Hillary and Peter reconcile their history. Hillary faces the second test from the sorority she's trying to join, finding herself in bed with a complete stranger.
NOTE: You may want to read Sorority Pledge Chpt 1 to help this Chapter make more sense.


Hillary finished up her classes for the day and rushed to the campus library. Dressed in her finest blouse, skirt, and a $650.00 pair of Carven shoes, she was going to meet up with her brother, Peter Stephen Hansen IV – Pete.

The previous evening, while going through a sorority initiation -- a ‘test’, she found herself lying on her back with her brother between her legs with his cock up inside her tummy. He had just given her the most satisfying foreplay she had ever experienced. He had also given her oral sex for the first time, which resulted in multiple, intense orgasms.

The room the so called test occurred in had been blacked out, and she was supposedly making love to an unknown stranger. The only way to tell what he looked like was with her tactile senses. Only, after the lights had been turned on, the stranger turned out to be her twin brother, Peter. The shock of finding out the marvelous lover was her sibling evolved into an erotic finish that was enhanced by the sheer taboo nature of the act.

Peter and Hillary parted ways professing their love for each other, but given nearly 24 hours, old doubts began to resurface. Peter had been aloof during high school, barely recognizing that Hillary existed. This had cause Hillary to have some pretty intense resentment of her brother. Could one night of blissful sex erase all those negative feelings?

In their younger years, Hillary and her brother had always been close; it was a closeness that could only come from being twins growing up under difficult parentage. Granted, they weren’t identical, it was impossible for male and female twins to be anything but fraternal. Still, the same twin bonding took place between them. To have her brother turn away and shun her through the high school years hurt her deeply. Peter had some explaining to do.

As far as the rest of Hillary’s family went, her mother was domineering, and her father was remote. Her mother made Hillary’s life difficult to say the least, and her father was always working, earning that high six figure income that was entirely unnecessary to keep the family living in luxury. This was because her mother came from ‘old money’, Hillary’s father’s income really wasn’t necessary at all. Hillary would have settled for considerably less material wealth in exchange for a set of parents that actually cared.

Even with her resentments, Hillary would have told you that she was a bit of an elitist. She had no idea what it was like to be of lesser means; she didn’t have the context that would allow her any kind of empathy for the struggling classes. So she came off sounding cruel and cynical at times even though that wasn’t her true nature. She also put on a rough veneer to hide the wound that Pete’s rejection had caused.

As Hillary approached the library, she did so with a degree of trepidation. What if the lover Peter had evaporated; what if he had turned back into the nebulous standoffish boy he had been over the last four years. If that happened, it would tear her apart. She missed her childhood Peter and wanted him back in the worst way. He had been her port in the storm that protected her from the gales of her parent’s making.

She rode the elevator to the second floor and walked to the back of the library; finding the place where she was to meet Peter. Hillary felt herself start to panic when she arrived at their designated meeting spot and Peter wasn’t there. Feelings of abandonment were starting to sweep her away like a tsunami. If he stood her up, it was going to break her emotionally.

Just as she was about to retreat back into ‘the bitch’ façade, she heard, “Hi sis!” behind her. It was Peter. He added with a gleeful tone, “I’m sure glad to see you. I was wondering if you were even going to show, after last night that is.”

Hillary wheeled around so fast it nearly made her dizzy. There was Peter, standing in a row of dusty old tomes. Her brother came for her! Finally, she was going to find out why he abandoned her throughout high school.

She couldn’t help herself, even though she was going to make him give her an accounting -- a day of reckoning. She was extremely happy to see her brother. She responded, “What about last night?” Then she added, “I enjoyed every second of it, even after I found out my mystery man was you.” Seeing how that could be taken wrong she amended, “Um, I meant discovering my wonderful lover was my own dear brother.” She was hoping the endearment wasn’t wasted. Over the last few years, she had learned to be hard. Right then she felt so vulnerable.

Peter smiled as he walked towards his sister; he pulled her into an embrace and held her tightly against his body. “Gawd, I’ve missed you Hillary. It’s nice to have you back.”

Hillary angrily pushed him away so she could look him in the face, “You missed me! I’m not the one who has been missing in action. Why Peter? Tell me why did you push me away! Why did you exclude me from your life?”

Peter had an injured look on his face, “I’m so sorry Hills. I was thinking of you in entirely inappropriate ways. I was seeing you develop into such an attractive, beautiful girl right in front of my eyes, I didn’t want to turn my perverted thoughts into perverted actions.”

Hillary was dumbfounded, “Perverted thoughts?”

Peter said, “Yes, ever since you came out of puberty, I couldn’t help thinking about you in a less than brotherly way. Hillary, as awful as it sounds, I wanted you sexually. I wanted us to do things that brothers and sisters just don’t do.”

“Oh, you mean like the things we did last night?” retorted Hillary. She was trying to digest the things he was saying, “So, you had the hots for me and that caused you to run away – emotionally. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

Peter blushed, “Yes, exactly. If I didn’t hang around with you, I couldn’t act like the pervert that I was inside my head, the pervert I wanted to be. I wanted inside your panties.”

She asked plaintively, “Pete! Why didn’t you talk to me about it? Why didn’t you explain to me what you were feeling? Instead you surgically cut me out of your life; you took away my lifeline, setting me adrift in a rowboat during a hurricane. You know what mom is like!” She paused and admitted, “Pete you hurt me; you hurt me bad.”

Peter, with a look of contrition on his face, said, “I’m so sorry Hillary. I thought I was protecting you -- from me.”

Hillary said, “You were protecting me from what? Here we are and your worst fears came true last night, only I’m not rejecting you. What we did was beautiful. Society will look on us as pariahs, but I don’t care. A freak accident put us together in exactly the way you were trying to avoid. But, if it brings you back into my life, I don’t care. You caused us both years of pain by not talking to me.

“I probably would have rejected your advances back then, but I still would have loved you. Logically, I can see your motives; but emotionally --it was still a rejection. I felt abandoned and mother just amplified the situation.” Trying to think it through, she added, “Your intentions may have been noble, but the consequences were agonizing.”

Hillary couldn’t help herself; she started to cry, “Pete, growing up with a mother who would only criticize, and with a father who doesn’t seem to love you was hard enough. You were my only place of safety. Can you see how your detachment could cut like a razor?”

Pete pulled her back into his arms and held her tight, gently rocking the two of them from side to side. “I’m so sorry Hillary; I didn’t realize what you were going through. But, you have me now. I’m all yours now and I’ll never abandon you again. I promise.” Peter just held her, letting Hillary cry out her grief, cry out her loneliness, and cry out her anger; he let her cry out years of bitterness.

Peter bent down and kissed the top of her head, continuing to gently rock her in his arms. He began to share a few tears of his own, only his were tears of joy, the joy of having his sister back again. He felt awful for abandoning her, especially to their parents, but in his heart he still knew he had been right in doing it. If what happened last night would have happened back when they were 14, it would have caused a host of damaging emotional scars and consequences. It was a time in her life when a teen needed to feel normal more than any other time in their lives.

After the night before though, Pandora’s Box had been opened, cupid’s arrow had struck the wrong hearts, Eve had bitten the apple all over again. Life had just dealt them the queen of hearts along with her sister the queen of spades. Why would fate deal them such a losing hand?

Pete would never be able to look at Hillary again and see just his sister. The young woman he was with last night, carnally, was so much more than a sister. She was the love of his life he had been seeking, she was his soul mate. Looking back, he had always known that. Romeo and Juliet had it easy! With that said, at least Hillary and he were both Capulets.

As Hillary‘s tears started to dry up, Pete whispered into her ear, “Hillary, I love you so much.”

Hillary responded through sniffs, “I love you too, Peter, with all my heart.” Then she asked, “How are we going to make this work?” She rested her cheek against Peter’s shoulder. “I couldn’t stand to lose you again.”

“I think we can be together, but we have to be discreet.” responded her brother, “We absolutely need keep our relationship to ourselves. The last I heard, incest is illegal – a felony in this state. Right now, our weak link is that friend of yours, Sherri what’s her name.”

“Sherlyn.” corrected Hillary, “I don’t know her all that well, yet. We’re just pledges together. She seems like a real airhead, but I think it’s due to naivety more than stupidity. I think I like her.”

Peter chuckled, “Well, don’t forget Terrance, the love of her life.”

Hillary grimaced, “With him, I think you’re right; he’s the real wildcard. I don’t know anything about him.” Then she returned to the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, Hillary asked, “So, do you want to continue with the physical relationship we established last night?”

Pete said resolutely, “Yes I do, provided you do too. Hillary, I mean it, I love you, and I don’t mean brotherly love.”

Hillary giggled, “Well, I have the same problem. I love you too, Peter --gawd, what an absolute mess!” Even if Hillary hadn’t been caught up in the incest herself, she would have acquiesced, to keep Peter in her life.

Pete asked, “Do you want to rent an apartment?”

