling, and she clinched the roll of toilet paper that she brought to use as tissues. William came out of the room, and saw them. He thanked them for coming in such a time of need and apologized for taking up their time. They told him not to worry about it as they were mor concerned for him and Danielle.

"How is she?" Kelsy asked.

"She is in a comatose state right now, to make her as comfortable as possible. The pneumonia has ravaged her body to the point where it is now basically incurable. The doctor has now given her chance of survival 1%. We are going to loose her, John." William said as he tried to hold back his tears. He had been with her for over 8 years, and he loved her dearly. "You two had better go in there and say your goodbye's." he continued

Kelsy was choking back tears now, however she did want to say goodbye to her friend. The three of them walked into the room and saw that Danielle looked really bad. Her limbs have lost color and felt cold to the touch. Her heart was barely beating on the monitor, and she had almost no pulse. John and Kelsy walked to the bed, as William's mom and Danielle's parents stood by her. Kelsy was the first to speak

"Danielle, I want you to know, you will always be in my heart. You are one of my best friends, and I really wanted you to meet Alex when he was born. I am going to miss you, Danielle. You were always so good to William. John and I will make sure that he is happy, and that he will find someone to love. You won't be replaced, and we will make sure of that. I promise. Please, please, when you get to heaven, you will watch down over us and smile when William again finds someone to love." She told her, not sure if she could even hear her. She had tears running down her eyes in a constant stream as she said her farewell. She turned around and hugged John, she could not bare to see her in this state.

"I will make sure he is happy, Danielle. We are all going to miss you, William, his mom and your parents, everyone down at the Station, and all of your family and friends. You have really showed us how to live, love and laugh, not to mention live life to its fullest." John said as he held Kelsy. He too was trying to hold back tears, as he never before had to say goodbye to one of his friends on their deathbed.

"I will always love you Danielle, forever. I promise you, I will be happy again, but life will never be the same without you." He said as he bent over to give Danielle a kiss. "Please, my love, watch over me as I continue to live. One day, I will join you in the afterlife, but until then, watch over me and make sure I do become happy again one day." William said. He looked very depressed because she was going to pass on at any minute.

They watched over Danielle for the next half hour. She was barely holding on to life. It was 1:02 PM on October 11th, 2005 when the vital signs on the monitor went flat. Danielle had passed away at the age of 23.

William immediately started to bawl his eyes out when he realized that she was gone. His first, and only true love in his life was now gone, moving on to the great beyond. Kelsy started to cry uncontrollably when she heard William. John even started to cry as well from the deep emotions running through the room. They had all lost a friend, William had lost his fiancee and her family had lost a daughter, niece, grand daughter and aunt.

The nurses ushered them out of the room so they could disconnect the machines, so everyone could view her one last time. 10 Minutes later, they were allowed to go back into the room. When they walked in, John saw that she looked at peace, almost as she was sleeping, but he knew otherwise.

The three of them looked at Danielle's corpse, and the sudden realization that they would never again hear her sweat voice, her laugh, or enjoy her company set in. A very somber mood swept over everyone at this realization.

About 1:45, Kelsy said she could no longer look at her deceased friend, and told John that she wanted to leave. John agreed since there was nothing more that they could do. William couldn't take it as well and he decided that he would drive home. He was in a bad shape and one of Danielle's closest friends offered to ride with him to make sure he was okay on the drive home.

"William, I am so sorry for your loss. I know she meant the world to you." John told his friend as they of them walked into the parking garage.

"William, if you ever need anything, whether it be someone to talk to, someone to keep you company, or someone to hold your hand while you cry, you know that we will be there for you." Kelsy said.

"Thanks you two, I really appreciate it. I don't know what I will do, I feel so lost right now." He told them. "I don't think I will be at the station for a very long time."

"Take your time to heal, I will let everyone know about what happened. Just tell us when her funeral is and you can count on us being there." John replied.

