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This first chapter of a story is about various different characters, but in the first chapter the heros name is Royce. Please comment.
Chapter 1 Royce

It was dawn and Royce had just woken up. His sleep hadn’t been regenerating at all. He felt like the short few hours had actually taken away the little bit of power he still had, never the less he got up to gather his things and venture on. He had put his bag on his shoulder and his sword onto his belt. Royce stepped out onto the little stone plateau in front of the overhang which was his shelter for the night. The past day he had climbed the final mountains of the western mountain range of Orntgoria. These were dangerous lands and he was aware of this when he began his journey, but he did not look upon what was to come with joy at all. Even though he had only one mountainside left to climb down and he was already half way down. He was not well minded because the forests of Borgan lay before him and were inevitable on his journey. These woods were shrouded in legend for they bore many mysteries and supposed dangers. Still Royce did not fear the Borgan Woods because his house was the Pragorias and he did not believe in every myth brought bye by some man seeking attention. Still as he looked down upon the sheer endless mass of trees that granted not a single peek onto the forest floor he felt unpleasantly. The Borgan forest also separated Orntgoria from Bralshk to which it belonged. Bralshk in general was a very corrupt land and said to be a lot more dangerous than Orntgoria.
Royce began to climb down the steep side of the enormous mountain and had reached its foot after three hours. He stood before the mighty trees of the forest now and took one last gaze at the forest edge and the mountain behind him before entering the ever dark Borgan woods. The daylight which was always filtered by thick dark clouds in this region of Bralshk did not make it through the trees of this dreadful forest, Royce also knew this. Not a single glimpse of sunlight made it through the dark crowns of the heavy stemmed trees. However Borgan was not pitch dark as Royce had heard from several men in a bar not five day ago. In fact there seemed to be a wide range of different things providing their scarce light. Royce could not see far at all and after 20 steps even the outside of the forest had already vanished in the mist and between the large trees. He took notice of the fluorescent vegetation around him and walked on carefully. After about a quarter of an hour he calmed down and his guard dropped as he saw no reason to be watchful. After several hours of marching through the Borgan forest Royce became weary and was already bored by the plants and trees. He had not seen nor heard any creature at all yet. But as he began to settle down for a break he started to hear animals, insects moving under the leafs covering the forest ground, and also breaking twigs and birds. This made him feel like he was in a normal forest and he drifted away into sleep.
Hours later Royce woke up. He had heard something. Not the sound of an animal that steps on twigs making them break but rather coordinated and hasty steps. Someone was rushing through the bushes and woods nearby him. He stood up as quietly as he could from the spot where he had leaned against a tree. He had his hand on the sheath of his sword ready to draw it fast. Royce proceeded towards the sounds because of his curiosity and he sneaked very quietly and stealthy. He came closer to the source of the noise and made his way around an edgy large bush. Then there was another bush behind which he could hear several noises. He could make out some kind of language which let him know that these creatures were not animals. Royce slowly and without making noticeable noise disappeared into the bush. From inside it he could now see what was making these sounds. It was three orcs. He had seen orcs only on pictures before. They looked just like on them. Two of them were fairly large, at least two heads higher than he was, the third one was just about his size and was a female orc.
The two male orcs had large weapons, a combination of an axe and a sword while the female orc had a lance close by. It seemed that they were camping. Royce could not tell their intensions nor if they were hostile or not. He stayed in his hiding place to observe them. The three had a fire and the two male orcs were taking large sips from cups with some sort of alcohol inside. The female orc stood up, turned away from the other too and bent over the fallen tree stem that was her seat to reach into a pack. As she bent over, her butt which was scarcely covered was exposed to a large extent. Royce noticed that in fact all of the orcs were dressed very lightly. The male orcs had a weapon belt each and a few pieces of cloth hanging around their waists while the female had a leather bra covering up her breasts fully. Her bottom privates were covered with cloth too. They were shorter however and were divided in the middle on each side of the legs so they rather seemed like two separate pieces of cloth on a string around her waist. Now that her butt stuck up into the air the piece of cloth covering her buttocks moved with her back and uncovered about half of her ass.
