Megan marries Brandon and becomes pregnant with his baby. Later, she meet one of Brandon's old friends
Megan awoke, feeling Brandon spooned up against her back, his thighs pulled up against hers, his rock hard cock sliding up inside her body once again. His free hand was draped over her naked ribs, gently massaging her breasts. She giggled, still drowsy from sleep, she asked quietly, “Mmm. That’s nice. Didn’t I take care of that for you last night?”

Brandon, breathily said, “Sorry sweetheart, I can’t seem to get enough.”

Megan purred, “That’s okay, honey, you can have all you want and feel free to come back for more.”

Megan arched her hips back allowing him easier access to her pussy. She loved the feel of his hard shaft up inside her tummy, sliding against the walls of her honey hole, as Brandon liked to call it. She thought ‘What a wonderful way to wake up and face the day.’

Brandon continued to gently hump her rump, and Megan began to feel her own passion grow. Brandon, wanting to make sure she got what she needed during the encounter had moved his hand down over her hip and started rubbing her swollen love button as he slid himself in and out of her hot, wet hole. In just a matter of 4 or 5 minutes, he had her trembling giving way to out and out quaking as her climaxed washed over her. She still couldn’t get over the wonderful orgasms she had while making love to this gentle wooly man.

As soon as she felt her orgasm ebb away, Megan began to feel the familiar throbbing up inside her tummy, against the walls of her vagina, as Brandon held himself firmly against her bottom. She knew he was pumping his semen up inside her belly, bathing her cervix with his hot, lumpy semen once again. She loved feeling him pulse inside her; she love him filling her with his seed. What she was wondering whether she was going to tell him yet; whether or not she would tell him that she missed her period ,or would she wait until she was really sure.

Periods, since the lights went out, were a total pain in the ass. If she was pregnant, she wasn’t going to miss her monthly cycle at all. In the winter months she used any rags she could find to stuff up between her legs, and in the spring, summer, and early fall she found it just as easy to walk around her campsites bottomless, letting the viscous mucus and blood drain where it would. She would just clean up at the end of the day. Actually, just letting things flow was preferable to some of the rags she used. Some of them were just gross looking even after washing them out.

As far as her missing period, she was already starting to feel sick to her stomach in the mornings; her boobs were getting tender. She actually had to ask him to be gentle her breasts a couple nights before, he was always gentle, only with the onset of the breast sensitivity it wasn’t quite gentle enough.

Megan had been with Brandon now for nearly 6 weeks, and it had been the most blissful time of Megan’s life. Brandon was always a gentleman, even when Megan wasn’t always a lady. Over the last three years, Megan had been raped twice and killed 3 men -- maybe 4. Two of them up close and personal with her large hunting knife. Megan had eaten some of the grossest thing imaginable to stay alive, yet here she was. Megan had a choice to get tough or die. She chose to be tough.

Yet with Brandon, she felt she could be like a school girl again. That is if she could count the AR-15, Glock 17, and her Judge (a Taurus pistol that shot 44 Colt, a rifle round) as part of her curriculum. The weapons were her constant companions. Brandon insisted she stayed armed.

She was amazed how Brandon could set her heart a flutter, and now she was likely to be pregnant with his baby. She couldn’t think of a man in her life who she wanted to have a child with more than Brandon. She wanted to give him that gift -- the gift of new life.

Brandon had told her 2 weeks ago, that prior to the 1500s, marriage wasn’t any business of the church or state. Two people were married when they said they were. There were marriage ceremonies among family and friends, but it wasn’t necessary. The act consummating the relationship was considered by all to be the marriage ceremony necessary between a man and a woman. Megan remembered vividly staring into Brandon’s blue eyes and saying, “Well, I guess we are married then, my sweet husband.”

Brandon had grinned from ear to ear and responded, “Yes, I guess you are right, my darling wife.” Megan was still amazed on how quickly the two of them fell in love. The first time Brandon and she made love, they professed their love for each other.

Since the first time, her and her new husband would entertain themselves throughout the evening hours, discovering all there was to know about each other’s bodies. For instance, she knew that Brandon had two little scares from when his appendix was taken out with a laparoscope when he was 20 years old. He knew she had a small, quarter sized birth mark that looked like a tigers head inside on her right thigh, and she had a fairly large mole just above her areole on her left breast.

Although they had countless evenings of splendid love making, during the day they were quite busy with the business of survival. Checking snares, tending the garden, looking for recent game sign, and the ever constant vigil watching out for aggressive strangers, or worse roving gangs of marauders.

Most of their garden had been planted and the cool weather crops were coming up. Brandon had put up a 6 foot tall fence around the garden spot to keep out the growing deer population. It wouldn’t due to nurse their fledgling plants along just so a deer could wonder by and have a spring snack. Snares worked wonders on the occasional rabbit that tried to come under the fence.

Brandon had shot and killed another deer the week before, and they spent several days butchering the beast and smoking and drying the meat. They gorged themselves on venison roasts and steaks for several days while the meat was still fresh. Megan could hardly remember such bounty.

Megan knew she was putting on weight, she wasn’t quite the skinny waif she was when she first sneaked into Brandon’s shelter. She looked in the mirror noticing that she had grown to be a woman over the last 3 years while trying to survive. Gone was the girlish looking lithe body, it was replaced by a lean full figured adult body. She smiled when she studied herself in the mirror, she liked how her body had filled out. She even secretly hoped she would a little fat on her bones, but that would never happen, not since the lights went out.