"Thanks. Go on, I will be okay, I just need to be alone for a while." They had reached John's car and they said goodbye to him as William and Danielle's friend walked towards his own car.

The drive home was somber. Kelsy was quietly crying as she mourned the loss of one of her best friends. John was constantly thinking about William as he became worried that he might try something stupid, like go join Danielle in the afterlife, but he knew that he had to keep living for her, as that is what she would have wanted. Everyone was going to miss her, that was for sure.

When they got home, their friends where already there, and they were sitting on the porch waiting for them. Brenda had told them where they went and why. When they heard the new's that Danielle was more than likely on her deathbed, they could not believe their ears. They walked over to the car to meet them and to ask them how she was doing, and they could tell from the way Kesly looked, that it was not good.

"How is she?" Scott asked.

"Please tell me she is alright." Jason said.

Their girlfriends didn't know Danielle that well, but they knew that both Scott and Jason were good friends with her. They were worried about their reactions if they found out that she had died.

"She passed away, guys. Her time of death was 1:02 PM." John somberly told his friends.

Jason just collapsed to the ground when he heard the news and Scott got a blank look on his face. Emily knelt down and took Jason in her arms as she could tell that he was trying to hold back his tears. She knew that he was going to be deeply affected by the loss of his friend, but didn't know how hard he would take it.

After 5 minutes, Scott spoke up. "How is William doing?"

"He is taking it pretty hard. He told us that he will not be at the station for a while, he needs time to heal." Kelsy responded.

"I understand. I hope he will be alright." Scott replied. Shelby came over and hugged jim. She could tell that he was now trying not to cry.

Danielle had made a big impact on their lives, as she always tried to support them with whatever they did. She managed to help Jason get over his fear of talking in public when he had to address the school a few years ago, and she had helped Scott by giving him advice early on in his relationship with Shelby.

John finally said. "Come on guys, lets have some steaks and try to cheer ourselves up. We can't go around forever moping about over her death. We need to move forward, that is what she would have wanted."

"He is right," Emily commented, "she would have wanted us to remember her in a positive way."

"Let our time together tonight be in her honor." Brenda said. She had came outside when she heard the news of Danielle's death, and she looked depressed as well, and tried to look cheerful, but was failing badly. "I need to call Jack," she continued, "I really need to tell him because I know he was also a friend of hers."

As John and Scott prepared the stakes, Jason lit up the grill. The girls started on the side dishes as Brenda called Jack. When Jack heard the news, he came over right away. He was visiting his parents and helping his dad with removing the old floor in the basement when she called. He arrived at the house looking very distraught. Brenda managed to explain what happened and did her best to comfort him and cheer him up. She ended up holding him for a good hour before he told her that he was going to move forward for her.

Once the steaks and side dishes where done, they all enjoyed the meal. After the finished, John gave a toast to Danielle and how happy she made everyone that knew her. They had just finished the toast when they heard someone speak up behind him.

"Is there any room for one more person in this group?" William asked.

They girls saw him and right away, they got up and went to him to hug him. He looked miserable, and when he saw them toasting his late fiancee, he shed a tear, and tried to keep from crying even more. The girls gave him a group hug and tried to comfort him. He never knew how much of a friend he was to everyone and how they all cared for him, especially in his time of need.

"John, are you okay with being here? I know you said that you wanted to be alone." John asked.

"I tried to be alone, however, I could not stop thinking about her no matter what, I couldn't stop crying." He replied

"What made you decide to come here?" Jack asked, as he put his arm around him

"Mom told me to get out of the house for a while clear my thoughts, distract my mind and that I needed to be around friends. I called Darrel to see if could hang out with him, but he said that he couldn't, so I came over here to see John and Kelsy. I never expected everyone to be here, though."

"Come, have a seat, William." April said as she came out the back door. She had heard of Danielle's passing and she knew that he was going through a dark period in his life right now. "Do you want something to drink?"

"Something strong, please." He replied as he sat down. The girls sat down by him, and like mothers watching over their kids at a playground, they kept a constant eye on him to make sure that he did not start crying again. They all knew that he had a long road of mental recovery ahead of him and he could break down again at any second.

