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Sexual tensions reach a boiling point and lust begins to take control of the two young lovers.
At our homecoming dance is when sexual tension started to build between us. As time progressed it got harder and harder to not kiss her. It got harder to not touch her. She would let me touch her ass and would actually put my hand on her ass. She started to wear things to show her body more and when I looked down her shirt she would just smile. She started to slip her hand in my shirt and rub my abs a lot. She would show my abs off to her friends. The school year progressed and we never had sex. But trust me we were both getting to the point that we needed to. She never spent the night anymore to the disappointment of me and my cousins.

There was a lot of flirting and sexual comments made to each other on a regular basis. Even at school I would kiss her hard at times. She pulled her shirt out several times allowing me to look down her shirt. One day we were making out heavily as we did often and I decided to test her. I pushed my hard covered dick into her hard. She gasped as we made out heavily. She didn't seem like she was scared of course she had no idea I was so big. We were at school one day and we started talking about sex. It had been at least 4 months after homecoming.

"Good god you're a beautiful beautiful man." She said.

"You're a beautiful beautiful woman." I said.

"Yeah? Beautiful enough to have sex with?" She asked giggling.

"Yes." I said.

"Really, you would have sex with me." She asked trying to hide her excitement.

"Have you seen yourself baby?" I asked.

"I see myself all the time." She said sarcastically.

"I see you all the time too, and yes I would definitely do some dirty dirty things to you." I said.

"Mmmm, really now? Like what kind of dirty things?" She asked as her facial expression changed. She bit her lip and pressed her body against mine.

"What ever you wanted me to do. Just tell me what you want." I said.

"Anything huh?" She asked as her respirations started to increase.

"Anything." I said.

"Even if I told you to slide your dick in me?" She asked very quietly.

"I wouldn't hesitate." I said.

"What about if I asked to suck you?" She half whispered.

"I would drop my pants." I said.

"You really want me don't you?" I asked.

"Mmmmhhhmmm." She said.

"I've been having a hard time not raping you." I said as I laughed.

"Well." She said as she started to unbutton my shirt. "You can't rape the willing baby."

"So you are willing I take it." I said.

"More so than you know." She whispered.

We were near a girls restroom and she looked at the door then me. She bit her lip really hard and grabbed my hand. She pulled me into the restroom to the back stall. I picked her up and carried her into the back stall. I closed the door and pushed her against the wall kissing her hard for the first time. My entire body shuddered as she wrapped her legs around me. She moaned into my mouth as we started to loose control. I reached down and started to unbutton her shirt sliding my hand into her shirt. Just as my fingers slid onto her bare small tits for the first time ever, we heard the door open and several girls walk in talking.

Cheyenne had thee sexiest smile on her face as I sat on the toilet and lifted my legs. She muffled her laugh as we sat there waiting for them to get out. Her eyes opened wide when she felt how hard I was. She ground a few times. Finally after a while she hopped off of me and she snuck me out of the bathroom successfully. She bit her lip and pushed me against the wall and stood on her tippy toes. She kissed me very slow and passionately.

"We should get to class baby." She said.

"Yeah we should. Problem is I'm really hard right now." I said.

She looked down and my crotch and looked up at me, then back down for a minute or so." She looked up at me and I kissed her hard.

"So can we have sex some time soon?" She asked.

"What do you think sexy?" I asked.

"I'm thinking yes, am I right?" She asked.

"You're a very smart sexy girl aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes I am actually. This week end?" She asked.

"Can you last that long?" I asked.

"No. But I'll try." She said.

"I'll take you out on a date and everything. You should just stay the night that night." I said.

"Oh I plan on it, because from what I have felt and can see through your pants it looks like we will need the whole night baby." She said very seductively.

"Get plenty of sleep then, you're going to need it." I said.

"Mmmmmm, shit talker, yummy. I look forward to it. By the way, I'm not a virgin." She said with a sexy sexy smile.

"Neither am I." I said.

"Good, then we will have fun. But, since it'll be our first time we have to control ourselves. I want it to be, well for lack of a better term, special." She said.

"Sounds perfect, I'll try to control myself then." I said.

We spent the rest of that class period in a dark nice hiding place making out like crazy. She and I both had our shirts completely off. She had left dark hickeys all over my chest and neck, you couldn't see the ones on my chest because of my tattoos. Her skirt had been hiked up and she had been grinding on my cock like crazy. This went on for the entire duration of the classes we were suppose to be in. We were able to get dressed and mostly straightened out before the bell rang. It finally rang and we emerged and went to lunch. All of our friends knew just by looking at us that we had a lot of fun very recently.

"Did you guys just have sex?" Her friend asked.

"We do not recall." I said as we both laughed.

"You did didn't you?! If so it's about fucking time!" One said.

"Like he said, we do not recall." Cheyenne said as she giggled.

"Um Cheyenne honey, you missed a few buttons." Her friend said.

"Ooops." She said as she buttoned her shirt up more.

That day went by nice and slow and we would make out as much as we could. I went home later and she had to go to work. We started sexting like crazy then. She started sending me very very yummy pictures from work. She lifted her shirt and pulled her bra down. She used her hand to cover her nipples and had the sexiest look on her face. I started to send her pictures of my self also. One of which I had undone my belt and took it off. I unbuttoned my pants and and unzipped it. I had to pull my boxer briefs down so I could expose more flesh and sent her a picture of that. Of corse I had gotten the rest of my body into it. She went absolutely crazy.

