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Pru and I take a big step toward our destiny
Chapter 4

They say Irishmen have hard heads and that must have applied to me. I was almost completely healed a week later. That was when Pru asked me to go home with her over the long Patriots Day weekend. Coming from New York I’d never even heard of Patriots Day, but a day off from school would be a relief.

Her mom picked us up around one Friday afternoon for the hour-long trip to her home. She was polite, but distant. She showed me to my room once we had entered the house. “Nice try, Mom—Pat will stay with me, remember. I told you we’ve been intimate so there’s no reason for us to be in separate rooms. If you insist we’ll just go back to school. There’s a nice motel there we’ve come to know well.” I was terribly embarrassed. I’d never speak to my parents that way—not if I wanted to live long enough to see the sun rise tomorrow.

“And how will you get there?”

“I’m sure that Pat has more than enough for a cab.” I did—I was carrying more than four hundred, planning to take Pru and her parents out for an enjoyable dinner. Her dad came home early from work and greeted me warmly. Apparently he was not too surprised to learn that we were sleeping together, nor did it seem to bother him too much. He was interested in how I was finding DU.

“I like it there. There’s a feeling of family…of belonging. We’ve been able to participate in a number of parties and the food is close to a thousand times better than in the dorm. They do make all the pledges work cleaning the house, but to be honest it’s less than I do at home. I’ve learned a lot about the history of the fraternity, but you already know about that.”

“I don’t see your pledge pin. Aren’t you supposed to wear it at all times?”

“I’m sure you know about getting pinned to a girl. Pru has my pin.” Her father clapped me on the back and laughed.

“I assume you did it in the traditional manner.”

Pru opened her blouse to show the pin clearly secured to the inside of her bra. We all had a good laugh as Pru leaned over to kiss me. When I looked at her mother, however, I saw her scowl at me. She clearly didn’t approve. We chatted well into the night until I excused myself to prepare for bed. Pru said she’d join me as soon as she helped her mom clean up a bit. I was upstairs and almost to her room when I realized I had forgotten something. I turned around, but stopped when I heard a rather loud discussion between them.

“Prudence, what on earth were you thinking…getting involved with the likes of him? Think of your heritage…your standing in the community.”

“Mom, you know very well what I think of our so-called heritage. It’s of absolutely no matter except to a bunch of old farts who live in the distant past.”

“Well, it matters to me. Really…an Irish? I don’t like the thought of him even being here.”

“Well, Mother you’d better get used to it. Take a look at me. I’m okay looking, but I’ll never be a model or an actress. I’m ordinary, but I’ve found someone who I love dearly and who loves me. I’m planning on marrying him if he’ll have me. Believe me—I’ll be the lucky one. I’ve never met anyone who works as hard as Pat does. I’ve had enough. I’m going to bed.” She kissed her shocked mother and walked my way. I turned back and was in bed by the time she arrived. Pru stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed with me. Soon she was pressed against my back.

I turned to face her. “For the record…so there’s no mistake or misinterpretation…I love you. I love you more than anything and I believe that I am the lucky one here.”

“Oh, Pat…you weren’t supposed to hear that, but I’m glad you told me because now you know that I’m in love with you, too. We’ve been together more than six months and I know you’re the one I want—the one I’ll always want. I love you, Pat.” As if to make her point she ground her sweet lips into mine. I wanted to fuck her in the worst way, but I doubted I should do it in her parents’ home. Pru had other ideas, however.

“Pat,” she whispered, “ever think of doing oral sex?”

“I’ve heard about it obviously, but I’ve never done it. Why?”

“I don’t think we could actually make love. I’m sorry, but I forgot my pills in my room. However, we could still make each other cum. Would you do it with me?”

“Won’t your mom and dad hear us?”

“That’s why I think we should try oral. I won’t make much noise if my mouth is stuffed with your cock and, hopefully your mouth will be all over my pussy. Don’t you think that will help?” I had to chuckle. Pru was so smart.

“Okay,” I whispered, “what do you want me to do?” She explained and climbed onto my body. I did the same things I had done with my fingers, using my tongue instead. Her mouth on my cock felt similar to her pussy, but obviously not as tight. I licked and sucked, enjoying the taste of her immensely until I shifted my attentions to her clit. Yes, I had discovered and learned about female anatomy. Pru was so hot to cum that a mere touch to her clit brought a massive spasm to her body. She continued to suck me and I felt my orgasm rumble through my body until I blew. I erupted into her mouth and throat. She sucked and swallowed until my cock was soft and clean. She reversed her body, lay her head on my shoulder as she pulled the blanket over us. We found sleep quickly.

Pru and her parents were seated at the kitchen table eating a light breakfast when I walked in through the back door. “Where have you been, Patrick? I thought you were still in bed.”

“Out for a run, Mrs. Devlin. I always wake up early and it’s the best time to run. I went all the way down to the village and back.”

“Why that must be almost four miles! I’m surprised the police didn’t stop you.”

“Actually, they did. The sun was just rising over the ocean when they pulled up next to me. I told them I was staying with you. I think I need a shower before I eat anything. I’ll be back soon.” I walked out and up the stairs.

“What did I tell you, Mom? Pat is a very hard worker. He runs almost every day and usually more than he did this morning. He was the intramural cross-country champ and the Middleweight boxing champ, too. I think he’d be successful at anything he put his mind to.”

