Yolanda is on a mission to the moon to recover a comet. However she sees something else that caught her eye.
Yolanda's star ship landed. A salvage operation on the moon. The earth's date was 3004, and she was part of a New America Agency, 'Building a Better America for you and me'. A comet had crashed on the moon and it was her job to check it out. The moon was a restricted surface unless one had reason to be going there. Yolanda was a bit more then just surprised when they asked her to go. She took the job immediately. She had already picked up the comet with her ship. On the bottom of teh wide ship is a claw that is to pick up debris and large objects in the way and store them on the ship.
But her reason for landing in this particular area was obviously not the comet.
No, she spotted a ship. An old green oval with a large antena and setting on four legs. there was a big ugly door on it and a small circular window. It was old, unseasonably old. On the side of the craft was a red crossed hammer and sickle.
"Soviet Union." she mouthed, a finger on her soft light watermelon lips. Her hair was shorter and didn't even touch her shoulders. Freckles crossed her face like a line of blush. Her skin was fair and her hair was an unkempt but straight, a stawberry orange that got a little darker towards the middle. Her eyes were a solid but crystal like, light green. She had a small stature and a thin chin. Her legs were thin but they were firm and tone. Her waist was narrow, however hourglassed to fine wide hips.
"An LK Proton Lander. A Soviet design from the early space program of the Soviet Union. Wow... I can salvage some real valuable parts from that vessal, But first I half to make sure someone didn't already reap it or if it has contaminates." she said with a soft American adapted Irish accent voice.

Yolanda slipped into her SFO (Scientific Field Operations) Suit. A suit made with a airtight skin tight material made to resist heat and plasma fire.
The exterior door of her ship opened as all gravity suddenly gave. She grasped the sides of her door and gently and slowly hoped out from the shuttle. She listened to her breathing as her feet crinkled against the moons sandy surface. She put foot print after foot print into the moons ground. She could see the door was closed and there were old prints in the ground everywhere. She climbed the steps of the lander and grasped the circular hatch and began to twist it as fast as the gravity would allow. The hatch came to a loud clunking noise as she pulled hard. The door veered open as she climbed inside the vessal. Entering the lander with a flashlight she saw the old ship. Old yet not abandoned. There, in the pilots seat sat a cosmonaut. Lifeless and skin frozen a greyish blue, his facemask was shattered. His eyes were closed, his mouth wide and wretched his suit tattered baggy and and a worn white. She quickly shut the door and walked to the control panel. She could read Russian and could understand the writing. She pressed a button as the lander powered up with a whirling sound. The lights clicked on as many buttons lit up and gaskets fired up. After a brief scan of the Lander she knew there were no contaminates. She took off her SFO suit and was in her blue skin tight jump suit.
Yolanda saw the life support was good. This man was killed by something. She took off her helmet breathing the old systems air. She turned around and looked out the window for a second having to bend right over to do it.

Dead frozen eyes pryed open as black frozen marbles for eyes stared wildly. It stared at the curves before it that made it's frozen man hood rise. Its joints cracked folding its knuckles into balled fists before releasing.
The human turned around and to the undead monsters surprie it was a she. It knew those curves couldn't belong to a man. It was amazed. It didn't expect a woman to be in space. Especially with such gear, and such a beautiful woman she is. Rich hair, soft delicate skin, clear eyes, good looking tits, a nice round butt, the Irish sort. She started forward right by him going towards the engines. The creatures hand suddenly shot out and grasped her arm.

