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John, and Chris switch girlfriends for the night after a horny, drunken strip game!
John, his girlfriend Emily, and Chris with his girlfriend Dana decided to hang out. They met at John's house, bored as hell. Each one well over 20 years old, they all looked good for their ages. Well built, outstanding figures.

Dana had her head resting on Chris's crotch with her eyes closed. "I think Dana is gonna die soon John" he smirked. "Well think of something to do then..."

Emily sighed with her hand on her hip,"Want to swap?" She laughed. "Like, swap girlfriends?" Chris brightened up. "It was a joke Chris, dont get too excited" Emily snapped.

John pulled Emily over his lap and kissed her,"Maybe swapping is a little far, but now that we're on the subject, how about we play a strip game"

His suggestion surprised everyone. Dana lifted her head,"I'm okay with it, I mean we're all friends here right?" She said teasingly, popping the cap to a bottle of whine.

All 4 drunken friends were sitting in a circle on the floor. John had a twister spinner,"Each color stands for a piece of clothing. And each part of the body does too." He said,"Who wants to go first?" He asked. Dana Smirked,"I'll go"

John couldn't help but be excited to see Dana bare. She was hot! Her breasts were huge and plump, her ass was tight and had a perfect size for her tiny waist. Her hair was short and brown but filled out her high cheekbones. She was tall, not taller then he.

Danna stood up as John spun the wheel. "Your Shirt" he grimaced. Dana slowly pulled up and off her shirt. John's crotch came to life as he saw her chest.

Dana's breasts were practically popping out of her bra, which was obviously a few sizes small.

"Ladies first" Chris motioned to Emily. Would I love to get inside of her, Chris thought to himself. Emily rolled her eyes and stood up,"Pants" John smiled pointing to her.

Emily had small boobs but a fat ass! It was the best thing about her! John and Chris were both after her for this.

Emily slid her skinny jeans down her legs, she was wearing a pink silk thong. Her ass was perfect. No blemish in sight.

"Mmm mind sitting on me Emily?" Chris asked obviously drunk as fuck. He patted his lap taking another sip of whine,"Not until your stripped too" she teased.

John was too drunk to think anything of their flirting. He wanted Dana as much as Chris wanted Emily. Maybe we will swap tonight?

John spun for himself,"Pants" he said and sighed. He would now reveal the huge boner he had been hiding from everyone.

He through his jeans to the side,"mmm is that present for me?" Dana traced his leg with her fingure. John smirked and put his arm around her,"So we are swapping then" Emily's stare burned into him. She walked angrily over to Chris and sat down on his crotch,"Second thoughts?" He asked putting his hands on her waist, rocking her. "Dont get me too excited Chris" she half laughed and moaned giving a quick glance at her boyfriend

"Pants" John grumbled to Chris. Chris quickly unbuckled his belt and through his pants aside, his boner was obvious. Emily sat on his lap and made a "mmph" at the new pressure on her ass

"Bra" John said pointing to Dana's chest. "Finally" she said under her breath. "Let me help you with that" John unclasped the back of her bra and watched her breasts extend to their full size. John gazed in amazment,"You have gorgeous breasts" he explained.

John took both his hands and gripped her D sized boobs. Her nipples hardened in his hands. John kissed her neck, then her shoulders. He dragged. Line with his tongue from each coller bone, finally to her two melons. Dana gasped and ran her hands through his hair. John sucked each breast, circling each nipple with his tongue, then sucking again. He took his index fingure and pinched her right nipple. Hard. She squealed and began rubbing her pant covered pussy on his leg

"Umm helloo we still have a game we have to finish" Emily interupted them. "Right" Dana mocked her tone. "Emily.." John spun the wheel,"Your shirt". She slipped off her shirt revealed her small but enjoyable. Chris spun her around so that her legs were around his waist. His cock was touching her pantie covered pussy. He kissed her cleavage, Emily moaned.

John spun the wheel,"pants" he grinned slipping off his boxers. "Mmmm 7 inches of your monster" she quickly gripped his cock and stroaked it softly.

"Shirt" he said pointing to Chris. "Pants" he muttered to Emily. Not soon after she slipped off her thong, John heard her moaning, but tried to ignore it. He knew Chris was eating her pussy.

"Pants of course" John said to Dana. She stripped of her pants, she too had a thong. Her breasts swayed as she got up. John couldn't help getting another taste. John slipped off his last peice of clothing.

Dana kissed the head of his cock, tasted the sides, sucked his ballsack. The smooth skin felt good in her mouth. She licked the precome from his head, then took all 7 inches into her mouth. Dana bobbed her head up and down, holding down a few moments until she gagged, repeating the process.

John breathed with pleasure,"Your pants Chris" he called over Dana.

Chris slipped of his boxers. His face was burried in Emily's pussy.

John picked Dana up and guided her to the couch. He slipped her thong off and hungrily dug his face into her pussy, He kissed and sucked her pussy lips, sticking his tongue between her walls now and again. John took his strong hands and clutched both of her ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze, pulling them apart, rolling them together. In the process he rubbed his tongue up and down her pussy. Dana bucked her hips up and down, screaming with pleasure.

John slipped his tongue far inside her, then out, then in. He explored her riches, he found her sweet spot and pressed it until he felt her sweet juices spray all over his face,"Fuck me! Oh fuck! FUCK!" Dana screamed

"Only if you do one thing for me darling" John said leaning into her ear,"And what would that be?" She asked sweetly,"You have to fuck Emily" he smirked.

She shifted to reach for his cock, Dana held it in front of her dripping pussy,"Only if you fuck Chris" she met his dark tone.

Fuck Chris? I'm not gay, but I've never fucked a guy! He plunged his cock deep into Dana, starting off with full speed, drilling into her hard and fast. She met his thrust, sending his 7 inches farther up her. Sometimes he would slow down and inch his way back inside her, then suddenly back to full speed.

John plunged as far as he could inside her letting his fluids fill her insides. He shot about 7 or 8 loads of cum.

After about 30 minutes or more whine, and chat, John told everyone about their deal

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