She had a large, firm and very beautiful ass in a darkish green tone. Her cunt and asshole were both perfectly visible as she reached deep into the bag and her pussy seemed to be fully shaven. This sight captivated Royce and he felt something move in his pants. The two male orcs also took notice of the sight and were grunting. Royce could see their fat cocks hanging between their legs getting erect. Then the female already sat back down and the sight was gone but she realized the bulges that were rising quickly under the orcs cover ups. The cloths just lifted up and the boners were rock hard and visible. The two male orcs already stood up and were by her quickly with their cocks in her face. She did not seem eager to be fucked at the moment as the two orcs tried to stick their cocks in her mouth. They got in each other’s way and began to fight over her and then they began a real struggle pulling their weapons. The weapons smashed together and a punch by one orc made the other fall backward towards Royce ripping down the part of the bush in front of him and unveiling him.
Surpisement on both sides gave Royce the moment he needed to draw his sword. In alert all orcs began to move, the female trembled as she wanted to run for her weapon. The orc before Royce on the ground wanted to get up but Royce’s sword chopped off his head. The other male orc began his offensive and pulled back his weapon for a mighty strike from over his head to split his foe into two halves. But Royce had the advantage with his first class speed and his sword pierced the orcs heart. He pulled it out and the orc fell on the ground dead. The female orc had just gotten up and was trying to run for her weapon when Royce moved in her way. She tried to knock him over. His sword fell to the ground and they began to struggle. She was strong but after a few short moment Royce managed to overpower her and take control of the situation.
He ended up on her back with her hand in his grip behind her. She was lying on the ground with her belly. With one hand he held both of hers together while with the other he reached for some rope that he had with him. While looking at the side of his bag he saw her ass out of the edge of his eye. Then he took the rope and tied her hands firmly together, she wouldn’t be able to free herself like this. The cloth around her waist was lying flat on the ass of the orc girl but it was so short that even when covering the most possible space a little bit of her lower buttocks was visible. “Stay on the ground or I will kill you” said Royce to her in a threatening and serious voice. She didn’t answer, he did not know if she even understood him but as he took some more rope to tie her legs she did not get up. He took the rope under her legs and looked forward to get a peak under the orcs cover up. Royce could see her buttocks a bit and almost even her cunt. As he looked at it and tied it up he got more and hornier until he thought, what does it matter she’s my prisoner. Then he lost control over his lust and while he was still at her legs he put one of his hands flat on the lower part of her leg just over the foot and the slowly moved it up. But only for a second before he picked up the defenseless orc to move her closer to the camp fire.
Now that she was laying there, with her feet to the fire so that her ass would be lighted up by the flickering light, Royce took a careful look over her body. Then he knelt by her but and without touching her took the bottom of the piece of cloth covering her ass and lifted it a little bit. The orc girl breathed out heavily due to anger most likely. Royce then pulled it up all the way so her ass was uncovered fully. It was a beautiful sight. He put his hand on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart revealing her perfect asshole and a bit of her cunt. The Orc woman showed her anger but did not do anything, struggling would not have helped anyway. Royce felt up her sexy body. He slid his hands down all the way to her feet. He took of her plump shoes too. He was amazed by the perfect soles she had. They were nice and wrinkly and extremely soft. He touched her beautiful feet for a while and then began to move back upward slowly until he had reached her ass again which Royce spanked with a firm slap on the right cheek. He took off her cloth dressing and sat her onto the stem. “You look pretty sexy orc” he said to her. A moment of silence before she spoke to him for the first time “You human vermin, you will pay for what you have done” said the orc. Royce replied “They were gonna fuck you, you should be thankful that I killed them, you didn’t seem to like it” as he pulled down her leather bra and her boobs bounced out and were pushed and squeezed up by the bra as he did not take it off. She had nice large tits and perfect green nipples. The orc said “Thankful? Why? It is worse being stuck with such worms as you”. “Watch your mouth” said Royce. The orc grunted but didn’t talk back.
The two of them just sat at the fire for a while. Royce looked at his hot exposed prisoner all the time while the orc looked straight into the fire. Finally Royce couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled out his rock hard cock. It was not as large as the giant orc cocks of the two slaughtered. Still it was large for a humans cock, he measured proud 12 inches and it was fat too. The average orc cock is about 15 to 16 inches long and also very thick. Royce, while slowly stroking his cock, stood up and walked right next to the orcs head. His dick head and shaft were now about 5 centimeters away from the sexy green face. She said “Is that tiny thing in my face your cock?” Royce answered “We will see how tiny it is once it fucks you, you whore. You’ll be sorry for what you said”. He then pushed his cock head against the orcs cheek right under the right eye and rubbed it up and down her soft face. Two seconds later he slapped her face hard with his fat meat, this made the orc so angry that she tried to attack. She jumped up to hit him with her head and he stepped aside and made her trip and fall on her belly.
