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Continuing the series...
The situation was almost perfect at this point.

I had an incredibly gorgeous girl, who I was more or less dating. Not only that, but I also had permission from her that I could fool around with her equally gorgeous younger sister. It was a fantasy that most people wouldn’t allow themselves to dream about, and I had it. And, yet, I still wasn’t satisfied.

I know, it was horrible of me. I deserved to lose everything I had with this situation. The cheer parties were one thing, but I really had developed a little thing for Melanie. There was something about her, about how badly she wanted me, even needed me. Obviously, she was young, fit and very sexy, but as I mentioned, I had those bases covered twofold already. But, here I was, lying in bed at night, kept up by thoughts of Melanie.

I looked over at my alarm clock. Two in the morning. At least tomorrow was Saturday, so I could sleep in if I had to. Still, I wasn’t going to get much sleep at this rate. I got up and grabbed my phone, flipping through the contacts. I didn’t know if it would be better to talk to Hailey or Melanie, herself, right now. Just for kicks, I pushed the call button on Melanie’s number, and nearly jumped when the ringing stopped after two.

“Hey!” she said, cheerfully, but with a hint of the rasp you hear from someone who was sleeping.

“Hi Melanie, did I wake you?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry” she giggled. “What’s up?”

“I have to tell you something” I started. “Danielle and I talked, as you know. She was pretty understanding. She even said part of the problem was her fault, for nights with Hailey.”

“Well that’s lucky” Melanie laughed.

“But…” I started. “She isn’t really cool with anything else. She wasn’t happy about the cheer party. Obviously, I don’t blame her for that.”

“Oh…” Melanie started, her mood dampening a little. “Well, yeah, when you said she wanted to talk to you today, I figured that was about it for our fun. I’m really glad we got to play around for a while. You’re a really nice guy and you made me feel good about myself.”

I felt horrible. She was basically crying.

“Melanie, it isn’t just that simple” I continued. “I know I have more going for me right now than most guys could ever hope. I’ve been lying awake tonight because I can’t really stop thinking about you.”

“Really?” she said, more excitedly than I had ever heard her, though with sniffling mixed in.

“This is so complicated” I proceeded. “I really like Danielle. I really like Hailey. And, yes, I really like you. I don’t know what to do.”

There was some silence. I let out a few long sighs as I thought about the situation.

“Look, whatever you do is fine with me” she started normally, before shifting her voice into a seductive whisper. “You just feel so good inside me and I want you.”

“Melanie!” I laughed. “You can’t do that right now.”

“Let me know when you’re ready baby” she continued in her whisper before giggling and switching back to normal. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop.”

“So what are you doing tomorrow?” I asked.

“I just have cheer practice in the early afternoon” she responded.

“Want to come over after?” I asked. I knew it was stupid but I was busy thinking of her talking in that voice in her cheer outfit.

“Really?” she giggled excitedly.

“Yes, just make sure to keep your outfit on” I chuckled.

“Anything for you” she said. “See you tomorrow then!”

Just call me Mr. Greed. I really needed to look into something to lower my sex drive. At least my mind was cleared and I was able to relax a little more. Soon after, I fell asleep, finally.

When I woke, the sun was out. I cursed when I saw the clock read noon. I jumped in the shower and got dressed, knowing I could hear from Melanie at any time. With my parents out of town for the weekend, I had once less thing to worry about.

A little while later my phone went off. Melanie had texted me and asked if it was cool to swing by now. I responded she could and waited for her in my living room. I didn’t even really know what we were going to do, but we never seemed to have any trouble passing the time. Although, this may have been our first time hanging out alone.

A little while later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and there was Melanie, dressed in her blue and white cheer outfit. She stepped inside and gave me a nice long hug. Even though she just came from cheerleader practice, she looked very nice, hair not too out of sorts, and smelled good, too. We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch together. She stretched her legs out onto my thighs and smiled at me. I looked at her smooth, tight legs and thighs, almost able to see up her skirt.

“I heard you have a thing for cheerleaders” she teased and opened up her legs for just a second, revealing the small blue cloth underneath. “I bet you would like to play twister with me in this, huh? Hailey told me you once played with her and Danielle.”

“I suppose we could play a game” I laughed and got up to retrieve the game. I brought it back down and set things up quickly. “I’m pretty good though.”

