Joan is visited by two sex demons in her sleep
"We've found her at last," said Mike.
"Maybe." Luke curled a sly smile. "But we should check for good measure."
Luke was a large man, tall and broad-shouldered, with thick black hair pulled into a ponytail. He was a pure Incubus, one of the few of his kind, a being who could put a human into a spell in twelve different ways and leave them there until he was done. He could be gentle when he wanted to be, but many of his partners were pleased to have it rough.
Incubuses were beings made for sex. They were creatures of desire and lust, mixed with a need to reproduce. They had many powers among them was hypnosis and invisibility.
"Do you have any ideas as how we can check to see if she's a suitable mate?" Luke glanced at his companion with a mocking smirk.
Mike paused in the act of pulling off his briefs, grinning back. "No. Not a one." He kicked off the underwear and faced him, naked with a coin in his hand. "Heads or tails? You call it."
"Heads...err – no wait?!" Luke could never beat the odds. "Tails!"
"Too late! Heads I win." Mike flung the coin away. "I take her cunt and you her mouth."
"You cheated!" Luke took his clothes off and added: "Again..."
"What did you expect from a creature of the night!" Luke grinned at his friend.
They became invisible and went to inside Joan's house undetected.
Joan had short blond hair, and wide sincere blue eyes. Red lips, full, luxuriant and made for kissing. In short, she was a sexy woman, much too good to be wasted with some common mortal. She had high cheekbones and large breasts.
Mike flicked his gaze over Joan's body and felt his balls tighten. Luke was already aroused with a massive erection. Without word, they walked to the bedroom. The covers had already been pulled back; the sheets looked cool and inviting.
Joan shut the bedroom door.
"Who's there?" She looked around and saw only an empty room.
Mike's eyes were fiery when they met with Luke's. Dark pleasure. Temptation.
They would never rape their partners. They didn't need to because sexual desire was always there. Incubuses fed on the sexual needs and desires of humans thus cleansing them of any negative energy.
"I'm calling the cops," Joan spoke out loud to an apparently empty room.
Mike lowered his head and locked his eyes with hers. He opened his arms and she went into them, her will was completely surrendered in seconds. But as she started to bend toward his mouth, a thought penetrate the hypnotic haze.
'What's happening?' She thought.
"You have a strong mind." It was Luke, moving up behind her. "It's never taken two of us to control a human before."
"You sound disappointed." Mike smirked.
"Only surprised."
"Surrender your will." Mike commanded as he slanted his mouth over Joan's. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, a welcomed incursion. This was a kiss like none she had ever experienced in her life. It was a passion so intense it threatened to destroy her.
'More.' She thought.
Mike tugged, pulling Joan's head farther back, giving him better access. The kiss deepened. Breaths mingled. Tongues lashed at each other. It was a clash, a seduction and a possession.
Mike held her in his strong, thickly muscled arms.
Suddenly, two sets of hands ripped off her shirt, skirt, bra and underwear. They explored her entire body, caressed, teased and tormented.
"We've been searching for a female like you for centuries," Mike whispered.
Joan didn't understand what he'd said because her mind was in a trance, but the tone of his voice left her giddy, clinging to Mike, and wobbly-kneed. She groaned and gradually let her muscles go, allowing Mike and Luke to support her weight.
How she ached for them to just take her into their arms and carry her away, to spread her legs and fuck her slowly at first and then hard and fast.
"I've been looking for you too," she heard herself whisper, astonished by the revelation.
Mike knelt on her left, closer to her shoulders. Luke was on her right and ran his hands down her leg. Mike fondled her breasts, rolling her nipples with his fingertips. "We'll never let you go now that we have you,” he pledged. "We know that's what you want—to belong to us. To submit everything...Your mind, body and soul."
She hunched her back, offering her breasts.
"Suck my breasts, please." Joan begged. "Let me feed you! Take me. I want to surrender." She lowered her hands to her cunt and spread her labia. "Let me feed you with my juices. I belong to you."
Mike pulled her knees apart, teased her labia with a finger. Her empty cunt clenched, heat pulsing and pumping through her entire body. Hands closed around her wrists, pinning them to the floor.
Finally, she was under their control.
"My Masters," she whispered as she hunched her hips up, her body tight with anticipation.
Mike's finger slipped inside and then immediately withdrew sucking her juice off the tip.
'More.' She yearned for more touches. She wanted a thick hard cock pumping inside her while strong hands held her down. She needed a hard fucking.
"More, I beg you" she pleaded.
Mike's eyes were fixed on Joan and she could not help but notice the swelling in his crotch. The Incubus had an extremely tanned naked and muscular chest. He was three times her size. His tanned hand was massaging Joan's leg while his other hand lightly touched her hair as she was with her back to him and her legs split apart.
"This is only the beginning," Mike whispered softly.
Mike quietly began to hum a slow melodious tune. As she looked into his eyes she began to feel tranquil. It felt strange but Joan kept looking into his dark eyes and couldn't look away. A bizarre feeling of fascination took control of her as he began moving her closer to him. Mike pulled her ass onto his lap. Joan couldn't move. All she could sense was his hot breath blowing against her neck. Joan closed her eyes and licked her lips. He hungered for her and she needed him, her flesh craved him like a drug.
Her cunt clenched and she felt the lightest touch against her clit. She wanted to have them both at the same time.