This way she couldn’t stand back up, “Oh we have a fighter” said Royce, she just growled. Royce looked at her and his eyes got stuck on her amazing light green soles. Royce bent down behind her tied up feet and kissed the soles. “What the fuck are you doing” she said angry. Royce just kept going. He took his cock and rubbed it all over her feet before starting to fuck them. After a few minutes when he was rock hard he went to his pack and took out a metal ring, he tied two pieces of leather string to it and now had a gag which he could fit his cock through. He went to the orcs head and forced it into her mouth and tied it behind her head. She mumbled “I will kill you you maggo” but before she could finish saying maggot Royce gave her a good, and very long taste of his thick flesh. His penis slid into the orc girls mouth, over her soft, wet tongue up to her throat and down her throat just after. He held her head, pulled back out a little bit so that his penis wasn’t in her throat but only her mouth. He left it in her mouth for a few seconds and then said “Use your tongue and massage my dick with it you green whore”. She hissed angrily and refused, “If you don’t do as I just told you I will fuck every hole of your body as hard as I can before making some more holes with my sword and fucking those too, while youre still alive, so choose now bitch.” Said Royce in a very threating and angry voice. The orc grunted quietly but after a few seconds she gradually began to move her long heavy tongue all over his fat cock. It felt amazing, soon Royce began fucking her throat but made her continue using her tongue.
She began to gag heavily as Royce finally forced his penis in her all the way. He fucked her brutally in her mouth for about 10 minutes before pulling out his dripping wet dick and leaving her to catch breath. She didn’t try to talk at all but only gasped for air while he walked around her, bent down over her, spread apart her lower butt cheeks and already entered her pussy. It was warm and moist. He shuffed his cock into the pussy with one long push. He increased his speed of fucking her rapidly and soon was at the fastest he could. She began to moan which she had tried not to do as she did not actually like being fucked by him. But he said “haha I know you love it you whore, tell me you love being fucked by my fat cock or I will add some holes to you” he said even though he knew she didn’t like it. She mumbled “I love your fat cock inside me” angrily and he pulled out of her ad hasted around her to her mouth while saying “beg for my cum”. By his tone the orc understood that she’d better do as Royce told her and so she began to unwillingly beg for his sperm as he jerked his penis right under her nose making body fluids fly onto her face. “please cum on me, please I want your hot yummy cum please”. “Yummy, oh you want to taste it, fine” said Royce, “no” yelled the orc but Royce had rammed his cock down the orcs throat and bursted. His semen load expload deep inside her throat and continued to shoot out while he pulled back into her mouth and forward down her throat over and over. This filled her mouth and throat up with a lot of thick cum.
“ahh, fuck yeah” moaned Royce as he came. After cumming for about two thirds of a minute, he pulled his cock which was covered in jizz and spit out of her and said “swallow it bitch”. Reluctantly the orc gulped down the load. Royce took of the gag and said “now, I want you to lick my cock clean, if you try anything I will kill you, bite my cock and I will make it slow and painful, Ill cut you into pieces, so you do exactly as I say, understood?” The orc looked at Royce hatefully and he reinforced his question “understood bitch?” “Yes” hissed the orc.
Royce pulled the orc to the stem which he sat on and made her kneel before him. His penis which was about half flaccid by now was in front of her face. It was still covered in cum and spit. Royce had his sword close to her so that if she did one thing wrong he could punish here severely. “what are you wating for you whore, lick it.” She followed order and opened her mouth to release her long beautiful wet green tongue. She placed it on his cock and began to lick it clean. “uhh yeah good girl” moaned Royce as the orcs tongue cleaned of all the cum of his cock. He made her swallow every drop and he got hard again as she licked so he forcefully pushed her on the ground again went to her ass spread apart the cheeks and looked at her asshole, before the orc girl new, Royce had as brutally as he could rammed his cock on the tight unused little asshole opening. His wet cock slid half way into the asshole. The orc felt extreme pain from which she fainted before she could scream out. Royce continued and his cock slowly proceeded into her ass until he was in all the way. He started fucking her asshole slowly and then picked her up and sat down so he could make her bounce on his rock hard rod a bit.
