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As Mark and Mary struggle to get the Country and the World under their control, the Patriots plot in the shadows.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2013, 2014

Chapter Forty: The Patriots

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The Tyrants, Mark and Mary Glassner, represent the greatest threat to Liberty in human history. As the great Statesmen Thomas Jefferson wrote in 'The Declaration of Independence', “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that amongst these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” To this end, we the Patriots of the United States, shall bring about the Tyrants' death, and restore a state of Liberty to all those they have enslaved. Our forefathers shed their blood to keep this Country Free; we shall not hesitate to shed ours.
–excerpt from 'The Patriots Manifesto', author Unknown

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 – Mark Glassner – Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA

A light rap woke me up.

I was in a strange room; panic seized me. Where was I? Did Brandon capture me?

No, Brandon's dead. I had him executed yesterday. Relief flooded through me. Then where was I? Not my bedroom. Then I remembered—Brandon had burned our house down, destroying every possession and memory we had made. I was in the largest suite of the Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma. It was our temporary home until the mansion could be constructed.

Mary slept next to me, her arms wrapped tightly about me, as if she was afraid even in sleep to let go of me. Locks of auburn hair spilled across my chest like silken flames. I felt safe in her arms, loved, and I kissed my wife's freckled cheek.

There was another rap, slightly harder. I tried to sit up, but Mary had me in such a tight grip. She seemed terrified to let go of me, not that I blamed her after Brandon's attack. This weekend had been a close one; I thought I was going to die, but Mary had been spectacular. I felt pride bloom in my chest as I remembered the courage she had displayed.

I shook Mary and she stirred and smiled as she looked up at me.

“Good morning,” she purred and kissed me on the lips.

The rap was even harder.

“What?” I asked in some irritation. My cock was growing hard as my wife's body pressed against me.

The door opened; April and Lillian walked in bearing covered trays. Lillian wore a sexy, French-maid outfit with a bodice so low-cut her breasts looked like they were about to fall out if she bent over. About her narrow hips clung an extremely short skirt that showed off her fine legs, clad in fishnet stockings. Black hair, streaked with blues and purples, was gathered into a pair of pigtails that added an innocent look to her whorish outfit.

April wore her glasses, and her youthful face was surrounded by her thick, brown hair. Instead of a maid's outfit she wore a naughty schoolgirl's uniform: a white blouse, knotted just below her budding breasts to expose her flat stomach; a very short blue-and-purple tartan skirt that rode low on her hips; and knee-high, white socks added that sexy yet virginal look that made my cock ache. I could feel Mary's breath quicken at the sight of them. Tight about both girls' necks were gold chokers that proclaimed them to be our sluts; they looked it this morning.

“Your mother asked us to bring you breakfast,” April explained.

“And the outfits?” Mary asked. “I know you didn't have those yesterday.”

Lillian laughed, “Well, after you and Master retired for the night we raided a sex shop. Well, all of us except for Alison and Desiree.” She spun about carefully. “Do you like it?”

“You two look delicious!” Mary purred.

“Would you like breakfast first, or us?” April asked, batting her eyelashes at me.

“You,” Mary and I said in unison.

April walked around to my side of the bed while Lillian strutted around to Mary's. April set her tray – silver, the edge worked with a rope-like pattern, and a matching dome covered the food to keep it warm – down on the nightstand. I threw back the covers and my hot little schoolgirl crawled in and kissed me on the lips. I stroked her full, brown hair, then slid my hand down to rub her flat belly. My child grew inside her; according to Willow I knocked her up the day I took her virginity.

April rolled on top of me, rubbing her naked pussy into my stomach. She was shaved bare and dripping wet, staining my abs with her juices. She broke the kiss and started moving lower, her lips warm as she smooched down my body; her thick hair tickled like silk on my chest. When she reached my stomach, I squirmed as her tongue licked up the puddle her cunt left behind.

Next to me, Mary had pulled Lillian on top of her and freed her left breast, sucking Lillian's nipple into her hungry lips. Lillian smiled at me; her piercings glinted silver on her eyebrow, nose, and lip. Mary released the hard nipple and grabbed Lillian's pigtails. “Eat my pussy, slut!” Mary commanded.

“I'd love to, Mistress,” Lillian cooed and wiggled down Mary's body, pulling the covers away and exposing my wife's waxed and dripping cunt.

April's wet mouth reached my cock and she kissed her way up the shaft. She looked so cute as her tongue started tracing the rim of my mushroom-shaped cockhead. “You little minx,” I groaned as her mouth engulfed my cock.

She smiled around my dick, her eyes flashing blue behind her glasses. Then she began bobbing her head. The naughty schoolgirl was hungry for my cum. One hand pumped my shaft, the other massaged my balls. She twisted her mouth around as she moved on my dick, brushing my cock against her cheeks and the roof of her mouth.

