A guy goes camping to find piece and quiet and finds much more
It had taken its share of butt kissing and favor calling but I finally had some time off. After my girlfriend left me, in a rather brutal way, I really needed some me time. I loaded up my camping gear in my jeep and headed out to one of my favorite spots. It was this creek that carved its way from the mountain, leaving rather steep walls which kept it rather hidden and untouched. It was usually packed during the summer but in the off season, I could usually be alone and not see a soul.

The hike in to the head waters was several miles in, and I enjoined the sounds of the rushing waters, the birds and the bugs, and the gravel under my feet. My pack was rather light weight for this trip, I just had food for a day, and the essentials, including a bottle of scotch repacked into a plastic bottle. The head waters were a water fall the gushed straight from the side of the mountain and formed a sinkhole pool. The creek flowed out of the sinkhole canyon and down several miles to the junction with the river. The trail followed the creek for most of the way, and lead to a nice tree filled campsite on a small ridge above the hole.

My hike took about three or four hours, but it didn't matter. There still was plenty of daylight to set up camp. I took a swig of the last of my water and set up a tarp shelter between two trees. I also went into the trees and started gathering fallen wood for a camp fire. I gathered more then I thought I would need, firewood always seemed to go faster than you expected. Some movement caught my eye. The other hiker was as startled as I was to see someone there. Fortunately this hiker was a girl, and she was cute!

"Um, hi." I said. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone else here. I guess there's room for both of us."

She shrugged, "I guess that isn't too bad. One guest is better than being overcrowded." She said with a smile. She was wearing a purple tank top with some tight black pants. She leaned her pack on a tree, walked over and held out her hand. "I'm Mandy."

I returned the smile, and took her hand as I stood up. "I'm Mat. I guess you're right, we could have worse company than each other out here. Go ahead and set up your camp, I can go grab some more wood for the fire.". Mandy gave me a smile and started unpacking her bag. I took several minutes gathering down wood, mostly pine and some cedar. I doubled the size of the pile, figuring that if we didn't use it all then it would be in place for the next campers. My good turn for the day. I grabbed my water bottles and started heading down to the creek to refill them.

"Hey, hold up!" I paused, as Mandy ran after me with her own bottles. The temps had rose quite a bit more than normal, and I was sweating pretty good. I noticed that Mandy was too.

I tried breaking the ice, "Looks like you used up more water than you thought too, huh?"

She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "Yeah, you'd have thought that it was booze at a frat party the way I was downing it."

I gave a chuckle to her joke. Holy shit, I thought, this girl is gorgeous and funny. Plus she liked backpacking. My ex would never go camping with me, roughing it was staying at a cheap motel.

We kept joking with each other down the switchbacks down to the falls. I couldn’t help but check out her ass as she passed me. It was perfect, framed in those tight black workout pants that she was wearing. As she bent over to gather some water, I just about sprung to full mast right there. I tried turning away to hide my woody as I filled my bottles at the falls. Since the falls came out of the rock, it was pure and I wouldn’t need to purify it.

“Hey!” Mandy called out. I whipped my head around and the shock thankfully made my erection vanish. “I was thinking, with all this heat, I could go for a swim. Wanna join me?”

I wanted to, oh man did I want to. But fear jumped up to bat first, and after a nice bit of stammering, I answered a winner of an excuse. “Um I don’t have any trunks with me.”

She shrugged, “Thanks ok, I was just gonna use my underwear. You can still join me.” Mandy smiled mischievously.

The wheels were turning in my head; beautiful woman with a bit of a wild side, waterfalls and pools, and nobody else around. Before I knew it, the following popped out of my mouth, “Sure.”

Mandy took off her tank top to reviel a grey sports bra, a flat firm stomach, and a wonderful set of boobs. She slipped off her shoes and slid her pants off and I had a great view of her great ass, framed in by some skin tight, athletic cut black panties. Thongs and french cut work great in the bedroom but fail when it comes to being active. She pulled her feet out of the pants and looked over her shoulder and smiled.

I took my shirt off and tossed it over a rock. My own boots came off followed by my pants. Socks were the last things off while I watched as Mandy slipped into the water. It rose past her long legs as she walked deeper into the pool towards the falls; past her knees, and up to her thighs. The water just laped at the curves of her butt as she entered the falls. Mandy held her head back into the waterfall like she was in the shower. The water drenched her and made her bra cling to her chest like it was painted on. The water was rather warm, coming from some warm springs, but despite that, her niples were very perky. Her skin glistened in the water and sunlight. I began to get hard again and slipped into the water myself, sinking down and using the water to cover myself.