April went back inside and everything got quiet. John walked up to his friend, and actually gave him a hug in support.

"William, we are here for you. You know that. We all know how important she was to you. Please, let us help you." He said

"Yes, let us help you. I have an idea, why not talk to someone who went through the same thing you did today. I actually do know someone else who went through the same thing. Her name is Jennifer and she lost her fiancee when they were still Juniors in High School. They were both very much in love and he had proposed to her the week before he was killed in a car wreck after an 18 wheeler T-boned him." Shelby said

"I don't think he is ready for another relationship." Brenda replied

"I don't think he is either, but they both lost someone really important to them, and it would probably be a good idea if they spoke to each other about it. They can comfort each other and use each other for support. Jennifer is still having a very difficult time moving on without Steven." she commented

"Do you think that might work?" Emily asked.

"We should give it try, would you be willing to talk to Jennifer, William?" Kelsy asked

"I guess, I mean, it won't hurt to have another friend." he commented

"Girls, don't you think this could also have the reverse effect, and that it drives both of them into a deeper state of depression?" Scott asked

"It is a risk we have to take. If it does not work, then he still has all of us to count on, right?" said Shelby.

"I don't know, I am a little wary of the idea." Jason spoke. He wanted the best for William, and he did not want to see him any worse than he already was.

April had come out with his drink, a Jack Danial's straight up. She had heard the conversation that they were having, and she wanted to speak her mind about the subject.

"William, I do think it would be a good idea to talk to this Jennifer girl. You need to express your feelings, and talking to someone who went through the same thing you did today, will help you a great deal. I know it helped my friend Sara when she lost her husband. She started talking to guy who lost his wife a few months before George died, and they became fast friends, and they are now engaged. You should really give it a shot, who knows, she might be able to help you move on and find love again." April said.

"I don't think he want's to fall in love again, Mrs. Walker." Jack said. "He was with Danielle for over 8 years."

"I know that, Jack, but Sara was with George for 11 and a half years when he died. It will really help, what do you say William, will you give it a shot?" April asked.

"It would be nice to talk to someone who went through the same thing, yes, I want to give it a shot." William replied.

"Okay, William, let me call Jennifer, maybe she can come over tonight." Shelby told him. She got up from where she was sitting and grabbed her phone from her purse. She went through her contacts and found Jennifer, and called her. After a brief conversation, she had hung up the phone.

"William, Jennifer is on her way over. I told her about you and that you just lost your fiancee and needed to talk to someone who went through the same thing." She told him.

"Thanks, Shelby. I appreciate it." William replied

The boys started to try to get his mind off of Danielle for a while and started to talk shop about the Railroads. This cheered him up somewhat and it helped clear his mind for a while. The girls still kept an eye on him, because they had a feeling that he might relapse at any second.

"Do you really think this is a good Idea?" Brenda asked

"Yes, I really do, it will be good for him." April replied

"But what if it goes badly?" Emily asked

"It is worth a shot, its a 50/50 chance, but would you rather take that risk and him be happy again, or see him fall into a deeper state than what he is in now because he is not talking to anyone."

"He could talk to a Shrink." Brenda commented

"Not in this situation, Shrinks are paid to listen to your problems and give advice, but talking to someone who actually did experience the same thing is more beneficial." April told them

"You are right, April, and I do think it should be tried, I hate seeing him like that, I mean, I don't know him as well as the guys do, but I hate seeing anyone like that." Shelby said. "Besides, I know Jennifer, she is a sweet girl who also needs to talk about her loss."

"Lets hope you are right," Emily commented, "I know what you mean about how he looks, he looks plain miserable."

It was at that moment, Jennifer arrived. The girls greeted her as she came through the back door and joined them on the patio. She had taken her time to get ready and was in a nice evening dress.