“Cock-hungry slut!” I groaned.

She popped off my cock just long enough to giggle, “Of course I am. It tastes so delicious, Master!”

Mary moaned and I glanced over to see her using Lillian's pigtails as handlebars, guiding the slut's mouth on her pussy. “Yes, right there!” Mary moaned. “Suck right there, whore!”

April's mouth was bringing me to a boil. “Gonna cum!” I grunted.

April knew what to do: her mouth released my cock, and she rapidly pumped my shaft with her hand. My muscles tensed as my balls emptied themselves, spraying her face and glasses with streaks of ropey cum. She smiled happily, licking a glob that landed by her lips. More strands fell across her glasses, cheeks, forehead, and hair; sticky whiteness striped her innocent face with depravity.

“Fuck that's hot!” Mary gasped, staring at April. Then her back arched and she gasped as an orgasm flooded her body. Lillian looked like the cat who got all the cream as she sat up, licking her pussy-stained lips.

“Let's switch,” Mary panted, still eying April's cum-splattered glasses.

I glanced at Lillian and her sexy maid's outfit and nodded. “Come ride my cock, slut. Reverse cowgirl. I want to watch that ass beneath your skirt.”

Lillian stood up, walking around the bed as Mary grabbed April and pulled her off of me, stretching the schoolgirl out on the bed. Mary settled her weight atop April, her fingers quickly unknotting the slut's blouse. Budding breasts spilled out and Mary sucked a dark nipple into her mouth before licking up to April's face.

I almost came in Lillian's cunt as she slid it down my cock. It was so fucking hot watching Mary lick my cum off the girl's face. She moved up to April's glasses, her tongue sliding pink across the lens and scooping up a smear of cum. Mary's ass flexed as she began tribbing the slut, rubbing her clit against the schoolgirl's.

“That's so hot, Mare!”

Mary grinned at me, my cum on her lips. “Give my stallion a good ride, Lillian!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Lillian moaned as she fucked me.

I glanced at her ass. When Lillian rose up, the skirt would lift up as well, exposing her sexy cheeks. When she slammed down, the skirt would fall back to cover her ass. Then she would rise up and expose that beautiful butt all over again. The flash of flesh above my cock added a thrilling excitement. Lillian began to add a twist, shaking her ass side-to-side as she rode me, her cunt rubbing tightly around my cock.

“Oh Mistress!” April moaned. “Your pussy feels so good on me! Umm, thank you! Thank you!”

“Faster!” I urged Lillian. “Fuck me hard and fast, slut!”

Lillian picked up the pace, her pigtails flailing about as she threw her head back-and-forth in pleasure. Her cunt started massaging my cock as an orgasm rolled through the slut; her snatch felt wonderful about my shaft as she came. She kept right on riding my cock—she knew her duty as a slut was to give me pleasure.

“Our nipples are kissing!” April panted.

“Your little cunt is driving mine wild,” Mary purred into April's ears. “Cum with me, slut! Let's flood each other with our juices!”

“Yes, yes! Just a little more, Mistress! Umm, I love it when our clits kiss!”

“Shit! You little whore! I'm cumming all over your cunt!”

“So am I!” April howled. “I'm cumming! Thank you, thank you, Mistress!”

Lillian bounced hard on my cock, plunging me in and out of her tight tunnel. “Cum in me, Master! Please, my naughty pussy needs your cum! My cunt missed you so much, Master!”

I grabbed her hips and slammed her all the way down onto my cock and erupted into her. “There you go, slut! Devour my cum!” I grunted as my entire body tensed in pleasure.

The feeling of my jizz shooting inside her pussy sent Lillian shuddering in passion. “Yes, yes! I love to feel your cum shooting inside me!”

She slid off me, turned around and snuggled against my chest with a happy sigh. April nuzzled at Mary's neck as the two held each other. My hand reached out and I found my wife's. I stroked it gently, then squeezed softly. I smiled as her fingers lovingly clasped about my hand.

“Oh no!” Mary suddenly gasped, quickly untangling herself from April, and dashed for the bathroom. “This is all your fault, Mark Glassner!” Mary moaned from the bathroom.

Mary's bout of morning sickness wasn't that bad and, after I helped to clean her up, we ate our delicious breakfast. Mary's was light—strawberry pancakes and a bowl of berries. My plate had scrambled eggs, waffles topped with bananas, bacon, and sausages. I guessed my mom wanted to make sure I ate enough. I was famished, and finished it off before Mary was even done with her pancakes.

We had a busy day ahead of us. We needed to solidify our control over the country; the heads of all the Federal Agencies were supposed to be on their way here, and that was a start. Mary and I talked for an hour, discussing various ways to exert our control over the government. We settled on Video Conferences; we would arrange live broadcasts for government employees to watch at work, placing them under our power.

