An Uncle gives his neice a dessert she'll never forget
I didn’t realize he was there until I had pulled on my bedtime shirt. It fell mid thigh on my 4’7 frame. Leaning against the door frame, stood my uncle holding a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a spoon that was leaving his smirking mouth in the other. His eyes raked across my tiny frame.

“Uncle, you scared me!” I said in a low voice as I walked passed him having to squeeze my way out as he didn’t move. I knew I had turned a shade of red in embarrassment. He would have seen me in nothing but my panties. He had been molesting me for a couple of months now, but I was still embarrassed when I was not clothed in front of him. And frightened.

“I thought you would like some ice cream.” He pushed the bowl towards me, bumping it into my right nipple causing it to turn rock hard. I shivered at the touch, causing his smirk to grow wider and he took a step closer to me. I tried to take a step back, but he would take a step forward. Eventually I hit the windowsill with a soft thump.

“Have a bite.” He pushed the spoon into my waiting lips and brushed the bowl on my right nipple again and squeezing it with his free pinkie and ring finger causing a whimper to escape my lips. “Do you like?”

I don’t know which action he was questioning, but I responded with a husky voice that surprised me, “” I tried to avoid him as much as possible, but he always found a way to get to me. My body now longed for his touch and my brain was desperately trying to not be controlled by this man.

He stepped forward once more pressing me against the window, the bowl brushing my left nipple this time and the spoon placed in my mouth. With another squeeze came another whimper. “Look at me.” He whispered as he continued to feed me, alternating his assault on my nipples with his fingers and the icy bowl. His eyes had turned dark with lust and his eyes felt like they were looking into my soul. My breaths had become shallow and I have noticed that his knee had been rubbing up and down my panties as I finished my last bite.

He took the spoon and dipped it into the melted ice cream and trailed it along my lips. His tongue followed the trail, his eyes never leaving mine and myself trying to suppress the moans that wanted to escape the very lips being tasted. Each hand squeezed a nipple twisting it hard, causing a gasp to escape my mouth. His knee continues to rub my panties making my body heat even more, my panties becoming damp.

He slid his tongue into my mouth and deepened the kiss. He placed the bowl on the window sill and leaned on the window. The other hand reached to my now soaked panties and pushed them aside as he rubbed my clit with his thumb and stuck two fingers into my core thrusting in and out. My teary eyes closed as my hands gripped the window sill.

His continuous thrusts had my body betray my mind and my hips matching his movements. “Tell me you like what I do kitten. Tell me how much you want your uncle to make you cum.” I shook my head feebly as my body continued to betray me. My hands gripping the windowsill and my head leaned to the side as he pepper kissed along my jaw, licking my neck up to my ear.

“No you don’t want to cum?” I whimpered as he thrust harder bringing me so close to orgasm before stopping. My breathing was heavy and my eyes could not hide the disappointment. He removed his fingers from my core and brought it to my mouth so I could clean him up. He’s told me countless times if I am going to make a mess; I have to clean it up with my tongue.

“Well maybe I want you to cum. But I want you to beg me to let you. Remember no cumming without my permission.” He kissed me deeply pushing me to sit on the edge of the windowsill, my back leaning on the window. His body came closer to mine and spread my legs further. His fingers back in my pussy slowly massaging the walls, he knelt down and his tongue joined his fingers.

I started to quietly moan. “I love to hear you purr, my kitten. Make sure you stay quiet and you watch me. I’m the only one who is allowed to hear you purr.” His tongue went as far as it could go into my core. With his fingers thrusting in and out of me the tension was getting worse. I kept shaking my head as my eyes locked with his. My tears were still streaming down my face as I gripped fiercely onto the windowsill.

I wanted to push him away, but I knew after the first time he set down the rules it would be too painful to disobey him. If I pushed him away or did not listen to him he would give me 12 lashes. He always made sure not to leave any bruises or serious marks. What was worse was he would always give me a powerful orgasm afterwards. It was like my body knew after the pain there would be pleasure.

I was trying to keep my mind sane. I was trying to steady my breathing. But I couldn’t see anything but those brown eyes staring back at me. My legs were like jello and my uncle had me exactly where he wanted me. I would always resist, but in the end I would cave in. I had to ask or get punished for just letting go. “Please can I cum uncle?” I whispered.

His lips turned upwards as his tongue flicked at my clit causing another moan to escape my lips. “Would you like to cum kitten? Who would you like to cum for kitten?” He continued his assault. His fingers going at a pace that kept me on the edge, but not powerful enough to let me explode.

“For you uncle. I want you to make me cum.” I moaned, tears still streaming down my face. I needed to release. My uncle knew how my body worked and knew exactly what to do to make me beg.

“Then cum for me kitten.” He shoved his fingers in me as fast as he could. His mouth nibbled on my clit and I exploded. I don’t know how I kept silent, but I withered and fell in front of him on my knees. His fingers kept thrusting in lengthening my orgasm. “Good kitten...that’s my good girl.” He slid his fingers out and licked them savouring the taste. “Let’s go down and spend time with the family. You can satisfy me later tonight.” He kissed me passionately and dried my tears. He helped me to stand up and held me till I calmed down.

I straightened up and fixed up my panties and pulled down my shirt. He patted my bottom and picked up the bowl gesturing to me to follow him downstairs where the family was still cleaning up from dinner. They didn’t suspect a thing.
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