Mandy watched me and started laughing. She saw everything. She crossed the pool towards me. I was captivated by the sway of her hips and and the way her clothes clung to her like second skin. “You know, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She reached down and gripped my dick through my boxers. “This is actually something to be proud of.” She felt me up as my cock got fully hard and extended to it’s full 9 inches. Not to biggest dick, but it was quite thick. Mandy pulled my shorts down and freed my member from it’s cloth covering. Part of me was unsure of what to do, but seeing the lust in her eyes I let her keep going. She began to stroke me, and while she did that, she knelt down in the water in front of me. “Oh, I have to admit, when I first saw you I hoped you had a nice sized cock, and this exceeds my expectations.”

With that, Mandy popped my dick in her mouth and started to blow me. “Mmmm, mmm, mmm!” She said as she slid up and down my cock.

“Oh, damn! That feels good!” I said.

Mandy looked up at me with 'fuck me eyes' and I just about blew my load in her mouth right then. I took her hand and lifted her out of the water and I lead her over to a small island of rock and kissed her. She kissed back as things turned passionate. I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and she started moaning into our kiss. I broke off the kiss to slide down her front as I dropped her panties. I sat her down on a rock and smiled myself.

“My turn,” I said. I gently moved her legs apart and started licking her pussy. She continued moaning as I rubbed and licked her out. A short while in, her legs turned rubbery and I paused for a moment and helped her sit on the rocks. Spreading her legs father, I began to resume my oral onslot on her cunt. As she began to moisten, I slipped a finger in and really set her off.

“YES! Yes, right there! Oh more, MORE!” She screamed. She began to massage her boobs through her top at the beginning, and soon she pulled her breast out and used her top as a shelf to keep them suspended. She really got into playing with her boobs, and was tweaking her own nipples as my adventure down under lead her to climax. Mandy started shaking and stopped moaning as she gasped for air. I kept going, and at the top of her climax, a squirt hit me in the face. It caused me to pull back in shock. Holy fuck! I never made anyone squirt before.

Mandy lay on the rock, spread out and glowing in the aftermath of her orgasm. I leaned over her and started to kiss her again. She began to warm back up as we made out and I pulled her top off. She was still spread out and I was still hard, so I eased my cock into her wet pussy. Another moan escaped her lips as my shlong stretched her walls.

"Been a while?", I asked. I kissed her as I held my penis in place, letting her adjust to my size.

"You could say that," she said, still slightly out of breath. She started moving her hips up into me, "If you are that good at foreplay, I can only imagine what the main event will be like."

"Well, let's find out." I said with a smile. I began to match her hip movements with some of my own. I splashed water from the pool over us as I moved. The water combined with the body fluids made for a very wet and wild time. Mandy was still very tight after her first climax and I really was had to trust into her as she tightened up for her second. Mandy bucked up into me as I slammed down into her. The walls of her pussy tightened around my cock as she screamed in pleasure and shook as her orgasim exploded inside her. No squirt this time but I kept going as she grew breathless. She slowed her hips, but I spread up and slammed into her as hard as I could. I felt a familiar feeling growing inside me, but I didn't want to blow just yet.

I pulled out and backed away dispite the protest from my new 'friend'. We both caught our breath as I led her up from the rock. I turned her around and had her bend over. I knelt down and nibbled her cunt for a few minutes to cool myself down a bit. When I felt ready to resume, I quickly stuck my dick back inside her wet hole, causing her to gasp in surprise. "Oh! Fuck me! Yes, yes, yes!" Mandy screamed with each thrust. In this position, her breasts bounced under her as I slammed into her. I reached around and grabbed them, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, which were hard. A few thrusts later, I slipped one hand down to play with her clit. She began to shake and push back against me. "Oh take me! Give me that cock!! Her thrusts began to get more wild, and she bounced so hard she popped off the end of my dick.

Instead of putting it back, she turned around and lifted a leg and rapped it around me. Her arms went around my neck, and I put mine on her ass and lifted her as she rapped her other leg around me. She shifted her hips around until she had them in the correct spot and slid down my cock until she bottomed out. I bounced Mandy up and down on my cock and looked her face to face. I stared onto her lust filled eyes and saw her mouth turn to an 'o' as she shook and screamed. This time she screamed with each slam as she tightened her legs around me. Her pussy tightened as well, and my dick grew a bit as I reached my finale. She soon turned breathless as she leaned by and squirted all over the two of us. She shook and bucked against me, and it set me off. I blasted wave after wave of cum into her pussy as I plowed into her.

We collapsed into the warm water and held each other. We laid there and caught our respective breaths. Mandy cuddled up to me and said, "Well, I think I might join you in your tent tonight, if you're up for it."

"As long as we can do this again, I could squeeze you in there."

"I really like 'squeezing' into small spaces with you." She said with a smile.

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