"Why so dressed up, Jenn?" Shelby asked

"Because I want this William guy to get his mind off of his loss." She replied. They did not know that she was going to help him do this by seducing him.

"Come on, girl, let me introduce you to him." Kelsy said as the girls led her over to where the boys where sitting.

When William looked up, he had a look of shock on his face. There was this girl, about 3 years younger than him, looking magnificent. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and even though she was heavier then what he was used to, she had nice curves in her body giving her an hourglass shape, she was not just some overstuffed blob. He guessed that she weighed about 220 or 230, but she looked stunning as she stood there.

"William, this is Jennifer Stewart, Jennifer, this is William Trujillo." Kelsy said, introducing them to each other.

William held out his hand to shake hers, but she came over and gave him a hug in which he gladly returned. He did not care he had only known her for 30 seconds, but the hug made him feel better. When she broke the hug, she looked at him and said "I am really sorry for your loss, William. I went through the exact same thing you are going through. I may have moved on with my life, but I still have a hard time being happy without my Steven."

"Thanks, Jennifer, I am sorry they dragged you into this." He replied

"Non-sense. I am here to talk, and comfort you. We can share our emotions about our losses." She commented. "Come on, lets go talk for a while." She said.

They knew that they had made the right decision by having him talk to her. They all could tell by the reaction on Williams face that he was already feeling better, even if it was only slightly better. They watched as the two of them walked to the far end of the yard and sat down in a swinging bench and started to talk. The could hear William break down and saw that Jennifer wrapped her arms around him and tried to comfort him.

"You see, I told everyone that this was a good idea." April commented.

"Like they say, mother is always right." John said with a grin

"Speaking of mothers, how is my little Grandson doing, Kelsy?" April inquired

"As far as I know, he is very healthy. I go for another appointment and ultra-sound at the end of the month. It is hard to believe I am already 3 months along" Kelsy replied as she rubbed her belly that contained Johns child.

"And what about you Brenda?"

"She is doing alright, I had an appointment the other day, and she is starting to get big. The doctor said she is going to be a big girl in when she is born." Brenda responded. She had a big smile on her face and was very excited that be having a baby girl.

It was starting to get late and everyone started to leave. First was Jason and Emily, followed a half-hour later by Scott and Shelby. Brenda was starting to get 'tired' and she and Jack went to bed. They all knew that she was not and that Jack would be the one making her sleepy. When the two of them looked over to the swing bench, they saw that William and Jennifer were still talking. He looked like he was feeling much better, but it would still take time to accept that Danielle was gone and for the heals to completely heal. It was nearing midnight, and John and Kelsy were both growing tired, they had been up all day and had a rough experience saying goodbye to Danielle. John decided that it would be a good idea for William to stay the night as he had seen him down several glasses of Jack Daniels. He was worried that he might be too buzzed to drive and did not want him to get into an accident or get arrested for a DWI.

He walked over to them and saw that they were both smiling. John thought it would have been a long time before he saw him smile again, but here he was with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks, John. Tell your mom she was right. We have been talking about what I am going through and what she had gone through." William said as John came up to them.

"That's great! I am glad to see that you two are connecting well. I hope you two can overcome what your are going through!" John exclaimed

"I hope so, he has already helped me in a way." Jennifer replied

"Listen, William, you have had a bit to much to drink, you will be staying her with us tonight, and Jennifer is welcome to stay as well." John went on.

"Are you sure? I mean, I appreciate that and all, but I would be too much of a burden on you guys." he commented

"Nonsense, we insist that you do, and pissed if you didn't." John told him.

"Come on William, stay here and I will stay with you tonight. I am sure you are going to have a rough night trying to sleep, and I want to be there to comfort you if needed." Jennifer told him

"You don't have to stay, Jennifer, I mean, I do appreciate it, but still, we have only known each other for a few hours." William told her.

"Listen, I am staying here with you and that is final!" She exclaimed.

"Wow! It looks like you are being told what to do, Will!" John said. "Now, lets go pull the bed out of the couch."