Yolanda yelped looking over at the dead Cosmonaut. The dead man who was somehow holding her arm. She could feel his frozen fingers through her suit. She could see his frozen purple hands and fingers. She breathed hard and in complete fear, her eyes were like a rapid animal who had been cornered.
It's mouth closed slowly with several cracks and snaps. It's evil black gaze stared her up and down. She couldn't think though. She was parlyzed with fear. It slowly began to stand up, A growling hiss forming from its mouth. Her breathing was fast and shallow as it towered her a good foot. its other hand reached over to her other shoulder pulling her towards it, to be standing face to face with it. She sat there staring up at the monster, her lower lip quivering as the ships whirling just kept circulating. Its face turned to a visage of terror as it roared viciously and it grasped the front of her collar with both hands he ripped her jumpsuit clean open. She screamed once in fear as her breasts became exposed. Her chest was covered in bold freckles like the ones on her face, Her large melon like breasts had dark toned nipples. The undead Cosmonaut quickly grasped one of her tits and fondled it viciously, He began to suckle to other one.
She didn't know how to react, his hand was rough and frezing, His teeth were like flints of steel on her breast and nipple, his tongue were dried out and as course as asphalt.The undead Russian soldier had rage and anger in those cold black eyes. He worked her gentle body with savagry. Her weapon was on her SFO suit which laid on the floor of the barely functional antique. A frozen slowly melting hand slid down her chest down her delicate stomach and further down. Yolanda's eyes closed, her head tilted back in a humiliating pleasure. Her privates ached, they were on fire infact. Her lips were soaked, she had streams of warmth in her finger tips that ran her body. Rythmes of sensation made her move. She wanted to feel a hard cock inside of her. She wanted to just give in. But right now she was a a mess of broken moans and gasps. The creature was so powerful with a grip like steel. A broken moan shrieked suddenly feeling the cold thawing fingers rub between her tight, soft, dripping, lips.
Her eyes gentely closed calming down. It's tongue danced around the nape of her neck, cold breath crossing her prickled flesh. Her hands slowly made their way through the undead fiends tattered suit. She could feel its frozen flesh, she felt its member under the the tattered clothing. It was stiff and cold but not frozen. Her hand started to work the shaft, the old flesh giving way easily in her hand. She used her other hand to grasp one of the lower tatters, closer to its privates. She pulled hard as the faric tore. The creature didn't seem to notice still mauling over her body. Clasping teeth to one of her nipples, the other hand was either rubbing her soaking pussy or grasping the other breast. She had her mouth open lazily as a gentle moan strummed forth. Her hand was jerking the creature off with a quickened pace now.
The undead monster roared fiercely. It spun her around as she screamed in fear thinking this creature would end her by the instensity of the bellowing yell. It shoved her against the circular window of the landers door, the zombie Cosmonaut grasped her hips with long ratty fingernails digging into her meaty hips pulling her lower half toward it.
She screamed in fear, cried out for help from anyone and anything. She screamed for it to stop, her face pressed up against the glass uncomfortably, her screams echoed loudly within the lander yet not even a half foot away was the void of space. The cold, the emptiness, and even worse no one that could hear her screams. No one to save her. It didn't matter if the lander was surrounded by soldiers, in space, no one can hear you scream.