Cheyenne: OMG! I wanna see more!

Me: did u like that?

Cheyenne: um yeah I did

I then took my pants and slid them down. I made sure that she could see the top part of my dick covered. I was big enough that it was pretty obvious and sent that to her.

Me: how about that? Is that enough.

Cheyenne: no I want more baby.

Me: you want to see me naked don't u

Cheyenne: yes I do

Me: show me more I'll show u more sexy.

Cheyenne: u wanna see me naked too don't u

Me: yes I do

Cheyenne: If u got naked for me I would suck your dick

Me: I would eat your pussy till u cum

Cheyenne: god I love what u do to me baby, you make me so so horny!

I opened my pants all the way and spread them wide opened, and since I was wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs my semi hard bulge was very very obvious. I took a picture of that and sent it to her.

Me: this is what you are doing to me sexy. And I'm not even all the way hard.

Cheyenne: OMG!! So nice baby. U just made me so wet!

Me: can I lick it all up 4 u?

Cheyenne: oh god I would love that.

Me: I want to show u more so bad.

Cheyenne: I want to see more

I slid my pants down to where it was much lower and barley hanging on, and adjusted my rapidly growing cock so it was going down my leg. I pulled my boxer briefs down exposing about an inch of my cock. My pubes were trimmed so it looked clean. I looked at the picture and anyone could see that my dick was right there, at least the inch that I exposed was obvious. Chills ripped through me as I sent that to my girl.

Cheyenne: oh god baby! That's not fair my pussy is dripping now!!! Sssoooooo nice! How big is it? I want it!!

Me: you'll just have to wait and see.

Cheyenne: I'd say that it definitely does not look small that's for sure!

Me: I want to show u more.

Cheyenne: so show me baby.

Me: I will this weekend.

Cheyenne: god you're such a tease baby. I am so horny!

Me: don't worry, I'm very well equipped to take care of you.

Cheyenne: I can see that.

Me: so what do you think? Should I shave it?

Cheyenne: that would be so yummy.

Me: I'll shave it for you then

Cheyenne: god I don't know of I'll make it to this weekend, you're driving me crazy.

Me: my dick is so hard for you right now.

Cheyenne: give me 5 min and I'll take care of that for you

Me: I may need more than 5

Cheyenne: take all the time u need baby.

Me: can I go see u at work.

Cheyenne: it's slow so yes, but I'm warning you I may not be able to control where my hands go.

Me: I don't want u too.

Cheyenne: k I won't then, I'll touch your dick on purpose.

Me: just don't make me cum baby.

Cheyenne: can I if it's in my mouth?

Me: mmmmmmm god yes.

Cheyenne: I bet you taste so good baby.

Me: I bet your pussy tastes so good, I want to taste u so bad.

Cheyenne: maybe it's not such a good idea for u to come see me.

Me: why not.

Cheyenne: because I might rip your cloths off and fuck u

Me: I'm coming for sure. I want to see you try to control yourself.

Cheyenne: it's going to be so hard to!

Me: I'm on my way.

Cheyenne: I love you so much baby!

Me: I love you too, see u soon sexy.

I pulled my pants up and got dressed again. I hopped into my truck and headed to her work to see her. On the way there I called her.

"Hey sexy sexy man." She said.

"Hey baby, have you eaten yet?" I asked.

"No I haven't and I'm starved.

"I'll stop and get you something. What would you like?" I asked.

"Well, besides your hard cock, I want a burger.

"Ok I'll grab you one, and I'll bring my hard cock for you too." I said.

"Mmmmmhhh you're driving me so crazyhhhh." She whispered through clenched teeth.

"Good because you're driving me crazy too." I said.

"That means this weekend is going to be so much fun." She said.

"Make sure you get plenty of sleep, you're going to need it." I said.

"Mmmm, am I?" She asked.

"Yes you are." I said.

"I love the shit talking." She said.

"I'm going to live up to it too, be ready baby." I said.

"Oh trust me I am ready now, I've been ready baby." She said.

"Are you ready for my big dick?" I asked.

"God yeah." She said as she exhaled.

"I'll see you soon sexy." I said.

"Ok, I can't wait. I love you.

"I love you too." I said.

I went to the nearest burger place and got her what she liked. By now I knew her so well that I didn't even half to ask her what she wanted, I just knew what she liked and didn't like. I drove to her work and took the stuff in so I could eat with her.

"Cheyenne! Your boyfriend is here!" One of her co workers yelled.

The coworker walked up to me and smiled.

"Do you know that you're the only boyfriend that wants to see his girlfriend and makes and effort to come see her?" She asked.

"That's good right?" I asked.

"That's awesome! I wish my boyfriend was like you." She said as she walked off.

I stood there and watched my girl walk out of the back room. She looked at me and bit her lower lip. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she looked at my crotch. I smiled when she looked up at me. Her eye brows jumped as she looked at my crotch again. Once she reached me she looked into my eyes and hugged me.

"Hi baby." She said smiling.

"Hey beautiful." I said as she grabbed the drinks from my hand and led me to the back.