The four of them went into the video game room that was next to John's and Kelsy's room, where the two of them pulled out the bed. John made it so that they could have some sheets and pillows for the night.

"Um, John? Do you have anything to wear? I don't want to make Jennifer uncomfortable." He told him

Before John could answer, Jennifer piped up. "William, no need to be so modest. Sleep how you are comfortable, that's what I am going to do, and I usually sleep in a bra and panties."

William was speechless. He had just lost his fiancee that day and now, that evening, here was this stunning girl telling him that she was staying with him that night, and she was only going to be in her under garments.

"Are you sure? I mean, I will wear something if you need me too." William commented

"If you prefer underwear only, then let it be. I am not shy about my body, William, and I think feeling the soft skin of a women will help you relax." She told him

John watched them as they continued to go back and forth on the subject. He laughed a little when William finally conceded to sleep only in his boxers. When he left the room, he told them to behave themselves and went back into his own room where Kelsy was already in bed.

John slipped under the sheets next to his 3 month pregnant fiancee and cuddled up to her. She was more accepting of Danielle's death, and was now happy that she was no longer suffering and was in a better place. She scooted herself as close as she could so he spooned her.

"Thanks, Baby. Thanks for taking me to see her one last time." She told him as she turned over and gave him a kiss.

"Sweetie, I wanted to see her one last time as well, she meant a-lot to everyone, so I just had to see her." He replied.

She cuddled up into his shoulder and placed her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. She was just dozing off when the two of them started to hear something from the room that William and Jennifer were sharing.

They could hear slight moans and the springs of the pull out bed squeaking a little bit. It was obvious that the two of them were having sex.

"Well, I did not see that coming." Kelsy said as she smiled.

"If it helps him feel better, then let them have their fun." He replied as he kissed the top of her head.

The sounds continued from William's and Jennifer's room and it started to get louder. They could hear her every time she reached her orgasm as she let out a shriek. It was starting to turn them on. The sounds they were making must have traveled into Brenda and Jack's room, because they could start to faintly hear those to start to have sex as well.

Kelsy could see that John was getting turned on. They were the only young couple that were not having sex, and the sounds they were hearing were really getting them aroused. Kelsy decided to make the first move and reached her hand into John's boxers. When she took his cock into her hand, she could feel that he was already hard as a rock, and started to stroke him with her soft hands.

This caused him to emit a low moan as she gently stroked up and down his shaft. The sound from the room next door was getting more and more intense as they could hear Jennifer scream and beg William to cum in her pussy. A few seconds later, it got quite, and they figured that William had indeed poured his seed into her.

Kelsy looked at her fiance as she continued to stroke him.

"Are you enjoying your pregnant little wife's hand giving you a hand job?" She asked him. Ever since he proposed and she moved in, she started calling herself his wife, as it was much easier to say during sex instead of Fiancee or Girlfriend.

"Mmm, baby, you have no idea." He replied

"Do you want your cock in your wife's throat?" She said with a sexy smile.

"I love being in your throat, what do you think my answer is, honey." He responded.

Kelsy started to kiss her way down his body, paying close attention to his nipples and bellybutton as she lowered herself towards his cock. She took her hand pulled his cock out of his boxers as she neared his crotch. She continued to kiss her way down past his waist, and up the top of his cock. John was really enjoying this, and let out a gasp when she kissed the tip of his huge cock and started to work her way down the underside. He loved the feeling of her lips on him, and wish she could do that to him all day, everyday.

Kelsy did not take his balls into her mouth this time, but gave them a couple of licks before she kissed her way back up. As soon as she reached the tip again, she took him into her mouth right away, taking his full length into her mouth and down her throat. She really needed him bad and didn't want to waste anytime with foreplay.

She sucked his cock harder then he could ever remember, and this time, he could feel her tongue working itself on the underside. The feeling of her taking his cock all the way into her mouth all at once surprised him. She was really horny, and it most likely stemmed from hearing William and Jennifer, as well as Brenda and Jack having sex. The sounds started coming again from the next room again, but the sounds from Brenda and Jack's room had stopped.

