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My niece and I go shopping.
I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand.

Chapter 6

I was standing at the stove cooking breakfast, when my niece walked into the kitchen. Kaylee wrapped her arms around me from behind and put her cheek against my back.

"Good morning!" She mumbled. "I didn't even feel you get out of bed this morning."

Kaylee and I have been a couple for the past four months. She was 16, and I was just about to turn 40. About a month ago, she had given me her virginity. I had worried about it and been reluctant to make love to her, but since it happened, we have both been happy and content in our relationship. I'm sure most people would disapprove, but hell, you don't choose who you fall in love with.

"That's because you were snoring like a chainsaw!" I teased. I turned around and returned her hug.

Kaylee pulled back looking aghast. "I wasn't, was I? You should have shaken me! I'm so embarrassed!"

I pulled her in for a long warm kiss. "I'm just kidding! I woke up early and you looked so cute, and peaceful sleeping, I didn't want to disturb you. I slipped out of bed as quiet as I could. I already fed the horses, and figured the smell of cooking would rouse you eventually." I turned her toward the table and gave her butt a playful slap. "Now sit down. Breakfast is almost done."

She sat down at the table facing me as I put the finishing touches on our meal. I sprinkled a little grated cheese on our eggs, and set the skillet off of the burner. I spread some jam on the last piece of toast and walked over to the table.

"Babe?" Kaylee asked. I looked down at her but she was looking down at her nightshirt. "Do you think my boobs are getting bigger?"

I put the plate of toast onto the table from behind her. Not one to miss an opportunity, I reached over her shoulders and placed both hands on either breast. "Hmmmm... Let me check." She leaned back and gave a sexy little sigh as I felt up her breasts. Playing with her firm, perky tits is something that I will never get tired of. Her breasts are very sensitive and she loves to have them touched. I kneaded the flesh and circled till I could feel both nipples pointing into my palms. "Honestly Sweetheart... I think they are a bit bigger. Not surprising really. You ARE still growing." I reluctantly stopped playing and returned to fill our plates.

"I kind of thought they might be. My bras are fitting a little more tight than they used to."

I filled two plates and sat down opposite her at the table. "Well maybe we should go somewhere and have you fitted. A lot of girls wear the wrong size bra because that's what they have always worn."

"Well... I do want to buy something, but..." She looked at me kind of shy and seemed embarrassed.

"OK, what has you blushing all of the sudden?" I asked.

"Well... I have a little money saved up from babysitting. I would kind of like to go buy something a little more... You know... Sexy. Some underwear that I could keep here that my mom would never see. Something, you know, just for you!" Kaylee was now blushing furiously!

I gave her a huge smile. "I think that is a great idea!"

"Really?" She smiled and lit up the whole room "I thought you might think it was silly."

"No guy thinks a girl wanting to wear lingerie for him is silly! Not that I think you need anything to look sexy." I gave her a wink. "Tell you what. I have to go into the hardware store, so we can stop when we are in town. Now let's eat before everything gets cold."

Two hours later, we were in the truck driving into town. Kaylee was wearing an adorable floral print sundress. It only came to mid thigh and showed off her beautiful legs.

"I've never seen that dress before. Is it new?" Kaylee never really cared about fashion, she always just wore whatever was comfortable for what she was doing at the time.

"Not really. Mom bought it for me a few months ago but I didn't really like it. I brought it to your house so I could tell her it was there if she asked me to wear it. I thought it would be easy to take off and on to try things on today." She looked over at me. "Why? Do you like it?"

"Sweetheart. You look incredible in that dress."

"Hmmmm." She smiled brightly. "Maybe I will wear it more often then. I have a bunch more that mom buys and I put right in the closet. Now I know you like them maybe I'll bring some out."

A few minutes later we pulled up in front of a lingerie shop in a small upscale shopping plaza. (Someone with more class than I would probably call it a Lingerie Boutique) A beautiful brick building with large display windows covered with black and white awnings.

Kaylee looked out the window and seemed worried. "I thought we were just going to the mall." She looked at me sadly. "I really don't think I can afford anything here. I don't have all that much saved." She seemed so embarrassed as if I thought she was rolling in wealth.

"I have bought a few things here in the past. They are not as expensive as you might think, and they only sell high quality items. They have a large selection that you wont find in the underwear isle at the department store." I gave her a reassuring smile. "You go in and pick out a couple of things you like, and I'll make up the difference. OK?"