When we finished breakfast and talking, Jessica walked in with a manila file folder in hand. She found a sexy genie outfit: green, transparent pantaloons and a transparent boob tube over which she wore a small vest decorated with gold embroidery. The outfit was probably supposed to be worn with underwear but I'm glad she didn't because I enjoyed seeing her shaved cunt and caramel breasts through the fabric.

“Masters,” Jessica said, sitting on the bed. “The Country and the World are in a lot of turmoil, which is to be expected. The Governors of New Hampshire, Texas, Florida, and California are openly talking about mobilizing their National Guard units to protect themselves from 'the Tyrants of the Northwest.' Congress is split; both the Republican and Democratic parties are being ripped apart as roughly half of congress seeks to impeach the President and the other half sings your praises. It almost came to blows. I've never seen C-SPAN so entertaining before.”

I groaned. We needed to get the State Governors and Congress under our thumbs, before this spins out of control. “What else?”

“Riots,” Jessica sighed. “Between Miraclists on one side and Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews on the other. Particularly in the Mid-West and the South.”

“What about the International reaction?” Mary asked, nibbling on a strawberry.

“Muslim nations are universally condemning you two as the new Great Satans and there must be a thousand fatwas being declared against you. Europe is split. Many EU heads-of-state were watching the events here in Tacoma, but not all of them – just like here in the States – caught it live. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms supports you, but he's probably going to lose power. There's a vote of no-confidence going to be brought before Parliament tomorrow. Also expect the UN to try and pass some sort of resolution against you today.”

Her news just seemed to get even worse. Every military in the world was being mobilized to either support or oppose us. Trading was halted on the New York Stock Exchange as the indexes plummeted, and the Asian and European Markets were crashing as a growing lack of confidence in the American economy was spreading.

“Is that it?” I sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Jessica shook her head no. “At the end of July, a Professor Scrivener was killed. Brandon Fitzsimmons was a person of interest in his death. Apparently, the Professor left behind some documents pointing the finger at Brandon. These documents, and the Professor's translation of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, ended up on the internet. They first appeared on the University of Wisconsin's website, and from there they've spread to a number of occult or New Age sites. The largest site it's found on is where dozens of people have posted that they've made Pacts with Lucifer.”

“Are you saying there are dozens of Warlocks that've popped up?” I asked.

“Yes, Master. If dozens are posting that they've done it, how many are staying silent? Only a minority of people ever comment out of the hundreds that see something on the internet.”

“There could be hundreds of Warlocks out there?”

“Fuck,” Mary whispered.


Sunday, October 6th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – Washington D.C.

Korina smiled at me – lighting up her doll's face and seeming to make her sapphire eyes twinkle – as she slipped out of the slutty maid's outfit, the black dress falling in a pile about her feet. She was naked underneath – like a good little slut should be – and her large breasts jiggled as the plane flew through a patch of turbulence. My cock was hard, eager to be inside her cunt.

I was in the bedroom of Air Force One. I commandeered it from the President. He could fly on one of the many VIP planes the Air Force maintained for other important dignitaries now that the USA was subordinate to our Theocracy. There was a nice, if not spacious, cabin with a bed on the plane for the President's use, which I currently lay naked on. Desiree and Alison slept next to me—cuddled cutely together.

In the week since we defeated Brandon and declared ourselves Gods and Protectors of the United States and the World, Mary and I had been busy. Giving interviews, making phone calls, trying to get as many people in power as possible under our control. We started with the Federal Agencies. When the President summoned them to Washington State the Director of the CIA, the Department of Energy, and the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve all resigned in protest; their replacements were much more amenable. All the Federal Agencies were now run by people under our power and this week we were going to start the video conferences to get federal employees, particularly the law enforcement and spy agencies, under our umbrella.

I was flying alone to Washington D.C. to make Congress our Thralls, while Mary was heading to a meeting of State Governors in New York City to do the same thing. Then she was going to work on the UN who had been busy trying to pass sanctions on the US and our Theocracy. I hated being apart from my wife, but we could get more done separately then together. I tried not to fear for her safety, reminding myself that she had a battalion of soldiers and bodyguards to protect her.

The Military was one of the first things we got under our thumb. The only US Forces not under our control were in Afghanistan—General Brice Fear had refused the President's orders. His army was split between commanders loyal to him and commanders under our power. The two forces have been skirmishing in Kabul for two days now.

I pulled Korina to me, kissing her on the lips, feeling her body press up against mine. I loved the feel of her breasts pillowing against my chest. Our kiss grew more passionate and I pulled her down to the bed.

“Mmm, you feel all hard and ready for me,” Korina cooed. “Which slutty hole should I use to satisfy you, Master?”