Hillary said, “If I don’t join this stupid sorority, mother will probably make my life a living hell. I’m sure father is breathing down your neck to join your fraternity too. I think we better go through with earning membership; we need to be accepted as adherents before we start making other arrangements. In the meantime, we’ll just have to find ways to be together. I would like us to date too, Peter. I want us to do other things besides fucking.”

Pete questioned, “Well, what happened last night, it can’t be a one-time thing for me. Hillary, I need you physically. I want to be your lover.”

Hillary stared up into her brother’s eyes, “I need you that way too, lover boy. You were fantastic; I’ve never felt so loved – physically or emotionally. But, I want our relationship to be more than just sex. I want the sex, so don’t worry about that. But, I still would like us to date, to be a normal couple.”

Then Hillary got an idea, “What I need to do it switch roommates so I’m rooming with Sherlyn, at least until her and I need to move into the sorority house. That way I can keep an eye on her and Terrance, and we can get away with sneaking you in at night. I’m sure with Terrance in Sherlyn’s life; it will be a reciprocal agreement.”

Pete grinned, “Awesome idea! But, what do we do about this evening?”

Hillary stared up at Pete and giggled, “Are you horny already brother?”

“As a stag in rut!” replied her brother. Then he suggested, “Why don’t we use the credit card dad opened for me, and let’s rent a motel room for the weekend. What do you think?”

Hillary pulled Peter’s hand slipped it up underneath her skirt, letting it glide over her wet panties. “Does this answer your question?”


Peter loved being between Hillary’s legs, licking and sucking on her pussy lips. It was Sunday afternoon and Peter was going down on her for the fifth or sixth time since they checked into the Comfort Inn. Each time he was rewarded with Hillary having multiple rolling orgasms, filling his mouth with her girl cum repeatedly. She didn’t squirt, but she flowed copiously each time her orgasm reached a crescendo. Peter would gather several tablespoons of her love juices so he could swish it around in his mouth.

As a reward for his strict attention to her needs, Peter received several blowjobs with the one on Saturday afternoon being significant. Hillary, after her normal tricks, Peter loved it when she licked the tender spot under his scrotum, sucked him hard and actually let him cum inside her mouth for the first time. She told him that she was a little afraid to do it before; she heard horror stories on how bad a guy’s sperm tasted.

Hillary told him, “After personally experiencing having your semen in my mouth; I can state unequivocally that all the rumors were a bald face lies.” She explained to him, “If anything, it tasted bland. Unlike my cum, which I can taste on your lips and face after you eat my pussy, your cum doesn’t have the light tangy taste nor was it sweet. It just has a mild, bland, earthy taste.

“The biggest lie put to rest is that semen tastes salty. So many people who I’ve heard describe semen obviously have never tasted it. If anything,” she told Pete, “it is the texture that could turn people off. It comes out kind of lumpy, kind of sticky, and then it starts to liquefy almost immediately. At first it has the consistency of a ball of snot – a loogie. After it liquefies, it’s more like the slime from boiled okra, or getting a tasteless glob of KY lubricant inside your mouth.”

Peter appreciated Hillary’s description, but he wasn’t planning on wolfing down any sperm any time soon, other than what might be on Hillary’s pussy after they fucked. He actually enjoyed cleaning her up, even though he got some of his own cum in his mouth. Peter didn’t ever see himself sampling any semen direct from the tap.

The description of guy cum aside, Pete had totally enjoyed each and every time she went down on him. She was becoming really good at sucking his cock and she seemed to be able to take more and more of his seven inch cock into her mouth at a time.

On the other side of the coin, Pete loved the way Hillary would squirm all over the bed while he sucked, licked and kissed her pussy, letting her climaxes overwhelmed her; there was nothing more erotic to him than watching a woman cum. He especially loved it when that woman was his dear, delightful, beautiful, blond sister.

In between breaks for meals, walks in the park, a movie, and a drive in the country, the two of them had fucked doggie style, Pete on top, Hillary on top facing forwards, Hillary on top facing away, Peter spooning Hillary from behind, Hillary taken from the side, and Peter’s personal favorite, having Hillary impale herself on his hard shaft while sitting facing him in his lap. He loved the lap thing because of the close intimacy it afforded. It even trumped the missionary position.

The last time he had his cock up inside his twin was first thing that morning, during their shower. Peter took her standing up with her facing him. Hillary really loved that one. Not only could she feel Peter’s long cock slip up into her tummy, but she luxuriated in the feel of their warm wet skin gliding against each other. She could barely support herself after Peter’s cock, repeatedly sliding over her clit, gave her a fantastic orgasm.

After the shower, Pete was so spent that even if he could have gotten it up, he couldn’t have kept it that way. He was completely fucked out.

Of course that didn’t keep him from enjoying her with his mouth.

The two of them had acted like newlyweds all through the weekend. They got very little sleep with all their magnificent love making. But, they also got to spend a lot of quality non-sexual time together too. They were taking the time to get reacquainted with each other after the four year separation. They quickly learned they still reveled in each other’s company. Just like when they were kids.


By Sunday evening, their last night together before a busy week began; Hillary was lying naked in her brother’s arms. She announced, “This week is going to hectic. Tomorrow night they are going to announce the second test at the sorority house. They told us to make no plans for Wednesday night, so I’m sure whatever will happen, it will happen then.

“Knowing those heartless bitches, it’s going to be something sexual again. How can I become a sister to such a heartless, amoral bunch of women? It’s like they totally enjoy humiliating pledges; it’s like they live for it. Debasing other women seems to give them sadistic pleasure.”

Peter snuggled his face into her neck and pondered, “I wonder if it’s just a case of revenge paid forward. They can’t get back at the women who did it to them, so they take it out on the new women trying to join. It’s almost like child abuse; it’s an ugly living thing, spanning from generation to generation. A legacy of dysfunction passed down through the years.

Hillary asked, “Peter, what if they want me to perform more sex acts? I mean during the first test they had us having sex with complete strangers. What’s to keep them from coming up with something along the same lines, only worse? I can’t see the tests getting easier.”

Peter kissed her lips gently, “Hillary, do what you have to do. I won’t be the only boyfriend who gets cuckolded from the vicious whores. The key is to get mom off your ass, right?”

Hillary asked with more than a little concern, “Won’t it make you jealous?”

Peter smiled, “Of course it will, but it’s not like you’re cheating. I see it more like you’re getting raped. At the very least, it’s coercion. I will be pissed off at them, not you.”

Hillary groused, “Well, I hope you feel the same way after it happens. Peter, I don’t want to lose you again. I’ll do anything to keep you!”

Peter grinned, “You’re not going to lose me, it’s not going to happen.” With that, he pulled her hand down to feel his ridged penis.

Hillary giggled and said, “You’re insatiable! I’m not going to be able to walk to class tomorrow.” With that said, Hillary asked, “How do you want to do it this time, lover boy?”

Peter grinned and belted out, “Woof!”

Hillary giggled, “Why do you like to do it that way so much?”

Peter chuckled, “Easy. It’s because I can watch.”


Monday evening came entirely too soon for Hillary. At least she would finally know what was coming up on Wednesday evening. Not knowing was driving her insane with anxiety. She was sitting with Sherlyn, her soon to be new roommate, when Melinda, the sorority president, came into the room.

“Well ladies,” the sorority president started, “I have a special deal to offer you for your second test. This will be entirely voluntary on your part; you can always opt for our ordinary humiliating, debasing, and painful test. Or, you can volunteer to help out with our little fund raising project.

“In conjunction with our associate fraternity, Alpha Lambda Zeta -- you met their pledges last week --we came up with a fund raising idea to raise money for Shriners Hospitals. An elite group of the fraternity alumni will hold an auction, where they can bid on the favors of a young woman for the night. We have been holding these auctions now for the last 5 years, with exemplary results. This year, we’ve decided to let you pledges participate in the auction as your second test in hopes to raise more money.

“I want you to take note, before you make your decision, that several of our current sisters will be participating in the auction -- ten of us to be exact. We are talking second through fourth year sisters. Ten women will hardly be enough for the large group of gentlemen gathered for this exciting event. We are hoping that the eight pledges left in contention for a shot at sisterhood will agree to join in.

“To sweeten the pot, I will give the girl who garners the highest bid five honor points toward the first year position where you can become a full sister. Just think: sisterhood without all the first year hazing. The offer will not be tendered to those who pursue the traditional test.

“In the spirit of full disclosure, the winner of your bid will be able to use you anyway they want as long as it doesn’t leave marks or results in injury. For the majority of you, this won’t be a problem, since the average bid winner will just want to get into your panties, fuck you silly, until they exhaust themselves. From experience, there are a couple gentlemen that like things a little rougher. Those that have gotten too rough in the past, those who break the no marks rule, are never allowed to bid again. They are put on probation within the fraternal order.

“Are there any questions, and this time I mean you can actually ask a few.”

Sherlyn the inquisitive asked, “How will anybody know if a bid winner get out of line?”