"Are you not coming in?" Now she really looked worried.

"I don't think it would look right if I stayed and shopped with you. I'll come in and make sure you are taken care of, then I'm going to the hardware store. I will be back and help you pay."

Kaylee didn't seem entirely pleased with the plan but nodded and said "OK."

I have always loved seeing a woman in lingerie, and have bought some as gifts on several occasions. However, there are few places I feel more out of place than I do when surrounded by women's undergarments. Even walking through the department store passing the bras and panties makes me feel like everyone is staring at me, thinking I don't belong there.

Walking through the door of this upper class shop wearing my jeans and work boots, followed closely by my 16 year old niece... I was sure that somewhere behind a curtain must be a woman on the phone with the police.

The main room was brightly lit, and had many displays. Near the front was a pedestal with a mannequin dressed in an emerald green, lace ensemble, including garter belt and lace topped stockings. Kaylee gasped "Uncle Benny look at this! Isn't it sooo beautiful?"

A voice came from our right. "With your figure and coloring, that would look absolutely stunning on you!" We both turned to see a very attractive brunette saleswoman. She was probably early 30's, perfectly dressed, and without a single hair out of place. "Wouldn't you agree sir?"

I really did agree! Except, I was never going to admit that here. Trying to act as though I was uncomfortable thinking about it I replied. "I don't know about that. I am just the driver in this whole scheme!" I laughed uncomfortably. "Listen, my niece here is just wanting to get a few things. I was hoping you might help."

"Of course! My name is Sarah. I'll help you with everything you might need." The smile she gave me was dazzling. She turned to Kaylee. "Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?"

Kaylee reached up and looked at the price tag and her eyes got really big. "It is so pretty, but I can't spend near that much." She said with a frown.

"Well, if it's OK with you Sarah, I have a few errands to run. Would it be alright to leave her here to shop, and I'll return later and settle the bill. I'm afraid I'm kind of useless here anyway!" I added to not sound so enthusiastic. "I think she probably needs a fitting too."

"That would be fine. We can take care of that." She took Kaylee by the shoulder and looked at her smiling. "Why don't we try and find you just what you are looking for?"

She looked back at me and said "Don't worry at all. We will have a great time trying on outfits and having a girls shopping day!"

"OK! Thanks! Kaylee, I'll be back in about an hour."

Kaylee looked at me like I was leaving her in a room full of dynamite, but said "OK. See you in a bit!"


I went through the hardware store in a daze. For some reason, I couldn't concentrate on what I needed to buy. I suddenly forgot half of the things on my list, and managed to pick out the wrong items for most of the other half. All I could think of is my gorgeous niece wrapped up in sexy lingerie. Hell... I was walking around the lumber section sporting some wood of my own!

I finally checked out, getting more or less what I needed, and sped across town, back to the lingerie shop.

When I walked in, Sarah was ringing up another customer at the register. She smiled at me and pointed to the back. I walked in that direction and found Kaylee beside a discreet table near the dressing rooms.

The table was absolutely filled with a virtual mountain of lingerie! Satin. Silk. Lace. Cotton. Spandex. Every material known to man!

Red. Blue. Yellow. Black. White. Every color, shade, and hue imaginable! It was like a rainbow of underwear!

"Damn! That looks like a whole lot more than a couple of things!" I exclaimed.

"I'm not getting all of them!" Kaylee cried out! "I just didn't know how to pick out what to choose." She looked around to make sure we were alone. "I needed to know what kind YOU liked best." I almost burst out laughing! Like there was ANYTHING here that I wouldn't love to see her in! "These are some of my favorites."

She showed me a pair of lacy french cut bikini panties. Then some silky boy shorts, a high cut thong in satin, a G-string that looked like it had less material than an eye patch. She held up a thin, sheer teddy, a corset that had my imagination running wild, a couple of bras that were very near see through. "What do you like?" She asked.

"Sweetheart... I think I want to see you in all of them!"

Kaylee giggled. "After they measured me it turns out I am a B-cup!" She seemed so proud of herself. "Pretty soon I might have huge boobs just like mom!"

My sister was definitely blessed with some legendary breasts. I whispered "I hope not. I think you are perfect just the way you are!"