“You certainly seem to like him, Prudence.”

“No, Daddy…I’m in love with him. He told me he’s in love with me last night, too.”

“Sure you’re not rushing things?”

“Daddy, we met at the Freshmen Mixer in early September and we’ve been together almost every day since. I’ve lost interest in other boys and I know he doesn’t even look at other girls. He’s also a very considerate lover.”

“I think that’s more information than I really need, but I’m glad you’re happy.”

I walked in, still a bit wet from my quick shower, “What are you happy about,” I asked.

“You, silly—what would you like for breakfast?”

“Whatever you’re having will be fine.” Pru gave me a bowl of Cheerios with some strawberries and a glass of orange juice. We talked with her parents. Her dad was great, but her mother remained distant. It was clear she didn’t like me.

It was a struggle, but they did allow me to take them out to dinner once I explained that I could easily afford it. When Mr. Devlin did ask how I had earned so much Pru laughed. “I play poker every Friday night with five great guys and a real jerk. Every one of the DU brothers hates his guts. He’s not only a snob, but he goes out of his way to insult me every week—‘potato head’ and ‘leprechaun’ are two of his nicer comments so I take him for five or six hundred a week. I learned way back in early October that he does something whenever he gets the cards he needs so I almost always know what he has. I baited him into a side bet—a hundred dollars—and he’s been trying to get even with me ever since. I’ve had more than fifty such bets and I’ve lost three. I threw all three. I wouldn’t want him to be discouraged. I think so far I’ve taken about $10,000 from him. He paid for my tuition this semester and I have enough now for a new car and next year’s tuition, too. I’ll probably play five or six more times this year. I never lose, not because I’m so great. These guys are terrible. They all think that miracles are going to happen on every hand.”

“I have to say, Patrick, Pru was right. You are a very determined young man.”

“Tell them about the boxing match.”

I shrugged my shoulders, but when they showed interest I continued. “I took boxing lessons for eight years when I was a kid. My dad took a lot of beatings when he was young because he’s Irish so he wanted us to be able to defend ourselves. This guy, Martin, bragged about boxing one night at the poker table so I went on a diet….”

“How could you possibly lose weight, Patrick? You don’t look like you have an ounce of fat on you.” It was Mrs. Devlin who asked.

“It wasn’t easy, but I got below the limit for the weigh-in and then I put it back on quickly. We met in the semi-finals and it was no-contest. I pummeled him with jabs to the face and body shots with my right. I probably hit him three hundred times; he didn’t hit me even once. I took mercy on him in the third round, just jabbing, but that won’t happen next year.”

“No, Daddy he and four of his fraternity pals jumped Pat after our date one night. They beat him up terribly but the DU’s got their revenge later that night.”

“Yeah, I had only been with them less than a day and they took care of me like I’d been there for years. When we met for poker two days after the bout he actually told me that I had been lucky. He’ll be lucky to survive next time.”

“I assume you’re a very lucky man, Patrick—to hit him so many times without taking anything from him.”

“Yes, sir I consider myself to be very lucky, but not for that. I’m lucky because I found Pru. I know she loves me as much as I love her. I only hope I prove worthy of her.”

Her dad leaned over to pat me on the back. “I have a feeling you will, Patrick.”

The rest of the visit was better. I felt more at ease. I sat on the floor by Pru’s legs so she could run her fingers through my hair while we watched TV. We went home Monday afternoon and to the motel as soon as we had returned our suitcases to our rooms. We made delicious love to each other three times, completely ignoring our grumbling stomachs. It was after eleven when I finally returned Pru to her dorm. I walked unafraid back to mine.

I couldn’t play softball or tennis for the fraternity; I was just terrible at hitting anything that was moving—except someone’s head. Instead, I ran in the intramural track meet. I signed up to run the 880, the mile, and the two mile—the same races I ran in high school. They also put me into the 4X440 relay which was okay by me. I often ran that in high school, too. I had to show up at the track five times in the two weeks before the meet. I watched the others “working out.” What a joke. I did more every other morning than all the “runners” here at the track combined. I didn’t do much either—I didn’t have to.

My first race was the 880—the half-mile. I started out in the pack, more interested in seeing what the pace would be than anything else. Like everything else with this meet it was a joke. We were on pace to do a six-minute mile. I broke away after the first lap, leaving the other runners in the dust. I finished at an easy energy-saving lope more than fifty yards ahead.

My next race was the two-mile. I had run this in under ten minutes in high school and I thought I could probably win in eleven in this meet. I wasn’t at all surprised to see only five runners. This time I set the pace, running an easy 80-second first two laps. I found that I was running by myself so I continued at what was for me an easy pace. I finished more than a lap ahead. Pru rushed down from the stands to congratulate me and give me some water from a thermos. I was surprised when she led me into the stands—her parents were there to watch. I was really surprised to see her mother smiling. We sat and spoke for several minutes until I had to excuse myself to warm up for the mile.