With Brandon finishing up inside her tummy, Megan rolled over and snuggled into Brandon’s waiting arms. She felt so safe when he held her, safety she found was worth million dollars. That was provided millions were worth anything. Over a few weeks, Brandon had become her everything.

She decided she would tell him. She smiled and said, “I’ve got something to tell you, Brandon.”

Brandon looked worried, he asked, “You haven’t decided to leave have you?” That would be his worst nightmare. To finally find someone after what happened to his wife, Elizabeth, and then have Megan up and leave. He would be crushed.

Megan giggled, the sound of it was like music to Brandon’s ears. She demurely said, “Um, I think you’re going to be a daddy.”

Brandon was speechless, it was the last thing he expected, but something he totally welcomed, “You mean? You are? You might be, um, pregnant?”

Megan gazed in his eyes, looking for signs of rejection, and not finding any, she smiled, “Yes, I missed my period two weeks ago, I’m starting to feel sick in the mornings, and my boobs are tender. I really don’t know much about being pregnant, but I do know those are pretty good indicators that I am.”

Brandon startled the girl when he let out a loud, “Woo who! I’m going to be a father!” Megan’s heart began to soar, she loved how excited her man was. She was going to give him a child and he was delighted. She couldn’t believe how much she loved this gentle soul.

The two of them got up and walked to the creek naked, well as long as you don’t count the ensemble of weapons. They went down with a bar of soap between them to have their morning bath. They took turns standing guard while the other bathed.

Megan relished the feel of soap bubbles, as they scrubbed away the dried on cum on her bottom. She sat down in the cold water after she scrubbed their love making off her pussy. She loved that she had soap to help her vagina smell fresh and clean. Finally, she lathered up her hairy underarms and splashed cold water under her arms to rinse the soap off of them off. Megan was going to use her razor sharp hunting knife to shave her arm pits for Brandon, but he insisted he like her with hair instead. So she left it alone.

Finally, Megan took the soap and washed out her pageboy hair do. Brandon had helped her cut it , so it would look nice. She had worn it long in her previous wanderings just because she never thought to cut it. She found the shorter hair was easier to manage, and looked fairly attractive too. For Brandon’s sake, she didn’t insist on cutting it even shorter. It would have looked silly anyway, having shorter hair than her husband.

Their objective for the day was that they were going to do the tedious task of making sure that all the trip lines were in place and working. This was their early warning system at night to tell them that they were being invaded. Megan knew first hand that they worked well; they almost caused her to have her brains blown all over the wall inside the shelter when she had been the invader. They were rigging them for the campsite instead of the bunker.

In the afternoon, Brandon wanted to upgrade their campsite, a quarter mile from the shelter, where they would spend the rest of the spring, the summer, and early fall. He was going to use his axe, adze, and plane to construct a table. Up until now he didn’t see a need, but now that Megan had joined him, married him, he was going to do everything he could to make her life comfortable.

Brandon had a good start on the table, and had set up their summer shelter, a large worn tent, by the time they quit work that evening. Brandon had gather up dead grass and laid it out under the tent’s floor, so sleeping in the tent would be more comfortable.

Megan had spent the afternoon with a bow-saw, gathering up and stock piling firewood. She hunted down dead fall and smaller dead trees to cut up, wood that wouldn’t be green, and therefore wouldn’t give off much smoke when burned. At Brandon’s direction, she cut down a group of smaller live trees so they could dry out over the summer and become firewood for the winter, or the following year. They would also stock up on cords of wood for the bunker, to use during the winter.

Finishing up, Brandon and Megan made a half mile round trip to the shelter to bring Brandon’s sleeping bag, his supply of blankets, and her two old warn wool blankets back to the tent. There would be a lot of supplies they would move to the campsite from the bunker, but all they needed for the night was the sleeping gear.

With the blankets spread out on the floor of the roomy tent, and the sleeping bag laid out for a cover, the two lovers stripped down to their skin to crash for the night. They had started their relationship by sleeping in their underwear, but soon they discovered that the clothing would never stay on, so why bother.

As the couple settled in for the night, they began to kiss passionately, something Megan couldn’t get enough of. But, after a while, Megan decided she was going to give Brandon a treat. She broke their kiss and started to kiss down his body. She planted wet, warm kisses on his chest, and took some time to suck on his nipples. She discovered her man liked it when she would suckle his man boobs.
As she teasing his nipples with her tongue, Brandon exclaimed, “Damn, I love when you do that. It really feels nice.” Megan giggled.

After Megan spent a minute or two on Brandon’s breast, she moved down, heading for something else to suck on. She planted wet kisses on his ribs, his diaphragm, his flanks, and then she reamed his belly button with her tongue, then she giggled. The entire time, Brandon was getting hard anticipating her next move.

Finding herself down at Brandon’s waist, Megan grasped Brandon’s hard shaft and started kissing it from top to bottom. She tried something new, she took his scrotum into her mouth and sucked on one testicle at a time. Brandon moaned out, thoroughly enjoying the sensation. Next, Megan pulled his sac up and used her tongue to lick him just under his scrotum. Brandon gasped out, “Oh hell! That feels great!”