We sat down at the table and she all but sat in my lap. We ate as her co workers all came back and talked to us.

"I'm jealous of you Cheyenne." One of them said.

"Why?" She asked laughing.

"You have a boyfriend who wants to see you. Not only that he makes an effort to see you." She said.

"What can I say, I have a really great guy." She said as she slid her hand into my thigh.

"Lucky." She said.

"Let's give these two some space." The manager said.

Everyone left the room and it was just me and my girl. She looked at me as I leaned in and started to kiss her. I broke the kiss so we could eat. She started to rub my knee and started to work her way towards my growing bone. I had positioned it so that it would go down my leg. My body shuddered knowing that she was about to feel it. I kissed her neck as she ate. She was finally done and was drinking her soda as her hand worked closer and closer to my cock. She pressed her body against mine and kissed me.

"You have no idea how bad I want you." She whispered.

"How bad?" I asked.

"If I wasn't here at work I would be ripping your cloths off." She said.

We started to kiss hard as she exhaled hard through her nose. She broke the kiss and took another drink. As she was drinking her hand made contact with my cock. It was all but throbbing. Her touch made me exhale hard. She squeezed my cock and her body shook. She leaned forward and looked back at me with her chin resting on her shoulder with a look of total shock. Her jaw dropped as she gripped up and down the entire length of my cock. She for the first time was realizing how big I was and I started to worry. I slid my ass to the edge of the chair so she could feel the whole thing.

"! Are you fucking kidding me right now?!" She asked quietly with a very very slight whimper.

"No I'm not baby." I whispered.

"Is this really you?!" She asked.

"Last I checked all of it is." I said.

"All of it?" She asked as the look of total surprise stayed.

"Mmmmhmmm. Is that bad?" I asked.

"Oh my god no! I really have to know, how big is it?" She asked as she started to rub me through my pants.

"Somewhere around 8 I think." I said.

"Inches?!" She asked as her eyes and mouth opened wide as she gasped.

"Inches." I said.

"Holy sshhhhhit! I heard that you were small, and I was more than willing to deal with that." She said.

"You can't believe everything you hear." I said.

"So do you like it? I only ask because I am self conscious about it." I said.

"Ok why the hell would you you be self conscious about having a huge dick?" She asked.

"To be honest I thought it would be too big." I said.

"Ok, confession time. Since I lost my virginity I have always wanted to have sex with a guy that has a huge dick like this." She said as she rubbed my hard cock.

"Well, here I am sexy." I said.

"Oh god I know. Now I really can't wait till this weekend. I really really want to see it so bad now." She whimpered.

"That feels so good baby." I said softly.

"Yeah? You like that?" She asked as she pressed her body against mine.

"I love it." I said.

She reached down and started to use both of her hands to grip and stroke me through my pants.

"Holy shit I'm so wet right now." She said as she reached up and started to kiss me hard.

I started to kiss her back as I reached up and started to massage her tits through her shirt making her whimper. She pressed her self into me and continued to stroke me through my pants. I slid my hand down and started to rub her pussy through her pants. She spread her legs wide and moaned into my mouth. Her hips started to thrust slightly back and forth.

"I want to feel how wet you are." I whispered.

"Mmmmmm, I can't right now, I'm at work baby. I'll send you some pics when I get off.

"If you're going to get off I want to be the one to get you off." I said as I kept rubbing her through her jeans.

"Ooohhh god babyhhh. I can't wait to feel this cock of yours stretching my tight little pussyhhhh." She whimpered.

"I can't wait for you to see it." I said.

"You better go baby. If you don't I'm going to fuck you right here and now." She half moaned.

"I should probably wait till my boner goes down so the whole store doesn't see how hard you make me." I said.

"I guess you're right." She said.

"Rubbing me like this isn't going to help sweetheart." I said.

"Sorry, I can't help it, it just so huge and hard." She whimpered as she took her hands off of my cock.

"Wait here." She said.

I sat there as I watched her get up. I watched her sexy little ass as she walked away. She went into the bathroom and was gone for several minutes. By then my cock had begun to deflate. By the time it was well over half way, she had to come out of the bathroom. She looked right at my crotch and bit her lip. She grabbed my hand and we walked out of the back room. She walked me to my truck. Once my door was opened she pressed herself against me and thrusted her hips grinding herself on my leg a couple of times. I leaned down and we kissed passionately. We broke the kiss as she reached into her pocket.

"Here sexy. These are the panties you soaked. I even wiped my drooling pussy with it for you." She said as she slipped them into my pocket.

"God I wish I could lick you clean." I said.

"You gotta stop baby. You're going to make me soak my pants all the way through." She said.

"I can't help it, you make me want you so bad." I said.

"Mmmmm, you do the same to me." She said.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you. I'll see you in the morning." She said.

"I better." I said.

"I'll call you when I get off of work." She said.

"Sounds good." I said.

"I love you Ikaika." She said softly.

"I love you too Cheyenne." I said.

We kissed and I went home. I took a shower and I was really excited that she loved my dick! As I was in there I shaved my dick and balls smooth since she wanted to see it that way. After my shower I picked up my phone and she had sent me some texts.

Cheyenne: god I wish u knew what u do to me! I want u so bad!

