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Young man fall in love with a mature woman and meets her daughter and while the girlfriends away the daughter and her friend want to have sex with her moms boyfriend

I was 24 when I had my first job at a law firm it was what I had studied to do in the last 4 years,
I was really pleased to be able to work as a defense lawyer for the next few years it was always my intentions to one day have my own law firm,
While working in the office there was always opportunities to date some of the office girls in fact it was so easy for me to chat them up as a single man I was always told that I was very good looking young man,
Over the coming months I was promoted and was moved upstairs to the new department,
It was then I saw this lady who was working in the department for the very first time she was absolutely gorgeous I think she was in her 30s she was dressed in a black pencil skirt and black stocking and killer heels with short dark hair ‘Wow I thought to myself I want me some of that?
I was going to enjoy myself working in this office (I think I fell in love with her the moment I saw her) I had to find out if she was married I was hopping she was single,
She never once looked at me until one day while at the coffee machine in the rest room,

‘Hi I’m new in the department!
“Yes I know!
‘My name is Simon!
“Yes I know!
‘What’s your name!
‘Hi Julie can I say how nice you look!
“Thank you and no I not married Well I was but not now that’s what you were going to ask me wasn’t it!
‘Well yes I was you have just killed my chat up line!
“Yes I know enjoy your coffee!
I decided that she was going to be a challenge and I was up for it every opportunity I had I was going to get her to agree to go out with me I was now infatuated with this older woman,
Weeks turned into months until one day when going home I was getting into the lift to go home when she got in the lift with me,
‘Hi Julie you look awesome today!
“Yes I do don’t I listen would you like to go for a drink after work!
‘I would love to go for a drink how about now!

We picked a bar not far from work so as you might know it was full of work colleagues I didn’t care who saw me I was with the woman of my dreams and no one was going to spoil my night,
We got a drink we found a table and sat down and just talked for the next hour,
“Well Simon why are you trying so hard to chat me up I’m 10 years older than you a with a daughter of 15 why are you not chatting up girls your own age!
‘That’s because I really think you are the most sexist woman I have ever seen and that I really fancy you there’s something about you that makes me want you so much I can’t put my finger on it but I’m in love with you and want to be with you is that so bad there I’ve’ said it now!
“Wow I never expected that I’m shocked no man has ever said that to me before you’re so young!
‘Age doesn’t matter just give me a chance to prove how much I want to be with you!
“I will have to think about it it’s a lot to take in!
‘Please don’t take to long I’m aching in side for you!
“We both went our separate ways that night and I just thought I hoped that she lets me prove how much I want to be with her!

We have now been out together for two meals and as yet have not had sex I can wait?
Tonight I’m about to meet her daughter for the very first time to get her approval before we get a bit more serious I’m a little nervous as she ‘s going to be a checking me out,
As I arrived at the house Julie opened the door ‘Hi I said!
“Hello Simon please come in and I would like you to meet my daughter Amy!
‘Hi Amy it’s very nice to meet you! We all sat down at the table and talked and ate a lovely meal that Julie had made I felt very comfortable in there company
Julie and Amy both went into the kitchen while I took a seat in the lounge,

“Wow mum he’s gorgeous!
‘Yes I know! I really like him Mum”
“Yes I do too!
“Do you think I’m too old for him!
‘No Mum I don’t
“Would you mind if we got together as a couple!
‘No Mum I think it would be good for you to have a man in your life again after Dad left you deserve to be happy again!
“Thank you it means such a lot to me to know that you agree with me thank you so much he makes me feel good about myself I so much want to be loved again,

The first time we had sex was the most amazing night of my life she was so sexy we had gone for a meal and after she said do you want to stay the night as Amy was staying over at her friend’s house?
She was amazing dressed to kill as we reached the bedroom she told me to sit on the bed and she would be back in a few minutes, before she entered the room she said close your eyes I have a surprise for you ‘Ok you can open them now “Wow she was everything I had hoped she would be a fantastic body great legs the perfect woman and she was wearing my favorite stockings and suspenders with high heels and Boy did she look hot I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off,
I dropped to my knees and pushed my face into her pussy “Oh she moaned it’s been so long since a man has done that to me it feels so good put your tong inside my pussy I want you to lick me out before you fuck me, as I was forcing my tong inside her pussy she grabbed my head and pushed me away and said lie back on the bed I want to suck your cock hard I so wanted to fucked her,