Melinda smiled, Hillary thought she might have cracked her face doing it. Melinda said, “Nobody will know, not until the next morning. That’s a hazard you will have to risk. We’ve never had anyone get seriously hurt though, ever. You are more likely to get injured during the normal test. Again, most of the bidders are looking to get a little strange pussy before they return home to their loving wives.

“Some of the gentlemen are important men -- politicians, judges, law enforcement, doctors, lawyers, multi-millionaires, etc…

“Your job will be to make sure the bid winners have a good time. This is to keep them bidding high in subsequent years. If you happen to come out of it having been pleasured yourself, consider that to be a bonus. I can tell you that I’ve had a wonderful time each time I’ve been auctioned off.”

Tanya, one of Hillary’s fellow pledges, spoke up for the first time, “So basically, you want us to be prostitutes for the night.”

Melinda scowled, “That was a statement, not a question. Since nobody is paying you anything for sexual favors, it isn’t prostitution. All the money, all of it, will go to the Shriners. All we are doing is matching up fellows willing to donate a good deal of money to the charity, with a willing woman in which they can have a fun night with.”

Hanna, the red, as Hillary liked to think of her, she looked like a living version of Meredith from the animated movie ‘Brave’, asked, “When will the ordeal be over?”

Melinda shook her head, not believing the question, “If it’s going to be an ordeal for you, I suggest you take the more traditional test. I swear that it’s never been an ordeal for me. I look at it as a way for us women to have a nice one night stand without being labeled a slut, whore, or worse.

“The world has a huge double standard, a guy can screw around and be worshipped for his prowess; where a woman doing the same thing earns a Staples ‘easy’ button and is branded in all kinds of unflattering ways.”

“To answer the underlying question, you will stay with your gentleman until 8:00am, or until he releases you, whichever comes first. If you decided to spend more time than that with your temporary paramour, that’s up to you.”

Melinda asked the girls, “Okay, enough of the sales pitch. I want a show of hands, who’s in and who’s not?” Out of the eight pledges left after the first test, seven of them raised their hands. Little did the girl who opted out know, but she was to be shown the door right after the meeting. The field of contenders dropped to seven.

Hillary was one of the volunteers; even so, she was very reluctant. She still didn’t know how her having sex with another man would affect Peter and her budding new relationship. All this bizarre sorority shit was making her feel like Alice after she fell down the rabbit hole.

Tuesday, she met up with Peter at the east campus Starbucks. He was going to help her move all her things to Sherlyn’s room. The room swap had been approved.

Hillary filled Peter in on the second ‘test’; the whole time she was studying his eyes, his face, and his posture for signs of disapproval. All she needed was just one sign from him that he wouldn’t approve and she would bail out of the task in a heartbeat. What she saw was resigned acceptance.

Peter asked, “So, what you will be doing is putting yourself on the slave auction block. You must willingly submit to whatever the highest bidder wishes. That sounds pretty damn open ended if you ask me. I could think up a 101 perverse things that could end up being very unpleasant for you – no marks.” Peter had known of the auction, he didn’t know that it would involve the pledges.

“Gee thanks, Pete.” retorted Hillary sarcastically, “Thank you for the reassurance.”

Peter smiled and stated, “De nada, anything for the love of my life, mi amor acariciada.”

“Seriously Peter,” Hillary asked, “Did I make the right decision?”

Peter, giving Hillary a serious look replied, “I think so, almost anything has to be better than the gauntlet. I’ve heard that they’ve sent women to the hospital from the paddling. Then there is the booze thing. I guess the alcohol abuse is not so bad for you women, but it gets seriously out of control for us guys. My opinion is that if you can get out of the traditional hazing, do it.”

Hillary asked, “Okay, so like where are you going to be when our little auction takes place?”

Peter grinned, “In the crowd of bidders, that’s where. We don’t get our next task until Saturday.”

Hillary was surprised. With a spark of hope, she asked, “Are you going to be able to bid?”

“Yes. But, I was keeping that as a surprise.” answered Pete. Then he amended, “Don’t get your hopes up of me winning though, Hills. From what I understand, there will be some heavy hitters that will have their wallets open.” Then he decided to let Hillary in on one additional fact, “Hillary, not to scare you, but this auction is going to be in conjunction with the fraternity’s nationwide annual alumni convention. You are potentially going to be herded out in front of over a thousand of men.”

Hillary exclaimed, “Oh fuck! Really? You have to be kidding me!”

Pete grimaced and said, “No, I’m afraid not. I’m just trying to set expectations; the chance of me winning the bid for you is pretty remote. Often, the winning bids go into the thousands of dollars from what I’ve been told.”

Hillary shook her head sadly, then she bent over and kissed Peter tenderly, “Well, it sounded good while it lasted.”


Wednesday evening came way too soon for Hillary. The fraternity had rented a smaller exhibition hall that was part of a larger hotel complex for their get-together. The girls were just a side show for the larger 3 day party that was billed as a convention. Hillary was pretty sure that it was an excuse for a bunch of men to get out of the house, and into an environment where they could misbehave with relative impunity.

The sorority sisters and her fellow pledges all dressed provocatively. Most were in some sort of sexual costuming. School girl uniforms, stripper outfits, teddies, nighties, leathers, you name it and they dressed in it. Hillary decided that she was going to give Peter a chance to win, so she dressed perfectly normal.

Well, maybe a bit more dressed up a bit nicer than normal, but in ordinary clothing. Hillary had on an expensive dark gray, worsted wool skirt that came down a couple of inches above her knees. She had a lovely white rayon blouse that had a wide ruffled button strip that ran down the front; she had it buttoned conservatively above her cleavage. Over that, she had on a macramé maroon wool vest. As an accent, she had a colorful silk scarf around her neck. On her legs, she wore a pair of those new tatted black calf high stockings and a really nice pair of pumps. She was dressed just one step below business formal.

Hillary presumed that would turn off many of the bidders who would be competing against Peter.

Hillary watched girl after girl go on auction. They had a real auctioneer spouting out his rapid fire bid producing cadence. As each girl went on stage, a bright spotlight beamed down spotlighting their bodies as they posed provocatively. Many of the girls were fetching bids in the thousands of dollars.

Sherlyn, who was in line just in front of Hillary, asked in a whisper, “Do you think my costume is okay? It’s not too risqué is it?” Sherlyn had dressed in a really short full skirted dress that gathered just below her breasts and flared out from there. It barely came down to cover her bum. She was holding a very large lollypop as a prop. Her long brown hair was done in two puppy dog tails and had long twisting curls that hung down the side of her head. Under the skirt, Sherlyn had on a pair of little girl style panties, the kind with ruffles all over. Sherlyn looked like a 5’-8” tall little girl, with nice boobs. Hillary was sure to the right bidder, that Sherlyn looked adorable.

Hillary gave the Sherlyn the requested comment, “You look really cute, Sherlyn. I think you’ll do really well.”

All too soon, Sherlyn was on the stage. She stood there looking shy, not a hard act for Sherlyn who was naturally reserved. She had the tip of her index finger in her mouth, her toes pointed in, and her knees knocked. Hillary thought her friend’s pose was perfect.

So did the bidders. After a bidding war that lasted nearly five minutes, Hillary was amazed that Sherlyn had a high bid of $24,500, which was almost an all-time record. Hillary had to admit that Sherlyn had a really nice figure and a cute face. The girl was a hard act to follow. In other words, for Hillary purposes, it was perfect! She was next.

When it was Hillary’s turn, she was directed to walk out onto the stage. The spotlight all but blinded her. So she couldn’t see any of the bidding crowd. She was happy for it; if she could have seen all the lusting, leering men, she would have been a complete basket case. The idea of crawling between the sheets with another strange man made her skin crawl. This time there would be no inky darkness of a blacked out room to hide her lover in anonymity.

Hillary was shock as the first bid called out was $5000.00. The average starting bid was usually a hundred or two, not in the thousands. Several of the women’s winning bids were below Hillary’s opening. The bid was quickly followed up with another bid of $7500.00, quickly followed by $10,000. Hillary knew that Pete was already hopelessly outbid.

The bidding continued. Hillary heard another man call out $12,000 followed by yet another voice with $15,000. At $18,000 it narrowed down to three or four bidders. The bid zipped by $20,000 like it was pocket change. At $25,000 Hillary started to hyperventilate. What the hell was happening?

Down to two bidders, they went up $2500.00 at a time as the two of them passed through $30,000, not even showing signs of slowing. Hillary wondered if it had been Sherlyn that stirred them up. Hillary was dressed as a business woman, not a sex object. What the hell was going on?

One of the two bidders decided to end the auction on the spot. He yelled out $50,000. After a second or two, the auctioneer convinced the second bidder to up the ante to $55,000. Frustrated that he hadn’t won the bid yet, the jump bidder called out, “Let’s end this! I bid $100,000! Top that!” Hillary asked herself, ‘Who would be so insane as to bid that much money on her?’