Megan kissed back up his shaft, tickling him with her tongue as she went. Once back out to his tip, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to work her tongue into the small slit at the end of his cock. As she started to run her tongue around its head, applying a light suction.

Ask she began to pleasure him, Brandon tugged on her hips, pulling them towards his head. Megan figured out what Brandon had in mind, so she carefully lifted her knee over Brandon’s neck so she could straddle his face. He reached up and pulled her down into onto his mouth. He lifted his head just an inch, and started to kiss her fur covered lips, brushing over her full labia with his mouth. Brandon could feel Megan tremble in her thighs as he started to give her attention.

Megan and Brandon had never pleasured each other in a 69 before. But, she decided that it was going to be added to their regular routine. She was having difficulty concentration on sucking him right. Her pussy was on fire from the attention Brandon was giving her lips. When he pulled her labia into his mouth to suck and tongue them, she let out a low moan around his shaft. After 6 weeks, she still couldn’t get over how glorious it felt to have her pussy eaten.

Megan started to take Brandon deeper into her mouth as she began to let him fuck her mouth. He was rocking his hips each time she slid her mouth down on him. She was applying just the right amount of suction and tongue play to quickly bring on his ardor. He couldn’t get enough of Megan’s fellatio.

Brandon wasn’t the only one coming to a head. Megan could feel that wonderful pressure starting to build deep inside her vagina. Everything he was doing to her pussy was taking her that much closer to a magnificent orgasm. Her thighs were already shaking and trembling. She knew as soon as he spent any time at all on her clitoris, she was going to pop.

Megan felt Brandon slip fingers up inside her honey hole. She loved it when he would finger fuck her as he licked and sucked on her clit. His fingers worked in and out of her at a quick pace, pulling out copious amounts of her love juice with them. She could feel her whole bottom getting wet; some of it was even dripping down onto her naked thighs. She couldn’t help herself, her hips started to hump his fingers, causing her love button to slip up and down over his mouth, making it near impossible for him to suck on her clitoris. Instead, he just teased her with his tongue as her button became a moving target.

Megan went on autopilot, as she felt her passion grow to a crescendo, feeling the tiger ready to attack inside her vagina, she bobbed up and down on Brandon’s shaft out of habit. As the Tiger leapt, Megan screamed out in her pleasure. Her vagina spasmodically began to contract around Brandon’s fingers, as wave after wave of pure ecstasy poured out through her body. Her thighs shook like an earthquake, and the ripples of delight caused her to collapse on top of Brandon, his cock sliding up beside her cheek as she gasp, moaned, whimpered, giggled, and grunted. It was one of her best orgasms yet.

Brandon wasn’t about to let her off easy. He doubled down on her clitoris and at the same time started to massage her ‘G’ spot, just behind her pubic bone. The sensation for Megan was out of this world! She continued to express her pleasure verbally as wave after wave of a rolling orgasm consumed her.

After making sure that Megan came over and over again, he moved his mouth to her pussy lips just over her vaginal opening and started to lap up her copious cum. There was a lot of the sweet, lovely nectar to take in. He swished it around in his mouth as though he was wine tasting. Brandon loved her tangy, sweet juices after she came.

As Brandon was sticking his tongue up inside her opening, essentially fucking her with it, Megan took his cock back into her mouth and aggressively began to fuck him with her mouth. It only took him 20 or 30 seconds and his licky lap job came to an abrupt halt as he gasped out, moaned, and started to cum in Megan’s mouth.

Megan liked the taste of Brandon’s cum, almost as much as he enjoyed hers. It was not salty as all her high school friends claimed. It wasn’t gross, like her best friend Angela Cole claimed. It was pretty bland tasting with a bit of an organic, maybe even metallic, taste. The worst part of it wasn’t the taste, it really was the texture. It was like okra slime, the awful vegetable her dad made her eat. It usually came out kind of lumpy too. Like a great big loogie in her mouth. Fortunately, it normally started to liquefy fairly quickly.

Not that she had to suffer the texture long, as soon as a squirt of his semen would hit her mouth, she would swallow it down. It went down easily, sometimes too easily. But, of course there would still be a lingering aftertaste after she was finished.

With both of them sated for the moment. Megan climbed up into Brandon’s welcoming arms. The two of them would kiss for a moment and pull back so they could stare into each other’s eyes. Megan treasured the reassurance she found, and Brandon marveled in the sparkle her eyes gave off, telling the man of her unbelievable happiness.

They caressed each other’s soft, warm skin as they took the time to enjoy the intimacy of the moment. The only thing that could have made it better was not to have the need to have their rifles and pistols within arm’s reach as they loved each other.

Megan added a gentle stroking of Brandon’s flaccid cock to her caresses. It was time for them to consummate their relationship, yet again. As he began to get hard again, Megan whispered, “I want to sit in your lap.” She loved it when they fucked that way. It was even more intimate than doing it missionary style.

Brandon sat up, his hard shaft sticking up at a 45 degree angle. Megan got up and scooted up into his lab, her whole naked body pressed against his. She relished the feel of her hard nipples rubbing against his chest, as her breasts pressed against him. She reached behind her bottom, and pulled Brandon into her sweet spot, and she slowly lowered her sopping wet pussy onto his shaft.

