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Breakfast was awkward to say the least. My Dad cooked a Sunday breakfast for the family and of course, I was the first one at the table to eat. Soon after Shelby came down to eat with us and she could not even look in my direction. I knew that she was probably regretting helping me out last night but I could not have been more opposite. I felt like I was in love with her, my small crush turned in to me wanting to marry her. She was one hundred times more beautiful now that I had seen her with her shirt off and down on her knees jerking me off.

I finished eating and went on about my day of playing games and hanging with my friends. I got home at around nine thirty to see almost the same scene I saw the previous night. She had to drop off the girls tomorrow and I knew if I was going to say anything to Shelby, now would be the time to do so. I walked up the stairs quality so no one could hear me. When I arrived at her door, I knocked and noticed that she answered the door quickly. She looked and me and I could tell she was slightly blushing. I decided I should talk first.

“Hey, can I come in. I think we need to talk.”

She said yes and let me in. I sat down on her bed and she sat next to me.
“Are you ok? You seem really embarrassed about what happened last night. ” I asked

“No. I just kind of mixed up about it, that’s all.” Shelby said in a quiet voice.

“What do you mean mixed up about it? You just helped me out in a time of need, you should be happy you're such an awesome sister.” I said trying to make her feel better for what she did.

“Its just that I have always seen you as a older brother and now after what we did I see you differently.” She said

“Different good or different bad?” I asked

“Different good I guess.” Shelby said unsure of herself. I was starting to think that maybe Shelby started to see me as another guy instead of an older brother. Maybe she would see that we have a good chemistry and felt the same way about me as I did to her. Therefore, I decide to try to go for it.

“Shelby, if you liked seeing me in a new light do you want to explore it a little more?” I said.

She replied ”Yeah maybe. However, how do you feel about me? Do you think of me as a little sister?”

“Ever since we meet I've had a crush on you. When My Dad and step Mom got married, I was a little sad that I would never get the chance to see how you felt about me because I would never get the chance to be with you,” I could not believe I said it to her out loud. I felt like my heart was about to come out of my mouth, I just hoped that she didn't think I was sick. There was a long pause before she replied.

“Wow. I had known clue you felt this way. I always thought you were cute and in the beginning, I wondered what you would be like but that was along time ago. Now those feeling are back and you are still my stepbrother. Last night did you want me to give you a hand job because you were horny or because you like me?” It was the first time in a long time I had heard her refer to me as a stepbrother maybe it was working.
“Both” I said

“If you kissed me right now would it be because you liked me or because you were horny?” Shelby asked again but in different context. I did not notice but she was slightly leaned in and staring at me. I knew this was the time.
“Both” I said as I leaned in and kissed Shelby. Her lips were like kissing expensive silk pillows and she smelled like a queen.

She opened her mouth to let my tongue in and slid closer to me on the bed. I wrapped my arm around her back to pull her in closer. She slowly did the same around my neck. Shelby’s mouth tasted like strawberries felt like I was not even worthy to be with her. We just sat there and kissed for a while just to absorb each other’s presence. After what felt like a second but was probably much longer then that we broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes.
“You’re an amazing kisser.” She said.
“I was about to say the same thing.” I said with a smile.
“You know Nick you owe me from last night, and I think its time to pay me back.” She said with a devilish grin.

“Oh really? What do you want me to do?” I replied. Shelby sat back and pushed me onto my feet.
“Well first off take of your shirt. Then get on your knees.” She demanded I took of the green V-neck I was wearing and got on my knees in front of her. After I did that, she leaned back enough to unbutton the sexy short shorts she had on and tugged them off. Her sexy legs drove me insane, they were tan and soft and smooth like butter. Then she pulled of the hot pokadot panties she was wearing the through them into the corner. She lay down, exposed her tight wet pussy to me, and scooted it near my face.

“Well Nick do you need a introduction? Get started.” She said I began to press my tongue up against her pussy and slid it into her hole. I had never done this before so I was clueless about how to make her cum but Shelby started moaning instantly. I licked and slurped her vagina and when she started to loosen up, I began to fuck her with my tongue. It became clear that Shelby was a screamer because she moaned for the whole twenty minutes I went at it until she yelled.

“Oh my god! I’m cumming! Oh fuck give it to me!” Right after that, she partially choked me with her thigh which I did not mind but hurt a little.
“I guessed you enjoyed it?” I Asked
“Fuck yes I did. Now take off your pants and lay down on my bed.” She commanded
“Yes sir!” I said joking.
I stood up and unzipped my fly and pulled off everything until I was completely nude and laid down on her bed. Shelby got on top of my stomach.
She removed her black tank top to show off her sexy breasts but this time she went behind her back and undid her strap to show off her 34C cup tits that look like they belonged to a Hollywood actress with a boob job.

