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Joe's first day of babysitting isnt quite over yet.
The night was still young, and already my body had given into its desires with Stacy.
We both cuddled closely to each other now on the couch. My body was on top of hers and slightly to the side. It was perfect to kiss her lips and any other part of her upper body that I wanted. My hand slowly rubbed over her tummy in a circular pattern as I first broke the silence by speaking.
"So, How did a 14 year old get so horny and eager for sex?"
She giggled and smiled while looking into my eyes
"After my first was gone, I've been messing around with hot guys ever since."
I was somewhat suprised and disappointed a bit. Then I asked another question once I started to wonder what kind of guys.
"Guys my age?"
"No, all the boys I've done have been teens. Most of them was just BJs since they still wasn’t sure how to even fuck a girl well" She replied.
"I see, so why did you decide to lose your virginity and start your wild sexual life then?" I asked curiously
"I... I'd rather not talk about that" she reluctantly said in a sad voice.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..." before I could finish she spoke.
"It's ok Joe, you didn't know. Main thing is I like fucking you so much I don't want the other boys anymore" She said.
When she said that, My cock instantly jumped up and started to get hard again. This instantly caught her attention since it was laying against her.
"Oh my, I think I said something it liked" She giggled and grinned.
At this point I was speechless and also so amazed. I just wanted her right there and then. I immediately kissed her passionately. My tongue sliding into her mouth and dancing around her own. I could feel her body submit to my own as her arms wrapped around my waist and her legs rubbing against my own. I was truly becoming lost once more as my body couldn’t get enough of hers. I was loving every touch from head to toes. Finally, I broke the kiss and looked loving into her eyes. Her eyes slowly opened and glanced back into mine.
"Oh Joe, that was my best kiss ever" she said in a very soft loving voice.
"I know the feeling Stacy, your incredible" I replied softly as well.
My cock was still needed some recovery time after blowing all over her feet. So as badly as I wanted to take her again, I still needed to wait. Instead I decided to pleasure her more. I moved my head down to her right breast. Along the way I kissed her cheek, neck and shoulder softly and repeatedly. She moaned each time I did. Finally I arrived at her nipple and licked my tongue around the outer edge. She again moaned and took a deep breath.
"Oh Joe! You sure do know how to pleasure me... Mmmmm."
Before I could start suckling on the nipple, Stacy looked at the clock on the wall.
"Oh crap! It's getting late. I need to shower and get to bed" She said in a suprised voice.
I just stopped what I was doing and smiled at her. She smiled back and giggled again while asking "Would you like to joining me in the shower?"
I knew exactly what would happen if I did, but also knew I could use just alittle more time to recover. Also I preferred the idea of actually fucking her in a bed this time. Or anywhere else besides these couches that have seen us in action twice now.
"No, I think I have a better idea. Just don’t bother putting any cloths on when you get out of the shower ok?" I suggested to her. She grinned knowing the fun for tonight wasn't over just yet.
"Ok you sexy beast, I will do what my babysitter commands" she seductively teased.
She then sat up on the couch and then rose to her feet. I still laid there looking as the amazing ass and backside of this hot young beauty stood up and started to walk away. As I sat up on the couch as well, I said to her "I'll be in your bed room when your done"
She giggled again and turned her head back at me to respond.
"OK, but don’t touch any of my stuff! And don’t make fun of how my room looks!!" she said forcefully.
"Works for me sexy, I’m only interested in the bed" I said as I winked at her.
She then proceeded to head upstairs. Again my eyes watched as her sexy body walked up the steps. Especially those sexy feet, as they moved from step to step. I was biting my lip and couldn’t wait to touch them again. Once I snapped out of my trance, I followed upstairs behind her. As she walked to where I presume the bathroom was, she pointed to a door on her right.
"That room is mine, I'll see you in a few minutes Joe" She said in a seductive voice.
"I'll be waiting cutie. Be sure to wash up those feet real good" I replied.
She giggle and proceeded into the bathroom without saying another word. As the door shut I instantly heard the shower turn on. Since she was already nude, there wasn’t the usual pause before you heard the shower start. This made me wonder how much recovery time I was going to have. But there wasn’t much I could do about it now, so I went into her room. Once the door was open, it was a typical teenager room. Filled with CDs, Video Games, Makeup and the dolls from her childhood placed everywhere. Also posters of the famous TV or rock stars she considers hot on the walls. Nothing to fancy about the bed. The blanket was a pink and white variety, the usual for a young girl. I sat down at the foot of her bed, still nude, and waited for her to return while still glancing around at the random objects in her room.