Kaylee slapped my arm. "Don't say things like that when I'm not allowed to kiss you! It's not fair!"

Right about then, Sarah came to join us. "Did you guys make a decision?" Her appearance startled me, as I suddenly realized I had a full erection.

My niece said. "I'm still not really sure."

"Well I am!" I said trying to sound more uncomfortable than aroused. "Just ring it all up."

The saleswoman raised an eyebrow in an arch. "Really?" She quickly regained her professional demeanor,and smiled. "Very good"

Kaylee gasped out loud. "Uncle Benny! That's way too much!"

"Well... I know somebody who's birthday is coming up!"

Acting like I just wanted to be out of this situation I replied "Besides. If it will get me out of here any quicker it's worth it."

Sarah started to gather up the pile of bras and panties. I said, "Why don't you also go ahead and grab that green outfit she liked, in her size, please." I was sure that the cops must be on their way. "And some stockings to go along with it."

As Sarah went to go off in search of my order, Kaylee whispered into my ear. "Uncle Benny! This is WAY too much. Besides, my birthday isn't for another two months!"

"Who said anything about yours? Mine is next week, and I can't think of anything that I would rather unwrap than you!"

"Keep saying things like that, and you are going to get us BOTH in trouble!" She said while grabbing my hand.

We met Sarah at the register. "Well aren't you the lucky girl? To have a wonderful uncle like this?" She said to Kaylee. She reached out and touched my arm. "My uncle never bought me more than an ice cream cone!" She looked at me and winked. "If you ever want to be my uncle don't hesitate to call."

She rang up the total order. "That will be $672.80."

Kaylee gave a small gasp, and grabbed my arm to the point of pain. I handed Sarah my credit card and smiled back. "Here you go." I was really hoping that no one would notice the bulge in the front of my jeans.

She gave me my receipt and handed me a business card. Her hand lingered over mine for a moment. "If there is anything at all you would like my help with, Please don't hesitate to call. My personal number is on there too."

"You have been a huge help! Thank you so much!"

Kaylee added with a huge grin. "Yeah, thanks a lot Sarah!"

Kaylee and I walked out and got into my truck.

"Lets get out of here before the SWAT team arrives!" I said, and quickly pulled out of the parking lot.

"HUH?" Kaylee said.

"I'm pretty sure the cops, the FBI, the national guard, and maybe even a seal team, are on their way to shoot the pervert who is buying lingerie for his 16 year old niece."

Kaylee started laughing loudly. When she finally stopped, she said. "Well I don't think you have to worry too much. I kind of told her I was 18, and that I was picking things out for my new boyfriend. Besides I think I was invisible to her after you came in."

"What? I thought she gave you good service."

Kaylee giggled again. "She was great! But she only had eyes for you!"

"No! She was just being a good saleswoman."

"Oh really? Is that why she asked me if you were single after you left?"

I was completely shocked. "Really?"

"The way she kept brushing your arm? The wink? Her card with her personal number? She was totally hitting on you Baby!"

"I didn't even realize."

Kaylee scooted over to kiss me on the cheek. "That's why you are the BEST boyfriend! Just wait till we get home!"

We were just leaving town and getting onto the highway. I was still thinking of the two large bags of frilly, lacy things in the back, and the now painful erection I had in front. "Yeah about that wait... That ain't gonna happen." I accelerated past the only other car in sight. "Take off your panties!"

Kaylee looked shocked, but she didn't hesitate for very long. She smiled at me and raised the hem of her skirt up past her thighs. She was wearing grey cotton underwear with a little blue bow and blue trim. She hooked the waistband, lowered them to her ankles and kicked them off. While holding the wheel with my left hand, I reached over with my right and started playing with her muffin.

I was nearly out of my mind with desire. I can't remember anytime in my life that I needed someone this bad. About two miles ahead there was a small lake where I sometimes went fishing. I knew it was usually deserted, and it was there I set my sights.

Kaylee was breathing deeper as I played with her clit. Her pussy started getting wetter, which was the result I was looking for. I took the turn onto the dirt road at a speed that was less than safe. The bumpy road and my hand between her legs combined to make Kaylee moan in pleasure. "Oh I like that!" She cried out. I pulled into the clearing and stopped in a cloud of dust. I was tearing at my belt as I slid across the seat. Pants around my knees before the dust even settled.