Half an hour later when he had switched her into a kind of a doggystyle position she awoke again. The first thing she said was “Ouhh, you asshole”, Royce laughed “haha yours sure feels amazing, Im surprised it was unused”. Royce took hold of her tits and fucked her harder. Their bodies met, his balls and front waist, and her buttocks. A slamming sound emerged and her ass bounced everytime he rammed his cock in her asshole. Then suddenly he started to cum. He shot a failry large load into her asshole and when he pulled out the cum began to flow out of her. He had her lick and suck his cock clean again and ordered her to keep sucking his penis. And so she did. He rested againt a tree with the orcs lips wrapped around his cock and her tongue sliding all over his shaft. HE had his sword ready just in case but the orc did not try anything. He said “If I cum I want you to keep sucking and drink all of it, you don’t waste a drop that can be saved and you don’t stop sucking before I tell you to.” And so she kept sucking Royces dick.
After 2 hours he had his third cumshot and said “take it out”. The girl took it out and he could see her exhaustion and her relief. But he did not intend to give her a break. He laid her down in front of him with her head away from him on her back while still leaning on the tree. Then he took her feet that were held together by her tightly tied legs and stuck his wet cock between the two feet. “What are you waiting for slut? Common you know what to do” he said. The orc girl cried out a little in stress and began to jerk off Royces fat fleshy penis with her green feet. Deep into the night he had her going like this but he came only once and even though he was no were near coming again, he pulled his cock out of inbetween the feet and said “Ok, Im tired. Its time to sleep”. Again he could see the orcs relief. He took all the rope he had and tied the orc girl up so much that she could not possible attack him or stand up or do anything else. He put his sword away safely and got out sleeping mats and some blankets. He sat up a large spot for the two of them and got the naked tied orc onto it. Then, as the girl said what would happen to him “You will be killed you worm, If I get free I..” Royce gagged her making her unable to bite him during the sleep. He pulled the blankets over the both of them.
Both were laying on their right sides of the body facing the same direction. Royce moved as close as possible to the orc and their bodies pressed against eachother. His flaccid dick was pressed against the nice and comfy warmth of the orcs butt crack and it was squeezed a little by the large cheeks. He wrapped his top arm around her waist and fondled her body a little. He pinched her nipples as he noticed that his cock was being aroused by the environment it was in. It hardened quickly and the orc probably felt it too. The cock was now rock hard and had fallen just below the girls ass. Royce pushed and his cock was inbetween her tied legs and poked out on the other side. He could feel her cunt on the middle of his cock.
Very gently he moved his hips back and forth as he fucked the girls legs and drifted off. HE was almost asleept when the orc girl moaned loudly because she had an orgasm. Royce awoke and noticed it. His motions had rubbed her pussy until she came and the fluids of her cunt had wettened his cock and their legs. He could feel the juices running down both their legs. “Oh you came, I didn’t allow you to do so” he said. She could not answer because of the gag. “hm you kept me all hard, I guess Ill have to punish you for making me horny, it seems like you want some more cock huh?” The orc girls body tensed as she was frightened and could not take anymore because of exhaustion. But Royce pulled his hard on away from her legs and used his hand to place his cock head just in between the first centimeter of her ass cheeks. Then he let go of his cock, pushed forward and his dick slid between her cheeks, found the opening of her raped, tight and soar asshole and slowly and gently as the orc bit on the gag and cried and sweated, his fat penis entered her asshole deeper and deeper. He was now all the way in and their bodies were tightly pressed against eachother again. He rolled on his back while holding onto the girl causing her also to roll over. She was now laying on top of him and her weight made his cock push in just a tiny bit more. She was in big pain but she kept quiet expect for tears and sniffing. It felt amazing to have his cock deep in the orcs body with her asshole opening so tightly wrapped around him.