As his cock penetrated her, she savored the feeling of him stretching out her vagina, filling her need, making her whole. It had only been since that morning since she last felt him inside her, but it always seemed like a new experience each time he completed her.

Megan just sat on him as long as she could, as she luxuriated in the feel of fullness, letting their bodies and souls join in communion. She knew she would have to act before too long, or Brandon would begin to shrink. But, she had learned to time it so she could get the maximum amount of time sitting on him before he would begin to diminish in size.

When it was time, she started to grind on him. She rocked her hips forward and back, and from side to side. In doing so, she felt Brandon stiffen up again, as his needs were beginning to be met too. By doing the grind, she could still maintain that feeling of fullness. Eventually, she added a bit of bobbing up and down to the mix, so she could bring both Brandon and herself to another fabulous finish.

Since they had both been pleasured to the point of orgasm, they we able to take their time, fucking gently, letting their bodies slide against each other as they made sweet love. Megan’s passion grew as their parts slid against each other. The walls of her vagina were extra sensitive during the love session.

Megan felt her lust grow as Brandon’s cock did its part to appease the ache in her bottom. She felt her climax rise like a phoenix from the cold ashes of her previous rolling orgasm. It washed over her like a flood, making her body shake; pure delight pulsed throughout her body. Then it slowly dispersed, leaving her completely fulfilled.

A couple of minutes later, she felt the now familiar throb as Brandon’s cock began to erupt like a geyser. She felt the warmth of his semen as it once again bathed her cervix.

With them both getting what they needed, they just sat together for a while holding each other. Megan softly crying tears of pure joy against Brandon’s chest.


Not feeling particularly tired, the couple laid together under the sleeping bag. Megan asked, “Brandon, do you know what happened?” She was referring to what caused the lights to go out. She knew it was from an EMP, an Electro Magnetic Pulse, because her father told her before he and her mother were shot dead on a road just on the Indiana side of the border with Illinois. She had no idea what an EMP was though.

Brandon, who had been an intelligence officer with the US Air Force said, “Well, you know about the EMP. That was a coordinated attack between North Korea and Iran. Anyone in the Intelligence field could have told you that they were acting as a surrogate for Red China.
“But to really understand, you have to look at what was really causing the tension between the superpowers. In 2005, the world was at a critical juncture. The production of regular ‘sweet’ crude oil had reached its peak, and went into a decline. Instead of causing a collapse of economies as some expected. It caused a sharp spike in oil prices that caused the ‘great recession’. So we started tapping into unconventional oil sources like tar sands and shale oil.

“It was though by the Obama administration that shale oil would cure our oil needs well into the future. Only, there was a dirty little secret that Bush, Obama, and Clinton ignored. Oil wells created from Fracking, or breaking up the shale to allow oil to seep in, was wonderful for the first year, but after the first or second year, production would drop to only 10 to 15% of the initial new wells production level.

“This meant that they had to keep drilling more and more wells to meet the still growing need for energy. Only, they were hitting all the high productive fields first, slowly the bright future began to dim. Fortunately, natural gas made up for some of the need. Hillary’s policy of converting semi-trucks to nat gas was making a difference, and helping take the pressure off of oil. But, it wasn’t doing a lot of good for China, another large importer of energy.

“Not to harp on my political preferences too much, the best thing that happened was Hillary was voted out of office after her first term. Her career was killed by the energy recession. That’s how we ended up with Thomas Carver as President. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of time to reverse the deep cuts that Obama and Clinton made to our military. It left us weak, and vulnerable to the very attack that took us, and the rest of the world down.

“Iran and North Korea, acting under the Chinese umbrella, launched missiles from cargo ships off both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. When the nuclear weapons detonated high up in the ionosphere, just at the right altitude, the energy was magnified the same way a laser works. The resulting pulse of electromagnetic energy instantly fried any electronic equipment not protected by a faraday cage. It also overloaded the power grid, frying any electrical device connected to it at the time. The pulse hit power panels so quickly and so hard, that circuit breakers were too slow doing their jobs.

“In response, President Carver launched an all-out nuclear attack against the two rogue nations. In addition, knowing we were crippled to the point of taking decades to recover, Carver took the only option he had open to him. He launched EMP attacks against friends and enemies alike --putting the whole world on an equal playing field.

“China and Russia, both seeing the EMP attack as an overt aggressive action, launched missiles at the United States and its allies. The US, the UK, and France unleashed an all-out nuclear response.

“Even though we had an anti-ballistic missile safety net in place, it was only about 50% effective. So, our entire military was nearly wiped out as military base after base was destroyed. Army bases that survived, broke down with race riots. Blacks rising up against their fellow white soldiers. Washington DC and New York city were both reduced to rubble.

“Cyber-attacks took down what few computer networks that were left standing after the EMP flood. Civilian networks were all fried with the first EMP salvos, so all the markets ceased to exist.”

“You saw the result of the panic and chaos after the lights went out. Cities became blood baths, people killing each other over loaves of stale bread. The cities went through their food supplies in a matter of days. Those who stayed, which as far as I know were estimated to be around 80 to 90 percent, starved to death.

