I needed a dick up my cunt so I seduced my professor
I opened the door to his office,smiled and said good morning prof! I locked the door behind me, I'm tired of you prof,u can't get my messages can you? Huh? He said,I went on, all those slutty notes I leave on your desk is from me,when I sit with legs wide open,it's for you prof,but you never notice it in class, now I'm here to tell you in person I said in muffled tones,seductively walked over to his table,sat on it and spinned myself around to face him with my sweet smelling wet cunt,my pant had a wet patch,I took it off and let prof gaze more into my open legs, and prof wanted to get up and ask me out properly,I then put one of my legs on his zipper before he could stand up,and I grinded against his penis. “Patricia,” he said again, his voice stiff, but he didn’t shy away from my touch. I practically slipped off the table and onto him I went. I lifted my leg over his lap, straddling him, heard him breath heavily now as I placed my weight over his erection,my bare genitals on his crotch,with my skirt raised up. I unbuttoned my shirt,popped out my boobs to his face, I ran my fingers through his hair. He opened his mouth to protest but I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue deeply into his mouth. He resisted, but opened his mouth for my tongue to ravish. I need his dick,will it be easy? I was thinking. Then I lifted his hands to my breasts, pulling his head nearer to improve his access. I felt his fingers closed around them, fondling seriously with my bouncy tits, causing me to moan in forbidden ecstasy. So my perfect Professor was not above the typical desires of men. I wanted to break him,I wanted to feel his weakness under the spell of a horny slut like me,it felt so good bending him against his so called perfect upright looks and impression he gave the whole school.
I felt his erection unconsciously harden under my cunt through his pants, it sent shock waves through my body, making me moan again into his mouth. Suck my tits sir,I told prof. He began to breath hard,grabbed my tits and squeezed into his mouth,sucking like a curious naughty boy,my nipples hardened so much,I wanted more. I started to rock against his hard cock, already sensing the wetness gathering between my thighs. My hands scrabbled at his belt, my fingers fumbling with unbuckling, his hard penis was struggling to gain access to my throbbing wet cunt. With difficulty I managed to unbutton them, the 9inch cock sprang up easily. To my pleasure, he gave in to my desires,he leaned back and pulled me to him tighter, and lifting me with his strong arms and in one fast easy thrust,his 9inche penis drove deeply into my wet cunt,I wasn't expecting it so quick,I screamed and he said "shut your mouth you whore", he started to bounce me up and down his cock,so fast,oOOH FUCK ME PROFESSOR I screamed in high ecstacy,he seemed to stop,I was disappointed,but he just in 3seconds turned me around,got up and started to fuck me from my behind,I was in cloud 11, he put a face towel in my mouth because I couldn't stop the loud animalistic noises. Prof ravaged. My breasts from behind,while fucking me harder doggy style,he pumped my pussy,and I could smell my juices and his sweat,I couldn't speak,he was talking dirty to me now,I just got wetter and wetter,I came close to the edge and he said,"you want to fuck? I'll show you what good fuck is", he spat out these words that sent me to an excruciating orgasm,I've never felt so dirty before,having sex in school,anybody could knock on his door and become suspicious,I couldn't speak,prof felt me shaking as I came and he pumped harder for like 8more minutes before releasing his sperm inside my vagina,I wasn't on the pill,I can't get pregnant. I have to buy contraceptives today. Prof pushed me down with a serious face,took off my mouth towel and said,"clean my cock you bloody whore, write down your mobile number on the table before you leave,I'll be fucking you later this evening, and as from now on,finish what you started,see my in my office after every class I take with you". "Yes sir" I said. I sucked him off,licked his balls,prof was getting hard again as I sucked him off. And then I knew I was in trouble with this man. His stronger than my stupid boyfriend from Dublin. I was about to get up when prof pulled my head and held it in one place, he was gagging me! His penis was back in full erection,he freed me a bit,before I could breath,prof started fucking my face,and grunting like a pig,I sucked him so badly he came again after holding my head in place and fucking me upto my throat. I smiled in victory,nothing like getting the most serious man in school by the balls.

Students have their addresses in the school and prof had access to it. I did write my number on a shit of paper as he ordered,but I was in for a surprise.