“I’m not too worried” she giggled and stood on the mat with me. As soon as the first command came up, a left leg blue, she waited to see where I put myself, and then went directly in front of me. If there were two blue spaces any closer, she would probably already be on me. The next command, a right hand yellow, played right into her plan, as she stretched all the way out, giving me an easy view of the tiny blue fabric separating me from her pussy. Next up was a right foot green, and she, again, went right in front of me.

“Enjoying the view?” she smirked and gave her body a quick jerk so that her skirt popped up onto her back, the view becoming more irresistible. I could feel myself getting hard and she looked back and giggled again. “You may as well give up and act on your urges.”

I knew she was right. There was nothing I wanted to do more than get inside her right now. I decided to play out another round though, as my competitive spirit was always stupidly high. The next spin brought up a left hand green, and this forced me into a lower position. My face was on her ass now and she shook her butt into my face.

“Okay. Okay. Fuck it. You win” I laughed, stepping off the mandated spaces. I did what I had dreamed about many times. I grabbed the thin fabric under her cheer skirt and moved it to the side with one hand, and pulled off my shorts and boxers with the other. Within seconds, I shoved my full length into Melanie’s tight pussy and she screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck yes!” she shrieked as she brought herself down onto me almost as fast as I thrusted up. I pushed up her cheer top and sports bra, freeing her breasts and playing with them from behind as I let myself fuck her wildly. She started to rub her clit, and it didn’t take her long to start cumming. This was another reason why I couldn’t resist her. She wanted me so badly that it manifested in powerful and plentiful orgasms. She screamed and continued to meet my thrusts as her tight pussy convulsed around my cock. Sometimes, her skirt would fall back down, covering us up, and I would eventually shove it back up. It was a hot scene, watching her tight, young body in her cheerleader uniform, bouncing up and down on my cock.

After a little more, I wrapped an arm around her body and brought her into an upright position. I took over complete control as I started to thrust up into her hard as I held her in place. I used my free hand to bring her face to mine and kissed her passionately. We were breathing fast and in each other’s faces as we sucked on each other’s tongues. It was pure, animalistic lust at its finest. She closed her eyes and put her forehead on mine as she started to cum again, her pussy massaging me in another strong orgasm.

“I love your cock inside me” she panted. “I need it. Never stop fucking me.”

I really should have gotten myself off before she came over because this was too much to handle. She felt so good, her words were so hot, and the entire situation was driving me wild. I could feel myself starting to stiffen inside her.

“Oh please fucking cum in my pussy” she moaned. “Please fill me up. Flood me with your hot seed. Claim this pussy. I want all your cum.” Though she didn’t have much room to move her arms, with my arm still wrapped tightly around her, she managed to move her hand down between us and started to rub my balls. She had already seen how much this built up my orgasms and she wanted everything I had. I felt her fingers gently rub and massage as my orgasm started to rush on. I grabbed onto her breasts and shoved myself in deep as I hit the edge. I felt myself wait the extra second that sometimes happens as you build towards a powerful orgasm, and then finally the first twitch. Once it started, it came out in uncontrollably quick, thick ropes of hot cum.

“Fuck yeah, fill my pussy up” Melanie shouted as I experienced one of the bigger orgasms of my life. I held onto her breasts in lust and to keep me upright as I unloaded deep inside Melanie. Her pussy was spasming in orgasm again as she squealed and squeaked while I filled her. Mine was one of those wonderful orgasms where it just can’t come out quickly enough. It shoots out in big ropes and you can’t force each shot out fast enough. She turned back to me and I kissed her hard again as both of our orgasms finally started to wind down.

“That was the most incredible thing ever” she moaned against my lips. “I’ve never felt that good in my entire life.” As we kissed more, I couldn’t help but think to myself that what she said might be true for me, too. This is why I risked my incredible situation. There was just some connection here that was absolutely undeniable.

I finally pulled myself from her depths and smiled as the cum started to leak out. I moved around in front of her and started to suck on her breasts. I let my tongue dance over her nipples and she giggled and played with my hair. She started to remove her outfit, which was horribly out of place at this point. Soon, we were both naked and laying together on the couch. The leather was cool and made me jump at first, so I grabbed one of the soft blankets and put it under our bodies. I turned the television on and started flipping through channels. It was college football season so I stopped on one of the early Saturday games.

