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been awhile since i wrote a story lets see how everyone likes this one
Unexpected Date

My dating life seemed to be nonexistent. I’m not a virgin and have had girlfriends in the past; it’s just that I’ve been single for more than I’ve been with someone. My longest relationship was little over 2 years; longest I have been single since I hit puberty was 5 years. I suppose I should tell you about myself before I continue. My name is Adam Sharp and I’m 33 years old. I’m 5’ 11”, 208 LBS with blue eyes and dark blonde hair. I think I’m ugly but everyone says I’m good looking with an average body and to top it off I have an average cock that’s 5 ½ inches.

I’ve tried many ways to meet a girl. Problem is my job keeps me busy 5 days a week. I’m an unloader at Wal-Mart working 4 pm till 1 am. Lately I have been using an online dating site to try and meet someone. I’ve sent out a lot of messages and got very few replies. The replies I get are either girls that want me to pay for their cams or girls that act interested but are not.

I was able to get talking to a girl from my area named Amy and we seemed to hit it off. For a month we talked using the dating site then text messaging. Finally we agreed to meet. We met up at a local Asian Buffet that surprisingly enough is own by a Korean Family. I was early and told the host I was waiting for someone.

“Ok, let me know when you’re ready” said the host.

“Sure thing” I said.

My wait was long and after 30 minutes I decided to sit and eat. I was hungry.

“Guess my date isn’t showing up so I’ll just go ahead and eat” I told the hostess.

“This way please” she said.

She Lead me to a booth on the side of the building, but near the door so I could keep an eye on the door. I was just sitting down when I heard

“Something to drink?”

When I turned I get to see a beautiful Korean girl that was going to be my waitress. She was about 5’ 3” and at most 110 LBS, black hair with black eyes that you would love to get lost in and from what I could tell she was at least a 32 B.

“Pepsi please” I tell her.

She brings my drink and I tell her thanks as I get up to get some food. I ate alone since Amy was never going to show up. Still it wasn’t a total lose. My waitress was hot even if I had no chance in hell with her. I finish my plate when I see my waitress come walking over.

“Can I take your plate?” she asks.

“Sure” I tell her.

“Would you like anything else, more soda perhaps?”

“No thanks, not unless you know why I got stood up or why I can’t seem to get a date” mentally I shook my head, and wondered why I said that.

“A handsome guy like you should have no trouble with getting a date”

“Tell that to the ladies. I just want to meet someone and see where it goes. I will settle for friends but I really want to meet the one and start a family.”

“I will never understand American girls”

“Me either.”

“You know I’m done at 9 and you look like you need a friend, why not meet me back here out front at 9 and we can talk more, since I can’t right now. I promise I won’t stand you up. We can go have coffee or something.”

“Sure, I’m Adam”

“Nice to meet you Adam, I’m Mi Hi. I will be right back with your bill”

I watched as Mi Hi leaves and get the check. I couldn’t believe my luck I get stood up by one girl only to meet and get asked on a friendly date. I just hope I am not in for a world of hurt tonight.

“Here you go Adam, I will take it up when you’re ready” Mi Hi tells me.

I dig out my debit card to pay and let Mi Hi take it up and come back with my receipt. I head home to do some work. I no sooner get home when I get a text from Amy telling me how sorry she was that she didn’t make it. Her ex-boyfriend showed up to get things and she lost track of time. I found that funny because it seemed to me that what she said was a kind way of telling me her ex came over and fucked her and I told her that. She replies by asking me if I was jealous. I tell her no and how I was disappointed she didn’t show up and how she never replied and I really cared. We planned this meeting a week in advance because it was both our days off. I really doubt she wanted nothing more than to fuck which I didn’t know if I would have or not. I don’t want to catch something

I spent the rest of my time doing some yard work and washing my car. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about this meeting tonight. Time seemed to move slowly, but finally it was 8:45 so I left to meet Mi Hi. I drove to the restaurant and waited. Lucky I love close by so I didn’t have to drive that long, just had to wait again. I sat on the wall near the entrance for about 5 minutes when I saw Mi Hi walk out. My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw her smile when she saw me.

Mi Hi walked over to me all smiles. “Adam, I’m glad you came. How are you doing now?” she asked.