Once again, I set the pace at an easy 70-second quarter. It was easy for me, but only three other runners tried to keep up with me. There were only two at the half-way and one at the beginning of the bell lap. Now I opened up my stride, not running faster, but running longer. With 220 yards to go I was more than 70 yards ahead. My lead was more than a hundred by the time I cruised around the final turn. Again I loped in to the finish at an easy pace. Pru again came down to kiss and hug my sweaty body. Jack congratulated me, but expressed concern for my well-being. ”Are you sure you can run again, Pat? We don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Jack, I work harder than this in my workouts. I can handle another 440 easily.” They were going to put me first, but I convinced them to run me last—in the anchor. It proved to be a good decision. I took the baton more than forty yards behind. Rather than start at a sprint I began at a steady pace. All my experiences in high school had given me the knowledge to know almost exactly how fast I was running. I began at a 55-second pace, making up almost half the space by the 220-mark. Now I gradually picked up my pace. My body was warmed up again and my muscles responded as I had expected. I opened my stride as I had done earlier. I moved up closer and closer to the lead. Unfortunately, the other runner began a sprint about a hundred yards out that I was able to match, but not surpass. He finished first. I was second, only a half second behind. I wasn’t happy, but I had made up three places in the last lap giving DU enough points to win the meet. Pru and her parents came down to greet and congratulate me. Pru kissed me as she helped me into my sweats. Her father was unbelievably enthusiastic. Even her mother gave me a hug.

“Patrick that was the most incredible display I’ve ever seen. I doubt this meet has ever seen anything like it. I was right—you are the most determined young man I’ve ever met. You should be very proud of yourself.” We walked out together to the parking lot where we said our good-byes. Pru came with me back to the dorm where I showered, once again with Pru’s help and lay on my bed until it was time to get up for dinner. I was welcomed into the fraternity with applause. I waved it off; anyone would have done the same had they been able. The next day everything was back to normal.


It was early May when the pledges were to be officially inducted. I invited my parents and, of course, I invited Pru. We were holding hands when my parents drove up to the dorm. I hugged and kissed them before turning and taking Pru’s hand in mine. “Mom, Dad this is Prudence.” I didn’t have to say anything further. They knew me well enough to know that Pru was special. She released me and hugged first my mom and then my dad.

“I’m so pleased to meet you at last. Pat has told me so much about you.”

“Patrick has told us a bit about you, too. It’s nice to meet you, Prudence. That’s a lovely name.”

“Truthfully, I’m not that thrilled with it. It constantly reminds me that my mother’s family was on the Mayflower. She thinks that’s a big deal—I don’t. I find the whole idea of claiming you’re something special because you were kicked out of your native land and managed to travel in some leaky old tub ridiculous.” My mom laughed and moved forward to hug Pru.

“Come on, dear—let’s talk.” She led Pru away as Dad and I followed. Pru led the way to the fraternity house where we were welcomed and treated to light snack. I introduced my parents to Jack and Paul, the vice president and president respectively. I could see that they impressed my father tremendously. We walked together to the chapel where the induction took place. One of the things I especially liked about Delta Upsilon was the openness. There were no secret handshakes or symbols and men of all races and religions were welcomed to join unlike the Delta house which prohibited Jews and Negroes. I wasn’t Jewish or black, but I hated any kind of discrimination.

We walked back afterwards, Mom and Pru still talking quietly together. We entered the dining hall where we were treated to a luncheon buffet. We ate in the living room and I was surprised when Mom announced that Pru would be invited to our house once school ended. “And, yes, Patrick she can stay in your room with you although I’ll have to go to confession for allowing a mortal sin to occur in my house. Prudence tells me she’s madly in love with you.”

“Yeah, Mom—almost as much as I love her. I’m incredibly lucky to have found her. Actually, she found me way back in Orientation Week.” I could see the surprise on my father’s face, but he had the sense to keep his mouth closed. He knew better than to argue with Mom once she had made up her mind.
We spent a magnificent afternoon. My parents approved heartily of my choice of fraternities and, more importantly, they approved of Pru. We waved as they drove away to go back home. I turned to Pru once they had gone, “What on earth did you tell my mother?”

“Simple, Pat—I told her the truth. She asked how long we had known each other and how we had met. She told me that you had never shown any real interest in any particular girl so she assumed there was something special between us. I told her about your visit to my house and I told her I was crazy in love with you. She figured out most of the rest on her own, including that we’d made love…a lot.”

“I’m thrilled you’ll come home with me, but what will your parents say?”

“My mom won’t be pleased, but I don’t really care. She can be such a snob sometimes and all because of something that happened 350 years ago that she had absolutely nothing to do with. I find the whole thing absurd—really. As bad as she is my grandmother is even worse. I’ll phone my folks and make arrangements for them to take most of my stuff home after exams. I’ll keep my summer stuff to go with you. I’m looking forward to meeting your brothers and sisters.” We went inside to the phone booth and called a cab. Having eaten so much during the day we weren’t hungry…for food. However, we wanted each other terribly. I had no idea how I would survive without her over the summer.

We reached the motel, finding Mr. O’Sullivan behind the desk. “I think we should establish a frequent user plan for you two, you know…like they have at the car wash. Here’s the key. Don’t worry about the charge. It’s on me today. You two must really be in love.” We thanked him for his kindness and walked the now well trodden path to number seven.

