Lust and horny
It is Saturday night in Dallas I'm sitting in my office above the bar of my Gentleman's club. Smoking an expensive cigar watching the patrons at the bar and sitting around the stripper stages. I see Tracy walk in looking around, she is a local news anchor and country western singer on weekends. When her husband divorced her, she was a one night stand. I call one of the bouncer's telling him to bring Tracy up to the office. She looks up smiling and waves her soft silky arm at me as she proceeds towards the stairs to come upstairs. I’m watching that skimpy little skirt flap from side to side as her tight ass sways up the stairs. Tracy is one hot woman at 41, I’m licking my lips at the thought of her washing away my musky scent as she showers her sweet violated body the next morning. I feel my cock starting to bulge in my jeans.

I can’t wait to have that silky smooth flesh in my tight forceful grip. She didn't have second thoughts until she feels my arms around her waist, my other hand covering her mouth as I push her through the office door, she is pushed up against the desk, her hands useless beside her, pinned by my weight against her back as her hands are pulled behind her, pinned by my weight against her back. She feels the cold steel of the handcuffs clicking into place. I quickly tie the gag around her mouth, then slip a blindfold over her eyes...

She hears a light switch click then the radio blares on, the music drowning out any sounds being heard as the door is locked behind her. She feels my warm breath on her neck as I reach up unzipping her dress. She starts to fight, her arms are held useless behind her and my weight pressing her against the desk making the efforts futile as she feels the dress being worked down over her hips, the cool room air raising goosebumps on her creamy thighs. She feels me work the dress all the way down and then make her step out of it, my hands grabbing roughly between her thighs. Lifting her up and pushing her forward again to the middle of the room. Tracy feels herself being turned to face me then lowered roughly onto the cool surface of lounge chair, the kind that had the thin bands of vinyl wrapped in rows along the steel frame... She cringed as the cold vinyl touched her long, bare legs and feeling her arms pulled back behind her to slip over the back of the lounge as she is lowered, effectively holding her tight against the back of the lounge.

She feels my weight as I straddle her, feeling me leaning back to secure her ankle to the leg of the lounge, then leaning back pushing her other leg over the side to affix it to the other leg. She feels me raise off of her and she tried to close her legs as much as possible, to somehow protect her vulnerability, it is to no avail... Then she feels my rough hands grasp the inside of her knees, pulling open her right leg at the knee and tying it to the back of the lounge beside her, causing her legs to be held farther apart. She feels the muscles of her inner thighs stretch as her leg are pulled open to its maximum. I repeat this process with the other leg. She feels the fear rising as she realizes that she is now tied wide open, totally vulnerable and unprotected, her thighs tied open wide, knees pulled back exposing her buttocks as well. She feels me approach then screams into the gag as she feels my hands grab her breasts squeezing them hard, her soft flesh being bruised, her nipples, now hard and extended from the cold air of the room. She feels my fingers press deep into her breasts, twisting them before letting go, fingers trailing down and slowly sliding over her stomach.

She feels my thumb and fingers poise on each side of her nipples knowing the pain that is about to occur, still shocked as I squeeze her nipples, larger than many women's, now almost flat between my fingers, her heaving breasts to the cold air... She feels the pressure on her breasts released as I stand up, realizing that I'm now standing, admiring my work... What a sight she is... Blindfolded and gagged, her arms pulled back awkwardly behind her, pushing her breasts upward, her nipples dark and hard. I stood admiring the sight before me, especially the way her pubic hair slipped out of each side of her panties, a sign of the truly thick pubic hair and bush that lay beneath the thin panties... As she struggles against the restraints, the material rode up into her slit, exposing more of her thick blonde hair... Her movements on the vinyl causing the elastic of her panties to slip up the crack of her ass, exposing the round cheeks of her butt, her panties now wedged tightly up into her vagina...