Not before long, I heard the shower turn off. I knew within another few minutes. My eyes would once again gaze upon that sexy body. My cock twitched in anticipation, I was somewhat relieved now, I knew I could get hard again. About 10 more minutes had passed and I was starting to wonder how long it would take her to dry off. Finally after another 5 minutes, Stacy appeared in her room. And I again saw the full frontal of this super sexy girl. My cock instant sprung up. She instantly stared at it and giggled.
"I see that someone is happy to see me, what about the rest of you?"
I chuckled and responded. "Its unanimous, from head to toes" To distract her I wiggled my toes. "What took you so long?" I asked.
"Mmmmm... I washed and dryed my hair too" she said while checking out my feet and manhood.
Even while she was still standing in the doorway I could see her nipples becoming hard.
"Come on over to your bed, what are you waiting for?" I asked
Then she stole a line I had used on her earlier.
"Oh right, I was so busy admiring you I forgot" She said and then giggled.
She swiftly moved to her bed. Rather than sit down she immediately laid on her back in the middle of the bed and spread open her legs. Since I was at the foot of her bed still I had easy access to her feet and a very inviting look at her pussy. I bit my lip in deciding what to do next. Meanwhile she let her intentions known very clearly and boldly.
"Take me now you sexy beast, fuck me!" she seductively commanded.
I decided to tease her and moved my body so it was ontop of hers. I then kissed her lips briefly and looked into her eyes.
"Is that really what you want sexy?" I asked softly.
"YES!! Fuck me now! I want you in me!" She again seductively commanded.
I moved my face down to her nipples and continued where I left off earlier. I suckled on her nipple, taking it into my mouth. My tongue flicked at its tip repeatedly. She moaned and started to take quick deep breaths.
"Oh... I said fuck me.. Not suck me!" She happily moaned.
At this point I did something she was not expecting, I turned by body around, putting us into a 69 position.
"No! Don’t lick my pussy, Fuck my pussy!" She again commanded.
"That's not what I was planning cutie, but maybe some other time" I grinned while looking at my true target. My body moved downwards, away from her pussy and toward her sexy feet. I began to kiss each of her toes.
"OH JOE!!! I love your ideas!" She moaned happily and with my feet right next to her face, she decided to do the same. She used her hands to help guide my foot to her face and she began to kiss my toes as well.
"Oh yeah Stacy! Good girl.. mmmm" I moaned back in delight. Loving the feel of her lips on my toes. It sent chills throughout my entire body. My hands rubbed back and forth along the arches of her feet as my tongue began licking in-between her toes. She instantly did the same to my feet as well, matching my every move. Again I was so enjoying everything. From enjoying the hot taste and soft touch of her feet, to her mouth all over mine.
"Oh yeah Stacy! you love those feet don't you. Your so fuckin hot! I love it!" I said to her.
"YES! I Love your feet and everything you do to mine, you sexy stud! Mmmmm.. you have me so wet I could cum right now!" she shouting back lustfully.
"I know the feeling all to well" I replied back.
My hands rubbed along the heel of her foot in a circulation motion as my tongue licked all along the bottom arch of her foot. I licked from the top of her heel all the way to the base of her toes. Stacy instantly returned the favor. Again sending chills throughout my entire body, this time I was even moaning loudly. I was getting so aroused I could almost cum. I knew as much as I didn’t want it to end, I needed to. I wanted to enjoy more than her feet this time, so I stopped our footplay before I lost all control.
"Oh Shit, I cant take anymore!" I said to her as I spun back around, my body again facing hers. She moaned happily back as if silently agreeing to what I just said.
"Fuck me Joe! Take me now.. Cum in ME!!!" She seductively commanded.
Without much delay I did just that and slid my rock hard manhood into her super wet pussy.
"Oh yes Joe! Mmmm.. I wanted to feel that so bad ever since you first took me!" she moaned back happily.
"Mmmmm... just one thing Stacy. Don’t say cum in me anymore until your ready for me too."