The creature grasped it's long hard member, it stared greedily at the sexy young girl before it. One hand was on the ceil of the circular window she was pressed against, the other hand was against the door. Her back made a large arch, her long slender legs popped her sexy butt into the air, her juicy round hips and butt made the withered creatures dry tongue became wet with hunger and anticipation. It lifted its hand and smacked down on her right ass cheek sending a jiggle through her cheek and partialy her thigh. It squeezed her ample ass using its other hand to shove its thick member into the girl smooth looking and milk white pussy that dripped with a sweet musky aroma.
Its undead cock pressed against her tight little snatch. It actually grunted into to force its phallus into the girls pretty pink pussy. Yolanda gave a closed mouth moan biting her lower lip and squeezing her eyes shut. She felt the fat head of its cock spreading her soaking lips trying to get inside of her. But she didn't fight it. If there was a chance to escape this alive it was through pleasing this monster, for it could've surely killed her by now. She pushed her hands against the window, her ass rose further into the air as she slowly impaled herself on the fat cock. It gave a low exhale of what she could only assume was pleasure. She felt teh cold hard cock push and push, centemeter by centemeter it entered her her wet pussy. She gave out a long low moan. The undead man suddenly sprung into life. It's pelvis began pumping back and forth.
Every pump of its cock was followed by a gentle "uh-uh-uh" from the small redhead. She veered her head by letting out a high pitched moan. An orgasm washed over her body as the unrelenting assault continued. It's pelvis smacking into her and making her sexy butt cheeks jiggle with every pound. Grasping a head full of her hair it began to bang her harder and harder. Soon another orgasm riveted through her body with contorted moans that were being mixed up with her breathing pattern. Orgasm after orgasm hit her as her vision began to go blurry. The large member was still a very tight fit inside of her, it made the sex feel amazing. She began to grind the monsters cock.
"UH-UH YES! UH! FUCK ME!" she cried out, hair in front of her face, her legs began to quiver and shake. It pounded into her tender pussy again as another scream was stolen from her lips.
It pulled out for a moment. It was long enough for Yolanda to turn. She immediately got to her knees and shoved the monsters big dead black skinned dick into her mouth. She shoved all the way into her mouth and down her throat. The undead grabbed a handful of hair pulling her off of its cock. It looked down staring at her, she panted looking at him with puppy eyes a sting of saliva arched between her bottom wet, shimmering lip, and the head of its cock. It shoved its member back into her mouth violently humping her face. She could feel the furosity of the large cock being forced down her throat. She gagged a few times and made a near choking noise everytime it pumped into her mouth. She wasn't getting air with the creature going so fast and her vision was getting blurry. Suddenly it just pushed her head down on its cock as hard as it could. She gagged as the cock remained in her throat for a few moments, her eyes beginning to flutter to the back of her head. It pulled her head back as she gasped for air. It picked her up by the waist bring her over to its seat. It sat down setting her on its upper lap, its cock between her thighs. One arm swept underneath her thighs and lifted them and her legs suspending them in the air. The foul undead fiend smiled wickedly. It placed its cock underneath her drenched and fucked pussy. It went lower and began to press its head on her little virgin asshole.
She wanted to scream, but she didn't want to give this monster the satisfaction. She instead turned her head and kissed the zombie. Her tongue flickered and rolled with its black dry tongue. It cock buried itself in her tight little butthole. Her ass was warm and slick. It slapped her ass as she lifted her legs straight into the air. The only thing on the undead creatures lap now was the sexy little girls ass that it was impaling with its phallus. The fiend pumped again and again brutally and savagely fucking her tight butt hole. She gave moans of both pleasure and pain feeling the full length of this fat cock siding inside of her ass, the creature squeezing her ass cheeks together over its cock. It lifted her off its cock suddenly and threw her to the floor. She gave a quick scream before landing harshly. Her head on the ground, her ass in the air. The undead mans cock quickly dove back into her asshole. She cried this time. Tears fluttered her face as it rammed her naughty hole again and again.
The Cosmonaut rammed gave three very quick rapid pumps before a final one that had it cumming cold semen in her warm ass. It pulled its cock out and pressed it between her two ass cheeks squeezing them together the zombies member exploded into black cum all over her back and ass cheeks. She got to her knees turning around, her SFO suit only feet away. She wrapped her lips around the cock, tasting her delicious pussy juices on it and its black cum which didn't taste half bad.
She stood up with a hand behind her and backing up to the door.
The zombie looked at her angrily. Its intentions unclear she simply stared at the monster. It roared once taking a step forward. Yolanda suddenly pulled a pistol from behind her.
"One step and I'll blow your fucking head off." she warned taking the pistol off saftey.
The creature didn't move. Infact it sat back down eyeing her almost curiously.
It could understand her. She could tell in its dead, dull, orbs that it stared at her with.
She slowly put her SFO suit back on and opened the door back to the moon. She stepped outside still staring at the undead cosmonaut.

After she was outside she shut the door and ran, as fast as the atmosphere allowed, back to her shuttle. She got inside and went through the nessessary steps to get into her ship. Feeling violated, and humiliated she sat in the pilots chair looking out. The moon, a lifeless, dull, dead rock with alot of craters. She looked at the LK Lander. She engaged the ships weapon systems and locked on to the Russian Lander. Yet, she hesitated when her finger was about to destroy the Lander.
"I wonder if I took it with me to a space station if I might be able to... study the creature. Yeah... In private... with no preying eyes. Just me, and the cosmonaut. Besides." the Irish girl said to herself, "It's kind of fun being violated."


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it's a well written story from my point of view and it should have a follow up

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