The second chapter i discover the wonders of masturbation and the pleasure i get from the touch of other boys bodies.

Summer time and my parents had sent me off to stay with my aunt and uncle at the beachside caravan park where they holidayed each year.
I was actually happy to be away from the family, these days i liked to spend my time wondering what each guy I saw looked like naked. It was an obsession.

Looking out the window the morning after my arrival I first saw him, young, shirtless and about 16,my age.
His beauty was striking. A mass of thick black hair, deep jet black eyes, and skin so golden brown and silky smooth, with every muscle of his small frame so clearly defined.
Again, I couldn’t help but wonder what was under his shorts?
Was his cock as stunning as he, did he have pubic hair, was he circumcised or not?
I made up my mind then and there that before I went home, I would find out.

I waited by the window in my swimmers for what seemed like ages until finally I saw him leave for the beach. Quickly I rushed out so I could walk with him.
By the time we reached the surf I knew his name was Andrew, he was Spanish and lived about 20 miles from my home.
We swam, played and at every chance I got I touched his skin, touches that sent shivers of electricity through my body straight to my groin.

Walking back for lunch he suggested we have a shower to wash the salt off our bodies.

“We can both use this shower so you don’t have to wait”, he said.

Although we showered in our swimmers I could still see the outline of his cock and the roundness of his ass showing through. I so wanted to touch him, to remove his pants and play with him, to run my hand all over his body but I was scared and didn’t want him to panic and run away.

We spent the next few day’s together, swimming, playing and exploring the walking tracks beside the river that ran into the sea next to the park.
I was absolutely besotted by him.
He was all I thought about.
Walking far upstream one day Andrew said we should explore a little used track.
When we were in quite deep and far from anyone he turned to me.

“Would you show me your dick if I asked?” he said.

Finally this was my chance. “Only if I can see yours”, I replied.

Slowly he pulled his shorts down until his cock sprang out.
It was small, rock hard, about 5 inches in length with a foreskin that completely covered the head, and as brown and beautiful as I had imagined. He stepped out of his shorts and as he did I first glimpsed his ass. Little, tight and perfectly formed. I reached over to touch it.

“No you promised I could see yours”, he said.

Without a word I dropped my pants to reveal a nice 7-inch uncircumcised erection with a tuft of red pubic hair just above and tight balls hanging beneath.

“Shit, that’s huge. Can I touch it?” he said smiling.

“Together”, I said.

Standing naked facing each other I grabbed his cock and my heart quickened as I felt the smoothness of it and his tiny balls. I ran my hand up and over his rippling stomach, across his shoulders, down his back, over his perfectly formed bottom and back to his cock again. I squeezed, it was harder than anything I’d felt before and pointing directly skyward. He held my cock in his hand and slowly pulled my foreskin up and down, at the same time pulling me closer to him. After a few minutes I began to feel this tingle that began in my balls and then radiated out all over my body, a feeling of light-headedness and the thought that I was about to start pissing came over me. I wasn’t sure of what was going on and didn’t want to pee on him so I said, “Watch out”.
He looked up into my eyes and just smiled.
The feeling that I had kept building and building, I couldn’t control what was happening, my head was swimming, then my legs buckled and I let out a loud moan as jets of liquid started shooting out of me. I pulled him closer to hold myself up as my balls continued to empty on the both of us.

“Wow that was amazing”, I said, never letting on that that was the first time in my life that I had ever experienced what it was like to cum.

During the next week at every opportunity we got he would do it to me again.
We showered naked together every day from then on and he would masturbate me until I came while I held his cock and ran my hands over his beautiful body.
At the beach in the water he would swim up behind me and I could feel his erection brush against my ass as he pulled my swimmers down and fondled me until I too was hard.
He would drag me into the toilet cubicle when he went to pee, drop his pants to show me his hard on, put my hand on it and do the same to me.
I was in love. I couldn’t get enough of him, his body and his penis, but nothing we ever did repeated the feeling of that first time beside the river.
One day lying next to me on the bed in the caravan watching the television, he grabbed my hand and guided it under the waistband of his small red shorts down onto his hard cock.

Spreading his legs apart and sitting between them I proceeded to work on his cock with my hand, slowly pumping it steadily and rhythmically, drawing his foreskin down and then pulling it back up. Andrew started to squirm. I lifted his shirt and caressed his chest and torso, running my hand down between his legs and inside his ass cheeks. He moaned and squirmed some more, I licked my finger and gently pushed it into his hole, he arched his back and let out a long almost quiet sigh as a long thick white shot of fluid fired out of his cock.
I don’t know if it was from the sheer excitement of what I had just witnessed or not, but I knew I too was going to cum and managed to get my cock out just in time as I began to spray sperm all over his stomach.
I was in heaven, both of us sweating and breathing heavily I bent over and kissed him passionately on the lips.

“I think you better leave now Andrew”, a voice said.

I spun my head to see my Aunt standing in the doorway, purple in the face and angry as hell. Andrew jumped up and ran.
No other words were said and the next day my parents came, picked me up and took me home.
I never saw Andrew again.

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2015-04-22 01:26:58
How embarrassing being caught in the act, but he does sound dreamy.

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