“A lot of people perished from radioactive fallout. I was up at Whiteman AFB when the shit hit the fan. I deserted. I knew it was just a matter of minutes or hours before the base was turned into a patch of glass. Our B2 bombers went out, but would never be coming back to the demolished air base. I just barely avoided being caught in the blast that wiped out the base. Fortunately, I wasn’t facing it when the bomb went off, or I would have went blind. I had trouble seeing for days as it was.

“The only military presence surviving the day long war was in Hill AFB, Utah; Joint Base Lewis/McChord, Washington; and Barksdale AFB, in Louisiana. Army units surviving, from what I understand, simply dissolved after the race riots, taking all their small arms with them. Without oil, heavy weapons became giant paperweights.”

Megan laid by Brandon with her mouth open, “There was a nuclear war? I didn’t know anything about it!”

Brandon said, “Well, unless the fallout got you, or you entered an area that had been a target, there would be no reason for you TO know.” Then he continued, “The radiation from fallout dropped to background levels after about a month after the war, so other than the cesium in the soil in the affected areas, almost the entire country became safe to wonder around in. As long as you stay away from the destroyed military bases, you should be pretty safe from radiation.

“The real danger was from the release of some biological weapons. Fortunately, they were designed to affect locals, and not to spread disease among the population. The only exception to this was a Russian attacked against NATO with small pox. So far, that disease has stayed in Europe. If it was to come to America, it could kill 80 to 90% of those exposed out of those who haven’t been immunized.

“The biggest danger to everyone now is the roving bands of neo-military groups, who rape, pillage and plunder everywhere they go. But, now that there are the fiefdoms, they aren’t being as successful as they were initially. They began to be starved out. I haven’t seen a roving band or gang in well over a year.

“From what little I’ve gleaned, the fiefdoms are now fighting one another, vying for what little resources are left. As long as they keep fighting each other, they are no danger to us here in Sherwood Forest. I love the Ozarks.

Megan looked at Brandon in horror; she whispered in a shaky voice, “So, there is not chance in hell of a recovery.” It was a statement, not a question.

Brandon said, “Well, from what I gather, there is the Nation of Deseret, what used to be Utah. The Mormon’s and their food storage saved their bacon. They have their entire national guard and the F-16’s from Hill AFB to defend themselves with. I heard they were buying up small arms and ammunition by the truck loads. They even recovered 6 or 7 C-17’s from McChord AFB.

“The other thing I heard was that they had oil wells operating on their eastern border with Colorado. So they have diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel to assure their existence. They are the largest confederated group of people left in the world as far as I know. Thank God they don’t believe in proselyting with the barrel of a gun.

“That said, from what I’ve heard, they have become a sanctuary for religious types from all over the country. From what I understand, the Salt Lake City area has doubled in population over the last 3 years. As you might have guessed, they are ruled by a democratic theocracy.”

“It’s even said that they have their electric grid back up and running. They’ve been buying up electric devices that are still in working order by the box cars. They even have the trains up and running between them and eastern Idaho. The Snake River Basin is their bread basket.

The only other large groups of people I’ve heard about are Burlington, Vermont; Key West, Florida; and Medford, Oregon. Each of those communities has been able to get their hands on weapons enough to defend their semi-democratic communities.

Megan looked at Brandon with wonder, “How do you know all of this stuff?”

Brandon said, “A lot of it was my job in the Air Force. Information about after the war, that was from my Ham Radio.”

Megan bolted up into a sitting position, exposing her breasts to the cold air. She exclaimed, “You have a ham radio! Why haven’t I seen it?”

Brandon shook his head, a look of chagrin on his face, “It burned out a key component a year ago. It hasn’t worked since. I don’t have a replacement component.” Then he added, “I packed it and my antennae up and it’s in the storeroom.”

Brandon studied Megan’s face, he finally asked, “If something ever happens to me, promise me that you will try to make your way to Salt Lake City. I want to know you would be safe if I’m not around. Will you promise me that?”

Megan thought about it, being around a bunch of religious zealots really didn’t appeal to her, but the safety in numbers did. She said, “Yes, I promise, but nothing is going to happen to you. Don’t even talk about it. Don’t jinx us.”

Brandon made a zipping gesture across his mouth. “I have your promise, enough said.”


Megan and Brandon were just getting back to the campsite after spending most of the day tending the large garden. Megan was bent over to stir their evening meal, a venison stew, which was using up the previous summers potatoes and carrots that had been stored in Root Cellar that was just east of the bunker.

Both Brandon and she jumped when a loud voice yelled out, “Hello in camp!” Both of them scrambled to grab their ARs. Brandon yelled out, “Advance and be recognized!” Then he added, “Keep your hands up where I can see them.”

A big burley man came walking up to the camp out of the brush to the north. He had his hands in the air and a big smile on his face. He belted out, “Brandon. You old goat! How the hell are you?!”

Brandon set his AR against the bench and walked towards the man, “Dustin! You must have learned to use a can opener, you haven’t starved to death!” Brandon wrapped the other man in a bear hug as the two men pounded each other on the back. Brandon stood back, “I see you’ve been getting along pretty well.”

Then remembering his wife, Brandon turned to Megan and said, “This is Megan; she’s my wife.” Dustin walked over and took Megan’s hand and kissed it. Megan noticed that he was checking her out from top to bottom. His ogling was making her just a bit uncomfortable.