"Hungry for my cock, tonight, huh sweetie?" John asked her

She plopped his cock out of her mouth and replied. "Like you would not believe, baby, do you want to cum in my mouth, or your wife's pregnant pussy?"

"I want to cum in both, sweetie, will you let me?" he responded

Kelsy gave him a sexy smile and winked at him as she took his cock back into her mouth. She looked up at him as she swalled his member and cupped his balls. He laid his head back into the pillow and rolled his eyes at how much sexual pleasure she was giving him.

Kelsy wanted to give him a strong orgasm, and she was sucking on his cock so hard, it started to hurt her jaw and was hoping that he would cum soon. She started to feel his cock swell up in her mouth, and figured that he was going to cum soon. His cock always swelled up right before he came.

John grabbed his Fiancee's hair and gave a load moan, as his cum shot up the shaft of his cock, and into Kelsy's throat. He came a-lot this time around. Maybe it was because that they had not had sex for almost 2 weeks because he was trying to get financed for another car, this time for Kelsy. She had a license, but no car to call her own.

Kelsy swallowed every last bit of his cum that he shot into her, except the last of them cum. She raised her head over his cock and started to let the cum flow out of her mouth and onto his cock. It was very sexy to watch her do that, and after she let the last of it flow out, she looked up at him.

"Did your little pregnant wife satisfy your huge, sexy cock, baby?" She said in a very sexy and seducing voice.

"I thought I was going to see stars with how hard I came, my love." He replied. Turn over so I can shove my cock into your tight, velvety, soaking wet pregnant pussy of yours."

Kelsy smile really big when she heard this and promptly got on her elbows and knees, sticking her ass out into the air, inviting Johns cock to slip inside her and coat her pussy with his cum. John did not hesitate to move behind her, and once he was in position, he reached between her legs and started to massage her exposed clit.

They heard Jennifer yell out Williams name in passion and this caused Kelsy to get even more soaking wet as John could feel her fluids leak out onto his hand. He decided that he was going to finger her before he slid his cock in. When he slid his right index finger into her, she let out a little yelp, and when he started to press down onto her G-spot, she let out a satisfying moan. He finger fucked her pussy with a single finger for a few seconds before he slide two more into her. This caused her to rocket into a powerful orgasm and scream out John's name as her pussy clamped down on her fingers.

Once she came down from her high, John slide his fingers our of her now drenched pussy and lined his cock up with her pussy.

"Are you ready for my cock, sweetie?" He asked

"Oh, please, don't make me wait anymore, baby, put that cock of yours into your wife's pussy, coat my womb with more of your cum, I need you really bad, baby!" She begged.

He teased her by rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips, letting his cock hit her clit a few times making her whimper as she was desperately needing him in her. When he finally penetrated her, she gasped in pleasure as she felt him once again filling her tight pussy.

"Baby, I love it when you are in my pussy, I feel complete." she told him.

He responded to her comment by leaning over and kissing the back of her neck as he bottomed out in her. He straitened up, grabbed her hips and started to gently pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Everytime he pulled his cock out to pump back into her, she felt an emptiness, but moaned when he pushed back into her.

"I love you, Kelsy" He said as he gently made love to her pussy.

"I love you too, John." She replied. "Please, go faster."

John started to pump into her a little bit faster as she felt another orgasm sweep over her body. She moaned out his name as she felt her pussy squirt her fluids onto his balls. She loved how he could make her squirt, it was an unbelievable sensation. She knew that he loved it too, because it felt warm on his balls and this made him start to fuck her faster every time she did. This time was no different and she could feel him pump harder and faster into her.

"Give it to me, baby, give me your cock, pound your wife's pregnant pussy, please, baby, oh god! I am going to cum again!" She announced

Her body stiffened as she experienced her most powerful orgasm so far that night as her pussy squirted out even more fluids onto his cock. This was enough to drive him crazy as he started to pound into her with abandon, fucking her hard and fast as she came hard on his cock. He could feel her pussy muscles clamp down hard on his cock and could feel his own orgasm building in his balls as her pussy grew tighter and tighter on him each time she came.