The world around her began to spin. She lay on her back, the dirt teasing her hips, her two lovers over her. Four hands massaged her flesh; two mouths, licking and sucking her nipples at the same time. She arched her hips up, loving each touch and desiring more.
Joan became aware of the Incubus's cock under her. As she wiggled slowly she could feel it move beneath her.
Joan began to tremble as her body tingled. She felt herself becoming wetter. Mike slowly began to kiss her mouth as he continued humming a melodic tune. She could feel his large hand massaging her breast. Mike slowly pulled her head closer to his. Then his large tanned lips lightly touched her mouth.
Now, he slowly moved his tanned arms around her waist and shoulders. Joan felt an excitement began to grip her.
"More," she moaned as one of her lovers licked between her parted thighs, lapping her clit with one delicate swipe of his tongue. Her hands caressed the hard bodies that touched hers, absorbing their essence, needing them both inside her. "Masters."
"You look to be enjoying yourself," Luke laughed.
"Hmm," she heard Mike mock. "It does feel agreeable, but I've had better."
"Don't be mean." Luke grinned mischievously. "Human, suckle my cock until I give you my cream."
Nervously, Joan tentatively licked the tip of his big head. Luke, letting her acknowledge that he approved. Her jaw muscles relaxed a bit and, taking a deep breath, she slipped the entire head into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Instantaneously, she felt his thigh muscles tense. She began to suck slowly—only the head.
"She looks tight." Mike put his large hands between her knees, pushed them back until they were against her shoulders. Her tight exposed cunt was shown beneath him, the outer labia a darker colour due to her passionate excitement, the inner labia secreting a gooey lubricant, and the large red clit engorged was swollen with blood. Mike put the swollen head of his huge dick against the warm moistened lips of her cunt.
A cock filled her, hard and thick, sliding deep until she thought she couldn't take any more. He pushed forward, and the blood-filled cock parted the still wet curls of pubic hair and slipped without difficulty down through the two sets of sensitive cuntal lips.
Mike pushed in a bit further. He knew he had to take this slowly because he wanted to go as deep into her as possible. If he pushed in too fast the penetration would cause pain or injury. He pushed in about four inches inside her, and then began slow extracting movements together with small, controlled jerks of his prick.
"Mmmm," she panted and sucked on the other cock in her mouth, deep-throating him in a silky motion. He hissed, his hands threading through her hair and holding her face up against his cock. She sucked hard on his length and pulled back at the same time, giving herself some air and him. She repeated the actions—smooth slide in, hard suck out, smooth slide in, hard suck out.
The first Incubus kept up his pace while he fucked her cunt while his companion fucked her mouth.
"Faster," Luke demanded thickly.
Joan reached down and began to tenderly squeeze his testicles, turning his moan into a menacing growl which rumbled in his throat. She worked her mouth faster, sucking his prick hysterically. Her head moved up and down up and down in a feverish motion. Every muscle in his enormous body tensed. The palms of his hands rested at either side of her face. She sucked him and sucked him, over and over, again and again.
Mike had begun fucking in and out and Joan was almost certain she had taken all his entire length, not realizing that he was only than six inches into her. She could feel the mushroom tip of his lusty cock pressing against the cervix, apparently trying to burrow its way into her uterus. The hard rod rubbed the inside of her cunt.
Joan moaned with each thrust of his cock into her cunt. She begged beneath him, and her long fingernails dug long bloody scratches down his back as suddenly, she heaved her pelvis up with an almost supernatural strength and her legs splayed out until it seemed as if she were splitting herself right down the middle.
Luke stiffened as he came on a loud groan. Hot cum gushed into her mouth. His fingers tightened in her hair as he groaned out in pleasure. She swallowed his cum.
A howl filled her head as all three of them screamed toward climax. She came before Mike released inside her, his cum filling her, sending her pussy into another shuddering orgasm.
Joan awoke as the violent climax shook her body.
Gasping and fighting the exhaustion which followed, she forced her eyes to open, immediately aware that she'd been masturbating. She was lying flat on her back and totally naked; her legs splayed open and soaked with sweat. A quick drift of light wind blew across her vulva, sending shivers down her spine at the feel of ethereal fingers playing over her clit.
"I've been masturbating in my sleep," she still couldn't believe it.
Embarrassed, she drew her legs together and tried to stand up. She groaned. The muscles in her entire body ached as she moved. She dragged in a deep breath and realised another other fact. She was naked.
Her legs were splayed wide open and naked.
"What the hell just happened?"
She had had erotic dreams before, but nothing like this. She couldn't even remember going to bed, why couldn't she remember it?
While trying to remember the events of the previous night, Joan felt a rush course through her body. It ran upwards from her toes, to her calves, to insides of her thighs, right up in between her legs. Her eyes shut closed, her body shuddered.
Groaning, she sat up.
"She is definitely the one we've been looking for," Mike's long thick cock hung flaccidly between his legs.
"Humanity has no idea how valuable she is to their salvation."
"We'll come back tonight." Mike began to dress.
"Agreed, by the way next time...,"Luke said dryly. "I get her cunt first. Cheat."
"Whatever," Mike laughed.
The End


2014-04-18 12:10:57
Magus was a supposed to be a 'third' Incubus that I'd written but the story became so complicated and long that I wrote him out.

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