“Why don't you choose,” I told her and a big grin filled her face.

She rolled off of me, facedown on the bed, sliding a pillow beneath her stomach, which raised up her plump ass. She wiggled it invitingly at me and I slid on top of her, kissing at her neck. “Good choice, slut.”

“Thank you, Master!” she cried out as I rammed my dick into her pussy, getting a nice coating of juices on my cock.

I pulled out of her inviting cunt, spread her asscheeks and placed the head of my shaft at her puckered hole. I pushed slowly, softly groaning as her tight ass enveloped my cock. Korina panted, looking back at me with a happy smile as I drove all the way into her taut embrace. I drew back, savoring the pleasure of her bowels, before driving back in.

“I love your ass, slut!”

“Thank you, Master! I live to pleasure you and Mistress! It's what I was born for.”

I heard a giggle and glanced over to see Alison and Desiree watching. Alison was on top of Desiree, their breasts and cheeks mashed together, chokers glinting gold about their necks. A female soldier had returned Desiree's choker the day after we defeated Brandon, begging her forgiveness for taking it. Desiree forgave her by fucking her up the ass with a strap-on, followed by Alison; the soldier loved every second of it.

“Fuck her hard, Master,” Alison purred.

Desiree smiled, wonderful, beautiful, bringing joy to my heart. Alison had managed to bring the Latina woman out of her shell after Brandon's brutal rapes. Desiree wrapped her legs around her wife's hips and pulled Alison's pussy against hers. Alison kissed her wife, rotating her hips as the women tribbed each other. I kept pounding Korina's ass and watched the beautiful women make love.

“¡Mi Sirenita! Desiree moaned as she tribbed Alison back.

I gripped Korina's hips and pumped faster into her ass. “Yes, yes! Fuck me, Master! Use me for your pleasure! Oh fuck! Your cock is the best! I love you! Oh, yes! You're driving me crazy! Harder! I'm your bitch! Fuck me like one!”

My balls slapped at her cunt – adding a wet, staccato beat to our rutting, a primal rhythm – as I pounded her asshole. “Fucking whore! Your ass is going to make me cum, slut!”

“Cum in me! Please! I love it when I feel your jizz inside me, Master!”

I buried into her warm depths and groaned, shooting her full of my seed. Her bowels clenched about my cock as her orgasm exploded through her. I laid on top of her, enjoying the feel of her asshole massaging my softening cock as I watched Alison's ass flex as she pumped faster and faster on Desiree.

They were kissing passionately, both bucking and shuddering. Alison broke the kiss, her back arching. “Holy shit! I love you, Desiree! I love it when your pussy creams all over mine!”

“Cum for me!” Desiree panted, grasping Alison's breast and playing with her pierced nipple. “Cum my love!”

Alison drove her cunt one last time into Desiree, her ass clenching as her orgasm tore through her, then she collapsed on her wife and the pair kissed and murmured affections to each other. God, it made me miss my own wife.

As Korina started licking my cock clean of her ass like a good slut, I sent a thought to Mary. *I love you.*

*Oh, I love you, too, Mark,* her thought came back. I could feel her lust; she was fucking someone.

*Who're you fucking?*

*This cute bellhop, though his dick isn't as great as yours.*

My cock was hard, Korina had it in her mouth. Alison had joined her, helping her lick my cock clean. Alison's tongue drew up my shaft, her tongue's piercing hard and smooth in contrast to her soft tongue. She reached the top, brushing Korina's tongue, and the two sluts kissed each other about my dick's head.

*Close your eyes and pretend it's my cock inside you,* I sent. *You're riding your horny stallion, your back arched and my cock's driving you crazy.*

*Oh yes! Oh God, I'm riding your cock, stud! Umm, it feels so great as I slid up and down on it!*

Korina's mouth popped off my cock and I groaned as Alison's pierced tongue swirled around the head, the metal adding a thrilling sensation. Desiree knelt behind Korina, spreading her butt-cheeks, and bending down to suck my cum out of the slut's dirty asshole.

*Oh Mark! I'm gonna cum! Yes, yes! Oh, I so wish it was you inside me!* I could feel her passionate climax through the Siyach spell.

*I'm cumming in Alison's mouth, Mare!* I moaned. Feeling her climax sent me over the edge, and I flooded the slut's lips.

*I miss you, Mark,* Mary sent, the passion dying away from her thoughts. *Umm, Xiu is licking me clean of his cum.*

“Sir,” Joslyn's voice came over the intercom. Joslyn, along with Lydia, were the pilots. “We'll be landing soon!”

*We're about to land, Mare.*

*I think I'm going to fall asleep with Xiu nursing at my clit.*

*Good night, my naughty filly. I love you.*

*Love ya.* I could feel her drifting off to sleep.

