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My granddaughter had been asking for (and getting) back rubs for a year, ever since she'd joined the high school cheer squad. She'd get pretty sore what with all the leaping and twisting and jumping around they'd do, so she'd sit in front of my chair while I rubbed her shoulders and neck and back, always leaving her feeling good by the time I was done. If we were alone, I sometimes rubbed down her sides to her waist, and even onto her stomach just under her tits.

Ah, those tits. How I would love to extend this rubdown and get my hands on those tits. They'd been developing since she was about 10 and now, just past her 16th birthday, were a healthy set of 36D jugs that I'd love to get two very full hands full of.

She'd asked for another rubdown and, as she sat in front of my chair, I started on the like always tops of her shoulders and her neck. Progressing down her back, I eventually got to her ribcage and was working that to get to the point where I could put my hands directly under her ribcage and feel the weight of those wonderful breasts on the backs of my hands.

I stopped when I got there and asked her if there was anywhere else needing a massage and to put my hands on that spot.

She reached down and lightly rubbed the backs of my hands with her fingertips, almost as if she was thinking about something, then laid her hands over mine, curling her fingers underneath my palms. My hands were lifted slightly off her body to be pulled up and laid directly on her beautiful breasts. She squeezed my hands to start me off and whispered, “There. And do a good job, Papa, like you always do.

I delicately rubbed the underside, following the curves to her sides and then back to the middle. I did that for four or five strokes, squeezing gently now and then, then brought my hands up a little to get her nipples between the first two fingers of each hand. She thrust her tits into my hands.

“Mmmmmm. I like that, Papa.”

“Feel good, baby? I sure like holding them. Would you like to pull your shirt up?”

Without hesitation, her shirt came up and off, revealing her sports bra.

“What do you think, honey? That too?”

This was a little more … all the way, in fact, at least as far as this little caressing session was concerned. She put her fingers under the bottom of the bra and froze there just long enough to have me thinking she wasn't going to do it. Suddenly, she pulled it up, stopped at her neck, then lifted her arms and pulled it off. Those beautiful tits were now in front of my admiring eyes and my hands went right to them. I squeezed them in my hands and rolled her nipples a couple more times, then pinched and twisted them hard.

“Unngghh. Oh. Ssssss. Do that more.”

I kissed her earlobe and bit it softly with my lips and then my teeth, pulling on her nipples and letting them snap back.

I whispered “I love your tits, baby. They're so soft and full.”

I spread my fingers to take in all of both tits, lifted them up and squeezed hard, letting her nipples push out.

“Would you like me to do more with them?”

“Yesssss.” she whispered.

“Sit up more, and lean back.”

She sat up, rubbing her tits into my hands more as she did. I pushed her back against one leg so I could get at her with my mouth.

“Hold them up for me, sweetie. Papa's going to be busy for a minute.”

She held her tits up and out and I leaned forward to kiss the side of her boob, nipping and licking it as I moved over the curve above her nipple and areola.

“They're beautiful, and so full,” I told her, kissing and licking my way across.

I moved down into the soft canyon between her breasts, gently nipping the sides with my teeth. I bit just a little hard as I moved back to her nipple, finally licking around it with the tip of my tongue. She pushed her breast into my mouth and I took it, sucking easily on her nipple so I could play with it with my tongue. Using my teeth gently, I pulled on it, letting it again snap back. I followed it and sucked it into my mouth, rubbing it with my teeth and flicking with my tongue.

Kissing it gently, I raised my head to look at her. Her eyes opened, two half-lidded brown pools full of arousal.

“Doing okay, princess?”

“I like that, Papa. It feels really good.”

“Bring me the other one, baby.”

She twisted slightly, pushing her other breast to me. I went to feasting on it as I had its twin, licking and biting and pulling until her breathing began to get labored. I reached up and covered the hand she was using to hold her breast with mine, squeezing it hard so she was massaging her own breast roughly. My finger and thumb pinched, pulled and twisted her nipple, flicking it with my fingertip.

I bent down, took it in my mouth and bit her nipple, then sucked it into my mouth.

“Papa! Nnnggh !! Oh !!”

She squealed as I bit her again and pushed more of her breast into my mouth.

I pulled my face up and kissed my way up her chest, her neck, and then found her chin and bit her roughly. Her mouth popped open to pant huskily.

“Ah. Ah. More, Papa, more.”

She was too turned on to tell me what she wanted. She may not have even known herself.

I reached up and held her face, pushing it to one side, leaned down and bit her neck gently. She raised her chin to surrender her neck to me, but I moved further up and bit her earlobe, flicking it with my tongue, then sucked on it for a few seconds.

I wrapped my left arm behind her shoulders and pulled her to me, biting and kissing and licking my way down her neck and chest and back to her tits. Her hand came up to cover my right at her breast, and I pulled her further around. I had gotten her moved around in between my legs enough that as I massaged her breast and her hand moved with mine, her knuckles were giving my cock a very sensual workout.