Dustin turned to Brandon with a look of real concern, “What happened to Elizabeth?”

Brandon scowled, “I trusted the wrong guy, and the son-of-a bitch shot her, he was about to shoot me too, but I beat him to it. I fed his ass to the coyote’s”

Brandon turned to Megan, “Dustin and I go way back. We started building our shelters about the same time. We both belonged to a survivalist group that used to meet up in Branson.”

Dustin put his hand on Brandon’s shoulder, “Brandon here is one of the smart ones.” Dustin’s statement implied he was one too. He continued, “Brandon knew enough to use the landscape to hide his stuff.”

Brandon asked, “So, how had it been for you and Melissa?”

It was Dustin’s turn to grimace, “She died from an infection. She cut herself with an axe and it went septic. She died two years ago. I’ve been going it alone ever since.” Then he started gawking at Megan’s body again, “So, how long you two been married?”

Brandon smiled, “She tried breaking into the bunker about 7 weeks ago, and we said our vows just recently.” He didn’t feel it was necessary to tell his friend about her being pregnant. He really didn’t have a need to know. Then Brandon asked his own question, “So, what brings you down this way?” Dustin’s shelter was a good 30 miles to the north.

Dustin scowled, “Well, someone raided one of my caches last fall. It seems they toted it away, almost 5 miles, during the winter. It was my biggest collection of food. I’m out trying to track the varmints down. It seems that whoever they were, they headed this way. I suspect a small group. To move all that stuff that far, it almost had to have been.” Megan felt the blood in her face drain.

Brandon said, “Well, Dustin, other than Megan, I haven’t seen a soul around here, that is until you dragged your sorry carcass in here.”

Megan offered, “Um, would you like a bowl of stew?”

Dustin grinned at the girl, “I sure would, you cute little filly.” Brandon noted the familiarity and the glances the Dustin had been giving Megan. He was going to have to watch his friend. Friend or not, his number one priority was to protect Megan.

The three of them sat around the fire eating two large bowls of stew each. Megan though how wonderful it would have been to have a couple rolls to go with it. Without any viable yeast, those were out of the question. Later, when she wasn’t so tired from working, she would try her hand at making baking soda biscuits.

Megan just sat back and listened to the two men chat amiably, bringing each other up to speed with what they had been doing over the last 3 years. Brandon invited the man to spend the night in the large tent, but Dustin pointed to north, “I have a campsite across the creek about a quarter mile downstream. I just felt like since I was in the neighborhood, I would drop in to say howdy.”

Brandon invited, “Well, you’re welcome to hang around for a few days, before heading back.”

Dustin shook his head, and while staring at Megan’s breasts, he said, “No, I think I’m pretty close to finding the rats who took my cache, I’m going to keep following as long as I can, if I catch up with them, they won’t be long for this world.” Megan tried hard to keep her breathing nice and even. The man was talking about her.

Megan took the man’s bowl when he had his fill; she took all three of their bowls down to the creek to wash them, leaving the men to chat about old times. She was happy that Dustin was going to be moving on, he was giving her the creeps – Brandon’s friend or not.

Dustin had left about 8:00pm, just as it was getting dark. There was a full moon, so no need for a flashlight. All the batteries had been used up years ago anyway, so there wasn’t reason to have a flashlight anyway. Brandon still had a four of the self-generating lights left, after starting out with 12 originally.

That evening, after another wonderful session of love making, Brandon recounted to Megan how he and Dustin had collaborated on how to build a proper shelter, and what things to stock pile. Brandon had given Dustin the idea to cache supplies, so if he was to get raided, he could retreat and still have the majority of his stored supplies available. Dustin had given Brandon the idea of the trip alarms. Megan tried her best to look interested.

After three days after Dustin’s visit, Megan started to relax. She knew she was the person that Dustin was trying to track down, and he seemed to her to be a vengeful man. She would hate to run across the man alone. She was sure he was the same kind of individual that she had been running across as she tried to survive over the last 3 years, a man who had gone feral.


It had been a week since Brandon’s friend visited. Life had gotten back to normal, meaning working from sunup to sundown to prepare for the next winter. The goal was to not have to tap from Brandon’s stored supplies, to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining. Every year, Brandon was getting closer and closer to that goal.

Brandon had been working on clearing another meadow up the creek from the campsite where he could till it up to grow winter wheat. He figured an acre would grow all the wheat Megan and he would need. He was hoping to grow enough to use to barter with some of the other survivalists in the area. He had Dustin in mind when he came up with the idea. He knew of at least a half dozen guys he knew back in the planning days, all within a 30 to 40 mile radius.

Brandon decided while he was working the field, that Megan and he could divide and conquer; he asked her if she would go back to the bunker and do a wall to wall inventory of their equipment and supplies. Megan had agreed to do the job, and after breakfast she headed for the bunker.

Brandon grabbed up his fire-axe and headed for the clearing. As he walked, something was bothering him; something was making him feel uneasy. It was the same intuition that had kept him alive and well for the last 3 years. He was careful not to get so absorbed in what he was doing that he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around him. Later, he would take a break to go check on Megan and remind her to always be aware of what was going on around her.