Alison and Korina were kissing, swapping my cum as I started getting dressed in my suit. The sluts all, sadly, stopped playing around with each other and found their slutty maid outfits, then we left the small cabin. 51 and four squads of the bodyguard were taking their seats in the main cabin of the plane. Violet, dressed like a naughty schoolgirl, gave me a kiss on the mouth and sat on my lap. I had four sluts with me, the other four were with Mary.

Our bodyguard had tripled in the last week. Female cops from across the country flocked to Tacoma to volunteer to protect us, so Mary and I freed the original bodyguards that we had forced to serve us. 51 chose to stay – provided that I reunited her with her husband – along with a third of the other girls. The rest returned to their families and jobs. I'm glad 51 and 27 remained—we three survived Brandon's attack together. Since the second-in-command, 47, quit, I promoted 27 to her position. She more than earned it that weekend.

I looked out the window and saw a C-130 flying in formation with us. There were another three of those carrying elements of the Legion—the army that swore me their allegiance and that I had bound with the Ragily prayer, the Monk version of the Zimmah spell. We had yet to find my limit as to how many I could bind with the Ragily prayer, and already 10,000 members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines had taken the oath. Along with the C-130s, a squadron of F-22 Raptors flew in formation around us. Mary had a similar force guarding her in New York City.

We came in for a landing at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington D.C. Awaiting our arrival was an honor guard, made up of advanced elements of the Legion and the bodyguards, and a fleet of SUVs, Humvees, and Strykers that would escort my armored limo. It may be overkill, but I was taking no more chances. Brandon showed me just how dangerous a Warlock could be.

There were dozens, if not hundreds, of Warlocks out there, each with access to the Magicks of the Witch of Endor and capable of threatening us. We had the FBI shut down and any other websites where the translation appeared. Every time one was taken down, two more sprouted up like the severed head of the Hydra, on overseas sites in Russia, China, and other countries. Hackers and other internet freedom groups were starting to cause all sorts of problems from DOS attacks to releasing sensitive information.

Something had to be done about all these Warlocks. Jessica had given me a report of suspected Warlock activity. There was this Ghost of Paris that seemed to have knocked up half of a cheerleading squad in Texas and was daily molesting the women of the town. In South America, three separate men were fighting each other in Brazil, sending the country and its neighbors spiraling into chaos. A fourteen-year-old boy had just been elected President-for-Life in Spain, and in St. Paul, Minnesota a man calling himself Dr. Arthursson opened a clinic where he could reshape any woman to her ideal appearance in moments. He was charging a fortune for his services. One gave me a chuckle. In Glasgow, Scotland a man was flying around claiming he was Superman, complete with the tights and cape.

I bet Sam could figure out a spell to track down all these Warlocks. We needed to deal with them before things got too out of hand. She was supposed to be back from France in a day or two; was almost finished with her study of the Hidden Place in the basement of the Nun's Motherhouse.

Stairs were wheeled up to Air Force One and half of my bodyguards, led by 51, quickly went down them, dressed in their slutty cop outfits and armed with a mix of MP5s and M16s. Then Alison and Desiree descended, followed by me, with Violet, Korina, and the other half of the bodyguards bringing up the rear. The media was on hand, cameras flashing, and I waved to them as I walked to the armored limo.

Leah was waiting for me, smiling as she held the door open. She looked hot in her short, black skirt, fishnet stockings, and white bustier; a red-and-blue tie fell invitingly between her cleavage. A small, black jacket and a chauffeur’s cap completed the outfit.

“My Lord,” Leah murmured.

I stroked her cheek and gave her a kiss on the lips; she blushed prettily. Next time I was home, I needed to bring Leah and her wife to my bed. Mary would enjoy that, she liked the two women. Their husband Jacob wouldn't mind; I'd send him a few of the sluts to keep him busy.

My cock was hard just from looking at her; why wait for home? I kissed her a second time, pressing her against the body of the limo while my hand shoved into the cup of her bustier, feeling her large tit squeeze between my fingers. Her kiss grew passionate, her right leg hiking up, hooking around my left, and feistily rubbing up and down the back of mine.

I could hear the flash of cameras as the reporters immortalized the moment. Her hands found the zipper of my pants, pulling my cock out. I lifted her up, letting my cock prod her wet cunt. She moaned into my lips as I sank into her; there were no panties to get in the way. Her wet, warm sheath engulfed me, and I started pounding her cunt like a madman.

“Fuck me, my Lord!” she moaned, tossing her brown curls and humping her hips back into me. “Oh yes! Oh yes! I love it when you fuck me!”