I undressed Pru tenderly, stopping to remove my pledge pin from her bra. “Here…I want you to have this one.” I placed my new DU brother’s pin in her hand.
“No, Pat, I want you to keep this one. I’ll keep the other. I like the feel of it against my skin. It reminds me always how close you are to my heart.” She pulled me in for a wonderful kiss. It gave me another idea. Once we were naked we moved together on the bed. I loved the sensation of her skin. It never failed to turn me on. She flipped me over, displaying her strength as she kissed and held me. It was only seconds later that she lowered herself down my pole.

We made love all the rest of the afternoon and well into the night. We were hungry, but only for each other. We showered there in the room, leaving a tip for the maid and taking a cab back to the university around eleven.

I had done reasonably well first semester, earning a 2.8 Grade Point Average with an A, two B’s, and two C’s. Now I hoped to do better, especially with the two C’s. Pru had done much better, with a GPA of 3.6 and since then she had helped me with math, one of my weaker subjects, and with my study practices. We studied together every day and she allowed no fooling around. That would happen later, once we were done. Our studying became intense in May, stopping only for poker Friday nights.

If anything, Martin became more and more desperate as the year came to a close. He challenged me to side bets when he had almost nothing in his hand. Of course, I always had a good idea what he had and I’d never accept a bet unless I was almost certain of beating him. He challenged me three times on our last night before exams, the final time for $500. Playing seven-card stud I figured him for a possible straight or flush when he drew his final card. No twitch meant he failed to pull successfully. Looking at his cards it was obvious he had nothing, yet he baited me, calling me “Mr. Potato Head” and worse. I knew the other guys had had enough and were glad the games were coming to an end. I had two pair, both hidden, when I accepted the bet. Once the money was on the table he claimed a flush, but hid a club behind two spades. Jeff separated the cards, revealing his attempt to cheat. I just shook my head and picked up and pocketed the money. Mike won the pot with three ten’s.

I walked out that night with more than $1500, having beaten Martin for $1200 in side bets. Pru and I studied all weekend and, come Monday we felt we were ready. That week was a hectic time, but when it was over I was more than satisfied. I had earned a 3.2 GPA; Pru had another 3.6. I was so proud of her. She told me she was so proud of me.

I helped her pack up her trunk and carried it to the lobby. Her mom and dad greeted me warmly as I helped load their station wagon. Pru hugged her parents and waved as they left. Next stop was my room where I had already packed everything except my toiletries. My parents arrived about an hour later. We were packed and ready to leave in less than ten minutes. Pru and my mother spoke non-stop in the back seat for the first half of the trip—almost two hours. We arrived home just after six. Holding her hand I walked Pru into our large house and introduced her to my siblings. “Guys, this is Prudence. You can call her ‘Pru.’ Pru this is…Siobhan, Sean, Katherine, and Michael.” Pru stepped forward and hugged each of them, much to the mock annoyance of Michael, aged nine and a girl hater, for sure.

Pru was an only child so being with so many younger kids was a thrill for her. She played with my sisters tirelessly and laughed with my brothers. Siobhan and Micheal—the younger children—wanted her to tuck them in that night. It made me feel great to see her accepted so easily. Of course, I knew why—my mother. She liked Pru so everyone else would, too.

I spoke with my dad the following morning. “Dad, I’d like to buy a car—a new one. Will you help me? I have more than enough to pay for it. Also…will I have to pay taxes on my winnings?”

“How much are we talking about, Pat?”

“I brought $5,000 home with me and I still have another $8,000-plus in my safe deposit box, plus what I paid for tuition and expenses last semester—I guess about $15,000…probably a little more.” I could see Dad thinking. He may have been a plumber without a college education, but he was one of the smartest men I’d ever known.

“Patrick, I’ll buy the car and I’ll put it in my name, but it will be yours to use. You can reimburse me for the cost and the insurance which won’t be much because I’ll add it to my fleet policy with the rest of my trucks and family cars. There will be a record if you pay for it and that record may raise some questions. Putting the money in a safe deposit box was an excellent idea. Had you put it into a checking account I’m sure the IRS would know all about it. There are laws about bank accounts.” We talked for a while about what I wanted. Then he phoned a friend from the Lions Club. He owned a Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership. He could meet with us tomorrow morning at ten. He sold me an Olds Delta 88—a demonstrator with only 3,500 miles on it-- at his cost which I thought was great. It cost me just under $3,000 meaning that I had more than enough for my other planned expense. For this I would need the help of my mother. I told her I’d need the morning alone, but I didn’t tell her why. I knew she trusted me. She kept Pru busy in the kitchen one morning when I told them I needed to buy gas for the car.

We had been home five days and it was clear that my family loved Pru, even girl-hating Michael. I called for a family meeting after dinner. “C’mon Sean…Siobhan, I need you in the living room. It’s important.” I stood in the center of the large room once the entire family was seated. I pulled Pru up to stand with me.
“I asked for a family meeting because I have something to say and do that will affect all of us, but especially Pru. Pru, how many times have I told you that I love you?”

“Lots—almost as many times as I’ve told you.”

Michael interrupted, “Is there going to be any kissing? Eeeew—that’s nasty.”