The auctioneer tried to tease out yet another bid from the opposing bidder, but it was just a bit rich for his blood. Nobody had ever paid $50,000 before; $100,000 was setting an entirely new and lofty bench mark for future auctions. Due to the light in her face, Hillary hadn’t been able to see any of the men whom bid on her. She wondered who won the bid. Even if she could have seen the bidder, it wouldn’t have done her any good. The man who placed the winning bid for her was just a surrogate for the man who would actually be paying the substantial amount of money so he could help himself to Hillary’s body.

A blond girl named Stephanie followed Hillary. She was won for a respectable $6000.00. Following her was a girl named Elaine, who had long black hair and a light complexion. She was purchased for $4500.00. The final bid was on one of the sorority sisters, who gave the audience quite a show performing a little bump and grind, her body was secured for $5000.00. All in all, it had been a really good night for the Shriners.

After the auction was concluded, the girls were to report to the Sorority’s table in the back corner of the hall. As a man won a bid, he made arrangements for payment and then was allowed to drop off a room key, to be used by the girl he bought and paid for. She was to make her way to his room to await her evening assignment.

When Hillary reported to the table, instead of a room key, she was instructed to go to the front of the Hotel where she would be met. She was more than a little uneasy with -- frightened by -- the arrangement. She was leaving the safety of the Hotel, where all her ‘sisters’ would be putting out throughout the night.

She stood out on the sidewalk, wondering what to do next, when a limo pulled up. Not one of the gaudy things people rented for special occasions like proms or anniversaries, but a real limousine that looked like it belonged to a very wealthy person. The driver rolled down the passenger window and said, “Hello, you are Miss Hansen, correct?”

Hillary nodded her head, “Yes, that’s me.”

The driver smiled, placed the vehicle in park, and then got out of the limo and came around and opened the door for Hillary. “Please, climb in Miss Hansen. I’m afraid this is going to be a fairly long ride. We will be going out onto the cape where you will be met by your, um, client.”

“Client!” exclaimed Hillary. She snapped, “I’m not a call girl, sir! I’m only doing this for the charity. So get all that client bull shit out of your head right now!”

The driver looking contrite replied, “I’m so sorry Miss Hansen, calling you a hooker wasn’t my intent. I realized you are actually a lady of means, your mother and all.”

Hillary was shocked, “What do you know about my mother?!”

The driver blushed, “Just what my employer told me. It seems that he knows your mother.”

Hillary climbed into the limousine, as the driver closed the door behind her, she was miffed. She thought, ‘Oh this is just fucking great, I was won by one of my mother’s cronies. It’s just like the bitch to arrange for me to get a $100,000 bid.’

Too bad Hillary couldn’t arrange to have it be the headline of tomorrow morning’s newspaper; mother would love that kind of publicity – NOT! She could just see the headline, ‘Local Heiress Commands Highest Bid Ever.’ That followed by an article spelling out how Hillary, an heiress to the Randall fortune, auctioned herself off for sexual favors.’ Of course the Randall fortune had already been divided up three different ways, approximately $500 million each, between her mother and two uncles that Hillary didn’t know, or care to know. She didn’t even know her uncles names.

Hillary settled back into the comfortable limo seat. Her parents drove ordinary cars and didn’t see the need to waste precious funds on things like limos or drivers. Her father drove a Jaguar XJR LWB, starting price of $119,000. He loved the 550 horsepower engine in the luxury car. Her mother preferred German and drove a more subdued Mercedes S550 sedan. As it sat on the showroom floor, her mom had paid over $120,000 for the thing.

The driver rolled down the partition window and told Hillary, “The cabinet in front of you is a small mini-bar. Feel free to help yourself. It’s refrigerated, so the wine and champagne are cold. You don’t look like a beer drinker.”

Thanking the driver, Hillary opened the cabinet to see that it was well stocked with a variety of mini bottles. On the refrigerated side, she found what interested her was a bottle of 2004 Pierre Trimbach Riesling wine. She knew the wine to be from the Alsace region of France and that it had superb flavor. She needed a glass, maybe two, to calm her nerves.

As promised the ride took nearly 2 hours. Hillary knew from experience that she was well out on the cape and wasn’t too far from her family’s summer home. The limousine pulled up to a large gate baring entrance to an estate. After punching in a key code, the gates swung open to admit the vehicle. Hillary was amazed that it took another 3 minutes to get to a magnificent mansion after going through the security fence.

Once the limo pulled up in front of the house, the driver got out and opened the car door for the 18 year old girl. He instructed her to report to the main entrance and for her to ring the doorbell. Someone would be waiting for her. The limo pulled away as she walked towards the door.

Hillary was suitably impressed with the old mansion. They just didn’t build the huge ornate Victorians like it anymore. She suspected the large home was built in the mid-1850s. Hillary knew a bit about architecture in the area, and this home was one of the more opulent examples of the early Victorian era.

As Hillary arrived at the door, just as she was reaching for the doorbell, the door swung open revealing an aged man in servant attire. He smiled and said, “Miss Hansen, I am so pleased to meet you. If you would, please come this way.” The man led her up a wide staircase leading up from the main foyer.

As Hillary made her way to whatever destination the servant was leading her to, she marveled in the beautiful rich woodwork. The old home had been maintained meticulously; it was obvious that the owner of the home really cared for the place.

Once upstairs, the servant led her down the hall to a nicely decorated sitting room. Hillary felt like she had stepped back in time 150 years. The room was decorated in an elegant cherry wood paneling and period wallpaper. The inside wall had floor to ceiling hardwood bookshelves.

The room was toasty warm; it had a small fire laid in the fireplace. It was a sharp contrast to the cool evening temperatures outside. Everything about the room was welcoming.

The butler, or whatever he was, told her that a man named Nathaniel would be with her momentarily. No last name of the gentleman was offered. This caused Hillary’s curiosity to be piqued; she wondered why the identity of her host was being protected. Hillary took a seat in a high back chair to wait for her host.

All of a sudden, a man with a considerable presents blew in through the door like a storm squall. He smiled, “Ah, Hillary, I’m so happy to get to finally meet you. You are such an incredibly beautiful young lady. I can see so much of your mother in you.” He took her hand and bent over it and planted a kiss on its back. “That said, I do hope that you aren’t anywhere as bitchy as the shrew you call mother.”

Hillary was beginning to like this man, whoever he was. Hillary stammered, “Um, I’m glad to make your acquaintance…” She left it hanging to elicit the man’s name.

The late 30s man smiled and said, “Please, call me Nate.”

“Just Nate?” asked Hillary. She wanted to know the man’s full name in the worst way.

The man smiled, “Yes, just Nate for now. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

Hillary studied the impeccably dressed and well groomed man who looked familiar. More than curious, she asked, “What surprise is that?”

The man grinned, “Well, let’s enjoy each other’s company this evening – tonight. Then we’ll make more formal introductions. In the morning, I’ll let you in on some important information.” Then he asked, “Can I get you anything to drink?”

Hillary, staying with her beverage of choice for the evening asked, “Do you have any Riesling?”

Nate smiled, “Ah, a girl after my own heart.” He asked, “Will a 2009 Keller G-Max be suitable?”

Hillary gasped in surprise. Bottles of the 2009 vintage G-Max were selling in the neighborhood of $3000 to $3500. It was a collector’s vintage. She asked Nate, “Why on earth would you open a bottle of ’09 Keller’?”

Nate grinned, “Ah, you know your wine, young lady! I would open it to celebrate making your acquaintance, that’s why.” Then he said in a dismissing tone, “It’s not a big deal. I have three more bottles. I can spare the one.”

Hillary smiled demurely, “Well, if you’re willing to open it, I’m certainly willing to have a glass.”

Nate shook his head, “Glass? If I open the bottle, we will enjoy it to the last drop.” Then he smiled, “I can’t think of more pleasant company to share a nice bottle of Keller with.” The man called out, “George! The 2009 Keller, please!”

The butler stepped into the room, “Are you sure sir? That’s an exceptional vintage.”

Nate smiled at the venerable geriatric servant and said, “Yes George, I have a special guest tonight. One who cost me a 100 grand, just so I could get her to come pay me a visit.” Turning back to Hillary, “You see Hillary; I don’t get out much lately. The internet allows me to tend to business right here from the house.”

Hillary asked a bit flippantly, “Okay Nate, how do you know my mother and me? Are you some kind of stalker?”

“Stalker? Heaven’s no!” exclaimed the eccentric man. “Let’s just say I have a vested interest for now. I’ll make it plain for you before you head home.” They both looked up as George returned with chilled glasses of a pale yellow wine. As he served his employer and his guest, Nate continued, “Let me say, I have a reason for having you here tonight, other than for the obvious purpose.

“I know I won the bid, but I will allow you to bow out of your obligation if you so wish. But, if you are willing, I would really like to see where the evening leads. After all, 100 grand is a lot of money, I’m sure the Shriners will be pleased with it.”