I was just beginning to wonder if she knew what the back of her hand was doing when I felt it turn over and start rubbing the length of my dick through my shorts.

I lifted her breast and raised my lips to hers, kissing her gently but firmly. Keeping her hand on my dick, she wrapped the other one around my neck and pulled me to her. Her lips were so soft. I nipped at her lower lip with my teeth, then her chin, and then back up to continue the kiss. I opened my lips slightly and touched the tip of my tongue to her lips. If felt hers pop open and her tongue came slithering into my mouth looking for mine.

I squeezed her tit hard and used it to pull her to me. She moved, crushing her breasts against my leg. Her other hand moved down and then up inside the leg of my shorts, searching for my hard cock. She found it and wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking it slowly.

She broke the kiss and pressed her face into the hollow of my neck.

“Papa, Papa. Nnngghh. Papa, please.”

She didn't know what she needed, but she knew she needed it bad and needed it right now.

“I hear you, honey.”

I slid my free hand down her abdomen. I felt her legs part to let me in and I reached down and cupped her pussy through her shorts.

“Oh, yeah. Mmmm. Oh, Papa, that's good.” she whispered as her hips started pumping and rolling, pushing hard against my hand.

I squeezed her pussy hard, then rubbed it, then squeezed it again.

“You like that on your pussy, baby?”

“Yes, Papa. Do it some more.”

“Tell me, honey. What do you want me to do?”

“Rub me Papa.”

“What do you want me to rub, baby?”

“My pussy, Papa. Please rub my pussy some more.”

“Alright, honey, I will. Do you think it would feel even better if you took your shorts off?”


“Alright then, take them off for me.”

She hurriedly reached down and popped the snap, unzipped and started working her shorts down her legs. She was a little frustrated because it was awkward trying to work them down with one hand, but she wasn't going to let go of my cock for anything.

She finally got them down past her knees and kicked them off after that. She spread her legs again and this time took my hand and put it between her legs, humping her little pussy up into my hand to get that oh-so-good feeling again.

“Rub me, Papa!”

I was going to tell her to take her panties off too, but she was so desperate to have my hand on her little16 year old pussy again that I decided to wait just a bit. I used my middle finger to rub her cleft, staying away from her clit for the moment.

I pushed her panties up into her slit, marveling at the amount of moisture I was feeling even through the fabric. This girl was hot, wet and ready to go.

I listened to her disappointed mewl as I moved my hand up and then heard her gasp as it went back down, this time inside her panties. I felt her sparse little bush under my fingertips, the found her slit again, rubbing with my middle finger and playing with her pussy lips with the two outside fingers.

The skin of her pussy was so soft. I stroked her gently, building her up slowly because I wanted her steaming.

Her hips were moving, trying to find a way to get my finger in that hot little hole I was teasing so unmercifully. I reached down and took the side of her panties in my fist and jerked them roughly, parting one leg opening. She gasped and held tight onto my dick as she felt me tear that side away. I moved to the other leg opening, grabbed and yanked again, pulling them completely away from her, throwing them to the side. I cupped her now naked pussy again, feeling her tense up from the lack of any kind of covering.

I rubbed my hand from her waist, over her naked hip and halfway down her thigh.. I brought it back up, going all the way up to her breast and squeezed it, bringing my lips down to suck it into my mouth. Her hand in my shorts was now pumping my dick faster.

“Papa! Oh, Papa!”

“I need my dick out, honey. Undo my shorts and take them off me.”

She rushed to comply. I think she wanted my dick out even more than I did. My shorts were down and kicked off even faster than I usually took them off at night myself.

She wrapped her little hand around my dick again, this time able to see what she held, looking at it in wonder.

“The girls at school always talked about how big guys were, but they didn't say anything about it being THIS big, Papa.”

She kept her hand moving up and down, jacking me carefully.

“Honey, I want you to hold your tits. I'm going to put my dick in between them and I want you to squeeze them together, okay?”

“Okay, Papa.”

By this time, my dick could have smashed diamonds. I laid it on her chest between her tits and she squeezed.

Oh! her tits were so soft wrapped around my cock. I pushed in and pulled out, savoring the feel of her tits.

“Can you touch it with your tongue when I push it forward, honey? Give it a try.”

She did, just touching it at first, then trying to lick it, and then trying to get it in her mouth.

“You want to taste it, honey? Hold it with your hands and lick it right under the top there. That's good, ohhhh, that feels really good.”

“Am I doing it right, Papa? Do you want me to lick it again?”

“Yes honey, you can lick it as much as you want, but let's try something else, okay?”

“Anything you want, Papa. I like licking it.”

“I know you do, honey, and I really like you licking it. You do a good job. Here's something else, though. Hold it with your hands again and open your mouth really wide, as wide as you can.” Lick it all around the top part, then put as much as you can in your mouth.