Her moans were being broadcast live to the world. Like a firecracker, she went off fast and loud, her cunt squeezing my cock. It was so exciting – feeling her cunt massage my cock, knowing thousands were watching me fucking this slut in their homes – and I knew I wasn't going to last long. With a few hard thrusts, I shot my cum into her pussy, moaning loudly, and enjoying that tense feeling passing through my body as I released my passion into a woman's snatch.

“Thank you, my Lord!” she breathed as I pulled away, straightening her skirt.

“You're welcome,” I told her, giving her ass a friendly squeeze, and then I piled into the back of the limo.

A few minutes later, we were driving away from the airfield and into the capitol, Alison cuddled on one side of me and Desiree on the other. The local police had shut down the highway and surface streets, and my motorcade made good time to the Willard Intercontinental, the hotel I was staying at. Out front, a large crowd of cheering people had gathered. I could see mostly black auras, belonging to Thralls, with a few silver auras – regular mortals – interspersed here and there.

When I got out of the limo, I let the crowds' worshipful cheers wash over me. It was the most intoxicating thing in the world. Soldiers formed a small aisle through the crowd to the hotel's entrance, and I shook hands and groped bared breasts as I slowly made my way to the lobby, my eyes roving for the perfect woman to take upstairs with me.

It was my custom now on these out-of-town trips to pick a lucky gal. Whether it was Mary and I together picking a woman, or just me on my own. I never looked for any particular woman, just whoever caught my eye. And tonight it was a teenage girl with a heart-shaped face. She looked so innocent with her plaited black hair and jean jacket. Next to her stood a more mature version of the girl, a woman in her late thirties. The daughter was taller, and barely had any tits, while the mom was short and very busty.

I motioned to the women and they both shrieked ecstatically. There was a tall man who the mother kissed and the daughter hugged, and he looked proud as his wife and daughter were brought to me. I wrapped my arms around each of them and kissed first the mom and then the daughter on the lips, before I took them into the hotel.

“I can't believe you chose us, my Lord,” the teenage girl gushed. “Marcy and Amy will be so jealous!”

Her mother was crimson faced, breathing heavily. “Relax,” I told her and kissed her again.

“I'm sorry, this is just so exciting!” the mom gushed. “I'm mean, it's you! When we joined the Living Church last August I never thought in a million years that you would ever bless me.”

“So you two are true believes?” I asked. “Let's see if you follow the tenets.”

The mom lifted up her dress first, exposing a shaved pussy with fat, dark lips hanging an inch down. The daughter followed, raising the hem of her jean skirt and I saw a dark, black bush and just the hint of a tight slit.

“What're your names?” I asked, reaching out to rub both of their pussies. They were both wet and I probed my finger up their snatches.

“I'm Tibby and this is my daughter Bryanna!” the mom gasped as I slowly fingerfucked her.

I pulled my fingers out of their cunts. Tibby tasted tart while Bryanna had a spicy, fresh flavor. The elevator dinged and I ushered the ladies inside the gilded box. The sluts and some of the bodyguards crowded in and we were heading up to the penthouse suite, where more bodyguards waited. They had arrived yesterday, an advance team to make sure everything was secure and ready for my arrival.

I led the mother and daughter to my bedroom, motioning at Violet to follow. It was richly furnished and very modern looking; weird lines and strange shapes abounded. Mary would probably have liked it—she was an artist—I didn't get this stuff at all. I sat down on a chair; its strange back, curving over my head, was a little uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn't intended to be sat on, but then why make it to begin with? Violet knew what to do, and knelt down and unzipped me and pulled my hard cock out.

Bryanna's breath caught as she saw it. “It's different than daddy's.”

“Your dad is uncircumcised,” Tibby explained as Violet's tongue danced across the head of my cock.

“Ohh,” Bryanna said as her mom pulled off her thick sweater to reveal a pair of lush breasts barely contained by a lacy bra.

“Have either of you been with a woman before?” I asked them.

“No,” Tibby answered, and Bryanna shook her head and blushed.

“Why not?”

“Well, we're straight,” answered Tibby.

“You've just realized that you're bisexual,” I ordered. “And that you are deeply attracted to each other. Why don't you two get naked and explore these new feelings.”

“Wow, mom,” Bryanna cooed. “That is a nice pair of hooters ya got.”

Tibby reached behind her and unclasped her bra and freed her large breasts. They sagged a bit, but still looked great with large areolas and fat nipples. “Why don't you give them a feel?” she suggested to her daughter.

As Violet's mouth sucked my cock into her lips, Bryanna reached out and tentatively gave her mother's tit a squeeze. The teen's mouth opened in amazement as she began to knead the heavy orb. “I used to nurse from these, didn't I?”

“You did. I loved it. I felt so close to you when you nursed.”

Bryanna ducked her head down and sucked her mother's nipple into her lips. I grabbed Violet's pigtails and began forcing her head up and down on my cock. I couldn't take my eyes off the women; I loved watching mothers and daughters fuck.