Dustin, who had looked for nearly a week came to the conclusion that the trail had gone cold. Trying to follow someone weeks later was tough, it taxed his tracking skills to the maximum. But now, there was no trail to follow. That meant only one thing, Brandon’s new flame was his sneak thief. If the little tart thought she was going to get away from stealing from him, she had another thing coming, and he knew exactly what that thing was going to be.

The man had circled back and had been watching Brandon’s camp site for a full day. He was looking for an opportunity. On the morning of the second day, that opportunity presented itself; he was ready to make his move.


Megan was inside the bunker, she had found a pad of paper and a pencil and had started her inventory. As much as she loved Brandon, the alone time was absolutely splendid. After being alone for much of the last few years, she was comfortable with herself as her own company.

She let herself do a little woolgathering, she daydreamed about the marvelous job that Brandon had done between her legs that morning. He had driven her to another rolling orgasm, which caused her to writhe in ecstasy for a good 4 or 5 minutes, before she had to call him off. Brandon had a magic tongue.

Megan was feeling her panties getting wet just from thinking about it. Brandon sucking, kissing and licking her lips. The feel of his ministrations to her love button was heavenly, especially when he added a ‘G’ spot massage to the mix. Megan was subconsciously contracting the muscles up inside her vagina as she reminisced, which in itself was adding to her arousal.

She had most of the major items in the main room identified, she moved over to the chest of drawers to start counting clothing items. To her delight, Elizabeth had been just a size larger than Megan, so she inherited a dozen pairs of jeans, and even more pull over tops. The real blessing was that she was able to swap out her entire panty collection. Her old ones were really on their last legs. Having new panties to wear was superb. The panties were the one thing that fit her spot on. She save her old panties to use up the next time she started having periods.

With her mind on the inventory and her morning sexual interlude, Megan didn’t hear the man ghosting his way into the shelter. She was taken totally by surprised when she heard the hammer of a Beretta 1911, 45 caliber pistol cock. She spun around to see her nightmare come true. It was Dustin and he had the pistol aimed at her center mass.

Dustin smiled and said, “Well, well, well, I’ve found my little thief all by herself. You know, you stole over a years’ worth of my supplies.” He grinned lewdly at Megan as he continued, “Now, you’re going to pay up you little tart!”

Megan asked, “What do you want Dustin?” She was careful not to challenge him, giving him no reason to fire the weapon.

Dustin grinned evilly, he retorted, “I’m sure you can figure that out. Now, nice and slow, I want you to take your clothes off.”

Megan trying to win the man over to her side asked, “Is that all you guys think about is having me strip? That’s what Brandon did when he intercepted me in the bunker.” She knew it was a mistake right after she said it.

Dustin’s smile faded and he said, “You were trying to steal from him too. Right?”

Megan defended herself, “The bunker looked empty. Your cache, I found by accident. You can’t blame someone trying to keep themselves from starving can you?”

Dustin leered at the girl, “I can, if they’re stealing from me. Now get those things off, or I’ll just shoot you and move on.”

Megan grimaced and tried her trump card, “You don’t want to do this, you know Brandon is coming right back.”

Dustin said with a low nasty chuckle, “No, he’s not, he’s hard at work clearing a new field. I have you all to myself.” He waved the gun at Megan again, indicating she should get on with it.

He indicated her middle, he said, “First thing you’re going to do is slowly take out your belt, without coming anywhere near that pistol you’re wearing. Once you have it off, I want you to toss it across the floor”

Megan thought, ‘Well one down, several to go.’ Slowly, she started to disrobe, not that she was worried about being naked, but she didn’t want to spook the man and end up dead. She also wanted to conceal her little stash of extra weapons she had on her body.

Megan asked if she could sit on the bed to undo her boots. Dustin said, “As long as you keep your hands in plain sight the whole time, sure.” Megan quickly untied her combat boots and tossed them to the side. She stood up and pulled her pink pull over top, a gift from Lizzie, and tossed it onto the bed, next to her jacket. She smiled weakly, knowing that inside the jacket was her trusty, razor sharp hunting knife. She would try to keep her clothing within reach, so she could use her weapons when the opportunity arose. It wouldn’t be the first time she killed a man as he was raping her.

Next, Megan unhooked her bra. Freeing her breasts, drawing the man’s attention to her pink areole and nipples. Thank goodness, the man was fixated on them, it made it easier when she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She reached in the waist band, pulling the jeans and her panties down together. She was hoping that the panties would help conceal her Judge she had tucked in an in-the-belt holster she had running down her butt crack. To her delight, his eyes were on her boobs and her pussy. He totally missed the weapon. If she got the chance, she was going to use the Judge to dispatch dear old Dustin. She hated rapists, and the judge was a perfect cure to a disgusting human being.

Megan was able to roll her jeans as she picked them up, totally concealing the nasty gun.

Now standing naked, Megan knew what was next. He would make her lay down, then he would climb between her legs and he would lose himself inside her vagina. The only thing she was grateful for was that her daydreaming had really moisten her up, so it wasn’t likely to hurt when he shoved himself inside her.

Megan’s plan was that when he got to the point where he was ready to climax, she would have grabbed her gun or knife, and she would do the son-of-a-bitch in.

Standing by the bed, Dustin commanded Megan, “Turn around.” When she complied, he told her, “Okay, I want you to bend over the bed and put your hands flat on the mattress.”