“Oh my god your boobs are beautiful.” I reached up to cup them and massage them. Shelby pulled back and got on all four above my cock which was now about to explode and began to put it in her sweet mouth. Shelby began lightly stroking with her tongue while taking it in. It couldn't have been thirty seconds before I exploded cum into her mouth. Shelby immediately started swallowing all of it and when it was done she had some coming down off her chin with the sexiest smile in the world.

“Sorry I came so easily, its just after eating you out and kissing and then you showing off your boobs it was kinda hard to last awhile with you giving an amazing blowjob.”
“ha-ha its fine. The best part about giving a blowjob is you can jerk them off a little bit and they can be ready to go again.” She said beginning to give me another blowjob.
This time she impaled her throat on my dick and took all 8 inches in without flinching. She started sucking and swallowing most of it with each time she bobbed. I began playing with her boobs during this and they felt amazing. Shelby keep getting faster and faster to where I was almost worried she wasn't getting any air. It must of been a half an hour of this before I warned her I was cumming. Shelby then quickly got down on her knees.
“Cum on my face baby!” she said

I got up and jerked off for a second before I shot the biggest load in my life all over her face. It was almost completely coated with it and she had the biggest smile on her. After I came Shelby preceded in wiping all the cum on her face in to her mouth and ate every last drop. We both decided to take a shower and wash up. While in the shower we held each other in our arms. After our shower Shelby asked me to sleep in her room that night, of course I said yes and I climbed into her bed wearing my boxers. Shelby wore her panties and my shirt from earlier. She cuddled up next to me and we spooned then fell asleep that way.

The next morning I woke up to her blonde hair in my face. I looked down at her to see that in the night she switched over on her other side and cuddle up next to me in my arms. Shelby looked so beautiful while sleeping. Shelby began to wake up and looked up at me with smile.

“Morning” she said
“Morning, how did you sleep?” I asked
“Pretty well, I was afraid at first that last night was a dream.”
“No i’m glad it wasn't.” I kissed her and Shelby did back. Her breath even in the morning was still sweet. We continued kissing for a while until Shelby ran her hand over my crotch and felt that I had a huge boner.

“A little excited are we?” She said with a sly smile.
“Haha yeah I guess so. Before we start getting into stuff, can I ask you something?” I said. I was in love with Shelby and now that I finally got to this point, I wanted to make it official.
“Yeah ask away.” She said
“Shelby, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked trying to sound confident. Shelby laughed and smiled.
“Yes I would like nothing more than that. We have to keep this a secret though and not tell absolutely anyone. That means your friends too.” Shelby said.
“Ok but that goes for you too.”
“I know. Also we can still go on dates but somewhere we know no one we know will see us.”
“Yeah good idea.” I was so happy that I was now officially dating the most beautiful girl I know, I would never in a million years think this would happen.

“Well now that we’re official how about some wake up exercise.” Shelby said with a wink. She reached for my boxers to pull them off then took off my shirt she was wearing and pinned me down with kissing me. I massage her breasts while we kissed and she rubbed my cock. After a while of this she stopped.

“Hey do you have a condom?” she whispered in my ear. I thought for just a moment.
“No, sorry I just didn't ever need them before.” I said
“Its ok, we’ll just have to take our chances this time. Plus this is your first time so it’s special.” Shelby said. I was a little worried that Shelby might get pregnant but not enough to say no. Shelby pulled off her panties and laid down on her back beside me and spread her legs to show off her swollen pink pussy. I got up to position myself in-between her legs and started to press my dick into her.

“Of please don’t be gentle.” Shelby asked in a moan. With one quick thrust, I slammed my member fully into her and Shelby screamed out in pain. I gripped her sexy hips for support and keep thrusting into Shelby at a fast pace. We tried at first to keep our voices down but that didn't last long. After a few minutes, we were both moaning and grunting loudly. Shelby started hanging onto my neck and nibbling on my ear whispering to me all the things she wants to do with me. After what felt like sometime my humping became more primal and my grip tighten and Shelby could tell I was going to cum soon.
“Please Nick don’t cum I’m almost there!” She moaned. I really did try to keep it in but only a minute after she said that I started to cum.
“Oh fuck!” I said right before I put one final push all the way into her. I felt my cum shoot up inside her and her virgina clench around my cock.
“Yes!” Shelby said getting to orgasm because of feeling my cum inside her. She shook for a second and then lay motionless under me. I looked down to see us staring at each other and our sweaty bodies.
“Well it looks like I have a new pass time.” I said jokingly.
“This better be your new pastime or I’m going to go crazy.” Shelby replied.
“Want to get something to eat?” I asked

“Yeah we worked up an appetite.” We both got dressed in our clothes from the night before and kiss before we went down stairs. We left the room without noticing that someone had just witnessed our entire session together.

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