“Maybe later, Michael,” I replied. “Pru, I think the time has come for me to show you.” I dropped to one knee. Pru’s eyes looked like saucers as she realized what was afoot. Tears flowed from her eyes as I continued, “You mean everything to me—more than everything. I can’t imagine what the rest of the summer will be like without you. I’d like to give you something I hope you’ll accept. Pru, I give you…myself. Prudence Elizabeth Devlin…will you marry me?” Tears poured down her face as I brought the ring from my pocket and placed it on her finger. I’d bought it from another of my dad’s friends. It still cost me more than $1,000.

I gently wiped the tears from her face when I stood. “I didn’t hear an answer.”

Pru chuckled then asked my mother, “Are all men so dense?”

“Yes, Pru…if their name is Hayden. Go ahead and kiss his denseness.”

“Pat, you know how much I love you. The answer is yes and it will always be yes.” She gripped my head and kissed me. It was long and incredibly hot…and, in front of my entire family.

She broke it when we heard Michael. “Eeewwwww. Double eeewwww!”

Pru and I laughed then she knelt and called Michael to her. She hugged him first then kissed him right on his lips, holding it for almost ten seconds. He stepped back, startled. Thoughtfully, he commented, “It’s all right if you kiss me, Pru, but I don’t want any other girls to do it.” Pru laughed and hugged him again then the entire family rushed forward to congratulate us—to hug and kiss us as only a really close family can.

The last one to greet us was Siobhan, my seven year old sister who was normally extremely shy, but who had warmed to Pru immediately. “I know what you and Paddy do in his room at night, Pru—kiss.”

“You’re right, Siobhan. I love to kiss your brother. I do it whenever I can.”

“Prudence,” Mom interrupted, “would you like to phone your folks? I’m sure they’d like to hear the news.” She took Pru by the hand and led her to the kitchen. She spoke with her parents for almost ten minutes then I took the phone for another five. Finally, Mom talked for almost a half hour. I was glad I didn’t have to pay the phone bill.

I knew how much we wanted to make love, but we were also afraid my parents would hear us. To date we’d had some mutual masturbation and oral, but no real sex. Our fears evaporated when we were ready for bed. “Paddy, your father and I have some earplugs and I think we’ll wear them tonight. Feel free to enjoy each other.”

Once in my room, Pru whispered, “I really love your mother.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” I replied as I stripped out of my shirt and shorts. Together, we stepped into the shower. The bedroom I usually shared with Sean had its own small bath with a shower stall, basin, and toilet—the benefits of being a plumber’s family. Sean had willingly given up his bed for Pru. My father had moved them together, tying the legs with sturdy rope so we could be close through the night.

Tonight we held each other under the hot spray. Pru looked up at me then held her ring in front of her face before pulling me into yet another wonderful kiss, the kind of kiss where we could get lost in each other. Reluctantly, we broke it and reached for the soap. I smiled as I applied the foam to her body—over her breasts, her abdomen, her sweet pussy and her ass. She spent an inordinate time washing my cock and balls before we finally exited to dry ourselves. I dried her from head to toe and she did the same to me. I wanted to dry her hair, but she whispered, “That can wait. I can’t.” She pulled me to the bed. She lay back, her legs widely spread. “Put it into me, darling, then I’ll want to try something Debby mentioned.” I was a bit surprised to hear her mention the school slut, but I wasn’t about to argue. I pressed into her slit. She was running juice so in a slow steady motion my cock entered her tight canal. I began to pump when she stopped me. “Lift my legs, Pat and put them on your shoulders. That’s it, now lean forward so we can kiss.”

“Won’t I hurt you?”

“No, silly—I do stuff like this all the time—not the fucking, obviously, but in yoga and gymnastics.” I took her word for it, but moved forward slowly until our lips met. I looked closely for any sign of pain or difficulty. I saw none so I pumped into her hard and fast. There was something about this position—it brought my cock into contact with the upper surface of her pussy. It drove her wild. I could sense her orgasm coming—forcefully, like a runaway freight train. I could also sense she was about to scream. I covered her mouth with mine as it hit. She bucked hard, lifting me from the bed several times. As she did my cock erupted—exploded would be more accurate—bathing her womb with my seed. Thank God for birth control. I eased out of her and released her legs. We lay together until we fell asleep, our bodies still on top of the blankets.

I should have known that something was up, but I was euphoric about our engagement—all I could see was Pru. Thus, I was astonished when her parents arrived at our house the following weekend. Initially, I was concerned—would they try to separate us? But Mrs. Devlin hugged and kissed me, insisting that I call her Mom and Mr. Devlin almost broke my hand shaking it so enthusiastically. Mom and Dad took all of us out to dinner, Sean, Siobhan, and Michael riding with Pru and me in my new Olds. We crossed over to Connecticut—to Greenwich—to Manero’s, a fabulous steak house that featured the world’s best garlic bread. I warned Pru about it on the way. “You’ll need to have your share because I love it and I’ll have plenty. Think of it as self-defense.”

“No kissing tonight, Pru.” It was Siobhan although I suspected that Michael had the same thought.

“Ha! It’ll take more than that to discourage me, Siobhan. You’d better watch out, too, Michael. You’re such a good kisser.” We all had a good laugh, even Michael who was clearly falling in love with my future wife.

Dinner was great; the garlic bread was greater. I ate almost half a loaf, but Pru had even more. Once we were home our parents sequestered themselves in my father’s home office. Pru and I were called in about an hour later. We were nervous. Pru had my hand in a death grip.