"I need you... NOW!" I growled at her. Grabbing her by the waist, I pulled her over on top of me. As she was pulling her dress up I rubbed the tip of my prick against her slit a couple of times and with no more warning than that, I pushed into her tight, wet opening.

Kaylee gasped at the sudden intrusion. I was like a wild animal in heat. I had her by the waist and was driving my myself against her. Each thrust I was grunting with the exertion. Each stroke and she would let out an "AHH!" Her petite little body was bouncing up and down onto me. She felt so good! She was so tight, gripping my shaft so firmly as she rode me. Her wetness covering both of our thighs. A heat like a fever inside of her.

I was barely holding on to any kind of restraint. The only thought in my head was to satisfy my need for her. I lost all track of time or even where we were. Just her body crushing against mine again and again. I didn't want to hurt her, but my need for her was like a fire that was out of control. I reached up and rudely pulled at her dress revealing one of her perfect breasts. I grabbed it firmly, squeezing and rubbing it, while continuing to thrust deeply into her.

Kaylee didn't seem to be in any discomfort or pain. She was moaning loudly and rubbing her hands on my shoulders. "OH, Yes Baby! AHH! AHH! AHH! OHHHHHHH!" Her whole body went stiff and her fingers dug into my shoulders. It was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. Her already tight hole, contracted onto my dick, causing the most incredible feeling all the way to my toes.

I pulled her down tight against me, as my hips raised all the way off of the seat. I let out what I can only describe as an animal like roar, and came deep inside of her. I felt myself spasm and ejaculate what felt like quarts inside of her. I fell back onto the seat as Kaylee rocked and rotated her hips. Each of us would shudder and shiver, which just increased the feeling of pleasure even more. I put my arms around her and leaned back into the seat, finally sitting still with her on top. Gasping for breath as I cuddled her in my arms.

Kaylee seemed to be a bit breathless herself. After a few moments she leaned back and said. "WOW! That was something different!" I lifted her off of my lap and slid over to sit her next to me.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. That wasn't very romantic, I know."

She leaned her head into my shoulder and sighed. "Don't be sorry! It may not have been romantic, but it was definitely HOT!" Rubbing her hand up and down my thigh she said. "Knowing that you were that turned on thinking about me... Seriously awesome!"

"Well I didn't mean to be quite so rough. I hope I didn't hurt you." I had always been very gentle with her before now. This out of control passion was very much out of character for me.

"Oh god no! I mean, I don't want it to be that way all the time, but this time... Yeah, just... yeah!"

I realized we were still in public. I looked around and luckily, did not see any other people around. "We better get out of here in case anyone shows up." I quickly pulled my pants up and slid back behind the wheel. Kaylee reached down and retrieve her panties from the floorboard. As she was pulling them on she gave a very sexy moan.

"MMMMM! I get to feel you inside of me the rest of the way home." Damn! Do women have any idea what it does to a guy to hear something like that. With a gigantic grin on my face I turned around and headed back out to the highway.

When we were back on the road and heading for home Kaylee giggled. "Hmmm? Sex in a car, in public, with an older man. I think that is three of the top five my mom warned me about."

I laughed. "Yeah! Maybe I'm not the best influence on you."


When we got home, we carried the bags in. Kaylee was in a hurry. "I want to go up and clean out a drawer for all of these beautiful things!" She was smiling and excited.

"I was thinking about that." I replied. "You sleep with me every night you're here... What if I clear a couple of drawers out and make some closet space? There's also the bedside table on your side that you could use."

Kaylee paused for a moment not quite sure what I meant. "Uncle Benny? Do you mean move into YOUR room?"

For some stupid reason, I felt suddenly shy. "Well I guess it would be, OUR room, but... Yeah... I mean... Only if you wanted to."

She let out an ear piercing squeal! She dropped her bag on the floor and came running over and threw her arms around my waist. "We will be just like a normal couple! At least when I'm here. YES! I would love to move in with you! Come on lets get started!" She started pulling me toward the stairs. I had no idea she was going to react like this! It made me very happy that I had made the suggestion.

We spent the rest of the afternoon clearing out enough space for her to move just about all of her things down the hall into the master bedroom. We thought it best to leave a few things in her old room for appearance sake. We talked and laughed the whole time. I got along better, and loved spending time with Kaylee, more than anybody else I knew.