Hillary sipped her wine and commented, “This has a wonderful taste and bouquet!” The wine had the most interesting taste of any dry Riesling she had ever savored. Then continuing to evaluate her situation, she said, “Well, as they say, it’s your dime. I honor my contracts, Mr…” She didn’t feel anywhere as cavalier as she sounded. Inside, she was a bundle of nerves; anxiety threatened to overwhelm her.

Nate didn’t bite. He ignored her obvious request for his last name. He grinned, “Wonderful! I’m looking forward to our evening, more than you would possibly know.” Standing and grabbing his glass, Nate asked, “Would you mind terribly accompanying me to my bed suite?” He offered Hillary his arm.

During their conversation Hillary had been evaluating her evening’s companion. He seemed to be very charming as well as pleasing to the eye. He was nicely built, much like Peter. Obviously, the man did something to keep in shape. She was beginning to relax somewhat, but she still harbored a lingering inner dread. Nate didn’t seem the type to be into BDSM or some other weird fetish, at least as far as she could tell.

Hillary tried one more time to pry some information out of him as she put her arm though his. As he led her towards the door, she asked, “So, how do you know my mother?”

Nate gave her a beaming smile and said, “Let’s just say for now that she and I were lovers many years ago. Back before she let all the wealth go to her head. What dear old Julia doesn’t realize, is she can’t take it with her when her number’s up. She’ll get the same small piece of real-estate in the end that everyone else gets. Maybe she’ll sleep under a larger sculptured rock, but dead is dead all the same.”

As Nate led her down the hall, Hillary wondered why the man became so morbid all of a sudden. Changing the subject, she asked, “So, you belong to Alpha Lambda Zeta?”

Nate grimaced, the first break in his charming façade. He stated, “Yes, I plead guilty to belonging to that dreadful organization. I’ve never met a match for the appalling bunch of reprobates and degenerates that belong to the so called fraternal order. Of course, here I am, leading a barely legal, beautiful, very blond, young woman down the hall to my lair. Maybe I belong with that crowd more than I admit.” With those words, the pair stepped into a very large, lavishly decorated bedroom.

Nate invited Hillary to have a seat on the settee. After she was comfortably settled, the man sat down next to her. He took her hand looked into her eyes. Hillary noted that the man’s eyes sparkled with both mischief and something more. Was it admiration? There was definitely lust there. She was happy to see a look of approval. Was the longing she saw for her body, or was it something more? She had so many questions she wished to ask to appease her curiosity, but they really didn’t need to be asked under the circumstances.

The man had bought the rights to her body for the night, and she would honor the arrangement. Honoring contracts was something her father had drilled into both Peter’s and her head over and over again. Instead of love, Hillary got contract law from her father. She considered it a bad deal.

Nate and she exchanged trivial bits of information about themselves as they finished their wine. As their glasses emptied, Nate called for George to refill their glasses. After pouring the glasses full, Nate dismissed the older man. “George, I don’t think I’ll need you again this evening. Feel free to take off.”

George smiled and said, “Yes sir. If you do find yourself in need of anything, anything at all, I’ll be in my room.”

Nate smiled fondly as his eyes followed the old man as he wandered out the door of the bedroom. Nate sighed, “I don’t know what I did to deserve such a loyal and faithful companion. George is a wonderful person, Hillary.”

Hillary found it odd for Nate to have such a fondness for hired help. She thought, ‘Well, to each their own.’

As the couple talked, Nate drank from his left hand. Hillary noted that his right was conspicuously on her leg, just above her knee. He would tap her knee to emphasize points in their conversation.

He told her how the old mansion had been in the family for well over a century, how it had been built by an early ancestor, going into its construction. He told her that the back of the house had a wonderful view out between the islands and out onto the ocean. On a good day, he said you could see ships passing out on the horizon. He added, “Remind me to take you out back in the morning and show you the view. It’s fantastic.”

Hillary announced, “I need to get back early in the morning. I have classes.”

Nate frowned and suggested, “Why don’t you plan of skipping classes, at least your early ones. You will probably want to sleep in in the morning. Plus, it will give us a chance to discuss the real reason I have you out here.”

Hillary hated the no knowing what this man was withholding from her. He kept teasing her with the true reason she was there, obviously it wasn’t just for the sex. The looks that Nate was giving her, told her the sex was important to the man; she could tell he wanted her. What tugged at her mind was what was so important that it made having her in his bed for the night just a side show?

The conversation stopped, the glasses were empty, Hillary had a nice buzz going from the expensive wine, and Nate was just sitting, studying her face. She was sure the man was ready to start the show. A minute later, her observation proved true when Nate slowly moved his lips towards hers.

At first, the man just grazed her lips. Then after a pause, he came back for seconds. Finding no resistance, he returned for the full feast. After several minutes, as Hillary got used to kissing the stranger, she found herself enjoying kissing Nate. After several more minutes, she found herself wrapped arm in arm with the man, kissing him fervently. Hillary thought to herself, ‘Wow, I’m such a slut. I’m getting all worked up in a stranger’s arms. Oh well, go with it girl.’ She was enjoying the hell out of snogging with the older man.

Hillary began to tremble as Nate slipped his tongue in between her lips. Peter was the first boy she ever French kissed with. With him, she discovered she completely enjoyed it with the right partner. Nate was more than satisfactory to enjoy the dance of tongues with.

Nate reached to Hillary’s front and pulled her vest away from her chest and off her shoulders. Since the room was warm, and being inside Nate’s arms was even warmer, she wasn’t going to miss the heavy wool garment. She was sure it wasn’t the only piece of clothing she was about to lose.

Nate took the time to pull off his evening jacket after divesting Hillary of her vest. He wanted Hillary naked and into his bed in the worst way. Julia, Hillary’s mother, had been a beautiful woman, but she paled in comparison to the girl. He had the mother in his youth, and now he would have her daughter in his middling years. He was so glad he had the time and the health to enjoy such an angel.

Nate broke the kiss and whispered, “I loved the way you dressed tonight. I’m so glad you didn’t go for one of those bawdy costumes like so many of the girls like to wear.”

Hillary couldn’t help herself thinking of the little Miss Bo Peep like costume her friend and roommate, Sherlyn, wore for the evening. Hillary had swapped rooms the night before with Peter’s help. Hillary loathed the idea of dressing as provocatively as some of the women had done, not in front of several hundred men at least.

Hillary learned a lesson from the auction, it wasn’t the bows and ribbons that excited the boys, it was unwrapping the present. Her dress accentuated what she had underneath, without showing her like so much meat. She had been dressed like so many of the men’s office assistants, they figured that Hillary offered the tryst with a girl like the one that worked for them.

Nate started to nuzzle Hillary’s neck. The girl felt herself tremble as Nate found her right ear with his mouth. He sucked on her ear lobe and kissed behind her ear. All of it was causing her ardor to grow. Then he ran the tip of his tongue lightly along the inside curves of her ear. Instead of being grossed out like with a ‘wet willy’ she relished the sensation. Her pussy started to moisten up from the eroticism of the moment.

As Nate continued to plant wet kisses on her neck and under her chin, his fingers were busy unbuttoning Hillary’s silky feeling blouse. She loved rayon, it was so soft, yet such a sturdy cloth. One button at a time, Nate had her entire front open, which was just fine with Hillary. She wanted to feel everything as the man moved down from her neck to make love to her breasts.

The man kissed down her neck and onto her shoulders ever so slowly. As he liberally planted kisses on Hillary’s bare skin, he undid his own shirt. Once unbuttoned, he first removed his own shirt, and then he pulled Hillary’s out from the waist band of her skirt, so he could slip the garment off her arms. This left Hillary naked from the waist up.
When Hillary dressed for the evening, she saw no need for a bra, knowing she would just have to take it off. She wore the vest to prevent giving men a peep show through the translucent white cloth of her blouse.

Nate took several seconds to pull his sleeveless undershirt over his head. He pulled Hillary back against him as his mouth found hers again. Her neck and shoulders temporarily abandoned. He loved the way the young woman kissed; she gave herself over to it, letting it consume her consciousness. This was heady stuff for the 36 year old widower. What he especially liked was the feel of the girl’s naked, hard nipples and warm breasts pressed up against his bare chest.

As they resumed kissing, Nate pulled the girl to her feet. They stood in each other’s arms, hands finding each other’s bodies. Nate pulled the clasp open to Hillary’s skirt allowing the garment to sit loosely on the shapely curves of her hips. With the waistband of her outer garment loosed, Nate reached inside the back of her skirt, his fingers darting under the waistband of her panties as he found hands full of naked butt cheeks.

Hillary moaned into the man’s mouth as she felt his hands slide inside her panties to massage her cheeks. She absolutely loved having her butt kneaded like bread dough. Hillary could feel herself start to drip as her passion grew. She knew the panel to her panties had to be soaked from her prodigious flow of juices.

Nate broke the kiss for the second time and returned to do another cursory job on her neck, only this time his destination was her chest. He had to have one of those luscious hard pink nipples in his mouth. It was like he had stepped into a time machine and was back with the girl’s mother, whom as a girl had the same light pink nipples at the time.