She then got on top of me and put my now hard cock inside her pussy and started to fuck me “Oh that feels so fucking good its been a long time since I’ve had a good hard cock in me and you so big as well It feel wonderful to have sex after such a long time “
‘I was now getting close to cumin and so was Julie she was now getting very vocal “Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh shit shit Oh shit I’m cumin Oh fuck Harder fuck Harder she screamed Oh fuccccking hell” and we both came at the same time it was just fantastic,
We had sex another three time that night each time was better I think we were worn out by the morning, she made me breakfast and said last night was the best night of my life I have never felt so good when having sex with you ‘I feel the same I said I love it when you dress in sexy cloths and when you wore stocking I was hard in no time I had never had sex like it before,
I loved this woman and nothing was going to spoil it for me,

As we were working in the same office we took every opportunity to be together when we could,
She would whisper in my ear that she wasn’t wearing any under wear and I would say I’m really hard thinking about you, she would then kiss on the lips and say wait until I get you home I’ll make sure you stay hard for me I couldn’t wait to get home I loved my job and the love of my life,

After a few months Julie asked me to move in with her and Amy we have now been together for over 12 months and every day is great my life is great sex is fantastic nothing was ever going to spoil it I thought but thing’s were about to change?

Julie had told me she was going abroad to set up a new office and would be away for at least two weeks and that I would I mind looking after Amy while she was away,
That wasn’t going to be a problem as Amy and I got on so well we were best friends and she was growing up fast she was now nearly 17 years of age and was turning into a very pretty young lady and would ask me questions she didn’t want to ask her mom so it wasn’t a problem for me or her,

Julie was away and after a few days I was really missing her and I know Amy was too but we talked on the phone every day and I told her how much I was missing her “She said don’t worry I will make it up to you when I get back so please keep yourself hard I miss my sex with you I’m feeling so sexy at he moment I wish you were hear?
‘And me love I’m getting hard just thinking about you!

About a week went by and I was working late most days so didn’t get home until after 7 of a night as I walk through the door I shouted ‘Amy its only me are you ok!
“Yes fine Suzy is staying over tonight is that ok with you!
‘Of course it is have you both eaten yet!
“Yes thanks

As I got to the lounge both girls were sitting on the settee and I was taken back a bit, as the both were still wearing their school uniforms,
I hadn’t really seen Amy in her uniform as she normally change before I got home and was still in bed as I left in the morning, I couldn’t help noticing how short the grey pleated skirts were and they both had there legs crossed showing quite a lot of thigh each and there blouses were also quite tight showing the outline of there breasts, I must admit it was very sexy seeing young thighs on display as well as the really large breast that Suzy had Amy wasn’t small but Suzy must have been at least a 38” bust I could feel myself getting hard from looking at them both?

(Shit I thought what the matter with you it’s only been a week without sex and hear I was looking at young school girl and getting a hard on from it!
I shouted that I was going to get a shower and would be down later!
“Ok Amy shouted back!
As I came back down stairs the phone rang it was Julie ‘Hi love how are you I said!
“Missing you so much I can’t wait to get home to you!
I’m missing you too and counting the days when you’ll be home!
As I was talking to Julie the girls came though and” Amy said were going up to my room!
‘Ok your Moms on the phone!
“Hi Mom missing you!
As the girls were going upstairs
“Julie said tell her I’m missing her too!
So as I looked up to shout to her
”Amy your Mom said she’s missing you too!
As I did I was now looking up both the girls skirts and boy was the view good both the girls were wearing white thongs that were pulled right up between there bum checks Wow they look so fucking good I was now getting hard thinking what it would be like to lick both of them
I almost forgot that Julie was still on the phone?
‘Ok love speak to you soon love you!
“Love you too!