Without giving her much time to answer I started pounding her pussy hard and fast with my shaft. Pump after pump driving into her like there was no tomorrow.
"Oh yes! Take Me... Fuck me, my... god.. Oh yeah!" she moaned out loudly as she enjoyed the hard pounding.
Her breathing instantly started to quicken, even in the brief moments of my thrust she was already building to a major climax. I knew it wouldn't take her much longer. For a brief moment I thought about slowing down, but then her legs wrapped around my body. I could feel her legs and feet against my ass. Her body didn't want me to stop, so I continued on, giving her exactly what she wanted.
"Mmmmm.. Only sluts like hard and fast pussy poundings you know?" I teasingly told her while still thrusting myself into her like a feral beast.
"Oh baby! If I’m a slut...IM YOUR SLUT Only... Mmmm.. FUCK!! I’m so Close!" She replied back in a loud moaning voice.
"Oh your my slut are you? I can fuck you pussy anytime I want?" I asked back still fucking her like mad.
"YES YES, IM YOUR SLUT. I LOVE IT!!!" She shouted back in ecstasy. I could feel her pussy hugging my cock and knew she was holding back her orgasm. But from the sound of her voice I also knew she couldn’t hold it much longer.
"Mmmmm.. If your my slut, do as I command an CUM all over my Cock right NOW!!" I instructed her.
"OH YES JOE!! OHHHHHH FUCCCKK!!! I’m Cumming BABY!!! OH GOD!!! she shouted out very loudly.
I continued to pound away at her pussy even as I felt her walls tighten from her climax. Her pussy juices covered my cock. It felt so good feeling that warm juice coating my shaft.
"Mmmmm.. Yes Stacy! Cum all over my cock you slut you! Mmmmm I love feeling that" I seductive told her.
Her back arched back as far as it could go as she continued to enjoy her climax. My hands rubbed over her cute breasts and nipples while my cock continued to get covered in her juices.
"Oh Joe! You are incredible... Mmm.. I love it!" She said lovingly as she started to catch her breath.
My head moved down to suckle on her left breast while my fingers worked over the other.
My manhood still pumping away inside of her very fast.
"Mmmm, I bet my slut wants more doesn’t she?" I asked
"I will never get enough of you Joe!" she moaned back happily
I continued to pound away at her pussy. My face moved away from her breast and too her lips and I passionately kissed. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths as my cock kept beating away inside of her. Soon my young lover began breathing hard once more so I broke the kiss and pulled back away from her alittle.
"Oh Joe! Baby! you turn me on so easily! Mmmmm..." She said
"Of course I do, your my slut and love everything we do" I replied.
"You know it!" She said in response.
My cock continued pounding away so fast and hard into her. My own body was wanting to explode now as well. To hold out longer, I used the self control I learned over the years to keep the excitement going. Each thrust into her was getting so hard to resist, but I knew she wanted more and wasn’t about to stop now. My chest laid on top of hers, slightly squashing her breasts. I kissed and sucked on her neck while she moaned with excitement as each thrust entered deep into her. Which at the rate I was going, she was moaning at least once a second if not twice.
I was totally lost in the moment, I didn’t care that I was fucking a 14 year old in her own bedroom ontop of a pink and white blanket. All I cared about was that my white cock was inside of a pink pussy and enjoying every thrust so intensely.
"Mmmmm.. you love feeling that hard cock inside your pussy don’t you Stacy!" I asked seductively.
"You know it" she replied and moaned. "I want to be only yours Joe! You feel so good!"
At this point, I also was enjoying it so much, I felt like I was in heaven.
"I only want to fuck you as well Stacy! Mmmm.. I’ve never felt this with anyone!" I said back not even thinking about it before I said it.
"Oh Joe... I Love you! Fuck ME my lover! Cum In my pussy!" she seductively commanded.
After hearing her words and not wanting to cum so soon, my thrust began to slow down, while my body was still tightly embraced with hers.
"What's wrong?" She asked knowing this was the first time my thrusts had slowed down since I entered into her love canal.
"Its too soon for me to cum.. I’m still making you feel good, and cumming more" I replied.
My thrusts started to pick back up again as I started to regain control.