“That’s surprising” she said as the score popped up showing an upset.

“You follow college football?” I asked, shocked.

“Of course, who doesn’t?” she giggled and ran her nails over my chest.

I had always thought that Danielle and I were the only ones who shared things in common. I probably did that to convince myself that Hailey and Melanie were just young girls that could never handle a relationship. Finding out that Melanie was a football fan was a very intriguing note. It seemed that every day, my situation got better, yet more confusing at the same time.

So there I was, pushing my luck yet again. I had a fantastic girl and her sexy younger sister in my life, and I was naked on my couch with another beautiful girl. Melanie and I laid there, groping each other’s naked bodies and watching football for hours. After the second afternoon game finished up, I sat up next to her.

“Did you want to shower?” I asked. “You never got to after practice and I could probably go for one after all the fun we’ve had.” She giggled and nodded, grabbing my hand as I took her towards the bathroom. She wasted no time in lacing her fingers with mine, seemingly relishing the chance to hold my hand. Again, I had always looked at Melanie in such a sexual way. It was clear she wanted more, and she was starting to prove she could handle it.

We made our way into the bathroom and turned the shower on, making sure to make it nice and warm for us. I stepped in and she followed, letting out a sigh when the warm water cascaded down her shoulders. I grabbed the soap and started to wash her fit body, stopping for minutes at her breasts and ass, doing as much playing as I did washing. She returned the favor, washing my now erect cock for what seemed like an eternity. I kissed her and she smiled into our kiss, massaging my balls lightly in her fingertips. The sensations had me squirming a little and she giggled and started to kiss my neck. I enjoyed her taking the lead every once in a while, but I wanted to establish control again. Just as her smirk indicated that she felt confident about being in control, I ran my hand softly up her back, making her shiver, until I stopped at her hair. I pulled it back and turned her body around, pushing her up against the shower wall.

“Holy shit” her expression changed from confident to putty in my hands as I pressed my body against her back. I kissed her neck roughly from the side and positioned my cock between her waiting lips. I spread her legs a little and pushed my cock back inside her, lubricated by my cum that remained from earlier. As soon as I was completely inside her, I grabbed her hair again and pulled back as I started to roughly fuck her. The big underside vein of my cock rubbed against her g-spot each time I entered her, as she put her hands against the wall for support.

“Ho-ly fuck-ing shit” she panted, already unable to string more than one syllable together. I kept my grip on her hair as my cock worked deep inside her. I used my free hand to begin to rub her clit, which started her screams and caused a near immediate orgasm. The dual stimulation of her g-spot and clit was overwhelming her and she was struggling to keep up with my thrusts for once. I had total control of her body as I pounded in and out of her mercilessly. I lost count of how many orgasms she had on my cock from the rough fuck, and when I sensed she was having trouble keeping her balance, I helped her down onto the wet shower floor. Water continued to rain down on us as I climbed on top of her and pushed my way right back into her tight hole. Her face was the picture of ecstasy; head thrown back, eyes shut tight, mouth open as she started to play with her own hard nipples.

As I continued to barrel into her over and over, I brought myself to her mouth, the two of us attempting to kiss with her mouth open and panting. It was a little sloppy, but arousing enough, as I felt her pussy go off around my cock again. I kissed all over her face, then down to her jaw and neck. She put her arms around me and scratched down my back, making me shiver lightly from her nails. My mouth found her nipples again as I made sure to push my cock completely inside her every time. This time, as I approached orgasm, there was no dirty talking. She was sapped of strength as I felt myself stiffen inside her depths. This time, I decided to do a little dirty talking, myself.

“Are you ready for another big load Melanie?” I smiled and bit down on her ear lobe. “I love controlling your hot little body, making you cum over and over. I can’t believe how easily I can make you cum. I know you can’t resist me.” I heard her whimper and felt her start to cum again, just hearing my words, and that turned me on. I buried myself inside her again as I became rock hard, and grunted as I went over the edge, launching rope after rope of hot cum deep into Melanie’s pussy. She gasped from underneath me as I bucked against her, shuddering with each pleasure filled blast of cum. I could feel myself painting her insides, my big vein contracting with each shot of cum. Finally, I collapsed on top of her on the shower floor as I finished filling her. We kissed again, water pouring down on top of us, as I let myself remain buried deep inside her.

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