"So, do I get the lingerie fashion show now?" I asked hopefully.

Kaylee didn't even think about it. "NOPE!"

Well that was disappointing! "How come? I thought that was my birthday present!?!"

She walked over and gave me a long sensual kiss. "First: Your birthday isn't till Thursday." She kissed me again. "Second: I plan on making good use of all that money you spent, and making it last. You will only get to see one new outfit a night." I started to protest but she looked at me sternly and held up her hand. I obediently shut up. "However," She gave me a very evil grin. "You can then unwrap me, and do as you please." I think I really liked the sound of that.

She kissed me a third time. "And Third: We skipped lunch, I'm starving. You get nothing more from me till we eat something!" She giggled and pulled away from me. I grabbed her and pulled her back for a big hug.

"OK. Sounds like you are the one in charge here. I accept your demands. Let's go make some dinner."


After we ate a wonderful dinner of roasted chicken and wild rice, with some fresh steamed vegetables. I asked Kaylee what she wanted to do.

"Well I want you to relax and make a cocktail for yourself... Watch some T.V., read a book, whatever." She walked over to me and put her arms around me. I loved looking down and seeing her in my arms, with her looking back up into my eyes. "I am going upstairs. It may take me a little while to get ready, but I will call you when it's time to come up." She stood on her tip toes till I leaned down and kissed her. "Is that OK?" She smiled at me, and I would have agreed to anything.

"I'll be here, but if you wait too long I may just fall asleep in front of the television." Both of us laughed. I think we both knew that wasn't going to happen. She turned and walked to the stairs, blowing me a kiss as she turned and headed up.

I went into the kitchen and made a drink. I tried to find a show to watch, but I kept looking up the stairs and then at the clock. I was like a kid on Christmas eve. Although it seemed like hours had gone by, only 10 minutes had passed on the clock. I drained my drink and made another. I must have walked three miles around the downstairs of my small house! I started upstairs half a dozen times, just to turn and walk away. Almost a lifetime later I heard her call. "Hey Baby! Why don't you come upstairs?" It was everything I could do not to sprint upstairs.

When I walked into what was now, OUR bedroom, the bathroom door was closed. She had the room lit with about a dozen candles and the bedside lamp was covered with a scarf. I didn't even know I owned so many candles! Her voice from behind the bathroom door said. "Sit on the bed, I'll be out in a minute."

I sat down on the edge of the bed and moments later the door opened. There stood Kaylee, like I had never seen her before. She was wearing the emerald green outfit, and she absolutely took my breath away! I literally gasped out loud.

Kaylee had done her long blonde hair into a loose braid that was draped over her shoulder. I had never before seen it like this, it looked fantastic. Her bright green eyes, sparkling in the candlelight, were locked onto mine with a look of passion and desire. She had a small seductive smile on her full lips. She stood straight and confident, her shoulders back and her chest thrust out.

Her top was a cropped bustier with demi cups, green lace, with a black silk ribbon crisscrossed up the front, pushing up her already firm, perky breasts. It gave her mouth watering cleavage. It had thin straps over her shoulders, and barely covered her beautiful nipples. The cropped, corset style top, ended an inch or two above her navel. It accentuated her already thin waist, and made her hips look even curvier.

Her garter belt was black silk with matching green lace. It came down in green ruffles on top of her hips, with four black, silk straps, connected to the tops of her lace topped black stockings. The saleswoman had even given her the kind with the heavy black seam running up the back of the leg. Very sexy!

Her panties were of green lace with small, black silk accents. They were tight against her crotch, showing a slight outline, but covering everything. The perfect amount of view, and preview.

Kaylee started a slow spin without saying a word. As she turned away from me, I saw that her panties were a thong. I thought her ass was amazing before? Holy Shit!

I have known my niece had an incredible backside from the first time I saw it. In bikini underwear it is absolutely incredible. Nude, it is even better! The shape, the feel, it is indescribable, but in this outfit??? It was the cherry on a chocolate sundae! The bow on a beautifully wrapped gift! The single drop of rain, glistening on a perfect rose. The green lace, bright against her pale skin, pulling in and then disappearing into that fantastic ass? I thought I might be in heaven!

"Do you like it?" She asked still with that sexy smile on her lips.

"Sweetheart, I think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" I told her honestly.