"Sweetie, I am going to cum soon, where do you want it, baby?"

"In my pussy, baby! Cum deep in my pussy! Please! I want to feel it splashing in me!" She begged him.

He continued his rhythm, making her cum every few seconds, each time, squirting more of her fluids onto his balls. He could not last too much longer and before long, he could feel his cum start to race up his cock. He buried himself to the hilt, trying to get as deep into her as humanly possible. He held his cock there as he pumped her full of his sperm. He was cumming so hard that he was seeing stars and his legs grew week from the energy he used up.

"YES! CUM IN ME! OH GOD! YES! I feel it splashing in me!" She cried out in pleasure.

John held his cock still until he finished cumming and his cock was twitching in her every few seconds. After about a minute and a half, he pulled his cock out of her and it was followed right away but a slow moving river of cum.

Kelsy rolled over onto her back and reached down with one of her fingers to scoop some of the leaking cum from her pussy. She put it to her mouth and sucked it clean. She smiled when she tasted their combined fluids.

"We taste good baby." She said as she pulled the finger out of her mouth

"I know we do baby." He told her as he leaned over to give her kiss.

They heard Jennifer give out one last scream of passion before it became quite in their room.

"Sounds like they had a really good night trying to comfort each other." Kelsy said with a smile.

"We need to find out who seduced who, but I have a feeling it was Jennifer." John replied

He laid back down and Kelsy immediately cuddled up against him in her favorite position so the she could hear his heart beat.

"Baby, thank you. You made me feel a whole lot better." She told him

"I am happy I was able too." He responded.

"Can I tell you something?" She asked him?

"Anything, sweetie, you don't even have to ask."

"When we have a little girl, I want to name her after Danielle." She told him

"I always liked that name, so I think that would be a fantastic idea!" he replied as he kissed the top of her head again.

Kelsy smiled when he agreed to the name. The two of them ended up laying there in bed for a good 2 hours. They were not saying anything, and they both knew what was on each others mind. They were both thinking about Danielle, and how she passed away at such a young age, and leaving behind the only man to ever love her and want to marry her.

She will be missed by all of them.

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2014-04-05 21:19:29
I was enjoying this story up to this chapter, then you bring in William and someone else and have them sleeping together on the night his partner died,, crap on, bloody ridiculous

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2014-04-03 06:21:33
Railfan it is exactly the same. Exactly the character names, the loss of her life parallels the other story same idea. You even wrote that while you were changing details of thier names that this is basically your life's story. I have read everything up to this chapter maybe you should review your works and see how similar they are.


2014-04-02 23:27:18
To the Anonymous Reader in the previous comment:

While the characters of "William" and "Danielle" do seem to be the same people in my other series "Adventures of a Railfan Chapter 1- Danielle," I want to make it clear that these two characters in this series are most definitely not the same from my other series. I only borrowed the names from "Adventures of a Railfan" because I could not think of any other good names on a whim, like I usually do when I introduce a new character. While I do admit that the events that happen to the Danielle in this series are based on the real person, this is only to further their character development, and to bring everyone closer together, as well as to build up their personalities in an area where I think they are currently lacking. As I mentioned in the first chapter of the series, all the characters in "Finding Love Along the Tracks" are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person or people.

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2014-04-02 21:33:02
I'm sorry, while you seem to have talent I can no longer read your stories. You have written youself and Danielle into this one and made yourself seem to be the primary focus of your stories. While it is sad what happened to you you are seeming to 'fish' for sympathy among anonymous online people. Good luck with your story I hope you take this advice constructively.

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2014-04-02 15:05:04
That was one very well written chapter. Very moving and I don't mind admitting I needed some tishues as I read the words.. Keep up the great workl you are a talented writer.

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