Me: oh trust me, this weekend you get to have as much of me as u want

Cheyenne: god I can't wait.

Me: neither can I, oh my god my cock aches for you so bad!

Cheyenne: my pussy aches for your big hard cock baby.

We stopped texting and I decided to get completely naked and take a bunch of pictures of me naked covering my dick with various things. I got so hard that I started to take pictures of my cock and I waited. After a while longer she called and told me that she was on her way home. She took a shower as I dressed and waited. After a while I started to get some very very yummy pics of her. She started to send nude pics making my cock twitch. I took my pants off again. I had her panties and had been sniffing them. I wrapped it around my cock and took a picture of that.

Her tits were amazing! They were small but I love them small. They were very perky and round. Her nipples were bright pink and looked so good against her freckle covered pale white skin. I got several of her bright pink pussy and she was very very wet. Her pussy was small and when her legs were together it was only a wet shiny little slit. My cock throbbed as I started to send her all of the pics of my cock that I took.

Cheyenne: oh my fucking god! I want that so so bad baby!!!

Me: I want you so bad too!!

Cheyenne: I'm not sure I can wait

Me: me either

Cheyenne: you have a very very beautiful cock!

Me: your pussy looks so so tasty

Cheyenne: fuck I want u

Me: come get me baby!

Cheyenne: don't tempt me cause I'll come and sit on your yummy cock right now.

She called me and we had very very hot phone sex that night. I came so hard hearing her gushing pussy as she fucked herself with her brush. We eventually fell asleep later that night. She had to go to school early that morning for an activity she was involved with. When I got there she walked up to me and kissed me really good. She had a button down shirt on and had it unbuttoned quite a way. I pulled her shirt out and looked down her shirt and when I saw her nipple I sighed. I looked into her eyes and watched her look down at my bulge. Her friends came up and all of them were looking at my crotch as their eye brows jumped.

"You told them didn't you?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yes I did." She said as she giggled. "I hope it's ok but I showed them too because they refused to believe me."

"Now they are looking at me like I'm a piece of meat." I said laughing.

"Well, when a girl has a man with the body like my man has, she has to show him off. But don't worry, I'm not sharing you." She said.

"Good because I'm yours only." I said.

The rest of the day we made out every chance we got. She would keep rubbing my dick through my pants and I started rubbing her pussy through hers. I loved how she whimpered into my mouth when I did that. At one point we were in a hiding spot and I managed to slip my hand down her pants. She made it easy by unbuttoning them for me. She arched her back against the wall so her hip was sticking out. She moaned when my finger made contact with her soaked pussy. I slid my finger along her entire drooling slit as we kissed hard. I rubbed her clit and slid my finger inside of her, making her moan. I had my other hand in her shirt as she rubbed my cock hard. We almost made each other cum but stopped before we did. When we were done she did her pants and belt back up as I licked her sweet juices off of my hand and fingers. She wanted to taste herself so she started to suck on my finger and licked what I had left of her juices. After a while we went out to the hallway. Her face and neck were bright red and she was breathing really hard.

"You two just need to go home and fuck for god sakes." One of her friends said.

"Don't tempt me." Cheyenne said.

"God you really want him don't you?" Her friend asked.

"Oh god, more than you know." She said.

"I don't blame you, if my man had a dick like his I'de want him really bad too." She said.

"Ok who else knows about my dick?" I asked as I smiled.

"You mean your huge dick? Another one if her friends asked.

"Yes, his huge dick." Cheyenne replied as she bit her lip.

"Just us, and let me just say, we are so jealous." One said.

"Yeah, she has an amazing boyfriend who treats her like a princess, never calls her out of her name, and who has a huge dick and a yummy body." Another said.

"What can I say, I'm a lucky lucky girl." Cheyenne said.

"Uhhhhh, thank you? I guess." I said.

"Just so you girls know, he is all mine and I'm not sharing." Cheyenne said.

"That's a shame." One said under her breath.

"That's how it goes." I said as I laughed.

The rest of the day went well. Every chance we got we would be making out and groping each other. That continued to happen as the week went by. I had taken her out a couple of times and she would get me so fucking hard and horny that I couldn't see straight. We would end up parking in a remote area and making out so heavily that we both would end up cumming in our pants. That's when I fell in love with the way her body moved, the noises that came out of her mouth, and the way her face looked when she did cum. That alone made me cum in my pants. I loved it when she sat in my lap and ground against my covered cock as we kissed. I was able to suck in her tits many times. We would both end up topless. We wanted to have sex so bad that we both went insane. We didn't because we wanted to wait till the weekend.

Finally Friday came. We were both so horny we couldn't stand it. As the day went on she would keep grabbing and rubbing me through my pants. We would make out every chance we got. As the day ended she basically hung onto me. Her shirt was opened wide and she had taken her bra off. She knew that I loved her tits so she made sure I could see them clearly. On many occasions I would slide my hand into her shirt and squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples as we kissed. She would rub my hard cock through my jeans. After school she walked me to my truck and we started to kiss very passionately. After a few long minutes we broke the kiss.

"So am I going to your house tonight baby?" She asked as she gave me the cutest look with puppy dog eyes.

"After our date tonight you will definitely be coming over. I hope you don't plan on going home tonight." I said.

"Why is that babyhhhh?" She asked.