She licked it all around, kissed it a couple times, then opened her mouth and in it went. She took a little less than half of the length before gagging a little and backing it out.

“It's so big Papa, It won't all fit !”

“It's okay, honey. What you did was really good. Try it again but don't go quite so far back. Just suck on it and move your head so that it goes in and out, okay, sweetie?”

She looked at it again, moving it up and down and side to side to look at all of it. She licked and kissed it again, then slid it back in her mouth. She did a lot better this time, keeping the same length as before in her mouth without the gag reflex setting in.

I let her go at it for awhile, then held her head to slow her down and then stop her movement but at the same time keeping my dick firmly seated in her mouth..

“Now for something really special, honey. Lay your head back against my leg and use your hands to play with my balls. I'm going to move my dick in and out of your mouth. I'll be real careful not to put it in too far, okay, honey?”

“Okay, Papa. I know you won't hurt me.”

She laid her head back on my leg and I moved up a little to have a better angle at her sweet mouth. I pushed in and pulled out experimentally and made sure she was okay with it, then started a slow movement, really enjoying watching her tits shake as I did.

“Mmmm, you're doing fine, honey. You're doing really good.”

I started moving a little more forcefully in and out of her mouth, all the time watching her face and eyes for any sign of distress. There was none. I could feel her tongue moving on my shaft, trying to keep up with the rhythm of my thrusts.

“Okay honey. A little more. I'm going to hold your head to help you keep from moving it, okay?”

She nodded a little, so I held her with one hand behind her head and the other behind her neck. I got up a little for a better angle and started moving slowly at first. The sight of my dick sliding in and out of this 16 year old's mouth was almost more than I could take.

“This is kind of what it will be like, honey, except I'll start going fast than this in a minute. Are you okay?”

She nodded her head, relaxing into my hands. I began to stroke more powerfully, keeping the thrusts even and smooth. She mostly had her eyes closed but there was no sign of distress at all.

“Okay, honey, you're doing great. Here we go, ready?'

She looked up at me with love in her eyes and nodded her head. I caressed her with my hands and looked back into her eyes and held her firmly.

I fucked my rod into her mouth just to where I could feel the back of her throat and then pushed it just little bit more. It wasn't in long enough to cause her to gag, so thrusting it in just a tiny bit further and then immediately withdrawing each time was helping her to take more and more of it. For me, it was extremely satisfying to push into her mouth with some amount of force and seeing her do so well with it.

I pumped her mouth, struggling to keep from coming.

“Reach down and play with your pussy, honey. Stroke it for me, baby, stroke it for Papa.”

She reached one hand between her legs and grabbed her pussy, squeezing it hard. She moaned deep in her throat and the vibration nearly put me over the edge. I forced myself to hold off, even as I was trying to ram my dick down my granddaughter's throat.

She sunk her middle finger into her pussy with one hard shove and another groan while her body twisted in pleasure at the intrusion. I held onto her head and pushed my dick into her mouth again.

“Are you doing good, baby? You like this?”

Here brows were furrowed together in concentration while her finger was flying over her clit and pussy, but she managed to nod her head just slightly. The changing pressure on my dick nearly had me cumming down her throat.

I wanted a few more strokes, and I wanted to see her cum before I did. I kept pumping her mouth, driving another inch into it … one more inch to go.

I let go of the back of her neck and reached my hand back . Covering the hand she had on her pussy with my own, I squeezed hard, driving her finger further into her and increasing the pressure on her clit. Her eyes rolled back and she groaned again. I pushed her hand away to take over for her, slapping her legs apart and driving my thick finger into her pussy, rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her hand went up and wrapped itself around my balls and we both lost it.

I felt it rising from my balls to my shaft and I felt her pussy squeeze my finger like it was trying to cut off the circulation. She screamed with my dick in her mouth just as the cum blew from it and I was thrusting forward. The result of that was that my dick went all the way in her mouth and she tried her best to swallow what I was giving her. Her hips were hunching into my hand and I pinched and rubbed her super-sensitive clit.

I finished blowing what seemed like a gallon of cum directly into her stomach and slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. I rubbed her pussy, bringing her down from what looked like a Grade AAA orgasm. I eased her head onto the carpet and laid down beside her. Her hand went down and wrapped around my wrist, holding me in place on her pussy while her hips worked the last of her orgasm.

“You okay, baby? Was it good massage?” She opened her eyes and I smiled at her and was rewarded by the smile on her face that lit up her eyes.

“Yes Papa. My whole body feels good and relaxed now. Thank you!”

I rubbed her naked hip and squeezed her butt cheek, followed with a short kiss on her lips.

“If you need another massage, I would love to do it for you.”

“I love you, Papa.”


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It's only a fantasy at this point in time. Soon she'll be away and on her own at college or a job or whatever happens when they've finished high school and leave the nest.


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Great story, seems very close to a real life experience ?

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