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If you haven't read "The Beginning of Serenity" it would be advised before reading part 2
The Following Day :
Serenity had woken up and continued as if it were a regular morning, she showered, done her hair and makeup and went into the bedroom to get dressed. As she approached the bed she had seen that Nick had laid out something for her to wear for the day. Serenity got dressed then approached the full length mirror. Standing there was a beautiful woman with blonde hair with blue eyes which were highlighted with a small amount of makeup, with plump pink glossy lips to add to her beauty. As she looked her-self over she was impressed with how well Nick had picked out her outfit. Serenity was wearing a pair of blue jean daisy dukes that let her firm ass cheeks peak out from under the hem. Under those small shorts was a very risqué pair of boy shorts that had little black lace at the top and also laced up at the very back. For her top she was wearing a matching push up bra which had let her perky D tits proud on display with plenty of cleavage from her top. Her top was a cropped flannel shirt which Serenity had been instructed to tie under her bust. For her shoes she was to wear a pair of tan wedges that had red and white plaid to match her top. To complete her outfit she had put her blonde hair into pigtails.

Serenity had finished looking over herself when she heard a call from downstairs for her to come; Serenity had gone at her fast pace not wanting to get into trouble. As she reached Nick he looked her up and down and smiled. He looked at her and instructed her to spin and as she did he said “You look like a wonderfully delicious fuck-doll, I just want to show you off to everybody. In fact we are going to head out in a little to go to a store”. Serenity looking slightly scared “While looking like this Nick?” she said. “Yes! Exactly like that, I might would have considered you wearing a different shirt if you would have addressed me differently, like maybe how you are supposed to”. She begged to him “Please Master, I’m sorry. I apologize for being so unintelligent.” He took her close to him and caressed her face with his gentle touch and said “Don’t worry, this is a learning experience, take this as your punishment. It’s not as bad as you think it is, just remember to address me as Master Nick or Sir”. She looked slightly saddened but was slightly better as she said “Okay Master, when do we leave?” “In a few minutes my dear Serenity, you’ll like today. Have no worries.” He said.

While in the car Nick had decided to have a little bit of fun while they are out, he dug into the glove box while at stop light and produced a vibrating bullet, he took the remote and instructed Serenity to insert it deep into her cunt and for her to take off her shorts and underwear while they are in the vehicle, but once they got out she may put on just her shorts. Serenity was hesitant but done as she was told, Nick had fiddled with the remote for a moment and turned it on low, it gave Serenity a few moments to adjust to the new feeling and she sat there and looked out the window.

A little while longer in the car they pull into a parking lot of a well-known sex toy shop. Nick had parked and took the key out of the ignition, Serenity went to put on her shorts and Nick stopped her and said “Oh, no you don’t. I told you that you may put them on once you were out of the car. Now since you can’t follow directions you are to shut the door then put them on. I will wait for you.” Serenity shook her head and her cheeks turned red she crawled out of the car then put her shorts on in the parking-lot. As she did Nick got out of the car and walked over to her and laughed at her calling her a slut and then escorting her into the store. Upon entrancing the store they started looking around. Nick led her to a wall of collars and told her to find four that she liked what they said. Serenity kept looking for one that said fuck-doll but she couldn’t find one, she then settled for four. She then showed them to Master Nick and he read them out loud “Whore, Slave, Slut, and Tramp. I think that we are going to purchase the Whore, Slave and Slut. One will be worn at all times except while sleeping. Each of them have a D ring on them, if you are bad you will be put on a short leash and treated like a dog until you start behaving.” Nick then bolted and grabbed a leash it was pink with small bedazzles on it. He then lead her to a shelf of dildos, he picked out 2, one was purple and it vibrated with ribs on the length of it. The other looked just like a dick. He grabbed them and purchased them without a second to spare he held a collar in each of his hands and told her to pick one without her being able to see what it said. Serenity had picked the one that had Slut written on it and sure enough Master Nick had attached it to around her neck. They proceeded to walk out of the store, and back to the car. They talked upon reaching the car and Master Nick looked at Serenity and said “if you have any problem with this, then tell me”. Serenity smiled whispered into Master Nick’s ear and said “I don’t have a single problem with this; my new aim in life is to make you happy and please you, no matter what I might have to do.” Master Nick smiled at Serenity kissed her cheek and right as she entered the car, Master Nick took the remote and put it on high and he laughed as they drove home.
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