Taking his time, to make sure Hillary was getting the ultimate enjoyment from his kisses, Nate finally was rewarded with beautiful goose bumped skin, and he delighted with a hard pink nipple between his lips.

With the attention Nate was giving her titties, Hillary would have sworn that she was frothing between her legs like a rabid wolf. She knew that her secretions didn’t amount to that much, but in her passion, it was enough to keep her panties wet, giving her that cool sensation between her legs as the air circulated up underneath her skirt. To intensify the feeling, she reached down and unzipped it and let it drop down over her hips. Now more air could circulate between her legs cooling the wet panel of her panties.

She was standing nearly naked in front of the stranger, and she didn’t care a whit. The man was an amazing lover; he rivaled Peter. Nate was sucking on one nipple and then the other; he used a free hand to massage the other breast while he suckled. Hillary stood in front of the man, holding his head; she had hands full of hair in her fingers. She knew she should be using them to explore the man’s tight body, but she was enjoying his love making of her breast too much to peel her attention away.

After several long minutes of loving her boobs, Hillary felt Nate move down. She felt him plant warm, wet kisses on the bottoms of her small globes, and then he kissed down onto her ribs. He slowly lowered himself down to his knees as he kissed her around her diaphragm, all along the edge of her ribcage. Since Peter had done this to her several times now, Hillary moaned and trembled, knowing what was in store for her.

Nate dropped to his knees as he kissed her smooth hard abdomen. He enjoyed the warmth of her naked skin. Her belly was as soft as could be over her taught muscles. At this point, he could smell Hillary’s wonderful musky smell wafting up from her panties. He had one hand up inside the band of her panties back onto her firm cheeks. The other had drifted down between her legs, and was enjoying the feel of the silky insides of her thighs.

Nate compared the figure of this angel of delight to the earlier version of the British super model, Kate Moss. Only Nate thought Hillary’s face was more desirable. Although he loved Kate’s body, her face just wasn’t to his liking. Hillary, on the other hand, was spot on the money.

Hillary enjoyed the sensations of Nate’s kisses on her tummy. She was feeling more than a little aroused; she could feel the pressure, the butterflies, and the growing need up inside her vagina. She was amazed that yet another stranger could cause her to be so titillated. Of course, Peter wasn’t a stranger; she just thought he was at the time.

Hillary looked down her body, beyond her naked breasts, to watch Nate slip fingers inside the waist band of her panties. She watched as he slowly started tugging them down over her hips, his mouth following them down. He kissed the lower reaches of her tummy, and then he kissed into her blond thatch of pubic hair. She watched him disappear over the crest her mons and down between her legs as her panties were pulled down her legs. She was amazed with the view of Nate’s face between her legs, how his nosed was snug inside a blanket of her blond pubic hair. She gasped and moaned as his mouth moved over the top of her cleft. He began his feast by kissing her pussy lips, or as much of them as he could with the difficult angle.

Nate’s mouth was making it hard for Hillary’s legs to keep her erect. Her legs were trembling so much.

Nate, noticing Hillary was becoming unstable, kept his mouth cupped over her marvelous pinkness as he wrapped his arms around her, under her butt cheeks. He lifted the girl’s 110 pound frame up as he stood, lifting her far into the air. The tall 12 foot ceilings in the room prevented her from hitting her head. He carried her to his bed and gently deposited her on top of the bedspread. As soon as he had her on her back, he resumed exploring her lips, inside and out, flicking his tongue, sucking with his lips.

Hillary groaned, moaned, and sighed as Nate’s tongue filtered through her labia. She felt him pull them into his mouth as he sorted them out with his tongue. Her passion was on red alert; she was about as aroused as a girl could get without having an explosive orgasm.

She savored the feel of his tongue as he stuck it way up inside her honey hole. Her vagina ached to have it sink even deeper. What Nate’s tongue lacked in penetration, he made up for with kinetic energy. With his tongue up inside her vaginal canal as far as he could stick it, he began to wiggle it inside her. The man was rewarded as Hillary’s hips began to writhe as if she was being tickled. The tip of his nose was riding up inside her clitoral hood; her heady smell teased his nostrils. Eating this angel’s pussy was the most enjoyable thing that he had done in a long, long time. Probably since his wife, Angelique, died 10 years ago.

Hillary gasped out, “Oh fuck! That feels fantastic!” She felt Nate pull his tongue out of her hole, to be replaced by a couple of wetted fingers. He slid them up inside her tummy as he began to finger fuck her. Hillary moaned as she pulled her knees towards her chest, allowing this stranger deeper access to her vagina.

Nathan continued to finger her as his mouth moved up her lips. She felt him form a seal over her clitoral hood; his tongue began to break dance on her swollen bud. Nathan knew from experience with women, that Hillary was really close to cumming. So he turned his fingers up to massage her ‘G’ spot as he sucked and licked her swollen clitoris. He was a real junky when it came to girl cum; he wanted Hillary to cum and cum again so he could suck up her sweet pussy juice afterwards.

Hillary felt it coming. She could feel the pressure build inside her vagina, the tickle in her tummy; she could feel the tips of her nipples tingling. Then it happened. Her vagina clamped down on Nate’s fingers and then it began to spasmodically contract and release as wave after wave of pure delight shot up through her tummy, and out into the rest of her body. More waves of passion poured down through her thighs causing them to tremble and jerk. It was magnificent, just as strong as some of the orgasms Pete conjured up.

Hillary’s body, with a seemingly mind of its own, curled up on its own like she was doing crunches. Then she snapped back arching her back as she thrashed her head from side to side. She howled out, unable to contain her verbal response. She moaned, gasped, hummed, grunted and giggled as the sharp orgasmic pleasure tore through her essence. She was in pure ecstasy.

As Hillary wriggled and squirmed on the bed, Nate dropped down to her vaginal opening and started gathering up her nectar as it began to flow bountifully out of her. He took it into his mouth, running it around inside his cheeks, as though he was sampling a fine brandy. Hillary’s love juices were simply scrumptious. As soon as he gathered up her cum, he returned to her clitoris and ‘G’ spot he could create some more.

As soon as Hillary would start to recede from her high intensity orgasm, Nate would push her over the top again. Soon it seemed to the girl that life was nothing but one long climax. Nathaniel kept her cumming for at least two minutes, as he continued to savor the tanginess and sweet overtones of her flowing juices.

Hillary finally panted out, “No, um, no, no more! It’s too much! Gawd, ah, AH, AHHH!”

Nate managed to wiggle out of his expensive slacks while he also enjoyed Hillary’s glory hole. He was hard and he was ready, he slipped his boxer shorts down his legs. It was time to see what her wonderful pinkness felt like wrapped around his hard cock. Her puffy pink pussy lips protruded practically pleading to be penetrated.

As he crawled up between Hillary’s legs, Nathan could feel the warmth of her thighs against his hips, the smoothness of her creamy skin. Hillary was coming down off her last tongue induced orgasm. She panted, “Oh that’s it, fuck me, Nate. Fuck me good! I really need to feel you inside me.” Hillary was SO ready to feel his hardness up inside her tummy.

Nate took a few seconds to wet himself in the juices he hadn’t caught with his mouth. Hillary was still soaked from her cum and his saliva. Once wetted, he slipped the tip inside her sweet spot. Her labia parted and wrapped itself up around the head of his cock. He rocked his hips forward, causing his hard shaft to slide inside the beautiful girl.

Working his hips once, twice, three times. Nate felt his cock be completely swallowed by her vagina. She took his full eight inches like it was nothing, yet her vagina felt snug, wrapped around him tightly. With her engine tight, clean interior, low miles, good tires – it was time to take her for a ride.

Hillary felt Nate penetrate deep into her vagina, she relished the feel of his cock as it stretched her out, filling her emptiness, making her whole. She was always in awe of the feel of a nice sized penis inside her body, how it made her feel complete each time a man would sink himself up inside her tummy.

When Nate worked himself in and out of her pussy, she could feel her vagina expand and contract around where his penis was at that moment. She always thought the sensation of a soft shaft with its hard core, working its way against her vaginal walls, was a pleasure like nothing else. Nathan was no different than others other than he was a tad longer, and a touch bigger around.

Hillary wrapped her legs up around the 36 year old man’s hips, pulling him deep inside her with each of his inward strokes. She loved the feel of his naked butt against her feet as she wrapped them around his bottom.

Soon Hillary marked the cadence with an, “Unh, unh, unh…” sound each time their pubic bones came together. What was even more sensational, is that her clit seemed to be positioned between them where they were coming together, getting the squeeze every time they collided. After just a minute or so of Nate’s rhythmic fucking, Hillary found herself cumming yet again.

Nate felt the girl writhe underneath him; she started to cum from just their fucking. This, and the secret he was withholding from Hillary, drove him to his own sweet agony. He felt it start deep in his bottom. He felt it spread into his back and legs as his cock began to pulse. Nathaniel felt his own strong climax overtake him. It had been months since he had found relief last, having the gorgeous young woman beneath his hips made the end of his temporary celibacy even sweeter.