“Patrick…Prudence, we’ve been talking about your future. Have you given any thought to when you’ll get married? We don’t think it’s very realistic that you be engaged for three years until graduation. Patrick, your mother and I know you well enough—you’re not changing our mind. Prudence’s parents say the same about her. It’s no secret that you’re having sex regularly. Frankly, all of us would be more comfortable if you were married sooner rather than later. We’ve agreed to pay your expenses through graduation and we know you plan on going to graduate school.

“We’ve agreed that you’ll go back to Massachusetts in another week. Mr. Devlin says you can work for him. I know you won’t miss the plumbing business and you’ll be able to spend the summer together. While you’re there you can look for an apartment near the college and you can plan for your wedding. There are only two things we ask—no more boxing and no more poker.”

I looked at Pru and I knew in an instant that she’d back me. “Sorry, but I can’t do that. Let me explain why. One of the poker players has gone out of his way to belittle me at every turn. He has insulted me and my heritage…probably twenty times a night, at least. Worse, after I beat him in the ring he and four friends beat me to a pulp while on my way back to the dorm after a date with Pru. My fraternity brothers got revenge, but I owe this jerk. I’ve taken him for more than $8,000 this year at the table and I plan to continue next year. I also plan to destroy him in the boxing tournament. I don’t care what weight class he’s in. I owe him a beating.”

Pru gripped my hand even tighter. “I’m with Pat. Everyone on campus despises this guy. I heard his father was in Delta house—that’s the only reason he got in. Otherwise he’d be a total outcast.”

My dad looked around the room before speaking. “Okay, Patrick we’ll do it your way. I hate any kind of prejudice, but I don’t want to see you suddenly losing at poker.”

“That I will agree to, Dad. If I start losing I’m done.” That was that. I was thrilled that Pru and I would be together all summer and, hopefully, forever.


We enjoyed the next week with my family. If anything, Pru grew even closer to my brothers and sisters. We agreed that Siobhan and Katherine would be flower girls and that Michael would be ring bearer at our wedding. Sean would be an usher. I phoned Jack, asking him to be the best man. Pru asked Katherine, twelve, to be a bridesmaid; she asked her best friend from high school, Heather, to be maid-of-honor. We left our home on Monday morning, arriving at the Devlin’s early afternoon. I began working for her dad the following morning.

John Devlin was a real estate developer. He had a ton of quasi-legal work checking titles and deeds in the county records office. Truthfully, it was boring as hell, but I did get to spend every evening with Pru. We looked for an apartment on Saturdays, getting a list of possibilities from the university housing office and the classified ads in the newspaper. After looking for three weeks we brought my future in-laws to check one out. It had several advantages—two bedrooms, one of which would become our study center, and located on a quiet side street with decent parking. The building was only ten years old and it had lots of windows. It was a bit more expensive than some of the others, but still less than what each of us would pay to the university for the privilege of dorm housing. It was a fifteen minute walk to campus, but we planned to use my car whenever possible. Mr. Devlin signed a one-year lease and paid the deposit.

Pru and her mother had found a dress and a location for the reception. I thought it would be fairly small with just our extended families and a few business associates in addition to my dad’s employees, all of whom knew me well, but that goes to show you how much I knew. By the time we counted up all the relatives, friends, and business associates the list reached 144. Thank God for Pru and my future mother-in-law. They did all the work. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Devlin paid for everything, too.

Pru and I returned to my parents’ home just before Labor Day. The entire family ran out to greet us. I stood by amused while they grouped around Pru for hugs and kisses—even Michael. We had a great weekend with Pru entertaining the kids, playing board games, reading to Michael and Siobhan, and taking them on a picnic at Bear Mountain State Park, one of my all-time favorites, less than an hour away. We left Wednesday morning after seeing all of them off to school. We’d see them soon, in about a month.

Everyone met the afternoon before—October 15th –for the rehearsal and dinner, paid for by my parents. Pru looked even better than usual and I thought she usually looked fantastic. The following morning I stood at the altar with Jack and I was nervous. My whole body was shaking until I saw Pru walk up the aisle with her dad. God—she was beautiful. Her hair was up, revealing her graceful neck. Her strapless gown hugged her slender body. She looked to me like a movie star or a runway model. My shaking stopped as she took my hand. I noticed her Christmas bracelet. She had never taken it off--not even once.

Had this been a Catholic ceremony we’d be there for an hour or more, being married somewhere in the middle of a Mass, but Pru’s family were Presbyterians. The whole ceremony would be over in less than twenty minutes—less if the minister’s remarks were brief. Any nervousness I might have had vanished when Jack pretended that he had lost the rings. Everyone in the church had seen him take them from Michael. They laughed, even the Minister, as Jack searched through his pockets. Finally, he “found” them in his vest. Even Pru and I had to laugh. We placed a ring on each other’s finger, kissed, and it was done. We were together for better or worse.

We stood on the receiving line at the back of the church greeting all of the guests. I saw Michael crying out of the corner of my eye. Pru went to him immediately. “What’s the matter, Mikey,” she asked as she stroked his hair and cheek.

“I’m going to miss you.”