I could hear both girls laughing and whispering as they climbed the stairs I couldn’t help but take another look and as I did Suzy turned around and smiled and then said something to Amy “ Oh god I’ve been busted for looking,
That night I couldn’t get that picture of the girls showing there legs out of my mind I needed some relief so I decided to go to my room for a good hand session, as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear Suzy talking so I got closer to Amy’s door so I could hear what they were saying (I know I shouldn’t but I did)
They were talking about me I could hear Suzy say I told you he would look if we wore our skirts short H’s so hot I wonder if his cock is big!
Amy said “Yes I know he’s hot he makes my pussy wet just thinking about him my Mom is so lucky to have him?
’As for his cock I’m not sure but I can hear my Mom sometimes and he makes her happy in bed so he could be big!
‘We could find out later when he’s asleep if you like he sleeps naked Mom told me,
“Wow that would be awesome to see his Cock while he slept!
‘What if he wakes up when were in there!
“ We can always say that we herd a noise and was frightened so we came in to wake him up!
The little devils they had planned it all along well too can play at there game so I Stepped back away from the door and shouted ‘are you girls Ok!
“Yes thanks!
‘Do you need a drink before going to sleep!
“No thanks!
‘Ok I’m going to bed see you both in the morning!
I went back to the door and heard he’ll soon be asleep so we can try later!

I got into bed and made sure I was completely naked and waited for the girls to come into the room I was now really hard I wanted to surprise them when they came in I might even get one of them to suck my cock I thought it was a real turn knowing that in the next room were two horny young girls who were about to get the shock of there life when they see the size of my hard cock,

It was about an hour when I heard foot steps and the door start to open I could hear them whispering ‘Do you think he’s asleep “Yes I think so he’s not moving
So both girls walked towards the bed I heard Suzy say ‘this is so exciting I’m about to get my first look at a mans cock!
Amy whispered lets pull the sheet off him slowly incase he wakes!
They both grabbed the sheet and slowly pulled it down it was all I could do not to jump up and shout caught you so I just lay there as the sheet moved over my cock it was starting to get hard again as the sheet was just above my waist
Amy whispered to Suzy “I think he’s got a hard on look at the sheet sticking up it’s like a tent pole!
‘Wow Suzy said hurry up I want to see it!
As they pulled the sheet over my cock it was in full view and was getting bigger by the second ‘Holy shit Amy will you look at the size of his cock it’s massive
“Oh yes its just as I had imagined it so big and hard!
‘Can I touch it Amy?
“I can’t see why not but be careful he doesn’t wake up!
‘She whispered I can hardly get my hand around it!
As she did I moaned?
“Amy said be careful we don’t want to wake him ‘Sorry!
‘Do you want to touch!
So Amy put her hand around my shaft it was all I could do from cumin
Again I moaned but this time I said as if in a deep sleep “Oh Suzy put your big tits around my cock!
I heard a loud gasp!! Did you just hear what he just said he called my name out Amy?
“Yes I know he must have noticed your tits were big
Then I said again in a moan “Oh Amy I really like to lick you out!

‘Holy shit Amy he dreaming about us both he really noticed both of us this is so exciting I’m going to rub his cock Amy sit on his face and let him lick your pussy!
I can’t my Mom would be so upset if she found out!
‘She wont he’s asleep and dreaming so how will she find out!
At that Suzy got her hand around my cock and started to rub me,
It was amazing it wasn’t long before I was moaning in my sleep “Oh god that’s is fucking good she had me cumin all over face and tits ‘Holy shit look at the amount of cum from his cock and he’s still asleep!
I knew that I had to fuck both of them?
But how was I going to do that if Amy wasn’t that keen then I was going to have to come up with a plan

‘Come on Amy taste his cum it’s nice and warm and there’s such a lot too!
“No your ok you eat it!
Aren’t you going to let him lick your pussy!
“No not tonight lets go before he wakes up!