As Hillary’s body quaked and shook on its own, bathing her in sweet little shocks and tremors that radiated out from deep inside her pussy, she felt Nate begin to pulse against her walls. She loved feeling when Peter would cum inside her, and she equally liked it with Nathaniel too. She gasped out, “Fucking is fucking fantastic!” She didn’t care how it came out, how it sounded, it was completely true!

Hillary felt her body regain some control as Nate collapsed down onto her chest. She felt her hard nipples poking into his soft skin. She smelled the aroma of his man smell mixed with a very expensive cologne. She could also detect the smell of their sex as drifted up from between them. He may have been a complete stranger to her, but his love making had been top notch. She lay there with the pressure of his body pressing down on her enjoying the afterglow.

She marveled that she could get so into it while fucking with strangers. Something else she would have to explore as she worked to become a psychologist.

After a bit and with a degree of effort, Hillary rolled her body, depositing her lover off to her side. She softly whispered, “Roll onto you’re back.” Hillary was by no means finished for the night. She wanted Nate’s hardness back up inside her pussy. If she had to clean him up to get it, so be it.

Nate happily complied as the naked girl started to kiss his breasts. She stroked his man boobs as she took his nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on them like he had done to her. She had always been fascinated with men’s breasts. According to Peter, a man’s nipples could be nearly as sensitive as a girl’s, if the mood was right. Apparently the mood was stellar, Nate moaned as he lay with his eyes closed. His nipples formed hard little buds that she continued to tease with her tongue.

After satisfying herself on his breast, Hillary moved down kissing ribs, diaphragm, belly, and navel. She began to fondle him with her hand as she moved even lower. Finally, having teased him just enough, she pulled his flaccid, cum coated penis into her mouth. She took him inside her mouth clear down to the root, she began to clean him off with her tongue. She marveled once again at the taste of their comingled cum that coated him. After taking Pete to completion inside her mouth over the weekend, she knew the male taste. She also tasted the tangy, lightly sweetened taste of her own cum.

Nate was quick to recover as Hillary bobbed up and down his growing shaft. Most girls she knew thought an erect penis was ugly, but she loved the look of a hard cock. It radiated power, stamina, and strength. Male attributes she admired.

Hillary suckled Nate’s rod until she knew his passion was up. She was aroused from performing the act. Instead of letting him cum inside her mouth, she was going to be selfish and use him to stimulate her vagina again.

Sensing her direction, Nate sat up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. He smiled at Hillary and suggested, “Why don’t you come here and sit in my lap.”

Hillary grinned and said, “Okay, as long as I get your nice long cock back inside me, I don’t care how we do it.”

Hillary straddled his lap facing the man. She noted, to get in position, it required her to snug herself right up against his body. She felt his hot thick cock slide against the crack of her ass. Hillary rose up and gripped his cock, pulling it forward, moving it between her legs, letting it coming to rest with its tip poised in her vaginal opening. Feeling him glide into her sweet spot, she settled her body down on him, impaling herself on his hard shaft.

She just sat on him for a good while, enjoying his cock as it filled her. Hillary began to raise herself up and down on her knees, which were off to the sides of his narrow hips. She could feel his hard softness glide along the insides of her vaginal walls. His mushroom shaped flange teased her nerve endings, causing her to delight in sensations of her stimulated nerve endings.

Soon, she discovered she got more pleasure by grinding her hips forward and back, and side to side. This caused a kaleidoscope of sensations against the walls of her canal. By grinding instead of bobbing, she maintained that full, complete feeling, while still stimulating both of their genitalia.

She could feel her hard nipples scrape against the light coating of hair and warm skin of his chest. The hair brushing her nipples gave Hillary a whole new set of sensations to explore and enjoy. To date, she had only fucked boys with bald chests.

Feeling herself tightly up against Nate’s body was extremely intimate. At first she thought it was maybe a bit too intimate, being so entwined with a perfect stranger. For some reason, Nathaniel seemed to be so familiar to her. It was like she had amnesia. She knew the man meant something to her, but for the life of her, she didn’t know what. She had no idea why she should feel that way either. Soon she found herself with her arms wrapped tightly around his chest, her head on his shoulder as she ground her pussy on his cock, occasionally bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Hillary had another sweet little orgasm. It wasn’t one of the dynamic ones like she had earlier, but it still caused her body to tense up and her vagina to spasm repeatedly around Nate’s hard shaft. She felt the waves of delight pour through her legs and torso. It left her gasping for breath and caused her to come to a standstill until it was over. Then she resumed wriggling on his hard cock she had hidden up inside her tummy.

As she got back to work, Nate continued to enjoy Hillary riding his manhood. She enveloped him, wrapping him like a warm wet bun. She was delightfully tight, and the grinding she was doing was driving him up a tree. Fucking the beautiful blond was like a dream come true.

Hillary enjoyed the feel of his larger than normal cock stretching her, stuff her, filling her, as it completed her. After several minutes after her orgasm, she was captivated yet again as she felt his hard shaft begin to throb throughout her vagina. She felt his climax from top to bottom against her walls. She enjoyed the wonderful feeling of his hot semen as it bathed her cervix. All in all it had been another delightful love making session.

Feeling spent, Hillary pushed the man over onto his back as she laid on top his body. Nathaniel pulled her up against him and held the beautiful girl as they both enjoyed the afterglow from their love making. After a bit, Hillary climbed off the older man and snuggled up against his side as the pair drifted off to sleep.

Throughout the night, the couple would wake to perform different acts. Nate ate her pussy several more times and they fucked in a half dozen different positions. The one that Hillary liked the best is when he spooned her from behind, fucking her with a gentle rhythm sometime in the darkness of the early morning hours. Before dawn, Hillary went down again on the man’s cock again and this time she took him inside her mouth as he spurted from his climax; it was a reward for all the attention he gave her pussy throughout the night.

In the morning, Nate invited her to join him in his 5’ x 8’ luxury shower. Hillary was deluged from several directions from the various showerheads drenched her in soft warm water. The shower was obviously installed to accommodate two or more people.

While showering, Hillary allowed Nate to bend her over and take her from behind. It was their last act of sex after a long night of love making. Hillary could say without hesitation, that she was completely sated, as well as a bit bow legged. She totally enjoyed having a romp with the gregarious handsome man, and she caused a very large donation to be made to the Shriner Hospitals.

As they were dressing, Hillary asked, “Okay, now it’s time for you to answer some of my questions, okay?”

Nate gave her a hint of a smile, “Sure, what would you like to know?”

Hillary cocked her head to the right, appraising the man. As she was hooking up her bra, she asked, “How do you know my mother?”

Nate grinned, “I know her from childhood.”

Hillary said, “So like was she a next door neighbor or something?”

Nate shook his head no. He said, “Something, not my next door neighbor though.”

Hillary said, “Nate, don’t make me pull this out of you, please.” Then she asked, “So, was she a family friend, her family?”

Nate shook his head no again, “Maybe, you should start with asking me my last name is again.”

Hillary was really perplexed, why on earth would that matter, but the way he protected it last night, she knew it had to be the clue she needed, so she asked, “Okay, Nathaniel, what Is your last name?”

Nate gave her a radiant smile. He answered, “My name is Nathaniel Lawrence Randell.”

Hearing the last name, Hillary was broadsided with the significance. Hillary gasped “So you and my mother are related! What cousins?” Nate shook his head no. Hillary’s mouth hung open, she squeaked, “Oh my gawd! Tell me you’re not one of my mother’s brothers!”

Nate shook his head, “I’m your mother’s oldest younger brother, so I can’t grant your request.”

Hillary was totally astounded, she was baffled, “But, you said that you and my mother were lovers! How can that be?”

Nate looked at Hillary like she was a bit dense, “Your mother and I were lovers, the same way you and Peter are paramours. She took me to her bed when she was almost 16 and I was barely 14.”

Hillary felt the blood drained out of her face, she nearly fainted, she asked, “How did you…”

Nate finished for her, “Know about you and Peter? I have folks that keep an eye on you two. I was astonished that you and he would find each other appealing that way. You’re mother and I did, and I have to admit, I was quite pleased to find out that you and Peter have too.” Seeing the question on her face, he continued, “I had to keep an eye on you from afar. Your mother insisted that I have no contact with you and Peter. Until you both were 18, her word was law. She threatened a restraining order if I didn’t comply with her wishes.

“So, the only other recourse I had was to hire as string of private detectives to keep an eye on you for me. They reported back to me regularly, telling me about you’re lives.”

As Nate explained his relationship, the full impact of his disclosure came crashing down around the girl. She exclaimed, “But, this all mean that you’re my uncle!” She gasped, “You fucked me like I was just any girl! Why didn’t you tell me who you are?” She cried out, “Shit Nathan, what we did last night was incestuous!”

Nate grinned, “Yes it was, wasn’t it glorious?”

Hillary spouted out, “Are you totally fucking insane!”

