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Charles got more than he bargained for with this girl.
This is my first story, I hope you guys like it. If you want a continuation then let me know in the comments below.

(Charles was a regular college student, who was hoping to complete his dreams, but there were obstacles in the way, and some of them were regrets he would have later in life. He met a girl online and decided to visit her, but this girl gave Charles more than he bargained for.)
My name is Charles and I am just a regular part-time college student with ambitions to get a good job and live life. I will say I am not athletic, I am somewhat chubby, but I do have a nice 7 inch monster waiting below. Anyways, I had just finished my first year of college and was on my way to the second next year, summer had come fast and I was ready to get out and just meet a lot of people. I am 19 years old, but I will say I act so childish. My girlfriend was right by me and she went to the same college, but I told her I was visiting a friend in Georgia. We didn’t have a sex life because she wanted to wait till she was ready, but there were a few close calls where we made out and just wanted to continue, but her morals stopped her. Besides my girlfriend and college, I was working full time at a tech business that paid real well, I had a lot of money to go blow, but I saved it for the trip to Georgia. The boss said I could take a week off because I had recently fixed a lot of problems with the company and he allowed me to take a paid week off on his expense.
Time passed by quickly and that Sunday the week I was off, I flew out to Georgia to meet this girl I had known for years. My girlfriend said bye, my parents were like “stay safe”, and my friends could care less. The flight was quick and that night I bought a hotel room and just slept. Monday arose fast; I got up at 7 AM and just chilled around. A text came from the girl, whose name is Sarah. Sarah had straight brown hair, b-cup tits, and a small ass, but it was developing and I could see her having c-cups before it was over. She had the greatest blue eyes that looked crystal, her body was skinny with extra fat in many places, she wasn’t plumper or anorexic, she had that fat that made her look thick. I was 5’ 11” while Sarah was 5’ 3”. I was not attracted to Sarah, but she did look nice that she could get any guy she wanted if she tried.
Sarah’s text read “Come over today”, Sarah’s parents were out of town as they were both on business trips, it’s not like I was going to do anything, but I guess she wanted to be alone with me. Red flags popped up in my mind, but I would run if she tried anything. I hopped onto a bus and made my way to the suburb she lived at; first stop was Waffle House to smash an All-Star breakfast. After finishing breakfast, I got onto the bus and went to her suburb. Sarah lived in a nice two story house; after I got off at the top and walked a couple of blocks I saw the house. Her parents were rich as I could tell, but I just walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. Sarah opened and popped into my arms giving me a hug, I could smell the fresh perfume of Michael Kors on her and she held onto me after I let up on the hug. Sarah was wearing a nice floral sundress that complimented her really well, she had a nice set of legs, but I didn’t let any of those sexual thoughts get to me. “Come in Charles” Sarah said and I went into her house. It was tall and somewhat spacious, she led me to the kitchen where I sat down and we talked for hours about random things.
Chilling for hours and talking, we went out into the town to see what was up, we went to the mall just to hang out and chill. I met some cool dudes who were DotA 2 players, and I hooked up with them on Steam. It became 8:00 PM and I told Sarah that I’m going, she was hanging with a friend name Bethany so I thought she’d take Sarah home. “Oh no Charles you can stay at my house”, I thought why not I hadn’t found a hotel yet. After talking to Bethany, Sarah then led me back to her house with confusing directions, but we made it. Going through the front door Sarah closed it and locked up, she had to do it every time at night since her parents were away. After locking up, Sarah led me to her room upstairs and she had a queen size double bed. Sarah locked the door and I just looked at her in the eyes, she winked and gave a seductive look and said “Charles, tonight you play my games”. “If you do not abide by my rules you will be thrown into jail”, and the rules were
• That I could not move my hands to do anything to Sarah.
• I had to do as she says
• If I did anything against her, she would call the cops.