I didn't get any phone call from prof,he came to my house at 7pm that day. I heard the door bell,I was in the shower. I hurried out as the bell seemed to ring repeatedly. I hung a house coat on me & walked to see who it was,gosh!!!!! My PROF is here! I swung the door open with a big naughty smile. He walked in,"hello Patricia",hi Prof,you want a wine? He seems to be too serious. He said ,"I want you to drink my penis juice Patricia". He stood right in the lounge,dropped his pants to the floor and got me on my knees, he took a hold of the back of my head, pulling my mouth closer to his immense length. I opened my mouth, taking in the head of his penis with a low moan. Immediately I felt him spasm above me, his breath rushing out of him, his grip on my hair tightening. He applied pressure to my head again, forcing his thick cock deeper into my mouth. I moaned again, flushed with the success of my desires to break him, and began sucking, my tongue swirling around the throbbing flesh. “Patricia,” he moaned, his head rolling back, his fingers now massaging my scalp as his other hand sought my breast, kneading it harshly. I began to suck harder,my head going up and down, taking in more and more of his pulsing erection with each movement, guided by his firm hand on the back of my head. He pushed harder and the tip pressed against the back of my throat, causing me to gag again. I tried to pull away but he held my head in place, his hips instinctively thrusting his cock farther into my mouth. I choked, and he relaxed his grip, allowing me to suck in air before tonguing the tip again. He bent his head down to watch me, his hand forcing my head back and forth around his dick. “Take it,” he ordered, his eyes alive with a fire I’d never seen before. “Take it all you whore.” I gagged the more as he thrust his cock further into my mouth. He slid it out, dripping with my saliva. Before I could wipe my face he had lifted me again, setting me on the head rest of my lounge chair, my legs on either side of his standing body. My house coat offered little resistance to his strong hands; he pulled it off me leaving me completely nude before him, I was humiliated,but I loved it, then in one motion he dug my pussy with his long penis,and started fucking me relentlessly. This time letting me scream my heads off, I came in less than 10 thrusts from his fucking,I kept fucking him back as I came hard on his penis. “My goodness, you’re so wet,” he hissed, now pulling my hips closer to the edge of the chair. He fucked me on,molesting my breasts as they bounced from his hardcore fucking. I'm gona FUCK you Patricia,FUCK.....FUCK.....FUCK me BACK Cunt,OOOH prof could hold no longer and blasted his seeds inside my hot wet dripping cunt. He made me clean him off as usual,sucked him off and licked his balls clean,his dick got hard again, and he fucked me like 3 more times that evening into the night,I've never screamed like that before my neighbours must have heard me wailing from my lounge got enough of my cunt for the night. He put on his pants and walked out without a hug or kiss. He said,"I want you early to school tomorrow morning before my first class,I have a lesson for you". Yes sir I answered. I masturbated all night thinking of what prof had in store fore me, I slept at 3am,wondering if I could make it to school before the first class by 8.30am in the day break!

I didn't bother knocking, I walked right in to see my professor the next day as instructed. He greeted me with an order to come right and sit on his table facing him with my legs wide open. He got up,fondled my tits,popped them out of my bra and used one hand to shift my G string to the corner, before I could respond I felt his tip at my wet entrance, I wrapped my legs around his waist, helping him closer. He gripped his cock, sliding it slowly into me with a low moan. I cried out briefly as he entered and he put a hand to my mouth to silence me.
“Shut up,” he said strictly, his eyes filled with lust from desire. He began thrusting and I cried out again in a mixture of pleasure and pain as his 9inche penis stretched my cunt again. He kept his hand on my mouth, muffling my moans as his hips bucked hard against me. I arched my back, clenching my legs, drawing him closer and closer to my needy body as his throbbing cock pounded inside me. He groped at my breasts, heaving under my blouse from increasing pleasure and need. He was thrusting too hard, sliding me across his desk with the force of his desire, knocking off papers and books and weights alike. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me upright so I was standing, for a brief moment, in front of him, before turning me around and pushing me over the desk, my feet still resting against the floor.
He entered me again in a deep hard fast thrust and I opened my mouth again to cry out, but he stifled my cries with another hand. “I told you to shut up you whore,” he said again, his voice was threatening. I moaned against his hand, reaching my arms to grip the edge of the desk as his frenzied fuck was making me lose control, knocking over his container of pens,etc. The scripts he had been working on was crumpled from our fuck fest. He continued his thrusting, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled prof's office. He took his hand from my mouth and gripped my shoulder, slamming my small body against his engorged cock. He kept his other hand on my ass, squeezing the cheeks, stretching them, widening me to allow him to push deeper. “You’re so fucking tight and sexy,I want your ass someday,” he said through closed teeth and I clenched my hands harder against the edge of the desk.
“Prof FUCK ME,FUCK......make ME CUM AAAH!” I moaned asmy orgasm began to rush over me, but intensified ten times more than any other orgasm I had. I was standing on the cliff, looking down, feeling Prof start to push me over again to yet another orgasm. He covered my mouth again as I cried out, waves of pleasure racking through my body. I thrashed below him, my body reacting to the crashing feelings originating from the cock still thrusting between my legs. I had orgasm after orgasms,I couldn't catch my breath, my muscles weak, shaking. Prof was still thrusting into me, his motions quickening with each passing second. He slapped my ass once, hard, then roughly pulled me off the desk again, onto my knees. He thrust his cock into my mouth again, pushing my head back and forth until he suddenly tensed, pushing the tip into the back of my throat again. I felt his hot liquid in my mouth, bitter and salty against my own, very familiar taste, and he exhaled in sharp above me. He leaned his hand against the desk, other hand still on my head, holding my mouth in place until the last drops of sperm stopped.
He collapsed back into his chair, eyes closed, hands hanging loosely over the sides as his breathing slowed from shallow and ragged to regular. I stood up, straightening my skirt and blouse, clasping the buttons. I combed my hands through my hair, hopefully returning it to at least presentable-looking for when I returned to my class. No one would ever know—he’d made sure of it when I swallowed the evidence. "See you tonight Patricia" he said with authority

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