Kaylee's smile became brighter and lit up her whole face. She gave one more small turn, letting me look at her in all of her splendor. Then she walked slowly toward me, hips swaying from side to side. "And I think, you are wearing way to many clothes." She purred.

I lifted up my arms and she lifted my shirt up over my head. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her in for a long kiss. She reached down between us and undid my belt and pants.

Kaylee backed off long enough for me to stand and remove my jeans. When I sat back down, she dropped to her knees in front of me. She slowly took me into her warm wet mouth. I leaned my head back and let out a long sigh towards the ceiling. She was running her tongue in circles around my head, then she let her head move forward, swallowing me, till her nose was touching my pubic hair. I moaned out loud. Her head started moving up and down. I wanted her to keep doing this all night long. However, thinking about how selfish I had been earlier, I decided I had other plans.

Gently pushing her away, with my hands against her shoulders, I looked into her eyes. She gave a small whine of disappointment. "That feels fantastic Sweetheart, but it's my turn."

Kaylee gave me a huge smile when I pulled her up and laid her back onto the bed. I slid down and kneelled on the floor, between her legs. I pulled her thighs till she slid partway off the bed, giggling at me the whole time.

I ran the tips of my fingers from ankle to thigh, enjoying the silky smooth texture of her stockings. I turned my hands and ran them back down as I leaned over and kissed her legs just above where the stockings ended. I ran my hands back up, and one by one undid the clasps of the garters, kissing and licking her upper thighs non stop.

Kaylee's giggles had turned to soft sounds of pleasure. I looked her in the eye as I undid the last clasp. Lightly taking the waistband of her panties in my fingertips I slowly pulled them down her hips and off of her legs. This was as far as I wanted to undress her. I was totally mesmerized by my gorgeous niece wearing all of this beautiful lace and silk.

I resumed kissing her inner thighs, brushing past but not touching her center. While nibbling on her inner leg I felt her wispy hairs against my cheek. Kissing just a bit further up, my jaw rubbed along her lips. Kaylee gave a small sigh and her body broke out in goosebumps. Finally I turned and planted a wet kiss just below her hood. I stuck my tongue into her slit and licked upwards. I added a little pressure as I reached her clit.

Kaylee gasped and her hands clenched into the bed sheets. "Oh Baby! Yes!" I pulled slightly back and blew warm air onto her wet slit. She gave another small shiver of delight. I inhaled deeply though my nose, her scent was clean and arousing. Her pussy was so beautiful. Her small, perfect, pink lips engorged with desire.

Reaching under her I pulled her thighs over my shoulders then grabbed her ass from underneath. I once again moved my mouth onto her. With my tongue flat I licked her from bottom to top, circling her little nub then going back down. At the same time I was massaging her butt cheeks firmly. I took one lip into my mouth and gently sucked on it, then the other.

I looked at her again and she was laid back with her eyes closed and breathing heavily. When I looked back down between her legs I could see that in this position, I could kiss her muffin, but also her cute little backdoor. I licked her a few more times then lowered even farther, licking her pink, puckered butt hole.

Kaylee squealed and pulled back a bit. "Hey there!"

I knew that might surprise her. "Sorry Sweetie! I couldn't resist. It just looked so cute. I'll play nice again, I promise."

She looked at me from between her legs. "I didn't say no... It was just surprising. You could have warned a girl!" She gave me a blushing smile. "You could try again if you wanted to."

With that permission in hand I continued to go down on her. I licked and played with her clit as she laid back and relaxed. When her breathing became rapid again, I ventured back to her backside. Her reaction this time was much different. "MMMMMM! I kind of like that." She whispered. I used my tongue until she was slick with my saliva then went back to liking her in front. My right hand moved between her cheeks and I circled my thumb around her sweet little butt hole. With a little pressure I pushed against her, while moving my thumb across her hole. Back and forth, side to side. I flicked her clit with my tongue and pressed a little harder with my hand.

Kaylee started to press into me with her hips, rocking slightly back and forth against my hand. "Uncle Benny that feels so good, don't stop!"

I sucked her little pearl between my lips and started rolling it with my tongue. When she rocked into me harder I gave one last small press. My thumb went beyond the tight inner ring of her anus and entered her completely.