Megan moved to comply, cussing the whole time in her head. The guy was too smart by double. He knew with her back to him, she couldn’t do shit, even if she did come up with a weapon. She liked it much better when they just climbed in the saddle.

Megan felt Dustin’s finger as he reached in under her butt cheeks and he ran his finger through her pussy lips. He chuckled and said, “Well, well, look it here. The slut is all hot for me! Good, I haven’t had a good piece of ass since my wife died. If the stupid bitch would have been more careful with the damned ax, she would still be alive and wouldn’t need to soil myself on a tramp like you.”

Dustin reached down and unbuckled his belt, and unsnapped, and unzipped his pants. With a good tug, his trousers dropped down around his ankles. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He moved up behind the little vixen. He ran the tip of his hard cock between her wet lips, coating it for the plunge. With the pistol still in hand, he made his move.

Megan felt him rubbing himself inside her lips. She was grateful that she was still so moist from her daydream. Then she felt him center himself in her vaginal opening and then he pushed. As much as Megan had prepared herself, steeled her emotions, the quick penetration still took her breath away. She gasped as Dustin sank his cock clear up inside her belly.

Megan wasn’t afraid, even though she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he would kill her as soon as he finished up inside her. She wasn’t humiliated, she had been raped before and knew that she would live through it. What she was, was angry. Angry at the rapist for taking something that didn’t belong to him, angry at herself for not paying attention to her surroundings, most of all angry that she had been outsmarted by the slimy bastard. So, Megan stood there, bent over at the hips, as the awful man pounded away at her backside. Fucking her for all he was worth. At least it didn’t hurt.

The man seemed to fuck her forever. Then she felt him pull out. She knew he hadn’t gotten off yet, so she was a bit perplexed, until she felt him slide the tip of his cock up against her anus. She thought, “Son-of-a-bitch, I’m going to sacrifice another form of virginity to a rapist bastard.’ No sooner did she think it, and Dustin pushed.

Megan gasped out, he didn’t slowly work his way in, he just pushed and he popped through. He slid all the way inside her rectum and up into her colon. She gasped, it felt like she just passed a turd after being constipated for 3 or 4 days. The fact that her asshole wanted to clamp down on the invader just made it hurt that much more.

Megan stood there, tears forming in her eyes from the pain, willing herself to relax her sphincter as the man started to pound his cock into her ass. Any other time, with Brandon, taking it easy, she could have been turned on by the novelty. But with Dustin the Rapist, it was just something to endure. Megan was seething with hatred.

As she felt Dustin begin to throb inside her colon, his hips jammed up against her cheeks, Megan knew that the end had come. Not only the rape, but soon it would be her life. Megan regretted that Brandon would come in to find her lifeless body. She knew that it would destroy her husband, to have a second wife murdered by someone he trusted.

Dustin just held himself inside her until he had filled her with every last drop of his semen. He stood their inside her ass until he shrank inside her. Only then, did he pull his cock out of her anus.

Dustin chuckled, “Well now, that was just delightful. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for you to suck me clean. I need to finish up business and get back to my lair.”

Megan said, “You won’t get away with this, you know. You kill me, and Brandon will hunt you down.”

Dustin laughed, “That won’t be a problem, after finishing with you I’m going to take my dear old friend out. Eliminate the threat, and move on.” Megan felt Dustin’s hand on her butt, and he shoved her forward onto the bed. She fell without an opportunity to get to her clothing making a futile effort to get to a weapon. Dustin pulled up his pants and quickly snapped them so they would stay in place. Then he crawled onto the bed, placing a knee in the middle of Megan’s back.

He held the gun up, aiming it at the back of her head and said, “Say goodbye, my little thief. Time to turn out the lights.” Then the room was filled with a deafening explosion. For Megan, everything went black.


Megan slowly felt awareness, as she thought to herself, ‘My God, there is an afterlife! I hope it’s a lot better than the one I just left.’ Only, she felt pain. Her ass still stung. And, where Dustin had his knee in her back, ached. She wasn’t supposed to feel pain in the afterlife, was she?

As she became more and more aware of her surrounding she could barely hear Brandon’s voice. Through the ringing in her ears she could hear him screaming, “MEGAN! MEGAN!”

Then she opened her eyes, and there was Dustin. Laying right on the bed beside her. Only his eyes and most of his nose was missing, replace with a big bloody hole. Megan quickly climbed onto her hands and knees, and threw up.

Apparently, she just fainted.

Once she gathered her wits, she whipped around and there stood Brandon, with a smoking AR-10, a .308 caliber rifle in his hands. He was loudly asking, “MEGAN, are you all right?” Megan wailed and quickly jumped off the bloody bed and threw herself into his arms, the rifle clattering to the ground. She cried, and cried. Brandon just stood there holding her, telling her everything would be alright.

Megan was resilient, she didn’t let another rape get her down. She was just happy she was alive, and that Brandon had showed up to save her life. Brandon swore to her, that he would never trust anyone but her ever again. Megan told him, “Sweetheart, don’t be silly, you can’t go through life that way. Where would I be, if you thought that way about me?” That still didn’t lesson Brandon’s guild of leaving her alone, allowing her to be raped by a guy he knew and trusted.

The next day, Brandon was able to make dinner for Megan, she was going to get a taste of his self-proclaimed famous coyote stew.
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