"Let's just say you're going to get what you want so bad." I said.

"You're big hard cock?" She asked as she gave me a sexy smile.

"Yes." I said.

"God it's about time. I've been needing it so bad." She said.

"I'll pick you up around 7 tonight." I said.

"Ok." She said.

I kissed her slowly yet passionately. We couldn't stop kissing and started to loose control. She pushed me against my truck and slid her hand into my pants. I moaned as I felt her small hand slide lower into my pants. Before she reached my cock we heard her friends honk. She pulled her hand out of my pants and we broke the kiss. Her and her friends were going to go shopping after school, but not for too long since she and I had a date that night.

"My ride is here." She whispered.

"Ok, I can't wait to feel your hand wrapped around me." I said.

"Mmmmm god, neither can I baby. I can't wait to feel it stretch my wet little pussy." She said.

"Oh god you better go before I throw you in my truck and fuck you right here." I said.

"Mmmmmmhhhh, I would love that, I'll see you later. Stay sexy, I love you." She whimpered.

"I love you, I'll see you later." I said.

She walked away and she left. I drove home and took a shower. I cleaned up my house really good and dressed very comfortably. I wore only a button down shirt sport jacket and dress pant with no underwear. I wanted her to see how hard she made me. I dressed very fancy since we were going to a fancy restaurant. We were going to a movie as well. Finally 7 arrived and I went to pick her up. When she came to the door my cock twitched immediately. She was wearing thee tiniest little black dress that she had just gotten. It was loose on the top and her strap had already slid off of her shoulder. It was so damn short that I almost dropped to my knees and licked her right there.

"Do you like it?" She asked.

"Oh my god yes. You look so so yummy." I said as I pressed my body against hers.

"Does it make you want to fuck me?" She asked.

"Yes it does." I said.

"I'm not wearing a bra or panties." She whispered as she smiled.

"God you're making me hard already and we haven't even left yet." I said.

She stepped back and looked down. She brushed her hair away from her face as she stared at my growing tent.

"You're not wearing any underwear are you." She asked half whimpering.

"No I'm not." I said as she looked up at me.

"Oh godhhhhh." She whispered.

I leaned down and she immediately slid her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a minute before we heard her dad coming down the stairs. He came down and shook my hand. Apparently she had already told them that she was staying the night with me. We talked for a few minutes and luckily Cheyenne stood in front of me so her dad wouldn't see how hard she just made me. My cock deflated allowing her to move. We finally left and went to dinner. As we sat and ate she made sure her strap kept falling. I would look every time and when I did she would reach up and slowly pull it down further before sliding it back up. She gave me the sexiest smile when she did.

"You know I won't be mad if you left it down." I said softly.

"I'm sure you wouldn't. Maybe I'll just leave it next time." She said.

"Please do." I said.

"God you make me so horny." She whispered as she reached across the table grabbing my hand.

"You should feel how hard you make me." I whispered back.

"Yeah?" She asked.

I felt her foot slide up my leg slowly as she looked into eyes. Her eyes closed partially once her foot touched my throbbing cock. I exhaled hard as she began to give me a very slow foot job.

"Do you think it'll fit in me?" She asked quietly as her strap started to slide down again.

"We will find out soon enough." I said.

"I can't wait." She whispered pulling her foot away from me.

"Neither can I." I said.

We finished eating and by then my cock had deflated mostly. I paid the bill and left a big tip. I walked up to Cheyenne and noticed that she hadn't pulled her strap back up yet. I slid my hand onto her neck and gently to her chest. She looked up at me and smiled as she started to stand up. When we got to the parking lot she stopped and pressed her ass against me. We walked to my truck that way. I had parked in a dark secluded corner of the lot so no eyes were on us. Thank god since she had made me so hard. Once we got to the truck she reached behind her and slid her hand on my covered cock. I opened the door and she turned around. I kissed her hard as I slid my hand under her dress. I slid my finger along her wet slit making her go crazy. She moaned into my mouth once I touched her clit. I slid my finger between her pussy lips and slid my finger along the entire length of her pussy.

Her hips started to thrust as we kissed really hard. I broke the kiss and lifted her into my seat. She spread her legs wide forcing her dress up.

"Is this what you want baby? You want my wet little pussy?" She asked as she spread her pussy open.

I didn't answer, instead I leaned in and licked up the entire length of her pussy really slowly. I had a freakishly long tongue, so as I licked up I made sure to dip my tongue into her wet hole. I looked into her eyes the entire time. I watched her eyes close half way and her mouth open wide. She whimpered and her hips moved slowly up down and side to side. I began to kiss, lick and suck her sweet pink pussy as her hand rested on the back of my head.

"Oh my god Ikaika, oooo...ooooohh oh sssshhhit, right there, righ...right there, ooohh god..right there baby." She moaned quietly.

I slid my tongue into her pussy and slowly and gently fucked her with my tongue looking up at her the entire time. Her pussy started to get wetter and wetter urging me to continue. Her back arched and her body started to shake. Her pussy started to spasm around my tongue as her back arched so far that her head hit the center console. She lifted her hips off of the seat as I closed my mouth around her clit and swirled my tongue on it. I slid my finger inside of her and started to slowly slide it in and out of her

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god you're going to make me cum, ooohhh shit, oh shhhhh....hhhhhuuuuu.. oh shit....aaaaaaaa... Oooohhhh fffffffffffffuck!" She moaned as quietly as she could.