Royce didn’t need to move much to feel pleasure and soon the amaying feeling made him cum. After he was done cumming he left his softening cock in her ass and as he was so deep in her, the penis could not get out of the tight asshole so that the cock started getting hard again after only getting soft a quarter. Royce came again very fast and the same procedure happened, the orc girl had drifted away into sleep as she was too exhausted. Then Royce followed her. When he woke up he knew it was around 8 am although there was no light just as there had never been any here. But he had a sense for this. The orc girl was not yet awake and he realized his cock was still in her and it was rock hard. He felt immense pleasure and made a tiny motion, and again he came. His load bursted deep in the orc and he got hard again quickly.
Royce stood up and held her, the blankets fell of them and he began pounding away into her asshole. She awoke and looked very roughed up. Soon Royce changed to doggystyle and stayed like this for nearly 4 hours. He had lost count of how many times he came it was about 8 to 9 times he guessed and he had not pulled out since yesterday night. The orc was to exhausted to move as he came one more time, he undid her gag. She breathed in heavily. “Stick your ass high into the air”. He had undone her main ties earlier and she was able to lower her head and tits to the ground and point her ass up. So she did as she was commanded and then finally Royce stood up and pulled his cock out of her asshole. Her asshole now had a gaping opening and made a slurping sound as his cock popped out of it.
Her opening was now wide stretched but would probably contract a lot again later. Her ass was all red apart from the usual green. Royce knealt behind her and told her to squeeze her butt, she did and her hole pulled together. HE made her keep it like that as he kissed the hole long. His lips covered it and then he used his tongue. Next he let her relax it again and the hole opened up as she did. He kissed her feet then proceeded to her face and kissed her gently on the lips. For now she seemed to have become willingless and she let him kiss her and she kissed back in order to satisfy him. But there was no pleasure from her side. As Royce got on his knees again and away from the bending opposition he needed to make to kiss her, as her ass was still sticking high into the air he asked “Whats your name?” she replied after a second “Treya”. “Ok, but I might also call you slut” said Royce and he pressed his cock which was less than half hard on her lips so she could suck all the cum off of it and clean it. She opened up and cleaned it. Treya swallowed the cum and without getting another erction Royce Pulled out of the orcs mouth.
Again he went behind her too her ass which he only had too dudge a little to reach with his cock and slapped his shaft onto the gaping hole. He held his cock far up underneath the head and then pushed it into the hole. It let his cockhead in with ease now. “Calm down I was just kidding you whore” he said and then he pulled back out. He got a bowl and set it underneath Treyas butt. With his sword in his hand he untied Treya fully. She was to weak and exhausted to try to attack him and also he could easily behead her. Then he told her too use her hands to keep her cheeks spread away from each other so her asshole was free, and to quickly sit on the bowl. She did so and her ass covered the whole bowls and more. The cum began to stream out of Treyas asshole and flow into the bowl. He could hear dripping and figured this might take a while.
He kissed her and then stood before her face. His penis was right at her mouth height. He did not say a thing but Treya knew what she had to do and took his flaccid cock in her right hand opened her mouth and led his penis into it. Then she closed her lips around it. Royce said smiling “Good girl. Tell me when all the cum has dribbled out of you” “Ok she said and continued to suck”. She was a pro. She used her hand and tongue so nicely and soon she had got his sore dick rock hard.
She sucked Royce off for five minutes before she said “ok it is out of me.” “Get up” said Royce. The orc girl let go of his cock and got of the bowl. There was quiet a lot of cum in the bowl. Enough for at least 4 large mouthfuls. Royce walked behind Treya and rubbed his cock in her butt crack. While he rubbed, he said “ok now I want you to get on the ground and drink it all out until its empty, drink it like the slut you are and don’t use your hands. Understood?” Treya nodded obediently. Then she got on her hands and knees bent her head down to the cum filled bowl and began to drink and gather the cum with her tongue. She was in a good doggystyle position and Royce kneeled behind her and insereted his cock into her pussy. He fucked her at moderate speed and she drank. After 10 minutes she was all done looked back and asked “got anymore” with something like a dirty smile on her face. “Oha” made Royce. “See now youre beginning to like it too”. He layed on his back and hand Treya give him a footjob. Her large green soles rubbed over his cock and pulled up and down his foreskin. Then her sexy oily feet wrapped around Royces penis and began to stroke it.

Ive already written several other chapters but will only upload them if this one pays off. I hope you like it, the sex begins after a while but from then on and in the next chapters there wont be much waiting for it as it is nearly always preset.

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