The next morning I was up and making breakfast they came down stairs
“Good morning did you both sleep well because I did like a log!
“What’s for breakfast Amy asked!
What would you like!
“Cereal please!
And what are you both doing today!
“Ok would you both like to go to the fashion shops and buy yourself something new my treat?
‘Suzy said yes that would be nice!
“And you Amy!
‘Sure why not!
We could all go for a drink and lunch after or if you like I will take you both out to a really nice restaurant tonight and you can dress up and be my special dates
“So what do you say?
‘Sounds good to me Suzy said and Amy yes that would be nice!
“Ok that’s done! Yes I thought if I could get them to dress up and go out with me I could ply some drink down them and who knows was it will lead hopefully between Suzy and Amy in my bed?

Suzy said to Amy this could be the night we get him to fuck us both just as we agreed so what do you say tonight would be perfect and your Mom will never know we could get him so drunk he wouldn’t remember what happen the next day!
“So what do you say are you up for it or are you going to chicken out at the last moment,
“No I want this as much as you but I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Simon because of my Mom she loves him so much!

“I know you have said many times well would you mind if he fucked me only instead it would be our secret and if you changed your mind it wouldn’t matter to me,

Shall we wait and see how the day goes first!

I took girls shopping and while they were in the shops I was booking the restaurant for later
After they had finished I asked did you buy anything nice?
‘Oh yes you will have to wait until later to see what!
“I’m intrigued!
As the girls were upstairs getting ready I rang Julie and told her I was taking the girls out for a burger and a game of bowels
“That’s great you have a nice time and I’ll be home soon love you
‘Love you too!

“Come on girls we’ll be late if you don’t hurry!
At that they both came down stairs (Holy shit I thought they both looked amazing and looked so much older Suzy was wearing a low cut dress that was showing her ample breasts and high heels Amy was also wearing a dress that was shorter above the knee and had a split up the front so when she walked it showed her lovely legs?
“Wow you both look amazing I’m very please to be taking such lovely young ladies out for dinner!

The night went very well both girls were drinking the wine and were getting very tipsy towards the end of the night as they both kept giggling on the way home,
When we got home I asked them if they would like to have another drink
So I opened another bottle of wine and kept filling their glasses up by now they were well and truly pissed this was now my time to get them both upstairs
‘Come on now girls its time for bed Suzy are you ok can you make it up the stairs?

‘Err I don’t think so as she tried to get up she fell over?
‘Ok then I will have to carry you up then come lean on me as she did she again fell over she was well and truly drunk so I picked her up and carried her up the stairs Amy was also flat out on the settee I will come and fetch you next I said
She just said “Mmmm!
So I picked up Suzy and climb the stairs I thought your going to get a real good fucking when I get you upstairs,
I pushed open the door with my foot and put her down on the bed she was spark out I knelt down and put her on her side unzipped the dress and pulled it off then I removed her panties and now the best part I took of her bra and man! Did she have a big pair of tits she was totally naked I opened her legs wide removed my clothes until I was naked by now my cock was so hard I couldn’t wait to penetrate that pussy?

I climb on top of her and started to push the tip of my cock into her pussy she was tight to start but as I probed a little bit more I could hear her start to moan so I pushed some more ;Oh boy she was so sexy I grabbed her tits and started to suck on her nipples she started moaning she was loving it as I started to fuck her I pushed my cock deeper into her I was now fucking her real hard her tits were swaying up and down with each thrust of my cock into her
I was all the way in her pussy and she was really moaning “Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh shit Oh fucking hell fuck me more“ so I did and what a fuck she was I was just about to cum so I pulled out and cum all over her tits face I couldn’t believe what a great fuck she was,

I was getting hard again so I went down stairs and found Amy flat out on the lounge floor I stripped Amy naked looked down at her nakedness and thought should I really fuck her or was it just lust taking over me would I regret fucking my girlfriends daughter in the morning or should I go back upstairs and Fuck Suzy again (WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD DO)

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