She started to fill my mouth with her sweet sweet juices and I drank as much as I could. I stood up sliding my finger inside of her as her pussy continued to ooze cum. Her body jerked as she tried to catch her breath. After a minute or so she sat up and kissed me hard.

"No one has ever made me cum like that. You're just full of surprises aren't you?" She asked.

"Apparently so." I whispered.

"Well you are, I was told you have a small dick and it's actually huge, and you sure know how to turn me on. You definitely know how to eat my pussy like no one ever has." She said.

"I'm so glad you liked it, I'll eat your sweet tasty pussy anytime you want." I said.

"Like is the wrong word. What do you say we just go to your house. Fuck the movie, I need your cock like right now. I will explode if I don't get it." She said seductively.

"Let's get going then." I said as I pushed her head back kissing her hard.

We broke the kiss and she climbed into the passenger seat. I climbed in and we started to drive home. I watched her finger her own pussy and pull her dress down exposing her little tits. I moaned and grabbed my cock as I watched her and the road. She reached over and got her face as close to my tenting pants as possible. She moaned as she looked up at me and licked her lips. She bit her lower lip hard and her eyes changed as she grabbed my covered cock with both hands. She stroked my cock pulling her hands in opposite directions, twisting as she did so. She moaned when she felt my cock pulse in her hands. She let go with one hand and began to unzip my pants looking up at me the entire time. I slid my hand down her back, between her legs and onto her drooling slit. She exhaled hard as she reached into my pants and pulled my cock out.

"Oh my good god." She whispered as she pressed my cock against her face.

She very slowly licked up and down my shaft as I drove. The feeling of her tongue and hot breath on it made my cock twitch hard.

"Oooohh gggodhhhh." I moaned quietly.

"Mmmmm, you like that baby? You like it when I lick your yummy cock?" She asked.

"Like is the wrong word." I said making her giggle.

"Good I'm glad because now that I know you have a huge yummy cock I'm going to be doing a lot more of this baby." She said.

Just then we started to pull into my long driveway. She started to put my cock back into my pants until I stopped her.

"They're gone, it's just you and me." I said.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yes I am sure I personally saw all of them off before I went to pick you up.

"Good." She said.

She then grabbed my cock and pulled it back out just as I stopped at my garage. She licked my cock several times doing something with her tongue that absolutely drove me crazy. I moaned as I felt her open her mouth and slide my cock head into her mouth.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh ggggod!" I moaned as she began sucking my cock.

She slid my cock into her mouth as far as she could swirling her tongue from side to side on my shaft. She started to suck me hard and fast as I started finger fucking her wet hole. She popped my cock from her mouth and kissed me hard while stroking me.

"Let's go inside." She whispered.

I opened the door and as she crawled to my seat and sat down to slide out I pushed her legs wide open and started to lick her wet pussy again. She fell back moaning as I slid my long tongue deep inside of her. I started to tongue fuck her slowly drinking as much of her as I could. I used my upper lip to rub her clit. She inhaled really hard when I curved my tongue upwards and licked her g spot. I started to roll my tongue inside of her making her go insane. Her body twisted hard as her back arched. She moaned really loud as her pussy spasmed around my tongue. I licked all of her pussy walls as I rolled my tongue inside of her. Her arms started to flail as she groaned. Her hips thrusted wildly as I continued to lick her insides. Soon her pussy spasmed as her body twisted to her right. She pressed against the steering wheel honking the horn. Her back arched hard as she gasped for air. Her pussy then started to flood my mouth with her sweet cum. I drank as much of it as possible and had a bunch of it leaking out of my mouth and dripping off of my chin. I started to slide my tongue out of her pussy and lick it slowly as her orgasm started to subside. Once she had come back to earth she sat up fast grabbing my face.

"Holy fucking ssshhhhit!" She said as her body continued to jerk.

"Did you like that?" I asked.

"Where the hell did you learn to eat pussy baby?" She asked surprised.

"Porn." I said as I laughed.

"Oh my god! That was incredible." She said.

She kissed me hard as we stood there. I began to slide my finger along her pussy making her moan into my mouth. She broke the kiss and slid out of my truck. She sat on the step bars and started to suck my cock again. Chills ripped through my body and my respirations became very erratic. I placed my hand on my sides only for her to grab one and place it on the back of her head. I reached down and pulled one of her straps until it broke making her moan on my cock. Her saliva started dripping from my balls as she continued to lick my balls and cock. She then tried to swallow my cock gagging as she did so. I threw my head back moaning while pleasure started to rock my body. My muscles tensed up as her tongue did wild things to me. My balls started to tighten and my legs started to shake. I looked down to see her big blue eyes looking up at me.

"Oooooooooohhhh fffffuck I'm cumming!" I moaned as she popped my cock out of her mouth. She used her saliva as lube as she jerked my cock hard and fast. I threw my head back and groaned.

"Oooooooooohhhhh sssssshit Cheyenne! Uuuuhhh uuuuu uuuu!" I moaned as clenched my eyes shut.