Tibby mewled in pleasure, cradling her child's head to her breast. “Oh duckling, that feels wonderful! Suck at momma's tit! I love you so much!”

Bryanna released the nipple. “I love you too, momma!” Then she stood up and kissed her mother on the lips. Tibby melted against her daughter, cupping her child's face, and kissed her back with passion. Bryanna was breathless when she broke the kiss.

“Umm, I want to see my little girl's hooters.”

Bryanna flushed as her mom pushed her jean jacket off her shoulders. “Momma, you know I don't have any tits.”

“You're still young, duckling.”

“I'm sixteen, momma,” she protested as her mom pulled her red peasant's blouse over her head. Her breasts were small, apple-sized, topped with puffy, pink nipples, and clearly didn't need a bra to support them.

“They are beautiful,” Tibby insisted, giving her daughter's breast a squeeze, then rolled her nipple between her thumb. Tibby then bent down and sucked her daughter's nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, momma! That feels amazing! I'm nursing you now!”

The two women sank onto the bed; Tibby's lips glued to her daughter's breast. She pushed her daughter down onto her back, still sucking noisily at her tit, and ran her hands down Bryanna's side, reaching for her jean skirt. Tibby pulled it up, exposing her daughter's bushy twat. The teen gasped as her mother ran her fingers through her downy pubes and across her wet slit.

“Momma's gonna make her duckling feel wonderful,” Tibby purred.

Tibby started kissing down her daughter's body and Bryanna's blue eyes sparkled with lust. “Oh momma!” she gasped as her mother spread her pussy lips open and dived in.

I began thrusting up into Violet's mouth as I watched this incestuous display. My balls tightened; my eyes rooted at the sight of Tibby working her tongue deep into her daughter's juicy snatch. I slammed into Violet's mouth and shot three large blasts of cum into her. Violet pulled off my cock, swallowing and smiling happily.

“Thank you, Master,” she purred, stroking my cock.

“You did great, slut!”

I stood up, walked to the bed, and grasped the hem of Tibby's black skirt, lifting it up. I spread her pussy lips open, gazing into her wet, pink depths as she made her daughter pant. Her cunt was just at the right level to let me stand at the foot of the bed and fuck her. I rubbed my cock on her vulva and then thrust it into her sheath.

“Oh yes!” Tibby gasped. “Fuck me, my Lord!”

“Are you on birth control?” I asked as I pumped my cock in her wet pussy.

“No, neither of us are. My husband had a vasectomy,” she answered. “You're going to pull out, right?”

I laughed, “Nope. I'm going to cum in your, and your daughter's, cunt. If you're lucky, you both might carry my child.”

“That'd be wonderful, momma!” Bryanna gasped, pinching her puffy nipples.

“Yeah, I guess it would, duckling!”

I pounded her pussy hard. She wasn't too tight, but she was warm and wet and knew how to move her hips. Bryanna had her hands tangled in her mother's black curls, bucking her hips and rubbing her cunt all over her mother's lips.

“Oh momma! This feels amazing! I love your mouth on my pussy! Um, eat me! Make me cream, momma!”

“Cum for me, duckling!” Tibby moaned. “Let's cum together!”

“Yes!” Bryanna yelled. “Oh geez! Here it cums! Oh yes!”

Her back arched and her mother held on for dear life, never ceasing to drink her daughter's fresh juices. I felt Tibby's cunt spasming on my cock as she reached her climax, a velvety massage about my dick as her pussy writhed. I fucked her harder, feeling my own release approaching, then I spilled my fertile seed into her womb.

“Oh momma, I want to eat you now!”

“Absolutely, duckling! I'm all creamy now. You'll just love it!” Tibby pulled away from me, white cum running out of her snatch. She unzipped her skirt and threw it to the floor before falling back on the bed and spreading her legs, and her pussy, wide open.

“Wow, momma!” Bryanna cooed. “Your pussy lips are huge!” She reached out, tugging on one. “Mine are small. You can barely see them. You're bigger than me in every way.”

“Don't pout, duckling. I'm all grown up!” Tibby slid her fingers threw her messy cunt. “Why don't you give momma a good lickin'.”

Bryanna dove into her mother's cunt, giving me a great view of the damp fur surrounding her tight slit. My cock was hard again and I buried into her teenage snatch. “Holy jeez!” Bryanna gasped. “He's a little bigger than daddy!”

“Umm, I know,” Tibby cooed. “Doesn't that cock just feel wonderful pumping in and out of you!”

“It does, momma!”

Bryanna's cunt was a vice compared to her mom's, and I enjoyed every second that I fucked her. Next to Mary's pussy, teenage cunt was the best thing to fuck. I gripped her ass, spreading her firm cheeks and saw her rosebud asshole.

