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“No, I don't want to!” She argued back at Brian. Kimmy figured he couldn’t force her do to anything she didn't feel comfortable doing.
“Why must you yell at me? What have I asked that is too difficult for you to do? I ask nothing more of you than you would of me.” Brian was now in defense and he wasn't backing down.
“I’m not yelling, your yelling. You just started...and” Kimmy just shouted back. In all the worked up heat she figures that she doesn’t have to take anything she doesn't want to.
“Don’t give me that, just don’t...ahh! Why not? Can I ask you that?” Brian was the kind of guy who was not only demanding but had to get what he wanted. If he couldn't get it by words, he took it my force.
“You want to know why not? Why do you think? You don't own me! I’m not your property! I’m not your whore. Pay off your own debts. That's your problem!” In tears, Kimmy started to walk off, pushing Brian out of the way of the entrance of his small bedroom. After a thought, he followed after.
“Come back her, Sweety,” he utter. “Hon?” he said a little louder. “It will be nothing. I can be there for you, the whole time of you want. It’s not like he’s gonna rape you. Hon”
She turns around with a look of disbelieve on her face when she reached the bottom of the stairs. “Rape? you don't think that's rape? Well, let me tell you. I think its rape. Its uninvited, its painful, unloving and degrading, not to mention humiliating!”
“Common, talk to me. No need for shouting anymore.” He stands at the top of the staircase looking down at her. He can see that she is still crying. He hates to make her cry. In fact, he hates to not make her happy always. How could he be doing this to his girlfriend.
“No, I take that back. It was invited. By you agreeing, you invited him. I cant believe you. What’s wrong with you.?”
“You know what? I’m sick of this shit.” By now Brian already started to race down the stairs. He was tired of fighting and decided it was his time to put her back in her place. She knew exactly what he was doing. Kimmy recognized the tone in his voice.
“Stop, please don't.” She couldn't undo the bolt lock on the front door. She was scared.
“You know its for your own good. When you cant settle down, compromise, this helps. We know this. You just forgot. Its been a while.” Brian was more relaxed now and so was she. Brian took Kimmy’s hand and pulled her to the living room. She barely resisted but she followed. Maybe there was a change she could get out of it, this time.
Brian sat on the couch and motioned her over to him. Instead of Kimmy bending over Brian’s lab, she straddled him. This was extremely difficult in a short skirt. She loved to look nice for Brian but more than that, his friends. Her intent was to make his friend’s jealous of him for having suck a sexy gal.
“What do you think your doin?” Brian was smiling. He reminding himself how cute she could be. Kimmy was smiling now too but it was a seductive and playful smirk.
“This isn't going to wor-ork,” he sang. She just squeezes closer to him, placing her hands around his neck.
“Or maybe this could..muaaah” Brian was still goofing around, but he was also there to get something accomplished. He decided that she shouldn't talk to him like that, be able to run away in anger anymore. He started to slide his hands down her back and lower her panties. Kimmy’s skirt was already around her waist.
“No-ooo,” she whines. “I’ll be good. I promise.” She flashes him a quick innocent smile. He cant help it. That only turns him on more, and so will this. Brian lowers her panties as much as he can. With one hand he grabs her and lifts this light, angelic beauty closer to him, but more off his lap. With the other hand he smacks her soft, silky white ass.
“Ouch, no, stop,” she whines as she jumps up. Bad idea for her because Brian just grabs her by the waist and turns her over his lab. Kimmy kicks and fusses. She is horrified. Brian continues to pull down her panties until they are off. With her kicking wildly, everything is exposed to Brian. He thinks that maybe after he could settle her down with an orgasm.
Brian starts light, just to pinken the two soft globes in front of him. They dance at his command. Jiggling and flying every which way, he spanks her from different directions. Brian is totally enjoying himself. By the screams and crying anyone would know that the girl wasn't.
Brian would spank Kimmy not to hard for a short time, maybe only five minutes or so. He wouldn't go fast. He wanted to see her bounce. Then, the heat came faster and faster, harder and harder each time. He wasn't spontaneous anymore. Constant rhythm, one two one two, back and forth. He was still smacking with all his might, harder and harder. Kimmy was flailing and screaming now. She was very embarrassed. She could feel the rock growling in Brian’s pants. What next, she thought. After a short time in Brian’s mind and close to an eternity for Kimmy, the enduring firing ceased. Brian did not let go. He just held her over his lap with a firm grip, stroking her backside, feeling the heat of his good doing. When she was finally settled, he let go.
Crawling and rolling on the floor, she rubs and strokes. “Oww, oh, aw, it hurts, oh it hur-ur-urts!”
“Aw, Hon, its alright, Sweety.” Brian stood up and picked Kimmy off the floor and carried her to his room so he could rub lotion her her backside and cuddle until she stops crying. After then she will be willing to negotiate.

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worst story i ever read , and i have read some very bad ones ....


2012-04-28 20:08:10
This just goes to show why all men should be CASTRATED. Men use and rape women, then they come here to write lame stroke stories about it. If you are a man, do the right thing: grab a kitchen knife, a broken beer bottle, whatever ... and DESTROY THOSE NASTY TESTICLES right now!

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Not Bad For A Short Spanking Story =D

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