My cock erupted all over her face, chest and dress. She stood up and scooped my cum off of her face and licked it. I grabbed her and pushed her against my back door and kissed her hard. She realized that I wasn't going down and moaned. She reached down and started to jerk my cock as we kissed. I closed my door and set the alarm as we stood there making out. I broke the kiss, grabbed her hand as she grabbed her purse and headed to the house. My still rock hard throbbing cock bounced from side to side as we walked.

I keyed our way into the house and walked in. Just as I shut the door and turned around, she shoved me against the door hard grabbing my cock. We kissed really passionately and hard as we moaned into each other's mouths. She literally ripped my shirt off and started to undo my belt. Once it was undone she all but ripped them opened and pulled them down.

"Fuck me please baby? I want this big hard cock in my pussy so badhhhh." She moaned.

"Let me go get a..." I said as she interrupted me.

"NO! No condom. I want it in me right now, just like this. I want to feel all of you." She moaned.

I grabbed her arms and pushed her against the door. I pulled her dress up and off of her. I pressed my bare cock against her soft flesh kissing her as I did so. I picked her up as far as I could still kissing her and pushed her against the door. I reached down and grabbed my cock and held it in place. I lowered her until my cock head slipped inside of her incredibly tight warm hole. I rested my fore head against hers as I lowered her more and more. She started to gasp as she wrapped her arm around my neck. She moaned as I lifted her up and back down again.

I held on to her as I walked to the dining room. I laid her on the table and thrusted into her as far as I could slowly. Her back arched immediately as she moaned. Her face and chest turned pink as I started to thrust in and out of her tight pussy. I started thrusting in and out of her slowly pushing in deeper with each thrust.

"Ooooohhh my god baby! I can feel you stretching my pussy. Oh fuck it feels so good! Feels so so good uuuuuuhhhhhh!" She moaned.

"Your pussy is so tight baby. Oh my god it feels amazing!" I moaned.

"Yeah babyhhh?" She asked.

"Oh god yeah." I replied.

She moaned as her eye brows slanted. Her mouth opened wide as I fucked her slowly. I didn't push my cock all the way in her for fear of hurting her. I loved her a lot and didn't want to do anything to cause pain. I started to thrust as her she got use to my size. I looked down as she sat up. We both looked at my cock as it stretched her pussy lips wide opened.

"Oh my god it looks so good in me." She whimpered as between gasps.

"You like that baby?" I asked.

"Yeah uuuuhhhhh, I love it." She moaned.

I started to thrust faster making her fall back onto the table. Her body started to twist as I kept speeding up. I felt her already tight pussy begin to spasm around my cock. I started to fuck her faster and harder. She moaned as I leaned down and kissed her. She looked into my eyes as her respirations became very ragged. She couldn't catch her breath. She groaned as her back arched hard, and her body twisted from side to side. I held onto her and continued to fuck her.

"Oh Ikaika, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh my god, oh my god you're going... Uuuuuuuuuuuu..uuuuuuuu...fffffuck I'm cumming, I'm cummimg, I'm cummimg, oooooooohhhh mmmyyyyyyy ggggooooood aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" She moaned.

Her body went as stiff as a rail and shook violently. Her hips jerked up and down up and down as I continued to fuck my Cheyenne. I looked down to see her cum coating my cock and spraying my balls. I started to slow down to allow her to come down from her orgasm. I pulled out of her as she rolled to her left side. Her body shook as her back arched twice. She had been holding her breath apparently because she gasped hard. Her pussy continued to ooze her juices. I watched her pussy continue to spasm as she started to try catching her breath. She rolled onto her back and onto her side. I leaned over her and kissed her as she continued to catch her breath.

"Holy fucking shit baby! Oh my god!" She said as she looked into my eyes.

"Was it everything you hoped it would be?" I asked.

"So much better. I want more." She said as she dropped to her knees.

She started to aggressively lick and suck my cock tasting her own pussy on me. She moaned as she started to stroke what wouldn't fit in her mouth. I threw my head moaning as she licked and sucked me. She licked my balls and cock and licked up my body slowly. I leaned down and kissed her as she stroked my cock.

"You taste really good don't you?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, yeah I do, no wonder you love licking my little pussy." She moaned as she bit her lip.

I took her hand and led her to my couch. I pushed her onto the arm rest and dropped to my knees.

"Yes that's why I love licking you." I said

I began to lick and tongue fuck her pink pussy aggressively. Her hips thrusted up as her hand rested on the back of my head. I stuck my tongue into her as deep as I could and rolled my tongue. She started to go insane again.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, don't stop doing that, don't stop, don't stop, I'm going to cum again, ooooohhh fuck yeah baby uuuhhhhhh!!" She moaned.

I started to lick her pussy walls again as her juices coated my tongue. After a while of eating her pussy she started to get close. Just as her pussy started to spasm around my tongue, I stood up and buried my cock deep inside of her with one thrust.

"Hhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuooooooooohhhhh ggoooooooooodd!" She moaned as her body went stiff again.

I started to thrust in and out of her as fast and hard as possible. Her back arched hard as she started to cum really hard. I pulled out as her cum squirted out of her pussy and shove back in. I held her in place as I kept fucking her. She started to have one orgasm after another after another. Her cum soaked my balls and it began to drip off of my soaked balls. I groaned in pleasure before pulling out. She fell onto the couch shaking and trembling. She rolled twice as her body remained stiff.