Well, maybe there was something better than teenage cunt.

“Owww!” Bryanna gasped as I shoved my cock into her bowels. My dick was well lubed, but her ass was virgin territory. “Momma, he's fucking my butt!”

“Relax, duckling,” Tibby cooed. “Relax, your ass will take it!”

“Okay, momma,” Bryanna panted.

Her ass was tight ecstasy and I plunged in and out slowly, savoring the velvety feel of her. Tibby stroked her daughter's face and guided the teen's lips back to her juicy cunt. Bryanna's head moved as she began eating her mother's pussy and I could feel some of the tension leave her body; her ass wasn't quite as tight anymore. I started thrusting faster, enjoying the feel of my balls slapping against her pussy.

“Um, duckling that feels wonderful! Eat momma's dirty pussy! Lick momma clean! Oh yes!” Tibby's large breasts heaved as her face squeezed in pleasure. She gasped once, squeezing the sheets and then smiled happily. “Thank you duckling!”

Tibby slid away from her daughter, then crawled down the bed, kneeling beside us. She bent down, giving Bryanna's asscheek a big smooch, and watched my cock plunging in and out of her hole. Her hand reached under and I felt her fingers brush my pistoning cock, searching for her daughter's cunt.

“Oh momma!” Bryanna gasped, squeezing her ass on my cock. “Ohh, play with my clitty!”

Bryanna's hips started to move as her mother toyed with her clit. Tibby kept kissing and sucking at her daughter's ass, leaving brown hickeys on white skin. The teen was cooing happily; her plaited braid coiled across her supple back. I reached out and grabbed it, yanking her head back. Her sapphire eyes shone with lust as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Pound my ass, my Lord!” she moaned. “Oh, it feels so good! Umm, I'm so glad you took my anal cherry! I'm gonna cum, my Lord!” A low, throaty moan escaped her lips and her ass squeezed deliciously on my cock. “Oh yes! Do you feel my passion, my Lord? Do you feel my naughty, teenage ass squeezing on your hard cock?”

“Fuck, I do!” I moaned. My balls felt like they were about to explode, but I wanted to cum in her fertile cunt so I pulled out of her bowels and thrust my cock – dirty with her juicy ass – into her pussy. “Here it fucking cums!” I shouted, thrusting three times.

“Oh momma! He's shooting in me! We're gonna make a baby, momma!”


Jerrold Baxter – Washington D.C.

I knocked on the door of the apartment.

“Who is it?” a woman asked, her voice reedy, quavering.

“FBI,” I answered, holding up my badge. “I'm Agent Baxter, please open your door, ma'am.”

The old woman cracked the door open, the chain still in place, and peered at my badge. “What can I do for you?” she asked, a little nervous as she unhooked the chain.

Once inside, I whispered a word and I caught her as she fell asleep. I carried the old woman to her bedroom and set her on her bed. The Yashen spell would put her to sleep until around noon tomorrow. When she woke up, she wouldn't remember a thing.

Her apartment gave the perfect vantage on the Willard Intercontinental's entrance. I went back to the hallway and retrieved my gun case and started assembling my H&K PSG1 sniper rifle. The PSG1 was the perfect sniper's weapon, very accurate. The German's designed it for use in hostage situations after the Munich Games; it was very accurate, very deadly. I had a lot of experience with it; for seven years I had been a sniper with the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, our version of the SWAT.

Once my rifle was assembled, I walked carefully to the window, concentrated, and whispered, “Ashan.” The spell created an illusion in front of the window; from the outside, it would still look like the window was closed and the shades were drawn. The spell was one of the many powers I gained when I sold my soul to the Devil along with the other Patriots last week.

It was the only way to save America. To save the world. I loved my Country too much to watch it become enslaved by Mark Glassner and his whore.

I opened the drapes and the window, set up my tripod and rifle. In the morning the Tyrant, Mark Glassner, would step out of the hotel and I would put a bullet in his brain.

I grabbed my pack, pulled out the CB radio. Mark controlled the NSA, and cell phones were too easily traced by them. I keyed up the CB, “19Q321 traffic is just fine in D.C.” It was the code that I was in position. There would be no answer. Headquarters was monitoring the band, but they would never transmit; CB's are too easy to direction find.

I sat and watched, scanning the hotel. On the roof I could see the counter-snipers, soldiers with their own sniper rifles, scanning the neighboring buildings for someone like me. I laughed; with the illusion in place they could never see me.

“KK254 the Brooklyn Bridge is traffic free,” a woman's voice crackled over the CB.

I smiled; Sheila Robbins was in place to assassinate Mary. If all went well tomorrow the world would be free of the Tyrants.

To be continued...


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