"Oh my God!" She screamed as her legs tightened around my head. Her hips started trusting against my hand and she nearly crushed my head with her thighs. Her whole body was shaking and her muscles were twitching. I kept licking her and circling my thumb inside of her. "Ah Ah Ah Ah! Yes! Oh Yes!" Her legs still locked around my head and her hips still bucking into my hand. All at once she went still. I stopped my licking and gently blew my breath against her. I slowly pulled my thumb out. When it popped all the way free Kaylee gave one large shudder and and moaned. "MMMMM That was awesome!" She was breathless as she demanded. "Kiss me!"

I stood up and leaned over her. I kissed her as she breathed deeply into my mouth. We kissed until her breathing slowed a bit. She pulled me close, and moaned. "Please, I want you inside of me now."

I was still half off the bed. I stood back up, grabbed her around the back and rolled her over onto her belly. I took her by the hips, pulled her onto her knees and positioned her on the edge of the bed. With one hand I caressed her hip softly, while the other ran the head of my dick against her very wet slit. Every time I brushed against her still sensitive clit she would give a little moan and shiver. Slowly, much more gentle than earlier, I entered her from behind.

We had never made love in this position before. I looked down. My unbelievably beautiful niece, still wearing a green lace bustier top, garter belt, and black stockings, laying on her stomach with her perfect ass up in the air. The sight was incredibly erotic!

Kaylee brought her hips back to meet mine coming forward, and then gave a little side to side shake before moving forward again. I took one hand and was caressing her back as I moved in time with her. She looked so sexy. Her body was so tight and warm around me. I let my hands caress and rub all over her back and sides.

She leaned farther forward putting her ass even higher in the air. I brought my hand back and rubbed my thumb across her butt hole again. Kaylee pushed back harder against me, and moaned. I smiled, well, if she likes it, who am I to say no? I brought my hand to my mouth and spit onto my thumb. I took it and placed it right against her opening again. "Oh yes! I like that!" I circled around and then proceeded to press into her again.
Moving in time with my hips, I soon had my thumb in her tight ass again. "Oh Baby! That is so hot!" She panted while moving her body faster against mine.

"Sweetheart! You look so sexy!" I moaned back. My dick was sliding in and out of her, as my thumb was pushing in and rotating in circles. I was starting to breath wildly. I reached under with my free hand and toyed with her clit. Kaylee sped up even more. I knew I couldn't last much longer. My thumb was as far into her as I could go, moving around to give her the most sensations. I was pulling her into me with my underside hand, entering her as deep as I could go on every stroke.

"Uncle Benny!" She gasped "I'm going to... AHHH OHHH UHHH AHHHHH!" Her body contracted into me with a giant spasm. At almost the same time I pulled her against me as tight as I could. My legs shaking, my hips bucking, I came inside of her. I pulled my thumb out of her and she jerked forward then back into me. "OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!" She yelled out.

I was beyond words, I just stood there moaning. I held onto her hips with both hands, not really sure if i was going to fall down, or not. She leaned forward a bit and I pulled her back, causing both of us to shake a bit more. I finally lifted her by the waist, put one knee on the bed and managed not to crush her as I laid both of us down, with me still inside of her.

Kaylee was purring with delight. Every few seconds she would contract her muscles and squeeze me. Then giggle as I shuddered and jerked inside of her.

"Yeah! Keep it up smart girl!" I whispered into her ear. "Not so funny when this old guy has a heart attack on your back!" After a few more minutes, I lifted myself off of her and crashed down beside her. She turned to me, shining bright as the sun as she smiled at me.

"AWWWW! I was just having fun baby." She leaned in and I kissed her. My arm sipped under her neck and she cradled her head on my shoulder. We cuddled for a long time. Kissing occasionally, looking in each others eyes and smiling. We didn't say anything. Each of us just happy to be together. Eventually she hugged me tight and said. "I don't know about you, but I am ready for some sleep."

I got up and used the bathroom while she removed her new outfit and lovingly put it in her new drawer. "It really is beautiful don't you think?"

I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. "You are the one that's beautiful!" I said. "But yeah! It looked great on you!"

"Oh Uncle Benny! Thank you so much for everything! This has been the most INCREDIBLE day!" She turned and kissed me then went skipping off naked to the bathroom.

I just grinned off into space. "Yeah... It was a pretty wonderful day!"

To be continued:

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