"Oh god....oh god....oh god!!" She moaned as her entire body jerked and shook violently.

I got onto my knees and slid onto her kissing my way up her sweaty body. She wrapped her arms around my head as her orgasm began to subside. I very slowly and gently kissed her. She started to run her fingers along my back and head. She continued to try catch her breath. I broke the kiss and she smiled and started to giggle.

"Oh my god baby I love you." I said.

"Holy shit I love you too. And oh my GOD you're amazing in bed! Holy shhhhit!" She said as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Have you even cum yet?" She asked.

"No and I can go again of you want." I said smiling.

"Fuck yeah I want to go again." She said as she sat up pushing me up.

She stood me up and began to suck my hard shaft again sending chills through my body. She sucked my cock slow and gently this time laughing as she watched my body twitch. After a while of sucking my cock she stood up and bent over. She spread her ass and pussy opened wide.

"Ffffuck me baby." She whimpered.

I grabbed my stiff rod and pushed into her slowly. She moaned and threw her head back as I pushed in as far as I could go. I started to fuck her hard, just as hard as we both wanted for a long time. I held her up as she fell forward moaning and crying out. I fucked her so hard that she started to cum again. Her legs quaked and her body trembled violently as her cum squirted out of her pussy. I groaned she I saw a white frothy cream on my cock. Chills ripped through me and my body began to tighten. I didn't want to cum yet because I wanted her to have several more orgasms before I blew my wad. I pushed her forward off of my cock. She rolled to her side and gripped the couch cushions and pulled herself toward the arm rest.

I looked at her pussy and watched her pussy spasm as it squirted. I had never seen a girls pussy do that before and seeing hers do that made my cock twitch hard. I laid behind her on the couch and rubbed her pussy with my cock as she soaked it with cum. She started to calm down and she turned her head to face me. I grabbed my cock and slid back inside of her as we kissed. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"Oh my god I love your cock so much babyhhh. I've never had such amazing orgasms before." She whimpered.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked sarcastically as I started to thrust in and out of her slowly.

"God no baby." She moaned.

"I almost came in you this last time I fucked your tight little pussy." I said.

"Did you cum?" She asked.

"No I didn't." I said.

"Good because I want to taste your cum baby." She whimpered.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Mmmhmmm." She replied.

"Can I fuck you again?" I asked.

"Please do." She replied as she giggled.

I started to fuck her slowly making sure I didn't hurt her with my prosthetic. She moaned as I gently gripped her tits one by one pinching her nipples. She started to push her ass into me trying to force my cock all the way inside of her. I began to fuck her hard and fast making her moan. I kissed her as I fucked her tight pussy and started to speed up my thrusts. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. Her eye browns slanted and she started to loose control of her body. She tried like hell to stare into my eyes as another orgasm began to build. I sat up and held her leg up and started to really fuck her as she started to cum really hard again. As I fucked her hard and fast as my cock ground against her g spot. She started to have orgasm after orgasm as my balls began to tighten. I had to slow down to keep from cumming inside of her. I pulled out as her body rolled and shook violently. Her cum sprayed on me and my couch. Just as she rolled onto her back I watched her little pussy spasm. I waited till she came down before shoving my cock back inside of her. She lifted her head and looked at me and moaned as I fucked her again. I fucked her hard again. After a while she started to have multiple orgasms again. This time I left my cock inside of her as her pussy spasmed. My cock began to swell even more and my balls really started to tighten. I couldn't hold back anymore. Just as my cock slid all the way out of her pussy my body stiffened and jerked with each shot of cum.

"Oooooooooooohhh mmmy ggggooood Cheyenne!!" I cried out as cum continued to shoot from my cock.

I fell forward onto my hands and my hips continued to thrust as cum continued to spew from my cock. She started to come down from her orgasm just as I fell behind her. Our sweaty bodies slid together as we both gasped and tried to catch our breaths. She started to laugh as she turned and faced me. I smiled as we looked into each other's eyes. She kissed me as we laid there panting. She giggled and we started to sit up. She scooped her cum off her body and pussy and licked it off of her fingers. We both stood up and she hugged me. I kissed her tasting myself on her tongue.

"I thought that every girl in porn faked their orgasms until tonight." She said.

"Surprised?" I asked.

"Oh god yes. My whole body is still buzzing." She said as she giggled.

"I'm still shaky." I said as I stood up.

"Me too." She said as she continued to giggle.

"God that was amazing." I said.

"That was by far the best sex I have ever had, oh my god that was amazing baby." She said.

"I've never had sex this good either. I've never stayed that hard or lasted that long." I said.

We stayed naked and went to my room. She smiled as we walked in and she turned to face me. She looked at me and smiled. I went and drew her a bath and as soon as the huge tub was full we climbed into it together after I took my leg off. She helped me in smiling as she looked into my eyes. I sat down and I started to wash her slowly as I explored every inch of her petite teen body. My cock started to get hard again as I washed every inch of her slowly, taking her beauty in. She in turn washed every inch of my body as well, slowly exploring every inch of me. We sat in the tub for quite a while. We decided to get out. She got out first and went to get my crutches. I sat on the side of the tub and we dried each other off and put robes on.
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