I thought to myself, “That fucking bitch, she is 16 and she decides to go against me”. Sarah was going to play with me and there was nothing I could do to stop her, I couldn’t call, I couldn’t move, and I just had to do as she said. “Now Charles, remove your clothes and get on my bed NOW!” She loudly commanded, I did as she said stripping my shirt, shorts, and my boxers. I made my way to the bed and laid on the side getting fully into it. The covers were already removed so I could see my body and the sheets, Sarah smiled at me and then looked at my cock, she moved her arms and grabbed my nuts with one hand and my cock with her other hand. She fondled my balls, and pumped my cock as she was masturbating me off. She was gentle with my twins, god I was so turned on, I didn’t want to get raped by this girl, but I had no choice. Precum started leaking out and Sarah removed her hand of my balls and aimed my cock into her mouth. Sarah licked the tip and smiled at me, I could just watch, I couldn’t do anything to stop this. She then started engulfing my erect monster into her mouth, for a 16 year old she gave blowjobs pretty well I thought, I could feel her tongue swirling at the tip and her breathe was so warm on my penis.
She sucked and started getting the whole 7 inches into her mouth, after a while I was going to cum, I grunted I was cumming and Sarah let off and smiled. She went back down and took the cock in just warming me up. Seconds later I shot load after load of white seed into her mouth and she swallowed whole, “Ah yes, fresh college cock, just what I wanted” she cooed and smiled at me again as I was gripping the bed sheets because I couldn’t do anything to stop her. After a half hour of rest, Sarah got on top of me and started kissing, she forced me to make out with her or else, I just tried to kiss and enjoy it, but all I could focus on was what Emily, my girlfriend was going to think. My cock was getting hard again and Sarah felt it, she then got off of me and pulled off her sundress exposing her blue panties and black bra. “Now for part 2 of the games” she seductively smiled and then got back on the bed to go on top of me. Sarah straddled me and humped my cock, I felt her panties being so wet, she was definitely tuned on, but I learned a self-technique to not cum. The blue fabric rubbed my cock off and I also felt Sarah’s inner thighs from my cock. After 30 minutes, I had not cummed because of my technique, and Sarah said “Well, if you play hard to get I’ll just go easy”. Sarah reached for my cock and tried to rub it off, but I was able to not cum. “Playing hard Charles? There’s only so much you can do”. She pulled off her bra and her panties; I saw the 16 year olds nice body, but I was able to hold my cum in. Throwing her panties and bra at the corner of the room, she then straddled me but she aimed my cock away from her slit which was freshly shaven. “Do you like what you see?” Sarah said and then moved in to kiss me more. I was so turned on, but my technique had not failed me and as long as I could protect my virginity I was fine.
Sarah then grabbed my cock and aligned it with her pussy, “this’ll be easy”. I cried out, “PLEASE GOD NO!” I was actually crying from this, “awww baby want his bottle?” Sarah pouted and then moved in slowly to engulf my cock in her vagina. I felt the pleasure of her tight, very wet, warm canal and just held on to try and not cum. Sarah then started to ride me and said “Charles, give it all give it all, Sarah is the dominate here, you are my slave” . Her vagina felt so warm, moist, I was still holding it in, and I mastered my technique from masturbating to practice. But then a wave of pleasure hit me hard “Ah, ah” Sarah was orgasming, I hit her g spot as she rode me. Her vagina gripped me hard and just started pulling my penis and it was enough to let me cum. “NO, PLEASE NO”, “PLEASE GOD, NOOOOO”. This was it, I just cummed inside of Sarah’s vagina, the white fluid of mine was draining away forever into her. Sarah laughed; she laughed crazily and said “Like I said, you can’t stop me”. She just kept riding my cock, I just lost my virginity to this 16 year old bitch. But, I moved on, Sarah thrusted on top of me one more time and got off. My girlfriend I thought, it was over, I wanted my first to be with Emily. I knew not to trust Sarah, but letting my guard down killed it ultimately. “Charles, you were good” Hahaha she laughed, “But you know that I am the master”. I was humiliated, and I couldn’t speak.
I got up out of the bed and put my clothes on, Sarah tried to stop me but I pushed her away and then said “You may have won today, but you messed with the wrong mother fucker”. Sarah just laughed and I walked out of the room to go to the hotel. I would plot my revenge in part two, I was going to get back at Sarah, and she was going to regret this. I went to the hotel and slept to tomorrow, but before I went to bed I looked up into the sky and laughed maniacally. Everyone has a weakness, and Sarah’s weakness would not be hard to find.


2014-04-06 14:43:57
Could do better. Less self-involved narration for one. It smells of neck-bearded silly notions of what sex is and who it belongs to. In other words, juvenile.

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fuck u a dota player as well....XD

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fuck u a dota player as well....XD

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2014-04-06 13:19:12
fuck u a dota player as well....XD

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You made me sext up

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