“Don’t worry. We’re related now; I’m like your sister. I’ll see you a lot. Now… how about a kiss?” Michael stepped forward to receive the kiss Pru planted on his lips and a hug from someone he loved. He didn’t complain at all. In fact, his crying stopped and he smiled broadly. We had pictures taken by a photographer and made our way to the reception. We danced and ate and watched our elders drink too much. Pru and I kissed many times. I smiled and laughed when Michael asked Pru to dance. All too soon it was over. We returned to the Devlin home to change into jeans and tees. We said good-bye to my family the following day. Pru and I hugged and kissed everyone. Michael was the last to step forward. Pru folded him into her arms then, to the amazement of all, he asked, “Can I have a kiss?” Pru beamed, kissed his lips while Michael threw his arms around her neck. His girl hating days were behind him forever. We returned to our apartment with about $5,000 in wedding gifts. I stopped at the door. Pru gave me a quizzical look untiI I swept her into my arms, carrying her over the threshold and straight to the bedroom. I couldn’t drop her onto the bed; she had my neck in a ferocious grip and my lips locked to hers. I fell back, Pru on top of my body. Swiftly, she dropped her shorts and opened mine. Seconds later we were engaged in the most frantic coupling of our lives. She kissed me, ramming her tongue into my mouth while I forced my hands under her top to maul her tits. Her frantic movements forced her sensitive clit into the elastic of my briefs. Our orgasms came swiftly—too swiftly—but with the force of a tornado. We were blown away in our love and lust for each other.

I remained an active member of the fraternity even though I wouldn’t live or dine there. I’d rather spend the time with my wife, even if it meant eating in the student union, or at home where we struggled mightily in the kitchen. Jack came to the apartment about a week later to tell me the brothers had an extremely unusual and interesting discussion and vote at their last meeting. They offered both of us the opportunity to eat in their dining room; it was a major departure from their all-male tradition. Having Pru in the house meant that all members would have to be dressed decently before, during, and after meals and the profanity would be severely limited. We accepted eagerly—neither of us could cook worth a damn and the prospects weren’t all that bright.

Poker had begun the first week of school. I looked forward to seeing my friends and fleecing Martin again. His manners hadn’t improved, but when he said something about Pru I almost took him apart. It was all Jeff and Mike could do to restrain me. “Say anything you want about me, but if you say a single word about my wife you’ll wish you were dead by the time I finish with you.” Mike and Jeff pulled me back to my seat, released me and we continued the game. I won every week, winning more and more because of Martin’s recklessness. I had to get a new box at the bank—my money barely fit into the old one even after converting all the bills to hundreds. I had more than $20,000 by Christmas.

As expected I won the Intramural Cross-Country meet, this time by an even greater margin than last year after breaking away at the bottom of the hill I knew would slow virtually everyone to a crawl.

We joined my family for Thanksgiving once Pru had told me that her family always went out to eat. I thought she’d enjoy the home-cooked family feast. I was right. I never thought she could eat so much. The kids expressed their love for her—especially Michael who was clearly and totally in love with his new “sister.” I knew my mom appreciated the help we provided. Fortunately, Mom and Dad offered to wear their earplugs the entire time.

I suggested we spend Christmas with her family to even things out, but my mother-in-law stopped that Idea cold. “You have young children in your family, Pat. Christmas means a lot to them, much more than it means to us. Prudence’s father and I will gladly wait until you return for our holiday.” So it was settled. Pru loved the expressions on Michael’s and Siobhan’s faces when they saw Santa’s gifts under the tree. We had a wonderful holiday. Pru accompanied the family to Mass Christmas morning. We met briefly with Father Houlihan after. “So this is the Presbyterian who’s won your heart, Patrick. I must say you have excellent taste.” I had to agree. We stayed for more than a week before returning to Massachusetts for a second holiday with her family.

Before I knew it the Boxing Tournament was just around the corner. As in the past, I increased my workouts, even going to a nearby gym to get in some speed bag and heavy bag work. Jack managed the fraternity team, just as Paul had done last year. He kept my weight class a secret until the final day at the weigh-in when we knew where Martin would fight. He’d gained more than ten pounds, but I knew I could still take the Light Heavyweight division as easily as any other. Once the competition learned I was fighting there, many either dropped out or changed to another weight class. There were only six boxers in the end; lots were drawn--I would fight Martin first.

Normally I would try for a knockout, but not this time; I wanted to prolong his agony as long as possible. We wore headgear—of course--but they were nothing special. Apparently, the athletic department doubted there were any serious punchers in school. I had demonstrated last year that I could bruise Martin’s face badly. I’d do it again now, only worse.

I met him with a sharp jab, jerking his head back. Again and again I peppered his face with my left. When he raised his gloves I went to the body. Where I was hard muscle, Martin was mostly soft flab. When he dropped his hands I went back to the face. Up and down I went, hitting him more than a hundred times in the first round alone. I felt like I was working the speed bag, that how fast I was throwing blows. I backed off when he looked like he’d go down then I’d resume my onslaught. He barely made it back to the corner when the round ended. I looked at Pru for her reaction and was surprised to see her parents wave. Her dad gave me a thumb’s up.

I jumped up at the bell meeting Martin as soon as he rose from his stool. A right hook to his helmet’s ear hole rang his bell so I did it again. He was woozy, but I refused to finish it. “You’ll think twice before insulting my wife again, asshole.” I clobbered him again. Punching his face or body seemed so mundane so I attacked his arms and shoulders. By the end of the round he could barely lift his hands to defend himself, let alone throw a punch.