"I don’t care Joe! I’m ready to feel you cumming inside me, I want it NOW!" she seductively commanded.
This stopped my thrusts entirely. My cock stopped while completely inside of her. I lifted myself up and stood up on my knees, without my cock pulling out of her even by a inch. I was so close to cumming from her words that any motion might just set me off.
She looks up at me and again wondered what was going on
"Why did you stop Joe, Don’t you want to cum in me?" She asked curiously
"Of course I do Stacy, Its just.. early isn’t it?" I asked back once more.
Again her words alone almost made me start shooting into her. For the 3rd time she asked me to cum and I fought off the urge.
"I don’t care about the time, I know my pussy is wet and about to have another orgasm, but I want to feel your warm fluid inside of me first." She seductively said.
After hearing that I almost gave into her, but I still didn’t want it to be over so soon.
I think she caught onto this because of my silence. Without wasting another moment, she moved her right leg up infront of our bodies. She then used her foot to rub over my chest. Her big toe rubbed over my nipples. Again my own excitement was becoming to much to contain. She too started to moan again, loving the feel of her feet teasing me as much as I did.
"Oh god... baby! that feels so good!" I said to her.
"I know, I love it so much too! But I know something that could be better" she seductively implied.
It didn’t take me long to find out what as I felt her foot move away from my chest and up to my lips. Her big toe was kissing my lips. Again without much delay I began to suckle on her big toe, followed by the rest of them. She was also breathing hard and moaning loudly to the sensations of me sucking on her toes. This was also not helping my cock, as the pressure was building so intensely. She knew she was getting what she wanted, and timing it with her own building orgasm, she again shouted out in pleasure.
"Cum in my pussy Joe! Sucks my toes and fill me with you CUMMMM... OH GOD I WANT IT SO BAD... CUM IN ME JOE!!!!"
After sucking on her toes and hearing that... I couldn’t resist any longer. Without even taking a thrust, My rock hard shaft still deep in her pussy began to shoot.
"OH STACY!! IM CUMMING!!! OH GOD BABY!!! YES!!" I shouted in pure ecstasy while I enjoyed her foot and pussy at the same time.
"Yes I feel it, I...IM.. Cumming too!! Oh yea!!" After feeling a few ropes in her pussy, her walls hugged my cock tight as she started her own orgasm. This only intensified my own climax. Rope after rope shot out into her. My mouth, when not screaming out, was enjoying her toes.
"OH STACY!! Fuck...Take my cum you slut! Oh yeah.. you wanted it, you got it...Mmmmm" I said to her while my last rope shot out into her.
"Oh I am! I love it... OH YES!! I’m Cumming so hard.. OH JOE!!!" she said as she continued to enjoy her climax.
After my last shot, I laid my body back down ontop of hers, my cock still inside her cum filled pussy. My hands rubbed her body all over. We both laid there trying to catch our breath and enjoying the afterglow.
After a few moments, I started to softly kiss her body all over. Her breasts, shoulders, neck, & cheeks all felt my soft loving kiss. My hands meanwhile rubbed over her sides, hips, and tummy. Feeling her body was so incredible especially now. I decided I wasn't leaving this bed. Then I thought about the fact that I just had an amazing orgasm and didn’t even thrust to reach it. I decided to share that thought with my new young lover.
"Mmmmm... You realize we both just had a orgasm without thrusting to get to it?" I asked.
"Mmmm... No other guy could make do that but you." She said in response.
"I agree. Your amazing Stacy!" I said softly back. That was the only way I could reply back.
As we both snuggled up in her bed, we both started to drift off to sleep. I knew there was no way I was leaving this sexy body tonight. I pulled the blanket out from under us and covered our bodies up with it. As we laid there snuggled together in the bed, we faced each other. A very close embrace. We then looked into each other eyes for what turned out to be the final time that night. Her eyes then closed for a long time, but then reopened.
"I Love you Joe" She said softly then closing her eyes again
"I love you to Stacy" I said softly back "Sweetdreams cutie" Then I too drifted off into sleep. A peaceful sleep that I haven’t felt since moving away from home.
This day was perfect and one that I hoped wouldn’t be my last.
I knew also this day carried a great risk of getting caught, but after tonight I no longer cared.

The Sun rose the following morning, and the next chapter begins. ;)

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