“I’m doing better now that you are here. I was scared you wouldn’t show up or forgot about me” I told her.

“You’re so sweet and handsome. How could I forget you?”

“Your sweet too, and I don’t know, but I’m glad you didn’t forget”

“Awe, there isn’t much open so what do you say we go across the way to Burger King for coffee, and we can talk”


We walk to my car and then drive to Burger King. Once there we go inside and order our drinks, a soda for me since I don’t like coffee and an Ice tea for Mi Hi.

“How was work?” I ask.

“Busy, but a good day, yours?”

“Long and dull but better now you’re here”

“Awe I feel the same way. Normally I don’t talk to Americans because I’m afraid they will make fun of me because my English isn’t that good since it isn’t my primary language”

“It seems good to me. Where did you learn to speak it?”

“I grew up outside an American base in South Korea. My parents worked the base doing odd jobs and I would tag along and learned that way.”

“Well you learned it well”

“Thanks. When I came here to work they wanted me to adopt an American name but I didn’t. It seemed Mi Hi was easier to pronounce than other names.”

“I bet, it’s also easier to remember, for me that is cause it’s a beautiful name.”

“Well that’s what my name means. ‘Beauty and joy”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“So what’s your last name Adam?”

“Sharp. yours?”

“Park, I’m 26 so I hope that don’t bother you?”

“Nope I’m 33 and I doubt it would bother you”

“Never will. Age is just a number. It is what we feel that matters”

“I agree”

We talked back and forth for a while. I must say I find myself liking her more and more. Like all good things however it was time to end it for the night.

“Do you need a ride home?” I ask.

“If it is no trouble” she says

“Of course it’s no trouble. Just means I get to spend more time with you”

“I know and I’m glad”

I drove Mi hi home. She lives with some of her co-workers in a nice three bedroom house. We get out and I walk her to the door holding her hand.

“I had a great time Mi Hi.” I tell her.

“Me too Adam” She says.

“I’m off tomorrow if you want to get together, maybe have dinner?”

“Sure I’m off too so I can meet you whenever”

“How about I cook you dinner at my place say around 5?”

“OK pick me up at 4:30”


“I can’t wait”

“Me either”

“Night Adam” she says as her arms warp around my neck and Mi Hi pulls me down for a kiss. It was a quick peck at first then became more passionate.

I left Mi Hi’s place and rove home. My mind was still on her kiss even after I got home. I couldn’t take it anymore as soon as I was in the house my pants were down and I was jerking off thinking of Mi Hi and her kiss. I imagined her lips around my cock sucking it hard. Within a minute I was blowing my load all over the floor. I cleaned up my mess, played a game on my PS3 and then went to bed.

When I got up I started to clean my house and did my wash. I didn’t have much but I wanted tonight to be perfect. After I started preparing dinner, when it got close to the time to pick her up I left. I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and started to the door. Mi Hi came out before I was half way there. She was wearing a pair of low cut jeans and a casual blouse with her hair hanging down to just past her shoulders. Her face which was naturally beautiful had just enough make-up to enhance her beauty. All in all I felt like I was looking at a beautiful Korean Goddess.

“You look beautiful” I tell her


“Well I think you look beautiful without make-up on as well”

“Awe that’s sweet” she says as she kisses my lips gently. I kiss her back and take her hand in mine as we walk to my car. I open the door for her and watch her get in. God she is so beautiful, why wouldn’t any guy have taken her as his own before now I will never understand.

I drove us home where we finish cooking dinner, Chicken Parmesan with back ziti. Mi Hi loved watching and helping me. We talked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. As dinner finished and we sat to eat, I couldn’t help but admire her physical features. I felt myself getting hard. I wanted to badly to kiss her and feel her up it was driving me insane. Luckily I was able to control myself and remained the gentlemen that I am. After dinner we did the dishes together and flicked water at each other. Again we laughed and had a good time. When the dishes were done Mi Hi sprayed me with the water so I in return grabbed her and held her and squeezed the sponge out on top of her head. It was at that point where we looked into each other’s eyes and slowly moved in for a kiss. Not like the kiss earlier but a deep romantic passionate kiss. Her arms wrapped around my head as she slowly started probing the inside of my mouth with her tongue. My cock was now hard enough to pierce steel. Slowly my hands moved down her back to her waist then to her tight ass. I gave it a little squeeze and a lift and Mi Hi jumped up wrapped her legs around my waist. My hard on was trying to push its way into her jeans. She moaned as she slowly ground her crotch into mine. Somehow and I don’t know how but I made it into the bedroom.