Anyone with a brain would have stayed on the stool, but Martin’s ego was the size of Lake Erie. He came out swearing so I shut his mouth for him, tattooing his nose numerous times. The ref finally had enough. He called the bout. Martin complained bitterly, but even I couldn’t argue with the decision. I returned to my corner, stepped through the ring and into my wife’s arms and kiss. My in-laws also congratulated me and offered us dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant. Pru thanked them, but we wanted to eat at the fraternity. The boxing team was heading for another championship and we wanted to be involved in the celebrating. Going into the semi-finals we still had six boxers in the hunt, more than any two other fraternities. We agreed to visit them over the weekend instead.

I had to hand it to my fraternity brothers—they were a class act. They always stood when Pru walked into the dining hall and tonight they also applauded the job I’d done on Martin. As it turned out it was nothing compared to Friday night’s poker. I couldn’t believe Martin’s face. It looked like a giant beet. His arms weren’t much better. In spite of that he was still his old obnoxious self. I burned him several times, just as I had done sixteen months ago when I had first baited him into a side bet. I no longer had to lose to sustain his interest. He was determined to beat and destroy me. He might have had a chance if he knew about my secret weapon, but he didn’t. I hadn’t told anyone other than my father about his twitch and I wasn’t about to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

His first challenge came on a hand of five-card stud which I thought was idiotic. I could see four of his five cards. There was no straight or flush possible and he had no pair showing either. His highest possible hand would be a pair of jacks. I had a king showing and another in the hole. I accepted his $500 bet. Why he went through this charade befuddled me. Why not just hand over his wallet and be done with it? An hour later he tried again. Looking at his cards it appeared he was going for a flush, although it was possible he’d pull three of a kind. I had a pair of queens showing and a pair of threes in the hole when I pulled a queen on my final card. I was pleased to see that Martin pulled his card. He demanded a side bet of $1,000 which drew gasps from the others. As always I pretended to consider my hand even though I was 99% sure I had him beat. I laid the money from the prior bet on the table. He was extremely proud of his A-K-10-9-6 flush until I showed my full house. I was always amazed that Martin never learned anything from my play. I was ALWAYS very conservative, only raising when I had a strong hand yet he charged forward blindly and he always lost.

Later that night, on the final round of hands he tried again for another $1,000. I couldn’t believe it! I would have folded with his cards. My exposed cards beat his entire hand. I won with two pair to his king-high. Unbelievable! I walked out that night with almost $3,000 profit. I couldn’t wait to visit my in-laws for the weekend.

We left early the following morning following breakfast at the fraternity. I let Jack know that we’d be away so the chef didn’t cook food for us that might be wasted. We were greeted at the door with the usual hugs and kisses. I was ready when Pru’s father asked about the poker. I spilled $2,976 dollars from my pocket onto the table. “Martin has lost his mind,” I told him. “He bet me $1,000 last night when my cards on the table had him beaten. I don’t understand it, but I’m not refusing the money. Oh yeah, his head and arms looked like a beet from the bruising I gave him in the boxing match. I noticed he never mentioned my being lucky like he did last year.” Then I listened attentively to the much anticipated lecture about the evils of gambling and how it can become an addiction. Pru told me last night to expect it—right before she fucked me until I couldn’t stand, her motions bending my cock in directions I’d never imagined.

I used their grill to cook some hot dogs for lunch. My mother-in-law brought out some rolls, but she really wanted to speak with me privately. “Pat, I feel I owe you an apology.”

“For what?”

“I feel terrible about the way I treated you when Prudence first brought you here. I was extremely cold and distant. I was rude. I thought you were just like so many other boys—take your pleasure and run. I was also afraid you might be more interested in our money than Pru.”

“You’re a parent. You didn’t know me. You were just being careful. I can’t blame you for that. I’d probably do the same in your place.”
“Perhaps, but I think you’d be more polite. Anyway, I apologize. I doubt that Pru could have made a better choice. I think you’re going places, Pat. As John said, you are the most determined person I’ve ever met. That’s especially rare these days. Most young people are just looking for the easy way through life—something that doesn’t exist.” She reached up and kissed my cheek before turning back to the house. “Oh yeah, Pat—I just love your family.”

“Uh, Mom, could I ask a favor?” I explained once she returned. She laughed, but promised her assistance.

We allowed them to take us out to dinner and on the way Dad stopped and bought the items I had requested—items I was unable to purchase on my own. After thanking them we went for a wonderful two-pound lobster dinner. We stayed the night and left the following morning, stopping off at our favorite motel en route. Mr. O’Sullivan was behind the desk when we entered. “Hi, Mr. O’Sullivan, how are you? Prudence and I are officially married now and have our own place so it’s unlikely we’ll be back. We want you to have something to thank you for your kindness to us.” I placed the bag on the counter. He took a tentative look.

“Is this what I think it is?”

“Well, I didn’t know what you liked so I got one of each—Bushmills and Jamison’s. We hope you enjoy them and think of us when you do. By the way, I told you that she was good but not perfect. I was wrong—she is perfect.” We shook hands and we were gone.
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