Nate shook his head, not understanding her explosive reaction, “No, at lease I don’t think I am. I enjoyed my niece like I enjoyed her mother so many years ago. What’s wrong with that?”

Hillary shouted as she repeated, “Its incest, that’s what’s wrong!”

Nate looked at her curiously, “So what is it that you and Peter do? As long as we aren’t all trying to have babies, what’s it matter. You were one of the most fantastic partners I’ve ever had, Hillary.”

With Nate’s declaration, reality hit Hillary square in the face, “So our whole fucking family is screwed up in the head! My mother and you, Peter and me, are there any others?”

Nate smiled, “Well, yes, I had to share your mom with our little brother, Samuel. Sometimes, he and I would make love with your mom together. I always suspected our father got in on the act too at some point. You’re mother really loved to drop her panties. It didn’t seem to matter that we were family with her.”

Hillary was feeling guilty about her relationship with Peter, convicted by her own willing actions. She realized that for her to continue to accuse Nathaniel of incest was hypocritical, when she herself had been getting a steady diet of it for almost a week now. What she was mad at him for now was because he didn’t tell her before they fucked each other. She had to admit, her uncle was a fantastic lover.

Hillary said, “Well, I concede your points, I still think you should have given me the information BEFORE we began screwing, not after we’ve already fucked a half dozen times. I should have been given a choice to turn you down.”

Nate shook his head no, “No, you willingly put yourself up for auction. I won the auction and I was entitled to have my way with you. Remember, a contract is a contract.”

Hillary gasped out in frustration, “Uncle Nate, you are incorrigible!”

Nate grinned, “Guilty.”

Hillary took a deep breath and let it out. Given her relationship with Peter, she had to give in. She was still glad to know her uncle, to put a face to name she hadn’t had. She was still miffed that he tricked her, but he was handsome and he was fantastic in bed.

She asked, “Okay, you said you had other business with me last night. What on earth could be so important that it casts shadows over you and I having incestuous relations with each other?”

Nate’s smile disappeared from his face. He looked a Hillary with a measure of pain. “First, let me say that I wished I had been able to know you long before now. Your mother totally cut me off from her family. I know you’re shocked that I would have sexual relations with you, you being my niece and all. I’m sorry; maybe you’re right, I should have let you know up front. But, I had a wonderful time making love with you, and judging from your reaction, your amazing orgasms, you had to have enjoyed it too.” Hillary started to interject, but Nate held up his hand to forestall her.

He continued, “Hillary, I think you are a wonderful girl who’s had a bad time of it. It must have really sucked, having to live with my sister and her emotionally challenged husband. I told you last night, the money made her go bad; she had been wonderful as a girl. That said, she is a greedy, selfish bitch who lives for money and power. She won’t stop at anything to add to either. Being her child, you're just a tool to be used – Peter too. Even your father was just a stepping stone, a trophy husband, to be used on her quest for glory, power and riches.

There was a long silence, and then Nate confessed, “Hillary, I’m dying.” Seeing the look of shock on his nieces face, he continued, “I had a melanoma growing on my back. By the time I had it checked out, it had already metastasized. It has spread throughout my body and it’s just a matter of time before it turns me into a corpse.

“My dear, sweet, beautiful niece, I have no heir. My wife was barren, and I haven’t felt like taking another one after Angelique died. I don’t even have any bastards that I know of. The only consolation I have is if there is an afterlife, I’ll be joining my beloved Angie sooner than later.”

He paused for another minute, and then he continued, “Hillary, I plan on leaving almost everything I have to you and that may end up being a curse for you. By making you my heiress, it will piss your mother off to no end. She will figure by all rights, my fortune belongs to her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

“Hillary, this is going to be your ticket to once and for all to rid yourself of the evil shrew. You will inherit the family mansion, this house. You will inherit my cut of the Randall fortune, which is currently valued at around 732 million dollars. Right now I’m heavily invested in oil shale, but I plan on diversifying before I pass on. You will be my soul heir, so you can decide whether or not you want to share with Peter or not.

“As far as me fucking you, well just chock it up to the fact that I’m a selfish, self-centered, egotistical, perverted bastard who was cut from the same bolt of cloth as your mother. I wanted to enjoy myself with you; I didn’t want you to turn me away. So, I kept it secret until we were finished.”

Hillary, shoving the whole incest thing to the back of her mind, asked, “So, the cancer, does it hurt?”

Nate shrugged, “No, I’m not suffering or anything, yet. There are days where I feel pretty sick. It’s affected my digestive track more than anything. But it will be my heart and lungs that give out first. They assured me, that I will have complete pain management all the way through to the end. I’m afraid that I’m already an oxycodone junky. I hear if I take it long enough, I could lose my hearing. I don’t think I’ll live that long.”

Hillary gulped, other than the wicked surprise he laid on her; she thought Nate was really a wonderful man. She was still going to have to come to grips with the incestuous act that occurred between them, but right then, she didn’t feel like she could hold it against the dying man.

Hillary felt the best thing she could do for Nate was to change the subject, not let him dwell on his future, or the lack of one. She asked, “So, Uncle Samuel, that’s his name right?” Nate nodded that it was. Hillary continued, “So, what’s he like?”

Nate grimaced, “He’s as money obsessive as your mother. Just not as vicious about it. He felt, like your mom, that the family mansion belonged to him. Our father, who was a lot like yours by the way, specifically spelled out in his will that I would inherit this property. It was pretty airtight. But both your mother and Samuel spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in court trying to weasel it away from me.

“I have an entire law firm working on my will to make sure it is as ironclad as my father’s was. Your mom and Samuel will try to take the house from you. I beg you not to let that happen.

I’m hoping that I will slip into my grave and neither of them will be the wiser for it. I ask you to have me interned in the family cemetery here on the property, next to my Angelique. I hope to move on without my siblings knowing anything about it. My lawyers have been instructed to keep the settlement of my estate confidential. I have purposely kept out of the social lime light for a little while. I want to pass on without causing the pond to ripple.

“Legally, your mother won’t have a leg to stand on, but it won’t keep her from trying once she finds out I’m dead. To protect you and Peter’s unique relationship, I have already made affidavits detailing your mom, Samuel, and my incestuous relationship over a span of 6 years in the past, some while being legal adults. So you will be able to thwart her from using you and Peter’s relationship against you. It’s a tidy piece of blackmail to keep the wolves in the forest where they belong.

You will probably guess this, but you will note that 6 years would have only been possible if our sexual relations spanned into the years your mother was married to your father. I don’t know how to say this delicately, so I’ll just say it. It’s as likely that I’m Peter and your father as your dad is. Only a DNA test will tell you for sure.

Hillary gasped, “Oh my gawd, you’re kidding right? You could really be my father?”

Nate shook his head, “No, based on your date of conception, it’s anybody’s guess.”

Hillary shook her head in utter disbelief, she was definitely going to have to skip classes. There was no way she was going to be able to concentrate.

Trying to get her mind off the news, Hillary asked, “So, Uncle Nate, how long do you have? This sucks! I just met you and I’m already going to lose you!” Hillary found her eyes filling with tears. She was still mad at him for his deception, but couldn’t help forming an emotional bond with him. He was blood, and he was someone she could talk to and not feel like she was constant irritation.

Nate smiled and looked at Hillary fondly. “I only have about 3-6 months left. The doctors have me on Yervoy, a new drug that slows the progression of the cancer somewhat. Without it, I might already be dead. But my time is measured in just a few months at this point.

“As far as missing me, I’m glad someone will. I would like to spend more time with you sweetheart. From the reports I’ve gotten on you and Peter over the years, I feel like I know all about both of you. I would really like to get to know you in person in the time I have left, and as selfish as it sounds, I would really like to know if I’m your father. I hope you can spare the time from your busy school schedule.”

Hillary answered, “I’ll try Uncle Nate, if I don’t get overwhelmed by my classes. Maybe I should be saying dad.” Then she asked another question, through her attempt to sniff away the tears. “So, why me? Why didn’t you choose Peter to inherit?”

Nate said, “Well, like you, I didn’t like the way Peter treated you in High School. So, that’s why I’m leaving it up to you to determine how much you share with him. Just so you don’t think I’m leaving him high and dry. Peter will be getting five million, enough to allow him to live comfortably. He will just have to sign a document that says he won’t contest any other parts of my will.” Hillary was happy to hear it; her brother was as deserving as she was.

“Oh!” Nate added, “I will be leaving George three million also. Please don’t tell him though; I would like it to come as a surprise. George had been a friend to me over the last ten years. I think he deserves a stipend for his loyalty.”

Nathaniel asked, “Now, why don’t we go out back and take in that view I was telling you about last night. Then if you don’t mind, I would like to ride with you back to the university.” Then he asked hopefully, “Maybe we can drop by a lab, and have our DNA tested too.”

Hillary stared at the man. She got a weak smile on her lips and said, “Yes, I think we could do that. As far as the test, I think I would like to know too.”

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