Once there Mi Hi dropped her legs to the floor and slowly dropped to her knees and started pulling my pants down, so that my cock was pointed straight at her. I felt the cool air hit my cock as my boxers fell to the floor with my pants. Mi Hi reached up and grabbed my cock as she moved in and slowly wrapped her sweet lips around its head. I moaned softly as she used her hand to jerk my cock and mouth and tongue to play with its head. I could not believe the blow job I was getting. In just a few minutes I felt my balls start to turn.

“Mi Hi I’m going to cum” I tell her, but she didn’t stop but went faster and in just a few seconds I shot one of if not the hardest loads I have ever shot. She never let any of it
come out of her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

“MMM, you taste good. I’ve always wanted to try it” she says.

“That was your first time giving a blow job?” I ask

“Yes, I have been with only 1 guy and oral was disgusting to him”

“Well if you like that you will love this” I tell her as I help her up and onto the bed.

I kiss her deeply as I grab her blouse and pull it over her head. I work my way down her neck while undoing her bra and pulling that off as well. I look at her wonderful breast. They are by far the most beautiful pair I have seen. I wrap my lips around one of her dark nipples and start sucking and teasing it with my tongue. I hear her moan and place a hand on the back of my head to pull my in closer. I used my other hand to massage her other breast. I continue sucking and teasing for a few moments before moving down her body while undoing her jeans. As I get closer to her belly button I slowly pull her jeans off along with her panties. Before me is her glorious hidden treasure. A nice pussy with its black hairs neatly trimmed into a small patch just about her clit. My mouth started watering just looking at it. I had to get a drink for that pussy so I opened her legs and moved on it.

I use my tongue to lick around her slit a few times before I slowly start working it inside her wet pussy. Her juices taste like something from heaven. I can feel her hands on the back of my head as she tried to shove face tightly against her pussy. I alternate between having my tongue inside licking her and licking her clit as I suck on it. Within a few moments I can feel Mi Hi’s hands start pulling my hair as she lets out a load moan and a gush of juices coat my tongue as she cums hard.

“Oh Adam that was so wonderful, and I’m so horny. I need you right now” she tells me as she pulls me up her body. I don’t resist and once I am lined with her pussy and slowly slide my hard cock deep inside her. She moans louder with each inch that goes into her. I can feel her tight pussy gripping my cock hard. I have never had a pussy this tight before. There is no way I can go fast so I fuck her slowly. Mi Hi has her arms and legs wrapped around my bed. With ever thrust she lifts her hips up to meet me. I kiss her deeply as slowly fuck her pussy.

“Mi Hi I’m going to cum” I warn her as I feel my balls start to tingle with its explosive sensation.

“Cum in me Adam, I am on the pill” she tells me.

I give her pussy two hard thrust with my cock and I feel myself shooting a very hard load inside her pussy. I moan softly with each shot. I continue to slowly move my cock in and out of her and suddenly I feel Mi Hi tense. Her pussy gets even tighter as I feel her cumming. She moans loudly. I roll us over and have her on top of me. I’m still hard and decide to continue fucking her. She places her hands on my chest to help control her pace as she starts to ride me. Her moans became louder and incoherent. She starts moaning in Korean. I reach down and start playing with her clit which sends her body into another orgasm. I kiss her deeply as I help her ride out this one but she doesn’t lose a beat and starts speeding up. I moan loudly as my cock feels as if it’s going to break off. I place my hands on her hips and thrust up hard just as I cum hard again and she cums again as well. This time it’s too much for her and she collapse onto my chest, her breathing is heavy and she looks like she is about to pass out.

“That was wonderful Adam” she tells me after a few minutes go by.

“Yes it was Mi Hi. You are so wonderful and great to be around and not just for sex. I could spend forever with you”

“Me too”

I look into her eyes and I smile and she smiles back. I kiss her deeply and passionately.

“I love you Mi Hi” I tell her

“I love you too” she tells me as we embrace each other.

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