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Wife seduces the pizza guy
This is my second story about Aimee. Our fantasy life progressed from being watched, to thinking up scenarios where we invited other people into the bedroom with us. This is the true story of the first time my wife and I involved someone else physically.

It was around 7pm on a Friday night, and we had planned to go out to a bar and see if Aimee could seduce some guy and get him to come back to our apartment with us. However, we decided it would be better if we did something that countless others have done before us ... seduce the pizza guy. So I ordered a pizza. The guy who normally delivered was about 20 years old, and we knew that he was a student. He wasn't the best looking kid in the world, but he was fairly athletic and seemed to take care of himself, so we figured he'd be a good place to start. I was told on the phone that the pizza would arrive in about 30 minutes, so Aimee jumped in the shower to freshen up. When she was done, we waited.

Aimee was wearing only a towel, because we'd decided that she'd answer the door while I'd stay hidden, pretend that she'd just gotten out of the shower, then she'd let the guy in to get his money and she'd just take it from there. Aimee was nervous, I could tell, but she was also excited and very very turned on. She kept asking if I was sure about this, so I reassured her that I was. Then the doorbell rang. Discussion over. The apartment lights were dimmed, and I went into the hallway between the living room and bedroom to hide. Aimee took one last look at me, then walked to the door and opened it. She peered around it to begin with, I guess to make sure it was the right guy. Then I heard her say, "Sorry, I was in the shower. Come in for a sec and I'll get your money." I hear the door creak open, then the guy stepped in, and the door was closed. From where I stood in the darkness, I could see Aimee cross the living room to the dining area, and I could see the outline of this guy standing near the door. Aimee grabbed the money, then started back towards the pizza guy. As she got there, she held out the money for the guy, saying, "Here you go", and as she did so, the towel slipped away, leaving my wife standing naked in front of this guy who was at least 12 years younger than she was. I heard her squeal, as if it had been an accident, and she bent down to get the towel, lifting it up to cover her body. I couldn't make out the guy's face, but I could tell he was stunned and was staring at her. "I'm sorry," I heard her say. Then he mumbled, "That's ok ... it was nice". There was silence for a few seconds, then I heard Aimee say, "Well, if you'd like, I could show you again." "I don't know," said the guy. "Aren't you married?" I heard Aimee giggle, and say, "That makes it more fun." I then saw her drop the towel again, take the pizza guy by the hand, and lead him to our sofa, where she made him sit down.

Aimee used our remote to turn on some quiet music, then she started to sway very slightly in front of this guy. It was awesome. I could now see his face more clearly, and could tell that he was excited and stunned. Aimee swayed back and forth, then slowly spun in front of him, girating her hips and sticking out her ass. This guy just lapped it up. He sat with his arms at his sides, ogling my naked sexy wife, and I could tell he was really turned on. Aimee then turned and straddled him while he was still clothed, and started to grind up against his crotch. She then took his hands, and placed them on her breasts, and he started to tweak her nipples. She started to moan very slightly. Very soon, her hand was on his crotch, and I could feel her frantically trying to unfasten his belt and rub him at the same time. She finally stood up, pulled down his pants, and before I knew it, he was sitting there naked in front of her. My slut wife was naked with another guy. It was amazing.

Moving faster now, Aimee knelt in front of him and started to suck him off. The guy became a little more animated then, touching the back of her head and I could hear him breathing faster now. Aimee is great at giving head, teasing the tip with her tongue, and she can deep throat amazingly. I knew exactly how good it felt for this guy. After a few, she stood up on the sofa, grabbed the guy's head, and buried his face in her pussy. She started to moan and shake, and I knew she was cumming. She was rubbing her pussy all over this guy's face. She screamed out loud, then pulled away.

She then started to rub his cock, then I saw her squat down, and slowly, inch by inch, his 6 or 7 inch cock (uncut), disappeared inside my Aimee. She moved slowly at first, then faster, and faster, and faster. The guy was now grabbing her ass, sucking her tits, rubbing his hands all over her body. She was fucking his brains out, his shaft sliding in and out of her, making that sopping wet noise that we all know and love, and until finally I saw him stiffen, jerk and arch his back as he shot his cum up inside my slut wife. Aimee screamed and I heard her yell "Yes, fucking cum, yes, I love it!!!" Even after he came, she continued moving slowly back and forth, and he continued to suck on her nipples. Then I heard her say, "Mmmm, you're getting hard again, aren't you?", to which he simply said "Yes", then once again Aimee was bucking up and down on top of his cock, moaning and screaming and saying "fuck me" and "harder" and "yes yes yes" so loud that I'm sure the neighbors upstairs must have heard her. They continued like this for several minutes, with me furiously jerking my cock in the corridor, feeling amazing, watching my naked wife fuck the shit out of some young guy. I finally felt my own relief coming, and I sprayed my cum all over the hallway carpet at the same time as my wife yelled something about the guy filling her with cum, and I realized he'd now cum inside her twice. After a few moments, she slowed to a sensual grind again, then finally popped his dick out, and finished sucking him off, licking him dry of all her juices. She then laughed a bit with him, kissed him, gave him his money, and he got dressed and left.

I came out of my hiding place, and saw that Aimee was dripping with sweat and the guy's cum was dripped out of her pussy. She was out of breath, and her heart was pounding. I was hard again, and I went and sat in the same spot where she'd fucked the guy, and without a word, she straddled me and fucked me until I filled her pussy with my own cum. It was the best sexual experience of my life up until that point, watching my slut wife have some stranger cum inside her, then slap my own dick inside her, feeling how his cum lubricated her. It was a great night, and there have been many more since then.

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One hot dirty slut !!! Lucky guy!
That's good slut is a keeper!

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more more more i love these maybe just a little longer but i still love them

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