I move forward slowly then kneel between her open legs, my fingers sliding slowly up her thighs, seeing her stomach muscles tighten in anticipation of what I'm about to do.... I let my fingers trail slowly up her legs, pausing slightly before slipping them under the elastic of each leg, feeling my cock grow harder in my jeans as my fingers move through the thick curly nest of pubic hair, inching slowly forward until they reach the edge of her wet, hot cunt... my excitement reaching my limit, I withdraw my hands, grabbing at the silk panties, pulling them off quickly, the ripping sound of the material lost in the music blaring behind them. She feels one, then two fingers push against her, my other hand spreading her fleshy lips open as my fingers drive upwards into her, causing her to gasp in pain, her legs unable to move despite her efforts to close them, she then feels three, then four fingers start to push their way inside of her... Then she feels my teeth touch either side of her swollen nipples, before the pain as I bit down, the violence of the action causing sensations to flow through her, her mind racing from the pain of her throbbing nipples caught in my teeth as I twist my head back and forth.

At the same time, the ache as her lips are spread farther and farther apart as my hand pushes insistently past her resistances, my knuckles the only thing keeping my entire first from entering her tight tunnel... She feels my mouth move to the other nipple and again bite down, just as I push with all of my might, my fist slipping past the final resistances, filling her cunt with my arm up to my my monster cock will stretch and fill her. I begin moving it slowly back and forth, sliding it in and out of her wet, stretched vagina, then begin moving it faster and faster, my teeth still pulling and twisting on her nipple. She can't help her body as it begins to respond to the pummeling as my fist drives in and out of her, and suddenly she is overcome with one of the most unbelievably strong orgasms she has ever experienced. She feels my hand pull back, making a slight popping sound as it pulls out of her... She lay there panting, waiting to see what will happen next, praying that I will just leave her now... Suddenly, she feels my weight as I sit on the lounge, feeling my legs slide up under hers, my body facing her, my hand caressing her stomach and playing with the thin trail of hair that led down to the wet gaping hole I had just violated... She feels me inching forward until she feels my hard cock rubbing up and down the length of her gaping slit, its round knob slowly parting her lips, moving slowly forward, my hard cock, sliding into her, again inching forward, then farther and farther, she feels me move back slowly then scream as I slam into her, gasping as I then pull back until the round knob of my cock all but slips out before driving forward again and again.

She feels her lips aching as my hips drive into her pubic mound, her struggling unable to slow my assault on her... She feels my cock throbbing as pulsating until she feels the hot rush of semen as I fill her with my juices. My pace slows until she feels my hard cock pull out from between her legs... She relaxes, thinking it must now be over, then startled as suddenly she feels my hands on her hips again sliding her ass farther down on the lounge towards me. Her knees are tied tightly to the back of the lounge so she can move very little, all her struggling did is expose more of her ripe ass to me. Then she feels the hardness of me again rubbing against her, this time against her ass cheeks. She knows what is going to happen next... She squirrms in fear, afraid that her tight ass can not take the size of my cock, realizing she can do nothing as she feels my cock rubbing back and forth through her wet juices, wetting my hard knob, then feels it as I place it against her asshole, the muscles slowly relaxing against her will as I push more insistently against her.

She feels my cock spreading her cheeks open as it slides deep inside of her ass, helped by the slick wet juices that are running out of her vagina, she feels me slam against her, impaling her on the length of my cock, feels my hairy balls as they slam against her wet ass, feels my hands reach upward, grabbing her sore breasts and using them for leverage as I slid in and out of her tight hot ass, feels me pulling back until the head begins to slip out, then relentlessly slamming back inside of her again... She is screaming into the gag as she again feels the pulsing cock spew its hot, load into her ass. She feels me pull it out slowly, then feels the weight again leave the lounge... She somehow knows I have not left, can sense me standing over her silently... She lays there panting, waiting for her body to recover from the assault she has just experienced. Then she again feels my weight on the lounge and gasps as my again hard cock begins to push against her ass... She screams as I drive into her ass again, hands again grasping her breasts and nipples... The night is going to be a long one...
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